Code of fair competition for the corset and brassiere industry


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Code of fair competition for the corset and brassiere industry as approved on Aug. 14, 1933 by President Roosevelt
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"Approved Code No.7 ; Registry No.220-1-02"

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Registry No. 220--1--02

ar sale by the Superlntendent of Documents, Wasbjngton, D.C. -, -, Price 5 cents

ieed Cade No. 7






1. Executive Order
2. Administrative Order
3. Report of Deputy Administrator
4. Code




Aln application having been duly mad-e, pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for my apprioval of a Code of
Fair Competition for the Corset and Brassiere Industry, and hearings
having been held thereon and the Administratorl having rendered his
report containing an analysis of the said Code of Fair Competition
together wsith his recommendations and findings with respect th~ereto,
and the Administrator having found that the said Code of Fair
Competition complies in all respects with the pertinent provisions of
Title I of said Act and that the requirements of clauses (1) and (2)
of subsection (a) of Section 3 of the said Act have been met:
NOW, THEREFORE, L. Franklin D. Roosevelt, President. of the
United States, pursuant to the authority vested in me by Title I of
the National Industrial Recover~y Act, approved June 16, 1933, and
otherwise, do adopt and approve the report, recommendations and
findings of the Administrator and do order that the said Code of
Fair Competition be and it is hereby approved.
Approval recommended.
Ad~m'n istrator.
August 14, 1033.



An application having been duly made by the Code Authority,
pursuant to the provisions of the Code: of Fair Competition for the
Corset and B~rassiere Industry, approved August 14, 1933, for my
approval of the inclusion of certain provisions in.the Code, the Dep-
uty Administrator having rendered his report together with his
recommendations and find~ingas with respect to the said provisions,
and finding that the said provisions comply in all respects with
the pertinent. provisions of the Code as well as with Title I of the
National Indlustrial Recovery Act and t~he requirements of Clauses
(1) and (2) of suibsection (a) of Section 3 of said Act:
NOTHEREFORE, I. John M\1. Hancock, Act~inga Administra-
tor f te Ntioal ecoeryAdministration, pursuant to the au-
thority rested in me by the EeuieOdro Jl 5 93 n
otherwise, d~o adopt and approve the report, recommendations, and
findings of thle Dep~uty Administrator and do order that the said
provisions be and they are hereby approved and shall have full force
and effect as provisions of thle said Code.

Approval r~ecommended.AtigA iitro.
Deputy Admzinistr~ator.
AvousT 28, 1933.

A Code of Fair Competition for the Corset and Brassiere In-
dustry has been heretofore approved by the President. The Code
contains certain provisions concerning Fair Trade Practice Rules
which were included in the Code in the form of recommendations
to be made by the Code Authority for subsequent approval by the
Administrator. The Code Authority, having appeared before mle,
has presented its recommendations as aforesaid. The recommenda-
tions were included verbatim in the proposed Code and full
opportunity was afforded at the public hearing to all allegedly
interested parties to present objections thereto.
No objections having been received, and certain modifications har-
ing breen suggaestedl by the Consumers Advisory Board, which modi-
fications have been incorporated in the proposed final rules,
I recomlmend-l
That the recommendations of the aforementioned Code Authority
for approval of the Fair Trade Practice Rules to govern the Clorset
and Brussiere Industry, be granted by the Administrator.
Accut B, 133.Dep~uty Administr~ator.


The Deputy Administrator finds that--
(a) The Code complies in all respects with the pertinent provi-
sioins of Title I of the Act, including, without limiitation, subsection
(a) of Section 7i, and subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; and that
(b) The Corset and Brass~iere Association of America imposes
no inequitable restrictions on admission to membership therein and
is trully representative of the Corset and Brassiere Industry; and
(c) The Code is niot designed to promote monopolies or to elim-
inate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to discrim-
inate against thiem, and will tend to effectuate the policy of Title I of
the National Industr~ial Recovery Act.
Accos 28, 933.Deputy Administrator.



