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Engineering in the federal government
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"January 1955."

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II ll

January 1955

Pamphlet 49



E An interesting, rewarding career in maineering awaits sou in th,
Federal Gorernment if you are--or soon will he-a graduate engmerr.
Scores of departments and agencies urgently need qualified engineer
10 IVOHs On mlfDLTOUS lit.11 and challenging projects in man\ branches
Of Engineering.

C.el-scruce eng.neers have
drwooped ac m sf
one of many tests of equip-
ment under all kinds of
weather cond.tions.

A young engineer studics
the mechanism of knock .n
automotive engines. one of
countless kinds of tesh con-
ducted in Federal agencies.

Plastics is just one of the
a.TsernJace n rswhich

h a
neers are attacking many
a cof 1 nsoruc and

Federal Agencies Need More Young


For CAREERS in the Federal Government

8 About 47,000 professional engineers are employed by more than 30
Federal agencies in installations throughout the United States, and
more are needed. Many agencie-- espot i.elh those participating in the
defense program-have engine, we posinons to blL
w hethen you are just being graduated and are looking for your first
job, or are an experienced engineer seeking a position with room for
advancement-the Federal Government on is you an excellent oppon-
tunity to pursue an effective and satisfying career.
The greatest need is for young engmeers who are just enta ing the
profession. Many agencies also have openings for engineers with some
years of experience, and some need a nein, mine students to serve in
engines ine aid or trainee positions which may lead to appointments at
the professional entrance level after they graduate.
Your Government uses the skills of engineers in virtually every branch
and specialty in the field. F.h ens.nie s, electrical, mechanical, ceramic,
chemical, and civil engineers are most urgently needed now, but engi-
neers trained in almost any branch can be placed.
Engineers traditionally have played important roles in the National
Government. Their work has had far-v.. welfare, standards of liv ine. and economy of Ib. Nation.
Pioneer public health a wrin.. Is helped to inine typhoid fever under
control. Civil-service engineers have advanced design and construction
of highways, he idges, hospitals, and public buildings. They played key
roles in Jer eloping revolutionary aeronautical safety devices and sys-
tems. They assisted in per fr the high-sp.1 J electronic computers. And
they opened the way for new industries in developing such products as
lightweight concretes, printed electronic circuits, miniaturized electronic
equipment, and fiber papers.
Wars and the threat of war have brought other vital contributions
from civil-service engineers. Heat-resistant ceramic motings for air-
craft components, the proximity fuse, the atom and buirous n bombs,
guided ruis-iles. and aircraft-w..anine systems are just a few of the
developments to which engineers have made major contributions.
Engine< rs entering the Federal service have unprecedented oppor-
tunities to participate in challenging unrk of vital importance. Some of
the advantages and benefits of co ine cring careers in Government are
outlined in this pamphlet.



ga ~rep~

--as. :. ,.,- .
us, (1', 4. -
---- "' -
Federal engineers have been responsible for some of the world's greatest engineering projects. Career
engineers have handled many mammoth projects from the blueprint stage through their completion and
operation. Grand Coulee Dam is one of the huge multiple-purpose projects operated by the Government.

Many Gowerrnment en.nenr~rng projects requ~re the teamlJI and irbll ol number oi crag.neenr and

of un cor c on d tr u ct on d p ora r u cs o d e ig d b lh~ y r F ed ral g r. he r pls a n u l c b ~d n r r r d ld

