Code of fair competition for the curtain cleaning industry as submitted on August 29, 1933


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Code of fair competition for the curtain cleaning industry as submitted on August 29, 1933
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REGISTRY No. 1714---33

The Code for the Curtain Cleaning Industry
in its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received the approval of
the National Recovery Administration
as applying to this industry


For sale by the Baperintendent of Doculments, Washington, D.C. ..

is ..i



In order to remove obstructions to the free flow of interstate and
foreign commerce, to provide for the general welfare by! promoting
the organization of industry through the cooperative action of trade
groups. to eliminate unfair competitive practices, to induce and
maintain united actions of labor andl management under adequate
Governmental sanctions and supervision, to aid in increasing the
consumption of industrial and agricultbural products through in-
creased purchasing power, to reduce andi relieve unempllo yment and
protect against unemployment, to imlprove t~he standards and other-
wise to rehabilitate our industry, this CodXe of Fair Comlpetition "
is hereby set up under and by virtue of the authority of Title I,
Section I, 73rdl Clongress, 1st Session, approved Junle 16ith, 193;3, and
known as the "' National Industr~ial Recovery Act."~
And the signatories hereto, members of the National Curtain
Cleaners Association of Amer~ica, in full and complete knowledlge
arid understanding of the purposes set fourth above, do hereby agrlee
that the prov.isionls of this Code, and all Rules and ~Regrulationls
herein, and all such Regulations as may be by! law issuedl relative
thereto, shall constitute. t~he Code of Fair Trade Pra~cties by whnic~h
this industry shall be guided in the conduct., mlanagrement, and oper-
ation of the industrial plants and businesses constituting this~ induxs-
try. It is further understood and agreed thlat. this Codle when ap-
proved by the President of t~he United States or his Admlinisttoratr
and all Rules herein, shall have the force and effect. of law; that
violations of this Codle are to be vigorously prosecuted under the
provisions of the Nation~al I~ndustrial Recovery? Act; and that th~e
signatories hereto pledge their aidl andl assistance in enforcing in this
industry the Rules, Regulations, Agreemnents? and Policies herein
set fort.h.


It is hereby understood and agreed that any person! firmly, corporai-
tion, group, or association signing this Clode become a mnembe~r in
the National Curtain Cleaner~s Associat~ion of Almerica.; and it is
further understood and agreed that. nyv person, firmn, corporationl,
group, or association, not signatory hereto, upon application shall be
admitted to membership in t~he National Curtain Cleaners Associa-
tion of America: Provided,, Aiowcevler, That any person, firmu, corpora-
t~ion, group, or association engaged in the Curtain1 Cleaning indus-
try shall agree to accept his'or its share of the cost and responsibility
incidental to the operation of the said Association in like manner
and on such terms or basis as applied to all mnember~s thereof.


For th~e purpose of more perfect administration of this general
Code the Curtain Cleaning industry shall be divided into subdi-
visions as set forth below:
N~or~th, South~, East, Tl'est, andE Ce~ntral Divrisions.-Following arq
the states that constitute each division:
'or~thern1 Divisionl.--Oregon, WTashington, Idaho, Montana, Wyo-
ming, North Dakota, South Dakiota, Nebraska, and. Minnesota.
Southernl Divlision.-Kentucky, V~irginia, West Virginia, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, M~ississippi, Tennessee, Arkransas,
Louisiana., Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.
Eastern Division.--New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mfassa-
chusetts, District of Columbia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsy~l-
vania, Rihode Island, Miaryland, Maine, and Delawfare.
If'esters)2 Di~vision.. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada,
UTtah, and Clalifornia.
Centranl Division.--Ohio. Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kan-
sas, M~ichiganl, Wlisconlsin, andl Oklahomia.
Each Division shall designate its own adtministrative agency to
cooperate with the Association executives in the working out of
plans andl policies, andl in the enforcement, of this Code, particularly
w~ith respect t~o those plans1, policies, and enforcement peculiar to
the particular division for whom said administrative agencies are
accepted. Ea~ch part~icular divisonn of the Cunrtain Cleaning indus-
try shall, without interference from the Association at large or from
any other drivisins of t~he Culrtainj Cleasning industry, have the right
to set up such Subsidiary Code of Ethics, Rules, and Regulations
as may be necessary to that particular division of the Curtain
Cleaning industry: Provlided, b.o2Loever, That nothing in Subsid-
iary Codes shall interfere with, obstruct, or contravene the gen-
eral Code herein set up, and more particularly shall not contravene,
obstruct, or impair the provisions of this Code as to minimum wages,
mnaximum hours, and other conditions of employment: A~nd Pro-
v~ided! fu~rthslr, That all such Subsidiary Codes for any division of
the Curtain Cleaning ind-usjtry shall contain such provisions as may
be required by law.