(a) Thie Corset and Brassiere Association of America, a national
trade association representative of the industry throughout the
United States, pursuant to the purpose of the Corset and Brassiere
Industry to cooperate with the President of the United States in
effectuating the policy declared in Title I of thle National Industrial
Recovery Act., does hereby recommend and submit for approval, pur-
suant to Section 3 of said Title, the following Code of Fair Com-
petition and plans for its Admninistration for all corset and brassiere
manufacturers andi distributors in so far as it pertains to this
This Code is set up for the purpose of increasing employment,
establishing fair and adequate wages, eliminating wasteful practices
destructive to the interests of the public, employees, and employers.
This Code shall become effective the second M~onday following its
approval by the President.
(b) Definition.-T~he term Corset and B~rassiere Industry is used
to cover persons, partnerships, and corporations, which mnanufacture
and sell corsets, sitep-in-corsets, brassier~es, bandeau-brassieres; cor-
sets, girdle-corsets, or step-in-corsets attached to brassieres or
banded u-bra ssieres ; all sim ila r body-supporting ga rments.
(c) Adm~in istration.-FIor the purpose of administering this Code,
the Corset and Brassiere Industry shall be divided into divisioins as
set forth below. Each such division mnay be independent and self-
goverming with respect to all conditions and problems relating ex-
clusively to the said division. Proposals with respect to matters
affecting more than one division may be initiated by any division,
and shall be submitted for consideration to thle Code Authority of the
Corset and Brassiere Industry, hereinafter described, and its deter-
mination shall be binding upon said division and all other divisions
affected t~hereby.
(d) "i Person as used herein includes any individual, firm, part-
nership, or corporation in the industry.
(e) Divisiorn A.--Persons who sell to retailers, jobbers, chain
stores, catalog houses, and other distributors who resell.
Division B.--Persons wvho manufacture stock grarmnents, or pur-
chase them for sale, and distribute them by the direct-to-consumer
method of selling.
Division C.--Persons who manufacture only miade-to-measure
(custom-made) garments, or purchase them for sale, which are dis-
tributed only by the direct-to-consumer method of selling.


Persons in thie ind~uStry shall not employ anyone under sixteen
years of age.

(a) Except as hereinafter provided, on and after the effective
date hereof, the minimum wage which shall be paid by persons in
the Corset and Brassiere Industry to any of their employees shall
be at the r~ate of $14.00 a weeki, except that cutters shiall not be paid
less than at the rate of $25.00 for a week of 40 hours.
(b) N~o person shall reduce compensation for employment now in
excess of the mlinimnum wages hereby agreed to (notwithstanding that
the hours of work of such employment may be hereby reduced), but
shall increase the pay for such employment by an equitable readjust-
mient of all pay' schedules, whether for time-work or piece-work.
(c) Lear~ners or apprentices shall be paid a minimum of 271/2
cents per hour, or at the rate of $511.00 a week, for the first six
weeks, anid thlerenfter the minimum wage provided under Ride 3 (a).
If the operation they ar~e learning has a piece-wrork rate and the
amount earned at. piece-rate is more than $11.00 a week, the learner
or apprentice mnust be paid on a piece-rate basis. No person in this
industry miay knlowingly employ as a learner or apprentice, an
employee who has previously been employed in any plant in this
industry on a sinuilar operation as a learner or apprentice.
(d) To assure emnployvment to workers who are physically handi-
capped and to avoidl their becoming a burden to the. state, such em-
ployees are exempted from the provisions of Rule 3 (a), provided
such em~ployees Lshall not exceed in number 5 percent of the total
workers employed by a person.
(e) Persons in the Corset and Brassiere Industry shall comply
with the requiirements of the National Industrial Recovery A~ct as
follows :
"'(1) Thiat employees shall have the right to organize and bar-
gain collectiv-ely through representatives of their own choosing, and
shall be free fromt the interference, restraint, or coercion of employ-
ers of labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representa-
tives or in self-organization or in other concerted activities for the
purpose of collective bar~gaining or other mutual aid or protection;
(2) that no emiploy~ee and no one seeking employment shall be re-
quired as a condition of employment to join any company union or
to refrain from joining, organizing, or assisting a, labor organization
of his own choosing, and (3) that employers shall comply with the
maximum hours of labor, minimum rates of pay, and other condi-
tions of employment approved or prescribed by the President."

