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Library Informer


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Library Informer
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Library Informer
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4 p.
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Place of Publication:
Nassau, Bahamas


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Libraries -- Newsletters   ( lcsh )


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Library Informer (Vol. 1, no. 5)

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College of The Bahamas
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College of The Bahamas
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All rights reserved by the source institution.
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MEE,TTHE'WRITER .. _.' .. ,:'t 'f .: :ih LIBRARY INFORMER ... i.....ALL ISSUEVOL.9,NO.31996.'". ;; OLLB.,-"oIn ThisIssue \7-<.) You'llnOIwant10 miss the up-coming events, featuring the following Bahamian authors:We'll getthe seasonoff toa stanwith TelcincThrncrRoUeonScptelllber 26th.October'sfeaturedauthorisPatriciaGlinton Meitholason the 31st. Andthefall line-up will end withCarltonRobinsonon November 28th.MarkyourdiariesnowsoyOIlwillnotregret missingthis Bah.amian 'ling.WHAT'SNEW,The Oakes Field Campus Library isnowopenonSunday!Between 2-6 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon youcallnowgo10Ihe Library10study, wrilt;; that overdueessay ortogctawayfromlhenoisy house!NEED A SIDEKICK? BE A FRIENDf Join the newly-founded "Friends of the Lihrary"association and cnjoythe tx:nCfiIS ..WELCOMETONEWLIBRARIANS theLibraric.'iandInlitrllctional MediaDivisionextenda warmwelcometo two "ew librariallswho joifledour staff Arlgu.\t: LIBRARY ADVISORYCOMMI'rTEE(LAC)wouldyouliketomakesuggestionsorlearnmoreaboullhe LAC?INFLATIONHASHITTHELIBRARYI'NEW RATES ...NEW SERVICES Inc Vice-President-Financial Affairshasapproved thefollowing i!u.:rea:"es in Library charges: SKELETONS IN THE CLOSETResultsoftheLibrarySurvey people replied thatUICY use the library forS-. -ing! 11 can'tbe that noisy!


INFLATIONHASHITTHELIBRARYNEWRATESfl1,e VrcePresidentFinancial Affairshas approved the following increases in Library cnarges: Overdue bookfineshave beenrai:.ed from1 O perday1025 per day.IIis hoped Ihal Ihls Increase will help ensure that students rei urn Ihelr books on time. Resllrve materials relurned after they Je due will carrya 50perhourflne Th8 cost of copying allicles from mlcrcfdm will now be 50 pirr page (compdre to $3.50 alIheSupremeCourt R Illiry down lownl) Caples from ProQuesl are now: 25per abstrs<:1 50 parpa(Jefor full tex! printouts. Everyone should know that replacement car1f!dges for lha laser printer are expensive (over $250.00 each), hence Ihe necesslly to raise our prices. Studenls and facultywillnow be sure alsotoegrdbooks thai have been loanedtothem. the processing feelor 10 I and books Is now $10.00 pius thecoslor Ihe book. Ilems thai are now oul of print will bechargeda $30.00 per Item. tJ2ibrarn[afenbar j September 26th Meelthe T.lcin. Tum.rRolle October18LibrarlesandInstructionalMediaRetreatOctober31...Meet theWrllerPatriciaGBnto"Meicholas November28th,MeettheWriter Carlto" 'RobinsonDecember13th".."',Librsfjes and. Instructional Media Awards Lunch COMINGSANDGOINGS Jac

