Proposed code of fair competition for the linen supply industry as submitted on August 29, 1933


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Proposed code of fair competition for the linen supply industry as submitted on August 29, 1933
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Linen supply industry
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The Code for the Linen Supply Industry
in its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received the approval of
the National Recovery Administration
as applying to this industry

i I


i ii

SunsarrrED BY




SECTION 1. This codle is adopted pursuant to Title I of the National
Industrial Recovery Act.
SEc. 2. The purpose of the code is to effectuate thle policy of Title
I of the National Industrial Recovery Act insofar as it is applicable
to the linen supply industry.

SECTION 1. The term the industry as used in this cod~e shall
be deemed to refer to andl to mean the linen supply industry thlrougah-
out the United tSates of America.
SEc. 2. The term "' the linen supply industry is defined to mean
the business of supplying or renting clean laundered articles, the
property of the supplier, in a, regular service of exchanging, periodi-
cally, clean articles for soiled for a fixed compensation for each clean
article delivered or for each period of service. It does not include
any allied industries such as the laundry industry, the dry-cleansing
industry, or the manufacturing industry. The processes and opera-
tions of: th~e linen supply industry limited as aforesaid excludes any
of the processes and operations in laundering, dry cleansing, or
SEc. 3. Persons engaged in the linen supply industry as herein-
above defined may also be engaged in the laundry industry, dry-
cleansing industry, manufacturing industry, andi/or other allied
industries. The provisions of this code shall apply to and affect
onlyt~ that part of the business of such person which is included in
th inen supply industry as hereinabove defined.
SEC. 4 (a). The ter~m member of the industry and the term
"L person engaged in the industry is defined to mean and to include
any and every person, firm, association, or corporation operating
any business within the definition of the term the industry herein-
above set, forth.
(b) The termn employer "! as used herein shall include every per-
son actively engaged in any business included in the linen supply
industry as hereinabove defined.
(c) The term "emrployee !' means only a person employed in the
conduct of any business falling within the definition of the linen
supply industry hiereinabove set forth.
SEc. 5. The term effective date of the code as used herein is
defined to be the tenth day after this code shall ha67e been approved
by the President of the United States.
9152--33 1ir



SECTION 1. Employees shall have the right to organize and bargain
collectively through representatives of their own cholising and shall
be free from the interference, restraint, or coercion of employers of
labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representatives or in
self-organization or in any other concerted activities for the purpose
of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.
SEC. 2. NO BDmployee and no one seeking employment shall be re-
quired as a condition of employment to join any company union or to
reframn from joining, orgamizmg, or assisting a labor organization of
his own choosing.
SEC. 3. Employers shall comply with the maximum hours of labor,
minimum rates of pay, and other conditions of employment approved
or prescribed by the President.

SECTION 1. On and after the effective late of this code, no mem-
ber of the industry shall employ in or about his business any person
under the age of sixteen years, except that. persons between fute
and sixteen years of age: may be employed for not to exceed three
hours per day, provided that such hours of employment shall be
between 7 A.M. and 7 P.M~., and provided further that such hours of
employment will not interfere with hours of day school.
SEc. 2. Provided, however, that where a State law provides a
higher minimum age, no person below the age specified by such State,
law shall be employed within that State.


SECTION 1. Regional wage differentials have existed in the industry
as well as in all other industries due to differences in living costs and
other economic conditions. The units in the industry in different
localities have developed under such differences in wages. A survey
of the matters bearing on such differences in various sections of the
Nation, for the purpose of establishing a minimum wage in the indus-
try under this code, has been made, and regional wage districts have
been established as hereinafter specified.
SEc. 2. On and after the effective date the minimum wages that
shal bepai byany employer to any employee in the classifications
herenafer et orth shall be as follows:

General M~inin~mwra age Perl Hourl
J. North Atlantic District __ 354i IV. Mfid-Western District. 321%#
New England States. Iowa.
New Y'ork. Miissouri.
Newr Jersey. Arkansas.
Pennisylvania. North Dakota.
Delaware. Southi Dakota.
Maryland. Nebraska.
District of Columbia. Kansas.
II. North Central District__ 350 Oklahomia.
Illinois. Texas.
Ohio. MIontana.
Indians. Wyoming.
M~innesota. Colorado.
W~isconsin. New MIexico.
MIichigan. Idaho.
III. South Eastern District. 30p Utah.
Virginia. Arizona.
West V'irginia. Nevada.
Kentucky. V. Western District--_ 350
Tennessee. California.
North Carolina. Wlashington.
South Carolina. Oregon.
SEc. 3. Where a member of the industry whose place of business
is located in one of the districts enumerated in Section 2 of this
Article, but whose trade shall extend into another district men-
tioned in said Section 2, then the m~inimlum wages that shall be paid
to the employees of such member shall be governed byv the higher of
the minimum wage scales therein set for the said respective districts,
anything to t~he contrary therein contained notwithstanding.
SEc. 4. Provided, however, that where a State law provides a
higher minimum wage, than is provided in this Code, no person em-
ployed within that State shall be paid a. wage below that required by
such State law.


SECTION 1. On and after the effective date, no productive labor
or office employees shall be required or permitted to work more than
45 hours in any one week, except watchmen, janitors, maintenance
employees, and those engaged exclusively in an executive capacity.
No watchmen, janitors, or maintenance employees shall be required
or permitted to work more than 50 hours in any one week.
SEc. 2. The term "L productive labor ", as used herein, is defined to
include (1) any inside employee, and. (2) any owner or manager
or member of the family thereof engaged in inside labor, unless
engaged exclusively in an executive capacity. The term office em-

ployees "? as used herein, is defined to include all celsrical, accounting,
and service employees working in the office of any~memb~erl of,. the

SECTION 1. (a) The Linen Supply Association of America is
hereby constituted the agency for administering, supervising, and
promoting the performance of the provisions of this code by members
of the industry.
(b) Regional aggregations of employers having a common interest.
and common~ problems shall be grouped by the Linen Suppl'y Associa-
tion of Amer~ica for administrative purposes in various classifications.
or subdivisions. In each classification and in each regional subdi-
vision there shall be a. supervisory agency designated by thle Linen
Supply Association of America. If a formal complaint is made to-
the Linen Supply Association of America that the provisions of this.
code have been violated by any member of the industry .t'he~ proper
supervisory agency shall investigate the facts and to that e nd ay
caulse such investigation, examination, or audit t~o be made as may
be deemed necessary.
SEc. 2. After the effective date, each and every person engaged
in the linen supply industry shall keep true, accurate, and comlplete-
books and records of account in his business and shall furnish there-
fromn reports as hereinafter provided.
SEc. 3. The reports referred to in Section 2 of this Article shall be
in such formn and shall be furnished at such intervals as shall be
prescribed by the Linen Supply Association of America and shall
contain such information relevant to the purposes of thiis code as
shall be prescribed by the said Association fromt time t~o time, includ-
ing information with respect to the following or related subjects :
1. Employment, hours, wages, and wage rates.
2. Cost data.
SEc. 4. The Linen Supply Association of America may require that.
the reports aforementioned and all information therein contained
be sworn to or otherwise certified or authenticated as it shall pre-
scribe. The said Association shall have the right from time to time
to designate certified public accountants to examine the books and
records of any member of the industry for the purpose of re~rifyinfg
the information contained in t.he reports furnished by such member.
SEC. 3. Wherever in this Article the Linen Supply Association of
America is authorized to do any act or to receive any report, such
authority shall extend to the subsidiary supervisory agencies to be
designated by the Linen Supply Association of America.

