Transcription of a letter to "The King's Most Excellent Majesty" (George III of England) from the Panton, Leslie and Co.


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Transcription of a letter to "The King's Most Excellent Majesty" (George III of England) from the Panton, Leslie and Co.
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Panton, Leslie & Company
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Box: 1
Folder: 1768-1797


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida

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University of Florida
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lb owr uiagu met kesellant Mjestyr

iEa itt Jplshs lro .jetjt,

ina Obeine to Tow MEaJnO a eM aMO

tsielfted to by a. letter ftr te Esit of meblngw Gas ef
Teur baJesty'u Primeipal eentsriee etf Hat., date th. 59
Obtober last, Ie hb taken lt en nOw t irtMal OAmite as
the meval MUmorials, Lettern d other Pap s bMat th
fermed to uas, eattaiag Objetioans to, and Obnrvasta pan,

the prest iaM for the Ieampmat of O nerew ad C0e"a-

mals tAth the INiaNSi las eth hmeraeae statt tae great
rpsrre attatlg w ell that Breah f Btrtic., the pre-
set Bspeuittlm tf th ~ reep ftW IRa= rppseW atd uwli

the hapediay a Preriety, la watIes ft uebl srlw
seirata %wummatwras ia the UMisuppi, thB etie, aM at
the Dtrot, betuws this kes riLe ad IAms Vo has a4Js

eno frred ipea GOaem l a width sh art Tow IW~raJsty* a
taFp servats haewe bw eplpd la North AmwrieSa ad Ath
seC Ieretsr, and othwa, m asr eft iatrlligt La thm

siorth aeB /A Iandan Dat. twropan we kaly beh
Leare to represet to Tror Mjesty.

2at t0e SubJet Matter to tie these Paper refer,

and the neties earsnag- tEram as, stated to as iBe ba Eu


or abUeeW 6tote, ttwoe te is E oe o fa flIsmat me

t a- tas bsis m omeas Ip bpmfum. mW 'i& t tes Mo
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041 *Saue mmsIVe* to ob r*wdlo to sta eow a. ae S

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bnafly, It Nu s*4taaeMe at te Iseps uM MMes Peppose
ME, usv th" a m s ea.. wbaflmme bf oa sales.
a3t 6SFpe bt te %Iaw t o thuse ika t Uas ne
disreatd %t stat e Opitetagt hVew tfr te pwesaat Dpe.a orf
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se all stir tasSan Atrtai, 6 m ssgm; witinit bof maw semtl

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it beats uwseM lt peaMie a fes mpftsmal, "ea e U as

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bet enu umniattog A la, Mk 4S4A bar oma pem
Peisnt to kmt Mai flc ow au n taim tmsr 1vwtr
beaaf, ad atC, heutq lb. At#s tj.&t th UPesefse-A
of *21 bw tJouir t oa$l. fan tIe mew mtmNews aEu
as se"sWN be aettent H ftfktty, wS Wt of tsk ,Se IMo

Pfsxlrulw fad ate Uig mt ftu eS" a Plea tSer geo" Aissk .
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ien It uet am amulmabag neo at a*f we.sI ge*w at an
attbaet lbe bIS* Ave La MIuta.

ate S.smu, B Mmftieltt aa bsauhn, -a Imomw" by *5
Usmnitsr at asti ra, anda tafu e.fl nr "a5 asGfl Sa
1get it aspse to .wr 4Jews Saht ISO Mteda&a tas *

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lns Mseesnvyr t rsat l mt** Ml UMxtet, .wIq *fassaIIW.
see teinf ha 5' teZ aSt o Stenfletym La alb bMMsae est
-MI so ast Uso atttdel t*h bwfne a *tei $SaateS to i
heuMws, Wr tps.w .t A -Utr at w s teer tS aSe #

M sladatsa OW bsnaOya.s lb Sism
0s mWAdift.Wl M OO"t Nl plt qpsrBteenI sea m ages a *l*"e
ual Maat tms tho state W1 las AMftesM ertehr tte at.m
wlaiana Ntt mmSt, Sf appease Bnet the tme peaasel fbte.i ofl

