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Library Informer


Material Information

Library Informer
Abbreviated Title:
Library Informer
Physical Description:
4 p.
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Place of Publication:
Nassau, Bahamas


Subjects / Keywords:
Libraries -- Newsletters   ( lcsh )


General Note:
Library Informer (Vol. 1, no. 5)

Record Information

Source Institution:
College of The Bahamas
Holding Location:
College of The Bahamas
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All rights reserved by the source institution.
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COLLEGEOF T1lEBAHAMAS VOLUMEV NASSA11.BAHAMASCST. 1')74EWSLEn'EI{ May,1993II If you.ookI i .eyourpassportphoto, You're toi11to trave I.Library Staff NotesBirthdayGreetings ;v!ayJ-:Nayi'ic s.!y [naReynes FromTheAcquisitionsLibrarian t1rs. B. Wa 1ker New Arrivals:GreatArtistsof theWesern World: Series.Includes:1. TneFee c Rococo: aued.j.a.s. Charden FC':nc:): s Boucner.j.n.cc""C;Onc.cd2. -c::\"o,.C'v I. tlfLS1,,[(;::'55:: Jonn S:ngec Secgen:..";[a:;OP;:lt?c 3. TheGia?=.ul oens rccns!"i-i15Renbr;..-tV3.n.jon-innesVec;.eer


co ti,uea: p.27 ,. l'!::"d:C0:Tee, !toiog'j, :'os,ea oy theUn ilIers it"ofCentr.:.1:'-'orlaat'ne;,c.rriott'sOrlando,.,;orldCenter,Orlanco, Fla.The 14th annual meetingof tnei:c.tiono.!Eaucc.clon

,:lle.l V.'J..::;(:cn I n\)tO, ,, t'loliern lsm:henir .Paolo ?icassoU,oen-oBocc'oniM8adeo Moaigl ian!Impress:onlsm:l.::-[ieg6.s C t.7\i..iCePierrePenCI[Q.7heC'ass'co! .ico!as ?ollsslceClauaeLo[[:t!n JacquesLouisDav'QJ. A.D.1 gres7. English?ortra' tre and Landscape: Joshua ReynoldsThomas Gainsborough John Constable Joseph Turner8. Pre-Renaissance InNorthern Europe:TheL mbolrgBrothers Jan iJan EYCkRog i er..ander !,leyden i-i'ronymusBosch, QTneMlgn 5sance: Leonara aa.; iflCl'11;:;',e!-s.nge 0 ae!:,. ::. I Conecences& SeminarsAcademic Conferences ofParticularinteresttoScholars.June .ECUCA:IONAL 93: World Conferenceon EdMu ,'mediaand HyattOrlanao Hotel IOrlando,Fla.SponsoredbytheAsso. tor the ,;dlJancemen,t ofComputinginEducation. Contact:AACE,P.O. Box2966,CharlotteslJi;Ie, Va, 22902.Phone:804-973-3987,Fax:804-978-7449.


2eview continuea: InMartin LutherKing'snowlegendary."Ihavea Dream" speech, ne nopedfor a timewhen little will not be Juagedby co1our of skin,butbythecontentoftheircaracter, isthese ch'Idren,nowcomeof &g8 in thepostcivilrights era,snapeabytheDellettnat the keyto theirsuccesswouldbeIn iSS'ITt!1-i'Cing Into tne vec' culturethat has for so long cienlecl-.ne:::::raeq.;,!i:',:.r.rj ina ore, "The Chilcrenof he Gre=..rn. I, 000' :::hec.vthorsaefine oiae"S'ccessInthe iastneIzac on an American promise: toequ:lopportunity.Using econom'c anaanoccupational [0(ne pnenomenonof onagenerat'onCrolacks wno grew up in an aefineabytheconcept ofnegra 'on, tney have focusseaon black babYboomerswhogrewuppossessing sOI.e(nlngnogenerar.ionof blackshas ever beforeasense ofentitlement, morethantWOyears the authors travelledthe countryseekingcut those backmenandwomen who nave achieved posi ionsof power anainfluenceinthe American Workplace. Thethoughts andInsightsofchisgenerationilfumlnatewhat"takestobeasuccessfulblacklivinginwhite America. Whatever theirpersonalbehavioralstyles,theone traitthatemerged :romall the in ervlewspresentedisthatsuccessfulblacksacefirstand foremost affirmed and by apositivesenseofracialidentity.Theyfullyunderstandthatasblacks theywill encounterobstacles, prejl d'ces,andiniquities,but they never view their racethej iabiIItyorcause of the proolem.Theyunders anditisheperversereactionsofothersto theaI-c' thatcreate the problem.C1'drenof standsas avividtestmanytothe 'ncreasingy complex world inwhichblack striveto :he287pageDOOKcovers:Bl::'C:<. S "ccess I.;., pogressreport. -:0 oe giftedandqual':'ed.-colour:Credi(to the cace. BlaCkBlaCkMan, Tne?sy_no!ogy 0_ S ccess. IIJLS(not pS'cnology of a people but the"cs"[uggIe::0endinsp'ring recordof perso,.al suc:ess agai. se odds.It'sa necessary and essential for aeveloplngpositiverole models focblackyouth.

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