FROMTHEDIRECTOR'SDESKA warm welcomeisextended to returning and new faculty,staffandstudents_TheLibrariesandfnstructional Media Services team ateach branch (Oakes Field, Hilda Bowen, Northern CAm pusandExuma) looks forward to working :JnUin your pursuitof academicexceLLencein the tc,tch ing/learningprocess,We offeryou ou" expertise, and invite youto take advantageoJthe variety ofservi,-es ndresources available to you LJMS, We wish yousuccessandare readyto amst youinattain ing itthrough the provision of essential in/ormationandresources.Thelibrary celebrated many firsts during the 1995/96academic year andsome ofthese are ident:fied below,We have been very excitedabouttJ1eseachievements, andanticipatt:more inthefuture,aswe Vvorktcgether with constituents tostrengthenourLibrariesand lnSlructionalMt:diaServices Department(LIMS).AchievementsPAl-lO documentation centredesigl1atiolllllNo\'cmber 199 deSIgnationasUnited NatiollS DepositoryLibrary in Nvembcr 1995 WHOdepositorylibrarydeslgnatiollinJune 19% establishmelltof tbc"Meetthe Writer's" Forunil inFebruary'96acqUisiTionof ERJC indexandabstractonCD-ROMinlroducltonoftheFriendsoftheLibrary programme. The "M.eet the Writer's" pmfamme whichcom menced this pring hashadtrcmend.ollSsuccess..Bolh stll[f andstudentshave appretlatcdtim0Pl;l0rtUOlty for htcr:ny exchange.Theprogrammeresumesthis tall withnotedaUlhorsTelrine Turner-Rolle, Patricia Glinton-Meicholas andCarlton Robinson.Students,staffal:dfaculty mcmbl;fs wisllingtopresentintheprogramme dUfing[997 shouldcontact the Director'sofflce. Owrthe lastyear,too,thelibrarystaffhavcbeenengagedinbui dingthe library'sdatabase.Critical staffsbortages, theins fficiclllnumbers ofterminals initial bugs Inthe system Itnpccd glcawrsuccC"vmhthiS proJcctDespitethishowever,therearcnowover10,0 reeoS on the d-base(manuallyinputtedbythelibrarytm).W rk onthisprojectis spt:ctcd tomoveahead withgrl:aterspl:cdoverthenextfew monthsaskeymanagementpoI'onshaveJust beenfilled.There aremanv servi(;C;lSavailabk to you(e.g book.letbindin ,graphic arts,D-ROM searche'ondataases suchas ,RIand ProQuest)and theseiI'r'highlighted laterIII thiSnewSome ofthe servic 'sgo unuSt:so I 'Jlcouragcyou to please take adv:lnt1geof themastJ1CYaredesigned (0contributetu yow-success as ast\:dcnt/staff/faculty,and to youroverall personalJproft'ssionaldevelopment .. As rcpeatcdly/ the primary of tlleUMSremalls contl.nuous delivery of highquahtyservlcc We,therc inviteyouto let usknowhowwe are doingandhowwecan improve through the useofoursuggestionbox. The 1996/97academicyear.thoughitwilllikely be eha llenging inmanyrespects,islookinghopeful. Tht: additiooaI manpower and an accessiblebudgetwillenableLIMS (0 provide more effectIveservIces 10 severalareas. Prioritics thisacademic year willbe gIven tothe followingcriticalwhich impact delivery ofservieeto you: bridgingcolle(;tiongapswithactualprogrammeneedsthroughtheacquiSitionofcoreand supplemental materialsforall degrct: programmesacquisitionofneededhardwaretosupportstaffworkandto mah,llllomated facilitiesavailabletopatrons. marketing of theFriends ofLTMSprogramme,bothtothe internalandexternalclientsofTheColleg!;: soastoassistL1MS in improving theservices andprogranunesitoffers.Facultyandstudent'sactiveparticipationintheseactivitiesis des:red and we shallbelookingforyourtangiblesupport. M Iclose,I aga in exlend best wishes forafrUItfuland Eroductiveyear.Remember, personnelataII branches of tJl.C ibrariesandInstructIOnalMediaServicesDepartmentarc looking forwardto serving auandaskforyourcooperationin ma\..ing theproperand best uscofthe limited available facilitie-sa ndresources.'Vc1come and mayGodblessYoltreveryundertaking!WiZlamaeM. Johnson Director.LIM,')HOWTOCONTAUCOBLIBRARIESOakesFieldCampusLibrary: Telephone: .J23-R550 s 2'27c-mail:liln)'lJ.cdu.b. Hilda BowenLibrary: T"lllpholl';-: JZ I"209 or 206 fA':'.)115-0283c-mail:gee..'Ohl[I'01>.c

