Bill Relating to Everglades Drainage District.


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Bill Relating to Everglades Drainage District.
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Everglades Drainage and Other Water Issues
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Everglades (Fla.)
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;IP ..PPR.'IS.:;L OT" '`ERET~ITS .,fD D*.M-~s TO LANCDS ..ll'llrTED

:,NY WORK=S C00NUT!'-.1'; TED,~ UN 7'~ THIS ,,0T.,.1.ND TO r7E~ljORIBE .;
L,,?S: OF 7`LORIDI~.-, ;'OTS OF' 19-;?EPLL" TrI:S17, 19


1 _I



Section 1.

The BoundTarTies of Evergpla~rs Drainage District

,re declareda to be ns the sa~me noc now constituted under

the lawse of I10rida~, .2n the E;-id District is hereby declared~

to bc ra political subdivision of tbc Sta'ti of Florida, Ian

a public quasi-corporation thereof.


SectFion 2. B i

Th:.t Section 1161, Revise~d Cener;.l St;,tutes of

Plloride, be, .,nd the sames herEby is, ramenidc6 to re,-d ,.8 follows:

1141. The governing bo3.rd of s,;id District shall be

~Esigna~ted "Boarda of Commissioners of EverP1lades Drainage

District", ,nd sh-,ll be comp-osed of five (5) persons, who

abaill be residents of counties in the sta-te of 310ride; wholly 13

or partly e~mbraced within the limits, of ai id Drainag-e .:3
Dis trio;t. The siaid Borard of Commissioners sh;all be zpnointed

by the "Dr;in~.Fre Court of CEvrglades Distriot", ;s
'herein.lfter providct~.


Section 3.

(c.) Frithin tweonty(20) d1:ye rafter this Act Locomes

in foroc .and oficat, tbo Jugep of tbo Circuit Court of tboB

Fifteenth Judici:1l Circuit of rloridar skr..11 notify the rDironit

Judgeo, or JUd.F.CB, of C irculit in which there ;LrC lands

within Eve~rgL.. des DrrainanB DistriLct of ,. timel, within fiftecon 3~
(15) days f-ro.m t~he d:..te of sujch notice, wlhen s.;id .Jude~s' sball

meet Lt the Colurt HouseF in P.'cst Pclms Bea-~ch to o3rp~nizo ).s tboC


"D~r..,inrage C~ourt .of .Lver~ iero" gto

~p73tinit Comm~ni~ssinuconl f .idDitit

'"ho1n -.esembtjca the JSurtg~s shall ec~l~ct: oil1- f: thlir

n-umbe~r Chlairman, and mjrrl-;lityr of such Judge~i S at...l ~1 on

stitute c. quorum for the trransaction of buciiness. ini the

_ventl there she.1 ber more~ thani olo J7uiec for any~ of sa-lid

Circuits, the Judge~i of sucih C~ircuit chall denomince~t one

olf their niumbecr to sit .s .- member of Dra~iina.FGe ICourt.

(r,) .,t suchl meecitling- eail Coutn: sh7-.11 on.73i; : int

five (5) CT~ommlisnionelrs of Gr~id Zvere-13~ l'dea Dra~in Iistrict,

two0 for a term of fou;r (4) yea;7rS, t' for .. tcr:.1 of thlrco

I-3)yours, and one,'for a term of twi~o(?).oe.Trc-fe
their terms aball To. for forur (4) years. h otsal
fill all1 vac2nciies wih-;ch m:.y occur on eoid ..lonrd. Erch

Comnmissioncr Fhcll holld office during the =termn folr which

h~e is atpointedc and3 until his successor is dul,: :-ppo'iited

rind has ourlifiled, seing remo~vable the~refrom by sail Court

only~ for C~Ucus IlfterS bor.ring urnonI a motion filerd 1.7 n~iy

interested persoil; Ind shill furn~ish s: corpor!... t.. uij;:ty

Lond,~ zt the cuponso of the Dist~riot, ini amrount "nd form

fixed andr approved "oy' the Couj~rt, ~ond~itio;, d un an,1- th~ faithl-

ful performance of his luties of Euab Comri7:!Eioner, v..-bich
sha~ll beo filed in tMi office of the~ Clerk.

(c) ;Lt said mij< tinge the Court shz11/r.,,.cint .

.. Board of thrco(3) ,'.pcpraiiears, no trio of3 -.1bm shall. be

r!esidents of the lrme. Coun2;tyS, bGut 2ll of --ho1m shall1 be

Listrizt, one for I term of tr-.ol9,') yirs, ciner C~1 fr term

of three (3) Ju~fr~rs .ld one for a torm of foua~r (4) years.

Therea~fter the ;lyppo-i~tntmelnt shall be for four(4) yor re.~
.11 v-crancies in t~he Eco~rd ojf .'pprt.iew~s shr:ll be~ filled .'c

by3 th~e Court no~, in~ toi case of origine~l opnointlme~nt.

S~ctio~n 4.

As sooi;n; srercticable after~ thir' appointinenit,


the soil Bclor oT r Cor~l:?mi 31ionore schall mo~~rLi hlr Lte cort.'

"osus- ini yrit PI:.1m Fizdch c.ndl 8hell perfl-ot : on afruistlon

.GE1 proceC C wi.Jh t~hi bu7Lsiness of the iL;iatrit all in

eaco-rrence ithl the~~ terms of this .:ot, Thecy r.;: 11 Iitcteminre

''ounty having 3r;::1 i.itiill the District. E0 ol~inr

Le:fore: ntering uooni his I'uties, shl~:l~ t ].o'. 5ubea-ribo

to n octh, biforc ..: Officrer zuthorize.: tc -.'mini:;trr enthE,

-thait hi w~ill hourtly,;- f--ithfully ;ni' imou-rti .11yi~ perform

the iC.utiie of h~i: office, :.nd thart be vill1 not: 1 in~tl.retid,

which s-id o*-:the sh-IT be filotE ii tGhe offiiec ft.Cek

UponJ1 talking the. cathsl the Borld shall2 chocst onle of' their

membehr~-:r. C~hrirman of the D)iet~rio;, ani- sh-all E .lect sncrlC

sul~i't.100 purson~' .R'~aretaRry of 'the D~istri~~ct ;:'ho~ Ie.: or may

not be a member of the Bou:rtl. Sueb Eco~rd sh-al" :..l10pt.. o,-,<

nd sh-ll keiln inJ a v.'Cll-b Ouwl book a recorle of1 -.l itsc

proceed~ines, minute: of all meetings, e.-.rtifi-ste-r,, con-

Ltr:cts, 'uonds Iglive bt~Y (mployrcos, anC all core:,.,' rt: .its,

'.'.'hich shr.11 be openv to theC insec~tioni Cof .:!.-1 ''.:..r ofn

cr1ope~rty; in' the. Distr~io~t, ias~ r:0~11 aQ t~o ,.11 othir interestodr

..rtice. It shall hav:e poker to mnrkc : .. ::1tanrJt ruleS and1

regulations, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t nticnitn tht raiinofLif

.'. t, for th-- col~inet, of the~ busitos~ a~ndt nff Zi. of t~he

Disric. :nn. mjrity of the commiissioncro rch-11 carnatituto

i cuo3rum, .-n' c~oniurrsOneo of a majority ill -:.7 mr;tte:r
\ithini their Ilutics charll bc .eufficien for"- i ts ~..a termniine-

t ionl. The Fox r; .L~:: res~olution Fhe.11 also fix th~- i::

for the3 ho7ldinq of regular meetin-gs, which sh-.l.11 bei hold

;t least Onlce in ealch month. All, regular mootine~s c-h111

Ihe hld at, th, office of tboh Eocr!r., but s~pecial mootings

rn; tor holld at rny; place wlithin thze Statte of' Tlock--,, upon

c .11 of theC Chfirman.


Seal a~
recorlds of~ t~he D:iPsict ,1)C. of its cori3on.t /,

::rhall ".Ssist the; ES.oi.e in fsCh par3tial11~ T r.s it. no~; lirco~t.

"ttFEst, under the Coror7or:..ti siral, all cert~ific.1 coies~II:. of

thiu officJi 1 reccor.'.; --nl fle~ls tl'at may, Bi rT.'uire1 of himn

th sA t r b ..ii prP-an o iri g t .- E-.n '.uil .vylTinge

tooc reasonazble cost of trainscriptioni i .nld .--nyi .."?tion of

the~ rc~ior<.. so cerltifiCi e :._n~ attested: Fb.:11i prima- f iC.

1-.ipo~rt veritY, Th ert r; hl er.:.10asTo:ue

?f the Dis~trict, u!?lr:: Trc 'enrcr is o7therw'ise.9~ pJroviict

lr byr the~ Eoard.I~

(br) TJhe~ 3Boar( me.;i also~ employl :- 171inc "nine~ler, ; ';

\.no mayl, ber c.n, cer-partnersh ip or coruar -,tion;;
i f
n I..ttorneyIJ andi Psuch 0 th:r' Eng~ineer:s, .:ttorni;,:;':71ani OtherT

exrpend~lti ltures, sharll tol t.-:l-ln a's a part oft t~he cos~t ofi the .

i.n~oro~e m en t ''The omp~l~o;ymi nt of the Socro t Tr,;, s L11 : sr r,

-110f Eng~inreer or 1_ .titorne;;i~ for t~he Dis-trict sl<131 bje cvi-

.111 pe7clify the Imounlts to be pia id fr theiir sor'v' i-tE. :

(c) TeCifEgne hl o.:prnonln

tbc Bolir0. as he ia- >u p er

1 8)Th.3rcrynduhote ..tso

i,~loyees~ of ther ji.'trict 2s the~ rlourt may ~i.:iroot,, shall

:'li-lish corpo-rate su~rlaty tondl.s, ct the e~::.psnie 1or lil:

1.tioin amount? rand Corm find~l. -::na ] >I;' ; t..

,o.rtcoditone ron the~ ftithlful perfo~rmarn~ce of their

.:Epc -tiv~e duties.

(c) :.1 co i e t e or s 't' -1-n ,n t

~ i ~i~__i


or sequired. 't tbor or.pense of, Zverg~l~e..O Tra~iil o~ istriot,

::.hetbo~hr jin thi pov~e ssioni of its off.I'- es,' l openr~ts orr -.idhploco~CCs,

or -in the poouc!:sion~l of Ii:.,i ot;he-r person. or co?1;'rpr tion wh-~at-

soever, are hircbI, de:01 .rcei to be the prope~rtyt o~f EvtrF-laos

Dlra~U~Cinag DiStrlictl :`1 v e~ryin offic-r, ageni~t orli can-loyee101CCCf

slidl Distric t, ;7nt Ce-l: very prson osT corporaintion~. w:h' ..a cvor inL

possessionz or co :trolI thereof30 sh.1.1 d.eli~rcr tbo- sarici to .the

Boaprl, or to cwhom~ it. may~, r.iree~t.

Sec~tioni G.

bankr~ or-trust compa!yny~ in thr Sto-tei o'f Flri.r.2, asys:Treasurer~ a7

the District. The s.,id Tlcreasure~r nF:11 oze:cute ai bonel' .to

the- sad!. List~rict in~ such~ sumT 1s sh'-l1 be fi:C(L b;, thej said

the Stz te of Florid.; saL 32ureity, .Znd ob-11bc1~`i t!!. c-u.-:todlaia

of a-ll mnonirEs, bondsl, andl- otherr surcr~i~tice: of itE Ditrct

be upon'li wairrant~s 3rrl1 .jr o the Tr~Easurejr thell~lref appiroved~ byr

of' the Trl:.sureir of sZa id Dietrio t, asT pro'~l.'i: 11l the

preI:cedingi aIc tio~n of this Acst, tbc '- TE7surer~1 Of -he7 State

of FP:loirid, ac Treasurer'C1 of Eve'Crglades Draiine ll Distriot,

shall payr ove~r andlc del;iver to thel saidL Tro':.:..urori of -Ever-

glsdcs Draiiinage Ditrlict all :iiois,, ElScourities =.nd p7roperty-

of every: .rind. iLn his hnnds: or uncder hiie control 'celongiiing.

tto tboc saiid Dietriot, and! shalll be etiZ~tlot. to roc~icive3 .

proper rccipjt ~.rndi acrruitt- nce thezrefor.


ED:EUOF~~~.7.. EP~lER 1.0FII.LP

Section 8. 1

I-barll engaycp~ the ser~vicpe of three. (3) C;ictbyrui

eng-incctre of naition.2 l rputtinin to be Lkno';i a -e "Eo.:rl: of

Engpinee~rs o TTfl Evr ld. Dring Ditic" nil abrll crTuse 9.

tbh e sid Engciner)C c. to -arepn~Cii a ge nor 11 omnpr c hear ivL:. plan

fori tbo~ d.cvulop5mient of th;, Distri.-t as a '"--hole. :.-uch pjlan

Fhall hazve the fol.lowvinig general featur'E8:

:i.houldi be done by tb~ Listri~ct ras a whoi;le .;i'.n ::icih c.-3 nnot

~ffectively be~F done~ byJ eeub-dstricts. The~ ':hiief item of

ruch w'ork shall1 be th~e control and~ regu'l~ll-iio of thec 1.:torses.'

-sf Lakei Oke~C~Ot3choo..i lnsalg no(.ti nya

frr as is nece~ssrr to insure t~hzt the .rub-Zlilriots shall

to~ able to dlcve.10p and. exe:ccute plans illlrmloniously~ ;InG

\.ffctive~ly w'ith ra malximumi of mrutual hzelp one.! cr-.:parationior

.nrd,w:ith a1 miniimum of inlterferecei~: andii 1los~ of o:~ffic'iency.

(b) It shall1 divide such port;ions~ of the D~istrict ':

ras Care not embl~raced G.ithin~ SUb-distriCts inito tiiutative~

best, main d~ivisionsl inlto which' theC 9-.ii. territory3'~ an..i t

lividot for nctuarl reclrlmrtion. Lanl'.e which m:-Y to necesssary :Q

for Eve~rgl:.oe~~ Dlrrainc:rt District to hold for r)j.lht-of- f-way,

or for otherT neicesary; purposes, ma be rithholleti frolm .n~y'

(c) The pjlene of Ercrgll:. .Los Drrain goF District

rh3ll not extendc to the. construction by1~ 61i-1 D~i.:tr'i'Ct of

I.linl or latcrral obanneilEl, or to "rny otherr :orkjs '::.hiah

:Iacsonalbly can to left to the sub-districts. EvcTrglades3 I

rclinsEe DiSt:rict shall nolt, under~ltak theC attUal reC~lamantion'

~f lands ex'cept -Ls such2 reclr-mation of limiitl:e areas may
be lincidentael to the purpose of providling general control

of the wraters ofr the Di~strict.

(i) Ssid Plan shanll definei, in '-'itev~c~i r d.g~r~e of
.ietzil is nleonary~ anii prrct~icable, tbo~ cljtlrn pro,5.rn7ji of .i
orkis rtnd meas~u~resi whatck v:111 bec ~neccesrsryg in its oxc~;ut~ion;

It shall also outlille a prograPm of dcycl~opmen', thicih .vill .~~
iinc~lito the timne Tend mnner'1~i in which t!he excuction: l of thalt
r;~an sh~all oc o'rri-ed into ixecutiion, or~1 it r oy~ intrl.ic t
t;hat the ex~ecution of I:,rtlzin parts is indel~finital;;: poetponed:

:-ndl thE pla~n shall inc-lulco rn estimite of the= expenditures

neccesszry for the various steprs; an1d tl he be~IDZn On raidjr

plazn sholl go in~to the~ ma:tter of the_ proo tim::L11llitit of the '
timec andj ratu o~f (;--i.cotuion~ as-J T:IS11 TEs intLo 21.Oll other fua~tu.YpiS s

iand the ,dootio~n o.L thle plani S'ell the1 the D~itetri.. t to
the time a~nd, ;s ?.-'011 no to the, Charctor ojf t.i imn-

Scotion 9.

(a) Upon1 tboJ comp;letjion of suoh ple-~n the; Eac~rd of
13.omi-miss:-jioncra shall hole.. G hear1ing thoronc~l to7 hea.r ob~3jec3tionsE :

thorito, thall cause notice thort~of'i to be r:n1: b ublion- .
tion in. cc.h rCountyl ilto w~hich sa-id. Listrict m-:..r i-:tei2,
-ndl shall perm~rit theo inspection thereof :tI t'hooffice of the
District by' all por~oons in~te~rested. E-il: noti3e sh;.ll fix

the .timei andl plce for the hearingr of rll objections to saiid

plarn, not laes than tr einta (20) c;L:rs, nor mro~e t. ;:n thirty ,r

(30) days, after the Ilat publiention of cmic notice.. ll~
objctlions to said plani~~shd11 be ini :-ritings sn.. filot wi th.
the Secrcti~r? zt the office of the District not mo~-re tha~n

tenl (10) Ray;s after the l;ast publication of said notice. ~
(b) Alfterl P.aid beaI'~rin thei Eas.rC.(i"l. hn1 adopt a s

plan as the Official planl of saini Distcriot. If h.uvr
4ny pecrsoni or ?public corpra1r2tioni obCjrcts toJ ce.ii Official ,.I
Plcl; no ado~tell, then1, euchr person oi: public cJorporation .)
may, viithin tei (110) days.3i fromlr t~he.aotono 3idOfc
Plan~, fi'le in tbc~ ofrfioe lof the- Cllek their obl;jections~ ini *







I ~r~

i ,

writing, specifying the featurLs of thre ~plan to which

objection is mnae, a-nd thereupon the Clerk shrll fix a.

day for thte hearings thereof before the .court, niot lose

than twenty (20), nor more than thirty (so). ~ay after

the time fixed f69 filing objections, at which time the

Court shall hea7r said objections and adnopt, mortify,

reject or refer back saiEl plan to said Board.

(b) If the Court should r~jcct siid -planl, then

the Board shall proceed as in the first instance un~der

this Act to prepare another placn. I~f the Court should

refer back sazid plan to the Beard for almondment, thon the

Court shall continue thd hearing to a da .y certain without

publication of noticco, bencl thei Court sharll approve c plan Lr

as the Official Plan of said Distriot, thGe a Gcrtifieda

copy of the order of the Court acpprovEing the same shanll

be filed with the Socretary and by him incorporated

into the records of the District.

(c) The Official plzn an~y be altered in detail

from time to time until the appraisal record herein pro-

vided is filed, but not in such a mannot' as materially to

effect the conditions of its adoption, and. of. all such

alterations the appraisers shall take notice. But after

the tppra~isal record has been f~iled in Court, no alter-

ations of the Official Plan shall be made exce-pt as pro-

videdi by this Act.






.%4 j~Q~3j~.s:J
~: a

Section 10.

The Board shall havG full pOWer GDG nuth~rity

to do~fi~i e(-; propere for, execute, mraintain and operate any or

all. works or improvements necessary or deosirable tO GOmplete,.

maintain, operate~ and protecCt theC works~ proviido& for by the

Official Plan, :And to that end, may employ an~d see~ure mon

and couipment under the supervision of the chief Engincor

or other agents, or nk"-y in its discretion, lot contracts

for such works, either ast a whble or in parts.


ic ;:'~I:?I:


~Ji ~h~;c.,

E i~


The Board, its employces, and the appraisers horcin-

a~fter providedl for and. their rrssistants, may entor upon lands '
within or without the District in order to makor survey .00& *a

ozaminactions to accomplish thei nccsscry' prcliminarry purpose

of the; District, or to ha~ve aceC1ss to the work,; being liable,

how~over, for actual a-s.mogc d~ono. Any person or corporations

proven~ting such entryr eball be guilty of misedemoornor, p~unish-

able, by finch not excooding Fiftys ($50.00) Dollnrs.


- i'

00?.03 TO LUDS

Section 1.1.


''i' s

" ~~..'~i

Section 12.
()The sar~id Board of Commissioncre of Evergl-tdos .

Drainny~ District, in orcder to effoot the protction and

reclnmation of the Irndi and~ other propert;- in the LIistrigli

and to necomplish all other purposes of the District, is '

ruthorizer' to establish end construct a system of canaols,
drains, lo~voos, dikos, ii-ms, locks alndi reservoirs, of'such 'i

idimensions, C.opth and~ proportions as in the judlgmant of the

eaid boa~rd is rdoomoE navisable to arnd reclaim the 'i

landis within the sa-id District, and to m-intaiin cll cana~-ls,
dro~ine, levee, dikcE, r''nsI, look~s ..:nl rieservoir-e wYhich haLve

heretofore boon, or may hereafter be, constructed byr the

,saic Evorgl-ales Dr-ainr ger District in such ma~rnnoir rs sa-id .

Bo-ard sh~l11 IRoocm most .7dva;ntago~:cous, andi to canrry out suich&:Ea

w~ork ss in the jurlPmernt of the su~ir Bonrd will be airisabice

For harmonizing such navigation ns an~y to inch'.cntal upon ':

toe works of d~r-inagej~ or in? connootion with thle workse horato

fore or hereafter constructed for Ar..inngc pu~rposes; to

provided for aIndl regualate the collootion of ra reasona-ble

schedule-of tolls for tbo use of the anir c -nals ani! looks,

?ll tolls heretofore collected for the use thereof being by;u

this Act lega~lizel c.nd valj~idaterl; to regu~~l to tbo spcod of

all water-Craft or boats oi any kitnll playing on or using that .

