Cutler, Ronald. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Gainesville, Fla. (1 1/2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Race theories.
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Title: Cutler, Ronald. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Gainesville, Fla. (1 1/2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Race theories.
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Box 15, Anderson Hall

Miss Zora Neale Hurston
Box 75, Route 2
Merritt Island, Florida

Dear Miss 'Huraton:

Before you get this you will have recieved two otherss
from me. I don't exactly know how the repeat happened,
but in writing to mazy authors I somehow got mixed up.

Dear lady, you don't have to do any literary sleuthing
for me. That's my job. All I want to kno whetherr you
have written any short stories with a Flori a background,
and if so, when and where they were published.

The pieces about the disappearing farmer and the lost
lady I am: bringing to the attention of two southern
folklorists on our staff. In a day or so I'll be able
to report. I'm a broken reed in the matter, it being l"t
out of my field.

Speaking of race theories, I took a cou ~grt Teachers
College, Columbia University, call hthropology and
Education, in which the prfaan tated that the only
reliable racial index is the~hair. According to him
there are only three major racial groups: white, black,
red-yellow. In the first group the hair follicle is
a round oval and slightly curved, in the second it is
a flat oval and more curved, third is round and straight.
I am curious bout your hair line theory. Another
Columbia man that you may know is Dr. Jersild, who told
us of a theory that a high hair line was related to
Sexual potency or fertility (I forget which). Since~be
is quite bald the chass was amused, and even more so
when he, quite dead-pan, pointed out that he had eight
children. I know what you mean about a Lucy hassle.
I think the whole racial business is terribly dreary
nonsense. Not being a churchman, I am sarcastically
amused in seeing the Law ahead of the Church in this
moral issue. B~ut it looks like it is going to take the
whole Supreme Sourt to get one Negro into the Law college
here. I am ashamed for my adopted state.

I know two of the anthropology men here if there is
anything you want done thqt some personal contact
would help.

May I ask if your permanent home is Merritt Island3
I have long loved the island but haven't been back
in recent years. I hope all the rocketing at Banana
River wasn't spoilt it.

Please forgive this typing. I stayed up talking until
four this morning and got up at seven, so my reflexes
aren't reflexin~g.

Cfor ally,

Ronald Cutler