Qualifications and Pay

A bachelor's de on ** in engineering from an accredited college or uni-
...... or seanical expersene, wamu s essives.....,.n eve.,
college curriculum, will qu.shts you for ..pp.marris, ris to a position at
er.ade GS-5 (51.043 per year'), the entrance. kwl for professional
engineers. A combination of education and technical experience equiva-
lent to a la at college course may also meet the requirements.
Completion of courses in nonaccredited institutions may be accepted
if the instruction is de firsitch. of college level and if the State university
of the State in abu la tl..* sustitution is located accepts the courses. If
experience rather than education is used for slu..Isl an.e. it must show
a thon.ngh knowledge of the fundamental ..nd mathematical
sciences ..nJ. slaing professional, n..*isua lize. and a go of the n;:ms i me sciences and techniques and their application to the
branch of engineering applied for. Experience will be evaluated on
the basis of its comparability to a full 4-year professional engineering
Applications will be accepted from students who expect to complete
necessary courses within 6 months of the time of application. They may
be given provisional appointments if otherwise. Isabl. In the examina-
tion, but they cannot begin work until they furnish proof of successful
completion of required courses,
Additional education or experience is necessary to posills for appoint-
ment at grades above GS 5. Completion of studies for a master's degree
in (neirts r line or a minimum of 6 months of professional e nclin e ding
experience is required for appointment at grade GS-7 (51,".R= I pr r
Many agencies operate traininR l"**, under which young a sad-
neers are promoted from GS 5 to (.5 7 upon satisfactory completion
of 6 months' training. Advancement to GS-9 ($5,060 per year) is
possible after 18 months of satisfactory servin F.ascine s is who prove
their worth can advan.. ...pidli .ft.. .. yeas ar, er.. generally cheshis for prounanon or <.5-11 (SS.hill per *,ear), and a
year in 65-11 can bring lial.abs*, for promotion to GS-12 ($7,010).
However, advancement is not automatic st depends upon experience,
assignment of greater n -p..r...hainn -, and the occurrence of vacancies.
Employees who serve in grade for a certain la neil, of time earn
1.ilhin-grad, salary increases at intervals if their work is satisfactory.
I li. a "-t. p increases from $125 every 52 weeks m lower and
middle grades to $200 cr 5.1',=1every 78 weeks m higher grades.
The prospect of an early call into military service for training will
not bar you from consideration for appointment. If you leave the Fed-
eral service to enter Iruin..n service, you will have job-restoration rights
on completion of your tour of duty in the armed forces.

How To Apply

IViost jobs in the Federal civil service are filled thr. ach competitive
exammation open to all citizens. <..*1.< r .11), applicants for Isairu s sing
Jobs are rated on the quality and extent of their strain *C ''' 11** "*'** e.
based upon statements m their applications and <.Ib. r inform.,u..o. and
no written test is required.
Examinations for engineering jobs are conducted on a contirmous
basis. This means that you may apply for an examination at any time
and be considered for appointment at an early date.
Separate examinations for a neir...-ring positions may be announced
by the central office or regional ..11. s ..1 the Civil Service Commission
as well as by boards of United St:ves civil-service examiners located in
Federal agencies ths.*Inch..ut the country.
You can find out about these ex. minations at your mileen placement
office, at many post offices, or at oiices of the United 11..1. Civil Serv-
ice Commission. To obtain applies ation forms and copies of current
examination announcements-whi h describe the jobs to be filled, tell
where they are located, and give other details--visit or write to the
central office or one of the regior sl offices of the Civil Service Com-
mission. (See addresses on last p nel of this folder.)
Study the examination annour, ement carefully, and be certain to
follow instructions given for applia stron. Carefully complete your appli-
cation form, for your rating in the exammation will depend largely on
how clearly you describe your training and experience,
Many Federal agencies send ..resent.nia.-- ort r. colleges and universities. Your h c.* pl...ement -:.11,, r- tell you
about visits scheduled at your scho *I and arrange mterviews for you,

The normal startine rate for grade IS-5 positions is $3.410 a year; for grade
GS-7 positions it n $1, 'fl) a year. Bec use of rh. .hr-r rm me.r.t- .. h .m. tF

s eneg n n e so n te b t b tnh 30s a rd
adius rn.nts re author. d for certain physical scientist positions in these gra s.

Uncle Sam Offers

Young Engmeers


Government ..g. Is. i... np.-r .te- a wide variety of programs which chal-
longe the -krll, me.gan or.e.n, ..nd knowl. Je,- of ch, or --rseene s-rs They
denien new air. r.,ft, plan br an r blehn..11 build mode rn hospitals. They
apply new developments in phern s, ..,do propagation, aerodynamics.
They pave the way for missiles to travel ers..i. r distances at supersonic
speeds. They work in a new realm of racir... rir.e concepts-concepts
which offer unbounded challenge to the engineer of today who is in
touch with the ideas of tomorrow.


Federal agent h-- pr. -r-14 1., 11. rn war., r e-nein, cring opportunities.
They operate career program. Imme base d on merit .
protection against arbitrary dismissals good pay naul..r
raises in-service trainmg promotion from within Ish-
eral leave incentive awards and retirement benefits. Your
-maine:-ring skills and knowledge are put to work at once. The Gov-
ernment's work continues in good times and bad, and .*ncim a rine is an
sal..ruline, field--so there's 6 reasonable measure of security,


It's what you do on the job that counts. Your duties and responsibilities
fix the salary for your job. Every position is classed according to its
functions and duties, and employees receive equal pay for equal work,
Young engineers start on the same rung of the ladder, with periodic
pay raises guaranteed if their job performance is satisfactory.


