Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

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The Importance of Ambijan Activities-
Charlotte Rosenwald
Organizational News Items

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p-i^ 1'1 ,j2?]*!?a
NAPANOCH, N. Y. Tel.: Elenville 625
New York Office:
575 Sixth Ave., Room 301. Tel.: WA 4-2211

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'p'iD Tarum 11D 'IpDf 1T8 Dt'D
$2.50 T"41B 113"T 224
: Ispma 1is
AMBIJAN, 103 Park Avenue
New York, N. Y.


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23H 2 7E f A 2 N 1949 ,N a


The New Jersey Division of the American
Birobidjan Committee held an exceptionally
impressive celebration of the 15th Anniver-
sary of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Biro-
bidjan, at a Dinner in Newark, N. J., on'
Monday, February 21, 1949. The outstand-
ing progressive leader, Henry A. Wallace,
was the guest speaker. He told the 400 guests
at the Dinner:
"It seems to me that Birobidjan has
unique significance for the Russian peo-
ple, the people of the United States,
and the world Jewry. Like Israel, it has
a symbolic value. Like Israel, it can
serve as a bridge between different
types of civilization."
Dr. Samuel Goodman, Chairman of the
New Jersey Division, presided. He called
the attention of the gathering to the fact
that it is 25 years since the initiation in
this country of the movement to cooperate
with the Jews of the Soviet Union in their
settlement first on land in general, and later,
in the upbuilding of the Jewish Autonomous
Region, Birobidjan. He dwelt on the effort
of the New Jersey Ambijan Division which
has to its credit important achievements, the
latest of which is the contribution of a mod-
ern hatchery to Birobidjan. He concluded by
emphasizing the great importance of the
activities of the American Birobidjan Com-
mittee, and by calling on the gathering to
redouble their efforts for the various projects
of the Ambijan in the Jewish Autonomous
Region, Stalingrad, Poland and Israel.
Henry Wallace, in his significant address,
told the gathering: "I think American sup-
port of Birobidjan is one of the hopeful cur-
rent signs pointing toward peace. I welcome
every effort to bring about the interchange
of ideas and good will and culture in the


The Passaic Branch of the Jewish Peoples
Fraternal Order, arranged a lecture on Feb-
ruary 4th, 1949. The topic was, "Birobidjan
and Its Prospectives." Mr. Morris Savage,
well-known lecturer and authority on world
events and Jewish problems, was the speaker.


The celebration of the 15th Anniversary
of the Jewish Autonomous Region-Birobid-
jan, will take place on Sunday, May 8, 1949,
6 P.M. at the Broadwood Hotel, Broad and
Wood Streets, Philadelphia.
Mr. James Waterman Wise will be the
guest speaker at the dinner. The Philadel-
phia Ambijan Chapter extends invitation to
all Jewish organizations, trade unions, and
cultural institutions to participate in this his-
toric -celebration. Reservations can be made

United States and the Soviet Union."
He expressed his belief "that God has
given the Jewish people a sacred mission-
the mission of building world peace and
understanding. Both Birobidjan and
Israel are mighty monuments to this vision
when every man shall prosper under his own
vine and fig tree, and we should say in his
soya bean field in Birobidjan."
Wallace said, he was glad to see the large
turnout for the Dinner despite the "efforts of
some quarters to create an excess of fear."
He explained "I was urged by certain friends
not to speak to you tonight. They said any-
thing having to do with Russia is too hot.
One of them was actually praying that I
might get ill so I couldn't come, but I'm
glad I have come because I believe that the
Jewish people, both in Israel and in Biro-
bidjan are going to contribute enormously to
an understanding between the Anglo-Saxon
and the Slavic worlds. To me, under-
standing and peace! with Russia is business
number one today.
"Birobidjan can help in that direction.
Israel can help. In the Jewish world, Israel
has a greater significance than Birobidjan,
but when it comes to the problem of event-
ual understanding between the East and the
West, I am convinced that Birobidjan can
play an important role. Birobidjan may
furnish the most effective mechanism to
break down the wall of misunderstanding
for the benefit of Americans, Russians and
the Chinese."
The address of Mr. Wallace was several
times interrupted by thunderous applause.
J. M. Budish, Executive Vice President of
Ambijan, extended greetings to the gather-
ing from the National Organization. He
praised highly the selfless devotion and tire-