WHAT'S NEWNEEDASIDE-KICK?BEAFRIEND! The LibrariesandInstructionalMediaDepartmentwouldliketo extenda warmwe/cometo twonew librarians who joinedour.,toffthisAugust:RosarioCabrerahas been appointed Cataloguing Librarian,Assuch she willberesponsibleforthe C;j.laloguingUnitand the buildingofthe databaseInthe fibrary. SheIS ongmally fromMexicowhere shewasa professional librarian at tile Colegio de Mexico. She enjoys traveling and Ieamingaboutnewcultures. Rosario loves toeathOl,SpICYfoodandlovesthe Bahamian climate. Bienvcnidos RosaJlo!Gottardi ISour new Special Culrcclions Librarian. She willbe a familiarfacein tile"Bahamas Room" on the second floor where she will build the collection of materials published in The Bahamas,by Bahamians or abolitTheBahamas and answer reference questions. Angela hails fromColoradobut has also lived and worked inCillifornia and New Hampshire. She loves the sun, the boalS,sWlmnung, the great outdoors and her little dogDaisy.A warm welcome, Angela!WELCOMETONEWLIBRARIANSJoin the newly-founded "FriendsoftheLibrary"association and the benefits of an improved College of 1he Bahamas Library and the satisfaclionofsupporting the lIbrary.A student fnend costs $10.00 per annum while Faculty and staff memberships are $20.00 per year. AsaFriendyouwi nreceive numerous courtesies which include advancenotice and First ChlSS seating at "MeettheWriter"andot.hersuch events.-HildaBowen LibNlry Grosvenor Close Campu ... The Librarx has held three ve[l successful 'Meet theWriterevents, Thefirst, held February 28th featured COB's ownDr. Ian Strachanfromthe Humanities Department. The second event. held March2Bthfeatured Bahamian poct-performance artist Micllael PintanJ. Pintardisa magical pact, who uses lan/:,'llagc (induding Bahamian dialect) with great effect. And. at the third event on May 30th,Or. Anthony Robbins, a'Fulblight scholarinthe Departmcnt read poemsfromhis published collt::cllon, You'll not wanttomiss the up-coming events, featuringthefollowing authors:We'll get the season off toa startW1tl1Thieme Thrner-RolleonSeptember 26th. October's featured author is Patricia Glinton-1\1eicholas all the 31st. And the fall line-up will end with Carlton Robinson on November 28th. Mark your diarieslIOW,with our attractive bookmarks and notregret missing these events. Last wil1tc.r many students and faculty were disappointed that they missed MichaelPintardbecause he gave a similar perl'ofmaIlCC atthe Dundas andat the Crystal Palacefor which thepublic paid $10.001At allevents the featured authors will have a selection of their worksforsale. Thisisyour chancetobuild your collection of Bahamian works,tobuypresentsforyour'friends and family andtohave books signed bythe authorslMEETTHEWRITER l -OakesFieldCampusThe Oakes Field Campus Libraryisnow openonSundavl Between 2-6 p.m. on a Sunday afternoonyoucangototnc Library tostudy, writc lhat overdue essayortogetawayfrom the nOIsy houscl Lots of CD-ROMs and Software ... now flv:)jlable on the Multimedia Workstation in lhe Reference Area: Peterson's GllidetoColleges, Anatomy and Ph3siologlBodyworks,ERJCEducatIOnal Resources on CD-R MtofindfullabSlracts on(helatest educational research, and CINAHLInJune. lhe World Health OrganizationofGeneva, Switzerland designated the Hilda Bowen Library WHODepositoryLib.rary.HllcfaBowen Library Wll1now receIve allWHO publl'callons: books, reports, serials and press releases.WHObooks are very practical and reflect the wide spectrumofhealth publishing, fromtoxicolob'Y,tonursingtopublic administrationtohow-to manualsforsurgeons. -Northern CampusLibrary -NorthernCampusofTheCollegeofThe Bahatt,as WelcometoEdi1hGibson, Librarv Clerk, who has recently jo!nedslafT of the Library. att'he North.ern Camplls. She wtll asslstl3arbara Barton. tile IIbranan at the Northern Campus.LIBRARYADVISORYCOMMITTEESinceFebruaryofthisyear a commiHeecomposedofr.eprBsentatives from eachofth.edivisions ofT!18College,IrbranansandCOSUSwasrevitalized/0helpadviseandguIdeTheColiege's Library andInstructionalMediaServices(UMS). These representativesinfum,takeLlMSnewsandconcernsbackto t[1eir divisional meetings,. Iherebyimproving tile flowof communrc8(lonsbelwe

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