(a) The ma ximum hours of productive operation for any plant
inl this industry shall be forty hours per week, provided, however,
thiat no plant shall operate in excess of five days In any week.

(b) The maximum hours of work for any employee, except execu-
tives, executives' assistants, designers, office wor~kers, slipping clerks,
repair crews, watchmen, porters, salesmen, and truckmen, shall be
forty hours per week.
(c) Each person shall post in a conspicuous place in each work
room in his factory Sections 3 and 4 of this Code.
(d) The provisions for maximum hours set out in this article
establish a maximum number of hours of labor per week for every
employee covered, so that under no circumstances shall such an
employee be employed or be permitted t~o work for one or more
persons in the industry in the aggregate in excess of thle prescribed
number of hours in a single week.


(a) Since the products of this industry are customarily worn next
to the body, all persons shall conduct a clean, sanitary factory. The
minimum standard shall be in compliance with the standards set in
that part of the factory law of the State of New Y'ork, which is
applicable to plants in this industry.
(b) No person shall employ workers except in his own plant or
plants. No home work shall be allowed.
(c) No person shall knowingly purchase materials to be used in
his product which have not been made in a clean and sanitary
factryand it shall be stipulated on each purchase order that: The
mactoLerial covered by this order must be manufactured in a clean and
sanitary factory."
(d) No person shall purchase garments for.resale which are man-
ufactured wholly or in part under conditions which do not conform
with the provisions of this Code.
(e) All persons shall insert on each invoice covering a shipment
of their manufactured product., the following statement: "L This mer-
chandise was manufactured in compliance with the Code of Fair
Competition of the Cor~set and Brussiere Industry."

This Code and all the provisions thereof are expressly made sub-
ject to the right of the President, in accordance with the provision
of Section 10 (b) of the National Industrial Recovery Act, from time
to time to cancel or modify any order, approval, license, rule, or r~egu-
lation, issued under Title I of said Act, and specifically to the right
of the President to cancel or modify his approval of this C~ode or
any conditions imposed by him upon his approval thereof.
7I. MonoroLr

Nothing in this Code shall be interpreted or applied in such a
manner as to permit or promote monopolies, permit or encourage un-
fair competition, eliminate, oppress, or discrimlinate against small

8. CODE Av~rnonrry

(a) A Code Authiority for the Corset and Brassiere Industry shall
consist of eighrlt to ten members. Tw~o members shall be appointed by
the Administrator and not less than. six nor more than eight shall be
appointed by t.he President of the Corset and Brassiere Association
of America subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Mem-
bers of the Authority may be removed by the Board of Directors of
the Association w-ith the approval of the Administrator.
(b) Thle Ciode Auithority shall elect such officers and shall assign
to them suc~h duties as it may consider advisable. The Code Author-
ity may appoint subcommnittees for the proper subdivision of its
several functions and representative of such geographical sections of
the. country as it mlay designate. Thle Code Authority shall provide
its own rules of procedure.
(c) The Code Authority shall have full and complete authority
for the administration and enforcement of this Code, subject to anl
appeal to the Aldministrator.
(d) Any complaint concerning an alleged violation of the Code
shall be submitted to the Code Authority in writing and by regis-
tered mail. The complaint shall contain a complete statement of the
facts and shall refer specifically to that part of the code which is
alleged to have been violated. The Code Authority shall obtain such
information as, in its opinion, shall be necessary to establish the
facts. If it shall appear to the Code Authority that there has been
a violation of the Ciode, a statement of the charges shall be sent by
reiastered mai~l to the rperson who is alleged to have committed the
violation. The statement of ch~argjes shall fix the time and place for
a hearing and at thiis hearing the person who is charged with the
violation shall be griven an opportunity of presenting his defense.
If it is the decision of the Code Authority that a violation of the
Code has been commiitted, it shall report the violation to the Admnin-
istrator of the National Industrial Recovery Act, or take such other
action as the Administrator may approve t~o enforce the provisions
of the Act.
(e) The cost of the supervision needed to secure proper observance
of this Code and any additions thereto, compilation of statistical
data and such other activities as may b~e necessary shall be appor-
tioned p~ro rata so far as practicable to all persons in the industry
whether or not they are members of the Corset and Brasslere
Association of America.
(f) The Code Authority shall inv-estig~ate the importation of com-
petitive articles into the United States on such terms or under such
conditions as to render ineffective or seriously endanger the mainte-
nance of thiis Code and act as the agency for makling complaint to the
President on beha~lf of the Corset and B2rassiere Industry.
(g) All disputes between a dealer and a person as to quality or
as to whether or not mecrch~andise delivered is comparable with origi-
nal samnple should be referred to the Code Authority for arbitration
and if so referr~edl, thle Code Author~ity will conduct the proceedings
to settle the dispute under the rules of arbitration of the Corset and
Brassiere Association of A~merica.