~ : '\;~


1~ can-1s aLnd watjrways; to prescribe regulntizns for th3

c istructiojn of docks and1 landings along, ind bridges o~r f rries

Tross, the saiid oulnals; and to do and perform any and all otherr

a:: which in the judgmajnt of the said board azre endiucive .ar
be co~nduIcive/the uo-kee(p ind brttermjnt Jf said ristri ~t.
id Bo~ar is har-eby muth.:-rized zlnd empow~e~red to c3han ;iut,

.;traighton, wridein, change the~ course san fflow~, ;:lter' or desp-;n

-"L ditch, drain, driver, walter-course, pondG, laker creekli or

:tural stream in or out of said Distriot that ma~y be deemed

:oe cssaryr by said Boa~;rd to be done to facilita-te; the drainz-ge

.-ni reolama-tis:1 of the territoryr in -the s;;id Cistriot; to3 con~-

stL7UCt afnd maintain main~ ::n: lateral eainals or ditches; toj iai-

J;uct such levees, dikss, sluices, 'revetments, r srvi,

.;lping stat~ions; andt ther worvrks and impro7vemen-ts deemed ntcessary

j p~reserve and ma-intain the works in sai~d Cistriot;.to consltruct

:g bridge or roa~dway;L over sa~i3 laveesr embJankmlnts public bl (~-

ra~ilroadl right-ofr-wiy,, track, grade, fill or out, or icrjss

:y1 streamln or pondl thazt may- bet necessary to facilitate the

-rk of draininrg mLn reclaiming the territory, or any3 part

the5reof, embraced in siid Cistriot; saidj Bo~3.:.rd shall, ha2ve

tchej power and authority to~ hold, conrond acquire b~y

Lnattion or pu~rch.;se, for the use of the Cistriot, anyT rea~;l

Lr personal propGrtY; tz ezndemn any lands, 3easiment, risil-

:Pad righ~t-of--way, .:'u or~ out of said Cistriot, for the righ-t-

f-waty for sany csnal, ditch, rino sev ir, r fo7r

ac:t:rial to b3 used- in constructing and matint.,ining the sail

:-rks and improvements for driainig, protecting and recliimingk '
i-he land in said Cistriot. I

(b) T3 pass upon the: general plans Jf every sub-
istriot, after conference with the officials thereojf, solcelY

t:~ determins wrhsther such plains are reas,,nably causist-n~t

.ith the generalE plans sf Everglades Crainac~gi; 'istriot.

!ram the~ Socision rf ~Evsrglaaes 13rainage District in such eace

;he sub-district may appeal to Everglades Crainauge Criurt.


(c) To3 police the i'istriot, be predvant ,amage by
fire or oth~erwiuse

(1 ither lirectly or in Coo)peratiojn with aub-

listriots, the Statz 3r FedeLral (1'3vernmentl~t; or; 3thr agncies,

to; maintain agricultural expevrimzen stazti.ns ior tj pr;secutu

agricultural, colonizingF, marketing o-r engini-ering research

or investigations which may pr.?mote the~ welfare ;f: th~ Cistr'iot.

(e) The Board may adopt, in the same mandeir and by

the same procediurt; ds followed for the~ adoption and~ apprroval

of the Official Plan?, rules and regullations for this dev'clop-

m~ent and~ adiministratijtn of sub-d~istriots, but only to the y

iextent that such rules and rljgulations are necessary for the

sucoass and well-being of Everglades Grainage Cistriot as a

whjle, and for the presevrvation of its credSit and values.

Any party interested, or any3 sub-district, may peltiti,,n the

3Zrainage Ccourt at any time for a review and mod'ification of

any of said rules and reguclationas, and the Court, after

hearing, may enter such orders as shall be proper in the

(f) The enginteering and other Cata of Tverglates

Grainage District shall be freely available to any s~ub-

Sistrict and that of sub-distriots shall ba similarly available

to Everglades Crainage Distriot, And that of sub-distriots to

each other.

(g) The Board shall have the right to permit the use by

li; any sub-diistriot of any rigfht-of-wnay, easement or other

property which is no~w,. or may hereafter be, owned by Everglades
Grainage Cistriot.

(h) Said Board, wvhe-re necessary for the purposes of
this Act, shall have a dominant right of eminent domainn ovejr

the right of eminent domain of railroad, t eleigrap h, tecslezph > on,

gas, water, power, and other companies and corporations of

like character, and over townships, villages, counties and

cities. In the exercises of this right due ~care! shall1 be taken

to do no unne~cessary 3amrage to other public utilities, and

in case~ of failure to agrji; upon the' moldt andt t:ers of^

interference not to interfere with their 9opera~tions or use-

fulness beyond the actual necessities of the case, duLe rz$pard

being given to the othir public interests involved.


Section 13.

In case of any7 conflict of policy, of interest,

or of rights between Everglbade Crainage District and one

or more sub-distriots, or between two or more sub-distriots,

said issue may be presented by SEverglades Crainage Cistrict

or any sub-district to the Crainage Court, or to any Circuit

Judge upon whom the parties may agree, for a~djudication and


Section 14.

7Jhen it is dleomed necessary to let 'the work by ,

contract, contracts in amounts not to exceed $5,000.~00 -may be

let by the Board without advertisement for bids, but no

contract involving the ex~enditure of more tha~n $~5,000,00

for wovrk or mtatrial shall be let until notice o~f thi; 'inten-

tion to award said conatract shall hazve been published once

each week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper published

in the City of M~iami and in a newspaper published in the

City of Noist Palm beach,'l Florida; and such contracts shall
be let to the lowest or best bidder, who shall give bond with

-pproved surety an~d in an amount to b3 fixed by thre BoaZrd

conditioned for the fai~thful. pe~rform;ance of' said work~, and

containing th~e other conditions required by l~iw to be

contained in a bond covering the construction of improve-

ments by counties within thei~ State of Florica. All contracts

shdll be in writing a~nd shall be accompanied by, or shall

refer to, -plans andi~ specifications for the work to be done

prepared by ther Chief Engineer. Said contracts shall be


let by the~ Chief Engineerr, approved by the Ecardi, signed by

the chacirman~r and by 'thei contralctor, Ind shall bs execu-ted

in duplicate; provided thit in caise of sudden tmergency wNhen

it is neccessa-ry in order to protect hel Cistriot, the- -dvsr-

tising of contracts maly be waived upon the consent of he~

BoaLrd with the a2pproval1 of the Caurt or of a Judgie th~juref;

provided further thzt the provisions of this section shall

not; apply if it is dete2rminud by thr; Board, with the approval

of the Court, thact th; worki bt doLni on force account.


Sectioni 15.

The Bo0ard of Commissioners sharll hiave thej right

and a~uthority to enter into contracts or other arraingements

writh the Unlited States, or any~ department the~reo;f, vi~th

reference top theL control of Lake Oke~chobee and arny other

phases'of the work of said Board -as herein provided, and

shall have the right to en-te~r into agreemdnt~s with the satid

United jtates, or any department thjreof, iand wNith pe~srzson

Railroar-ds, or other da~rporations~public or private, and

with other drainage or recla~mation districts for co-operation

or assistancee in constructing, maintaining, using7 and1

ope~rating 'the works of the3 Cistriot; or for making surveys

and investigations or reports and, in conjunction with any

of the agenciies herein mentioned, to construct and control,

jointly with them~, an~y of the works providtd for in this Aict.


S3ction1 16.

(:i) Upon their atppointmejnt and before taking

up their duties, the appraisers shall take and subscribe to

an oath tha~t tht"y will faithfully~andJ impartially discharge

their duties as such a~ppraissrs, and that they will make a

true report of the work done; by them. At their first meeting


they shall elect one of their lumber Ch-airmanr, and the~

Secretary of the~ Board, or his deputy, shall be ex-officio

Stecretiiry of said BjoarFd of AppraC~isers. A maj~ority of the

Appraisers shall constitute a quorum -Ind a concurrence of

a majority in any matter within their duties shall be suffi-
cient for its determination.

(b) It shall be the~ Adty of the3 Appraisers to

appraise the lands or other property wvithin and without the

District to be acqu1ired for rightsof--way/for other works

of the Cistriot, and to appraise all be-nefits and damages

acruing to all land within or without the Cistrict by

reason of the execution of the Official. Plazn.

(c) Curingf the preparation of the~ Official Platn,

the appraisers shatll examine and become acquaiinted with the

nature of the plans for the improvement and of the lands

atnd other property affected thereby, in order that they may

be better prepared to mazke appraisals.

(d) 7in-n the Official pla~n is filauF: with the

Secretary he sha~ll jt onci' notify the appraisers, iLnd they

shall thereupon proceedi to aLppraise thL7 bunsfit's of everyT

kind to all land tWithin or without the Cistrict which will

result from the execution of that part of the Official Plan

which is approved for construction, and shall also appraise

the dama~ges sustaine-d, aznd the value of the land and other

property nece~ssaryr to be taken by th~e Cistrict, for which

settlem-ntt has not been made by the Bioard. In the progress

of their work, the appraisers shall have the assistance of

the Attorneys, Engineers, Secretary and other,agents and

employees of the Cistriot.

(a) The appraisers shall dlso appraise the benefits

and damages, if any, accruing to public corporations, as

political entities, a-nd to thec State of Florida, and the sdme

shall be taken and considered the same as benefits or Samalges,

as th3 caZse mayjT~ be, to land or other property, atnd to public c

heal th, s safety, co3nve~n i enc e, anmd weGlfare.'


(f) Before appraisals of compensation and d~amaess
are ,made, the board m~ay report to ~the appraisers the par-els

of land it mzay wish to purchase and for which it'mayr w.ish

appraisals to be made, both for easement and for purchase in
fee simple,. and the Boar~d may specify the particular purpose
for which and the extent to which an elserenht in any propertF e*

is desired, describing' definitely such purpose and exteiit.

Wherever instructed so to do by th; Board,, apprlaisrs shall

appraise lands which it may be necessary or desirable for the:
Cistrioct to own~-, and whe~n instructed by the Bo13ard so to do,

They shall alppraise both the tIothl vsl~e of the- 20,d and --lso
-the daarfages due to an ea~sement for the ~purposes of the
'Sisatrioet ,

Upon such aprai'isals being confirmed by the
Court,~ tkhe Board shall have the option of py1,'ing theLi 3ntirei

appraised value of thz property andic acyiring fulll title to
it in foee simple, or of playing only the cost of such easesment.

Upon written dem-and by the1 own~er,' such option shall be execrcisedd

by the Btoard w~ithiai ninety (90), days after thea dat-: Of.thej
final judicial determi~nationi of such appraisals.

(g) In appraising the value of lirnd taken, no addi-

tio~nal damages shall, be allowed on acecou~ntof any pr;osp otive~
i'ncr~ase in value of land due to the exBcutionZ of the Officls

Plan. The appraisers i~n appraising benefits and da~maigas
shall consider only the ezffect of the executiont of: thle
Official Plan.

(h) The appraisers shall apprzise all damages~~ waio:

may, because of th~eexecution of the~ Official plan, acorne
to land, either within or without the Cistrict, which

damages shall also cover 6irsem-ntcs acopir~ed by the %Istrict
for all of the purposes of the Cistriot, unless othrii~'jlSe

specifically sta ted.
(1) The appraisers in making~ appraisals, shaill give
due' consideration and Cred~it to anyl other works or other


systems- of protection already cons~trued, o exclr co
struction, which fo7rm ai useful part of' the_ :rork1 of the

District accsiinlg to the~ Offic~ial; Plan. ZherSl'i3 the3 apraZisort'

or a Jury, in1 cse one be called, retrn; no apprnisal of

damaeges to any lan~d, it shall be deemed D.~ fliniilg by them
that no dan.-gUs :511l be sustained.

Secticai i'.

If the dppraisers find tha3t landi not; samolrCe withinl

the b'oundariesj of .the3 Cstrict w~ill be affected by thel pro-

posed improvementti, or should be; included~i in th- District, the.

shall appraise the benefits aLnd d~amagesi~ to such land, and

shatll f'ile a special re-port in Court rearlilng the3 land whichi

in their opinrion should be included in the 7istrict, giving

a dzscription thereof andsu~ their a1~prai31 Tl thraof.


Set;'iojn 18.

If thes spcial reportt of itha appraiser includes

re~commendaticna thalt land be included~ in ther Listr~ict, thie

Court shaill byr ar,r, fix, a places an;d timeJ fori hr...ring

thers son, adtherieupon the Clerkz shall csusa n~otice3 by pub-

lication to be. given~ of the filling of th3 said special report

.and of the4 time and1 place of the hlsaring~ thereon;. Upon such

hearing the Curt, shall make and e-ntsr sualn jirder with

respect to laris to be included inthe Bistrict as the ficts



::i.~ .i? i ,.~ctfion : 1 9. \i:

i.(a) The Ippr?.iser-s shall pjrpaFre ; tab-ulated repor-t

of their findings which shall be bou~nd in- boiik form ani shall

bej kcnowll as ,thE "'~-EverglaiGS 4 prn1 iS.1 linedrr". Such; Iq 'id


shall contain the names of the onhers- of property appraised

as t~hey may-appe~r on the tax rolls or from the records of

the office of the Circuit Clerk; a description of the

property apprazised; the amnount of benefits app'rrised; th e

amount jf damages appraised; and the appraised value of

land or other property which may be taken for the purposes.

of the Distriot.

( a ) The appraisers shall als1 report any other

benefits or damages or any other matter which, in their

opinion, should be brought to th~e attention of the Courtp

No error in the names of the owners, or omissions of the

names of owners, of property, or in -the descri-,tion of the

property shall invalidate said appraisal or the levy of
asse~ssment~s based therreon-,if e'ucff;ti~nint. delscri~ption be

given to idenrtify-..such property.

(c) When the report is~ comp~le-ed,a it shall b~e

signed by at least a majority of the appraiesers and deposited

with the Clerk who shall file it in the original case.


Section 20,

(a) Up~on ~the filing of the report of the App~-raisers,

the Court shall by order fix places and times not less than

thirty (30) days nor more than sixty (60) aays after the

report of the appi3,~riser is filed, for hearing thereon, and

thereupon the 01erk aball cause notice by pubica~tion to be

made. in eaobh County in the Distriot, of the filing o'f the

said report, and of the times and places of the hearing


()It shall not be necessary for said 01erk to

name the parties interested, nor to describe separate lots

or tracts of land in g~iving said notice,but it shall be

sufficient to give such description as will enable the owner

to determine whether or not his land is covered by such

de scrip ti on.,


Car--'Lt-w:hallt~nt -notbe-neo-essaryT to- pblish in each

Co:-ntyT a descjri-tion of all the landcs in the D~SGistric but

only of~ that part of the said la~nds situate in the Coulntyr

in which puiblication is made.

(d) Th~e DrainaCte Court aball fix.a date when
hearinr on exceptions shall be had in each county within

the D)istr-iot, and. all exrceptions to the appraisal report +

shall. be hearda in the couLnty in which .the -property affected

is- located, by a sPecial master", or otherwise, provided

hearings in SnobZ county is claimed in the exceptions;


Section 21.

(a) Any property owner may accept the appraisals
in his favor~ of benefits and of dazmages and of land to be

t.-ken, made by the appraisers,, or may acquiesce in their

failure to ~appiraise damagess in his favor, and shall be held

to have done s-o unless he shall within ten (150) Lays after

the last p~ublication provided fot in the preceding section,

file written exception to said report or to any appraisal

of either benefits or of ldamages, or of the value of land

to be taken,

(?b) All exceptions except in cases of d.3magess

and compensation, where a trial by jury is demaneded,aball

be' heard by the Court beginning on the date se~t for the

said hearings, or as soon thereafter as the matter may be

heard, andr determined in.advance of other business so as

to carry out, liberally, the purposes and needs of the


(c) TPhe Court may, if it deems necessary, by

order, direct the return of the report to the app~raisers

for further consideration and amendment. If the Court (

directs the appraisers to revise and amend the report,

spiecify-ing the cha;ngjes to be made, a further bearing


thereon may be had without; new notice. If, however, the

Appraisal record or the report as a whole is referred back

to the appraisers, the Court shall not resum~e the hearing

thereon without new notice, as for an original hearing


(d) Tihe dra~inage Court may appoint a special

master to take testimony and conduct hearingss on all constro-

versies arising under the provisions of this Act, w~vhenever

a jury trial is not g-uaranteed thereon by the Constitution.

Such special master, together with the Chief Engineer, or

his ass-istant, shall attend at convenient places within

the District after giving notice by publication of the time .naF sung heart~ingoc, a~nd. aball endeavor to adjust

such. controversies. He shall have power to administer

oaths, issue subpoenas, and compel the attendance of wit-

nesses. He shall take the evidence on each such contro-

versy and report the same with his findings of fact and
conclusions of law and recommiendations thieroon to the

Drainage Court.

le) The special master shall be paid for his

services a por diem compensation to be fixed and apnroved

by the Court, together with his exponscs, including stonog-

rapher, which shall be paid out of Eany available funds of
the Distriot.

(f). The special master shall not report the

evidence unless the exceptant rognosts him to do so, and

deposits the fees required to transcr~ibe such testimony.

Failure to make such roncost and to pay such fees within

five days after such hoarinrg shall be takon and considered

a wnai-vor of reporting testimony.


(G) Firom time to timo, as soon ?s hearings .is

1.1~ on any exccytions, th2e CoUrt sheoll ontor suchCL final

,ccroo tho~roon cas the facts shecll marrant, or rotarn

t'ic .,-itor to the: mastJr for 2frth/r. procc~inGs.


Section 22.

(A) IUhoncu~r it r.pponcrs to thec s:-tis~ination of

the CoUr't, th t the esti3;.toC cost of constrUCtin,7 the

improvoaonts contempletai in the Offici-l Plan is loss

than the benefits apprraissoe to which no exceptions 'Ire

-nfPingS, thon the CoLurt sh-C11 by order approve ani, con-

firs the report of the 7pgrriscrs no so notified end

--o~nici~, rcesrvin3S 2ny liortionzs thoroof on zhich

exceptions are ponding, ?ntd the fiatlings cndI a prais? ls

iin such ~J~3Cyprvo 1nC confirelo i report shafll bconoe the

enr~i;- oP thec appraisors.

(B3) In consitoring the fintings cne the appr isnls

medcl by;: thec ?i)~rnisersS theC CourT shallII tnkoE cogniaicnno

of thie Officin1 Pla-n ?nZ of thze degrce to whichz it is

effootive for the purposes of the Distriot. In e-so the

Sart sh 11i iiiri thnt thne cstiatcr benefits up~ralisc e

Crc loss than the estin-tal total cost of the oxccution

of the Official Plon, .cr of the pert of such Official Plan

:,or the construction of ithich suich benefiits mo~re cppraisctl ,

exclusive of intarcat on ado~rrot payments, or thnt the

': :ficiol Plan is not suitoci to thG r~qUirCDfOnts Or the

District, it may at its eiscrotion rotarn seii Official

Plan to the Board, nith on orior Circoting it to propire

act or namIci pl:-s.

(C) No~3 property sh-.11 bc tc!ken until just compen-

sation has bcon paic: according to LnS.~ But whoroC~n c trial bjr

jUry7 is C=Cl.rn;.i~ct the BoarC ma~y Pay3 into Court, in monoy,

the amoiOunt nllomlc by thle appraisors, rLith Sthe costs, ?nct


thi-rousono the; Court shall3 ac7ko an ordcr ~admi-~ ittling the? stiZ

District into possession of the property, and tchoroupon the

(Sj) Uioni the entryl of thco-~rordr o th~e Court

Ijro-itus tic. rc.,i1rt of1 theC C;.riseS1'G the Clcr:: shanll

tr-miZidit' to thel Sr~,"torot r m crtifietd cop of thze e-id

arit. cr, -n~ il 32 he agpr isls.-1s s emotfiir;e byr the Cjulr~t.


(2i) The B~oL-rf. t "nll tiime, !.lCh1LEn neoes~r to

fufilll th: :obScots fo1:ir hihthel liistrict wa~s oc.~.tod, .r1:ly

`.tr or ado t~o t: e Off'icil l' m,~1 and w:hen suchl- altc.ration~s

S.r,"n? ,nre filof. ..ith; the Socretory, -they; sh.1 Lbecouoe

.r~ts of the Oifficial Pla~ f~or all purrpOSGS.

(B) Where~~~ such I-~terations or. zdditions :in the

jur~.5mont:~ of the Cou rt no _i thr ie -~ter iolly mrrodify- ther gen elr-1

:h-r e~ter of the tojr!rk, nr.noilyieos eut

so.ttlement~lt,' iier inc.ri,-se the~ to~tal Oo'st; of the ;.o'rrk tutho~rized

liair: thnnl t~n' (105/) ;>cr cen!t. AbjjoV th t O.ctlld."t?-';.. in thGi

Ofic;ii--1 21-iln, no- Cotion; othler then 3'. rei'solution1 3. the1

DD- r:. Shel.l be necazsrry f-o~r: ,btoining= thc rpproval of suchi

Itcer'tians or of;.l~tions by 3y.ori.r of thP C Urt,:

(C) In e-so ~the~ proposc0C~ clto-rantionss 3t I.CiZ~tions

:aint:rielly miotify the goncr.,1 chi-rootor of the unojr!:, or

i..o~re:si it.;. tot-1 cct monre thnn~ ten (10 ) "per Ce~t. ...ovo

-'?..t estimat:L ini theC OfficialP1-n,, a hoarinzg shrll be

.Ii on? suc~h Cl~torations r :.itijons in the a---aC a~~nrn.r CS

proivit..l-c in tchis Act for th~e hocaring~ upon ane th~e ado~ptionl

of thea Offioifl 11lan.

