Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

1 ]D 15 1949 ,1U27f311]3

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1949,11 a87 It 01 1:'" 321 I
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-'5 010 1i1B"2s-52B11 315513121 5 lt? 5aj
,Bu2aBn1 : p5.101 11 I'm 13Pi'pw In .1l
-ipy y 8 I 11D Y3123''.19 .W11-K 1im BD011
.y3T11 Ip 3 yi1ro01 olD'lmn
. B1s3p ipsyT lyI'3e1-55iw 'p0 I1m1
115519P V3l0'3 '1,, : 1.13T15 B113a yll
,T '105p y'l8ByBne 1- B"3> t'-lae

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BB8120ni1l I,, ; "iBn5n'm T311 V1 4I> t
".p5jo 110 e '1 I'l .D0211P IlK
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.1p3 s'Di ,11a2?B *Iy'plMlplpr?-0p55B .lV11K
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.1052150-1031YIg 11311.1

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.- .1 1p KIB B'.1-K'2 141 IB 1PBpBD2'1
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(1935-1934 ,1931 ,1929 : WnkT1'3 f1 TD]BIy "T17)

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23 ? m 3 1949 ,M1tp1ynl

Petaluma Aids Children in Birobidjan
and Israel
Petaluma, Calif.
On Saturday, September 17, the Emer-
gency Committee of Petaluma held an affair
at the Jewish Community Center for the
benefit of Children's Homes in Birobidjan
and Israel.
Mr. Nitzberg, Chairman of Petaluma Am-
bijan, spoke eloquently on the significance
of Birobidjan and the importance of Jewish
rehabilitation. Mr. Brenner, speaking on be-
half of Histadruth, related many interesting
developments and situations he observed
while on a recent visit to the State of
In response for aid, our ranchers, as
usual, donated magnificently. The share
for Ambijan campaign was $750. The
profit we realized on selling table clothes
amounted to $250. So we are happy to
send you $1,000 for the Children's Homes
in Birobidjan.
In the concert program we had the
Petaluma Dramatic Group, under the di-
rection of Mr. Silver, impressively perform
Howard Fast's "Warsaw Ghetto."
Thanks to everyone who helped in our
successful undertaking.
Petaluma, Calif., Ambijan.

F;om Lillian Weld Club
Hartford, Conn.
I am pleased to inform you that the mem-
bers of our club have decided to support
your project of a Brickmaking Plant for Biro-
bidjan by contributing $50.00 toward the
Enclosed find check in that amount.
Anna Reiner, Sec.
Lillian Wald Club
Hartford, Conn.

For the Brickmaking Plant
August 10, 1949
American Birobidjan Committee:
Enclosed herewith is my check in the
amount of $10.00 in answer to your appeal
for funds needed to make the last payment
for the purchased brickmaking plant which
you are shipping to Birobidjan.
Dear friends, you are doing marvelous
work. Keep it up. The highest commenda-
tion for this noble work goes to yoh.
Sincerely yours,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Brickmaking Plant A Worthy Project
Enclosed please find my check for forty
dollars for the brickmaking plant for Biro-
bidjan, a very worthy project.
Pittsburgh, Pa,

