Transcription of a letter from Jas. Innerarity, Mobile, Alabama, to John Innerarity of Pensacola, Florida, regarding bus...


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Transcription of a letter from Jas. Innerarity, Mobile, Alabama, to John Innerarity of Pensacola, Florida, regarding business transactions
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Innerarity, Jas.
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Folder: 1833-1837


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North America -- United States of America -- Alabama -- Mobile

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University of Florida
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GreAslid Papers
1855,"6ept. 14
Jas. Innerarity to John Innerarity
A.L.S. 1 p.

Mobile 14th Sep. 1885
My Dear Brother
The mail of today brought me your letter of the 9- inclosing

your, ExohP for One hundred pounds StJ on Martineau Smith & C0 in favor of

IP Qillespie for which I thank you & Show aocoait at the rate Currenhere

7 1/2 P o/o when I proposed to take the balance, it was under the impression

that you could not dispose of it, aore advantageously but as I see that you

can do better at N York, I withdraw my pretention-

It is quite uncertain whether I Shall be able to get drawing paper or

any other of the requisite : but I Shall See about it- If I cannot I

Shall Still Send to N Orleans fpr parchment-

I met Palmer in the Street today but had no time to talk with him-

He goes by this occasion to Pensacola-- It is of consequence to have that

Survey executed--
1 1ul7
I had a letter yesterday from Col. White dated at Paris giving an

Account of his researches in which he has prospects of Success, but how far

the documents he is in pLrsuit of may answer the purpose required, will only

be Known when they are obtained- He Says inten alie *I came very near

"Selling all your establishments at Pensacola in London- I wanted Baring

0 Brothers & 0? to take it & make a grand establishment at Pensacola"

Pray- was he not informed of the Sale in February last- You had better

write him &-and ypur letter through me-- I Should have no objection to

Selling every thing but the tanyard, or that also on proper terms-

1 am truly Sorry'for Pouponnes Situation & pray most earnestly for

her Speedy restoration to health--

This going by a private Conveyance in anticipation of the Mail-

I remain in haste

Yrs aff'ly

Ja!. Innerarity
John Innerarity Esq.

cAddress ,
John Innerarity Esq,




Septr7 1835

on Martineau, Smith & Co

acknowledging my of the 9 Sept-"- in favour ofI P Gillespie for S100 1)