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Nailebn =
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 Material Information
Title: Nailebn = New life
Parallel title: New life
Added title page title: Naylebn
Physical Description: v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Creator: Icor
Publisher: Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication: New York
Frequency: monthly (irregular)
completely irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )
Additional Physical Form: Also issued online.
Language: Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities: Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
Classification: lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
System ID: AA00007530:00035

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Henry A. Wallace ('T. ) p~d'T p e!r ,i

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103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.

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103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.

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NAPANOCH, N. Y. Tel.: Ellenville 625
New York Office: 575 Sixth Ave., Room 301 Tql.: WA 4-2211
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Enclosed please find money order for
$100.00, making a total of $600.00 con-
tributed this year by the Atlanta Ambijan
Mothers Club for the Birobidjan war or-
The greater part of this money came
from a beautiful affair given by Mrs. M.
Phillips at her home on Sunday, May 8-
Mothers Day. She gave the dinner in honor
of Mr. B. Ronin's recovery from his recent
Mrs. Anne Katz was the toast master of
the evening. In her opening remarks, she
emphasized that this date also marks the
15th Anniversary of Birobidjan as a Jewish
Autonomous Region and to us women and
mothers who are doing this noble work it
is of special significance that this historic
date comes out on Mothers Day.
Mrs. Phillips extended greetings to Mr.
Ronin and wished him to be well and con-
tinue his good work.
Since we had no expense for the Dinner,
the .entire income was turned over to the
Birobidjan orphan fund. We raised $56.50.
Then we had.a vote for the Ambijan Mother
of the Year, and Mrs. Pauline Beck was
elected our Mother of the Year. This brought
in $13.50. We then added $30 and this is
how we can send you now the total sum of
$100.00 for the maintenance of the sixth
war orphan in Birobidjan.
The summer months are approaching and
usually the activities slow down. However,
we wish to assure you that we will have the
orphans in mind and hope to send you
again our contribution during the summer.
Gertie Merlin, Secretary
Atlanta, Ga.

Greetings to Birobidjan from members
of the Women's Division Ambijan, Chicago,
Ill. Collected by Mrs. A. Shalit:
Miriam Shalit, Rose Gibs, Fanny Kerman,
Rose Hilkevitch, D. G. Olintine, Frances
Ruben, E. Marcus, Mrs. Herbst, Libby
Olchoff, Mary Goldbaum, Mrs. Talmage,
Alec Shalit, Jennie Goldberg.

The fourth annual Einstein Fund Lunch-
eon held at the Waldorf Astoria, under the
auspices of Bronx Branch Ambijan, on May
26 was as inspiring as it was outstanding.
Chaired by Mr. J. B. Aronoff and Mrs.
Fan Bakst, the audience enjoyed talks by
Jacob B. Aronoff, vice-president of the.
Ambijan; Muriel Draper, author and mem-
ber of the Presidium of the Women's
World Peace Congress held in Budapest;
Mineola Ingersoll, co-chairman American
Delegation World Peace Congress, recently
held at Paris and Charlotte Rosewald,
chairman Bronx Branch Ambijan.
Mort Freeman, as usual, was delightful
in his singing of Hebrew, Yiddish and Amer-
ican songs.
Although no formal appeal for the Re-
habilitation Fund was made at this Lunch-
eon, $400.00 was contributed by those pres-
Miss Stella Adler, actress, cabled from
Europe the following message: "Dear
Friends, good luck, success always to you
from an old friend who is far away."
The following committee was introduced
by the chairman for a bow and the audience
expressed their appreciation to them for their
efforts to achieve their goal of $6,000 for
Jewish Rehabilitation-and the fine arrange-
ment of the luncheon: Leah Rothblatt, Ida
Spivak, Esther Savitzky, Crystal Shubert,
Rae Goodman, Anna Koulish, Gussie Walk-
er, Clara Koenig, Beatrice Koorhan, Nettie
Bogdanoff, Marcia Brook, Mrs. Dibner, Lea
Elkind, Clara Himmel, Tessie Okun.

