Amendment to code of fair competition for the wall paper manufacturing industry as approved on December 30, 1933 by Pres...


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Amendment to code of fair competition for the wall paper manufacturing industry as approved on December 30, 1933 by President Roosevelt
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Wall paper manufacturing industry
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Amendment to code of fair competition for the wallpaper manufacturing industry
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At head of title: National Recovery Administration.
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"Approved Code No. 19--Amendment No. 1."
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"Registry No. 410-02."

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;:T :li


Approved Code No. 19-Amendment No. 1

Registry No. 410--02

1. Executive order
2. Letter of Transmittal
3. Amendment


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Approved Code No. 19--Amendment No. 1



As Approved on December 30, 1933


Executive Order

Applications having been duly made byv the Executive Committee
of the W'all Paper Manufacturing Industry under dlate of Septemnber
27, and October 7, 1933, pursuant to andi in full compliance withi the
provisions of Title 1 of thle National Indlustrial Recovery Act, ap-
proved June 16, 1933, and pursuant to Article XYIV of the Code of
Fair Competition for the WVall Paper Mlanufacturing Industry ap-
proved by me in my Executive Order of September 7, 1933, for my
approval of amnendmnents to saidl Code proposed in said applications,
and full hearings having beeni held thereon and the Administrator
having renderedi his report containing an analysis of saidl amlenr--
mnents, together with his recommendations and findings with respect
thereto, and t~he Admiinistrator havingc fouind, as set fourth in said
report, thant the said amendments comply in all respects with the per-
tinent provisions of Title 1 of said Act. and that the requirements of
Clause 2 of subsection (a) of Section 3 have been mnet:
NOWT, THEREFORE, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of thle
United States, pursuant to the authority vested iln me by Title 1 of
the National Industrial Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, and
otherwise, do adopt andi approve the report, recomnmendat~iion and
findings of the Admninistrator and do order1 thant saidl amendments
to the Code of Fair Comnpetition for t~he W'all Poper Mnun~fnectur~ing
Industry be, anid they hereby are, approved and mnade a1 part of said
Approval recommended:
Henc~ S. JoHNson,
Ad mz~inists rCt or.
D~ecemzber 30, 1933.
29277" -- 206-1 18----34 (111


DECEMBIER j21, 1933.
The WJhi'te House.
SwE: Th1is iS a1 report on twFo hearings; of t~he modifications of the
Code of Fiair Comnpetition for the WVall Paper Mannufacturing In-
dustry held in Was~ihingiton, D.C`., onl October 18, 1933, and October
31, 1933, submittedl by thle Executive Committ~ee of the Wall Paper
M~anu~facturing Indlustry in a~ccordannc~e with Article XIV of said
Code approvedl in your Executive Order of Septemnber 7, 1933. Ap-
plicationi was nadle to this office under date of Septemiber 27i and
October 7, 19333, byr the Executive Commiittee of thme Wall1 Paper
M~ianufacturiing Indusctr~y, the Planniing and Fair Practice Agency
for Wanll Paper Ma~nufacturing Induistr'y, for modification of certain
Articles of their Code.
Inl modifying Artbicles II, III, and IV,! general labor provisions
were added in accordasnce withm policies adopted since approval of
this Code. Amnendlments to other provisions of the Code were made
to clar~ify existing provisions and t~o provide for more supervision of
the selling methods and trade practices of the Industry.
These provisions do not in anly way affect the Wange and Hour
provisions of the Code or the number of workers employed.
The Administrator finds that--
(a) Thle Code as amended complies in all respects with the perti-
nent provisions of Title I of the National Industrial Recovrery Act,
including, without limitation, subsectionn (a) of Section 7, and sub-
section (b) of Section 10 thereof.
(b) The applicant group imposes no inequitable restrictions on
admission to membership therein, and is truly representative of this
(c) The provisions of the Code as amended are not designed to
promote monopolies or to eliminate or oppress small enterprises and
will not operate to discriminate against them, and will tend to effee-
tuate the policy of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act.
(d) It is recommended, therefore, that the modifications to this
Code be adopted immuedtiately.
Respectfully submitted.
HUGH S. JoHNwon,