SECTION 1. The Linen lSupply Association of America shall im~-
mediately following the approval of this code by the President of the
United States adopt and publish a uniform and standard method of
cost accounting and each member of the industry shall use the said
uniform and standard method of cost accounting with such varia-
tions therefrom as may be required by the individual conditions

affecting any employer or group of employers and as may be ap-
proved by t~he Linen Supply Association of America or the sub-
I' sidiary supervisory agency, and no member of thle industry in com-
puting his costs shall exclude any item of cost included in such uni-
form accounting system nor include any item of cost not included
in such uniform accounting system.

SECTION i. InnueR8R/8, rebates, and~ special conisiderartion.--No
Member of the industry shall give or offer to give to any customer or
prospective customer any inducements for the purchase by such
customer of such members service other than the service itself. To
that end no member shall give or offer to such customer or pro-
spective customer any cash considerations, free service, fixtures, signs,
or other tangible property, nor shall such member makre or offer to
make any loans or capital investments for the purpose of inducing
such customer or prospective customer to give his patronage to such
member. The foregoing shall not be deemed or be construed to pre-
vent any member from furnishing cabinets, launidry baskets, or any
other articles which are recognized in the trade as a part of or an
appurtenance to the service rendered.
SEC. 2. NO member shall render to any customer or prospective
customer any service unless fair compensation for such- service shall
be paid by such customer.
SEC. 3. RICjA'e&/Beif.g.- (a) A great evil existingr in certain ter~ri-
tories has been the activity of certain individuals who threaten to
deprive members of the industry of customers long served by theta
unless cash; considerations are paid directly or indirectly t~o such
individuals or to groups or associations which they claim' t~o repre-
sent. The influence of such individuals over such customers arises
out of threats, coercion, and intimidation exercised by such in-
dividuals. Compliance with such demands has only strengthened the
individuals in their coercive methods both on sup~plier and on curs-
tomer. In order to defeat this growing practice, it is hereby pro-
vided that no member of the industry shall give or offer to give
to any such individuals or to any group or association of customers
whom such individuals claim to represent, directly or indirectly,
any cash payments or other property for t~he purpose' of inducing t.h;e
continuance of patronage.
(b) No member of the industry shall use any means, directly or
indirectly, to intimidate or coerce any prospective customer to accept
service from such member.
SEC. 4. NO member shall make or promise, to make to any customer
or prospective customer, or to any officer, employee, agent, or rep-
resentative of any such customer or prospective customer, any bribe,
gratuity, or gift, directly or ind-irectly.
SEC. 5. No member shall induce or attempt to induce, by any
Means, any customer who is a party to a. contract with another
member, to violate such contract.
SEC. 6. No member of the industry shall entice any employee from
another member of the industry nor make any inducements to such
e mployee to leave the employ o a member of the industry. Nothing
herein contained shall be deemed to prevent an employee 'from chang-


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ing his employment o'f his own volition and without~
ment or inducement of a member of the:industry
ployee. Nothing contained in this section, ho~weaver, sh;balli
to authorize any employee to breach any contract under'
may be employed. :a
SECTION 1. The President may from time to time cancel rmd
any order, approval, license, rule, or regulation issued unde
of the National Industrial Recovery Aclt. .
SEc. 2. Such of the provisions of this code as are not rq
the National Industrial Recovery Act to be includedhee
with the approval of the President of the United States. he mc
or eliminated as changed circumstances or experiences may; indi
This code is intended to be a basic code and study of tha tr
practices of the linen-suppbly industry will be continued byt~
Linen Supply Association ofAmerica and its subsidiary agenpt~ii:l
with the intention of submitting~ from time to time additional .an~i~i~
amendments to this code applicable to all members of the. ind~ust
and supplemental codes applicable to one or more branches or -subo~
divisions or service classifications of the industry.
SEc. 3. Partial~ invaidity.--If any provision of this code is de:-
clared invalid or unenforcible the remaining provisions thereof shall
nevertheless continue in full force and effect in the sam3e manner; as
if they had been presented for approval and approved by the Presi-
dent of the United States.