Our President, Mr. Nitzberg and another
member of our Chapter, Mrs. Rose Lip-
shultz, are in the hospital now. We wish
them both a speedy recovery and hope to
have them back in our ranks as soon as
possible to continue the fine work they are
Mr. Nitzberg has been all his life in the
forefront of the progressive movement,
working for years in the Icor Branch as its
Secretary. In the Ambijan, he is our leader,
the most inspiring and beloved by all who

work with him. Get well, both of you! We
need you!
Petaluma Chapter, Ambijan

Greetings to the Jewish Autonomous Re-
gion Birobidpan on its 15th Anniversary.
Collected by Rose Cohen:
Max Silver, Morris Shapiro, Rose Cohen,
M. Ruben, Mr. Hymowitz, Hy Cohen, Mr.
Sacks, A. Goldberg, Sol Feller, Sadie
Augensicht, A. Robinow.
Collected by Bill Scharfman:
Samuel Adelman, L. Polonetsky, Max
Slavin, Joe Nadel, Isidor Fried, B. Zoff,
Lillie Eichler, Bertha Del, Sidney Sosner,
Sam Jacobson.
Collected by Celia Rubin:
Mr. & Mrs. Stein, Mrs. F. Brodsky, Mrs.
Emma Chupack, Hyman Gellering, Dave
Pinsky, P. Sheffer, Gussie Frankel, J. Levitt,
Anna Bronstein, Gussie Rosenthal, Luba
Kulin, Mrs. Goldworth, M. Ente, Mrs. Lena
Alpert, Elizabeth Plisco, H. Lessuck.

COMMITTEE, popularly known as
"Ambijan," was chartered in 1935 by
the State of New York. It is a non-
profit membership corporation. It de-
votes its efforts to the settlement and
rehabilitation in Birobidjan of the
Jews who survived the war of annihi-
lation waged against them by the
Nazis, taking care primarily of the
Jewish families and war orphans of
those regions of the U.S.S.R. that had
been occupied by the Nazis. It pro-
motes the development of the Jewish
Autonomous Region, of its industries
and agriculture, thus increasing its
capacity to take care of all new Jew-
ish settlers. The Committee also co-
operates in the rehabilitation of the
orphans of Stalingrad, Israel and

over the other-but for the purpose of understanding
I think American support of Birobidjan is one of the
hopeful current signs pointing toward peace. When I
heard your chairman in his eloquent introduction allude
to peace, I turned to my neighbor on my right, and she
said to me "Peace, it's wonderful." I paraphrased Father
Divine and said "Yes, Sholom, it's wonderful." It is won-
derful. I welcome every effort to bring about the inter-
change of ideas and goods and culture between the
United States and the Soviet Union.
... I believe that the Jewish people, both in Israel and
in Birobidjan, are going to contribute enormously to an

understanding between the Anglo-Saxon and the Slavic
worlds. To me, understanding and peace with Russia is
business Number One today.
Birobidjan can help in that direction. Israel can help.
In the Jewish world, Israel has a greater significance than
Birobidjan. But when it comes to the problem of eventual
understanding between the East and West, I am con-
vinced that Birobidjan can and should play an important
role. And so I look ahead to the day when I can visit the
autonomous Republic of Birobidjan with more than a
million people, a prosperous industry, a thriving agricul-
ture. I am convinced that such an eventuality is possible
within fifteen years.

Zd3 ]I a 7 7 1 1949 ,W11

American Support of Birobidjan

Hopeful Sign Toward Peace

(Excerpts from an address by Henry A. Wallace at Newark, N. J., Birobidian Anniversary Dinner)