USSR Honors Jewish Citizens
Awards to Jewish citizens of the Soviet
Union have been reported in recent issues
of the Moscow press.
The film director V. A. Rappaport, a
Stalin Prize winner, was singled out for his
work in the movie, "Young Guards" and
the press also acclaimed the engineers G. L.
Veger and E. Milev for designing new types
of Diesel engines.
A Jewish collective woman farmer, A. N.
Shecter, was granted the title Hero of
Socialist Labor, for having obtained a yield
of 90.6 centres of grapes per hectare on an
area of 5 hectares.
Wolf S. Bendersky, acting vice-president
of the All Union Lenin Academy of Agricul-
tural Sciences, was awarded the Order of
Red Flag.
Noah Gdalievitch Belenky, member of the
All Union Lenin Academy of Agricultural
Sciences and Professor of Moscow Chemico-
Technological Institute received for his out-
standing work, the Order of the Red Flag.
Czech Jews Thank Government
An editorial in a recent issue of "Vestnik,"
weekly organ of the Union of Jewish com-
munities in Bohemia and Moravia, says
orthodox Jews of Czechoslovakia welcome
"most heartily and with feelings of profound
gratitude the new church laws which put
the Jewish religious community on a level
of equality with all other churches recog-
nized by the State."
The new law means that, for the first
time in the history of these lands, the State
assumes the duty of enabling religious Jews
to devote themselves to religious observance
without financial worries.
To the religious Jews in Czechoslovakia,
the article continues, the church laws offers
facilities which are all the more important
since the small number of Jews left after
the Hitler occupation can carry on only
with difficulty themselves the financial bur-
den associated with the maintenance and
administration of religious institutions.
Rumania to Open Yiddish-Language
A number of kindergartens for Yiddish-
speaking children in Jassy and Timisaara
will be set up soon by the Ministry of
Public Education. With the recently an-
nounced reopening of three elementary
schools conducting their classes entirely in
Yiddish, the schools in these two Jewish
centers now offer a complete seven-year
elementary course.
East German Republic Constitution
Makes Propagation of Race Hatred
Punishable Offense
Berlin-The dissemination of propaganda
designed to incite race,hatred is declared a
punishable offense in Article 6 of the Con-
stitution of the East German Republic. The
clause also states that persons convicted of
the propagation of race hatred shall be dis-
qualified from holding government posts and
shall be disenfranchised and debarred from
taking any leading post in the economic and
cultural spheres.

1950 Vy Ib

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.1950 pinynaB nyDNop ntr iy % ys lDn'r
: ly3i't lit 1in pa1 y n
e s p1 V :1 '';y 1ts It, :1 oir (1
lybalIny; I'n ,irtIrtu e igB 'Bpyll lsm
Tyoylneo lIyp .1mv Dell ,iyaVno y:yan:y:y
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.-1 Btyy nt; onyZP? ml : jin Inel0
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.1950 ginaro ItB28 li''z
-MK ylln Clp?:1 p M]1 IeB iIB in (4

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ayi liTMiM'nc:Yp Vit t1e'i '1t1It 'n (5
ItK p;e p-y1 y1 Toymi p myD?{ ppByll vl!y
.1960 'e0"y oyY
1950 IN, I\'8 toryn l:10-l:mip 1r1 (6
opyr Iia ytrny le :Dy'oyie "ns 1511=t1M
L J1K .nYp#-7 ily.Ninrnpyeo ($600) znyn:;n
nyr2prnyo ($400) mynpi:n na it ytl n li
liny ti2sVyPD'1lM I.llyn DY'nyle P'ia .inVy
-'1e IWsZyn t't'15 ,oPtysa np't:y.neJ pJ
t'B'.I pT MVyn Dll p ^ lit P D011P ly's
1 I-'aDR5pea 111) eam pN yV'B:y;ne pI'
.0-up:;p RB IBBB'?o ^
-;": iPGB lrTiayBer IThoI =D IS 1n (7
N llT)ny; Iteaen cy1 o nrYcN I'N rtDmlp
-ycK ($250) ;'SarBI trByIn lns pB yloyIe
-nymcap TII yjy2'?y.!y:- ( ,ayby^ ^y;p'^
y371 'e .-ytp N1 IN i18B 1948 Nas
n I1a 5 I'iyn tBNsy-MoDn N tiK rn PryianB
.6 npipa 'iD ai,'n
ilyn Br3,py;ts TIaK iBneI 0ytpi? m 11
.1950 itnaey It2S rt''
^ty; tlp w ytnfsI ny:Mrx:ylm n' (8
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"T -1e intJ1 V51 Ino rin 1-113D Mtve

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pnyln M-lTs iB n issoynmse 5yr or -1r
.5NrSB-lhpeto 11B "in 0m6B-luo PN
ils'lrlyn Bopylr-is ln-]1 InalSipmoue 7
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,Dyni' Dmoyi3 ,3142 DytpyliUp ,"toB,,

iyI 11i onykpoeii ytVviN y5g Ilayl TO
.*n.!yn. ysrx 1 V 0 1 'Ty lbjoya is tB'yly
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1 p, '

Ambijan Greets Birobidjan On Anniversary

(By Cable)
Mr. L. Benkovich, Chairman
Jewish Autonomous Region
Birobidjan, U.S.S.R.

