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Library Informer


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Library Informer
Abbreviated Title:
Library Informer
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4 p.
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Place of Publication:
Nassau, Bahamas


Subjects / Keywords:
Libraries -- Newsletters   ( lcsh )


General Note:
Library Informer (Vol. 1, no. 5)

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Source Institution:
College of The Bahamas
Holding Location:
College of The Bahamas
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All rights reserved by the source institution.
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f heCoege ofteahamasMay'-Jn' A Bi-MonthlVNewslett.r ------Edi'or: r m DDnovanTIS)ement Li erature (HD3B M4&). ew Books ecelved1nataloguingDepartmentabote: pri29to MY 5;AdultEd.ucation A arenuscalt. International Nurse D rt ,Mo her'sDay U. ,beianlso A rmallservice 1918 1stCrU1SBthip to Circumnaviga ethe world1912 AscensionDayInternationalDayAgainstDrug Tr ftickingSenior D nneratRe nlon Memorial Day ObservPublicHoliday-Labour DayPublicHe iday-Wbt MondayHIVINS Colour ofHarmonyExhibiUonFather'sDay Summer Bea1ns B ce1ur,m8l'tesence Principal's Breakra.s,OommencemetExercislls Last Dayor Cas s fer Summr 1995PinalExam' nat ensSurnm -r 19-95 un-18une21une29una 30une30une30'1... Mrs'Myrna Reynes5Eym .23 Levette Richardson24 M s Gra e Reb'nsonuna 2MrsBertham e lker 30 MsCarlaGUntonetooyaveBe:stWishs nd Happy BirthdyTo Each ndhave 8,joyousbrijh t day !MayandJneSafeIihday Libraryandsta(( Report: ADrU'sLibraryExh.ibl a theM'amPost Office. ITh'brary' Exh1b1Uon at the Main PosOffic: durinhe month ofAprilwasverysuccsflJ Thanks1s given to each and everylibrarysfUSI"; on whoassisted in bringlngthisto frion andalsothosepet'sons who orked s hePost!QUiteghoutthemann.A,1", ys m ny oommitsandjudgements ererecl!ietl bo pro'lindcen.Mo-svi rsfeltitas ery good and t stefulydan .Wher asthose'intUviduusw1thImortcritical eye for itemsofIhistorical nature felt nerehad been severalsignificant8CtiV I eoand ent whichhadtransplred over thepastenty yers that ere ov,erloosdor just omitted. Per the mostpart th exhib1t r lCelved. thumbsup,Eoadh,


an.zigFoSerV1CToIte'nalC stomers he (010winis abs ract,ed fromCh_ pt r10ofuality Mn ge en For !ducationa chnologyn;lc -, (LIbra&s)andot.her ntit1es recentlypUb shedbyAECT.As.oc: ,'onFor Educa tiona}COmmun cation 1"1f1Trechnology)!ted for th ibraryInformerby J. Donovan, 01 ell aeducatonal echnology cent,er, omputer lab,curri.c1umlibrary,Tlpair print shop. ormedia oenter meets andceeds th ofits usersismorfunct10nfthlephlosophybehind heorganizationst ucture tban the strucreits-sU. If therector orm sger fneuseh_needs ndrequ'remens of the organization'ssetsherewillbe avery(I fferentr aniz tionalpa tern to the center than if he focus is on polic e procure.and rgania lion charts. Service-ImpovednternalBevice Firs for_ddresin he ta k of orgmzingaechnologycenterto provide qu11tyservioeto..ts:users, e needtolook,1nsl1e the rganiza ion.Th notionofqualty ustomer erv1ce must alsoextend.tocustomer' r el tions'ithinthe organization.Thef>ee n be o sustainable gaininuser satisfactionithoutn internal comrpitment for btter servicetween one fum::tionalareaandanother as we 1he comm'm n'0 ado,pingbeUeroperational nd rnan_iement practices: mustextend: toallh l,evelsamintern 1 functionscfanagencyhat are beyond the,eyesaftheu 'timateUSern dd' tion t,o tne normal functions tha previdrvictocHen of anorgani:Z3 ion, are ertanfunctional areas,suchspurchasing or hnic8.lproeessin, that proviCicrucial'ntern 1 suppor to thret othe' orisni2ation.""au..'t.h'eJff'J'Jdfl.'b't."4.,/redupon'"rntraJofiji-celrlit'"support"actir-itiethr!'peopJf.internal&rVi"e:s're'8IN/'iJ1JJ"informdaboutt1JEJimp01'tanc-8IJft"h 'ir W'(lrk. ConY, reily,en.oH1cestaff frequently aI0 pert'e ,ve any'of their wor'k ashaving '2 irectim act onth bilitygftheagencyto Quali y,and rminar.anagmg