at S. I. Leon, 1034 Spring Street, Philadel-
phia, Tel: LOmbard 3-4877.
On Sunday, February 13th, we had an
excellent party at the home of -Mrs. L. Car-
man. The party was well attended. Some of
the members brought their friends. Mr.
M. L. Olken, National Organizer of the Am-
bijan, gave a talk about the latest develop-
ments in Birobidjan and the tasks of the
Ambijan. Five new members joined the or-
Mrs. Carman is known as an outstanding
hostess. At this party, she even surpassed her
previous achievements. She prepared excel-
lent refreshments and the whole atmosphere
was of the most enjoyable nature. Mrs. Rose
Dickler was the Chairman. The Branch is
going to have its Annual Dance on Saturday
evening, March 26th at the home of Mrs.
Rose Dickler

less work of the Chairman, Samuel Good-
man, and his associates. He referred to the
15th Anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous
Region as an historic event to the Jewish
people the world over.
Nathan Frankel, the Chairman of the Na-
tional Administrative Committee of the Am-
bijan, .poke on the activities of the Ameri-
can Birobidjan Committee and their signifi-
cance especially at this time, when a con-
certed effort is being made to widen the
gulf between this country and the Soviet
Union by all kinds of baseless slanders cal-
culated to inflame sentiments and create
hostility. He branded all these sensational
rumors and hate mongering as inimical to
the best interests of the United States and to
the peace of the world. He described the.
activities and projects of the Ambijan and
called for redoubled support of the gather-
ing. In response to his appeal, which was in-
terrupted several times by warm applause,
$4,000 was raised.



IA Semi-monthly Magazinel
SERGEI 1. VAVILOV, President, Academy of
Sciences of the USSR;
GEORGI KARPOV, Chairman for the Affairs
of the Russian Orthodox Church;
V. SVETLOV, Vice Minister of Higher Edu-
cation of the USSR;
Union Central Council of Trade Unions;
viet Composers;
EUGENE TARLE, Historian;
BORIS ISAKOV, News Commentator;
of the Moscow Subway; and;
olic Dean of Trakai Diocese, Soviet Lithu-
Illustrated Articles on Soviet Life: Industry,
Agriculture, Education, Theatre, the Living
Standard, the Structure of the Soviet State.
Texts of I portant Speeches. Political Docu-
ments on International and Domestic Events,
State Economic Reports.
Published by the Embassy of the Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics, Washington, D. C.
Subscription Rates: $2.40 for one year; 10
months for $2.00.
Special rates for group subscriptions: 10 or
more copies to one address, $1.00 per year
per subscription.
Sample copy sent without charge.
2112 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington 8, D. C.


The Importance of Ambijan Activities

Address delivered by Mrs. Charlotte Rosewald, Chairman of the Bronx Branch of Ambijan at the
New York Area Ambijan Conference, March 5 and 6, 1949
Commodore Hotel, New York City.

