Proposed code of fair competition for the incandescent electric lamp manufacturing industry as submitted on August 31, 1933


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Proposed code of fair competition for the incandescent electric lamp manufacturing industry as submitted on August 31, 1933
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Incandescent electric lamp manufacturing industry
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The Code for the Incandescent Elel~l Cg mlshi~rng..1mustry
in its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received the approval of
the National Recovery Administration
as applying to this industry


For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. - Price 5 cents

Registry No. 1216--1-02








To effect~uate the policy of TCitle I of the National I~ndustrial Re-
cov7ery Ac~t, the following provisions are established as a National
Indlust rial 1Recovery Gode for thre Incandescent Electric Lamp Manu-
facturing Industr~y.

DL;efi~faitios.-The term "L incandescent electric 1lamp~ manufacturin g
industry as used herein is defined to mean the manufacture for
sale of meacndescent electric lamps for all uses and of any nature
andl description and all manufacturers of essential and integral parts
and equipm-ent used in the! manufacture of incandescent electric
lamp~s exclusivee of the glass industry). The term "' person as used
herein shall include~ natural persons, partnerships, associations, and
corporaftions. Th em"epoe as used herein shall include
every person promoting, or actively engatged in, the manufacture for
sale of the products of the incandescent electric lamp manufacturing
ind'ust ry as herein de~fined. The term "Leffectiv~e date ash2erein used
is defined to be the eleventh day after this code shall have been
approved by the President of the United States.

As required by Section 7 (a) of T'itle I of the National Industrial
RecoveryS Act, the following provisions are conditions of this Code:
"L(1) That employees shall haved the right to organize and bargain
collectively thrc-uga h representatives of their owiCn choosing, and shall
be the interference, restraint, or coercion of employers of
labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representatives, or
in self-organization, or in other co.ncer~ted activities for the purpose
of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection; (2) that
nlo emp~loyee and no one seek~ling employment shall be required as
a co~ndltion of employment to jomn any~ company umion. or to refrain
fromnl 30tningcl orgumzlingl or assiStinlg a, labor organization of his
ow-n chloosing; and (3) that employers shall comply with the maxi-
muml hours of labor, minimum rates of pay, and other c~onit~ions of
employment, approved or prescribed by the ]President."

(a) On andc after the effective date employers shall not employ
anyone under the age of 116 years.
(b) On and after the effective dlat~e the minimum' wage that shall
be paid byT any employer to any employee engaged in the processing
of th~e pr~oducts of the, incandescent electric lamp manufacturing
9957--33 (11

industry and in labor operations directly incident thlereto shall be
40 cents an hour, unless the hocurly3 rate for thle same class o~f wolrk
on July 13. 1929, was less than 40 cents an hour, in which1 latter case
not to pay'! less than the ho~urly3 rate on July 15, 1929, and in no event
less than 30 cents an hlour.,
(c) On anil after September 11, 1,3.3, thle mininnoilln wvnge t~hat shall
be paid by anly employer to all other emlployees (except commission
sales peop~lle) shall be at lthe rate of $15 a w\\eek; in any city of over
:ion.000 Ppopubstionl, or in thle inanred~ia~te trade area of sulch eity:
nor less than $14.50 a w~eek in any? city of between 9.50,000 and
.100.0l:(]~I 100 population, or in thle immllediate tl;rade area. of such city;
nor less than $14 a wee~k in any city of bet\ten1 2,500 andc 350,000
p~opulaltio.n. or in the immedl~~ iate tendelt area of sulchl City;: and- in
towns of less thaln 2,500 popullationr to increase all wanges by not less
than "r0 p''rcent."t providted that this shall not require wa~ges in excess
of 819 a wFeek.
(d) The mlinimnum rates of wnagaes prlovidedt in this Art~icle shall
azpply to all empIloyees in all Ilocalities uInless the Admrlinistlrator or
his repltresntatie shall fix a lowrcer rante fo~r par~ticulal r loenlities.

Employers shall not operate on a schedule of hours:
(a) On and after the effective date, for employees engaaged in the
p'roc'essinga of products of the incandescent electric lamp manufac-
tu~rin industry, and in labor operations directly incidentt thleret~o. in
excess of 36 hours per week.
(b) On. andl after September 1,1~3.3. for all other employeesecp
executiv-e, administrative, and supervislory employees and rvln
and commission sales people. in excess of 40 hours per week.
Provide-lcd, however~, that these limitations shall not apply to those
branches of the industy inr which seasonal or peak demand places
an unusual and temporary burden for production or installation
upon" such branches; in such cases no employee shall be permitted to
wTorkl morel' than an agagregrat o14hurpryear in excess of the
limnitatio~ns hereinbefo~re p~rovided, and providefuhrth uh
limitations shall not apply in cases of emergency. At; the end of
each~ calendar month every empnlloyrer shall report to th supervrisory
agency, hlereinafter provided for, in. such~ detail as may be requlired,
the numiiber of mnan-hours w~oirked in tha~t month for emergency
rea ons, and th~e ratio which said emneirgency man-hours bears: to
the total numblller of man-hours of lablor during g said mlonth.

