Ferguson, M. Mitchell. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Tallahassee. (1p. 8 1/2 x 11). Requirements for ...


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Ferguson, M. Mitchell. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Tallahassee. (1p. 8 1/2 x 11). Requirements for public school teachers. Enclosed list of requirements.
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February 27, 1998

N s. Zora iNeals Hurstan-
Ijncobk Academy. ir;
Fot Flor~Ida t :~

D~eaft~s Hurston:

Mr. D. E?. Willians has referred to our offide your letter of Febrn-
ary .13 and a1 copy of his replY of February 25. W~~e are pleased to
ha e'r'n opportunity to send a little additional informaltion,about
certification of public school teachers in Florida.

For your pp~nvenience, I am enclosing excerpts from our. bulletin of
Certificate Regulations which describe ther three main groups of
courbo requirements for a standard teaching certificate. Graduates
of institutions of higher learnhang usually have~ very fews if any
problems in fulfilling the general education requirements described
as General Pre~paration. ,

The, Professianal Preparation regairements composed of 20 same ster
hours in Ehcatialand applicable psychology courses are explained on
a second excerpts,. Applicants who have Bachelor's Degrees from ac-
credited institutions but who do not fulfill the requireaments for
Professional Pre~paration are eligble for Provisional Graduate Gerr-
tificates. The provisional certificate is valid for three years
permitting thet applicant this much time to serve in public schools
as a regular teadbar and fulfill the practical e)XPerince1 requireF-
nafnt in this way, and to earn the 20 semester hours in education
courses required as foundations of erducation, curPrictixmi dervityp-
ment or general methods of teadcbing and special nosthods in teadaling
the subject whidb will be dbem2n on the certificate. Yours, natur-
ally, will ber a course in teraching5 EnglidbS.

L third excerpt describes the Specialistation requirements for Eng-
lish certification. Here too, unless an applicant has followed a
program in preparation for teaching, there may be a few deficiou- : ;
oies. We frequently find that majors in English have not included
courses in ~fundamentals of speech. The_ Eng~Lish pathods course re-
quired for ~Englida Specalis~ation would be the sanme as the one re-
quiresd for Professional Preparation.

We dbll~3 look forward to having your applicatia2 for a teaching
certificate and hope you xill accept this as our offer to help in
any possible way.
wlcgno. Sicerely yoras

M. Mitdaell Ferguson
Coordinator of Gertificatian Servic Enclosures Excerpts
P-"a MMF/Rh


Thirty (30) semester hours are required. Twelve (12) of the 30
semester hours may be taken from speech, library, or journalien. 15mne
credit must be taken in each of the followings

.(1) American and English Literature

(2)` Contemporary Literature

(3) dipposition or m~Readings Writing and Speakingm
(6) fjdamentale of speech
(5) Seo 1l methods of teaching English in the high sEChoo~l


Twelve' (12) semester hours are required. I

It would be advisable for the students toa gain certification in one
of the broad fields of English, science, or social studies sinee only a few~high
schools in the State employ journalism teachers.

189Teachers having certifierlatin in English may be given fortification
TE"Tournalism With 6 semester hours in journalism

Eighteen (18) semester hours in speech and 6 semester hours in English,
in addiction to the 6; semester hour freshman English course required under
general preparation, are required. The 18 semester hour should include a
course in the fundamentals of' speech, and one course in each of the following:
()discussion or debate (b) dramatics or oral interpretation, and (c)
phoneties or speech correctioni

For individuals with certificatiod in English, speech
GETT be added with 12 eemeat~er house in spgeeh. The3 12 semes~tera
holur program must include (a) discussion or debate, (b)
dramatics or oral interpretations and (c) phonetics or speech


A broad general background is considered essential in the preparation of teachers.
Comprehensive courses covering the areas listed below are most desirable. Where
such a plan has not been followed., the transcript of the applicant will be re iered
to ascert~ain7 the extent to which the scope and purposes of general education have
been met. With the excception o~f Area 2, methods courses may not be used to meet
the requirements set forth in general prepara~tion.. A total of not less than 451
se~mest~er hours in general preparation' is required including not less than 0 and
not more than 12 semester-hours in each'of the five groups listed be~lor:

.(1) The Arts of C~omm~unication:
(' (inimu~m resquire~ment, 6 semester ho~curs in
English composition, rhetoric, grammar,
pech, journalism and elementary, foreign
.aguages m-iay also be counted.)