Mr. Chairman, Fellow Delegates,
I came here today, not only to bring you greetings
from the Bronx Branch of Ambijan whose chairman I
have the honor to be, but also to try to tell you to the
best of my ability about the work of my Branch.
I do not intend to paint a rosy picture of achievements
only. I shall tell you about our pluses, but I am also going
to tell you about our minuses-about our shortcomings.
The purpose of my report to you today is to provoke
a thorough discussion on the work of the Ambijan organ-
izations to get credit where credit is due; to acknowledge
our shortcomings, and to find a way to remedy them.
This N. Y. Area Conference is meeting in the midst of
history making events. This is the year of the 15th Anni-
versary of Birobidjan as a Jewish Autonomous Region.
The proclamation of Birobidjan as a Jewish Region
was issued by the Soviet Union in 1934.
If you will look at the cover of the Jan.-Feb. 1949 issue
of the Ambijan Bulletin, you will notice a photograph of
a group of Birobidjan Jewish Writers. I would like to
draw your attention to the title of the picture "Birobidjan
Yiddish Writers." Not just Jewish writers, but Jewish
writers of the Jewish Autonomous Region. This by itself
is of great significance, especially if one will think back
some 32 years or so and will remember the life of the
Jewish people in the Russia of the Czars. I am sure that
most of us know about the ghetto, the pogroms, and the
worthlessness of the life of a Russian Jew of the past.
When we compare this with the life of the Jewish people
in the. Russia of Today in which the Soviet Gov't gave
Birobidjan to the Jewish people in accordance with its
basic principle of Ethnic Democracy-that is equality of
races and Nationalities without danger of oppression,
and thus elevating them to Nationhood, eradicating for-
ever the hated "Zhid," it is something to be thankful for.
In the same Ambidjan Bulletin, I noticed a paragraph
in an article written by a Jewish Writer. "I can still re-
member the glow which came over me when I first saw
the name of the Station (Birobidjan) in Yiddish; when I
read that official language in the courts was Yiddish, that
the postmark on letters is in Yiddish."
Doesn't one feel good reading such lines I do, and I
am thankful for this to the Soviet Union. No doubt the
example of Birobidjan had a great influence on the ques-
tion of Palestine and after some 200 centuries we now
have the State of Israel.

We can still hear the monstrous voices of anti-Semitism
in many countries in the world, but I believe that the
influence of Israel-Birobidjan will eventually silence the
voices of hate, and not only will the Jewish people bene-
fit by it, but also every National group and eventually all
of humanity.
Years ago a group of people here recognized the im-
portance of aiding the Jewish people of the Soviet Union,
and set out to do the tremendous job of organizing aid
for Birobidjan. Thousands of American Jewish people
joined the pioneering groups and an organized Ambijan
emerged. Many Ambijan organizations and groups were
set up.
We organized the Bronx Branch of Ambidjan and we
are trying in a modest way to do our share.
During the years of our work we have had many
Luncheons, Bazaars, Lectures, Card parties, Teas and
Musicales, and during that same period we raised $20,000.
For this work we are proud to take full credit. How-
ever, although I feel that our accomplishments in this
respect are not bad, I regret that we were not as suc-
cessful in enlarging our membership. As it stands we are
decidedly not satisfied. I believe that every Ambidjan
Branch has the same problem and I would like to draw
the attention of our National Committee to this situation.
It is quite possible that the National Committee will
find that there is something lacking in our educational
approach, and will devise some means of remedying it.
We have literature and I believe that a wide distribu-
tion of such is of great importance.
I should also like to offer another suggestion to the
National Committee and that is the building of a strong
Women's Division.
What we have today is not satisfactory enough.
Women play a very important part in organizations and
I feel that much more could be accomplished if we had
such a division.
In conclusion I should like to say that the work of
Ambidjan is of tremendous importance, in fact, today
greater than ever, because we are engaged not only in
helping the Jewish people in the building of their own
state, not only engaged in helping in the rehabilitation of
the Jewish war orphans in Birobidjan, Poland and Israel
but also working for friendship between the U. S. and
the Soviet Union. This means that we are working for
peace for the entire world.

Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the campaign to help settle Jewish refugee war orphans in
the Jewish Autonomous Region, Birobidjan and orphans at The Children's Settlement at "Silver Ponds," Stalingrad.

Chicago Division Ambijan, Chicago, I1].........
Bronx Branch of Ambijan, Bronx, N. Y..........
Brownsville Ambijan Committee, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Philadelphia Ambijan Chapter, Philadelphia, Pa..
Milwaukee Ambijan Chapter, Milwaukee, Wis....
Jamaica Ambijan Chapter, Jamaica, N. Y.......
Ben Small Ambijan Chapter, Bronx, N. Y......
Mr. & Mrs. Saniel Ostrow, W. Los Angeles, Calif.
Furriers Joint Council of N. Y., New York City..
National Committee of the Russian-American Sec-
tion I.W.O. for Medical Aid to USSR, N. Y. C.
Upper Manhattan Ambijan Chapter, N. Y. C.....
Cloversville Chapter Ambijan, Cloversville, N. Y.
Mrs. R. Fainerman, Oakland, Calif............
Seagate Ambijan Chapter, Brooklyn, N. Y......
Wynnfeld Discussion Group, Philadelphia, Pa...
Jewish Philanthropies of Omaha, Omaha, Neb...
Unity Sisters, New York City .................