In 1944 when President Roosevelt asked me to
visit China,,going by way of Alaska and returning by way
of Alaska, he wanted me to visit as many Siberian cities
and experiment stations as possible. And so I did visit
such little known places as Kelkal, Seimchan, Magadan,
Komsomolsk, Yakutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita, Novosibirsk,
Krasnoyarsk, Karaganda, Minusinsk, Tashkent, and Alma
But the one town which I asked to visit, but which
the Soviet people did not allow me to visit, was Biro-
bidjan. The reason they gave, and I have no doubt it
was a sound one, was that Birobidjan was only about
40 miles from the Manchurian border where the Japs
were located. At the time, in June of 1944, they were
very eager not to get into war with Japan because they
were concentrating .all their forces on the western front.
Therefore they did not want my presence in Birobidjan
to provoke an incident which might conceivably lead to
a premature war with Japan. I respected their attitude
and felt it was valid. But I did visit Komsomolsk which
is on the Amur 'River, a short distance northeast of Biro-
bidjan. Incidentally, I might say that I found a number
of Jewish people in Komsomolsk. After traveling all over
Southern Siberia, I can say that it is my considered
opinion that the pioneering opportunities in the Amur
River country are probably better than any place in
the Soviet Union. I say advisedly the "pioneering" op-
portunities. There are places that have a better climate
in the Soviet Union, there are places that have a better
soil in the Soviet Union, but they are places that are
fully and completely occupied. I know of no other place
with as good a climate and with as good a soil which
is not occupied. So I do say that the best pioneering
area is in Birobidjan or in Amur River Valley.
The Soviet planners began to appreciate this during
the late 1920's, and in 1930 entered on a very extensive
effort to build up a population commensurate with the
great natural resources. There was scarcely anybody in
Komsomolsk in 1930. Today there are more than 130,000
people-and the city is rapidly growing. The same is
true of Birobidjan where in 1930, in an area three times
the size of the State of Israel, there were only 30,000
people. The natural resources of Birobidjan are such
that eventually it should be possible to support a popu-
lation of more than a million people. At the present time
there are about 180,000. The 40,000 families, mostly Jew-
ish, who have come in since 1930 have broken the edge
of pioneering life-but there is an enormous amount of
work still to do.
... I have heard many stories during the past ten years
-that the situation was unsatisfactory in Birobidjan, that

the Jewish people found the life there too hard and
promptly left the region to work in the big industrial
centers of Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. I have no doubt
that there may have been something to these stories at
one time, but development has gone steadily ahead. We
must remember that when the Russian Revolution came,
very few of the Jewish people had any farm experience.
The Jewish people had no connection with the land. They
were prohibited from having any connection with the
land, and a background of agriculture and agricultural
tradition is a helpful thing. But they aspired to work land,
and so many of them came back again and took hold.
Under the Tsar they had been almost 100 per cent
urban. A few of the wealthier families were allowed to
lead a normal life, but the rank and file was confronted
with pogroms and persecutions of a type which made an
agricultural existence impossible. It is no wonder that
people with this kind of background at first found the
pioneering conditions in Birobidjan exceedingly difficult
It is no wonder that many of them drifted to the nearest
big cities. The surprising thing is that so many of them
came back to a little town of perhaps 300 people, a
whistle stop on the railroad known by the Russian name
Tikhonkaya, which means, "the quiet one," and bulit it
into a modern town of 50,000. I can envision the kind of
town it is because I have seen the pictures, and I could
see the same kind of thing in Komosomolsk, and it is now
an important railroad and manufacturing center. So I
can see the day, I can see the dream which president
Kalinin had, the dream that he held out that Birobidjan
would eventually become a Jewish republe and have an
equal status with the other republics.
S. Like Israel, Birobidjan has a great symbolic value.
Like Israel, it can serve as a bridge between different
types of civilization. Just as I have a strong desire to
visit various kibbutzim in Israel, so I would visit Biro-
bidjan. In some ways Birobidjan has a unique interest for
me for the simple reason that the crop growing climate
there is more like my own Middle West than Israel is.
When I visited the kibbutzim in Israel and they asked
me for agricultural suggestions, I offered them with very
great diffidence. Their climate is more like southern Cali-
fornia, their problems are irrigation problems, and the
soil has been built up against the background of the
Mediterranean climate. I was not familiar with that cli-
mate, but I felt could be of a little more assistance in
Birobidjan because it is something 'with which I am
familiar. But beyond all that, I would like to contrast the
results obtained by the type of economic structure in
Israel as compared with Birobidjan. I would like to com-
pare the collective farms with the kibbutzim of Israel,
not for the purpose of proclaiming the superiority of one