There shall be added to Atic~le I the following, which shall be
known hereafter as Sect~ion 1:
WVheerevr in the said Code or the said amendment the words
' Executive Committee appear they shall be construed to mean
' Code Authority.' "'
There shall be added to Arti~icle II the following, which shall be
known hereafter as ,Section c:
Female employees performing substantially the same work as
male employees shall receive the same rate of pay as male employeess"
There shall be added to Article II the following, whIich1 shall be
known hereafter as Section d:
"'A person whose earning capacity is limited because of age or
physical or mental handicap may be emnployed on light w~ork at a
wage below the minimum established by this Code if the employer
obtains from the State authority designated by the United States
Department of Labor a certificate authorizing his employment at
such wages and for such hours as shall be stated in the certificate.
Each employer shalll file with the Code Authority a list of all such
persons employed by himn."
There shall jbe added to Article III the following, whlich shall be
known hereafter as Section c:
"L No emnployer shall knowingly permit any emnployee to work for
any time which, when totaled with that per~formede c withi another emi-
ployer or emzployers in this Industry, exceeds the maximum p~er-
mitt~ed herein."
Article IV' shall be eliminated and the following provisions sub-
stituted therefore:
(a) "L No nprson under sixteen (16) yarPs of a ge shall be employed
in the Indust~ry. No person under eighteen (18)~ years of age shall
be employed at. operations or occupations which are hazardous or
dangerous to health. The Code Authority shall submit to the A~d-
ministrator before January 1, 1934, a list of such operations or
occupations. In any State an employer shall be deemed to have
complied with this provision as to age if he shall have on file a
certificate or permit duly signed by the Authority inl such State
emipowered to issue employment or age certificates or p~ermiits show-
ing that. th~e employee is of the required age."'
(b) "' No employer shall reclassify employees or duties of occupa-
tions performed or engage in anyu other subter~fuge for the purpose
of defeating the purposes or provisions of the Act or of this Code."

(c) Every employer shall make reasonable provision for the
safety and health of his employees at the place and during the hours
of their employment. Standards for safety and health shall be sub-
mlitte:I by thle Code Authority to the Aidministrator for approval
w:it~hin six (6) months after the effective date of thlis Code."~
(d) "' No provision in this Code shall supersede any State or Fed-
eral Law~ whichl imlposes on employers more str~ingaent requirements
as to age of employees, hours of worki, wages, or as to safety, health,
sanitary or general working conditions, or insurance, or fire protec-
tion, than are imposed by this Clode."~
(e) "All emnployers shall post complete copies of this Code in con-
spicuous places accessible to employees."
Article V'I. ~Section~ (b) shall be eliminated and the following pro-
vision subsitituted~ therefore:
(b) "LAs an addition to thle matter set. forth in the said Commer-
cial Standardl CS 16-29, a further standard for this industry and
fulrth~er regulation of the kinds and weights of raw stock to be used
hereby are estanblishied, to wit: No wall paper printed on less than
nmnber tenl (#10) stocks, or below the said Commercial Standard
requirements in anyS other respect, shall bear any mark or statement
that suchi papers conformn to the said Commnercial Standard CS
16-29. '
Ar~tic~le T`l shiall be modified by eliminating Sectionl c, and thle fol-
lowinga provision substituted therefore:
(c) No wall paper shall be printed on raw stock in weight less
thann number nine (#9) stock, which shall be of the following basis
of weight:fourr hunch-ed eighty (480O) sheets, 191,$ x 36" equals thirty
(30) pounds."
Article VllI be m~odified by eliminating Section. e and the follow-
ing provision be substituted th~erefor:
The selling of jobs at lower prices than 331/3% below the indi-
vidual seller's established current minimum price of the same grade
to the same buyer. No goods manufactured between July 1, 1932, and
July 1! 1933, shall be sold as jobs before December 31, 1933. No
goods manufac~tured between July 1, 1933 and July 1, 1934, shall be
sold as jobs before December 31, 1934. No goods manufactured be-
tw~een July 1, 19341 and2 July 1, 1935, shall be soldl as jobs before
December 1, 1935. On or before July 15th in each year each manu-
facturer shall file with the Executive Committee of thle WTall Paper
Manufacturing Industry an itemized inventory of its jobs on hand
on the prceding July 1st, showing paper numbers and quantities.
Each manufacturers between December 15th and December 30th in
each year shall file with said Executive Committee a like itemized
inventory of its jobs then on hand. No manufacturer shall sell as
jobs a grleateir quantit~y of any paper shown on said inventory filed
on or before July 15th as on hand July 1st than the quantity of
such paper shiown onl saidl inventory unless the manufacturer shall,
after a showing to the Executive Commrittee that such excess wass
malnulfactured in good faith to fill bona fide orders, receive permission
fromn the Executive Committee to sell such excess subject to appeal
to ther Aldministrator. Damaged goods, misprints, papers printed off
shadre andir so-calledl seconds shall be classed and sold as jobs and