MOSCOW, Nov. 10, 1949.-Pravda and
Izvestia, the leading Moscow newspapers,
published on their first pages today a mes-
sage from Admiral Alan G. Kirk, United
States Ambassador, expressing best wishes
on the thirty-second anniversary of the Oc-
tober revolution.
Admiral Kirk's message said:
"On the occasion of the national celebra-
tion of the U.S.S.R. my Government has in-
structed me to infom you that the people of
the United States send their best wishes to
the people of the Soviet Union."
The message was addressed to Andrei A.
Gromyko, acting Foreign Minister.

November 4, 1949.

Ben Gurion Hails Soviet Union
on Anniversary of Revolution

TEL AVIV, Nov. 7.-In a message to
Marshal Joseph Stalin, Premier of the So-
viet Union, on the occasion of the 32nd
anniversary of the October Revolution,
Premier David Ben Gurion today declared:
"The Jewish people, building its own state
afresh in its historic homeland, will not
forget Soviet Russia's' courageous fight
against the Nazi enemy and its faithful
help in the establishment of the Israel

American Jewry Appreciative of the Values of Progress

Excerpts from a speech delivered at the recent Central Conference of American Rabbis at Bretton Woods, N. H.

"American Jewry has the duty to align itself with the
forces of progress, social and economic justice, and the
right of individual man to freedom of expression and
conscience without the threat of political or spiritual
intimidation from either the executive, judicial or legis-
lative forces of our Government .. .
Since the first Jew landed at Massachusetts Bay,
American Jews had been deeply appreciative of the
values which are essentially American These are the
virtues of spiritual courage, individual freedom, the
subordination of government to the needs of men,
the absolute separation of church and state, and the in-
alienable right to freedom of thought and speech. .
The American Jew is determined to do what lies in
his power to further what he conceives to be the finest
in the American hopes of personal and spiritual liberty.

He needs these rights for himself to survive as a human
being. He believes that only through these can America
itself survive. Because of his love for this land, he is
determined to help it to be true to itself .
Americans must be guaranteed the freedoms which
they established on these shores and they must forever
resist any attempts to curtail them as has recently been
attempted through the principle of "guilt through asso-
ciation" accepted by some segments of our population."

Dr. Jacob R. Marcus of Cincinnati is Adolph S. Ochs professor
of Jewish History at the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of
Religion, a vice president of the American Jewish Historical So-
ciety, chairman of the Publications Committee of the Jewish Pub-
lications Society, director of the American Jewish Archives at the
Hebrew Union College and member of the National Committee of
the American Birobidjan Committee.

In the October 1, 1949 issues,
Pravda and Izvestia published a letter
from the chief officials in the.Jewish
Autonomous Region, Birobidjan, ad-
dressed to Premier Joseph Stalin. The
letter announced that Birobidjan had
fulfilled its bread-harvest quota ahead
of the allotted time, and was now pro-
ceeding to harvest more bread.

S': -. *.- --- --- -N
- Mo(Pnrt he Monh of October' 1949) .

.'*iJwsh Emergency Committee, Petaluma, Calif. ... $750.00
;'Newark Ambijan Chapter, Newark, N. J......... 500.00
,:'-'Geater Miami Jewish Federation, Miami Beach,
Fla. ................................... 400.00
T-,'oms River Community of Jewish Farmers, Toms
River, N. J.............. ...... ....... 400.00
,Manhattan Branch of Ambijan, New York City.... 307.27
S'United Russian American Committee, Chicago, 111. 250.00
M essrs. Sol and Alexander Baston, Oakland, Calif.
(in memory of parents) .................. 200.00
',* :'s '

Pioneer Ambijan Chapter, San Francisco, Calif....
Estate of Henry Campaina, Brooklyn, N. Y.......
Omaha Ambijan Chapter, Omaha, Neb..........
Mary Ostrow, Los Angeles, Calif. (in memory of
Brother, Max Eisenberg) .................
Detroit Ambijan Chapter, Detroit, Mich...........
Talner Aid, Brooklyn, N. Y....................
Karl Eisner, Brooklyn, N. Y...................
Robert Elkin, New York City.................



* *

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