(2) Human Adjustment:
(Health,-physical education, psychology,
religion, philosophy, logic, ethics, nutrition,
problems of living in home and family, c-ommrunity

(3) The Biological and Physical Sciences; Mathema-tics:
(Comprehensive courses or a separate subject arrange-
men~t are acceptable, but in no case thi~ay the entire
amount be presented ff55 matWi2matics.)

(4) The Social Studies:
(Comprehensive courses or separate subject credit
in at least two of the following: geography>
history, ~~JEpoljitical science, sociology, anthropology,

(5) Humanities and Applied Arts:
(Comprehensive course in the humanities or separate
subject credit in at least two of the following:
literature (English, American, World); literature
written in a foreign language; technological skills;
constructive design and fine arts; art as applied to
personal and family living; music; philosophy.)


Professional preparation includes courses desi~gned to acquaint the
prospective teacher with the instructional task. The requ~irements for
professional pre~parat~ion include ":Course Reggeireet ila Education"and
requirements regarding "Practical Experience in Teac~h'Lng~"ttotain no less
th-an 206 seplester hours. These requ;i?+re:me;;n;tsappl:. to elementary teachers,
sepogdary teachers, and administrative and supervisory personnel.
j~l Course Reaquirements in Education

'<'(1) (~bundations of Educat~ion -- 6 semester ihourls
(These coulrses should provide the sociological
I' c~J~E~psychological bases of an instructlional program.
b such as those deadling with school and society;
intrdduction to education; history, pr~inc-iples and
philosophy of education; e~tc., will satisfy the
sociological bases requiremen-t, and ;educa~tional psy-
chology; child and/or adolescent psychology; and
growth and development of the individual will count
toward meeting the requirement for the psycholo~gicaL. ,
bases requireenant. In all cases both sociological
and psychological areas must be represented. Basic
Guidance courses up to 3 semester hours may be used
as a Foundations of Education course.)

(2) Teaching in the E~lementary School anld/or Secondary
School -- 6 semester hours
(Surch courses should provide an. overvie~w of the
entire behool:program and give specific help with
respect to -the principles of teaching, methods,
curriculum, evaluation, school organization, and
administration needed by teachers in the public schools.)

In all areas where certification for grades one
through twelve i~s -given, the training in Area 2' must
include a comprehensive course covering grades one
through twelve or at least 3 semester hours at the
Selementapgy level and at least 3 semester hours at the
secondary le vel.

A teacher who wishes only elementary certification
ma~y take all 6 senester hours in elementary education;
a teacher who wishes only secondary certification any
take all 6 semester hours in secondary education

(3) Special Methods -- 2 semester hours:

for Elementars Teachers
(A comnprehensive- course which includes methods of
teaching reading or a separate course in reading methods.)

...,,... %
r i


Page #2 ,i

for Secondary Teacehers r
(Such a course should givre specific help with reference. to teaching
materials, content, and techniques in at least one of the subject fields to be
shown on the certificate.) .

AlEI course in special Aithods which carried credit either in catin".
or in the "'Special Subject Field"' may be counted~i

c~ ~~ Prdetical _Exipr~ience in Te~aching J Is


The applicant must have fulfilled one of the following pl a for'obtaining
actual classroom experience;

Pl an 1'"He mnst have served in a college internship program approved
14r the Department. The internship should not carryr less than
S6 semester hours.

Plan 2* He must hale at least 6 semester hours of supervised teaching.
(The 6 semester hours: interpreted to include not less than
160 clock hours with the student in full charge of the class for
at least 100 clock hours.)

Plan 3' He must have had not less than three years of successful teaching
experience in public schools or other accredited elementary or
secondary schools OR a combination of 3 semester hours in dbeer-
vation and practicE ~teaching and tw~o years of successful teaching
experience, (No other combination may be accepted to meet this

NOTE: nee isac at least 20 semester hours in education must
be p~resentepfor satisfaction of the poesoa rprto.:



~lrrF r
~ .?~

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