Mr. & Mrs. J. Olshansky, Brooklyn, N. Y........
Trenton Ambijan Chapter and Lodge 77 JPFO,
Trenton, N. J. ..........................
Dr. Lewis Schatzov, Brooklyn, N. Y............
Bronx Cultural Center (In memory of Martha
Kapkin), Bronx, N. Y......................
Branch 900 Workmen's Circle, Baltimore, Md...
Ladies' Club Branch 900 Workmen's Circle, Bal-
timore, Md ...........................
H. Poleschuk, Hamtramck, Mich. ...........
Harry Greenstein, Wilmington, Del............
Hebrew Ladies Progressive Club, Duluth, Minn..
Mrs. Esther Schlanger, New York City.........
Washington Heights Group, New York City.....
Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Berg, Los Angeles, Calif.......
Mr. & Mrs. David Wein, Los Angeles, Calif.....
Emma Lazarus Division, New Haven, Conn.....
Mr. & Mrs. J. Steinberg, Jamaica, N. Y.........





$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt.

DEAR READER: Please hand the coupons

Membership Application
I 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.
I D ate..............................................
I hereby apply for membership in the American Birobidjan

Committee and enclose $............................................ as annual

membership dues of which $1.50 is for a year's subscription to

Ambijan Bulletin............................ or Nailebn............... .. .........
] General Membership $2.00 0 Contributing Membership $5.00
0 Sustaining Membership $25.00 0 Life Membership $100.00



below 1i % to your friend.

Thank you!

Please use this coupon and mail to AMBIJAN, 103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.

Please insert my greeting to occupy the space in the special 15th Anniversary
Edition, for which we agree to pay the sum of $..............................
NAME OF FIRM, ORGANIZATION OR PERSON......................................................................................
A DDRESS................................................................... ... .......... ...................................................................................
C ITY ................................................................................ ZO N E ................ STA TE ...............................................
Full page $100.00 Please make checks payable to:
Half page 60.00
Quarter page 30.00 AMERICAN BIROBIDJAN COMMITTEE (Ambijan)
Eighth page 15.00
Individual greeting _$1.00 and up 103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.


To: American Birobidjan Committee (Ambijan)
103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.

Enclosed please find my contribution of $............
for the support of the orphan children and Jewish
families from the war ravaged regions of the USSR,
settled and to be settled in Birobidjan. (100 will
provide for one child for one year.)

[] Please send further information.



City Zone~ State -


n~ ~~ E 9
4;' -


"I1n ILCB1" (new Life)

Vol. XXII, No. 4 (117), New York, N. Y.

APRIL, 1949

) 09 Single Copy: 15 Cents

NAILEBN, 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Telephone MUrray Hill 3-8895, published monthly, except July-August, September-October, when
bi-monthly, by the ICOR Association for Information on the economic, cultural and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription $1.50.
Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938. at the Post Office at New York. N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY


15thANNIV-. r
Jewish Autonomous Reiie

Sunday. May 8 1949, 8 p. mn
Assembly Hall-Hunter College
69th St. at Park Ave.. New York City


Guest Artist
Renowned Concert Pianist
Dr. Leo Kopf, Conductor
In a selection of Birobldjan Songs and Excerpts from the
Oratorio "Birobidjan"


Tickets: $2.40. $1.80 and $1.20 (tax Included): at the
Ambijan Office: 103 Park Avenue; Tel. MUrray Hill 3-8895





marking the 15th Anniversary
Jewish Autonomous Region

Saturday Evening, April 9, 1949
at the
California Street at Presidio Avenue
San Francisco

The Sessions will take place
on Sunday, April 10, 1949
Representatives from the Ambijan Chapters in the State
of California will attend this conference.
The Conference Committee Issued a call to all Jewish
organizations: Bnal Brith, Haddasah,. Congregations.
Welfare Societies, Men's Clubs, Women's Auxiliaries.
Trade Unions and cultural organizations to send dele-
gates to the Conference.