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ad mmt emad talhr G S1@t wser *%maewa netes r
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lt. wbseltwj, athl) appernse La a* taes ftta at
ve ta-eta with tue et s of UMKag men teenuste Pro.
vials gtset tmetu # bees gto, tb etEatets, tamet aN
P1inr t-sLat of illewt IS, hbil0 veWr prio ntly rstrtlsta
4tm prcwe tra, tasi4at with the laoa* witewcst UwseMag Mt
atwed, by thk ftreagsbt rPMubitlUe, SU1 .settlnt s kuited
th. !SJudta Mnstsh dtmxrilbed m er Btear 5 y f tef faste
histiag Gate, pattift both tiwir Ceaese sat sioety sater

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soe tvis o mU owssale imwem tt omlwaesta ut o e
lSi t repeat tb wisIbasts Io thMr tpams so a
*te4 eat umijfwta Atalleas t a MtOfM4 tamtsnr of *at-
ever skall W nured pe *tv ti" e Butriy Ptew o% at
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pmuis3 etta, is *Ohito r IS tp's latetws, MA Lfet a tw
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eto ge Up, ge to Adiply 4t lt.aSm S1mred, ami

aUlt tOhe gpsMI smerity et few bitse PeoNeaaltso- there to tol
s*me seam. IWmasetadi It Ia en 0jeet eqwwbestawM.ei n i Wrtep of
3aat., Mo ianIe tmhe 6rse1t Ait tst t t f ureCtMel of te e. opftiv.
oslteaS is met epmtent4 sod it depeaso *mlaon Wqsttin eta hOe.
.tusp be er ted as "Uaetam, 1.4. 4m Ottsei e eO"" teUr Ine
MtoWs te.iMaft AmtbwB9 ta 4 ebr nWotesen to hanstse attch tbe
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r anI. nseMa, a en paWttomo tt ha t goat a.w fbisa a allS
atesres S, Wspes0ttqg ah aspstoate t toe laIalst tteotneg
their LaeC, aceil4 be netlbm4 to be et*wts 4 t6 thw eupPrtstsm
datS at prewsmI *stig wder the QOwtasi ftes Sour Saty, wmnnie a
to tob 961SaMr ODAtf Opemall of ewy pfraIaAS r blteyI, Si4th am be
ialresited io eay Steeamw oet hea referee" to tall gnmral ftmwies,

a tight to latersop ttuW JAte, U as wlOkM a their sarruaes 4Se-
e7 ry tuhe a6ttieta et wry oqapset, ttht stell S be spwietewoly
eMida, until w sa4 I* plse ouell N Is h kstaees up it.
h ea P le ftr ta*he sermnat ef IeA~t Arfli, prpend tby
StB Bkoag ina 1n 1 b4S t isigf ta eNteAy bhotsw.. usm Ittlemns of
sour NaOW. rtejote, Ia the Indias 1bnttry Me p rspet d to be etaliheb
9a ty ospaot Ath ft h IseaseA, "s w"ntelly 000a9toy to the datmi
tvllr -od 1 h, s4d mi omneerstag the Tw FEumlty 4f bas

PI PU s kntes beft a-MW inate4 to M. Wcpuetatemteate, t"yp
hvei, eto wsueee thnf, rm-o eas peonatiUon of autf a btodnvy
Lime a Object ofr tueL pefriater Att4aekss medt t lRertatmod o f*
eatrela th the sevwMel TAtes of tla, Aateekteaf ewwnat.
Ia the tast Me Wetartit a b amdary tiUm wet m1ly hbe

etablmtbw by Wm~9 T'lnatt ssait te breksM Chvken m aaatos
but km soI, es f6r a0 MaUtes to a ns Pmnasne ot btmetad souib
Om eIag ben ssQWd out ty stuain anSn, aS ht. WWd WOs happy ,
teot to rewse Pmeos am aAwt to tes* oBleoes.
Is the fltest slattat fPapstitUea appter btow bft
tte~s a by M. tXadms uat ub st snMpt armks of Apr ebatu usa
eMatrnMa fad a j iAe at p A a.rttn mea is lms aiWnsj IM si try nm,
in *baob ir miu Jhso ea= s etf40ala, 40alar at t he M eSm Tas
be etoid oat ft lu, Ntty I eLt wlOt Touw U sie f wteer ftEttas.