under the same conditions as to time and pr~ice. This A~rticle shall
not apply to any goods manufactured before July 1st, 1932.")
Article VII be modified by eliminating S'ection. m~ and the follow-
ing provision be substituted therefore:
STo makle any sample allowance to any purchaser on any borders
or any goods less than thirty (30) inches in wridth, except that
sample allowances may be allow~ed on borders in connection writhi
:orders receivedl and accepted by manufacturers on or before Novem-
ber 18, 1933. On thirty (30) inch goods the sample allowance shall
not be greater than an allowance of eight (8) yards for the price
of five (5)."
Article VIIlI be modified by elimination and thme followvingr provi-
sion be substituted therefore:
'' No manufacturer shall sell anyr goods on mor~e favorable terms
to the buyer than t~he following: 91 day~s net (writh no dating, date
of invoice to be dlate of actuanl shipment). Discount for cashi pay-
ment, 3%, 30 days; 2%, 60 days; 1S%, 90 days. An additional deduc-
tion t~o be allowedl for ensh p~ayment within discounting periods for
shipments made in September, 4%o; in October, 3%0; in Novemiber,
2%; inl December, 1S%. Clash discounts and deductions to apply for
cash payments only, andi not to be allowedl when any other charges
are overdue."
Ar~ticle X be modified by elimination and thme following provision
be substituted therefore:
"; The Ciode Authority of this Indust~ry shall dev-elop a uniform cost
system which, when approved by the Administrator, shall be adopted
by manufacturers in t~he Indlustry or to which mianufacturer~s shall
make their necounting systems conformi in substance w~ithinl ninety
(90) days after such a~ppr~oval2."
Article XYI shall be modlified by elimination and the followringr pro-
vision substituted therefor:
(a.) "~A Wall Papei r 1\lanufactring Industryy Committee is hereby
constituted as the Code Auhlor~ity to admninister this Code. The Code
Authority shall consist of five (5) representatives of the Waoll Paper
MaInuifacturinga Industryv, elected by a fair method of selection and
approved by t~he Admninistrator. In addition to memlbers.hip as above
provided there may be not more than three (3) members without
vote, to be appointed by the President, to serve for terms of from
six months to one year, arranged so that the terms do not expire at
the sam~e time. Said representatives appointed by t~he President. shall
serve without compensation from the industry~."
(b) In order that the Code Aulthority shall at all times be truly
representative of the industry anid in other respects comply w-ith the
provisions of the Act, the Adnijnistrator mnay at all times prescribe
such hearings as he maly deemn proper ; and thlereaft~er if he shall find
that the Code Authority is not truly representative or does not in
other respects comply with the provisions of the Act, may require
an appropriate modification in the method of selection of thme Code
(c) "L Each trade or industrial association, directly or indirectly,
participating in the selection or activities of the Code Authority
shall :
1. Impose no inequitable restrictions uponi miemblershiip, and