(hZ It shall undertake any duties which may be required by the
Administrator to carry out the provisions of the National Industr~ial
Recovery Act and recommend to the Administrator any further re-
quiemets hic ma benecssay.Such recommendations, when
approved by the Administratorshlhvelltefceote
provisions of the Code as originally approved.
(i) Any complaint, difference, controversy, or question of fair
comnpeti ti on arismng under or out of this Code, or relating to stand-
ards as to maximum hours of labor, minimum rates of pay or other
working conditions provided for theremn, or concerning the interpre-
tation or application of any provision thereof, shall be submitted to
the Code Authority and their decision shall be final, subject to the
approval of the Administrator.

(a) Advertis~ing.-1.. No person shall contributed more than fifty
percent (50%1) of the net cost of the space to the retailer for any
retailer's advertisement covering the person's product. No person
shall pay any of the cost of advertising on corsets, combinations,
girdle-corsets, or step-in-corsets which are advertised for retail sale
at less than two dollars ($2.00), or on brassieres or bandeaux-
brassieres which are advertised for retail sale at less than one dollar
($1.00), nor shall a person pay any part of the cost of advertising
a retailer's own brand.
2. No person shall pay any of the cost of an advertisement by a
retailer which covers a special sale, i.e. merchandise advertised at a
special price or at less than the price at which the merchandise is
usually sold by the retailer.
3. Noperson shall pay any part of the cost of an advertisement
by a retailer which advertises the product of more than one person
in this industry in the same advertisement.
4. No person shall pay for any advertisement in any publication
by a retailer which is issued less thlan twelve times a year.
(b) Display for~ms.--No person shall furnish a display form with-
out his own brand name appearing prominently thereon. Nor shall
any person furnish a display form advertising a corset, combina-
tion, girdle-corset, or step-in-corset retailing for less than twmo dollars
($2.00), or a brassiere or bandeau retailing for less than one dollar
(c) Deoanstrlator~s.-1 No person sh all furnish to any retail store
demonstrators for a period longer than one week nor oftener than
twice each year, and persons shall not represent them to be emp-
ployeess of the retail store.
2. However, the foregoing paragraph is not applicable to a per-
son who manufactures and/'or sells surgical supports through retail
(d) Delivery.--On all orders for five dollars ($5.00) or less there
shall be a service charge of t~wenlty-five cents (25e).
(e) Returns.-1l. No merchandise may be accepted for return ex-
cept for defects in manufacture, delay in delivery, or errors in
Each invoice covering shipments will bear this imprint:

The merchandise covered by this invoice left our factory in
perfect condition. Please examine immecdiatfely on receipt. All
claims for damages and shortages m~ust be made in scriting uoithin
10 days from date of receipt of merchandise. No claims will be
allowed at time of settlement.
These goods cannot be returned unless by our written consent.
Our salesmen cannot authorize the return of any merchandise, nor
have they authority to make any allowances."
2. Worn Garmnents: (a) No credit will be allowed on any garment
which has been worn for ten days or longer. (b) A garment which
has been worn less than three months, anid which in the opinion of
the retailer has been damagedr in wearing due to faulty material or
workmanship may be returned for repair without charge, provided
the garment has first been laundered. (c) No garment which has
been altered may be returned if the damage was due to the
3. Any dispute between a dealer and a person arising under the
operation of this provision should be settled by amicable adjustment,
or, if it is not possible to reach an agreement, thle dispute shall be
referred to the Arbitration Association for final settlement.
(f) Dating, discounts, rebates.-1l. The maximum terms for re-
tailers andl catalog houses shall be eight percent (8%0) ten (10) days
e.0.mi., or six percent (6Cb) fifty (50) days from date of invoice, net
fifty-one (51) days.
2. The maxiimum terms for jobbers and chain stores (chain stores
selling up to one dollar ($1.00) retail) shall be three percent (3%0)
ten (10) days e.o.m., net elev-en (11) dlays e.o.m.
3. Sh~ipments made on or after the twenty-fifth (25th) of any
month on e.o.m. terms may be dated the first of the following month.
4. N'o trade discounts, rebates or extra dating may be allowed.
5. No person or employee thereof may pay to any retailer or his
employee any commission or premium money to secure preference for
th~e purchase or sale of such person's merchandise.
(g) Facchangesr and consignments.-NKo merchandise m~ay be ex-
changed at any time, nor miay it be consigned, nior may any method
of selling be used which has the effect of selling on consignment or
(h) Cost filnding.--To assure fair competition and to prevent
the selling of merchandise below cost:
1. The Code Authority will adopt a standard method of cost
finding. It will be deemed a mecthod of unfair competition to sell
merchandise at.less than the cost of production. No special con-
cession in price or rebate of any dlescriptioni may be made on mer-
chandr~ise sold for special sale purposes.
2. Each person shall keep in his own office complete specifications
and cost figures on every number in his line.
3. Any person may reduce the price of any number at any time
providied the price reduction conformis to the intent of the Code
of not selling below the cost of production. It is the meaning of
this paragraph thiat the new price will be used for billing all cus-
tom~ers for shiipments made on or after the date when the new price
went into effect annd that it has not been made to circumvent the rules
on d~iscounnts, datingr, rebates, or consignments.

4';. If a number cannot be sold at the regular price and must be
closed out, a person may reduce his price provided he previously
notifies the Code Authority of his intention to do so, accompanying
this statement with the number of dozens which he has for sale.
No number which has been reduced in price for the purpose of
close-out may be put back into a line, nor may any additional quan-
tity of the same number be manufactured after it has been reduced
for close-out.
(i) Wholesal~e prYices.--To maintain established trade practice, and
to limit the multiplication of numbers, but without any attempt at
prince fixing, each person being free to determine the value to be given
at each price, the following shall be the wholesale prices, per dozen,
for sale to retailers (except -chain stores selling up to one dollar
($1.00) retail), and no intermediate prices may be used:
$2.00 per Dozen $8.50 per Dozen $27.00 per Dozen
2.25 10.50 30.00
3.25 12.00 33.00
4.00 15.00 36.00
4.25 16.50 42.00
4.50 18.00 48.00
6.00 21.00 54.00
7.00 22.50 60.00
8.00 24.010 66.00 and up
All merchandise shall be shipped in standard containers. No
person may use more than one standard container for any number.
If a customer orders merchandise to be put up in a special container,
there shall be charged at least five cents (56) additional for each
container. This charge is to appear as a separate item on the invoice.
(j) Packing.-1l. Corsets and combinations selling for less than
eight dollars ($;8.00) a dozen wholesale shall be packed nlot less than
twelve (12) of one size in a container.
2. Corsets and combinations selling for eight dollars ($8.00) a
dozen wholesale and less than twelve dollars ($12.00) shall be packed
not less than six (6) of one size in a container.
3. Corsets and combinations selling for twelve dollars ($~12.00) a
dozen wholesale may be packed not less than three (3) of one size
in a container.
4. Corsets and combinations selling for over twelve dollars
($12.00) a dozen may be packed one in a container.
5. Brassieres and bandeaux selling for less than four dollars
($4.00) a dozen wholesale shall be packed not less than twelve (12)
of one size in a container.
6. Brassieres and bandeaux selling for four dollars ($4.00) a
dozen wholesale and not more than seven dollars ($7.00) shall be
packed six (6) of one size in a container.
7. Brassieres and bandeaux selling for eight dollars ($8.00) a
dozen wholesale and less than twelve dollars ($12.00) shall be packed
not less than three (3) of one size in a container.
8. Brassieres and bandeaux selling for twelve dollars ($12.00) and
over a dozen wholesale may be packed one in a container.
9. Corsets and combinations regularly packed in bulk may be
packed in single containers if priced and billed at not less than fifty
cents (505) per dozen above the bulk packing price.

