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Library Informer


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Library Informer
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Library Informer
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4 p.
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
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Nassau, Bahamas


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Libraries -- Newsletters   ( lcsh )


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Library Informer (Vol. 1, no. 5)

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College of The Bahamas
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College of The Bahamas
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All rights reserved by the source institution.
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fROM THELIBRARIAN'SDESKWillamaeM.JohnsonA wannwelcomebackisextendedtoreturningstaff,studentsandfacultyafterwhatI trustwasarestfulandenjoyablesummerholiday.Thelibraryteammembersatalllocationsanxiouslyawaityouandarereadytoprovideyouwiththesameexcellentservicetheyhavegiveninthepast.Toournewfaculty,staffandstudents,wewelcomeyouandsaluteyouforhavingselectedTheCollegeoftheBahamas,especially atthistimeinitshistory.Youwillfmdthe library staffeasytoapproachandeagertoassist,socomeinandletushelpyouthroughthisinitial'settling in'inthecoUegeenvirorunent.ThisisanexcitingtimeintheannalsoftheConege,andthelibraryispoisedtoembracetheopportunitiesandconfrontthechallengeswhichlieahead.While reflectingonthe1994/95academicyear,werecordthatthelibraryachievedmostofitsobjectives.Thelibraryautomation projectcontinuedattheOakesFieldCampus,andthoughthereweresetbacks,theprojecthasprogressedtothestagewherewecan,withtheacquisition oftherequisitehardware,provide online publicaccesstothedatabaseattheOakesFieldCampus by earlySpringsemester9601.IncommemorationofTheCollege's 20thanniversary,last April thelibrarymountedanexhibition entitled "20 YearsofAcademicExcellence:MemoriesandMilestones'atthemainpostoffice,EastHill Street Portions of this havebeenremountedinthemain libHliy atOakes Ftt;'lkl Campusforthefallsemester. Ceme, inandviewthe exhibit atyourleisureduringopening hOllJs,. Newservices,programmes,andfacilities ofwhich yO!! needtobeawareincludethedesignation ofthecollegelibraryasthenational distributioncenterforassigning InternationalStandardBookNumbers(ISBN)forlocal publishers, anagreementwithPanAmerican He

However, Friday evenings are frequently veryqUietat the COB Library.Howwould students and faculty reacttoclosing the library on Friday evenings at5pm and opening the library for four hours onaSunday afternoon?The Library weies\CIr suggestionsandcomme t...Dodandba"Inre ill try to respo,dtot em honestly 1d prIT(Iy.We also encourage students and far-ulty t gge-ttitles ofnewb 'oks to add to the collection or w rvicesweshoul provide. Last term there was a complaint that the Library staff closed the library halfanhour earlyona Friday evening. We agree with the student that the staff were wrong to 0:) so,after all the Library hours are advertizedasbeing open until 9:00 pm and the staff are being paid tobethere! ,..,:'.'..'.'.. ,. ... _:-',., .. .. .. ":,.:,:i' ;', ,'" COB20thANNIVERSARYCelebrations Were A Blast!AcademiC ExcellellceCeoGGESION80f OM THELet's hear your comments. The suggestion boxiswaiting for your contributions!Conunemorative t-shirts, pens, note pads, bumper stickers, and hasti-notes are still for sale. Drop byCCR.., first come first served!MEDIASERVICESDon'tforget about the Media Department when you are preparing your projects and term presentations!AnHonours Ceremony for 10-19 Year employees took place on COB front lawn Wednesday, October 25, 1995. The honourees were addressed byMr.Hugh SandsChairmanofTIle CollegeofThe Bahanlas Council. Visiting Dignitary wasRev.E.Randy FraserVibrant Educator, and Pastor, Pilgrim Baptist Temple, Media can assist you in many ways: they have a comprehensive collectionofvideo tapes and slides as well as audio recordings (cassettes, CDs, records and tapes), and 16nun films that you can book to showinclass. The grand finaleofthe anniversary celebrations was theGalaBanquet to honour all 20 Year employees, held Saturday, October 28, 1995 at Radisson Cable Beach Hotel's Crystal Ballroom, 7:30 p.m. In addition the following services are offered: photography, recording on audioorvideo tape, booklet bindery, lamination and copying audio and video tapes.TWENTYYEARSOfACADEMICEXCELLENCEMEMORIES &MILESTONESUNITEDNATIONS50 Qllf) ANNIVERSARYEXHIBITThisautl1mn the United Nations will be celebrating its 50th anniYersary. Learnabout the United Nations from the attractive display in the exhibit cases in the Library.For thoseofyou who missed the scholarly exhibit which commemorated The College's 20th anniversary staged at the Post OfficeinApril, well. you have a second chance. A selectionofpictures from the exhibit has been hunginthe Library. Have a look to see how COB has gwwn over the years! Congratulations to Graphic ArtistLorraine Coxand her team for a job \vell done!LIBRARYINFORMERA Newsletter of The Collegeof The Bahamas Libmr\' r!\.lL I.'SUE.Vol.IX.NO.1Happy 20th, COB