Attractive promotion and training programs have been developed by
neencies engineers. Most ae, m i.. provide for promotion to
Ingher pads .elur manph-rious <.1 a 6-n:onals in.hring period. Many
.agent in commu< training .and planned promotions for the first few engins1-r is a rh.- <1..11 Some appoint students as engineering
and- or student-trainees and promote them to professional positions after
us .elar.In.n. Some agene is operate extension courses in which graduate
c.edn m.q be e.nne d others cooperate with schools which
oiler advanced courses to further engincers' knowledge and know-how.
Agemies gines.1111 promote from within when well-qualified staff
engines rs .srs .n for vacancies at higher grades.


YOUng (11piracCIS in Gott annws.r has excellent opportunian s for r arly
professonal recognann Agenues know that clu sr pre-tage an a ngince,
me b. key d to the du prange of the sr engine a ring they help the ir enguerers to gain professonal recognnion. Particapation
in pinks..mnal anactars is encousaged. .ss is the pubbe.nion of paper,
temin.u ansposi.1, .and other meetmgs of panfr wonal group,

LIBERAL LEAVE SYSTEM liberal. Annual leave-for vacanons .and mciden-
tal use-- is earned on a graduated b.wie employees with le-s than 3
years' wrlice earn 13 working days per year phghtiv more than 21 3
wccks of vacation time1. those with 3 to 15 yean. 20 dave. tho-c with
15 years or more, 26 dava All empinvers earn 1.1 dm. of sick leave- a
year, and it can betocumulated without hmit. In addition, 8 holid.ns
mr granted annually And members of Natsonal Guard or milu..ry
itsen-c units can take 15 days' military leave of ab ence with pay.


Career civil-service employees participate in a liberal rethement pro-
gram. In addition to retirement based on length of scenic and,
the plan provides for disability retirement and bene6ts for survising
dependents of employees with 5 or more years of service or of retired
employees who die. Compensation, medical car, and other benefus
are provided to employees for injury or occupational disease, and corn-
pensation is provided for dependents of employees who die in line of
duty. Unemployment compensation and low-cost gmup life insurance
am tm e Huethe He of beneRruifnHa Ine Fedend endon h
medical care insurance plans and ]om credit umons.

Tor CAREERS in the Federal Government

Some Federal agencies employing engineers have published pamphlets
describing their engineering activities and telling about employment
opportunities for engineers. Many of these pamphlets have been dis-
tributed to college placement offices.
Copies usually can be obtained free of charge by addressing a request
to the issuing office. Here is a partial list of publications with the
addresses of the issuing offices:

Science and Engineering at NBS-
National Bureau of Standards, Wash-
ington 25, D. C.
Opportunities in the Bureau of Public
Roads for Young Engineers-Bureau
of Public Roads. Washington 25, D. C.
Coast and Geodetic Survey Combined
Operations and Its Work and Prod-
ucts-Coast and Geodetic SurveyU.S.
Department of Commerce, Washing-
ton 25. D. C.
NACA-The National Advisory Com_
mittee for Aeronautics-National Ad-
visory Committee for Aeronautics,
Washington 25, D. C.
Naval Establishments Conducting
Scientific Research and Development
Programs-Board of U. S. Civil Serv-
ice Examiners for Scientific and Tech-
nical Personnel, Potomac River Naval
Command Natal Research Labora-
too, Washmeton 25, D. C.
The U. S. Naval Ordnance Labora-
tory, Opportunity With a Challenge,
and Graduate Training Program at the
Naval Ordnance Laboratory (1953_
54)-U. S. Naval Ordnance Labora-
tory, White Oak. Silver Spring, Md.
Research and Development in Cali-
fornia and Vacancies for Scientists
and Engmeers With the Navy Depart-
rnent-Board of U. S. Civil Service
Exammers for Scientists and Engineers.
Navy Department. 1030 East Green
Sweet, Pasadena 1, Calif
Research at NRL and Science Educa-
rion Prograrn-L' S Naval Research
Laboratory. Washmgton 25, D. C.