(3i) I9 ,such altorations or al.:.i-ti ns a rer app~'Ir vL,

i: r-holo 3r i;- par~t, thon1 thel Churt shall c~irct the


'r .5

cg-oin~tc~ by the Court upon potition of the Boa~rt of Csm-

aissionors, -t;:1 ppraise the property to be borof'itteel, traken

r-i EnamelS by t~he: p3roposci altera~tions 3,r ceritions.~

(E) Upon thocomp:letion of the reposrtc by the

appriaisrs, notice shall to given csg a hooring hot on
their ro~zrt in the siame mannor a~s in the onso of' the

orig~inal roprt o~f the app3raisors,, prvic ot, tha~t t~hGO 8

for~ property ;rnnrs are effootoD~, the 01orrk L;-, -n oriror

of the Court, if founC to be more occasional 7ni cooveriodt,

give perssonal natic as proviioC'in snii. ar-ar of the pon-

coney of the re3r~t of suit appraiserss, instonel of natic

by publication, cn; proviioC further, that thon the only

iuG-Stiaa Of issuO iS Dc;~7itizsa 1 CE:iGi~gO~S Or Fi"C~J~CJiCD. Of

h;eroflits t-o propor~ty, :_nc t; moi~ctifictio in or erilitions

tv the 'Official 31_n, th~e B3?r:1 may, if pr? ctica;-ble bko

setltlement Lith the sraLcrs of the rproprty ia7nag~ol irstona

If hav~ingi appr;isals motoe by apprnisCrS. In ocrsc

~sottlomncts ar~e anI0c, notice-~ ri heri~ng noo~ not bp hee.,

(F) Afitecr Constra e~tion; FunL banis h-ve- boon salC,

as horoin proviiot, iin 2rior that their security any not

be impe~roC, no reaction shall to ai~~-c in the amount of

anoontostoi benctits cprncisci zr; assessments levici against

any property in the Distriot, but in lion of rany reac~tion

in assessmouts,, if- by reaonsz ofP a motrif anti;;t in sr

DEc~ition to the Officic1 Plan exGOSSivC O~SSOSSm.LS TGSE11,

the excess shall be paill tui the property ~rncr., This

prov~isi3Ln shall a7pply ta all chaingcs in c:,prris~n.1s UncIEr

this Lot,


Scotion 24,

()If anyi~ property. is not liable to assessaonct

at the time of the oxocation of the works, but afteP~rnarLe

caring the perike when such work is boilng piie fsr, boorols


lahiorsti~ gZsse2&&Bat, scob propcrty7 shall thoarcago=n be

(B) In oCso anly pr3opotrt T-ithin o~r ni-thout the

districtt is ben:cfi-toE, whjiich fri:i anyr roasln :'as not oppraised

oxtont of borofits roccivt::', or in- onse an~y person ,r public

corlspratir er shll;P mak~2e use :I ::r p~rsfit byg the aczrks :t1' thle
_istiric-t to a -iEccron noct c.:igon-satal for.1 La-- theF -7rig5inal

grisl, in caseC the Boarl- 5i;2e it C:Coossary~ subsequ~ent
t; the time whou the first appraisisal ze :ric, t= Ducco~

r tak.e anyS .Ltitici3;11. Sropertty the8 33'1r ., a yt

such~ caiti3n boomeCS oviCont, she.11 Firoot the appraisors

to na~rniso the bcnofits, sr the enh::ncoL borofits receiVGE,

r 10angs or thle value of 3ropor-ty takencl, r'nE~ the gra'-cco

within ~the bouninrioss Yf thec Diistriot shall in all anttcrs

be a :Chsract to, in3Cla i.- nticC to the-C part cy or paties

interes~toC, br -the Be -ri :.acy, rt its cisorotion, racto~c settle-

i.oct nith such; parties f~r such2 Cso, bocrfit, >s ,o

property tchen..

30cticn 25.

(1) No falt in ~cry not~ice 3r other pr;pctcoting

shall affoot the vcali,.ity of any proccccing un.10r this -ot,

o~xcept te the extort to rhirih it can~ be shona-r that such
friult rosaltc~ in a ma~terial Comiol of justice to the

!property Dono:l~r cupl:o~3:inil_, T. such fault.

:BE) Inl case it bc fount1 upon~: a hoa8ring, tha3t 3y.

reason of some irrogularity or Refoot in the procootings,

:he appraisal has not Soon properly a~co, the Court mayg,

necvertholess, on having proof1 that exponso has boon inrcurrod

-jhich is a proper charto against the property of the com-

plainant, nako en orlor fining the enoun~t of bonofits to

scic1 prjporty, anc appraising the proper bonofits accor~iintly

ani tho~roupon sait lanE sha~ll be assossoG as other land

equally benefited.

()In the event thct- -e-ither Beforle or cafter

the issuance of ~brzss, -the ap~praisal of benefits, either

?is a whlol~e or in pa~rt, be declared~ by any C~ourt of com~petentc

juris~-iiction, to be inveolid byg reason of any 'efeat or ir-

regularity in the pro~ceedings th-erefor, whether junrisd.ictio~nl

or otherwise, the Court is hereby cuthorised and directed, on

-She application of the 23o~ard or of -any holder of bonds wh~ich?

'any haive been issued, promptly and without coliay, to rcemey

all defects or irregulcrities as the case may require, by

c~irectin~g andC causinG~ to be lade in~ the; ma~innr horcin pro-

vided, a now appraisal of the amount of benefits against the

whole or any pa-t; of the property as thC GcsG Dc~y requir~e.


Sc-ct~ion 26.

(A) After the completion anrd aCoption of the Official

PlanL the Board shall request the appraiisers to mako an

apportioentrjun of the unpaid obligations of EverSlsdes Drain-

age District existing at the time of the passage of this Act.

(B) The appraisers shall thlereupon make such a;ppor-

tionment, which shzll be in proportion to the benefits

received as the result of the works and proceedings of the

said Everglados Drainage District prior to the time this

Alct takes effort, including cost of financing, administra-

;ion and maintlenanco, but shanll be sufficient to meet all

the said obligations, plus interest thereon until paid~, and

p~lus twYenty-five per centum (25'f) thereof. It is hereby

declared that the lands. in Evorglales Drainage District

have~J~ boon? bonofitedi'a bythe works heretofore constructed

byJ Evorglados Oirainag~ie Distriot at least to the extent of

thle apportionment to be made as above provided.

(C) Said apportionment shall be treatoi in all

respects lik;e an appraisal of other benefits unler this Act,

and all the provisions of thlis Act-l for hearings an~~d toisions


on ap~praisal -of' bnefits shall apply thieroto, but in th~e

evont any exceptcisns shall be filei. to sea jid ppr-tion~me~nt

th~e solo question to be determinedl by the CoUrt shall be;

sholther the appraisers have equitably apportionot the said

costs to the lands in the District as proviaod by this


(D) Whocn such apportionmentt has boccn madoi~, thec

Boa2rrd shall lovy zascsmosmota thoroon sufficient to retire

the sait obl1igitions as the samell shall b3comoC duoC, and~ all

of the provisions of this -;ot with reforGDOO to 10vying CH$i

collecting of asscssnonts, the proceedsG 3f whjichrl are roquirod

tor be plaeoE. in the Construction Fund, shall apply writh- full

:;oreoanC o~ficot, as far as the some shall 'co applica'olo,

to sait apportionment and the levying and colloating of

;-:ssassmonts tho~rcoon, 'to thoc c~ that ~thoro racy be; lovioE anda

collootc~ ocoh ycer such amount as may bo necessary to

liquikate the saii obligations, including infocrest, as and

w~hen the srrmeshall booomo payanble,;i. 11sscessmnts loviod

upon sa~id apportionmerzt shall ~be known as "Dobt Fund Aissess-



Scotion 27.

Theo mo1nics of the District shall consist of the

following sopzrnto funds:

(2) Debt Bund,'oy which is meant the prGOOORS Of

the Lo~bt Fund issessno-t~s, and achies transferred froml the

e~norn1 Fund. The monies in said Fund shall be used only

to Cischargo the obli@Ction3s of said Distriot, indclting

.!torost, existing ct the tirao this 6ct takes ceffeet. If

ofter all. of saird o'cligations shar.ll have been Eischargode

any monic~s shal~Ii re~main in the Docb~t Fundc the som~e sha~ll be

typnsafonrreau~s-tethe Gonoral Fund.

.J (B) Op~nstruction' Fund, by which is meacn-t the

procoods of loviod ma~ce against the spooicl bonofits appraised,


equalized and cosnfirmed.-

(C) M~itnneFn, by which is moant the! pro coe~i,

of a spooiell asscssment to to loviod~ annually for the purpose

of maintercnoo, upkee~p, r.~miinitsatratio a~nd~ orrosnt exponses.
(:D) Gonoral~ Funid,by which is meant the monies

recoivoC by the District from any other source than heroin-

before set forth, aitv- which? may be wcithdr~aw and plaecot in

alny other funcd by order of the Board. The Bozri shall in

each year transfer from said fuznd to the Dobt Fund a suffici-

out amount of the proceeds of the acrongie taxZ lovied by this

Act to moot the obligations of saia District existing at

the time this Jct takos offoot, including interest, which

mature in said year, including such amounts as will satisfy

the Sinking Funt requirements of bon~s of saiE District out-

staniing at the time this Act takes offoot. The said fund

may be used to pay the costs of administration.

(E) The Tronsurer upon receipt of any monies,

shall credit the respective funds ontitled thereto with the

same. Ioney in? the respective funis shall be wjithircan only

upon warrants properly executed, in accordance with the form

a~nd requirements adcopted~ by the Board.

(F) N\o war~ants shall bG ETSWH against the

maintenance fund until on assessmen~t-lovying resolution shall

have boon properly passoE by the Board duly entored upon

its records, andt no bones shall be issuee against the Con-

struction fund until an assessment-lovying resolution shall

have been! properly passed by the Boarit and1 duly enltoredl upon

its records, and until the property owtjners shall have boon

given an opportunity, for a period- of not loss than sixty (60)

Says,, to pay in cash the assessments so leviod against their

respective properties,


Sootion 28.

Prior to the time that monies shall booomo avail-

able from the Construiction Fund, the Board may borrow money,

at a raeo of interest nolt~ xceoting six per centumi (6/0) pe~r

antumn, and mayS issue andc' sell. neo3tiabl.e eviionceos of debt ,a

(herotin called wa~rrants) for the purpose of pr~epzaring the r:

Oi'ficial Planr and apprclisal of bonofits and' damagoi~s and

maintalining -the works~ of th~e Dist~riot, ani may \frr

he0 ro-paymocnt of: sucloans 1B such portion, ofte p~ rsocooist
ofP tho acrcagoe tacx levried by this Act as shacll noe to rega~ired

to meet the `into~rest not: Sinkiin'g Fundt obligot~io~ns of th~e

D~istriot. -


Scotion 29.

(A) After the list of property, with th~e appriaised

bonofits as' approvoi by the Court, or that part; thoroof as
to whli~ch no exception is pon~ing, hasr been filot withr the

Socretary, then from timo to time, as the a.ffairs of" the

District may doiLnan, the Board~ sha~ll. lcvyr oniall property r-

u~pon which bonof~its have boon appraised, an assessmnct of
such portion of shit benefits as may be fount nooossary by

sraid Board to pay the cost of the appraisal exceptt as paid

ou~t of other funds), the preparation and oxocation of the

Citicial Plan,,incluaing superintendencc of construction

and aimrinistcration du~rinzg the period of construction, plus

ten per cent (10fo) of said total, to be added for contin-

goncies, bu't not to exceed, in the total of principal, the

appraised benefits so adjudi-~lcatd.

(B) Thle said assessment' shall be levied by resolu-

tion of the Board, shall bc known as the Construction Fund

Assessment, shall be a~pportionod' to and levied~ on, each tract

of land or other property in said Distriot in proportion to

-the benefits appraisecic, and not in excess theroofl, and in

ca~se bonds a~re issued as hereinafter provided, then the

amount of interest which will accrue on1 such bonds,. as

ostimaited by said Boardi, sha~ll be includoC in and addCed to

.the said assessment, but the interest to accrue on account

of the issuing of said bonds shall not be construed as a

palrt of the cost of con~sruct~ion in dotermiining wh~cthber or

ot; t~h-e oxpGesOS ;711 GOsts Of Saki~lg Said imp~rov~mnct cDT

or rco not equa~l to or in oxccos of the bonofits appraised.,

(0)- As soon" as said~ =1sseSMontI is lov'ic~i, the

Socretary shall propere in CLuplicato a -ConstructionFund

Afsses~sment Reccord of t~het Distriot. The sanii rooord shall

be ih the foria of 12. 7;ll-b1ounC bDookT an1dorE-CeadC an ri named

''Construction Fu~i~ -ssessment Rooord of Everglados 3rain-

aogo Distri-t;", nhich cn~iorsomont shp11l nlso be printcC at

the top of etch page thereof.

:D) The Construction Fund assessment record shall

includoc a table or schoible, showing in properly ruleG


(1r) The namnes of thle owjners of the property to

which bonofits are appraised,~ which mayr b7 ans theY appear

in the order of the Court confirming the appraisals, ant,

i~ n eaS Of" apraisals agtinSt c? tOnn, city, ounty Or ofhOT

pubic corporation, the name of the individual owners nood

not be given, but only the ntime of such corporation.

Inaccuracies in, or omissions of" namos -of owners, shall~ not

invalidatean any ssssmont.

(2) The descriptions of the itoms of property

appraisod and assessed, arranged by counties,

(3) The .total amount of benefits apnpra~isod against

each item of property.

(4) The total assessmn~rt levied against each item

of property to which benefits have been appraisod,, in this

column of the reooord rovision shall be rxcco for the ontry

of successive lovies of assessments.

(5). Suitable columns shall be provided for entering

thooptions andrP selections for playing thec assessments provide

for in this Bct.

(6) In successive oblumns, the Construction Fund~

ibsta~llme~nts (or if 'Ion~E are issuai, thosc coluxmns may1S be

e signates bond fund~ installmonts) both principal andi interest;


one column~1 for ~rclch i~nst.l~lmentt Titjh ]lroviis~iion f'o thei entry

of" installments of su~ccessive lovico, if any, ani omitabl.e

blankk columns in ;ihich'thee Treasurer shall. recorcl the sovrerl

i::stcllmen~t nnountso, principal ani ~intereSt, ?s collooted by

hnim-, cal- the: nrames of theo person or per-sonzs paying theC 3=mo.

(7) The Construction Funt Asscomment RocorE and the

Debt Fi./ ssasement Recori~ nzr be co~nsolida~tcC in one bo~ok.

( i) Wrhere successive levies of cssosemonic aro

accoe for the Constru~ction funE, the Construction F'uni issocs-

moncLt Rcord shall1 contain suitable n-otations to show3T theC numj~llber

levies nc~r the amloun~t of srich, to tche oc, that it; mzy Lis- ther aggrcreate of all lovics fCor the: Con-struction I.Ini.u-

(F) Upon the completion of the Construction Fundl

Ilsxsosacont Rooortl it shalli be signed. by the Chairmain, andt the

sea:l of-i t~he? District; shacll. be t~heroiutn to ffixnac?:c andttostedl

by the signature of the Scorctary, ond th2e some shall thore-

after b~coomo a ,perncnent recorC in th~e office of sa7iil Distriot.

(G) If it shall be fCicun :t ^iny time~ thazt -the total s

am-ount of assessmen-ts loviodS is insficienoi:-t to pay~ thC COS~t

of the works set out in the Official Plcn or of cititional

wokCnthe: Boart mayi levy su~ch? addcitional ass~essa~cuts and~

maty mako suc~h c"-monel?~nts; or supplc~monts to the ConstJruction

fu~ndl ASCsscesmet Rooti):', from time to tlime as any be noco~ssary

to provide fant3s to complete the work, provi~co the total of

all such assessments exclusive of intorost, Coas not excOOK

L1he total of benefits 2appoised.


Section, 30

(A) Wihen the Construction Fund assessment RecorC is

pl-ced on file in the office of the Distriot, notice by pu-b-

lication shall be given to property owners that they may pay

their a~ssessments. Aniry ownorir of property assesscCc for the:

execution of the Official flan shall have the privilogo of

paying such asscessmnt to the TIreaisu~ror within sixtyT (60) Czys

:rom the timo such pub~lication is couplotoe, and the amount


~ I I_

to; beL Paid shell to the full amount of the csacesmo;nt iLithout

inltCTeret Whou such casuseiment has been pric~d the Sockiatrsr

chall cutocr ulpon the said rosecsmennt rooorts oppositC Gu~ch

t~root for zhichk pc3yment is mcaic the Ltor'ds upoid in full'r,

bu.t such~gpa;ment she~ll not rclicVGrc the propert;Iy ovncr from the

P,3ment of a mcintenncno ;;escssmont nor from the pgy~ment of

,nyi further casecesmonts (not cxOcCC~ing thG total; Of bGHelits

prcis4) tich mcS bG nRGOCSScgT cs herein provi~lG1. TlhG

_rovisions of this pu.rcgrap~h sha.ll not aply~r to Debt Funl


(b) Pc~ilure to pay the nholc conetruct~ion fan:'

;scssment rLithin s;,il. 3rio: bf sixtyi (60) Il e~ sha~ll bc

ovarolusivoly5 consilyrcl cund had~ cun election on the porrt of

..1 persons intercstcll, ahcthcr unilcr Ilisctility or othcru~ise,

u Jay~ such casecssmient~in inmst;l~lmcuts Las hireinciftcr 33O-

.1101. All reons so ilcoting to pay in installments, shtall

bje conolusively- h;ll ;.n consilcred as connecting te ac~ii

Officia~l PL~ln niY; ,.ll 'iorkT thcrcundorr, the issue.i coC of bondiS,

uL~ thC Pa~yment of inltcrest thuroon; andl such cl~cotion sh:-ll

be conolusivclS hzcl" ani:' consit.'~crea~ cs z uEiver of sny; an:

L.11 right to question the pouscr or juris_'iationl of the Distriot

to construct the works act forth in said Official Ylran, the

regulcrity or sufficiency orf thi proocedling, or the vo~lidity

r the corrcotnces of such reassessment.

(c) In oCac of suchi clcotion to pay in install-

.,urts, the construction fundl casessment sh;;ll be parab-~ le in

b_. more th:;n for-ty3 (40) cnnuaul insta:llments of principal,

ace first of ithich installments shall bc paya~ble in not more

_.on five years cnel the last in not mirc tho1 fo~rt:-five (45)

c~re after the filing of the Construction Puncir Asscsement

~coord in the office of the Distriot; nith interest in fall

clases o~n thG unipoic2 pirin~cipal, OpU:;u!ited ,rn i payablG sGi~n-

Ljnnuclly- from thG filing of the CocnstructionY Fund~ Asscsencnt

Reocrii, at a: rotc not cxcculing cigh~t per ocntutii (8)i) ;,ir

Lannum, cll cas mtay bc 0.atGcminlct byj thG BOLIrCl Of TCSClution.

()Subject 't:- thGe fOTCgiing TG~uirr~cDORES, 01


i~nstalmo.ncts,, bothi- .I piirinoipc~.1 021~ interest, shal=l bc; Pay-'

b.'lo Cat sve tlrinu ;,n n- 'ut. ctormincii by tihi Ea~r~l. sL by


(c) Upru. .;he! clil~ure to pe; cry. ins~ta.~lment?, w~lihethr

o.f p3rincipe-l or inte~ret, 1 102 Juo, the iwholc, mount~t jf ther

ulnpcjil principal of nuvchr in,~tcl~racut ;.ull ccortal: inztcrest

thorcTG1, shaCll. thereaTfterS .-YowS intorosti ,.tZ the re~to of con

:Ur cent, (1/o) Per nonth o~r frcoction of (1 nonthl until theo clL

-i~ at.1c, ras her.cin .fter provided~; but et anyS tius prior to

the Sclc of sclc, thei ouner may pay the jc~ucut ofi hll unpaid

;;nL ovcr-.aue installl ments, nith intercat at one per cont. (170i)

;,r month or fraction of a mTonth and all S. cnc;i;ios cor~u: ..

(f) AfPter thai~ tixpirction of the pericrl of sixty

(60)j days within thiich~ the .'?~~;: ak cT;.nore mIL g:5y thnoir

re~spective Lasessmenntsn, a lim~itGS horcin1, t~hei '?rc su-or shell

cejrtif;5, to thGe EocLrd the- Lggregrzte cl' Who county~ so ;7aid,

thlereupon the Boardsc ro.: p:;ss mcnd sp~r~c'l upen itsr rj3curt7s a

3nlinig reaclution inl rwhich- shall bG anatoRL the~ ,7mo1uf?. of

L[eI construction f'und caseMemeont, actnc the:r ilCU.act th.J"eof

,aid as aforoscijd; :;nd.,4u the siame resolutionl shall7 f:pport~ion

he uncollectedii rusacss ment into instcllaunts~ or l.Ojies,

provide for the collootion of interest u:p:n th; as unpoi Insta~ill-

cnts andl racy order thec issuan2Oo of bCIcle (in Ln am~ounCit not

~,coeding nino~t3 (90L0) gcer cont. of thei lay~ :.- r,ti.cipe-

iion of the collcotion of meid insttallmnts. ~he r~esiue of

~he tax: so levied (not lose than ten (10fo) per cint.) 'Shcll

constitute a contingont Goocunt to prcoect thec bonds from

e-.sual defzault, end i~f not ncoeded for this pur ?cso;, may be

:--_nsferrod from tion to tiam to the MaintalnncLe iFan.:


SGEC210E 31.

(c;) The ~Bou;rdl mayi3, if in its jutpolnt it -sgeems Sjest,

issue bonds in an camount not to exooed nivoty (90O~) per cent.

of the to-tacl Lamount of thel construction fulli :-asessments,

- 3l-

oxclusive of intarcst, loved undor the provisions of this

ilot, in denominzations of" not less thran Onie unrur;.cd

(..100.00), box~in-g interest from datG ;-t c T=,to nCL tIo

e~xGOcd six 16L/; 03: erOnt. 3CT annum,, pcyaiblo Srmi-CDHrrlly,

to mature at annzucl in~terva~ls within fiftyi (50j) ;jioCs,

commenting not later -ithn five (5) yours si~tte dritc, t;s

may7 be doterminedc' by the Bocrd, both pirin~cip- l and- in~terest

-iayatble a~t. pl-coc or Ilraces actormincti by the Boar;d an1d

~josignatedd in the~ bond~s.

(b) Thei bonds sh:all shone on3 their f2000 thO I7rT-

p-ose for which they con issued, and shall be paracble out;

of moncy of the Constructioni Fund. Staid bonds sha.ll be

,.ygble: to~ibeeror, sh:,ll be signed by the Chacirmon, and
.he scal of the Dlist~rict shall be thercunt~o cifixedc ;-nd

;attosted by the signa~turo of the Sccrctory. The semi-thnnu2l

I...youts of intrcet sh;,ll b covidecncci by~j coupon~s bearing

~a fsimile of the slignature of the TIroe;surer., in oCeoB Crny

officer, nhoac signature or cortificato cppa:re upon bonds

or coupons issu1ct: pursuant to this Act, sh:;ll conse~ to to

such officGT, b~iOTO thGC 0iZVCryJT Of such bonds to the

pjurch=,sc, such signcture or ocrtificcato sha~ll ncy;crtholoss

be va~lici a7nd surfficiet for tall purposce, thG scEG :.s i~f

Iie had remsine~d in office until the de~i-rc; of the3 bonds,

(c) All bonise issuedl under thG prcvisioinS oil

`ihlis Aict mayj be vatlii;tated in the raCnnOCT 12OW1, CT h7CTC;~itOT,

:rovidedf for validartion o~f count;- bonds.