WHAT'SNEWINTHELIBRARY?!!!!!EDUCATIONSTUDENTS.."Colleges asPromotersofEconomic Development"GaryV. Matkin. From:TheChronicleofHigher Educ;} ion. Summary: U.S. Colleges and universities are being ca'ikd upon to became more involved with economic de\ elopment Offering mdustrial-extension services to help small busmesses apply new technology and information will also help university researchers discover the needs afbusiness, the author says."CanCollegesbeRe-Engineered?" byRonGales. From: Across theBoardSummary: Economic reality, 1990s styleisstorming the cultural fortressthat has traditionally walledoffhigher education from external market pressures. Faculties are being confronted with economic choices, colleges are regearing coursework even the years required for matriculation to meet student needs (jobwise and financially) and liberal arts colleges are facing the need to concentrate on niches rather than take on the whole realmoflearning with equal intensity. Summary: Kentucky'sBerea, ICollege, oneofAmerica's finest small liberal arts c

LIBRARYORIENTATIONHASBEGUNIGood library skills are the basic tools you need to get an educationatthe Collegeofthe Bahamas and to see you through the restofyouracademic career. And, as one never stops learning, knowing how to use a library will serve you throughoutyourlife. Library"0"classes have started and your assignments are due everytwoweeks until the endofterm. It is in your best interest todothe assignments faithfully and correctly. Youmayconsider Library"0"bitter medicine,but heck,it's for your own good!WHAT'SNEWATTHEfREEPORTCENTRELIBRARY?We sometimesthai we have a branch library in Freeport.lhanksto'metireless effortsof the librarian'at the Freeport campus,&rhara Barton,the \oS able to offer library service to its Freeport extension students. This past yearBarbaraBarton compiled an index to the Freeport News for 1994.Theindex contains 1,902 entries andis40 pages long.Nowthat's a labouroflove!WHAT'SNEWATHILDABOWENlIBRARY?The Hilda Bowen Library, located at Grosvenor Close Campus,isthe nursing and health sciences branch library of the College.The collection is quite small, about 2000 titles, and most ofthebooks support the nurse education programmes.However there are titles on psychology, biology, microbiology, and sociologyaswell as nursing science.Allnursing and health-science related journals published on microfilm were transferredtoHilda Bowen Library over the summer. Accesstothe journalsisthrough the International Nursing Index. Since August of this year Hilda Bowen Library has been desig nated a Pan American Health Organization (pABa) Publica tions Centre. This means that all current PABa publications willbeavailable in the Library.Inreturn, Hilda Bowen will distribute promotional materials about PABa publications.HILDABOWENLIBRARYrTOPSECRETNew FeatureNext Issue:PATIOSALE-ABRATIONWewant to assist in increasing your cash llow. Let us advertise your valuable goodsneworused. For Further information please contact COB Graphic Arts Department.LmRARYINFORMERA NewsletterofThe CollegeofThe Bahamas Library FALL iSSUE.Vol.IX,No.!Happy 20th. COB