'b L wp|s (Appea~aS A*) Istwas a bemripet lof tm soeesl
Li~5 a egreof d Mae tI te t3 t ttealr to tiWh Me fuetrr Ad to th
au Sar lajeftr may hU e a mwr prtgalt flee of thes e WeOre sainesd to
ApandwiL na Dfsertthle a 40t a to iatskte nb kOw eeanmwd to turae
ft. the 4 taem fitn e mI ab SMem nageop as tfet paserl Saps of
me~rtot el: a(tett
/ Toaw tes.3wy oil) to pleasau to oboetsat, tit tlthew c tin us.
Hlme the nelt~llmst to tt aew ntablitani oit tbo toe. &Suh at.

oasfted to Vry namw tUite, yet 0a .tm tsa trV .Adf sG* OlOfesat
(*"eMa ust ate P o fAtW r n i a nsto' bai st) n l oa tc ftprai
sue beIoed that the M aw Ibaitbarte tUem allef"i 6 t"at upes the aole*
me m4ft"e4 s alpte uta m "Wl e NtameD betta the Sadiams sad tIe
mutest M.eaos., abme Uttl noet bt"4 Oediae4J to tI steerss U"
weeauteBmld that esatenese Bts Eitat.wteh t1 s t matu e W.theai t the -e
saOt of the tawasei s, taes w beb eam U"n ve ntte4 pr&Ie"S abs *all

lbelatined of.
it o aBwuria tih I"p WAI um No*sps$4 La wsittai, s tets
tes the trestel ett thft SMlals, tow Maetty sill ohte4mwi that Se

oauedary LUa with the sls Natiea & theLr Allies t m ke upon th fSp

bt trmimate at that part of the Othto, whe it r ieelve twhe Gboashe
tver, latead of mtmos lag it doe the Oe tot t he t hekes RSfer,
mad up thbt vewr to itse soe asfr desrted o the Trasta the *easm

ftir hA tIs l ts% otbll s six latian gy have Pretwmaas to the

Dsiaion of tme ouatry a the south 1ide of the Ohio lower 7 4 tran
ms GoMnshwavM Mmr, ,et la laot It ito mor o"r9tied ky the Cherokees
and other ladfepedelt btbas as their b atAf Oareand; 4d tbrefere
the maklag my settlamata becead the Oummahy Mver, or at leat be.

yead a fLU daes w t te Mseth of it, tof bn t ithe makee Lbme new
termlsatse, as mased oa the Mep, oul4d be altoetber iaaoesistaet with
Oatt la been settled ad spread upon wAth t ati tsm er whkia seaso

we thiak, sftt the Lia sette t th thea Aso the ai n1a i, sIMS that,
whia reeame to be settled aith the i Kttems, oght to be arted sl

the m6aar sa have described,
Spas the wabo it dee ~ ppme. teo w tht t t 111 be rruatly
for our vaftys Inteest, s well ator toe pese, surBltg and AdveaW
tagf of the QoloaiOee that this biondry Luew should, as speedily as
poel)b3, to rattled by TnJr Majestrye Authority, ead that the pmerla*
t sanits saouald e tastrwtated S empesared to emke TrLutise las p
&fty* Maom with the adftoa ftbr thai parpepen, ad mabledl to make
Mb Presents to tMe ~lB s, a thoe lttwo ad extY t of the Omeoasetoms
a tiWtr part sell appear to remtreg Q*s however should be taken it
thu settleamt of this lamless, that the Agemamt for Bindear Liae

be left opm to acdi AltematUMs, s, t the seams OAetS for the

autual Xat.Et. at be* parties J r e hreaf tott b e fnd sesaeaar aSd


I Toe MaJ oj sts ou*d be yatouSly pleased to apprew what
mwe have baers vnMm,.ea, we hsMly f1~sea% vti r it aw bet be fo.
ter aweasey, that the oblatues sbhelA be Waqtred to giv e wy
seacteo I* the bossun la thir pewer *am to pride by prper lame
for the pumsat of afll Pwro.U, abO ium l anger te pOibleo Pees