2. Su~bmit to the Administ~rator true copies of its Articles of As-
sociation, Bylaws, regulations, and any amendments when made
thereto, together with such other information as to membership, or-
ga~nization, and activities as the Administrator may deem necessary
to effectuate the purposes of the A~ct."'
(d) "LAll action taken by the Code Authority or other agency rela-
tive to the administration of this Code, where not specifically made
subject to the approval of the Administrator, shall be made subjeek1
to review and disapproval by the Administrator.
Thie Code Authority shall have the following further powers and
duties, the: exercise of which shall be reported to the Administrator
and shall be subject to his right to review and to disapprove any
action taken by the Code Authority:
1. To insure the execution of the provisions of this Code and to
provide for the compliance of the industry with the provisions of
the Act.
2. To recommend to the Admninistrator further fair trade practice
provisions to govern members of the industry in their relations with
eachi other and to recommend to the Administrator amendments to
this Code on the basis of experience or changes in circumstances.
,3. To adopt Bylaws or rules and regulations for its procedure
and for the administration and enforcement of the Code.
4. To obtain from members of the industry such information and
reports as are required for the administration of the Code and to
provide for submission by members of such information and reports
as the Administrator mnay deemn necessary for the purposes recited
in SEection 3(a) of the Act., which information and reports shall be
subm~itted by members to such administrative and,/or government
agencies as the Adm~inistrator mnay designate. Each employer shall
file with the Code Authority statistics covering the number of em-
ployees, wagee rates, employees' earnings, hours of work, and such
other data andc information as mayr be from timne to time required
by the A~dmini~stra~tor.
5. Tro secure from members of th~e industry an equitable and pro-
portionate paymient of the r~easonafble expenses of maintaining the
Code Author~ity and its activities.
ii. Tlo cooperante with thie Adm~inistrator in r~egulatinig the use of
any NRAS insignia solely by those members of the industry who have
assented to and are complying with this Code."'
There shall be addedl to the end of Article XI the following para-
graph :
"' There shall be established by the Administrator a National In-
dustrial Relations B~oardl for th~e Industry consisting of an equal
number of represenltatives~ of employers and employees to deal with
all matters in the C'ode r~elating to labor. Where a majority agree-
meunt cannot be reachedl, the B~oard shall select an impartial chairman
to render a decision. T'he creation and functioning of these Boards
including the selection of representatives of employees shall be in
accordance with SLection 7 of the National Industrial Recovery Act.
If no truly rep~resentative Inhor organization exists, the employee
members of such B~oardt shall be~ (t)Chaven by thle Labor Advisory Board
of the National lRecovecry Admlini~strnt ion. Thle employer represen-
tatives shall be c~horsn by the C'ode Authority. The Indlustrial



Relations Board may establish such subsidiary agencies constituted
in like manner as it finds necessaryr"
Article XII be eliminated and the following provisions substituted
"iAny manufacturer shall be entitled to participate in and share
the benefits of the Code Authority and to participate in the selec-
tion of the! members thereof by arssenting t.o andl comp71'lyin with the
re~qhirments of this Code andc sustain their reasonable share of the
expenses of its administration. Any manufacturers wvho sha.11 have
participated in, the selection of the members of the Code Authority
heretofore shall sustain his reasonable share of the expenses of the
administration of this Code. Sulch reasonable shar~e of th~e expenses
of the administration shall be determined by the Code Authority
subject to approval by the Admninistr~ator,, on the basis of volume
of business a.nd/or such others factors as may be deemled2 quitable."~
There shall 'be added to the said Code the following Article:


No provision of thiis Code shall be so applied as to permit
monopolies or monopolistic practices or to eliminate, oppress, or
disc-rimlinate against small enterprisess"
The effective date of these modifications of tihe WVall Paper Mannu-
facturing Industry Codel shall be the first M~onday after approval
by the President.
Approved Code No. 19--Amendment No. 1.
Reg~istry No. 410b-02.

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