Full Text
1949 ,4t ] I z7 7 4

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(B'''I PIP 17 0829583 s ;a.-ign!/3i"8 -1 1y 17 0n ,DW l@
e tVIM Dontran'ln)1S tln lit tjn a 1p 5tr ,tuanp Dpyl5p
-"jODyDWavts ioaisyatt; j'17 K tyt3Yi81Y03DII bY3"s

,eIs Dy0y !B t yo Imp 'l t 5tsu yw-nmni m 1n lyrm
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31 ] ] 7 1949 ,t0

9 dinjqA to ihw PQwiAh &futDJonDwuA gion-Aihi4an

Ben Small Chapter
Bronx, N. Y.
Mrs. Cutler
Mrs. Rosenthal
Mrs. E. Okun
Dora Frankford
Edith Glauberman
David J. Greenfield
Maria Snyder
Herbert Skinner
Mollie Grossman
Eva Grusbond
Adelle Scheck
Celia Cutler
Rachel Friedman
Eva Goldstein
Bessie Solomon
Bessie Boruchowitz
Bertha Kevat
E. Sacks
J. Saltzman
L. Meltzer
E. Schmukler
H. Schneider
G. Schmukler
Shifra Sheinkman
Sarah Goodelman
Louis Schutter
Joseph Hoffman
Sonia Verbit
Ida Frank
Zena Green
A. Berg
J. Frankfurt
A. Kolman
C. Cheroff
Lena Plotnik
Sylvia Lynton
Rose Neiman
Louis Burdice
Abraham Sosovsky
Samuel Wenig
East Bronx Chapter
Collected by Harry Wolf
Harry Wolf
A. Grushkin
Eva Gurell
Michael Wolfe
Collected by Celia Rubin
Anna Pressman
Dora Shapiro
Pauline Presman
Clarence Presman

Lillie Miller
Rose. Bass
H. J. Segerman
M. Eisenberg
J. Eisenberg
S. Burlhis
B. Lowenthal
S. Roseman
A Friend
Sam Ruderman
Rose Garelick
Abraham Shapiro
Ida Kassof
E. Deawens
C. Bernstein
Celia Rubin
R. Brainin Chapter
Jamaica, N. Y.
Mr. & Mrs. Posner
Mr. & Mrs. Ceboolsky
Mr. & Mrs. Mintz
Mr. & Mrs. Holmstock
Mr. & Mrs. B. Wood
New England Division
American Birobidjan
Mr. Abram Resnick
Mr. Samuel Feldman,
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Chalpin
Dr. Pauline Clarke
Mrs. Anna Codes
Mr. T. Kachel
Miss Anna Klayman
Mrs. Abram Resnick
Mrs. Evelyn Revech
Mr. & Mrs. David Stern
Mr. Boris Shambad
Mrs. Isadore Shore
Mrs. S. Wall
Mrs. Ida Yaffee
Mr. & Mrs. L. Yaffee

Mr. Isadore Shore
Mrs. Mary Levitzky
Collected by Sophie Wall
Sadie Azersky
Max Gart

Samuel Finkelstein
M. W. Goldstein
Freda Gersony
Sonia Geller
Samuel Platt
Bessie Woll
Miriam Kosloff
Anna Godes
Simon Godes
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Saul Wall
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Collected by
Anna Clayman
J. Gobstoob
P. Woxman
Lena Baskin
Hilda Uckerman
Bertha Goldberg
Harold Lewengral
Dora Katz
Mrs. Berkowitz
Misha & Mya Klafeld