of the bainivt bp e.stfmnd s *ettlsUmta, or eupeylang Leado boayer
selOb LinU
htat Re he. abovr stated it respect to t" xpei4iBagr f sca
timkaln the fYaee ef epfataeua is inetaSl Mril to esritattie
with tbhe Iaes amMsrsteg otmIasy LUes as ft btmby 6St, that
tbwre ar othUbwpf DA~ d r&6 VDrr whaih, tkoug tbhy bh of tee
tVsw*e yet 4d both rta their )Ate 9 a I portaose rndMlw tbe later-
venati of oMUrGC t asttla under Towr Jaet*s iSMiset. Authority, atd
wh, tAh~7 Ir rateU Mnfe to B gsenerl Zatretsa of the talsas
ladepenra t ot their Oasmm oe a ith era pwritlULsu Ple ag meast be

paeotdd fer b prMtaastl "t"amag ia tV rP Bameil tof 4a8et Ct e
paste or moment Qbrtae /fld between te ams ad toh pridapal
tribe of aswe. in that bouttyq the rne Aitlm a Bt reSMarest rS~ I e
betaees One Body atf Ialmus ad .ater| the u re wing wt* them foir te
el.* or aurm atr of auds bt fr & publi Pwurposes et a lyg witWhi the
LUtm o*f ats pMrt r bileetI faI tshe beltag Zatervisew rwith them
for tMee an a Vmstei of 1eatr gaf~ ve l PrpOeM, ais are ma nly
obJtej te or Iseitastia bwma e sas fle V Jad Seo XulaMe.,
theei, Sy it plasm Ter ajesty aw to anr Jan masets er-
viLes of preit Importgane, #ad to vIbh it to esstally meesessy
fobr lt Preersvatioa of tMe DUtisu Iltenet wits1 tese Sti-as, "m b
neawmanas~aL.M tnd.~In au.sthat state AtteImU

hat4 be pe.
Astei to tj* etaitlmbamw u t He ptweo t nte of awperta.
tsbtedtat, U Iaoalesat of thee latemS vs stasWted i the n Mans
.f th.t. doleatet, *te we praEieily oa setef. wth Lgt l3a4l~a but
whowe waLker te d9epMNdet ette aft s Gor ese that the otherr
ntit ef t the flUsf es at interfere mft tMhs wry t erseat ne% iww
gamtly the a~ilte of thi eS sc e aso na Saeratd4y Aiaes with t tes
aeauns Rtlams bhxesteftogs er the SDtana l t rraet, sad hew a ssesM
55r1 it ,s toat ea crtaMt Urtsb etMi keit wpe their temasl ser
Vatinie ana Set Tear Toetjstyre tewnnu baLr U aronasetly Mat

retulasy taInteWd r the tate sntte at Affat 4as orf 21 Trwamsuflia
in the tdtam eimtry#, ieaset but be Optadiws, that thee arce
Mtasmns, w~ak Joined to wt W hwA mt fty stated,* do asked It eae.
walUy asseMWeS Vmt the Ot&o of t6UWItSamdB# Sbott for the
prent e semattaur, Lr the%.w Pwrpolea eand e at ther w44 be e-
sla e sted eastw astabtlhsa st co attan d to a nareta os, to
ashe sab Presete s banv ees l u wl a a sto esy, Mad eeif Oe
beae.w Wbolutj4y pceamery upoa *eI Osetles. of TretUes Mi4 itlh te
Tadiae fbr ptbU* popesJl the kwpanee et ith, ietaltdia L*eiafL
to the WSe tedirtat*diaftos nsd nwaat, monerwlag theo @ lttr "altao d
Wfttmtesa asdM by t hee, bny wed WA f.aisl Pan.s umeamuly.
salftg tus ftalk stated to te~r SMy the 9..wr. cnd PAM atnt of

awe iSrvi'cwm, ahieb relate to the oMaagsaiet of tIdant Atffair, Ltade
patnl S te W te Wdth tem9a, we "Sl s the nwot "l4e Steatt ab
he. 6enrred to Osa pm tis latter a~dsb t.
It awt be ettedtsh Ut Wys n of Tnd AtWi t

ladies is am CoJecst deserving grat AttMtoaw V at maly ftw l t

aamMarKil voatLg (ti it, beut l3o flss the ftreot hat sla*
beSa gl or mU ml =Msu aet ho a wpa the 0 mMd iateA poeUttea ef
tMe Seans; mad a t Im tamt aM i et ugealdMtems, 4t1tI depwed oeso
leIwl IttUatn s ad Gonum@s"m *e l a jd FA"h reqdrms hMe heAe6ltt of Low
is wmry tem late Enitm st uuatm be eemaate etm th* ame
ft4Mit., or b pe Ig uad *. etu~atM y s smtlled by Ohg fteWsE bUtag
ao etehr ateattbt, tb kstt they derive r"es Tw joety*O LeAni dsa .

