Hire the handicapped;


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Hire the handicapped; it's good business!
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throughout the Unite totes
-in almost every community-there are men and wo n who are
ly refer ed to as "handicapped" pe he ave vary-
ing degrees of dis .ii.. Some veteran o or both
world wars; others are person o have suffered disabili in home,
industrial, or traffic accidents-some are the victims of disease or
injuries at birth.
Many of the world's great men and women
have been handicapped, and some of them have towered cbove their

the disabled have in-
cluded presidents and lawmakers
They have embraced authors, poets, lecturers,
inventors and composers. They have included
millions of people who, in shops, offices, fields
and factories, do all kinds of work to earn their
There was Steinmetz, a giant in the
field of invention. His employer, conscious of his
potentialities, paid no heed to his disability. This
world, as a result, gained splendid achievements
from this man who was handicapped from birth.

his employers knew it was
good business to employ Steinmetz
Recall those handicapped persons
YOU KNOW who have made great contributions
in modern history. Such a list certainly will in-
clude Beethoven, the composer; Sarah Bernhardt,
the actress; Byron, the poet; Thomas A. Edison,
inventor of the electric bulb and phonograph;
Helen Keller, the author-lecturer, and others.
On these and other notable
handicapped persons the spotlight of fame has
focused. But for each of them there are mil-
lions of handicapped men and women who,
in industry, business, agriculture, and govern-
ment, are making splendid day-in-day-out
contributions in their communities and fields
of employment.


Many of the largest employers

in the country have proved for themselves that it is good business to

employ the handicapped in jobs for which they are fitted.

They are convinced that em-

ployment of handicapped persons is not only a matter of good public

relations but that disabled employees make distinct contributions to


Employment of handicapped

persons is no longer a matter of guesswork. Their employment

is good business in jobs which match their abilities.

Surveys have proved that:

- Handicapped workers are good producers.

- Handicapped workers are sale workers.

- i Handicapped workers stay at the job.

S Handicapped workers are not handicapped when placed

in the right jobs.

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A Department of Labor sur-
vey made by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics dis-
closed that in the opinion of 450 employers employing
88,600 handicapped workers they were getting better
results from physically impaired persons than from
nonhandicapped workers.
it was found:

Only 11 percent had poorer accident records than
nonhandicapped .
51 percent of the handicapped workers had better
accident records
38 percent had the same accident records as non-
disabled persons .

records proved:

Only 7 percent were absent from the job more fre-
quently than nonhandicapped workers .
49 percent had better than average absence
records .
44 percent had average records for absence from the
job .

the survey proved:

Only 11 percent had poorer records for staying at
their jobs .
58 percent of the handicapped workers stay at their
jobs longer .
31 percent have average records for turn-over .

A new Department of Labor survey, conducted in cooperation
with the Veterans Administration, proved that so-called handicapped
or impaired workers, when properly placed in jobs, are as good all-
around workers as unimpaired emolovees.


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