Br. 60, JPFO,
Bronx, N. Y.
Collected by Joseph
Sam Minkin
Jack Kirshenbaum
H. Galowitz
Hyman Rosenblin
L. Waine
L. Kirstein
Sam Rabinsky
Sam Wand
Ida Elion
Leon Zicrin
J. Eisenberg
Rita Harrison
Joseph Rosenberg

Petaluma, Calif.,
Chapter Ambijan
Joe Sovoker
J. Siver
S. Goertzel
Harry Brownstein
Frank Weisser
D. Libshitz
E. Borenstein

B. Rosenbloom
E. Miller
R. Wenger
J. Reuner
M. Gorlick
H. Rosen
S. Rosenthal
M. Buchman
M. Waskow
J. Greenspan
W. Novak
A Friend
A Friend
B. Gurstein
S. Steinberg
B. Sovel
Stella Sanders
Sam Vast
Mr. & Mrs. I. M. Epstein
A. Cohen
Chas. Mayer
H. Oberman
E. Rappaport
B. Fields
Ed. Sanders
N. Stein
A. Wronsky
S. Lipshultz
M. Kirshner
I. Weitzman
B. Marcus
J. Miller
S. Nitzberg
H. Newberg

Washington, D. C.,
Chapter, Ambijan
Collected by
Bessie Schkolnick
Wm. Weinstein
Wm. Schkolnick
D. Efross
Joseph Rinis
L. Tuchman

Collected by
Sarah Geller
Mr. & Mrs. Holtzman
I. Hackman
J. Teitlbaum
Samuel Levin
A Friend

- I

1949 ,'D I t V ) 28

Greetings on the Occcasion of the




New Jersey Division, Ambijan

786 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey


For the Month of April, 1949

Friends and organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the campaign to help settle Jewish refugee
war orphans in the Jewish Autonomous Region-Birobidjan, and orphans at the Children's Settlement at
"Silver Ponds," Stalingrad.

So. California Div., A.B.C., Los Angeles, Calif...$4,000.00
Pawtucket Friends of Birobidjan, Pawtucket, R.I. 2,500.00
Greater Miami A.B.C., Miami, Fla. ............. 1,000.00
East Side Branch, Ambijan, Los Angeles, Calif... 1,000.00
So. Calif. Division, in Memory of
Lena Hittelman, Los Angeles, Calif....... 740.00
East Bay Branch, A.B.C., Berkeley, Calif....... 675.00
Hollywood Branch, A.B.C., Los Angeles, Calif... 500.00
Long Beach Branch, Ambijan, Long Beach, Calif. 360.00
East Side Committee, A.B.C., Los Angeles, Calif. 300.00
E. Levitt Women's Club, Los Angeles, Calif..... 200.00
City Terrace Group, Los Angeles, Calif....... 200.00
New Jersey Division, Ambijan, Newark, N. J..... 200.00
Milton Heimlich, New York City............ 200.00
Cincinnati Ambijan Chapter, Cincinnati, Ohio.. 200.00
Yonkers Ambijan Chapter, Yonkers, N. Y....... 150.00

Bay Cities Branch, Ambijan, Venice, Calif.......
Meyer Levin Group, New York City..........
Emma Lazarus Division, JPFO, New Haven, Conn.
Yarmolinitzer Ladies Club, Brooklyn, N. Y.....
Jamaica Branch, Ambijan, Jamaica, N. Y. ....
Mrs. R. Fainerman, Oakland, Calif. ..........
Mrs. Molly Cohen, in memory of Hyman Cohen,
Los Angeles, Calif. .......................
Mr. & Mrs. Fiermap, San Pedro, Calif...........
Milkes Furniture, Long Beach, Calif...........
Mr. & Mrs. D. Shuwarger, Los Angeles, Calif...
Mr. & Mrs. Banks, Los Angeles, Calif...........
Mozyrer Verein, Los Angeles, Calif...........
Tanya Berg, Los Angeles, Calif...............
Lodge 540, IWO, 'Stelton, N. J. ..............



$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today.