services to users.umb-rof peopleinthe organiza 1011.Ior anizat"on of1,6 peopl ,i would rquirof them,or 20 percent. In anitof32 pea ei mlt k_5peopleorabout15 percent. Using ithar me hodprcentorsqure l"oot, it obviousthait doesn' requiretotacommlmn upfront,orvenhalfof the work (orce to begIn the ransformation. he keyis to find he 10 to 20 percent o[the work forcetht11 bereq urdtobring al'Or1itherest. 0gBng.eAvoiTobecome aqu lity or nizationitis notn tiesry0change the organ'zhon h r foryourt chnology enter.It'sbndone tLCore. Ifofhealf has probly livedthrough twoor three r or ons and theyno t t nonofthemmproved thelev1of s!'Vieemade thepi ce marroductive,orreoved barriers toworkersatisfaction.Thr erejustas many mistakes and errors after th reorgan28. on asb fore.Unl ss the ch norcommand and organatlonalstructure ssatally '1:110-ed itimpairscommun c tion, there is notmuchto K in by theeffortinolved'th oraani2ation. It myen causresentmen andfoer rest noeifprev OUS reorganizationswereoute as a method to make the agency mer eft ctive. Tee'Ittlev in_urningthe be nnlngor hequ ttytran formatonin0a circus. here' s non sed forpr ss r leases.kick orf banquets, ribboncuttns,shr1, buttons or hotairballoons.proct announcements orope dayconferences.There isnom raintol)ubl1sh1ng agranddesignorde aU d mL rplanHangingbanners anddecI rine tomorr II qu .tyimprovementdaywon'tdoiteither.These things h ve11be n donetorevents ofrless sign1!cance.Anyplllllned eve ttc attentiDn tot et:w d_f,001the ortaniza 'on willbcoun' er-Ifc iv EmploYI!!)E!atten ion3'11 beccused onthe shor t term and hUlli bileas urges .teCr a ingahe C'ritlcalmass isthequar.'rootof thehe Iotoro orpor tiafl,major contributor tohe ield of QUlity m agement,sugg'estthat


asp cts of hvnins e dounderstandinghatth -ncysbout toembron ajourney 'thno !?nd THEBEST WAY 0 EGINORKING TOARD A QUALITORGANIZATIONISTOJUDOJ A arkroupparticlpn tDemingFour Day -em narreferredto it sCoverQuality. Eventu11ymeeneillnarcehe crff rnee.theimprovemen s.When hey sttosk questlons,they are ready0li tan. The quality c'res of th early 960'sQU c:klyagene ted into mchan1smror man gement to .implemen itsownch-nies" They beeam part or atwork lire' nd"seltmana emcnt"programs---programsthatfocusede eriY onmakingpeop} eelgood, oron.sue such sbreak(tea)time anddisclpline.The ideabeh ndqualityof workliCe asthai! everyone fetterabouth m elves theywou d do abattr jo andthecompany wouldbe moreprofitabcomny. By hispoint-houldbeapparentthatan0 iel fullof d l' iouslyhappy em oy can'taltep for eli I' ht ngt def ct"ivemer' poorlyde-Ined worareasJlack 0 work pace,Cu tymaintenance, and archaic pductiondesign.The round t10n of qualitycontrol circles ats not brough\back 0 ile Americasnth1st1971J'saJapane e conceptcalledKa1zen(ky'aen} It means ongoing improvement in 0-ing everyone.Admnstrtors. m ddle manaEemntlsupervisorstandstart. Continuous,m:remental1mp,rovmentof the systemo[servi.ce mclud simprov' the capacity of employees tohandleuser request, answer'nquires improve processes andto b li teratain11 areas ofth system'sservices. Butmak1ng Katzen work requires chng"ngthephiloophcal s ructureofthe agency, not the orenia tional charts.n TheeireeQua11tU.S.Aceptingthe notonthatcantin ous'mprovemens possible may prove daunting prop(}sition.Improvem n meanschang.Chan e is asc-ary thing. anyman ersfindthat deingwith chane i.s uncom!oablend 8threat tothe currentway ofm naging. In he late1970'snumr ofen1rs andindu trilists (or the America North and Sou hvisitdJpan tostudyhi pr uctionmath d mho of! ndnghesntnd bringing it home. Inhecourse0theirobs rationhey a'coveredl'tte oands ofhour.yorkrs diligentlystudying charandorking togetherto come up ith -e tewaytocomplete a a k. ThesegTlQUPS arcalld {iu1JO'C..,ntn.l}Circle.s: Theyworkvery.11in Japanw.her 't LSBtimated there are0er170,0QC circles involvin over:3 million workers.4