( Disposcl. All of said bonds, when cxcouted

.:.lll be delive~redr to the Tirco.surer of s;;ii Dist'rict, nho

hacll 8011 the sanIC in such quantitic~s ;.nld.:ct ~cch times o;s

;ic Boacrd of CommissionOTS Y2Gy OriCT, tpq 2000~ thG ;:-,.. nt s the norks tzndj improvoements of thG, Dijstrict.. Scid bonds

shall1 not be soldl for lose th:;n ninetyj-five (950~) per cent.

o~f pe-r vclue, plus tcocrueid in~tercst. ThGl bouts~: shall1 showi

on their focr the Put7rfpose for wh~iichn theCY Cro icEuLCt, ;.)i

shtall bc paya~blG Out OS nOUCg tlGlriVed flrGD~ 17hGl COnt~truLc~tion


2'und, provided, hoiievorr, that no bonds of the District

em1ll be sold unitil Lfter notice of such st-lo has boi;

published in a- new~spper of general circulation in thei

district and in recognized financial journarls pulblishGA

lu;. the cities o i' h~ica~go and New7 York oC1~Ge;~~ C~woo for

four successive Lea~kS pr'i;o ~rli:;I suab~ -P1;le, describing

such issue Land terms, :,nd fixing a time end plcooc for

r~cciving a;nd opening sc~,lod bids. Tjhe Board r,:2i TOSeCO

:.11 offers or bids TOGGiv~ d t4 cS r Tsult Of such notiGO,

and thon s011 such bonds at private acle; but the Bofard

shell not sell such bonds at private sale on torm~s lose

A.vantcgcous to the District than the best bid so roooivod

until Lfter such pubic salc has bGee Egcin ;,Ycrtised.

(e)L.;d1J.11. L sufficient mountt dft tho
..~ssessmeonts shell bc cyprop-riated by the Boa-rd for the
purpose of paying the principal 2ad inte~rcat of bonds,
cand the stjme shecll, when collooted, be set or:g.t in :;
separcte fund for th:.t purposO, fHa nO Othor. All bonds

fsnd coupone not pcid at maturity sh::ll bee~r in~tGTCSt Of

.the~ ret of six (6) pecr cent. pecr tannum from! maturityr until

!;id, or until sufficient funds h=,ve bee~n dep~osit;cd ;;t the

,;lcoo of plyc!r..cult. AnyT expGHSGS inOuTTc-d in the~c issutDDOO
and s=,le of said bonds and in ptaying bonds rand intGTOst-
theroon, mz3y be paid out of a~y funds in the; ha-nds of the

(f) Tihe Bocrd, in mcking.csse~ssmon't; 1cgies
as heroin provided, shall takG intO ccoORt caturing bondS
and intGTOst On c11 bOndS, tand shrzll maskG OmplG aTOVisiOD
Ior the pa~ymont thcroof. In case the proocods of thG

original assassments m~ad under the provisions of this

Lot cro not sufficient punctually to pay the principal

of =ynd the intOTeat upon rl1 bonds issued herouunder,than
;he Boced shall makro suda additional lojvy or..10vies cs ma~y

J, rcesscry' for suchl uLtl_.SGS, rEQd urair DO Oirz-unsitcnOO

una.ll crn uncesracut 1Gie6i~ bG mcadG t'l.t Lill $n 087


!.:anner, or to any exrtent, impair the security of anly. bond

issued horeunder, or the fund available for tho payment of

the principal thoroof nan interest therGOn. But no bond

issued herGRnicT, Or thO assosxmont mcdG to pay the scemo~,

shall havoca priority of lion ovor any other bonds issued

or zssessmonts med horoundor.


(1) The Troesuror shall, prior to receiving end

ecoopting the bonds as providod-oforoscid, and in addition

to thO bond required at the timno of taking office cs pro- o

vided heroin, furnish a corporcto surety bond at the oxponso

of the District, excoutod to the Distriot, conditioned that

he shell account for an~d pay over as required by3 lown Cfd

a~s ordered by seid Bo;:rdl, any a~nd all moneys roocivod by

him on the sclo of such bonds, or cny of thom, or from eay

other source, and that he will s011 and dolivor such bonds

to the purchscr-or ~u~rchesors thereof, undor anda according

to tho terms hrorin proscribed and not othorwiso, tand thht

:.o wcill, vwhon ordered by said. Bocrd s~o to do, return to # .1

saida Board duly cncellc lcd, Dey Cnyl all bCLAs n0% S~ld, which .

:,id bond shell be filod in the office of the 01ork, who

shall produce the saem fOr inspoctiOn Or for usO Ds OvidcnOO

whei~nover or wl-hGtGVoTa.10gc117 Tequired SO tO d0.

(2) Tlhe scai TrGCSuTor sh;:ll promptly rep~ort zll

sales of bonds to the Board. The Bo~ar shall issue acrrants

up~on thG TTOrccsrTO.ct thG -;roper timG fOT thO pcymcnt Of

the maturing bonds so SOld anld the intorost pay~mont ocuingii

d.ue on all bonds sold, end thG said TTrasurTO shel1 plcGo

;;ufficiont funds at the plcco of payment to pay~ the 8same.

In case woj~mrantls :Lro not issued by the Bocrd as heroin pro-

vided, then the Trozsuror shall of his own L-ccord;plcco

furnds at the plcoe of payJmont, and thG 08800110& bonds end

coupons shall be cocopt;od in lion of such wa,~` rrcnts..

(3) Tjhe sucocessors in office of tany such TIroresuror

shall not to entitled t0 Scid bonds Or thC prOGCclee thereof

until he shall have complied w~ith all the forogoing provisions

other Act of the Logislature of the Stata of Floridc, bc

full authority for the issucnc and scle of the bonds in

his Act rcathorizcd, including~ refunding bonds; nhich bonds

;ho~n e~xcou-ted andi SCClCd in Gonformity wji~th the provisions

_.r this Act, andl shGE sold or pledged in the maCnner PrGI

aoribod hercin, and the considlorat-ion thcrofor roccived by

the Distriot, shall not be invalid for a~y. irrcgulcarity

r cacfoot in the prococctings for the issue, so~lc or pclged

-_lrcof, a~nd shzll be incontcatablo in the hcnds of Bone

a ~purchascrs or hcliers thcreof for v;.luo. 2ec proocccinge~

Srcespct to the issucnco of fany such bonds shall bc

ccsecry except such ::s tGrc required by this Act.

(2) A partyi ;ho ha=s not 'srjught a; renc:7 against

y; prococcling under this Act until Lfter bondls h:,ve bcon

.. 101, shall not for ,.ny cousc have an injunrzcicn L;guinst

Ihe occl10tion of t;;res or tasse~ss-acnt for the payTcutl of

a ii bonds.


(1) The Dlistrict nay, by rcoital in its bonds,

;grocC to rogistur its beti;s cithGT cS toi principt1 Only,

r ,s toC both principCl andi intcrost at the option ;.f the

ndhlir. honover the owrnCr of a-ny a upon ba!nd issued

:.reucunt to the provisions of thlis Act shcll percent such

:1t to thG TTGtSUrGYT, Or to such ?C1 ild CT OthCT (1Cpcsitora

the Boca rd ay, for such p~urpOSG, cl-Gaign stC GS TegistreT,

ith 0, Tequcat for the convoreion of such bond inti a

.3ietocrd bond, the said Trcrsurcr, bank, or ;ther iclpositojry

11,i stop,-~ print o=r srito~ up~on such couponn bolnd so p~rosietct?,

Ither upion the Lcook or the f:oce thGeO~f, LS racy bc convouiGen,

ssu~tatcpnoft to~ the ificot that the scaid bond is re~gistcred

n17 thc.nple of the oiner, Cni~ that thorocftcr thec interest cndl

:,rinci~cl of seit bond~ Lre pac'YTblo to the registCredJ owncr.

Thei~rceftcr, tcal firocm tince tc tino, such bond ncy;1 be

forred by such registerod owjnor in person c~r by attorney duly

en,.thorizccd upon proscultation of such bond? firi rogis.itr tion:';?

other Act of the Logislature of thG StatG of Ploridc, bc

full authority for the issutzanc alnd sael Of the bonds in

;rhis Act cat~hor~izcd, including raidndling bonds; w-hich bonds

sihon exccutod and setla(d in conformrity wjith the provisions

..; this Ac4~t, a;nd nlhGE sold Or pledged in the n:.nner pero-

aojribod hcrcin, tand the considlorction thorofor received by

the Lietriot, shall not be invalid for a~y irrogulcrity

or dofoot in the proceedings for the issue,, etcL or plodgc

thereof, and shall1 b~e incontcetablo in the hands of Bona

2..c. purchased or holders thcroof for vtoluo. Ko~ proccee~ings

Sre~spcst to the ~issunOGL~ Of i~Y Shoh bonds shall bc

o~cssary croopt such ::S rGTG required by this Act.

(2) A party who has not 'so~ught ai remedy ,.gaiiinst

L3 :prococdcing' under this Act until after bonds havet' beca

._old, sh:;.11 not for cmy ccase hcVG an injuEchCDc Lys-.iist

thei collootion of 'tearcs or casscssment for the. paymGi Of

scrid baoncle.


(1) The Distrio~t may, by recital in its bonds,

cgrc to rogistiir its bonds~ cithcr as to principal only,

or$ as to .both principal anyd intcrost at thhec~ption of' tho .

j~inholdc~r. Whenever the own~lor of any.cupuon b~ntl issued

-: rsuancyt to thG pTo~i~ion S Of thiiS AOlc Shell present shich

aCt to the TTGCsurTr, or to such bcnk cr other dlcpository.

Sthe Bocrd riCy, for such Purp~Oac, ~as registrar,

..ith a rcqucat for thG conVOTaiOn Of such bond intc a

..,istered bendd the said aTrctsurer, ban~k, or other depository

:;ll str:.p, print or ITrito; upon such Ccupon bond so prOSGELOC1,

ithor.upon the book or the Ecoo thoroof, II, .:11; bc conivoniont,

i. s~tct-mont to thG Offe0% th~at the ~said bond is Tc~gistoTORl

...n tho.npmo of the ownocr, can3 that thorooftcr tho interest end~

principal o~f said bondl Lro payacblo to thC TegistCTGA OmnCT.

Thncrooftcr, ;ndl from tinc to tino, such bond1 nrcy bc trYans-

forred by such registcrod ownor in person or by~ctiorncy duly

cathorizod upon proscutation of such bond for rog-istltr:tio tp

ttdn-thcroon. Such statement stampod, printed or irittGD

ni aucny such bondi ncy to sUb~stant~ficl~ly in the; fo~llowing

(2) ~This bondar is togiaccrd in the none of (hcro ~of ownerCT) 1urssutut to the plrovisions of Chap~ter.

Los o~ f Iloridac, andl the -intarcat (or principal

only) thorqcfof crohrcrsfter payablo to such owncr.
Troe~suror (ojr REGI'STRA~R) EV;EiGL,.LLS

.IEGEpg8TIOT. Dat o
(3) If cany bent shall to rogistcrc1 Ls cfrcr-

; id,-the principal a~nd iltcrcst `of eveh? bend~ shell Sc pay~-

'loc t: t'h~crogistered? owncr, cxGopt .in the occs of a, coupo~n

u~,nd regis'tGTcd as to principal only, in w-hich the

:incipal shell bc 3aycblo toi sFuch poracnl, unloss the bond

Jhcll bc discharged from rcgistratiOE by Scing TC~istcTc&

a payablo ~to bcoarar. Upon the registra;tion of i; co~uLcn
.nd -s to botah Principacl r.nd1 intorcet, t~he Tiroosurer Wshsll

~loo out off,cand 008001l thG o~upous..' ThO TrcGGsurcr Of the

district shall ontor in c rogistor of said bends to to kcyt

j: hiip,~ or in rz sope~rcto bo~ok, the rfcot ofl the registration

._ such bond? and the nomo cQ the rogistorce~ c::ne~,r -thcroof,3'

so th,.'t. acid register or book 'shall at all timoe shen 'ijyhet~

:;ondis cro registcrod tGul the neric of thG rcgistGTOR otncT's

'(k) .All b;onia issuca buy the Distriot, puirsualnt

anthia iot sh~all to exanlt fromn all Stcat, County,.MIunicipal, "j1 ther tcxes inpo~sed by all ta-xin~g authority of.
lhe Stato of Flcride.

.~~I 5()jilbnds issued by thG District pursuc~nt

t .~thig 1Act, shlc3l bc consiiderod as such intercet-bc~rinig

scouritic8 cas the prcr.:i~chat funds of theo Stcte of Floride

py.7~~~n TC!to inst in~as pfrovidecd byr low.~



Section 28
(u) Upon the substecn~ticl com~ple~tion of" the im.prove-

::,ts of the D~istriot, or any subtstantial rcart the~reof, ;thich

I the jude~cnt9 of he Bo rd rc-quirce r:;:intonncac, ord on

foree the first day of Juno in cch sca-r, the Ecord may

`'7 an CSELSE:!cnt On c11 prOp~crty' can uponi publi c orpior~ctiOis

.b~jct to -eisec~nt luner' this Lot, to ma1~iintanl, operste

1ad preserve the ir.1prover..cnt randc, to repaQir ;.nd r~Estore

.nulc s;r.!c thin nicdcd, or to difr;.: the current exponceCe of

;:o Distriot.

(b) The; saida s.eEe:.:iut sh:.11 bc 1cieid by resolu-

l':ni of the bo;.rd, shell' bc knonn a~s c'Li!neintC1nun~i c.E lEssement

!...1 be cZpportioneda uon thi; basis of the totCl ,.;pprciEC

benefits a~ccruinig for original a~nd sub'sequent constr~uction,,

.lr shall ,not excrcid onc (:10~) POT cGmitii.: thirC~Of in &87 onG

r unless the: Court shiall by its order authorized an aessss-

it. of a latrger perOGiiti uEO C

~(r) ,s soonl as saidi asscEs?.untis lviedi, theC

essne~nt Record of the: District. ThP~e saida Rccord shc~l1

in the formi of c ::011 bounda book, endorsed .n-1i Lore:zd

i;li~ntcron Fund a-Ssasm~Giit ;.ROOOir Of VC-;crludGS Drain~, EC

..slatrict",) which~ andorsemeni~it sh:111 L1so beC printl;d onl the1

;cE of cLch pagG thicGOf.

(d) The Id:cintcnonice Funid ,,secrEstancit Ricoord stocll

.aliudG ,- toble or scho~lulo: showing in properly rulid col~umns:~

(1) he3 noLmce of the own1Cre: of thrj propert;` to

Imich buncfit~s ore r.pprais~Eid, w~'hich ma.y be i.s they' cppea:r

the ic orc; of thi .Court confirm~ing thG Clipr3is;:ls Sn, a

-- c..80 of ::3lgraier.1s C:OgainsL L~t a too, city, county, or other

lic corpiorationi, the' namo- of the individual owners need

Tot be given, but ohly the nameo of such cor-poration.

1 ..curcoitss in,' or omissions of, the mnLocs of o;nersr shacll

~..t in~vclidata 3ny casescsmenr, ts.


(8) The Descri :tinn rof the~ itornjs of property

appraised anid assessed, arranged by counties:

(3) The total m35ntenanceo assessment levied

against each itom of property:

(4) Blank~ columns in which the Treasurer shall

enter payments as made, and the names .of the persons paying

the same.a

(e) Where successive levies of assessments are

made for the maintenance fund, the maintenance fund assess-

m~ent record shall conntain suitable notat eons to show the.
number of levies a~nd the amount of each to the end that it

may disclose the aggregate of all levies for the maintenance

(f) Upon the completion of the maintenance fund

assessment record it shall be signed by the Chairma~n of

the district, and the seal of the district shall be thereunto

affixed and attested by the signature of the enorrlttery, and

the sam~e shall thereafter become a normanent re-cord in the

office of the said district.

(g) The amount of the said assessment piaid by the

owner of any property or by any public corporation shall not

be credited against the bonofits appraised against such

p7roperty, or public co~rporattion, but the~ maintenance assess-

ment shall be in addition to any assessment that has been

or can be levied against the benefits so apprazised.

{h) In anticipation of the collootion of maiin-

tenance assessments, the Board may borrow money at a rate

of interest not exceeding eight (83?o) per cent, per annum,

and as evidence of the debt so contracted, may issue and

sell, or may issue to contractors or others, negotiable

evidence of debt (here in called warrants) and may pledge

(after it has been levied) the .snid maiintenance azssessments

for the ropsyment thereof.

(i) If any~ warraznt so issued by the Board is



the treasury, that fact, with the date of presentation,

shall be endorsed on the back of such warrant, which shall

thereafter draw interest at the rate specified in the

endorsement, not exceeding eight (8/oy per cent, per arnunu,

until such time as there in money on hand sufficient to

pay the amount of said warrant with interest.



(a) Whe~never an assessment shall be levied against

a public Corporation, a certified copy of that portion of

the Consr~truction 7taul Assessment Record, Debt Fund Assess-

ment Rcord, or the MJaintenancefmadd assessment record, as

the case may be, relat-ing to property in each publiG o~rport-

tion, properly signed by the Chairman, with the seal

of the District thereunto affixed, and attested by the

signature of the Secretary,.shall be delivered to the

Governingi or taxing body' of each such Public Corporation,

(B) Whenever an assessment is levid against a

Public Gorporation, and is finnally determined, it shall be

the duty of the governing or taxing body of such Public

Corporation immediately to take all the legal and necessary-

steps to provide for the payment of the same., It shall be

the~ duty of the said Governing or taxing body of such

Public Corporation in its next Annual levy succeeding the

determination aforesaid, to provide for the said assessment

by levying a uniform rate upon all the taxrable propertyy

within the~ boundaries of said public corporation.

(c) Nothing in this section shall prevent the
assessment of the real estate of others situsted within

the .c~rorpzore limits of such public corporation, wh'-~ch may

be3 subject to assessment for special benefits to be received.




Beinetfits sharll ~bet appr,.ised iigainst lzn'ds owned by

the Stato and by thG Dis';rict, and Such la~nds shall be

liable for all~ cassssments -loviod or -.provided for 'in this

Act in like manner els are other lands within the District.

Assessmunts against such.lands shall be paid out of fLunds

derived from the sale of lands.



(a) After -the expiration of' the six~ty-da~y period in

which the cons-truction fund assessment may be paid, aznd oSach

year thereafter, if nOGOssary to offootuate the provisions

of this Act, the board shall determineo, order, anld.lery the

total assossmGnts to be collectoR annually for the purpose

of paying district; bonds, principal and interest', and provid-

ing.funds for othGT nDaods, RSOcS, Snd purposO-S for. which

the construction fund is cretated;-and provi 0116Tunuds, for

the noods, uses atnd.purposes for which the debt fund is


(bf Upon the passage of the resolution by the board

levying.the said assessmGELs, tkhG IrGEsurGY S~hall Gntor

the samne in the respective construction fund assessment

record, debt fund assessment record, and' maintGDSDnoO fund

assessment record,Ztabula~ting aInd extending the .rccords

as herein provided; and a copy of that portion of the

construction fund assessment regard, debt fund J~sessment

record, and mainteraLnce fund assassmont record relattiqg to

the property in each County, certified by the Ohairman,

attested by the signature of. thO SGOTetary Wvi~th the 8081

of the board" thereto .affixed, shall be delivered to the

County assessor of coach County wherein property assessed

is located, a-nd such records so certified shell be sufficient

warrant for the luvy, assessmGet 886 collootion of the


assessments therein contained.

(c). On or before the first -:7; of Junle of 3_.ob

yeari in whlic? .any -ssess.oonts are lloviad for the Construction

fulnd, ilobt fUndl;, or mainrtenrlnc fundc~, the boa~rd sha~ll oause

to be ux-tndo-1 in prope~r columns of the said construction

fund as~sesnsmnt; record, de~b~t fund. assssmen; nt ruJcordi, and

m~ainton~ance` fund jassessment record, on file ini the office

of sai~id .2s6sesorsj the? amounWts loViue:' for said yea~-r upon

asse3ssmonts for each of said funds. Tlhe ex~tension of such

amioun~ts upon the sa~id TeOGrds Shal~lbe alfrficiiiet; wara~nt

for the~ IGvy, Gjessmearr~ nt a~d collootion of the aissooements

so ex;to~nfed

()It shall be the. duty of the ;Is;Sesor of each

county to received t!-e sazid records as tax/~..esoseront:

books, and to IAskaE .an~ er~tor the~ cas3sessmnt~~s -therein sat

fo-rth upon the tax rolls of the Coun~ty at theo tim~e Stscte

and .County tazxes are assesses anid adt~ord aGcOOT~ing t0 13W.

Each collootor ~shalll receive the same compi~ensation as is

provided by law for a performance of like duti~e in connoo-

tion with Sta~tG 886 COUnty trllOS*

l)Such assessments .shall booome due ndili shill

be collocoed 'during oach.year*'a% the same time and-: in the

same manner that State and County taxes are aue aLnd

collectibjle; and if further assessments in aniy. yar are -

necossary, effoctuazte the provisions hereof, eachk

assassmon~ts shall be levied,.evidenced anrd ourtifitc as

herein providedd in apt time tczan not later -than'theJ first

day of September in such year, to the assessor of each

County in which the property subject to such asosessmon

is situate, and with like effoot as .in case of other

(f) If a County: tax Collector shall -wilfully

ne~glect or fail to collGct. any asseS3ment prOVided foT
herein at the time of the collootion of other ta2xus, he -

shall be subject to a pelnalty of One EuLndre! (:g100.00):

Dollars f0T GGch such failure, unless the collootion of

thG Rssossmont :has been enjoined by order of a2 CouLrt of

GOrr;cont Ojurid"i~tiiohiO Suc~h panjifl't, 1 i), rCOO YrC~3 in a

suit brought Ljy t~he boar5i. of the use~ Of th3 Iist~rio~t.



lea.) All Construction fund .isscessment~s, So'ot fund

ascsessments, and mainton-osnce .fuma daYsassaunts proviled forT

in the Act, tfog~t~her with; all intiorest tho~roon, Iand ll

ponalt~ios for default in pa2yme3nt of ther3 8 .ma, aund all~costs
.in collec~ting the same Shall G6Rstitute a pcr')Ostual lio~n

in amount not in excess nf the benefits soverally app~raisejd,

upon al~l the l;!nds against which; suchr ass~ase.~nartte shl:l be,

levied, as provided in the Act, which lion .sha-ll be superior

in dignity tr! all other lions upo~n said lands,, except the

lion for State and COunty taxes 3nd other taxes of equal

dignity, with which -the~ said lien sha~ll be coord-inate. The
said lion shall date from the -time of the fillr. in the?

office of the tax Iassbssor of each County whe3re lands.

affootiid thereby are situlated, of Ea certified copy'nf the

construction fund assessment record, the deb~jt fund assess-

ment record, or the maintenaince fund assessmont rooord as

herein provided. No sale of suab p~rop7erty to onfnrce any

other taxes or asse~ssmeints or other lien shanll extinguish

th~e perpetual lien of such assessmeitnts; provided,, howevert,

that assessrpents lovicd un~der this Aet shall not in a~y

event be/personal liability against the owner, but shcall

constitute a lion ui~on the lands only.