15] 132 F7 1949 ,Mt

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Prof. Albert


Princeton, New Jersey March 10, 1949
The American Birobidjan Committee extends to
you, the greatest scientist of our times and our
Honorary President, their most heartfelt greetings
and congratulations on your 70th birthday. The
members, friends, and supporters of the American
Birobidjan Committee deeply appreciate your in-
spiring leadership in the cause of friendship among
nations and especially between our country and the
Soviet Union and the invaluable contribution your
utterances are making to the cause of peace. We




of his

70th Birthday


are deeply grateful for your continued support of
our efforts for the acceleration of the upbuilding of
the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan and
for postwar Jewish rehabilitation in general. The
American Birobidjan Committee extends to you
the fervent wishes of the members of all the rep-
resented organizations for many, many more years
of good health and fruitful scientific work and
effective activity for a world of peace, security,
and prosperity for all nations and peoples without
discrimination and on a basis of full equality.

On the Passing of Dr. Stephen S. Wise

April 26, 1949

Dear Mr. Wise:
Like millions of other Americans, the members of our
organization were deeply grieved over the death of your
revered and beloved father. Rarely is the passing of one
man felt by so many as a keen, deep personal loss.
We can only glimpse partially what this must mean to
his own children. We are with you in your bereave-
The American Jewish Congress, and other institutions
and organizations with which your father was identi-
fied, as Emerson said, were the lengthened shadow of
one man. But the manifold and ramified activities into
which your father threw his heart and soul, over the
course of so many years, in a profound way made him

-by their scope and intensity-an institution in his own
time. Throughout the ages this can be said of very few
The impact of his vigor and outlook became in time
part of the heritage of the Jews throughout the world
and especially in this country. While he spoke for them,
it was because they had internalized him to such a large
degree in the warp and woof of their being. He was
their champion and spokesman, because they made him
part of themselves. That can never die. In this way it
is in essence true that he lives on.
Sincerely yours,
Chairman, Administrative Committee,
American Birobidjan Committee.

New York, N. Y.

Greetings to American Birobidjan Committee-Ambijan

On Its 15th Anniversary-PROMPT PRESS, Inc.,113-4th Ave., NewYork City

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1949 ,4S

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..-...-- .. .. ~ i, ------ .. .1. -- -i -- .-. -- ill ------- I .' .. I I II I.. ...- --- -- i 1. -- ,- .. in 11. .-, .,

The Officers & Executive

Board Members

of the


of the



of the


Philadelphia Chapter

S. 1. LEON, Secretary
DR. H. M. HOFFMAN, Treasurer
Philadelphia, Pa.

Corm mittee

Mrs. Sophie Brener
Max Brotkin
Mrs. Sonia Cohen
S. Davidson
Mrs. Pauline Dain
I. Freedman
Mrs. Yetta Glussman
J. Hertzberg
Miss Sonia Kazansky
Dr. I. Kaplan
Mrs. David Kuhr

Dr. A. R. Melnicoff
Dr. Benjamin Netreba
Carl Ockman
R. Pomerantz
Sol Rothenberg
Max Rothstein
Jonah Shapiro
Abe Sokolove
Mrs. B. Stern
Mrs. Ida Shore
B. Yanofsky .

New Haven, Conn.
We congratulate you on the 15th Anni-
versary of Birobidjan. We are honored
to be able to help in your wonderful
undertakings. Good luck to you!

Neighborhood Women's


MRS. IDA RAISIN, Secretary


Ambijan Committee


to the


on the occasion of the celebration of its

Bernard Roller, Chairman
Jacob Raichik, Financial Secretary



greets the


on its


Mrs. M. Dubow, Secretary




Ambijan Chapter


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1949 ,~Oi 7 3 ou

I JAU Win 10 to A.P Qwi&h &iufodGWnMouA dqsno i -ai dn

H. Korth
S. Geller
Misha Bord
Anna Bord
R. Perlman

Collected by
Ida Stolar
Morris Ailin
.Mr. & Mrs. Sterman
Ida Stolar

Brighton Chapter
Brooklyn, N. Y.
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Seattle, Wash.,
Chapter Ambijan
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Bronx, N. Y.
Collected by
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Greetings from-
Abe & Beckie Gold
on the occasion of
the 15th Anniversary
of the Jewish
Autonomous Region
Mollie Krieger
Mr. & Mrs. L. Davidson
George Liebhober
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West Side Ambijan
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Eastern Parkway
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T. Kramer
Joseph Brownstein
Frank Pomerantz
Benj. Burdman
Cocose Hotel
S. Levitan
M. Henkin
Mr. & Mrs. J. Charniak

