Two letters to Florida Governor Cary Hardee regarding bootleggers in Bradford County and the violation of Prohibition (o...


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Two letters to Florida Governor Cary Hardee regarding bootleggers in Bradford County and the violation of Prohibition (one letter from Judge Robert A. Green; the other from J.J. Bullen)
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Folder: Personal Correspondence. Oct. 3, 1922 - Dec. 6, 1944


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke

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Office at Court House


Novemberr slt. 1022.
October 3

Hon Cary A. ardee,
Governor of Florida, UF RE: STATE OF FLORIDA,
Tallahasse e vs.
Florida. S.' L. ALVAREZ.

My dear Governor;

1 am inolosing herewith a letter requesting
that a County Judge of some other County be desig-
nated to try the issue wherein State of Florida is
Plaintiff and S, L. Alvarez is defendant. Defend-
ant charged with unlawfully possessing Moonshine.

#ethe dry element of the citizens of Brad-
ford Sounty are having a hard time with the Bootleg-
gers, in fac orad 4 amy native County is notor.
iously UEBT /~ o not know of a County in the State
where there is more evidence of the violation of the
prohibition Statutes. I as County Judge have my hands
tied as far as prosecutions are concerned. As Judge
I give the Defendants all benefit of the doubts and
give the Jurors the usual chargers, and see to it that
the defendants get a fate and impartial trial, however
after they are convicted I sentence them severely, ao-
cording to the crime committed, of course. The fierce-
ness of my sentences has arroused the opposition of
the Bootleggers, and they prefer any Judge to moe
in above styled case
On Oct. 28th. A change of Venue/was asked for
in the form of a motion, same supported by untrue atf
fidavits of two men residing* in Starke, but have no
regular occupation and who invariably stagger the *Uee
streets of Starke in a crazed and drunken condition,
Howeverbelieving that the Attorney for Defendant had
TECH ICALLY met the Statue Requirement I granted Shang
of Venue.

If it meets with your approval and is consist.
eat, please send a County Judge who is a Lawyer and
who is DRY in Sentence. Pardon this suggestion and so-
oept it in the manner in which it is biven, please.

With beet wishes to you and knid personal
regards to you. I am-

Sincerely yours,


Starke, Fla.,
Oct.31st, 1922.

The Honorable Cary A. Hardee,
Tallahassee, Fla.,

My dear Governor:

My purpose in writing is to acquaint
you of a situation in Bradford Co., that makes the
law abiding citizens feel that there is, at present
at least, little hope of securing the conviction
and punishment of men who persist, and boldly so,
in violating the Constitution, as well as the laws
of the State of Flanida. I refer to the bootlegger.

Our County judge, R. A. Green, has,
I believe, tried to maintain the honor of the Bench
by imposing proper sentences upon those found guilty
of this infraction of law. But the convictions are
few, due to the class of men who make up the average
jury. Through ten years experience in courts in
Philadelphia, Pa., I do not believe I witnessed
such an amount of clearly exhibited perjury as I have,
to my sorrow, witnessed during the past year in
our county court in this place Starke. This is
true, not only on the part of witnesses, but of
jurors also.

But the last device of an attorney
on behalf of his client has set the community on
edge; and it is because of the hope we entertain
that through you some relief from the distressing
situation may be obtained that I stress this occur-

On Saturday last, Oct.28th, 1922,
one of the most.notorious bootleggers in Starke, a
man who had been convicted for a similar crime
some months ago, was brought up for trial, when the
defense placed upon the witness stand two of the
most unreliable, indeed, untrustworthy, men in the
County to testify that the judge, R. A. Green, had
declared, within their hearing, but not to them,
nor could they tell to whom, that he, the judge, was
waiting for the chance to "soak" the dependent.
Upon this testimony, the judge, I believe, has been

The law does, I know, provide that
upon the testimony of two or more reputable witnesses
a judge is disqualified; but such men as these two
witnesses could secure few, if any, of the respect-

#2 Honorable Cary A. Hardee.

able people in the community to designate them any-
thing other than DISreputable witnesses.

One of these witnesses is related by blooa
to one of the officers in the Baptist church, of
which I have the honor of being the pastor, and by
his wife I am told that the witness "scarcely ever
draws a sober breath."

Should you find yourself unable to act in
overruling the testimony of such witnesses, and are
compelled to appoint another judge to occupy the Bench
during the trial, may I, on behalf of the good people
in Starke and community, suggest the names of judges,
any one of whom we are confident would not be intim-
idated by anything that might be said or done during
the trial? If so, I would present the judge of
Polk Co., S. L. Holland, or G. W. Geiger of Clay Co.,
or the judge of St Lucia Co., whose name I do not
recall at this time.

Trusting I have not ventured beyond the
bounds of propriety in presenting this matter to
your Excellency; and with the sincerest hope that
you may ever maintain the good name you have won
for yourself among the people of Florida and beyond
(some knowledge of which I had obtained while a
pastor in Philadelphia, Pa.), I am pleased to
subscribe myself,

Yours in every gooa work,