It is hereby undlerstoodl and agreed that in the Curtain Cleaning
industry, the following basic principles shall apply:
(1) Employees shall have the right to organize and bargain col-
lectively through rep~resentat.ives of their own choosing, and shall
be free fromt the interference, restraint, or coersion of employers
of labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representatives
or in self-organization or mn other concerted activities for the pur-
pose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.
(2) No employee and no one seeking employment shall be re-
quired as a condition of employment to join any company umion
or to refrain from joining, organizing, or assisting a labor organiza-
tion of his own choosing.

(3) Employers shall comply with the mnaximum hours of Inbor,
minimum rates of pay, and other conditions of employment, as
prescribed by this Code subsequent to the approval by the President
of the Unite~d States or his Administrator.
(4) Nothing in this Code shall be construed to authorize any
oppression or discrunination against small enterprises, except as
may be necessary, under the approval of the President of the United
States or his Administrator, to effectuate the purposes and policies
of the National Industrial Recovery Act.
(5) The President of the Unite'd States may from time to time
cancel or modify any Order, Approval, License, Rule, or Regulation
contained herein or issued in connection herewith, as provided by
(6) Nothing inl this Code shall be construed to interfere with the
operation of the Act entitled "An Act to relieve the existing national
economic emergency by~ increasing agricultural purchasing power,
to raise revenue for extraordinary expenses incurred by reason of
such emergency, to provide emergency relief with respect to agri-
cultural indebtedness, to provide for the orderly liquidation of joint-
stock, landl banks, and for other purposes "!, approved M4ay 12, 193:3,
and known as the: "'Agricultural Adjustment Act."
When approved. this Code shall be the standards of fair competition
for the Cur~tain Cllenninlg industry or any subdivision of the Curtain
'Clea~ning indlustry?, except as hereinbefor~e provided for.

Emnployees in the Curtain Cleaning industry shall be classifiedl as
follows :
(a) Apprentices.

(c ~b~ ) Seikilled orExperienced .
(d) Office Help.
But no labor provisions of this Code as set up for this industry shall
apply to executives, subordinate officials, departental heads, execu-
tive-office staffs and clerical forces, division foremen, superintendents,
or others, receiving $35.00 or more per week, not physically engaged
in the actual work of production, processing, or finishing.
The following maximum hours for all classes of labor, anid thne
exceptions thereto, a~re hereby set up and agreed to as a standard
for this industry: The maximum working hours per week shall be
forty (40) hours, excepting for a six weeks' period before the two
principal holiday rush periods, i.e., six weeks before New Year's and
six weeks before Easter. During these two periods, due to insufficient
experienced help in our industry, we ask for the privilege of fifty-six
(56) hours per week if we find ilt necessary in order to get production
out to the consumer. WC~e ask this only in the event it is impossible
to work otherwise-that is, with additional added operators andl
extra shifts in the actual work of production, processing, or finishing.
The miinimum wages for each class of labor is hereby fixed as a
standards for this industry:
(a) Apprentices, 254 per hour.
(b) Semiskilled, 30$ per hour.
(c') Skilled or experienced, 4104 per hour.
(dJ) Office help, $15.00 per week.