10. Corsets and combinations regularly packed one in a container
maiy be packed in bulke in three (3), six (6), or twelve (12) of a size in
a container, at a reduction fr~om the regular list price for single pack-
mng of not more than twenty-five cents (250) per dozen if packed
three (3) in a container, or fifty cents (504) per dozen if packed
six (6) or twelve (19) in a container. No garment packed mn bulk
may be packed in other quantities than three (3) of a size or
miult~iples thereof.
11. Nothing in Provision (j) is applicable to any shipments made
to jobbers, catalog houses, or chain stores selling up to one dollar
($1.00) retail.
(k) Pir~acy ---The Code Authority shall set up a bureau for the
registration of original and unique designs and it shall adopt such
regulations as the Administr~ator may approve for the purpose of
eliminating style piracy.
Only the persons classified as members of Divisions B or C as
defined herein,1 are subject to provisions (1) to (s), inclusive.
(1) 1. Persons shall not entice away nor endeavor to entice away
any sales employee, representative, agent, or exclusive distributor of
any competitor with the puirpose or effect. of uinduly hamnpringr or
injuring such competitor, or with the purpose of benefiting by the
training and experience of such sales employees, representatives,
agents, or exclusive distributors, and to this end each person shall
include in every contract of employment, agency, or distribution
(withi the exception of the contracts wFith salespeople exclusively
contacting thie consume~~r) a cl~luse! forbiddr-ing all such activities.
2. Should any person possess reasonable proof that infraction of
this provision has occurred, he shall notify and submit such proof
to thle person whose employee, representative, agent, or exclusive dis-
tributor has committed said infraction, and a copy of such com-
plaint and supporting evidence shall be filed with the Code Author-
ity. Should thereafter the Code Authority decide upon receipt of a
complaint and evidence, and after prescribed hearings, that a second
infraction of this provision has been committed by the same em-
ployee, agent, representative, or exclusive distributor of a person,
such person will, upon receipt of notice fr~om the Code Authority
and subject to a review by the Administrator, terminate the employ-
me~nt a nd/or contract and/or all relationship with the offending

3. N~rothing in this provision shall be deemed to hiinder or in any
way obstruct the right on the part of any sales employee, agent,
representative, or exclusive distributor to seek and~ accept on his or
h~er own initiative, employment, or association with a competitor.
(m) Persons shall refrain at all times and shall order their em-
p~loyees, agents, representatives, and exclusive distributors to agree
in writing to refrain from issuing or making knowingly false state-
ments in regard to thie dependability, financial standing, product, or
repute of any competitor.
(n) No person shall represent, by design, picture, or statement that
such person occupies or utilizes a factory or business space other
than is actually occupied or utilized, or represent in advertisements