Thechoice or wordswh n teach in ork, rs:or con" ienguPI' -I'm nagmilt abl:lut he val ueofqaliy'simpor ant. Tellinstaer thatearegoing to c,bangetheW'8Y thngsredone ra'sas a spectere,f !Elarandanxi sty of heunknown.utexpl in thtare goingtlO '" mpro ethe sythi r done" and 'thereanbe on1 one meaning. a c rtainama nofnx-ymClYstbecau.ses aft will f' gur outthat3nt .. provemetWIllreq!.llfle achan e. buttl-c innt, heAll"is clear [rem I e tr. The Demill# Chain in anEducationslTechnologya."nf.IF' ,Sys ,em Imp r0 vemen tCeates---Fewer EJ'l'Orsr and Fe e Defect.result nginLes' R,81fOikand Less W'B e which. crate'Greater SystemReliability.Produces More Time.BettrUe of Resource.and* H'her Usr aUsfadian. FewerCOlDlots ''lfh .c:hy eidsGreaberUUli2:aUonoCService.Exp n0Ol(Se to.and t ... Vlueofhe er9iceIncreases. Elfi,ciency OrEquity'/ T ne concept of fficienc:yasus d.n thebus-in-ss worldhas:UtUeme'2lln1nggovernm n-n edul,;at onal agenc es.Ye' b ng,overnmnt I nityi no excus fori euiney or.n .ff r nt servceo In fact,iiccording toDr.Dmin, being a governm n BIgncyeli ries: specialobl ga tion to usetheeOUfices i isg ven inthbest,mostproductive mnner to provid equitabll access acros he. base possible. Equityofsen ce tothebroadest baseofclients possiblebeeoms centra 0the des'gn of anyteenn:ologys TV ceoAn.y.educat onal' eeel'll r could b omehlghlyefficient ov rniht. All it needsto do is(oeuson sen"ng thle20 percentE)fthe usr base\hataccount foreoperoent 0 theuti1'U'Uon.Correctmg serprob an ering .quasions fillingspcialrequast or fIndng a sim lerway of doing somethingthat line p rsonnehave to bein aPOSI Ionto takeactio .Sompeepie can item pliDyeeempDWerment_ut,empa erment notsomethingttl is conferredagon.mployes.Emp0,werment ,e,m rgBs o,nly,after thed mateof theorGanizationischanged to allow-taffhe la itude to mllke decis10ns ,houtthefearof encsecondguessedbyaupernsorOf'manager. Givingthe starr the d scretion tohandle user requestwnfioutaskin.srmi..smonrs.u1r.as mutual trustand.rot-ofainma:. UI 1mately, the nternalorganlzat on. stru r:tu ra of amedia and t 'ChnolDIYten tar matters l,ess thanthe ph.ilosophicaloutcokof' the managerandthe staff. Itd.oesnmU r wh t thecJ"gsni2stionalchart locks 1 'Kei( there isa cl ar and totalcommitmentbystaff and managementtD delivering sence that exeeLu.serwe. ct ons nd amehod to make thappen. Pinnin And Iminara I onltBeCau,ghtWhout Aian. DlJllOVn, Ed itolrInformer I ant toshare' ithyou 0recent events. It'sha,p ened. tomost ofusafinet meor another. Youare summoned:by yourbossDr budgtdir6ctc,rI th endoftheUsc _1 year nd arinformed,IIWepooledtoe her SQmes 5nd1 nc sfromhebudget and found'60,000