LIBRARYSEMINAR: CONSERVATION&COLLECTIONSCAREbyJilCqUillynHilnnilTIleLibraryofTheCollegeofTheBahamasinconjunctionwithUnitedStatesInformationService(USIS)sponsoreda!wodayseminar lor libraryandarchivalpersonnelonconservationandpreservationoflibrarymaterials.TheseminarwasheldAugust31standSeptember1st at theCollege'sGrosvenorClose Campus.Itwas well attendedbypersonnelfromthepublicandschoollibrariesonNew Providence, the DepartmentofArchivesandtheC.O.B.library.DameIvyDumont,MinisterofEducationandTrainingofficiallyopenedtheseminar,callingforlibrarypersonnelinTheBahamastotaketheir rightful place among other professionals.Shealso advocatedtheestablishmentof aNationalLibraryandpledgedthesupportoftheMinistryofEducationinthedevelopmentoflibrariesinTheBahamas.Dr. Keva PresidentofTheCollegeofTheBahamasalsoattendedtheopeningceremonyandgaveremarks.Dr. Bethel appreciatestheimportanceof library servicesandstatedthatnexttotheinstructional library personnel wereanimportant College resource.Alsoinattendancewere Mrs.H Joyce Thompson, Academic Dean(C.O.B.)andrepresentativesfromtheU.S.Embassy.TheseminarwaspresentedbyMr.James Stroud,theChiefConservationOfficerattheHarryRansomHumanitiesResearchCenteroftheUniversity of TexasatAustin.Mr.Stroud'spresentationtouchedonmanyaspectsofconservationandpreservationoflibraryco'lkctions,includingtheobjectives,humanresources, lacilitiesandfundingneededtoimplementa preservationprogramme.Hediscussed basic environmental concernsforlibrariesandarchiveswithspecial referencetothetropicalclimate.Hegaveusmanyhintsonhowtomonitorourlibraryenvironmentsandhowtomakesmall,butelTectivechanges,suchasinstallingcurtainstoblockoutsunlightorusing lans tocirculatetheairtherebypreventingmouldgrowth.Inadditionhesharedideasonhowtomarket colkction caretolibrary administration,howtodevelop inter-institutional cooperationandhowtomakepreservationanationalpriority. Mr. Stroud's presentationwasenhancedbyhisuseuf slides,anecdotesfromhisprofessionalexperienceandlotsofsimpleadvice.Theseminaraddressedmanyconcernsoflibrary and archival personnel and everyone benelitted fromhiswide experience and knowledge.Jacqlla(l'n Hanna is a qllaLified SecondarySchoolTeacher. and Library Assistant atCOBLET'SMAKEADEAL:$$$$$LI8RARYTRIVIA 1111111GiveliSthe correct questions to the following answers:and we willgiveyoua collectionofbrand new books valued at$150.00.***Greatgiftidea[orB'daysandChristmas!THIS ISSUE'STHEMEIS TAKENFROMTHEARTS.1.DANCE:ThisJamaicanisamodemdancer&choreographer.RockSteadySuite(1973),ThingsFallApart(1977),andMagnificat(1980)areamongthemanyacclaimedworkschoreographed.Whois 2.ART:ThisBahamianartistcreatedthework-'AFeeling'.Who ....... _*Clue:CheckCOBLibraryholdings.Whensubmittingyourresponse,pleasebesuretolistbibliographicdata/orPrintedsource(s)lIsedDropoffentriesatanyCOBlibrary.WinnerswouldbeannouncedinthenextLihraryInformer.ENTRYDEADLINE:Friday, 17th November,1995.Bestofluck to you. Ifyoucareaboutlibrarybooks,don'ttakethemtolunch.Itmay seem like studying to you, but it'smurderfor thebooks.LmRARYINFORMERA NewsletterofThe CollegeofThe Bahamas Library FALLISSUE.Vol.IX,No.1Happy 20th, COB