()If any assessment loviod or provided for in

this Act shall not bG paid On 887J pTOO1d nr pSTrOO18 of

land on or before the first day of A~ril in the Year

following that for which such assessment is mato, the tax


collector shall publish notice of the sale of such lands

as herein provided, and shall sell the ssam in the manner

provided; by-1sw fo~r thG Sale of 18nlAS for tbo Don- saym3Di;n
of S~tat and County t-axes, except as herein~ntolthwise

arnvided.; Nio lands which have p~reviously boon sold f~r,
the non-paymo~int of such assessments and forrvwhidh an un-

rod;omad. cortificate is outstanding in thG namle o~f Ever-

Glades Dro~iniige district shill be EagIin adVertiS~a ann snld

for the non-payment of such ,asseassment, but the .Lasisssiont

for every year subsequent to :such sale shall continue as-

a ~lioin~ Bpon such Ialand,. which shall be coord~i~nst
wJith thio 1ion for Staite and 0ountyr taxes and! other: taxes
of .;otquest,~')aignity man superior in d~ignityr to all other liene.

at} such sales shall be mado at t~he time and place provided
for the sale of lands for the non-psaymo~nt of Staitoand

County ta~xes, ALndl may: continue from day tc, day until com-

( a) Preof of the pub~lication nf such. advertise-
mrents of salon shall be filed by the CokllGOLtn Of ODch

.county as provided in c880 of State .nd Corunlty tatX..- sale-s,

except that no copyT of th9 newsgipape containing any such
,qqyestr~isemcnt nood be furnished the Comptroller and that

one Gopy .shall be filed in the office of the Secretiry of
the district.

Ile) 'At the time ind pjlace fixed3 for such sal'e~,

the collector shall'er the said lands for sale

for the purp~ose.0; realizing 'the amount of the assessment
then due, with intorGst, FOnnltiGS and 00808. If such

amount is not 'bid: fnr any parool of landl, it shavll be the

dutyT of the Collootor to bid.t~he said amount in the name

of Evecrglades Drainage Distriot, and to sell the said
parool of land to the said district and to execute his
certificate therof~r, in the same manner as if the said

~Everglades DrainagG Distr~ic-t hadl purchases the same at
the said scales


id) IThe tax collector shall requi-rs imjmo!:ata .;ay-T

ment byT ii, 1an;rson to whom any panrcel of siuch laznd may be

struck off, and in all cases whore layme~nt is not mai~c~

within one hour he mray declare thd ',ii cincelled an?~i sell

the land again on the ame~ day, .or the following iM~y.

le) 8s soon as practicable after said sale ~th-e

Gallector shall issue to the purchaser, or l;tirchasers, ~of -'

land a certificate of sale for the land purebased, which

Gertificate abl;l contain the name mad address of the

iurob~aser as given to the Gollector at the time of thie

bid, a desc~ri3t~ion. of the land, the am~ou~nt sid therefore,

and the date of such sale, and shall bse signed by the said


If) Each Gol~lector shall receive the samrie compi~ensa-

tion for collecting the assessments levied an ovid eT~itd

for in this Act and for makring sales h-ereundcer Ltnd issuling

certificates and the performanO6 Of Oth6T duties h6Tein

required of him, as provided b3y law for like duties in conr

nection wvith St~ate and Counit;J taxes.

All fees and commissions provided for herein

shall be paid in the first instance by the board nf onm-

missioners of Everglades Drainage listriot, but shall be'
of sale
considered as a part of the costfwhen such lands

are redeemed or sold byT the district.

(g) .nImmediately after azny sale for the non-p~japent

of assessments hereunder, the T~ax Collooter of each~ County

shall make out a list, in triplic~ate, of all lands sold,

showing the date, the number of the certificate, the- nmam

of the owner as shown on the tax roll, if any15 sh~all be iSO

shown, a description of the land sold, the namei of the

~urchaser, and the amount for which th3 sale wvias made, R

and shall append to each of said lists a certificate to

the effect that such sale was fairly made, in accorduunce

w~'ith~%hela~w, Oneli of Juch~ lists shall be filed in the

office of the .Sdcretary of the Distriot, one shall be


rt;;ined3r by the colleicto~rs, anld,.the third shall be filed in*1

the office of the 01erk; of" the C~ircuit- Coiur~t of the Count~y,

who shall enter the same in a book to be provided by the

Board of Commissioners for that purpose. Tlhe said 01erk

of the Circuit Court shall receive the same fees for such

recording as is paid for other recording, each five figures

to be counted as one word; such fees shall be paid by the

Board of Commissioners.



Ainy certificate i~ssued under the provisions of

this hct may be redeemed by the owner of the lands coverod
thereby, or any person claiming to be the owner thereof,

his3 agent or attorney, by paying to the 01ork of the Circuit Court

for the Gounty .where in such lands may 110,

on or before two years from the datet of such certificate,

the amount of the assoasment for which the said land was

sold, plus all costs and chargos as shown by said oortificato
aznd interest on said amounts from the first day of April

in the Year of the salon, at the rate of two per anntum

(SA~) peor month for the3 first ;year andi th-reazfter eight peor

czntum~ (8/o) per: annumi If the land covered by the eartifi-

cato so to be rodoomed shall have boon sold to the said

Eveorgladzs IOrainage Distriot, then, in addition to the
amounts aforesaid, the person so s3aking to redsom shall

pay all subsequent installments of' assessmlnts which ar-
than d.U3 and unpaid, In thei even~Pt; can~ cerT~:i~fica.tei is not

ried~~oomed as hor,u~in upr!7vaded,:i w:~rir,"hin tw yeare'7_' f1~rom theS

cLat;e cf th. Lissarcol.@ -itero-;, -tbo~; bel.ior; of th~ same~i may

a ply~ to0 .he01rkof18 Ci'~. ) ~~ `~raft": Com:lFt Pf the~i. JCouynty wiih.roin

liei~s ithe ',lnd covre by;~, snob oa rti~ .. :g-~ilos-at:s focr ai dooid to

suchi lans.~: The sa~id 010orkB shal ihr~uoupo cause to be2

publ59ished, L;o.t th. 3xponso of suchJ: ai237jcant, a notice of

such application aznd of his intjntion to azooute such 8000,

an~d during thj potried of such publication the owine~r of said

lanlds, or any7 one claiming thejv-nownrship tho~rzef, his aLgent;

or a~ttornzey, mcay redee~m sairl certificat-i byT paying to s ~ii

CJlar:k the~ mounl)~L~tS h~reina11bov3 provideddd 3Jlus thS c-ost of p~ublising-

sc it~ notice.; but if upon the e~xpiration of the ~imG

fixed in s;;id notice for the making of the do~od such

ou~rtificate- shall1 not be re~deemed, as aforesatid, the saidi

01erk ~sh3ll 1ac;cute I ade~d to the holde3r of such; certifioz-to

for the: la~nds the-rein de.~scribed!. Such il3od sharll be? inY

sub~stiuatitl~ the sanme; form 3s provided by lawm for StatG B~rdi

County tax doods .;nr' sh3ll :0~st in th3 grantoo3 the foo

sim33le t~itle~ to thz 1 mn~s therein described, frrooi and~ clai.r'

of ...11 -lions .;ng ancumbero:nous, oxco~t the lion' for State

--nd County t;.xe;s Cand other taxes of equatl rCigni~ty, iand such

80008!; sh,.ll be entitled to record in the office sf theo

013r~k of the Circuit Court of the County in which the s id7

l.inds lio. Before 'being e~ntitledf to rceive such dea;d the

granitOo named thierein, or his agent or Latt'oTrney, shlcc2 Cl py

to thei C3lark of sazidc Court all1 fees ;und chrargoe tha;t are

now re~quird-toti be3 Iid upon thei appilication for a tazx aged

in obesos wiher3 lands h:av bee~n sold for un .id? State~ :.nd

County ta7x3s. Whein3VLr -Lny t::xI ourtifiG1/GO? :~itUG09 9

or dead~ issued thorson, the3 01ork sh-1.l iontsr such f;:ct

opp~osite the description of said lands' in the- book he~re~in

roquired to be filed in his office :mnd shall inter the i13ta
wha~Ln reid3 om ed~1 or th e AcS when dood was xcu ted: -.nd by

whiom radiamed: or to whom doo~d w~as e3X3cute, nC: the~ Lmount

jLid thererfor. If th~ Oortifi~icte so redeemed :'ui he-ld by

EYGrg~li.dGs Dr:inago Distriot, the 01erkr shaltl transmit to

the oTreasuros r of the Dis~tr;ict the amount pa;id for the ro-

dcmption of s.-me~, Lnd! the Trjesuror sha-ll forwa~rd to

such; 01orkr the ourtific.;te for canccellntion. Ift such

certifio~to is hold~i bT :.n individuals or corp~ortion the

Czlark shall p...y such sum of money7 received for the radamplition

thoraof to the holder thereof, his agent or attorney, upon

de~liveri of such ourtificate~ to the Clcrk for canoallation.


if such certific.Lte is held byl Ton inrdiviiall or corpori-

tion, the .013rk shc..11 p-y snob sum of money received for

the2 rodiemption thereof to ther holde~r the~reof, his Ligent

or ..ttorney~, upon qolivdrY of such cert'ificate to, thd;

01o-rk for G-snOcll\tio~n.

(B) Noa such t .x dood at ..11 be set '1side or

;I;omed ineffootu..1 to conivoy titl; boo LUS'J of _:nyr def3ct

itn 2JdBrrition of the 1:;nd in .ny .:Lsagesmant r~oo~rd, or Lny

othzr TOGOrd or bjook hersin 'roquired to bej tapt;: or in the

a~varti~sjment of a:.10, or' CjrtificaLte of sale3, or txT ded,

or other .document,'.notice Or p..por prosoribod~ Ibrain, if

th-e s .id description given is sufficient to describe thj

1-nis wvith roansonzible c~odeinty;' nor boos:use of -rny 6jf.ofoo

in thej. form or exdenutio~n.of th~ (..ssassme~nt; -recrdrs, .dv a r-

tis~men~ts of- auto' certificate of a .10, tLix dood, nntilcaj,

or o2;ther instirawn~t or :p..p~r protoribed hardin, o~r boon'us;

of Yany failure to Dublish or post thei notice~ of salle, or

ths nlotica3 of ap~plic-.tio~n for tcx dGcd, STO~lddi~a lo 1018-%

one pu~biGdt iion Or dcst~ing Of the Lo-tiG2 Of suol SS10d nf

app~Llicat;ionI for tcx dood~ sh;;ll haLvo boon mado, or 'becausiiT"---s
th3 t~-:MeS werei :assessod in the trong nam31, or thelJaknd sol~dvrithou

giving t~hj corroot n:ami: i or any namno, of the owner'
olf the scame, or becaueo of ::ny' other matter or thfingwhetrhat hre

ina'bove 3Xp3reSSly onumeratecd or not, salve and ixozot;

that thei lan;yds sold worao not liable~ for the! assass--

ml:nt or tha.t theO t.ssaissm;?nt thoroonn haLd bootn P-id .. t~h2

d..te of s::1aL or th...t the p'rocaodings loading: dp to rind

culminaiting in the: lorying of .ssassmonlC t won soS
dsfoot~iv; Is to rosalt; in the de3ni;:l nf suibs3;ntial rights

tr! the ow~ner nf em;id land. If :ny deod, or doodls, be

inv-tlid. fnr .:.nyT of the-~ re3sons last given, the Bnzar-.shel-l,

~n appiic-:~tion thorofor,, refund~ tn the p~urch:.sir, "r his

;ssignsa, of the linds sn snld the nmnunt nf assessmentss
recei~vesd in omnnesction thorowit-h, toge~thlr with int;Lrest

,t six per centum pe3r annum~ frnm the dat3 nf the sale.

All- deadaS here in prov~ided for, .:.~nd: rll otheCr doodsi issud

by' theJ Bnardt .urs~u:,nt t? thiis Arct..shll b::, :?nd~ =re boroby

daCl 2rOT to `bj, prim-~ f:.cio a-vic3nce nf 'tht.T~.1.rglT'r~iatbe

thy p'rnocaudings from the~ iitE~ if this Act to thz a .to, of

theO issma:nce ofi the oo r'uot r deed:Cs,) :.nd such d7oSCd or doodCs

shall1 b rcicivedoi in avianace in atnT cind asll Gourts of thiS

St_;te withoutro~gard~ to askt~i of ex~.:c~ioption,' no c~of.n~

shall be permitted thereto, ozoopt the defenses hereinzbove


(c) Whe~n 1 onct is purchiased by~ th; tiaxl Corllct r

for E o~rg1 .dos DistriGL, .8 he~rein provi~ed~, the~

GOrtif~ic,;te Sh.ll be issued ass of the3 d~te of s:Ule, in the

nlme of s;:ic Distriot, and if the l.,nc is nnt ro3doomedr o

nr beforel~t--- wo-yers-:fromlr t~he dtat -of~such: certificates, ,s

k;`bra~iiz'n provided, the t~itle~ to tha3..same shall1~ immied.iLately3

va)st in the sp~id district wjithnut the issuanes nf say ad-s

as provided d in other caisjs, a.nd~ thes ortificnts hsl2 byr the

sciid district shl;l1 be :3vidncZ of its title tZ the sric land.

T~h Boaird m-.yJ sell a:nd~ co~nvy~ thz land~is b-y

deadi at th3 be~st p3ric3 ?btatinable~ th~refnr, pro~vided such

price shal;l not bj loss thcln the ;amioun~t of assueagantst

upon slaid lalnds.iwhich shjll halve? b~come~ due mwd payaTI~blj.

the~ri3n pursu;:nt tn thd provi.Sonns of this Act, pElus c;ll

costs -;ndI pnalties; :..nd providedi further th ~t no such

sa~c~~lr .shll be ma*de by- the` s;id Boare3 until caft;-r not~ice

?f its intention t? m:.ka the3 s(.a Sh-lll have be 22 pu~blishe~d,

the3 Boar0. may reject -.ny and allJ bidls -ffered for s .id!

la-nds ltn3- mayg the~reaftir se~ll the 8 n;ro t -ny time~ without

furthei;r publicat~ion, at ~price no~t loss th_:,n...the higbost

bid; ;-nd prnvidedr7 fUrther th.;t after the. expiratinn of the

pjriod~ fypr ro~jmptio her.e in zll'owed3 the2 sziid Boazre may,

in its e.d~isota~~t ion,, s8-11 any p._rGOl nf 13Dini tha. titl0! tn

which sh:;11 bive- vasted in it by r3ason' of sables, SS here in

pjrovide~d, tn the parssn wJhn the~ wnTer nf s:aid ladns .;t

tha tim? ?f such s:..13, his haire or .:.signlS, wJ'ithout thei


publication ~of.any-gnotice -upon thopcyment of an amount

equal .to call instXlr nlmnt of i~3ssesntst iEuo UPOn saida onc. 11 costs ?1.n^t exprhchamincurret i cono io
Lithsai sao ed. onvoang. Sfor acing cony szole

to thee former owiner of Sai" 7l Inn, his 110irs or~~ assigns,2

as hrein' proDvi~ilcE, thcE 20Cr shall require ijrodf by

offi'te~vit ni oci~rtificate of an abstriot. comnpang sho;ning

tha~t frcts sexist which -zuthor.ize the making ,of said salo

i'n accord-ance v.ith the '.provisions of' this statutee, and

such proof halcll be fliled inz the office of tho.SoOTiS~f

of:said District ":nd sahall booino .a part of' the perm~aonet

records of tho- Distr~iot,

111 Gocr~s of convycgance oxecuteda by the Board,:
as here~lin provided, shalll be -signed- by the Chirman and

?ttesteZ~bly the.Slcrotoryy under the sc 1 of the Distriot', .

andL snnll vest in thc grontoo `ther fee simple ti'tle'-:nd

est-:te in "ndto the land.s therein doseribod, iree fromT~

allC9 lon.s f ny~ character, ex:cept such liens as may~ exist

for Sta-to and County T220s andi other taxcs if equal


(lD) Nothingr codnteined in this Le*5t shall be
constraod to relieve any land sold for non-payiment of.

sasessmolnts horo-undor, and .as to -which tnx deed ~shall~bo

issued by the 01orkc of the Circuit Court to:i~n indjividunl.

or. as to. wh-i~ch dood shcall be issued by the D~ist~riot as pro-

vided .in thpe pOGding SCction from-liablity for insth11l-

monts of seassiosmnts th~eresfter to become duo, can the

:lion upon snid land for all assessments not yect due shill

continued in full foroo and offoo~t.

(E) Alli cortifi3ntes issued in. the nnam of the
'Distriot under the provisions of ~this Act shall be hold by

the Troesuror of the Distroiot, The procoocds of th~e solo

of" any lands unior -the- provisions of ~thop~ccrocingT sootion

shall be hold and disposed of by the saLid Boaird in like

m~annor as assessments collooctce aro roq~uiredi to bohlrcd

and disposed of-by siai Board cunder the provisions of th~is

(F) .All. provisions of~ this Let rela~ting to the .

roaingr~t~on of Innds from tax sales and the snalecr of lnds

the title to w-hich shall vost in the District in pursuance

of sales shclll also pply to all certific ntos wG~hich~ shall be

aolivored -to' the Treasurer 0:this District by the Tron-surer

of the 'StaLte of Florida aEs ex-officoio Treasurer of Everglades

Dr:aina;ge.Distrioct, and toanll cert;ifica~tes nowj outstanding'

Dy virtue of satles of InPd herotofore macde by said District
?nd to all sales for aissesse~nts wuihich shall hereafter be

;rdo for the non-pa;menct of the dareage assessment levied

and assessed under the provtisions of this's L-te


Scotionm 39.

The records of appraisals and as~sasanents contailned

in the respectivee records of the District anda of the respective

eciuntias,.or certified copies thereofl shell;.be prima facio

ovidenoo in a~ll Courts ofR1 all ntters therein contained,


Section 40.

(A) 'Bfore receiv~ing t;he cassessment rooords, the ITax

Collootor~ of .cch'county into t-hich the Dictrict extends)

shall furnish a corporate surety bond, at the expense of the

3istrict, executed to the Distriot, in a sum not loss than

the probable =Imonunt to be' collecotd by him for the District
...-?-rig iany one yea;r, condiitionoE- that ho will pay over andi

coount .for all assessments collooted by him,. Scid bond

.fter approval by the Board shall bc deposited w~ith theClork

:ho~ shall produce thne saxo for inspection and use as evidence

,ihonevor~ and iho~rover lawjfully required xo "c .do.

(B) All collections of assossoonts m~eo by any

County Tax Cillootor shall bopP~id to the Trcasurer of the

~istriot, sn 3r before the tenth day o~f the noxt succocding


aalecnde r .nonth., If any Tax Colled@tor --efuses, fails or

Irglects to make .promet ~paymentl-t of th~e assessments, or

iayr part thereof, collected iunder this' the Treasurer

39 the D~istriot uponi -his' presenttation1 of a2 wiricttenr d'emand

froma the Board, there he shall pay a penalty~of ten(10o~)

?or cent. on theamount of: his delinquency, such penalty

:.hall at once become due and payable 'and -both he and his

sareties shall be liable therefore on his bond provided for

in this.-act.


Section 41,

In the month 'of June.-in each year, or oftener if

thle Cocr't shall so order, -theBoard~ shall, make a report to

the Court of its proceedings and an accounting of receipt's

anrd d~istursements to that date, wPhich shall be filed w~ith

Thie Clerk. -Thereupon the Co!rt shall2 order the auditing of

caid accounts by competent public ac'countan-ts, w~ho shall

file their report thereon w~ith the Clerk, whlGo sha~ll, at the

expense of the Distriot, on~use a reasonable number thereof

to be printed for distribution to persons interes-ted.


Sootion 42.

The memibers of the Board shall receive no com-

pensation, .but shall be ontitled to their necessary expenses

incurred in-the performance of their duties. Each appraiser

she.11 receive ten (1$10.00) 'Iollcrs per day andl his expenses

for the time actually and necessarily employed in. the per-

Tormance of his duties. The Board shall pay theexpenses

of the Drainango Court. Any public officer performing duties

.Indor this ACT SHAFLL receive therefore the comipensation pro-

iidod by lawii for-the same or similar services.



Section: 43.

.The making of pro-fit, dairectly or indirectly,

oy anr .officer of the district, or by any other~ pph7lic

officer within-the State., out .of.any conitracts entered

Intod by the district, or the use of any money belonging

to .the distrie-t by 1.oaning it, or otherw7ise using it, or

depositing the same inz any manner contrary to law,-.or

by~ removal of any money by any -such officer or by his

3onsent, nan placing it elsewhere than is prescribed

i-;her by. lawu or, by the official acts of the ~Board, for

'Ihe purpose of profit, sha~ll .oosti:~tat j-.fe~lony, and on

.:021vigtia.n~ tho-r.coa.rf sh~...alltbjct such officer to imprison?-

!,Mou i~n the State Penitentiary for ,? term not oxoooding

t~vo~ years, or~ a fine not exceeding Five T'housand Dollars

($5,000 00), or both fine and imprisbnonen, aIndi the officer

offonting shall bc liable personally an~d upon his official

bond for 3.11 losses to such district, and for a-ll profits

realized by sucoh unlaw~ful use of moneys,


Sootion 44.