dlrectcr:a hend of the Usesl '! arand are Informed" epooledQetllersome1 s nd balanc s fromthe 'oudgetand round btl000 (orn equip ,ent.Tellmehayo nedI'llmak d iion, 'butpurchase ord rshave 0be issuwithl.n hours,';a,r, Ii W j r CIved odtha heXXX Corporation will m' c::h our capitaau lay funds for newequiprnntlnsteadiJf$25,000 lor nextye-aryou wi!ha e! 0,000. Howare yougointospend it?llAlthough none of u 11k'"' m kingrushedec:iSllons on equlmentpurcha,thesetypeof all docreatefXci temen.The Jndiv 'd u 1 n he fi r cuecanedm to ask,for-clllice. Hewan c:d t,O knuwit I could r commendeQuipme:ntthat he shouldpurchasewth the new 1ydi "covre$60,000. He, Winted to knowofother persons:whom he couel'ca 1for Althou hI couldn'tt 11hm what type of eUlpmen 0 puJ'lchas ,I did,kSl8Vralque tionshat I nopecaused hImto thinkaboutwhattype of equipmenwfluld,bestfit the needsofhi-particular situation, and I !tI1d g '\Ttl h .m th nam!ofa few per onsand companies coulcal for'further inquir s. In thesecond case,the persontoldmetha thXXX Corporat'onhad the match.Ingfunds for hiscpalequipment budgetfor mediaandtechnologyhardware,,ndh inam tterordays heandhi.sstan had de erminedh 0 spend the addition -I fund andissuedtherequet for bids.Hewent on to tellme thaatthe 9 4ABeT Com ion hehadspent agreadealaf 1m nthe nC1TE ,exposit on,tlking with,:,hllntmcomams llectingproolJc'ntot'onand s-cifAs a st of hisconversa.tionsItt! InC TEfmibltors:, h h:.idpreparedtl1e equ-t lorIdstohes C'ihcatlons of 'h new equipmen h s n tthe exh bt. Tl'l un ..rlyinidiHerencebetween the 0 I:onvrshOrlsisth -t thefirstp!lrsondidn'knowhatequiprm ntopurchase. -condIndlvidual had a Ion r ngplan {a !tv yer Ia.n)(or equpm ilndsofl are 8cquisi ons.3,n h dk. ptthepian upd tedn.curl'nandwasbit to issue the reqlJetforb1s knowing ha t heW3S moing departm, n do n a pre_ trm inedand preplaned, path.Thesecony rsa ions poin cut,onceagain, the needra, everydepartment,veryaViary colle to have atechnOllcgy pI n inplace. A.plan hat'currentand up-tote, nd hassupport ihin the departmenant:!up the admintstraUv ladder. Ifthefirst memb r wouldhavehad a technology plan in place, he'would not hay had to make rushedtelephonec: 11 eekn.aCYlnCli perh,aps would nOit havehad the"bossm king uni 10 med decisionson'What to purchas Ifthereh .dbeen a technologyplanlhe would havebeenprepared 0 specify th nextproject orpi ce of quipmen in the plan.In both c ses',theperson51wer abletoIf t theeqlJipmentheyneeded,the conversa oms did h. ve' h proveroi1 happyndIngs.ThlBindtvldualthe technolcgyillan,hoevertwas abeto d r theadditional fnancial resourcest ,owarc1 thenecessary hrdw repurchaseWI thcons1derab ym,oreconfidence ilnd authoritythanthe personlthout the echnology plan. Thesupeorwithout h echnology plandid hlS Job.The survisorwithhetl!lchnologyplanboweer, did his job as prof essianal.If you don't yet haveat_hnolflgy plan,you need one. In fa,ct, you pr'Iobably needed it fiveorsixyearsago. Go throughtheprocesspreparea plan,and get the' necessary administrative approva sand.s pport.Ifyou have 8 technologyplaninples,re"liew t perIodically to makeeertinitis current andupi"'tordatle.cause.Inst'tutionalandOJ'lan aUonal needcbaDie.Justas th ImrtructionaltechnolDIY harcbrar-eandoftwareprogramschangl. Yourplanmst refccthesectlange or some cOimpany,SlomBsalesDlan,or p tc man canread ,lyput in YDurban.ds materialthat hVBnot' sen updatd DrrevIsedtomeettheneedsof the currentmarketp18C ad "fie IDnhe vergeat0 com.ingoutmodedlor Db oletle. The timethatis spentnow developrngorupd Ung t e pl .n will saveyou time, energy and money m thfutur ana wi1 allow you tob'nformed for Iibe ter'f ure rather hn merelyreactngto t. 0.01 ;;;;;;'1s;.;,;;;.r: ( Workshops May to ovemberp 'ht ---, 'ore 12n._ ,andP'lBnnioa: .-emRllrs.Worksbops May995 toHovembe'r1'99'5May 11-12 Tea:chl1l,learning&:Technology,is th theme of the.,995SCheol Of EducDUon confsJ'i nee ndechnologyfairatIndiana University6 B'loomington. For anyone int restedinthe useof tcnnology in theclassroom this con ference'11