Engineering-Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash.
Launching Your Career-Philadelphia
N...31 Ship-,ard, Philadelphia 12, Pa.
This Can Be Your Story-San Fran-
cisco Naval Shipyard, San Francisco
24, Calif.
Picatinny Arsenal, the Cradle of
American Ammunation-Picatmny Ar-
senal, Dover, N. J.
You and Your Future at Aberdeen
Proving Ground-Department of the
Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
Target: Science in Your Future-Sig-
nal Corps Engineering Laboratories.
Fort Monmouth. N. J.
Planning a Career-Office of the Chief
of Engineers, Department of the Army,
Building T-7, Washington 25, D. C.
New Horizons-The Engineering Cen-
ter, Fort Belvoir, Va.
Air Research and Development Com-
mand, United .Sta:e> .Or
Research and Development Command.
Post Office Box 1395, Baltimore 3, Md.
Department of the Air Force Careers
for Civilians-Office of Civilian Per-
sonnel, Headquarters. United States
Air Force, Washington 25, D. C.
It'righr Air Development Center-
Wright Air Development Center.
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio
Engineering Careers in the Veterans
Administration (Pamphlet 5-15)-
Veterans Administration, W.nhineson
25, D. C.


Reclamation Engineering Center in
Denver and Reclamation-U. S. De-
partment of the Interior, Bureau of
Reclamation, Washington 25, D. C.
A Career in Patents for Engineers,
Physicists, Chemasts-Department of
Commerce, U. S. Patent Office, Wash-
ington 25, D. C.
Careers in Soil Conservation and
Summer Employment Leading to a
Career in the Soil Conservation Serv-
ice-Soil Conservation Service, U. S.
Department of Agriculture, Washing-
ton 25. D. C.
Northern Regional Research Labora-
tory-Agricultural Research Service,
825 N. University Avenue, Peoria 5,

Facts About the Southern Regional
Research Laboratory Agricultural
Research Service, New Orleans. La.
Eastern Regional Research Labora-
tory-Agricultural Research Service
Chestnut Hill Station, Philadelphia,
Western Regional Research Labora-
tory-Agricultural Research Labora-
tory, 800 Buchanan Street, Albany 6.

Engineering Opportunities in Rural
Electrification Administration, Tele-
phony and Electrification-Rural Elec-
trification Administration, U. S. De-
partment of Agriculture, Washington
25, D. C.

First Region-Maine, New Hampshire,
Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
and Connecticut: Post Office and
Courthouse Building, Boston 9, Mass.
Second Region-New York and New
Jersey: Federal Building, Christopher
Street, New York 14, N. Y.
Therd Region Pennsylvania, Dela-
ware, Maryland, and Virgmxa: Custom-
house, Second and Chestnut Streets,
Philadelphia 6, Pa.
Fifth Regzon-North Carolina, South
Carohna, Georgia. Florida, Alabama,
Tennessee, Mississippx, Puerto Rico,
and Virgm Islands: 5 Forsyth Street
NW., Atlanta 3, Ga.
Sixth Region-Ohio, Indiana, Ken-
tucky, and West Virginia: Post Office
and Courthouse Building, Cincinnati 2,
Seventh Region-WisconsinMichigan,
and Illinois: New Post Office Building,
Chicago 7, Ill.
Eighth Region-Texas, Louisiana, Ar-
kansas, and Oklahoma: 1114 Com-
merce Street, Dallas 2, Tex.; Branch
Office-Masonic Temple Building, 333
St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans 12,


3 1262 08134 819 4

Ninth Region-Kansas, Missouri, Min-
nesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.
Nebraska, and Iowa: New Federal
Building, St. Louis 1, Mo.; Branch
Office-Post Office and Customhouse
Building, St. Paul 1. Mmn.
Tenth Region---Colorado. New Mexico,
Utah, W10ming, and Arizona: Build-
2ng 41, Denver Federal Center, Den-
ver, Colo.
Eleventh Region-Montana, Oregon,
Idaho, Washington, and Territory of
Alaska: 302 Federal Office Building,
First Avenue and Madison Street,
Seattle 4 Wash.
Twelfth Regson-California, Nevada,
and the Territory of Hawan: 128 Ap-
praisers Building, 630 Sansome Street,
San Francisco 11, Calif.; Branch Of-
fices-514 Post Office and Courthouse
Building, Los Angeles 12, Calif.; Fed-
eral Building, Honolulu 2, T. H.
The Washington (D. C.) metropoli-
tan area (including Montgomery and
Prince Georges Counties. Aid.; Arling-
ton and Fairfax Counties. Va.; and
the city of Alexandria, 1'a.) is under
the jurisdiction of United States Civil
Service Commission, Washington 25,
D. C.


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