(A) The Drainage Court of Evergledos Drainage

District shall havc power to hGBT 886 d0termilO 811 AitOteS

required to be submitted to 'it under the provJisions of this

.at~, and to make such orders with refe~rec~e thereto as

.1..11 be deemed necessary to car~ry out liberally thle pur-

oses and objects of the 'Tistr~ict,

(IB) The Court may adopt rulos. governing its pro-

3odureg and, when not in conflict with-such rules, the

statutes and rules of Court governing practice BrHd prOOedure

in equity shall apply.

(C) .The judge selected as..Chairmazn of said Court


( I I~ ~ I

;;; 11 fix the -time a~nd 1.0 2i7CT::r acetings~a f thE Cour t and;
sha::l Cirvene -the CGout a often ?s shalll br .ncceeSsary to

of etitc ~tho the prposes, of tls act.~ Thcourt may.I from .

(D:) .H~o memby}-6f' j 'sti:d Cou'13t thl'll be itsquhlififed

to pe'i'orpl anly GUty ingosed by$ thi Let :I reason of bianfer1

sliips of pper~ty.aithin .the, DL~triot, or by r~eas~ron o3iller-

ship of 2'ny3' property~ that ~ay be tjc:roittecl P. magod, or
sens~ed nie~r the provisions' of thils Lot.

(Ef) N~o righ:1t of appeal. 9rom orders, doorees or -

jucigmenvts of szid? Court shall exist;.
(F) The p.enien rcyl ci~- F co-:pi o ns .`or o b joectionll. ila:r

action. bg thle B3ari, nor .the prosecution of wo~rk.

;Iet conlcerning ~the a m"iins11rtrptiqn or operlatio3n of the

isEtrict an.collec~=1tionr o~f afssessm~i nts r;.- bC Epfoqyeted: :-l
gist ny~ office-r dori g ns ap erson,,og,.publ-~ip~ -Car;

person or lublic corporation~; 11dr~eS: stee inny way in such

Scotioni 46.

(L:) In -.~grany crj1 dv:c.-e y case wherb R hotictie is

;i$ittforin -ithis Abt,:i if -~the Got;:finis. fir'any

reasonr tha.7t EE otie i mesl~cc .rj~ng gr,;iven te Cou~rt she 1 not

sereby lose. juristition CnC the pr~oeeding in question
shanll not thereby~:) bevo~iC or be abated:,- but .the Cour~t sha~ll

-ipI -that ~ .cr~Lcr ine7~ n a3ti ae ;t c...te igiven anI~ hall
continued th~e heaping~un~til time;:as notico~ghcll,.bo


propertyy given, ani? thereu~pnc shall prceed- as th;ugh

notice hai b'eenY proporlry given in the first instances.

(B) In case any particular -appraisal or a prisals,~18

assessment or assessments, levy or levies', shall be held

void for want of legal notice, or in case the Board shall

d'e-termiine~that anyf~ notice wilth reference to any land or

lainds inay~ be faulty, then the Board may file a motion that

thle Court order notice to be given to' the owner of such

leni or lands, and the Court shall set a tine For hearing

as- provided in this Aic-t. AndG in case the original notice

as a wi~hole shall be hzeld to be sufficient, but faulty only

nithz ref-er~encle to puLblication as to cer-tain? particular

iad. i.. aieJ+masP only~- -f'.th .-owners~af .ana ~Persons interesteid

in such part~ciclar l~nds-need~ be notified by such subsequent

notceand~ if thepublication of any notice in the Court

sh~all be held. to be defective or not m-ad~e in time, public a-

tion of the defective notice need be hadL onlyJ in the county

in wh-ichi the defect occuzred.


Section 4,7.

All cases in hi~ch1 -there may arise a question of

the" vaidt ofnyr proceed-ings under th"is iLot, shall bje

a -vaned as a mtifter ol in.120itiat publ13ie interest andiC concern,
and hezar in all Courts at the earliest oracticable moment.


YSctio~n 48.

In case any~S ;3erson or puibliC cor~poration, wiith~inl

or withoute the Ijis-trict sall,1 bec injuriouslyl 'affoo'etot -iith

aspect to prope@rty rights in 22;1 mannezr w~hatsoocver by an:;

cot performed by any official or agent of such District,

or br -the exeCultion, racintonance or operation ofS the Official

Plan, and~ in caso. no othcr ;methods of" ireliefP is othrod

unir hi Ltthe remedyfl halcrl be; as follows~:

()The person or public corporation sooking

relief shall petition the 00art for an appraisal of damiages

sufficient to compol~nsate for such injuries.

(B) The Court shall thereupon diroot the Boar'd

of a-ppraisers of th:e Diistrict to appraise said daariges and

Injuries, ani to make a report to the Court on or before

the time named in the order of the Court.

(C) Upon the filing of such report, the- Co urt

sha~cll cause notice to bG given to thocpotitio'ner and to

the Board of -the Distrio~t, of a hearing on3 said report, At

the tiier of s'uch hearing, the Court shall11 ednsider said

report of the appraisers, and may ratify said report or

zcond it as thec Court may doom cquitablo, or, may return

i-t to -the said appraisecrs and require them to. prepare a

now report.

(D) Upon the filing of an order of the CouLrt

approving said report of the appraisers, with such modifies-

tions as it may havo mado, saii ordor shall constitute a

final adjucaioation of the mactto~r.

(5) No Con~cgs shall be allowed under this

sootion which wiiould not otherw~iso- be allowedci ini la,C ~~ ProD-

vi.od~, hojcyc~r,'that nothing in this sootion sh 11l bc

constfruec to Steprive anyg person or public corpo,-ation

of the roQaci~ of injunction in the case ofP-rospcotive

irro~~p~pybl injury.


SOtiiOn 49.

That Section 1164-1, Rovised~ G;neral Statutes of

Florida, as amenioC by Chaptcr 1_0086, Law~s of Florida,

_;ots of 1925, be, ncPi t~he same~i hlroby is, amontcoC to

road as follows:

1164. For the purpose of construsting,, com3-

pleting anil maintaiinin the works of lriainago ane roc;lama~-

tion hcroby auithorizoE~ for -the boncfit rani protootion


oif the lants in said Distriot;, annual ajs~sessiotts o~f

t-.r:l:s shll3 ~bo, on:r. ar~i~Loboroby lovioC and~ imposal u~pon :' p.

all -ledP s:within n-iT~ District as follows, to-t-Wit: .



~~ 4





% *




Thla t upyo n~the: follow~ing describ eit la nts in saie~~ tre di~ t, ~

-.Ll being in T o'ns3h i p So u th,.Ran~e s -Ea s t, Tallahiassee Meritiop,,

anii: Para;llel as endib~'ratee~ as follows,) to-m~ict ..

Ih Toodriship 41,- RangeC BE, all Sectijns, 34 ant 355, also01

In Trow~nzhip'Z 42,Range 38, all 'Stat-ions,.},~ 2, 3, 1-0, 11,

12, 163,l.14,and 15, Hi .of: Sction 22~, IT) of Section e., Hi~ 3f
S: Gtion'l 24, also

In Tow;~nsh~ip 42, :R-ll;e 33, aill.S~ctions,, 7. 13, 1'4,; 151 1~-6,

17, an'lIr 18, UI of Bectionl 19, allj:.Sections 20, 81, 88, 23, 24,
jbit BB2,~ IT)~ of Section 26,- N)-i of Sectishd 27,.IT~1- ad~E- Secti.04Li 283,

3T-1 of S~ect ion 279,.ell_ af .'sootionk S~;
In Tow1-nshlp 4'B, Ransc~c 33, all_. of Src~ti; on- 12, also'..

iin Tow~nship 42:, Range 34,. all :of Section'sl_. .1930 -37 and

32, a~lso- :
In Township 43, Range 34, all SetiiOnS, 7,.8,`9, ~10, 11, 154,

15, 23 ncl 24, Elso
In, T;aandiip ET, Radge .Z15, a.llI of Shetians6 aso

Ih rvn Toddshi 4',' RaLgo' a5,. all-of Seoffo ~s. 19~, 20, 21, 27,

Es, c7nc. ;9, :~ of sooetion' so, spl~.soopt~i. 3h '32, a, 'st, 3.5 aba
36,. .also
in TrnsS.,~i p 4i4 :Rdngc 36j,aLSetos.1 ;3,41011,

In T:ownishilp 37, Range.3.6, }-~ .6f 'Scotto3n 2D., a~lso'l~I..:-

(:9 of Section 84; all sectiod~s,- 25 and36, also
In :Towvnshiip 42, Rango 26,.all ISectioj~ns, 13, 83, .24, 85, 26,

35 anl 36g, also'
In Township 43, Raenge 36, all Sectiions. 12, la, 14, 83, 84,

25, ana 36, also
'I)C Township 44, Rage' 36, all Sootions. 1, 3', 4, 5, 6, 7,

8, 9, 16, 11, iE, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,:.83 ane 24, also a


In Tou~nshiiP 38, Range 37, W1.ofi Section 31, also

:In Towinship 89, Range 37~, W1: of Section 5, all of dectij;n 6,

~a~nll U.-~ of~ E-2 of ;cectlbn 8,. all Sectionsi l? ant 20j, '~T- of" ;'(- If

Section 214 21-~ of (jeotion 28,all"SctoSecios, 29 and3, also

In Tennshilp 40,.RiateS 37, ri Of Section 3,

all Secti-ons, 4-,.

35, and 36, also

34,' 55, an; T36,

2, S, 4; 5, 8, 9,

22, 28, 89, "O,.

5, 7, 8, 9, 17,

5, 6, 7, and 18,

2, G, and 4,

12, N) of N) of

and.18, also

and IB, also

10, 11-,




51,. 32,


13, 19,


12, 15, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27,

Toi;;nshrip 41, Ran ,e 37, all Sect~ions, 1,

14, 15, 2, 23, 241 25, 26, 87, %8, 33,

Toia~ship 42, Ranje 37, all Sections, 1,

12, li, 14, 15, 1-6, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,

and si, also

TrushipJlL 43, Range' 37,' all Sections, 4,

20, 29,: 30, 31, 52, and 33, also

Townsh~lip 44, Range 37, all Section~s. 4,


In Township 40, Range 38, all Sections, 1,

SQ of Section 5, all Sections, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,

Section 13, NA- of Section 16, all Sections, 17,

In Totonship 42, Ran :e 38, all Sectione, 7,

In Tio;-aship 39, Ran je 39, S$ of Section 25,. E}- of Section 32

.all Sections, 33, 34, 35 anid 36, also

In Tow~nship 40, R~ange 39, all Sections, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 18, NW~J Section 16{ Nk- of Section 17, N)

of Section 18, also

In Township 39, Range 40, all of Section 1, Si- of Section 2,

SA of Section 10, all 3 motions. 11, 12, li, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23,

4,25,-26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31, N}j~ of Section 32, also.

In T'o;,nsa-ip 52, Rlange 40, all Sections, 32 ancE 33, S- of

Section 34, als-o

In Tocrnshiip 53, Rang~e 40, all Sections, 1, 2, 3, and 4,

E}S of djection 5, all Sections, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23,

24, 25, 26, 27, 34, 55 and 36 also


In T ~.eghtR.Jime, .Ra~cnirBe4 IO: DW of Section 1; all Sooctioln: 2,
3, and 10; HW}V of Section 11; -Ilso
In. Towns~hip. 43, Rang~e 41, all Secttions:. 31, SB, 33, 34, 35, arzt
36'; also
In Torlmship 44,. RanY~ge 41, aill Sections: 1, 2, 3, 4,9 5, ?nc':6f

In Townr-iebip 50s R.-:.nge341 41, n1 that part of Sction 14 south
of-north Now Rivefz 0anacl; all of sections 25(all tfhat part of
Sec tion 24 s ou th of Nor th New River .0 anl; all Sec tions: 25, 26,
and.871; N)- of Sectiona 34; NA of Section 35; NE1 of Section 36~; alE.o
In TlownsthiP 55, Jiange 41, all Sections:7' and 8f( S} of puJ~t,

S~di, W1 of SE;-}L nnn SE} of S~E( o~f Section.9;' F) of Sectioni 16; all
Sections: 17, 18, 19 find 2O; m5% of.NW1, .I WW~-of UN~-,:rr of ST~~hI
of SW} a~nd SW of SE)~ of 8171 of Secotion 21; alil Sootions :28, 29,

30, 3.1, 32, ,7nd.35; azlso
In township 54, Rangoe 41; NW}~ of Sectiobn 5;: R of Secti~on 6;

In TCown;ship 43, Range.48, all Sections: 25, 26, 27, i8, 89,
30, 31, SE, 33, 34, 55, ane 36; also
l.n Town~ship 44t, Rang~e 42, all Sections: 1,'E, 3, 4,-5, 6, 10,:
11, 12, 13, 14 anda 15; also
In Township 43, Brange 43: 9) of the WE~ of the ~riof Section :
all sections: 89, 30, 31, nan 32; Wh- of the Wk~ of thle Fi~ of sectT-.
33; also

In Tow39ship 44, Range 43, all of the 2E of section 4 except
Government Lots: 3, 6, 7, nan 8, all Sectionls: 5, 6, 70 andC 8; all
of the WAi of Section 9 except Government Lots: 1, 2, 3, and 4; al:
of Section 16 excoptl the SE}, S- of the SW}T~ nan Govermecnt Lots:
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; all Sections: 1_7 zan 18; also
In Range'87, between Townships 43 anda 44, Lots: 4, 5, znd 6:

In T~owrnship 44 between Ranges 36 -an 37, Lotzr: 1, 2, and 3g


I~n Range 40, be~t".'een. Towinsh'ips 53 andl 54, Lots: 1,' E ani 3,

a T-z of $1.25 per acre -is herebly ler-iedl for thelc year 1927, anli.

for .each year there.after until :the Debt Fuund Afssessmont RcoorZ

shaill have been filed~ in the office of. the~ Tarx Asseissocr' as .her~ein

pr ovi:de di.,


.That upon .the fp~oloing described lnans in sa~id dis trict,

In Townsr~hip 48, RaLng~e 31, all S~ection~s- 24,2 25, and 26;

ETE~ of Section 36; a~lso
In Townhi~p 41, Raonge 32; ;E- of Section 30; also
In Townehi'p -48, E;nge 38, all sections::4,29, J6, 17, 18,

19, 80, nan 21; &# of Geotion 28 &S-o-f Section 884 SQ of 4ootion

841; All Sections 25, 26, 87, 30, 31, 3t, 34; 35j chi 36i also
In To:wnship 43, Rangie SE; W- of Secotion 2i all Seetions:

3, 14 ruad.5; N)~ of Section. 8;N1- of Section~ 9t .1~ of Section 10(

M071 pf ~Section 11l;.also
In Towniship- 432L .Rnge 35, 8- of Section 19t Si of SectionZ 26-;

S-i of.Section 27; St- of Section 28; S-A- of Section 29;.all
Sections i 80, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 55; also

In T~owrnship 4S, Range 33, all Sections: 10, 11, 13 nan 14)

In Townmship 43, Rapfge 34, all Sections 16, 17,. 18, 21, 22,

25, 26 and 27; also

In Township 37, Range 35, all sections: 25, 2S, 87, 54 anld 55;
In Towns~hip 43, Range 55, S- of 800tion 30; all of Sootion

51 .n818 o

In Tow~nship 44, Rango 35, all Sections: 5, 6, 8, 9, 16, 21,

22, ES~'2,~ 4,26, 27, 26, 33, 34, and 35; lso
In Township 57, Raznge 36: Wi~ of Section 89; all of Sootion1 30;

NE of Section 31; all1 Section 32 ,ond 33; also
In Township SS, Rangt;e 36;: all of Section 3; EE-~ zan the N (T:~~
of section 4; NA; of Section 10; all Sections: 11 and 13, E1 1

o~f Section 24; also

?6 2-

'I-Ft-Towsfthip.~ 44; Rrange 36, all1.3ctio7ns: 19, 20), 21,. 22, 25,

26, 27;, 3;, 55, and3~ SS, al
In Township 38, R-nge 37; '. of Section 10: all of S~ctionl 30,

El of .Section 31; all of Sec~tion 32; zlso
In Twns~~?hip 39, Ra~ng~e 37, 17)- of ScotioJn di I=} of Sootion?1 5)

E8? of ISD}~ and ~E-1 of SEE of Scotion 8; all.Scotio~ns: 9 r.nil 16;
E1 of N".'ka- nd~ E1 of SO)~ and E)~ of Section' 21; FI of Section 22;
of Section 27;~ E4 of Sec-tion 28; all Sootions: 34, 35 nan 36: nT

In Tonhp 40, Rnn~o 37; all Sections: I and 8, 21 of Sectio,:

3; als o
In Townsh~ip 42,.Ricinge 37;: 811Z Sections: 23~, 24,' 25, 26, 27, 3.

35.andl 36; also
In To~wnship 43, Ralnge 37; all Sctions: 8, 3,. 10, 11, 14, 15,

21, 22,.23, 26, 27, 88, 54, nan 35; also
In Township 44, Range 3SP, allSec-tions: 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10,, 11,

12, 15,.14, 15, '16, 17, 19, 20 and 21; 10[J~ of Section 30.; lso
In Township 40, Range 38, NiJ~ of Sec~tion 5, all Sectio~ns 6;
s$ cnd Si- of NQ of Sction 13; all Sections 14 andn 15; SA of
Section 16; anll Scotions: 59, EO, 21, 88, 83,.24, 25, 26, 87, 28,

.29, .30 ana 31; also
In Township 41, Range~ 38; all Sections: 6, 7, 18, 19, 30,
51 antl 82; also

In Tow'nship ~2, Rang~e38;.all.1~ Sections: 5, 6, 8, 16, 17, 19,

2O, 21, 22, 27, 288, 89, SO, 3j, 52, 33 and 34; aolso
In Township 44~; Range 38; all Sections: 7 ?nd? 18; a~lso
In Tow~nship 50, Range 38, all1 Sections: 25, 26, 27,.188, 29,

32, 33, 34, 35 and 36; also-
In Tow~nship51, Range 38, all Sections: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9,
10, 1.1, 12, 13, 14, 15, EE, 23, 84, 25, 86 aLnd 36; also
In Township 39, Range 39, all Sootions: 19 and 20; m-i of
-Section 25; all Sootions: 2S, 27, ES, 29, 30 and 31; y) of Scot.

32; also


.. .. -- "O I
In To~wnship 40, Range 39, all1/Sec tion: 15, Si -1neI NE-Lof
Seccti n 16; S}- of Sectlon: 17,1S--:&& oSec~tion 18; '-ll sctiions

19, SO, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29and 30;~ Also
In To4wn~shipr 50, Rang1e 30, ll GISectione~t 2'5, 86, 87, 28, 89',

30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35,. rn1 36; 61sd
In Township 51, :Ragee 39, All1 Sections: 1, 2, 9, 4,, 5,'..6, 7,

17, 18,.19, 80, 21, 27, 88, 29,1.30, 31, 32, 53,.34 and 25; ;llSo
In Townvlsh~ip 52, Ra~nge. 39, all Sections: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7T,

S8,,9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,' 17, 80, 21, 2E, :2S, 84, 25,. 26,
87, 288, 29, 33, 34, 35 atnd 36;, also
In -Township 53, Range 39,. all ~Secti.ons: .1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10,

11, 12, 13, 14,.156,-. 16~~, 1.22, 23, 24, 85, 26, 87, 28, 33, 34,

35 36; aclso
In TCow~nship 54, Range 39, all Sections.: 1, 2, 3, anrl 4: also`

In T iuvnship 39, Range 40 R)-of Sectcion 8; Ek- of Section 3;

NA~-~of -Section 10, E}~ of Section 9r NE) a-nd~ SW- of Section 16; SEa o~f
Section 17; NE) and S-i of Section .20; S~ of Section 19; S-Ii 'of Section

32; all Section: 35, 134, 35 ;:nd1 36; also
In Tow7nship 40, R=Hnge 40, a~ll Secti~on 4, 5 nan 6.
In Towcnshlip 40-, Rang~e 40, all1 Sections; 25 and? 56;. al~o'

In Township 44, Range 40, all of Sectionl; N) of Sootion 12;

In TIownship? 50, Range 40, azll Sctions: 11,' 12, 13, 14, 23, 84,

25, 86, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36; also

In Township 51, Rango~ 40,~ all Sctions: 1_, 2, 3, 4, 5, andn 6;

In Towndhip 52, Range 40, all Sections: ?, 17, 18, 19, 20,

21. 87, 28, 29, 30 ,rnd 31; N1i of Scotion 34; all Sections: 35 atnd

36; also
In Township 53, Range 40, 0%~ of Scotioon 5; all Scot-ions: 6,

7, 8, 1.6, 17, 18, 19~, 20, 81, 28, 89, 3'0, 51, 32, and~ 33; also

- 64-


In Township 54:, Rang~e 40, all Secticns: 4c, 5, 6, ?, S -;n.
9;: S:'TS of Section 12t 3171 of TTE NT' -nil S-S of Sootiosn 15; cll
Sections:- 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,.'20, '81, 22, ES, 84,. 25, 27, 28,

89, SO, 51, 32, 55, 34:, ,53, ani: 5; also~

In ibownship 45, Eange 41l, all Sections: 85, 26, 2?, ES, 29,
ane 30; alSso

In Towvnebip r44, Range 414 all1 Sections: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and

12; also
In TuwNnehip 47, Range 41, all Sections: 25 andl 56; also

In T~ownsh~ip 4~8, Range 41, all of Section 1;.also
~In Townaship 50, Range i1, all that part of Sections: 15,

16 and 17 south of the north NewF River Canal; 'allJ Sections:.18,

19, 20, 81, 82, 28, 89, SO, 31, 32 and 33; SQ of Section 54;

S$ of Section 355; 8g of Section 36; also

In Township 51, Range 41, all Sections: 2, 5, 4, 5, an-: 6;~

In Township 58,-Range 41, all Sections: 31, 32 and 35; alsi
In Township 53, Range 41; N -, E} of SE E ~-of IFM( of 88-1-

and NWnJ of NJW} of SE)- of Section 4; all Seattions: 5 and 6; also

In Township 55, Range 41; Ei~ of NW}~F~, S- of KTti. Sk ofig

of NW} and NE)~ of NW}~d of NW} of Section 5; fiE of

SE}, E- of SW} .-of SE) asnd Wh of Section 6; ES of
tion 7; all Sections 8, 18 and 19; also

In Township 44, Range 42, all Sections:

In Township 47, Range 48, all Sections:

28, 89, 30, 31, 32, 53, 34 and 35; also
In T~ownshnip 48, Range 48, all Sections:

33, 34, and 35; also
In Township 49, Range 412, all sections:

SE~ of NE ~, E of
swJ- and E}. of seo-

7, '8 and 9; also

19, 20, 21, 26, 27:

4l, 5, 6, 31, SE,

1, 2, 3, 4t, 5and

6; also

In Township 50, Range 42, all Sections:

28, 29, 30, 31, 5i

and? 33; Nf- of Section 34; NW}i~;Z and WA of the NE)- of Section 55; alj.