UEnder the direction of Association executives, each division of
t.he Curtain Cleaning industry shall proceed at once to set up for
that division a standard method of Minimum cost accounting, which
shall be used by all curtain cleaners within that division for the pur-
pose of this section of this Code.
And it shall be an unfair method of competition for any curtain
cleaner in any such division to cut below the minimum cost as deter-
mined for that division by the said cost-accounting system. In any
cost-accounting system set up for any division the following basic
principles must be adhered to:
The total overhead expenses, which includes everything, i.e., rent,
wages, supplies, advertising, bad accounts, losses, taxes, deprecia-
tions, delivery service, office expenses, g~as, light, beat, telephone, in-
terest on investment, and any other nmior items, adding thereto a
reasonable profit, and then dividing this by the actual production
of cleaning, you find a basic minimum cost of cleaning per pair of
curtai ns.

(A) Marketing Code.--The following Marketing Code, applying
to all divisions of this industry and to which any division supple-
mental Code must correspond basically, is hereby agreed to as the
standard for this industry:
Three standard classifications of curtain cleaning are hereto set
up, viz, Standard Size, Standard Mlaterials, and Standard Styles, and
in order to be fair to the users of our service in all divisions of this
industry, the minimum cost prices of rclaningr must be regulated ac-
cor~dinga to the three above classifications, to be figured on the cost-
accounting system in Article VI of th~is Code.
(B) Eth~ical Prlovisions.--The following Ethic~al Provrisions
hereby set up and agreed to as the standard, for this industry, and
failure to comply with those things herein required or the practice
of those things condemned, shall be construed as a violation of this
1. No Cleaner shall in any way speaks of his competitors in a way
as to cause a defamation of his characters or that of his work.
2. No Cleaner shaall make any price discrimination, whatsoever,
from the standard schedule as set forth by his division, by allow-
ing discounts, free work, no charge, unfair allowances, wrong classi-
fications, false invoicing, or contracts that would not represent an
actual basic cost a~s per schedule.
3. No Cleaner shall mazke misleading statements or misrepresenta-
tion in advertising.
4. No Cleaner shall make false, untrue, or deceptive classifica-
tions concerning sizes, materials, or styles.
5. No Cleaner shall make allowances of secret rebates, refunds,
credits, or commissions, whether in the form of money or otherwise,
in order to obtain work.
6. No C'leaner shall entice employees froml the employ of com-

7~. No Cleaner shall miake any contracts that w~ill inl any way
grant protection to the customer against price increases.
8. Every Cleaner mnust endeavor to render, to the best of his
ability, a quality of work andi service that will be a credit to his
business as well as thatf of the entire curtain-eleaning industry.
Each division of the industryS mnay in its Supplemental Code
adopt such additional Trade Practice Rules as may be necessary to
the proper conduct of that particular dlivisionl: Providedrl, how'eve'r,
That nothing herein, or in any Subdivision Code, shall be construled
to promote monopolies or monopolistic practices.

Recognizing the inaldequacy of this Code to effectuate for this
industry the policy and purpose of the National Industrial Recovery
Act. andl for the purpose of more effectively carrying ouit the pur-
poses of that Act, there is hereby set up, for this industry the
following Cont~rol-of-Produc~tion Provisionsi:
The Administrative Agencies of each of the lie divisions of the
curtain-cleaning indcustry shall have~ the right to~ decide the necessity
for additional pla nts or r~eta il out lets i n the curta~lin-c~lean ing i industry.


In this industry it is hereby agreed that, in order more perfectly
to effectuate. the policy of the Nat~ional Industrial Recovery Act,
the following Special P~rovisions shall app~ly t~co all persons, firms, or
corporations engaged in the curtain-cleaning industry .
1. No Child Labor, under 16 years of age, to be used.
2. If anyone is foundi to be guilty of violating anly p1ovisionis of
this Code, the charge shall be made in writingr, set.tingr forth the true
facts of the case, to the Administrative Agenicy of that. particular di-
vision, who will hold a fair and just hearing and r~epor~t the ouitcomne
to the National Admninistrator of the Association, who will then act
according to the prescribed rules and regulations of the National
Industrial Recovery Act..


To all which the undersigned, representatives of the curtain clean-
ing industry in the United States, her~eby agree as the Standard
Code of Trade Practice anid Comnpet~it~ion for this indlustry.
A.ssoCT.S row or AMERICA,
Cuas. F. KnNzz, nd Vice Pres.
let V'ice Pres.
A~fus. B. O. HIGBEE,

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