\'iay15-1;: ....r ns{ormingC'ssrooms thro in togy n explore th issuesantichallnges or m,plemenin ,computerndrala adt hnologies in today'c:l ssrooms.PennStat Sc:::anticon Co,nferencCente Hote 1.Penn Sat Univers ly, Un1versity Park, Pennsylvanicontact Dr.C.T rryMorf" 814-663-1522,May23-28:Langu e Labs onthe1adin dge, IALL'95tNotre D me, the goof the confer neeis toshar theeXperi!nceoflabor torydirectors,provide nfcrmat10n about thlat st-hnologies n oonUnue to assess _ndevaluate the roleoft chnology inth.e languge 1earningproes. Exh ibitill include he latest1n Ian uagla'bcqu1pm nt, h rdwar, I nd integrated urseare. ContactIALL"95t otre Dame, v n er!o Co Unu1ng,Educ ion. P.O. Eo1008, Notr D me, In. 6556-1 008,June 6-1U.Explorln th Video Class.o\lternabve,sponsorbyheOHkofrnstruct'on'. Telecomm nicat1ansandCotIn i ng ProC ission 1 Education, N,orth Caro inaUnvarsity. Th sconferencewill -plo,r,Bthe sue, ess('uI Vd oCla s Syst m which. orr rs1st n dueator elverym thodhatisCfJ.omical,ffecUve and acuIty friendly. sa uresThorn,asL. u sell Director Instruct'onalTela,ornmunie tiOr:lS N. CaroHna,SL teUniv rs ty. Raleigh who "?s the crator av' loper and dmin'strataof the ViideoClas Systm.Contact Thomas L.Russell. ConferencOrganizer.NesC, P.O.Box7401, Raleigh, Ne27695-7401or a-mailtoTOM_RUSSB.Ll@NCSU.BDU. June11-19 Emergin ong Lern1nth 16thNationalEducationalCompulllgC:on(erenee. Nl!CC'95hoist dbyTowson Un 'v'ersity incooration ith th Maryl nd Instrubon -1 ComputrCoordinatorsAsso...iatlonwillb"held ,t tb BaIt"more CcnY n 'on center.13 ltmor ',MD. Thth-me ofthe con!erenceJ"lefer to a 1 theVI y _earoersanat,echersusetechnoogy in hediucalDn-1 proc -stodayand, plans forUie f ature. Contac. 178A atStTle-t,E ene, OR 9 03-123.Phone 503-346-28 4_F'"03-364 5890Internet: ECC'9S@ccm 1.uoregon.edu. 'July 5-9:Bridging th-Dstanc -,the1995Dis anc Education Ccnferenc andAECTrafessiona Staff D elopm nt 8emin r tob haltIowa Stte University, p:rovidisopp,ortun it "eCld seeverandexperienceh.emostcurrentdistance_duel on tools. Con act19ri ng theDistanceConfer,nce,ExtendlBdanaCcnunu1ngEducation, 102Schem n Bldg. Iowa teUniv rsity, AmesIA 50011,phone5,15-294-6222,August 3 6: Effectlveleaderhip:2000 andEeyond. the 1995, A CT Summer Leader-hP'Conf reneenChandle,Arizona.A SIp lal workshop on IJ. rsonal developmentand ffeet v lead rship.Contact:ABeTleadersh' pCont -'T,ence.1025 Vermont A.ve. NW, SUUe820 W .-.hington, DC20005Of checkAECTGopherLis'ing.'-ept,ember6StInformationTe:ctmclagyServices '95Conference and.ExpOSItion to be heldt h,eWasftington SheratonHOltel. Oonference 11 covercomputersystemsnd.notwork inte ration. consul nandre-engineerini. 'fhe' exposition will featur proCessionservicesolutons(romntegrators,I,.meufa.cturer,s, and dealers:.Contact:CreatlveExposOanr,erence ,nco 28BubbUf\i Brook Road, WIpole, MA,5OB-660-1099,Fax 508-668-2416.Septemb r 19-21: Enterpnin Solut'Dnsfor th Open SystmsAge,UNIXfWindows NTIn teroperab1l1tyGat _y Expo,VI II take pl-ceath JavitsCElrlvention Centern New'YorK City.Learnhtound'erstand newmeoitech.noogles and how toinegr tl new tech ,ologies ntoanopen comput ng environmen COntact:Ann e Scully800-829-397& 201-346-140D ex 145. DrMark H 111 nd a extens on 152.september 19-22:Qualilikation95, InternationalTradFairfor Technical .111s TrainngandProfess onl!11 Qual fication. Hannover Fairground, Hannover, Germany. Contact Hannover FairsUSA Inc. 103 Carnegie C nte ,Prince on,NJ0850 or call509-987-1202, Fax609-9a -0092. 7