Thell jIndulf13 tr ill sett up w\ithlin itself a superv'isory genlcy to
check.1 mn~lthlly the component inldustry members as to thle ob~ser\ance
of the cende~ anld to r~eOpor, if Iequllired,, findings to the National
Ind~ustria~l Recovery Act Admiiinistrator.
For~l the p''1Urpos of carrying out the provisions of the Industrial
Recovery .Act and complying with thle spirit thereof, evPery employer
in th~e industryS shall prepare and furnish to t~he Supervisory Agency
above referred to not less thlan o-nce inr eac y~ear an earnmg state-

mlent anrd balance sheett in a, form uppr>1oved: by the Suplerv~iso ryy
Agency or th~e Industrial Recocvery~ Act Admllinistraitor.
W'ith a viewF to keeping the President of the Unrited~ States andl the
AdIministrat or informed~t as to thne observa'lnre- and nonabervanc\;1Il(e of
this Code, andc as to -wheth~er thle i nc~a ndest~ cenlt electric lamp"1 mlanu-
fact.uringr industry is talking appropriateitc steps to ('ffet'l'ul~te inll 1
r~espcc.t~s the dl~~lleclared olicy of the NaltionnI Industrial Re~\covery Act,
each empi~loyer shall preparle and file with such per-l'cnl or organlizel,
tion as the Su~pervisor~y Agenlcy may (lesigna~te andl at such fjltime and
in such manner as mnay be prescr~ibed statistics of planit capacity,
volumle of produlction, volume of sales in units anid d~ollars,! orders
received, unfilled orders, stocks on hand, invecntory?-, both rawR and
finished, number of emp~loyetes, wng~e rates, employee earn1ing hours
of w1orkT, and such others data or information: n as thle SupervisoryJ
Agency may from time to time require..

-Except as otherwise provided in the Nl~ational Industrial Recovery3
Act, all statistic-s, data, andc information filed in necordtance with the
provisions of Article V shall be confidential and the statistics, data,
and information of one employer shall not be revealed~r to another
employer except that for the purpose of administering or e~nfoc
the provisions of this Code.

Any eployer may participate in this Code and in. any revisions
or addit~ions ther~eto and receive th benefits thereof by accepting the
proper pro rata share of the cost and responsibility of creating and
administeringr it, either by becomingr a memiber of the Inen~ndescenit
Lamp lIlanufactu~rers' Association or by paying to it an amorunt
equal to the dues from time to time provided to be pai d by a, member
in like situation of Incandlescent. Lamp M~anufacturers' Asso~-cintion.

Evelry emplloyerll shall use a unliform~l accounting system to be set
up) by the Suplerv~isorya Agency and a cosc~tingr system which shall
conform to, the principles of and shall be at least. as detail and
complete as the standard andl uniform~ method of costing~ to be
formnulated or apr1,oved~c by thre SupervisoryT Agency, with such var-ia-
at~ions ther~efroml n as m~ay be~ requ~ired by the individual condlitions
affecting anyl~ emlll~oyer a;nd as may be appr~lovedc by the LSupervl'\isoryl~

No emlplo~yer shall sell or exch~ange any pr,1oduct of his manull~ -
facture at a price or upon such terms or conditions that will r~esukl
in the customers paying for th-e roodls rec~eivedl less than the cost to
the seller. determined in necordance with the uniform and standards'
method of costing her-einbefore pr~escribed, provided, howev-er, that
dropped lines, seconds, or inventories which must be converted into

cash to meet emergency needs may be disposed of in such. manner
and on such terms and conditions as the supervisory agency may
approve and as are necessary to move such product into buyers