N, .:', .. :. .. ..... ....:,..:.....,..... 80:,.,oAbjh o4;. 1 .;0
-Finenas'and nOrgaanzaons who' contrib uted .00.00 o more dard thie ,amnpito Il"h
.ii e 'Jewish Autonomous Region, Birobidjn an d orphans at The children'ss Settlement' 8it''e Siv &, o'Stalinkr .
:: J. state Ambijan Committee, Newark N. J,.....$2,000.00.0 Bialystoker Victoiriy Club, :N 'Y:Xo*"- ,ty.1. 20O i:"'i iQ-'
IS.adn Francisco Pioneer Chapter Ambijan, San 'Mr. & Mrs. C. Resnick Miami,.Fli'. :..;. .;.:::;
I:wi, Francisco, Calif....... .................. 1,000.00 Yonkers Ambijan' Chapter, on: s, N ; Y........i1~ 00
dis..taten Island Ambi an Chapter, Staten Island, West Side Ambijan Chapter, Newhg:York City.,..'.j iS5o0
;i'-:'. N. Y. ............................... 850.00 'Eait Broinx Ambijan Chapter, Bronx, N. Y..Chpt.;,.: .' 160.:'6:
*Q-Brighton Beach Ambijan Chapter, Brooklyn, N. Y. 750.00 Jennie Cores, Ambijan Chapter4 New York City '.i
'.Broni Branch of Ambijan, Bronx, N. Y......... 500.00 .- Borisow Relief Committee,:New York Ciy.-;..,.."::-.;:;":;10.
:";New England Divsion Ambijan, Boston, Mass.... 500.00 Ben Small Chaptei Ambijan, Bronx, Ni-Y..:.. '.::.'.' 100.;O:Oi
::"Laddies Cultural Club of Monticello, Monticello; : Wshington Ambijan Chapter,C Washingtoii," D. C. i.'14i0.b
S' Y. ................................. 500.00 Atlanta Mothers Club of.Ambijan, Atlanta, Ga... :.":10,' :0
SThe Jewish Committee for Rehabilitation, San St. Paul.Ambijan Ch.apt St. Pa ~uMini .. 1 :.-. (l00. O

,. :: rancisco, Calif. ...............
~C.Greater Miami Ambijan Committee, M
;Brooklyn Division of Ambijan, Brooklyn
IP:Piladelphia Ambijan Chapter, Philade
:':..Eastern Parkway Ambijan Chapter, B'k
':E, Soshen Upper Manhattan Chapter
New York City ................
$100 will help
'dier. 200 persons attended a very interest-
'ing and entertaining dinner organized by the
Ladies. Cultural Club of Monticello, N. Y.,
o. '.Snday, April 8.
.'hc'. entertainment was provided by Mr.
SMoiit.-Freeman who sang in Yiddish and

,William Mandel was the guest speak-
e. le audience appreciated his remarks
S.'si nifiance of Birobidan, the im-
S..1,v tEthe Ambijan Rehabilitation Cam-
:iji id his stress on working for peace
S-%endship between our country and
.hN:ef Union.
0. w:as praised to help settle new ar-
':/ d war orphans in Birobidjan.
~i ora1 : Klein is chairman and Mrs.
i is, treasurer of the organization.
SI .. . ,
Mas. KAGEr '.
-hi Ma. Muni .
Washington, D. C.
..f. .

......... uu.uu Lamdes cultural CiLJD, uc inci uat. umo .... ...:;;:uu.
lami, Fla. 400.00 Fay Karol, Jesse Pitt &.Co., Philadelplhia, Pa....:. '00.00:
N. Y.... 368.67. Ahavas Achim Ben.Assoc., Philadelphia; Pa..' ..'; 100.00
lphia, Pa. 312.00 Anna Cohen,; San Francisco, Cilif......... 100.00
lyn, N. Y. 300.00 .Mr. & Mrs. M. Draplin, Miami; Ela.......... 160100
Ambijan, Mr. Klein, Miami, Fla.. .............. ..... .100.00
........ 300.00 Mr. & Mrs. M. Gordon, Miami Fa.... .... :..::.;1'' 100.00
maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today;
IDJAN COMMITTEE 103 Park Avehue. New York '17' N. Y.