:IT @#%<>_+: :1994/95LIBRARYSTATISTICS: TotalCirculation Oakes Field (General) 17713 Special Collections 14087 Media 9532 Hilda Bowen 780 :FreeportCentre326 : Reference questions answered : Oakes Field 5984 : FreeportCentre683 @#%-+<>@#%=<>++++ NEWBOOKSINTHEREfERENCECOLLECTIONHave a lookat the latest booksinthe Reference Collection ThankstoReference Librarian, Myrna Reynes for submitting these titles:AY67 N5W71994 TheWorldAlmanac and BookofFacts BS491.2 N48 1990 The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (Did you know that SI. Jeromeisthe patron saintofLibrarians?) BV10.2 N48 1986 A New DictionarvofLiturgv and Worship.AGENTLEREMINDERTOOURLIBRARYUSERS:CTI20W56 1994 Who's who among Black Americans. 8thed.E185 A47 1994 The African-American AllT!anac (formerl\' the Negro Almanac 6th ed. G 10210931993 The Oxford Hammond AtlasoftheWorld.G 1046 G1 K8 1992 Atlasofthe Third World 2nded.HC59.7 K87 1992 Encyclopediaofthe Third World. 4th ed.*InReserve Collection. HE567 S85 1995 The Marine Encyclopaedic Dictjonarv 4th ed. LB2341 B276 1993 The HandbookofStudent AffairsAdministration.LB2351.2 P47 1993 Peterson's Paving Less for College, 1994 : the complete guide to over $30 BillioninFinancial Aid. 11thed.LB1620.5 M381991Counselling for college: a Professional's Guide to Motivating, Advising and Preparing Students for Higher Education.NOSMOKING,EAnNGOR DRINKINGis permitted intheLibrary.Wherethere's smoke theremaybe fireandwherethere is food, there will be bugs and other vermin.KEEPTHENOISE DOWN.That means no chatting, loud and lengthy discussions or debatesinthe Library. TheCOBDSlounge is where you can discuss the stateofthe world and how you plan on changing it! Likewise, leave your waIkman, discman or whateverathome. The Libraryisthe place for quietstudy.K1440 C66 1992 vols. Copyright laws and treatiesofthe world. 3DONOTSTEAL, DEFACE OROTHERWISE MUULATELlBRAR YM A'IERJAL Whenever the Library has to replace a ruined or stolen book it means we are not addingtothe collection by purchasing a new, different book.PB 1992.95 F44 1994Filmand Video Finder. 3 vols. Z253 U69 1993 The Chicago ManualofStyle. 14th ed.LIBRARYINFORMERA NewsletterofThe CollegeofThe Bahamas Library FALLISSUE.Vol.IX,No.1Happy20th,COB


IHowever, industrial extension is a more complex problem than the historically successful agricultural extension processinthe United States."Extendingthe Reachof"Virtual"Classrooms" by R c:bertL Jaa::bs:n.PIan :TheChronicle ofHigherEducation.Summary:Technology's growing capacity to facilitate instruction at remote sites may produce a seaofchange for higher educationinthe United Statesinthe late 1990s and into the21st century. This article discusses new possibilities and policy questions involving these "virtua]" classrooms s various jurisdic tions and educational institutions are confronting them."TheSharedConcerns of Scholars"byCarolynJ.Mooney. From:TheChronicleofHigherEducationSummary:A survey fmds that professorsin13countries and Hong Kong have muchincommon. While professors are embeddedintheir national culture, the commonalities are striking, said oneofthe survey's authors. The academic profession perhaps more than others, has international links. "Technology on theCampus:AComing Revolution"byRobertL.Jacobson. From:TheChronicleofHigherEducation.Summary:A numberofleading institutionsofhigher learninginthe United States have initiated someofthe most incisive reassessmentsoftechnology's roleinthe field since the arrivalofpersonal computersinthe early 1980s. These educators are considering what will come next, what new opportunities exist, and how these developments will revolutionize universitiesaswe know them today. This is justa sampleof the articles that are available in the vertical files. Please ask the Reference Librarian on duty to assist you with locating articlesofcurrent interest. And, don't forget that Special Collections on the second floor also has filesontopicsoflocal interest .Relaxers.Treatments. Cuts Colours Curls Nails Beauty SuppliesTelephone(809)341-4247Delon's House, Carmichael Road. P.O. BoxCB13757 New Providence,BahamasE-MAIL* INTERNET *E-MAILAnE-MAIL (Electronic mail) terminalisavailableinthe Special Collections room on the 2nd floor get your e mail account from Computer Services and explore this new methodofcommunication. Catch a lift on the information highway and take advantageofthe Internet to send messages to your friends and family both hereinthe Bahamas and abroad.The COBLibrary's e-mail addressis:librcob@Cob.edu.bsLIBRARY INFORMER /\Nl:\Vsletler ofThe College or The BahamasLibrarv FALL ISSUE.Vol. IX. NoI Happy 20th. COB