Ups. the (ll4et tm.LaMrt~n latb the Ffflnt & Opw ati ns of tie
seufeal FPwrpLaLttems npeottaq tum Xais Trade, Iwgsted ty tb i Weorld
la 1 md4 Iar tPh 1w Oi~mButeadmto, it dewn ppewAr A u, Wtat

amer o the bWa, ia prlieUvltr OGames ad withB respect to prUtewlar
odAs e@t St..*, beesn ttas WittNa slutOay Utst. to ewe ea
mvieea blazer ppia tte b. eS olo of Clo eiU tAe,
Fist. n That n .me gesn1 Plm of Cumere sat Polyep L oer -en
b l appUrble to el tSo dfiterent ibtteso f T bitss, of aftwnSt
Zat.rete ard l dittflemt tSit iate,
Deadly. -a tt the fstlata tr"es to Gertia Post MP5 ftses,
wheb is the ISprit iad i le ef presOt Srtest hower
spediait sod .rtrft l Sla raespe4t i thto te 6thers ldimss, to of
dotbvl Polteq th Se ppsot to thesw ldiens "ure prUttetlarly wuaetd
With Sew Tbo ad PamIepinta, eAt tSat it io sedwntly ESMadYeSbWnUs
aid AaesEvwi mt, ad de ame altth rewpst to ft aub larger

SaT of bntasL ho psesms l. OsIMa t teo e seard, ad.e 4 w&
lear uJaOn4 Sbjato IA tew to WpAtLe te o banry oa so exstasul

Ithily.a- That admepiadul t of t"his SjObfeti, and et say dobt tht
itt attendd sha Pnat&Osilimty Iof Its e Ametole in itlf fal ateat,

the whole Plan does conseit of su a variety of Establishments, &

necessarily leads to such extensive Operations, as to bring on an

increasing Rpence, which in point of Oommeroe may exceed the Value of

the Object to which it applies and being greater than the Trade can

bear, aust, if the present Plan should be permanent, either fall upon

the Colonies, in which Case it will be iapracticable to settle the

Proportion / eah Colony should bear, or beooe a Burthen upon this

Country, which, we humbly conceive, would be both unreasonable and

highly inconvenient*
For these Reasons therefore and under these Circumotenoes, We

are humbly of Opinion that the laying aside that part of the present

Plan which relates to the Indian Trades & intrusting the entire Manage-

enat of that Trade to the Colonies theaeelves, will be of great Advan-

tge to Your Majesty's service, as a means of avoiding much Difficulty

and saving auah xpenoe both at present and in future.

It ia certainly true, that, while the Managemset of this Trade

was in the hands of the Colonies, antecedent to the Establishment of

Superintendents, many Abuses were committed by the Traders, little Care

was taken to subject them to proper Begulations, and the Misconduct of

the Colonies in this particular contributed not a little to involve us in

the enormous sxpenoes of an Indian War.

If therefore it were probable that the like Neglect or Mit-
manaeament would again take place la such a degree ,to expose us to the

ens Oonsequenoes, We should not hesitate in declaring our Opinion

against the Propriety of suffering the Management of this Concern fever

to revert into the Bands of the Colonies. But We trust, that the

Experience, which the Old Colonies have had of the ill Effeats of euch

Inattention and Neglect, will induce all of them to use more Caution &

. I .

wettwr Iaaagnet the 4* fthhiM, fa ps duMi n to adapt at eof "
elflUts-me .stalLW ai ip tby pVrIemt iprtS eWl a we euda*tl
opesrat t o t$ae suf or tSe Ira*S us tbo 0e aeg of ert nseaU
fteemen -s tatat as seniaa, flu aat& a la n ft. eSes nBR

be to alsw atSr s .lo Pnfti a t UnA Pee. mad SevMItp, s
A st