Proposed code of fair competition for the knitting machine needle manufacturers industry as submitted on August 31, 1933


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Proposed code of fair competition for the knitting machine needle manufacturers industry as submitted on August 31, 1933
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Knitting machine needle manufacturers industry
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The Code for the Knitting Machine Needle M~anufacturers Industry
in its present form rnerely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received the approval of
the National Recovery A4dministration
as applying to this industry


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Registry No. 1333--1---03








To effectuate the policy of T'itle I, of the National Industrial
~Recoveryr Act, the following pr~ovisionls are established~ as a code of
fa~ir conmlpet~ition for t~her knittingr machine needle industry.
1L. Definitiona.-Tlhe term knitting machine needle industry as
used herein is defined to maean. the m~anufacture for sale of spring
beard and latch knzitting machine needles and those items commonly
preferred to as parts ', which include Sinkers, Dividers, Jacks,
Knocking Over Bits, Narrowing Points, Transfer Points, and similar
items, all of which are used in machines for the production of hosiery,
underwear, outerwear, or other knit fabrics. The term productive
employees as used herein shall mean all persons directly engaged
mn production of mcerch~andise within the said industry. The term
" effective date is defined to be the second Monday after this code
shall have been approved by the President.
2. Membershilp.--(a) This code shall apply to all manufacturing
engaged in the manufacture and distribution of said knitting ma-
,chine needles and parts.
(b) Each m-ember of this code shall be assessed ~pro ratat shares
of expenses for the administration of same by this Association.
However, at no time shall the pro rata share be less than the annual
dues of a member of this -Associationr.
3. Wages.--On and after the effective date the minimum wages
shall be paid at the rate of 40 cents per hour for men and 30 cents
per hour for women by employers in the knitting machine needle
industry to any of their Productive Employees, and learners shall
not be paid less than $10.00 per week for a period of three months
of training, and no office employee shall be employed at a rate of
less thanl the minimum rate for Productive 1Emnployees.
4. Hourrs of Wtlork.~-On and after the effective date emnployrs in
the knitting machine needle industry shall not operate in their manu-
facturing operations on a schedule of hours of labor for their em-
ployees directly engaged in the production of merchandise inJ excess
of forty hours a week, it being understood that this does not apply
to supervisors, foremen, engineers, firemren, electricians, carpenters,
repair shop men, shipping crews, wa-~tchmnen, cleaners, sweepers, and
~outside crews.
Offce employees in any six months period shall be employed not
to exceed more than forty hours per week.
5. C~ond2itions of WTiork.--All productive operations shll~ be per-
formed on the premises of a plant, this being understood to specifi-
Ically prohibit the farming out of work to be done in. private homes
~or elsewhere than in the plant. Exceptions, in. the case of individual
workers may be granted where the proofs show that the worker can
only wo~rk at home and requires such work ats a means of livelihood.
.Perrmts for exceptions shall be procurable from the Executive Com-
9904083 11 1 .-

mnittee of the Association, which will prescribe the manner and'
condlcitions under which they shall be kiept.
6. Labor Code.---As required byT Sectioln 7 (A) Title I of the
National Industrial Rteco~very ALct, the following provisions are con-
ditions of this code: "'(1) T~hat employees shall have the right to
organize and bargain collectively through representatives of t~heir
own choosing and shall be free from the interference, restraint, or
coercion of employers of labor, or their agents, in the designation
of such r~epresentatives or in self-or~ganizat~ion or in other concerted
activities for the purpose of collect ve ba gaining or other mutual aid
or protection; (2) That no employee and no one seeking employment
shall be required as a ~condition of employ-ment to join any company
union or to refranin from joinmng, orgamizmg, or assisting a labor or-
ganization of his own choosing; anld (3) that employers shall comply
with the maximum hours of labor, mlinimnum rates of pay, and other
conditions of empyloyment appr~ov-ed or prescribed bjy the President."'
It is further provided:
(a) That no employee and no one seeking employmenlrt shall be
required as a condition of employment to Join any union or labor
(b) That it is clearly understood that the foregoing~ paragraphs
do not impair in any particular the constitutional r ghts of the
employee and employer to bargain individually or collectively as mayT
be mutually satisfactory to then; nor does it impair th joint right
of employer and emnploy-ee to operate an open shop
(c) That nothingr in this code is to prevent the selection, r~etentonr,
andn aldvanceme~nt. o employees on the basis of their individual
merit, without regArdc to their affliation or nonaffiliation wcith any
labor organization.
(d) None of the? members of the code shall employ anly minor
ulnder 16 years of age.
7. Mlonlo~poie~s.-No provision in this code shall be interpreted or
appliedl in such a manner as to promote monopolies and permit or
encourage unfair competition, elim~inate or oppress small enterprise,
or discriminate agamnst small enterprises.
8. Code oP ~Fair Pracctice.--The knitting machine needle industry
condemns and prohibits as unfanir trade practices:
(a)~ The. grarnting of special or secret :rebates because of quantity
purchased or because of a contract covering a sptci~fied period of
time, to any manufacturer of hosiery, underwear, outerwear, or others
knit fabrics is an unfair trade practice.
(b) The granting of cash discounts :in excess or beyond terms owf
2% tenth of following month date of invoice, but providing. how-
ever, shipments made on or after the 25th day of the .mont~h may be
billed as of the first of the following month, forwarding f.o.b. factory
aInd/or from agencies is an unfair trade practice.
(c) T~he acceptance or filling of orders foa~r knitting machine
needlles or parts, not carrying a provision t~hat adfustment~s covering
loss mn customer's production or spoilage or dama-ge to hais goods,
shal be limited to the cost of the needles responsible for such dama-
age, is an unfair trade practice.
(d) Misrepresentation of merchandise or the use of false, de-
cep~tive, untrue, or misleading statements by wra~y of advertisingg. .
branding, or otherwise is an unfai trade practice.

(e) Conmmer~cial br~ibery in anyr formal as a mean;llS of influencing the
placement of ordc-ers is an unfair trade practice.
(f) The acceptance of orders for either special Intch or special
spring beard needles and other parts not regular stocks items and
made according to special specifientioni at regular prices is an unfair
trade practice.
(g) The selling of mnerchandiFe. below costs is an unfair trade
(h) ~The billing of customers' sampyle requirements at less than
regular stock prices is an unfair trade practice.
(i) The violation of any regulations of the Federal Trade Com-
mission or other bureau, board, or commission of thre F'ederal G-ov-
ernment dealing with the matter of unfair trade practices in business
is unfair.
9. Administrative Performanc~e.-he K~nitting Mfachine Nceedlle
MCanufacturers Association is her~eby designated as thne agency for
admninisteringa, supervising, and promoting the per~formance of the
provisions of this code by the members of the knitting machine needle
industry. TPhe As~ssociation may function in this regard through its
executive committee, and the manufacturers in the industry will ob-
serve and conform. to the regulations, themselves conforming to the
National Recovery Act, that may from time to time be promulgated
by the A1~ssociation or its executive committee, under the powers
hereby bestowed.
10. ~M~od~i~ationz of C~ode.--In compliance with Section 10, Par. B,
of the Nrational Industrial Recov~ery Act, it is provided that the
President mayS, from time to time, cancel or modify any order, ap-
proval, license, rule, or regulation issuled under Title I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act.

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