II APPLESfORTHESTUDENTS" ',-BRINGINTHOSECITY MARKETSCASH REGISTER TAPESI Thelatest City Markets"Applesfor the Students" campaign begins on October 5th.Lastspring the College was able to collect enoughcashregister tapes to qualifY for a computer, a printerandsoftware. Let's go for a repeat performance. Bring in thosecashregistertapesand help in the effort.Ouraim again this year is for another computer, printer and the accompanying software.Tanya ForbesandVirginia Ballancewillbecoordinating the College's "Apples for the Students" team.COMINGSANDGOINGSInMay1995, mweJohnson, COB Head Librarian was elected P"csillcnt of thc Association ofCaribbcanUniversit), anll Research InstituteLibrarics (ACUIUL) for1995/96attheir annual meeting which '\-vas held in PuertoRico.Itisa great honourasshe is the first Bahamiantoholdthis position andasitentails much work,wewish her a successful term of office and many congratulations. The Library also wishestothank its summer students,Rashida BrownandLovella Gilbertfor a job well done. -g;/Z//a/a&/U;J/Z.:f/tut'Jat?purjbnnercpl'&a,fl-tuJtuel'l'int.feir/bOtueruleaupurJ, LIBRARYINFORMERa bi-monthly newsletterofThe CollegeofThe Bahamas LibraryVol.IX,No. I, 1995HOWTOCONTACTC08LIBRARIESOakes FieldCampusLibrary:Telephone: 328-8550 x 227e-mail: librcob@cob.edu.bsHilda BowenLibrary:Telephone: 325-5551 x 209 or 206 FA-\:: 328-0283 e-mail: gcccob@cob.edu.bs .o/b8,pt7-ac/Z.,/Q,pcdreac4n.,p'9a//fG"c4-?&Q/Z.0-/arbdOa&On.,p'a/bt7-/Z.tf:,.-ar,prbev"":f/ FreeportCentreLibrary:Telephone: (809) 352-9761 FA-'\: (809) 352-6167 Mail:P.O.Box F-2766, FreeportTheLibrary bid farewelltofourstaffmembers over the sununer.Sandra Ramjattan-Donovan,Special Collections Librarian and her husband,Jim Donovan,formerCOBMedia Specialist, returnedtothe United States. While withCOBlibrary, Jim Donovan was editorofthe Library Informer.Stanley Williams,the Cataloguing Department Librarian, returned to his nativeJamaicain July after 3 years withTheCollege .... And,EdmundTurner,part time Library Clerk has gone to England to study law. The Library welcomesVaughan Scrivens,part-time Library Clerk,tothe team. Vaughan is a teacher education studentatCOB.Weare happytohave the following work-study students for thefall1995semester:Marsha Minns, Claire Brown, Jeffrey Moss, Natasha Hepburn&Melvin Miller.Rodman Forbeshas been promoted from Media AssistanttoMediaSpecialist (cheers!) Editor-in-Chief Graphic Designer Assistance this issue Virginia Ballance Lorraine Cox Willamae Jolmson, Jacqualyn Hanna, Myrna Reynes.LmRARYINFORMERA NewsletterofThe CollegeofThe Bahamas Library FALLISSUE.Vol.IX, No.1Happy 20th, COB

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