~In Eang~e 37 between ~To'vubips 45- andC r,., Lots: 2 a3nd.7i3; alsor

In Townrabiip 4~, Between Ranges 36 and~ 3`7; Let 4; NT# o~f.L~ot
5; al so

In Range 39, between Towins-hips 53 andl 54, Lots: 1, 2, 3 and

4,; al sw
In Range 40, between TCownships 53 and1 54, Lots 4, 5andL S.

A TPax of $6.,90 per acre is hereby .levied for th'e year 1927 and for

eac~h year thereafter until the Debt Fund Assessmaent R~ecord shall

have been filcs ed.. in.p. the ficfied. of e TPax Aassessr is .herein pro-
via d. ,

Z~one 3

..t upon thell following described landsr in saiid Sistriot,

In Townrshzip 42, E~ange 29: S of Sco~tion_ 241; all Scotionls:

,5~ 26, .35 and 36; also

In Toprnesip 43, Easyii~ 29: all1 Section 1, 2, and 3; also:
In Town~rshrip 42, Rango 30: 8~ of Section 19; S:W of Section 80;

S-~ of Section 21;, Si- of Section 22; all Sootions: 23, 24, 25, 26, E?

28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 54, 35, and 36; also

In Township 37, Ea~ngeo 31, all Sections: 25 a~nd 26; also

In Towns'-hip 38, Range 31, all of section 1; also

In Tlownsh~ip 42, ~Eange 31: SS- of Section 12; all of Section

:3; E-jl of Section 14; all Sootions: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, ~28, "'9,

:., 31, 32 33, 34, and 35; Vi-} and SE-( of" Sootion 36; also
In TIowznship 37, Range 38, all Sootions:-89, 30, 31, and SB;

In Township 38, Range -32, all Sectionios: 4,5,6,8, and 9;

In Township 40, Rango 32, all sections: 1, 12, 13, 14, 2E,

,27, 28, 33 and 34; also

In TPownship 41, Rangoe 32, all Scotions: 3,4,9,10.,15,16, 21,

?S, 27 and 28; E1-~ of S-ection 32; Y1~- of Bootion 33 f-lso
In Township 42, Frango 32; ~Eli of Sction 5; Si of S-ection '7;

Sr) and NE} o" -Sect~ion, 8; also
In Township 43, Eango 32, all o~f Section 1; S~E}- of Section '.

aill Sections: 6 san ?; St of 3ectiocn 8; Si of section 9; S- of

Section 10; Si- and NE} of Section 11; all of section 12; also

In Township 39, Range 33, all Sections 10,11, 12, 13, 14, .

S2, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2?, 33, 34, 35 and 36; also

In Towvnship 40, Racnro 33, all Sootions: 3, 4, 5, 6, ?, 8,

:0j, and -18; also

In Townyship 43, Eange 33, all Sctions: ?,8, and 9; .also


In Towvnshi!p 37, Rangie d4, all of SMotion 36;al7so

In Townlvship 38, R:;tigei 84, all. Sections; 1, 2 aind 3; thr;i

pairt of Section 4 'lying eacst of thes $issimmnee River; all Sea-tiolns:

11, 12, 13a 14, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35 and 36; clso

In'Townmship 39, RaInge 34, all Sections: 3, 4, 5, r3 8,9,17,

18 ,nd 19; Ilso

In Township 3j, Rnge .55, all Sections: 28, 29, 31, 32 a~niTc

In Township3 38, Range 35, all Sect'ions: 5, 6s 7, 8, 17, 18

and 19; ailso

In Township 44, Range 35, all Sections: 17, 20, ~25, 29, 32

atnd 36; also

In Tow~nship. 45, Rainge 35, all Sectiocns: 1, 2, 3, 4 and.5; e

In Township 44, Ra~nge 36, all Sections': 28, 29, 30, 31,32 ...

33; also

In Township 45, lRange 36, a~ll Sectionzs: 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11,

12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23 andi 24; ilso

In Township 88, Rainge 37; E1 of Section 19; 9) of Section ;L

3ll Sections: 28, .29, 33 and 34; also

In .Township 39, Range 37:.S$ of Section 1; all Section 2 -2:

3; E~i of Section 4; 3ll Sections: .10, 11, 12, 13, 1 n 5 }o

Section 22; all Sections: 23, 24, 25 and 26; jlso

In Township 43, Riange 37, all Sections: 1, 12, 13, 24, 25 :

36; -ilso

In Towvnship 44, Rangee 37, zll Sections: 22, 23, 24, 25, ;S

27, 28 and 29; SQ Of1 Section 30; all. of section 31; also

In Township 239 RInge- 38, all Sectio~ns: 7, 17, 18, 19,20,;

21,27, 28, 29, 0,31, 32, 33, 34, 35,~ and 36; ilso

~In Township 40, Rainge 38, all actionss: 32, 33, 34, 35 u..1:.

36;; also

In Towrnsh-ip 42, liRage 38, -2ll that pirt of Section 4 sent!i

ocf th~e North Palm Beach Levee; azll nSections: 9,1D,1L4,15_2;3,25,2ij,

35 .dd 86; 2lso

In Towranshi 43F Ringe 38, all Sections: 1 to 36, inclusive;

In Tc.wnsh-ip 44, Rclnge 38, all Sootions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,

9, 17, 19 snd 20; Si olf Suctiron 27.; all Sections; 28, 29, 30, 32

33, 3nd~ 34; W1 of rSe;ctio~n 35; al'so

In T:ynjis:ip 45, Range~T 38, 3ll Sectionzs: 2,3,4,10,11,12~,13,

ad~ 14; E} of Se3ction 115; also0

In Tow~nship 50i Ra'nge 38, all1 Sectionzs: 23 Ind 24; zlso

In Township 51, Ri;nge ;38, a.llSctions:F~ 8, 16 P20q 21,

87, 28, 299 33, 34 Lnd 315; also

In ~Township 52, Riange 38, aill Sceions: 1, 2, 3, 11, 18,13,

24, 25, Ind 38; -:lso

In To~wnshnip 39, Riinge 39,. all Sceirons: 23 ..nd 24: Is-o

'In TJTwnship 40,r Ran~e 39, azll Sctio-ns.: 13, 14, 23, 24, 2S,

26,' 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 3nd 46; also

In Township 42, Range 39, ..ll of Section 31; *lso7

I'n Tolwnship 43, Rang~e 39, all. Sectisns: 5,8,7,-8,9,15,

16, 17, 18., 19, 20, 21, 23, 23, 4,25, 26, 7, 28,.29, 30, 31,

32, 33,~~ 31. ..35 .ann ~.31;.-11~s o-
.. --- -- In .Town~ship 44, R ;n G .. 39.,-.-_11-.Si~otions 1...5.. .2,3,A~, 5,.G, ,8,

9,10, 11 jand 18; rtlso

In:--T9-Tnmship3 50+ ricngj. 39,-.1l -Se cti ans : :ul.9,.U1, ,~21,- 22e,,1 R

.nri 24; also

Ig Township 51, Ra;nge 39, all Sec~tions: 8,9,10,11,12,

15, 16j, 22, 23, 25, 26 atni 36; .ilso

IP Townzship 52, SRange 39, all1 Sections: 18, 19, 30, 31, n

32; also9

In Township 53, Ringe~ 39, all Sectionsc: 5,6,7,8,17, 18,

1 20, 29, 30, 31 and1 32; also

In Township 54, Ringe 39, all Sectivns: 5 andi 6; ;lso

In? Townrship 39, Rlnge; 40; Wkj~ o~f Se'ction 3; Till gsctions



6, 7 anld 8; W~ of Section 9; NW}- of Sectioni 16; 531- and ':.-.of

Section 17; all of Section 18, NC~ of Section 19; mI-}* of seion

2O;. also

In ~(TJimaShip 43, huige 40,

19, 803, 81, 28, 2S,~ 24, 26, 21,


Sections: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,

89, SO, 31, SE, 23, 5j4: ad ~55



Sections: 82, 5, 4, 5,

of Section 15; also

6, 7, 8,

In Township 44, -R:Mle 40,

9, 10 a~nd 11; S of Sectionz 12;

In Toin~ship 49, Range 40,

34, 55 ,lnd 36; also

Ini TownshR~iP 50, Range~ -40,

15, 136, :19, 80,. 81.and 8~2; also

In 'iTownSh~iP 51, Ravnge 40,

31; also

.In To uship 58, Range 43,

22, 23, 25 acnd 26; cleo

In Townaship 45, RanYge 41,

18, 19, EO, 21, 82, 23 and' 24; a

In TownarSh~ip 44, Range 41,

and 18; also

In Tow~nship 4.7, Rcnge 41,

55; also

In Tlownszhip 48, R3age 41,

In Township 49, Range 41,


25, 26,: 27, 828, OS,

atll Sectio~ns: 1,' 2, 5, '4-, 9, 10,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11L, 12 and~

5, 6, '8, .9, 15, 16~,

13, 14, 15, 16, 17,

26, 27, 88, 34 andB

35 and 56; also

1, 2, 31 and SE

all Sections:

all Sections:

all Sections:


all Sections:

all Sections:

all Sectiohcs:

all Sections:


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

In? TownLship 50, Ranyge 41, all Section~s:

8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13; all that part of" 8ootions: 14, 15, 16, 17

anzd '24 north of the North? WeW River Canal.; t.1so

In Town~ship 51, Range 41, all Sections: 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

and 12; also

In TIowntship 52, RangG 41, all SOctiOnS: 28, 89 a~nd SO; also

In Town2ship 43, :Range 48, all Sootion~s: 16, 21, 18, 19, 20


tjnd .1-; al-so.

In1 T3Tnnshipi 44; Range0 48,i all 800tions: 16, 17 cand 18;

In Ranngo 37 bot;-oon ITownshipjs 43 and 44, Lot; 1; also

In Towniahip 44, betwoon Range~s 56 anzd SY; 39 of Lot: 5 and~

all Lot 6; crso

In 'Town~ship 45, between Ranges .36 cand 37, Lots: 1, 2 and

3; also
In Ran~ugo 39, botpiman Townnships 43 and 44, Lots: 1, 8, '3, 4,

5 an~d 6; also

In Range 39, betwroon Townships 53 anzd 54, Lots: 5, ;wnd 6,





Tlhtt upon tho fo~llor~ing dGoribod8 lands in said -distriot,
to Wit:

In Township dB, Re.nge 2FS, Al Soeions 23; N}-~ of Soction 84;


In TCorwnship 48, Raonge SO, 8j~ of Section 15; S .of Sction

14; Si of Soction 15; NA-~ of Sction 19; N~ of Soction 80;

N1~ of 800tion 21; nT Or" 8001102.82; 8180

In Township 37, Rango 31, all SGctio:DS: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10,

11, 13, 14, 15,- 16, 17, 21, 28, 2S, 24,. 26, 27. and 55; atlso

In Townsh~ipl 48, Ra~ngo 51, S-E of SOctiOn 1; S-j Of 800tion 2.

S& of Sction 10; all of Section 11; N-1 of Sootion 12; \qi-

of Section 14; all of Slcotion 15; S-i of 800tion 16; Si of

Section 17; S8 of SGctiOn 1_8; also

-In Toaiicnhi, 43, Reago 31,

all 80ations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,


all of SOctiOn 19; al180

All1 Soti~ons: 89 and 3R; also

all Sootion: 5; also

if of Sootion 5; S-i) of

of 800tion 8; aleo

all. Sction~s: 13, 14, 15, 16',

6j, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, and

In downrship 37, Range

In TownJYShiP 40, Rango

In To~n~ship 41, Ran~go

In TPownship? 42, BRango

Section 6; N)~ of Sction 7;

In Township 43, Rango

17, and 18; ,oalso

Jn T~owship 45, Rango

19, 20, 21, 82, 24, 25,

In Township 43, Ratngo






Sootions: 15, 16, 17, 18,

28, 89, and 30; also

Sections:~ 19, 2O, 28,

3S, all

26, 87,

34, a~ll

89, 3O, 45, 54, 35 nan 36; also

In Township 44, Rango 34,

811 800tiORs: 1, 2, 80&~ 12;


In Towlnship 44, Rangc 35,

cad 51; a~lso

asll Soations: 7, 18, 19;, 30

~~7 2-

In Toymaship 45, rango 85, 1ll sootions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, L 18./14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 81, 22, 23, 84, 25, 26,

27, 28, 89, BC, 31, 38, 33, 34, 35, atnd 36; also

In Township 46, E..any: 35,.all socti~ons 1, 2, 3, 4t, 9,

10, 11, 12,i 15, 14, 15, anda 16; also
Iin Toulr;bipi 45, Ratnge 36, cll s~ootione ~7, 8, 9. 16j, 17)

18, 19, 20, 21., 25, Z64 21, 288, 29, SO, 31, C2, 33, 31 3, 35L,ad

36; also
Ini Township 46)i Enge 36, all sectionsi 1, 2, and 18;


in ownhip44, Rango 37, all sections BZ, 33, 84, 55,

.and 36; also
In T~-~iranshP 45, Eirnge 37, all se~ctions; 1, to 36 incluX-
sive; also
In Tow~nshizi 50, Ranlge 37, all sootions;. 25 and 36, atlso

In ?wvnshrip 39, Range 38, all sootions; 1, ;B, 5, 4, 5, 6,

8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 15, 14, 15, 16, 28, 23, 24, 85, aznd 26; al-so

In Townshipj 41, Ran~ge 38, all sootions; 1, -2, 3, 4, 5, 8,

9), 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, .20, 21, 3S, SS, 24, 85, C

27, 88, 29/ 34, 35, andc 36; also

In Towinship 42, Rangea 38, aLll SO~ctionS: 1, 2, R;nd 3; 4,3.1

that Ijart of Section 4 Horrth of N\orth P'alm Beach levee, all

sections: 11, 13,, 13, anrd 24, also

In Tnvwnshfip 44, Range~ 38, all sootions: 10, 11, 12,

13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 85, and 25; NA-~ of sootion 87;
all of section 31; 2%~ of section 35; all of section 36;. also

In Township 45, Rangea 38, all S;3ctions: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8,

and7 9, WA of Sectio~n 15, all sootion 16, 17, 18, 19, 80,

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 89, 30, 31, 52, 33, 84, 35, and

36; also

In Tow~nship 5C. Range 38, al~l sections: 12, 15, 14, aznd
15; Ejf of section 80~; all1 sections:21, 22, 50 rand 31; al1so

In1 Tow;nship~ 51, Riange 38, all sections: 6, 7, 18, 19, 30

31'and 82, also

ITn :Township 53, Raniglj 4%3, ll sections: 45 5, 8, 9, 10,

14, 15, 16, 22, 28, 26, 27, 34, an~d 35;.also

In Tcwnirtiip-53, Ranget~ 38, all ajctiona 1, 8, 184 13, 2-1,

85, a~nd 36; atlso

In Tcwnsh~jip 54, Range 38, all o~f sjctinn 1) also

In TowinishZ~ip 39, Ranige 39, all rf S3cti ns`l 1, 2, 3, 4-, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 13, 14,; 15, 16, 17, 18, 81, .:nd~ 28; also

In Tlownlship, 482, Range 39, azll slc~tions: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3,

16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, `28, 23,, 84, 85, 26, 87, 28, 29, 30, 32,

SS, 34, 3S, and 36; also

In TPownship? 43l, Ra~nge 39, all sootions: 1, 8, 8, 4, 10,

11, 18, '13, rand 14; also

In Townshi~p 44, Rant~ge 39, all s~c-tions: 13, 14, 15, 16, B.

17, 18, 19, f80, 21, 288 29, SO, 31, 38~, and 93; also

In Township 45,.Range 39, all sections: 5, 6, 7, 8, 17,

18, 19, 20, 29, 30, 31,' and 38; also

In Towunshiip 49, Ra~nge 3, all sections: Z1, 2 .-I, ,24

25, 86, 27, 28, 32, SE, 34, 35, and 86; nlso~

In TCOwnsYhip3 50, Range 39. alll sectionS: 1, 2, :T, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, .17, and 18; also
In Town~ship 51, RLange 39, all Sections 13,14, and 24, aclso
In Towhkshp! 43I-, Ra~nge 40, all sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7,.8, .9, 10,/ad 18, also;

In TowhiLship 44, Range 40, all sections 14, 15, 16, 17,

18, 23, and 24, al~so

In Township 49, Range3 40 all sootions: 19, 20, 81, 29,

30, 31, and 32; alsr

In Township 50, Range 40, all sec-tions 5, 6, 7, 8, 17,

anYd 18,;alsn

In Towinship 51, RaJznge 40, all sooctions: 15, 14, 15, 16,



17. 18. 19. 20, 21, 28, 23, 24, 25, 26, 4;7, 88, -9, 5L0, 52,

33, 34, 35, and 36; also

In Tonsnh~i, 52, RanfgG 40, iall sooti'jrions:1, 2, ji 4,.10,

11, 12, 13, 14, and,~ 26: als?

In Tnownshi,, 43, En~rge 41, all sectk one: 1, Bi 3,4; 5, 6,

8, 9, 10, 11, and1 12, al~so!

In? Towjns~hip 44, Ra~nge 431, aill sooi~fons 19, 80, 21,132,

23, and 24, also

In Townrship3 51, Range 41, all. sctic~ns 13, 14, 15,, 16,.

17, 18, 19, 802 21, 22, 23, 29, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, SB,

SS, 34, 351 andL~ 36; also

In Township~ 52, R2nge 413., all. sections: 4, 5, 6~, 7, 8,.,9

16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 81; also

In Town~iship 43, Rango 42, all sooti ans: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

and 9; also

i n Traaip 443~ i a n ,:0u~,4:~ a, s:1 a it ii~s :- 19,: 20:,r 21; ,

al~ so:-i

'f Raznge b7, betwooin' Towhsh~i e 45 almi 6;i4plents-4, 5 ,i

'~ In Range~i 38, rbo~tton-:~r`townk~hipts'j3 53 An 54, lot-lZ~.: 1, .

A ~:takx of 0~.5b" er core is here'by7 lvied for the year~tr 1987

and for::a~ch: yeth~~ thberebftertd until -'the~ d~~bt f:un~ assesesen~;rt:

rec ord~ shall8 ^ha -i; behn fi aled'i n~ ;thje :ffiice ?Of 'thb tai as$e ssior

as here inop'~rov~i~eded.'

;i :~75-~


Tha Jt upo~n the .fol'l ow~i~;.cing-ds crihadlnnd sai~d di strict

to wit:

In Township 43, Eunge 31, -all sootions! 14, 15, n3, 22,.

26, and 26; also

In Towjnship 43, Riange 32, all SGchioRS; 19, 2C, 21', 22,

23, 24, 25, a-nd 86; also

In Ton~cYshnip 43, Range SS, alll adotionst 31 3, 35, 34,

35, and 36; also

In TPownship 44, RFango 33, all sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

8, 9, 10, 11-, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 2S, 86,

and 86,,a~lso

In Township 43, RanYgo 24, azll sootions 31, andi 32; also

In Township 44, RangG 34, sll Sootions: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 86,

87, 28, 29, 30, 51, 38, SS, 34, 35, aind SS; also

In Tnwhship 45', Ralnge 34,- all soot~ions 1 to\ 36 inolasive,


In To~wnship -46, Rango 34, all sootions: 1, 82, 3, 10, 11,

18,; 13, 14, 15, 28, 23, 24, 85, 26, 87, 34, 35, and 36; ailso,

In Township 46, Rang3 BB, all sootions: 5, 6, 7,.8, 17,

18, 19, 20, 81, 22:, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 89, 30, .81, 38, 33,

34, 35, and 36; also

In Township 4~7, Ra~nge 35, all sections 1 to 36 inclusiv


In Trwnsh-iip 48, Range 35 all sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

10, 11, 18, 18, 14, 7.15, .22, ES, 24, 85, 86, 87, a4, 35, aLnd

36; also

In Township 46, Rai~ngo 36, all sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, <

9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 80, 21, 22, 25, 2~41, 85,

86, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, aznd 36; also


Tu T`~ownship 47, Rmage 36,,411j sections 1 to.36 inclusive,

ITn To~wnship 48, Rdnge 36, all sid~tions 1 to 186 inclusive,



In Tow~nship 49, Range~ 36, al~l Sectio~ns 1, 8, 3, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 184 18, 14i 15, 16, 17, 18, 22 83; 24, 26, 26,

27, 34, 35i and 36; aiso
In Tcwn/50S, Rainge 36, all sections 1, 8, 3j, 10, 11,


15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 27, 54, 35, and 36; also

Township 46,

Range 37, all sections*1 to 36 inclusive,


In Township 47, Ritnge Z>7, :111 sections 1 to 36,' inclusive

In Township 48, Ra~nge =37, all .sootions 1 to 36 inclusive,



In Township 49, Range 37, all sections 1 to SS i~nclusive,


In Township 50,

Range 37, all1 sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, SO, 81, BB, 23,

7, 8, 9,

24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, SS, 34, and 3 5, also.