ovembe 9-: BuildingFutureVls10n 0ProudTraditions ThelonalCoUf1Cll forhe stu ies' Annual Confere wi be held a thy ttRegf'ncy, Chicago, Illinois.ThConfer ce wi 1 featr6 exhib'Sn "'e5sions des gned tome:tthe need.0d'versepoultonsoftud nts and teache saike.Contact: 202-955 1840, Fax202-96 -2061. ADMTRATIVC CH SRE-E 1 RING: The pr fie palInofte '90s used0 descrinyana1a.dministrative strate's. ARADIGMSHFT: Auhmismadministrators1Iewhenthyr 21izthe restoC heir 1 dustry has xpandedIn Guangdc ,whIehey -ere st11investingin bankr Oran e County.RESTRUCTURIG:A simple plan insh uted(rom boveinwhicorkersareri ht-siz:ed, downsiz 0., surp us d or in the bus'ness jonofyore, fi ed. EMFOWERM]!NT: A magicwandmanagemenVi vto l1elp survivorsof res ructurinsuddenlyfeel_n con rolof he r futures.From Er ck'chonfeld in Fortune.Taken (rom Apri ,1995Re drs' Digest. >;t..,Passsing sUmps Mr.Donovan h s'0nputtingtogethertheL 'brary Informe ter arrivingonc mpus 'n19. Its both a pleasureanaachallenge. Th s 111b the las issu h111be ditmg. MrDonovan the Bride,Sandra, ill ISving0 resideintheU.S.at the end of August. Afr we at saUl d we'll send theedis af! our address soe can kpintouch Best W.ishes.ISlO : Top m nagement's heroic fut fIorst, thtcanbmuT-hir S3.nd posters. bouthe 'r1ntedonB

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