or otherwise that such person is a manufacturer or owner or oper-
ator of a mill or factory when in fact such person does not own,
operate, or possess such mill or factory.
(o) In advertising for dealers or sales people, no person shall
knowngn;rly make claims of earning power which are exaggerated
and misleading, nor shall any person in puch advertisements, .;will-
fully misrepresent the source of profit, imorh'e, commlissio~ns, earn-
ings, or compensation the dealer lorsales people shall receive. W7hen
a person directly or indirectly hok~s out as an inducement to dealers
or sales people or prospective dealers or salespeople a refund of de-
posit for samples or sales outfits, either upon return of such outfits
or upon completidix of i predetermiined volume of business? said
refund shall be promptly made when .suchi conditions are mct-.
(p) Persons will provide t.o all their exclusive dealers and sales
people, and will require them to use in every transaction a receipt
form which shalls,,clearly indicate thle name of the product and the
person, and wfhich-shal provicp a space for the full name and ad-
dress of the dealgn or sales p~eopit, an clearP.~andi concise statement;
of the terms of the sale. ,.. *.. ~sW
(q) Persons shall refrdn fri ad~ shall or~depv thei;1m~lployees,
agents, representatives, and exclusive distributors to agree in w~rit-
ing to refrain from inducing, or attempting to induce, the breach of
eXistinlg contracts of pulrchase, or the counlterm alndingr of existing
orders between competitors andi the consumer, by any5 false or decep-
tive means whatsoever, or interf~ering w~ithi the per~formance or ful-
fillment of any such contracts! or ordecr~s. by anyv such meansII.
(r) Persons shall furnish to sales employees, other employees,
agents, representatives. or exclusiv-e distributors only information annd
instructions that correspond w~ith facts and are not' deceptive or mnis-
leading in any respect, and shall expr~esjsly illformll thlem at the time
of their employment or association w~ith~ the per~soni (or in thle case
of present associates shall immlediatelyy so informi them) of all the
provisions of this Code, or subsequent additions thiereto, which regu-
late the activity andi business conduct of sulch sales emlployees, other
employees, agents, representatives, or exclusive dlistributors, and-
thiat any violation of such provisions will result in immediately dis-
missal or termination of relationship, andt shall further expressly in-
form them that they have no authority to make statements or p~romn-
ises of any kind inconsistent with the terms, conditions, and pro-
visonns of the text books, Itltertulre, and adlvertisingr materials pub-
lished by the persons.
(s) All provisions of the general Code are applicable to, members
of Divisions B and C except that. the following sections shall not
apply to them: Section 9 (a), Section 9 (b) ; Section 9) (c); Section
9 (d); Section 9 (e); Section 9 (f); Section 9 (g); Section 9(h)
2 and 3 only; Section 9 (i); Section 9 (j).
(t) Labe'l provision ---All garments manufact~uredi or distributed
shall bear an NRA label, which shall remain attached to such gar-
ments. Such labels shall bear a registration number specially as-
signed to each manufacturer in the Industry. The privilege of
using such labels shall be granted and such labels shall be issued to
any person from time to time engaged in the Industry uplon applica-
tion therefore to the Code Authority, accompanied by a statement of


'X 3 1262 08486 8~118

com~pliance w~ith the provisions of this Code. Thle privilege of using
sulch labels and the issuance thereof may be withdrawn anad cease or
may~ be lsuspendedl in respect to anysuch persons whose operations,
after app~ropriate hearings by the Cor~set and B~rassiere C'ode ALu-
thlority andi review by the Admninistrator, shall be found to be in
substantial violation of this Code. Persons shall be entitled to
obrtain and use such labets if they comply with the provisions of this
Thle Corset and B~rassiere Code Au~thority may establish appropri-
ate maichiinery for the issuance of such labels in accordance with the
foregoFing~ provisions.
(u) Partlial invacliditry.--If any provision of thlis Code is declared
invaflid or unenforceable, the remaining .provisions thereof shall
nevertheless continue in full force and effect in the same manner as
if thley had been separately presented for approval, and approved
by? thle President.
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