If the supervisory ag~ency determlines that in any bran~ch or sub-
divisioln of the electric-lamlp industry it has been. the generally
recognized practice to sell a specified product on the basis of printed
net price lists, or price lists with discount sheets, and fixed terms
of payment which are distributed~ to thre trade, each mlanufacturer
of such product shall within ten (1_0) days after notice of such de-
termiilnatio~n file -with the supervisory agency a net price list or a
price list and discount sheet as the case may be individually prepa red
*by him sh~owing his current prices, or prices and discounts, andl
terms of paymlent, and the supervisory agency shall immediately send
copies thereof to all known manufacturers of such specified product.
Revised price lists, with or without discount sheets, may be ~filed
fromH time to time thereafter with the super~visoryT agency by anyT
manufacturer of such product, to become effective upon a date
sp:ecified by the supervisory agency, and copies thereof, withl notice
of the effcctive da-te specified, shall be immrred-iately sent to all known
ma nufaceturers of such product, who thereupon may filihely so
des~ire, revisions of their price lists and/or discount het, which
shall become effective upon the date when the revised price list
or dtisc~ount shleet first filed shall go into effeect.
No emnployers shall sell directly or indirectly, by any means what-
soevier, any product of the industry covered by the provisions of
this article at a price lower or at dliscounts gr~eaterl or on morle faVorl-
able terms of payment thn n~ those ~provided in his current ne~t price
lists or price lists and discount sheets.
XI \

If formal complaint is madelt that the provisions of this Code have
been violated by any employers,, the~ supervisory agency shall invres-
tigate the facts and to that end may cause such e~xamination or audit
to be made as may be deemed necessary.

The. President may from timne to time cancel or modify anyg order,
app~roval, license, rule, or regulation issued under Ti~tle I~ of the
National Industrial Recovery Act.

Such of the provisions of this Code as are nlot required by the
National Indlustrial Recov~ery APct to be included herein may, with
the approval of the President of the U[nited States, be modified or
eliminated as changed circumstances or experience may indicate.
This Code is intended to be a basic code, and study of the trade
practices of the incandescent electric lamp manufacturers industry

with the intention of submit~ting from time to time adlditions to
this Code applicable to all employers in. thne incandescent electric
lamp manufacturing industry and supplemental codes a~pplicable to
one or more branches or subdivisions or product classifications of the
incandescent electric lamp manufacturingiusr;uhsppe
mnenta codes, however, to conform~ to angd b consstent; with thpe-
provisions of this Code ais now constituted or hereafter changed.

If any employer of labor in the incandescent electric lamp manlu-
facturing industry is also an employer of labor in any other indus-
try, the provilsions of this Code shall apply to and affect only that
part of his business which is included in the incandescent electric
lamp msnlanufacringr industry.

This application is made on behalf of the firms and corporations
listed hereunder, being manufacturers of incandescent electric lamps
and equipment used in the manufacture thereof, representing ap-
proximately eighty (800%) percent in number and twenty (20%1)
percent in production.
Nu Lite Lamp Company, 8'7 Canal Street, Salem, Miassa-
chu setts; LF. Kallus Mbanufacturing Co,220 ~Adamns
Street, Hobok~en, N.J. ; Wexel Corpo rati on, 307
Newark- Street, ~Hoboken, Ni.J.; Central Vjacuum
Products Co., 125 Sussex A ve., Newark, N.J.; Dura-
test Corporation, 583 Broadway, N~ew York, N.'Y.;
Pennsylvania Illumninatinlg Corp., 315 Poplar Street,
Sclranton, ]Pa.; Lihlt~more Appliance Corporat~ion,
16-18 East 12th St~reet, New York, N.Yr.; General
Lamp Co., 145 Hudson Street, N~ew Yorkz, N.1Y.; Eis-
ler Electric Corporation, '772 South 13t~h Street,
Newark,! N.J.; A~lfred H~ofmann &t Co., 635 :15th St.,
W'est. New York;, NI~.J.; W~iabash Appliance. Corpora-
tion, 456 J~ohnson A5venue, Brookrlyn, N.Y.; Mder-
chants Supply Co., 16 Hopklins Ave., Jersey City,
N.J.; Save Sales Co., 615 Front Street, Toledlo, Ohio;
Jewel Incandescent Lamp> Co., 900 Passaic Ave., East
Newarki, N.J.; Guarantee Lamp Co., 415
Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.; General Vacuuma Products
Corp., WVarren, Pennsylvania; Wmonder~lite Corpora-
tion, 345 Valley Road, Orange, N.J.; Callite Prod-
ucts Co., 547 39~th St., Union City, ~N.J.; Sirian W~Cire
& Contact Co., 260 Sherman Ave., Newark,. N.J.; Fil-
ament Export Corporation, 45 East 17t~h Street, New
Y'ork-, N.Y.; Peerles MVa nu facturing Co., Salem,

3 12621 08582 877T9