Contributed at the 15th Anniversary Cele- J. Rosenkrantz .........10.00
bration of the Jewish Autonomous: Region- Mrs. Norldn ..... .:... .. . 10.00
Birobidjan Banquet on March 27th, 1949, Mr. & MrsT Horowitz ..... 1000
at Ritz Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida: Mr. Konopldf ...1....'.... .... 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. C; Resnick .........$200.00 Mr. Weistein ..'. i.... 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. M. Drapkin ..'.... 100.00 Sol Wollman ....... ...... 10.00
Mr. Klein ................. 100.00 Mr. Richard .......... ...; 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. M. Gordon .......... 100.00 Mrs. .Shandloff ...... :....,... 10.00
Sonia Cohen (pledge) ......... 100.00 Mr. Rait ................ .:... 10.00
Mr. Schwartz ........... .... 50.00 Mr; Furash ............ 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. L. Touby ............ 25.00 Mr. Leiserwitz ...;... 10.00.
Mr. Ophan .............. 25.00 Mr. Rothenberg ......... .:. 10.00:.
Lodge 192, JPFO .............. 200 Mrs. Keller ............. ....: 10.00
Mrs. A. Sardzkv.............. 25.00 Mrs. J. Smolin .... .: 10.00
Mr. & 'Mrs. Shulkin ........... 25.00 Mr. Mann .........1......00... .10.00 ;
F. Rosenkrantz ............... 25.00. 'Mr. Goldman ............ :.... 5.00
Mr. &.Mrs. Pomerantz .. .. 25.00 Mrs. Weiner ........ ......... 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. J. Raichick .S....'... ... 25.00 .Sonia Shankman. ... ...... 5.00
Mr. &:Mrs. Goodman............. 20.00 Mr. Weiiberg .........:. .. 5.00g
Mr. Rambam .................. 14.50 Mr. & Mrs. B. Pushk.ov .;..".. .5.001
Mr. Hinster ........... ....... 25.00 Mr. & Mrs. Holtmnih;.; ..:......; .5.00
.Mr;. Mrs. Malakoff ..........., 15.00 Mr. Dikson ............ .. 5.00 4
:Mr. Mrs; B.. Merson :.. ,..... 10.00 Mr. & Mrs. Mark'.. 5.00
Mir. & Mis. S. Shapiro:...... ..:. 10.00 Dr. J Shera.. 00'
SMr. &.Mrs; J: Olshanslky .... .. 10.00 Dr. Z. Shabshin. .... 5. .00
Mr. B. Goldin .... ... ....10.00 Dr. J. Gbldmi .... . .. 00
J. _01 ......__ _'_._"_..__ ._ _. __. .. ..

[(. Please use. this form ..., ;':: -..":..,.::: ;
Pir Ave.,.: Room 414 THE MEMBERSHIP CAMPoAIG".
rYrk 17, N. -. have not renewed your mr embership.as t o'::, .are
Srenew.my subscription to '.NNAILEBN .for Iyet a number peas 'il4 Or
e : ., branches are requestedto follow pet b es ." am
"An~nual Subscripton .. .. $1.50 paign with re-na- ue-- g4 friejds&f sbe,
.A.ithGenra-I Mimbership Icluded ..$2b : enrolled : ,rii bers at' 9..
.. .. .. ..... . . .. ... .. ... .A
t.;;i: CL:. ~:l E' '' M


I-:*- i. --; i ;;;.,;; ~;

"InfIL B l" (new Life)
Vol. XXII, No. 6 (I19), New York, N. Y. JUNE, 1949 .4s.20 Single Copy: 15 Cents
NAILEBN, 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Telephone MUrray Hill 3-8895, published monthly, except July-August, September-October, when
bi-monthly, by the American Birobidjan Committee (Ambijan). Yearly subscription $1.50. Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the
Post Office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879. Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY.

Apartment House, Sholom Aleichem Street, Birobidjan City

Help Build

for the new Jewish settlers and their children in Birobidjan.

for brickmaking plant in the Jewish Autonomous Region Birobidjan.
Make your contribution to:
103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.