In Township 51, Range 37, all sections; 1, 8, 3, 10, 11,

12, 18, 14, 15, 28, 83, 24, 85, 26, 27, 34, and 35 and 36; also

In Towvnship 46, Range 38 all sections 1 to 36, inclusive,


In Township 47, Range 38, all sections 1 to 36 inclusive:


In Township 48, Ra~nge 38, all sections; 1 to 36 in-

elusive, also

In Township 49,

elusive, also,

RaLnge 38, all sections, 1 to 36, in-


In T~owniship 50, Ranlge 38, all sections: 1, 3, 3, 4A, 5, 6j,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19; WS of S~ction 20;*also

In ITownship 58, TBangs' 38~, all sec-tions 6, 7, 17, 18, 20,

21, 28, and 33, also

In Townsh12~ipi 52;, 2 38,~ all sections 3, 4i 10, 11,

14, 2S, 26, awnd a5; also

In Township 54,. Range 38, a~ll sootions' 2, 11, antd 18;


In Township 41L, R.Lnge 39, all sections 1. to 36, inclusive

In Township 48, Ra~nge 39, all sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11,


18, 13, 14, anda 15; also

In Township 44, Range 39,

86, 87, 34, 35, and 36; also

In Township 45, Ranlge 39,

10, 11 18, 1B, 14i, 15, 16, 21, 82,

34, 24/ and 36, also

In TowFhship 46, Range 39,

all s3ctions8 22, 2S, 24,. 25,



sections 1, 2, 3, Y, 9,

24, 25, 86, 27, 28, SS,

till sections 1 to 36 inclusive


In Town~ship 47, Ratnge 89,

In Township 48, Pango 39,

all sections 1 to C6 inolasive.

all sootions 1 to 36 inclusive



In Township 49, Rasnge, 39, all sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 29 30 atnd

31; Ilso

In Township 54, Rango 39, all sootionatl 7, 8, 93, 10, L1

12, 1P, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 87, 34, 35 andc 36; als1o

In Townirship 41, Ranges 40, all sootions 19, 29, 39,

21, 32, aLnd 33; also

In Township 48, Raznge 40, ,:ll sooctions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

15, 16, 17, 18, 19,.20, 21, 22, 87, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, and

84: also



In Townsjhip 44', Lr-ngs sC, all s:ectionn 19, 20:, 21, 2B,

25, 86, 27, 28, ?9, 30, bl, SB, SE, 34, 35 and 36; 'alsn
In Tow~nship 45, Rang3,/s11. Soot:ions; 1.t? 36 inclusive


In Townlship 6 Range: 40, all soo~tinns; 1 to? 36 inclusive,


In Tow~nshi, 47, Ranga?~ 4o, all1 actions; 1 to 36 inclusive,


In Towjnship 48, R..r.gaj 40, all sections; 1 to 36 inclusiv;-,


In Townsl~lhip 49,~ Range; 40, ,:ll sootions 1, 2, L, 41, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, li, 15, 16, 17, 18,,822, 23, and -:24;


In Towvnship 44s, Range r1, a~ll sections 25, 26, 27, 28,

29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 rand 36; also

In Townshi2 i15, Ratnge 11, all1 sections 1 -to 36 inclusive,


In Tnw~nship dS, Range 41, all sections; i to 36 inclusive.


In Township P7, Ranmge 41, all sooctions, 1 2, 8, 4, 5,

6, 7, 8, 9, IC, 11, 12, 13, lat, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 80, 21, 28,

23, 24t, 29, SO, 81, 38, and 88a, also

In Tow~inship 18, Range 41, all sootions 2, 3', 4, 5, 6, 7,

8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 13, 1&i, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24j,

25, 2S, 27, 88, 29, LiO, 31l, 52, 3S, 3 ~; allso

In Townsh~ip i9, ~mrgan 11, all1 se~ctions 3, 4:, 5r 6, 7i, 0:,

9;,' 16, 11, 12, li, 14, 15, 1d, 17, 18, 19, SO, 81 22, 23, 21,

25, 2S, 27, 28, 23, SO, 3S, 3i, 35, andt 36; als.o

In? Townrsh~i, ED, $ nee 4 ;1, cll of soo~tion 1; CalsI

In Townshij ~is, Rang3 18, all sections 28, 29, 80, 31,

38, andl 33; also

In Townrshilj 45, Ratnge3 i, zall sootions 4, 5, 6, ;7, 8j, 9,


16, 17, 18, 19, 820, 81, 28, 29, 30,.31, 3-8, an~d 33; alsn

In Town~ship~ 6, RangeS 482, all soo~tio~ns 5', 6, 7, 8, 9,

16, 17, 18, 1~9, 80, 21, 88, 2'9, 30, 31, 38, -and 33; also '

In Tocwnshipi i7, 3.1nge~~ 42, all sootions, r4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

16, 17 and 18; also

In Townszhip 48, Range 48. a1 ll actions 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18,
19, 20, 21, 288 29, and 30; also

In Townsahip 4-9, Range, 48, all sections 7, 8, 9, 16, 17,

and 18; also

In Ranlge 37, betwoon Townships 4.5 and 46~, late: 1, 2,

an~d 3, also

In Range 38, betwuten Townsuhips 4a5, a~nd liS, lots 1, 8, 3,

4, 5, and 6; also

In Rango 58, be~tween Towvnshipis 53 aznd 54, lot 2; also

In Ra~nge 39, boeween TPownships 45 and 416, lots 1, 2, 3,

4, 5, and 6i; also

In Range 40, betwwo~n Torwnshipis 15 a~nd rAS, lots 1, 2,

3, 1, 5, And 6;

A t-;x of )0.40 per Icri .is hereby Teriod fnr the JTyear 1987) 3nd
for each year ther~eafter utmtil the debt fundl assessment rooord

shall have been filed in the office of the Tax Assbssor as

herein provided.


Ei1;, "TT ?OreSr

That udn a~ll cther la~nds ?.n;trraced in saidi Drainagel~

Gist-ict ind no~t hereinbcefror described;, except ntc'r -1s _.r;

described in the i.:a.rixgraphs i@:mcdialt~e!.. fnllowinf, a tarx 7f

six~ conts ( ~06) ,jer Acro is horub.,i lev~i~id for the, yiear

192z7, tznd for e~ach year t~herezf-ter un~tl~l thu desbt; fund~ as;::r; nt

recor! shazll .have been prepa~rred and~ filed in the office

of thG Ta1 ASSGsor aS heorin providGG:

Ig TwnvJship -i2, Ra2ngo 342; Obsoryaotion Isla~nd:: Sections
6, 7, a3nd 8; also i
In Trownjihip ia, E~nge 35; Ritta Islan~id, sections 23,

25, 26, and 35; also

In? Tfown1ShiiP It, Rangei~ 36; KraomerIsland,, sections 3,

9, 10, rnd 15; Trerr:y Island, Sectionys 28, 28, 86, and 35; so

In Townshi,- 56, Ran~go 38, all sootion 1;.E~g of NW{~,

NE andI Si of Szctlion 2; all section a 11, 12, 18, anYd 14, ER

aLnd SW}l~ of s3ction3 15; all sotions ~16, 21, 82, tab, 21, 85, 26,

ancd 27; E}~ of Scotion 88; all sections BS, 34, 85, and a6; ::lso,

In Township 57, Riange! 38, all SGjctiOnS 1, 2, B, and

4 NE}8 Of section 5; J## of NE}, SE)~ of NE}~ abaC 8" of SGction 8;

S& of s~ct~ionl 9; NW(FI and El of sootion? 10; all SGction. 1JB ndA 12;

~?~~,I:~-SW, NW} N of SW-}, S~E- of SW~ of section 13; NA- of NE)i~ a-ndl SW(

of sootion l4; E}~ of sectiion 15; all sooctions 16 a--nd 17; NE(Z

NW}i of BB}~ and E} of SE} nf S~ctio~n 20?; all stctirions 21, 28, andi

23; NW of NE and SW}- of Section 24; NW), WA~ of SW}~ of Sction

25; all sections 26, 27, and 28; N~ of Section SS; NJ of Sction

34; P7'.'l, N of NT) and SW} of NE1j~ ,f sootion 35; allso

In Tlownship? 55, Rangeg S39; 'aW of NE(~ and Wh~ Cof NW(~J of

sootion 14; NE)- and E1 of NW}V-~ of section 21; NJ~ of section 83;

SW and S-W of 11 of sectirn 26: ; al sections 29, 3O, 31, 82, 33,

c2''@ and SW}j of NW}~v of section 34i; EE~ Of rTW(J andc ?ii (- of NW)~j and
EI~ of Section B5; .all so~t~ion? 3S; also8




In Tocwn~shio.~56, Rlnge 59, all sc~ctions lI- E}- and NW}J-

Si of SW}-~ of section 2; W'i~-aLZ qgdEi;~~ 1~~gn I'f U;- of action

3; NT) indl SE}~~ of section i; Si of nE and S 1ic Bnd N} 8of etion
7;. S- of sootion 8; Sf of Section 9; P;~,/i8 of SE)t of
section 10; _rj% andl SE)$ and NE}i olf S~ r\f sototi;on11; SW}J~ and!

B% of I';) and E15 of UtE} Ind SE of SE- of Sectio~n 12; all section~
13; W~ of ENW( and ER of NE} 3ndj SW}j~ of sooCtionr 14; W1 of Nw}~
~E1 of NE,T'~ SW} oif Section 15; all sections 16, 17,-_8, 2O, 81,
and 22; E)- of section 28; W-i of SW} of'sec-tion 24; L~NW of Section

25; W1;-~ of NW}~, SW}-~, E-of P1} of soo~tion 26; all1 section 27;
Ei, SE)~ ian RA~I of SW};, of section 88; NE)~ nf section 28; c/ .3f

.Bi Erini, W) of NE)- of section 30, 1;4 of NW}I and NE) of sootion $i
all section 3B; sou-th $, S~ of' _i.i nf s~ction BS, N} of 1';, SE--
of' NW ~, BA of N) of' soot-ion Bi; NC~ of NW}-~, SESj,fEE of
section 35; WWg of NW}~r, j9.1) of section SS; also
I~n T~owinship 57, Raing~e 39; Wi~- of soo~tion 1; E1 of section

2; WA- of Sw}, W1~ of Bvw} of section 3; azll section i; NW}h, E~ of
soot2ion! 5, S$ of section 6; all section 7; W)~ of SE(~ and W(~ crf
section 8; E51 of section 9; all sootion 16; NW} of section 18;
In Township 51, R~ang 40, NE}~i~ an~d SA- of section 1;i

NE) nd S$ of section 11; N1 and SE)~- of sootion 12; Ni of NE)~
nyd SE}~ of section 13; all1 sooction 26; also
In Township 55, Ra~nge 40O all sections 7, 8, 9, 10,.11,

13, 14, lo, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 23; E) of section 24;
all sections 26, 27, 28, 29, SO, 31, 52, 39, 34, and 35; also
In TowJnship 56, Range 40, all sections 8, 5, 4, 5, 6, also
In Tnwnlship 53, Rangeg 41, SW} Of SE},~ SW(T- nf NW(j nf SE)-,

SW}~ of section -I; NE), NA\T Of NW}'l, NE-~ of SE( of section 9;'
EA4 of section 16, EN-, SE} of NY(, N1~ of SE), of SW)-~ of sjotio~n 21;


In TownMship 54, Rango 41,.. al~l .80st~ion 4; 'IE( and: SA-

of Sootion 5; St- of Section 6; all Sections 7,8, 9, 16, 17

18, 19, 20,*21, 28, 293, 30, 21, 32, and 33; also
In Tow~nship 55, Range 41; NW}i~ of HU}r o-f 2 (; of: Section 5;

WJJ~ of NE), WhJ o" SE} of N~l N~i-of ,:~- NT.T of SE)~ and Wr

of SW}~ of SE}$ of Secti~on S; N"!--} ::nd W1 of "SW?. of Scotion 7; also

In Towjn~hip 43, Rlngo 43, E1 of Wh nan E) of Wn o" W}r~

of Section 28; E}- of W1~ and Ep of W}l of ~~~ of Section 55; also

In Township.44, Rang~e 43, in Section 4, Govern~ment

Lots, 3,6,7, and 8; in Bootion 9, Government Lots 1, 2, 3,
and 4; NW}~i of 800tion 15, SE(~ of SW- of SW} and Government Lots

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Sction 16, .

That the provisions of Sootions 1167,1168, 1169, 1170, 4

1171, 1173, 1174, 1175 ( as amended by Chapter 10024, Laws of
Florid~a, Acts of.1,925) and 1176, Revised General Statutes of

Filorida., ~and all other Acts of the State of Florida relative

to the assessment, collection and enforcement of taxes' now `

levied by E~vorgladces Drainage District and relative to the

sale of lands in said District for the non-paymGnt Of Said

taxes and the Fedomption of lands from such sales, shall apply

with full force and effect with reference to the acreage tax

loviod in the prcodaing sootion of this Act.

Section 50.

(a) In furtherance of the trusts upon whiiich the said

lands are holdt the title to all l~ans located in Everglades

Drainage District held. by Trustoes of Internal Improvomont

Fund of the State of Filoridia, and the title to all notes,

mortgages and other ovidencos of i~ndebltodnoes and instruments

of security helda by the said Tru~stoos of Inter~nal Improvomont


FEiund, growvring out of the sale by the saiid Trustees of
lands located in Evergjlades DrainageB.Dist~rio~t, and the

title to aj~ ttx sale certificates hocld by said Trustoes

by reason of the sale! of land for the non-payment of taxe~s

or aosessmentsa levied by aFvorglades Dra~inagoe District,
is: here~by~j ioCttc:rc ZIin Eve:r?1cl e Cjraia D~is trid.
FO) T ustees oI Inte~.rnal, fimor~-T~eovment tiuln& are

fully auth~-o~ris ed, a~ompowerd anZ. rlir stod to exei~cute and

deliver to Evergalaes Drainage District such instruments

of wrriting as may be necoa~sa~ry to fully anrd completely

carry into effort the 7arovisi'ons of this section, and to

vest -in 'the said Evorgilados Drainag~e District the title

to all of the real property, and the title to, and possession

of, all of the personal property, heroin described.

(c3 The B3oard hall have full power and authority
to Bzrgain !n;&01 and convoy, for suc3h price and upnon such

terms as it may dotormine, any: of thle land which shall

be received by it under the provisilons of this section,
but no such sale sha.7l; be made until notice of the intent-ion

to make the same shall havJe been published, in the manner

provided i~n t'his Aoct, in a nowYspapor published. in the

City of M~iami ;Inel in= a newspaper pu~blished i'nthe City of
WeQst Palm-Boeach,i Florida. ~The! proocde of such' sale

shall be disposed of as follows: twenty-five per centum

(25fo) thereof shall be paid into the State Sc'hool r~und,

in compliance wt~ith tbo Sonlst~titutio 'of F'loridalc, andl the

remainder, or sovonty-five per centum (75fo) thoreof, shall

be used, as fa~r ae nocessaly? to di~scharrie the due and

current in~stiallmonCts of asseussmei-n-ts: lovied;:3 or providedr7

for b~y this A4ct up~-onY t'lo remaini~ng lands ow~not by the

District, and t~he b;~a~lanc of sruch prccac7.s shall be paid

into, the Gen~,ei'ure.17un of th~-e 3jistict, and~ shall to at

once transferred to the nett TAndi.i and used: as promptly as

possible to purchase bonds of the District outstanding at


the time thi~s Aict ~oos into force an~ offcot andL cancel

(d) The Board shall. have full p-ower and authority

to colloot, receive, and receipt for, all ovidences of

inalch~tedniess which shall to received by.-::r Onistrict lnkrlc

the proTi~sions of this SGootiocn, and the~1: pi~iRoonis of such

c~o!lla~tion shall to diispc~:cF: ofj in; ;;he: mannor Lorn inO~~ pro-'

videda for the disp~osition ofP the pr'occeed of sales of land.

(e) By reason of the transfer of monies into

the Debt FEund under tbo provisions of this sootion,a-all

oblig~ationls pay-able~fromh the Debth Fuznd shall to disobhargod

prior to the collection of the total debS fund ~assessment-s,

the remaining debt fund assessments shall thereupon be

deomod fully paid, and the lion'thorcof satisfied, and the

Board shall iltmodiately take appropriated action to cancel

the same of record.

(f) All of the provisions of this Act witch

reference to -the Reclamption of lands sold for the nom-payment

of aescssments, and the salon of lands the title to which

shall vest in'the District in pursuanc~e of such sa~loS for

non-paymont of assesoments, sh-all7 also3 apply to all tax

sale certificates wv~hich shall be de3ivoered to the District

by Trustoo~s of thle IntcrPnal ImprovementS Fiund? under the

provisions of this sootinon

Section 51,

NTo tacs or 8-acsessmente.l;~ :- a~ll. to le7Tied by3

EvergrlaLes Drainagre Diet:.iot~ Fxcep~t thuse~ lcoie or -pro-

vidod for here~in, an~i ,-ll Acts ofr the~r LoisC-j~l,;,;'tur of

Dl~oridaa provid~ing fo'~r -010 lay7-iing~, o:.r usessmosut; of an.y

taxes or a1ssosemento?-;~ by)~ entrl. :rinciat.~: other' C1an t~hcse

boroin levied a~nel provideda for 5:ro berely~ r4~Yepieale.




Section 52.

.E) Whenover the term "person" is used, andr~ not

otherwise specified, it shall be taken to mean a' ?orson,

firm, co-partnership, anssociation, or corporation, other
than a country, towsn, city or o9thor political sub-d7ivision.

Similarly, the warE~s "public corporation" shall be taken

to mean counties; towns; cities; school, drainage, irriga-

tion, water, park, imnrovement or conservancy districts;
and all governmental ageneios clothed with the power of

levying or providing for the levy of general or special
taxes, or special assessments.

(b) Wrhenever the term "'land?" or "roal proper~ty"r

or "property", is used, and not otherwise speoitied, it
shall be taken to meany real estate, as the words "real

estate" are defined under the laws of the State of 7F7lorida,

and shall embrace all railroads, electric railroads, stroot

and into~rurb~anm railroads, highways, roads, streets and street

~:.improvements, cloctric-, telephone, telegraph, and transmission
lines; gas, electric, sewer, and water systems, water rights,

drainage ditches; pipo lines and rights of way of public or

private corporations; and all other real property wvhether

held for public or private use.

(C) W~henever~L the term "Land"' or "property" is
used with reference to benefits, appraisals, assessments; or

taxes; public corporations, shall, as political entitid~i, be

considcroi as included in such reforonce, in the same manner

as "land" or "property".

!d) henever the torm "taz" or"Taxes" is used,

and not otherwise specified,with reference to lovies for

benefits, damages, construct-ion, improvements or maintenance,

it shall to taken to meani special aose-ssmrents, including the

acrceae assessments levied by this Act.

(s) Whenover the term "publication" is used, except
as otherwiise specified, it shall be taken to moan publication

once a w~eek for .throe (5) consecutive weeks in at least one

newspaper of gener~cal. circulation in ea~ch county where in such
publication is to be mado. It shall not be necessary that

publication shall bc mcade on the same days of the week in each
of the throo (3)~ woocks, but; not less than fourteen (14) Dly~s

(excluding the day of the first publication) shall intervene
betwoon the first publication wan the last publication; and

publication sa~tll be complete on the dateo of the la~st publi-
cation. In case there shall not be h nowapaper publishot' is~

any county in which publifca~tion is requir~c, publication may
be had in a newspaper ha~ving general chroulation2 in such
() Whlenover the term "Gourt" or "Drailnage Court"
is used, and not oth~eris e poocified, it shall bc t.:k~cn to

mean aC~ourt consisting of one Gircuit Judef~ from each Judticial
Circuit in which there are lands within Evergladeos Drlalinagee

District, organized cnd ascting as herein proviided.

(6) W~henever the term "Clerk"' or 10irovit 01erk',,
or "Olork of the Circuit Court" is user', and? n~ot othe-rwise

specifictl, it shall to takenx to mean the Clerk of the Circ~uit
Court of the Gounty in which is located the grea~test number
of acros of9 lands embraced within Evcerlades Draino.go Distric~t.

(H)' ~Whenever the term "Distriote" or "Drainage
District" is usetd in this Act, and not othorwiso specified,

it shall be taken to moan Evergrladecs Drainage District.

(1) Whenover the term "sub-district" is used, and
not otherwise specified, it shall be taken to mean any drainage

or reolamation district, or su~b-dtistr~iot, lying whkolly or

partly within Evoerlades DrJainage Distriot, whiether heretofore,
or hereafter, organized.

(.j) Wnhenover the term "Board" or "G~ommissioners"
or aBoarL of Comtmissioneran is used, and? not otherwise specified,
it shall be ta~ken to mean Bo~ard~ of ComLmissioners of EverglaL~as

Drainage Cistriot.-


_I I t ((

(k,)~ .'.Tncycr thec tcrms "OChairmlaln"l'i,, 5r "crt;ary", or

"Trea:surer"' are nact', an11 not othercis~e specifi-cr,Stilk y shall

be taken to. refer. to tbo several offices of Evergarles~e Dra~in-

age District. I
11) Whe~inover the term"APpr:-aisers" is used;i and nlot

otherwise nccified, it shall to takerin to m~ean a nocard of

Amprcaisers "ppointoK: under the provisions of this Act, for

appraising bonofits and da mag~es to the Evorglades Dre ilnao

S(M~) Whenever the torm "Assessor or Tax Assessor"

is usa', andi not otherw~iso specified, it shall to taken to

mean the? County Assessor' of Tajxos in each County 1J-lying- wolly

or p~artly within Everg~lades Drainage District.
(n) :'heno.lver the term "Gollootor" or Tax 0011lcotor"

i~s usoEl, and not otherwise e spooifiead, it c~hall to t tern .to
mean 'the `tax Gollkector of ceach Cou~nty ly~ingF that;, of par ly
within 3vergh-ics, Lrainnae District.,


Section; 55,

That Sections 1177, ~119, 1180, 1281, and 1186, of

the R~evised G~eneratl SAtatuos of rlorida, andl all Acts amenr3atoryT

thereto, or thereof, bo, and th~e same? thereby croc, ropealer'.


Section 54.,

Thrt all lawvs or.part~s of laws1 in conflict herofith

be, and the samne hereby3 aro, repealed,,
sootio-n ,55

Th!at i can~y sootion, clause or priovi~siont of this

Act shzll to hold to be uznconstitu_7tional, or void, for any

reason, it shall not affect or rendeor invalid or Inegorative

any~ other provision, sootion or clauses of thief AcU,

S~cotion 56

This Act sh-ll t_~lcc;"it?1~ cIfeet;ri tece ar.~ lo uon

i ts pcsec7.gc and -.plpro~vsal ty t~he? G:~~ove!lrror, or upcn? becoming

a law;t .vitho~ut such oproval,'j~rL.1