1949 ~ ~7,~ItK~

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BVTI 1:7-1 jjW jBy'3 op,2 iW
Uy2IN flK yw y'strp Greetings to Prof. Albert Einstein
In Memory to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise

7UlyoID 5T ;1I 4 T'TnT 1 1D "5'17' 1015 m15) yp1' MB5'
.(' wPru t 113 pi u Igsn
3nS7l ya-3 i1s SWETW -1'1 7TE1D : lllv mft"
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(707) '13 rw o'71K D ~IM yUs :bI)MD11 *3K

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1949 '

013 13 15

1949 ,SD0

I Vs 4:


from the

Brighton Committee





of the



Mendele Mochor Sforim

Reading Circle

LEON BOONIN, Secretary


Memphis Branch 144
J.P.F.O., sends its greetings to Birobidjan
on its 15th anniversary, wishing it suc-
cess in the building of the first Jewish
Socialist Republic in the world.

Aaron Goldweber


J. Schwartzberg
4600 Ninth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.






General Iron Works

MR. and MRS.

John R. Kolstrand


Lena Seldin, Prop.
Washing Machines -:- Bathing Facilities
From Monticello, take Hurleyville Bus
for 5 miles to door; from Hurleyville,
take Monticello bus for 1 / miles to door
For information: L. Seldin, 2280 85th St.,
Brooklyn. Tel.: BEnsonhurst 6-0982

1461 Boston Road Bronx, N. Y.

1665 Grand Concourse, Bronx 52, N. Y.


Ambijan Chapter

Wolf Broudo, Secretary
Gloversville, New York


Savannah Chapter
Savannah, Georgia

to the Jewish Autonomous Region on its
Fifteenth Anniversary and our wishes for
a peaceful and prosperous future.

Oakland Chapter





Friends of Birobidjan

Pawtucket, R. I.

Atlanta Ambijan

sends its greetings and best wishes on
the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of
the Jewish Autonomous Region Birobidjan.
Best wishes for continued progress and
lasting peace. GERTRUDE MERLIN, Secy.

Anna F. Sacoder

777 Allerton Ave. Bronx, N. Y.



(new Life)

Vol. XXII, No. 5 (I 18), New York, N. Y. MAY, 1949 W .-''" Single Copy: 15 Cents
NAILEBN, 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Telephone MUrray Hill 3-8895, published monthly, except July-August, September-October,
when bi-monthly, by the ICOR Association for Information on the economic, cultural and social life of the Jles the world over. Yearly sub-
scription $1.50. Re-entered as second-class maner August 22, 1938, at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business .Manager A. JENOFSKY

CHAIM POLIAKOVSKY (Foreground, left), Chairman of Waldheim Collective Farms,
Jewish Autonomous Region, Sorting Seeds for Spring Sowing.


Dr. B. M. Becker


Dr. H. A. Warwick


BUckminster 4-3669

Dr. A. H. Marel


Dr. Aaron I. Saper




Dr. L. Schlosman


Superior Drug Co.
G. ZUKOR, Prescription Pharsacist

Dr. L. Golden


Mirkin Analytical
Tel. ALgonquin 4-2558
Official I.W.O. Laboratory

Official I.W.O. Laboratories

Flatbush Laboratories,



Basal Metabolism Diagnostic Laboratory
Pathology Clinical Laboratory Serology

.A ,
. A .. .
77 t > 0- ..'p ..P
''Li.f~t.i ~ %' C ..

Droan .. I' ..

Dr. Aaron Weinstemi'"
3133 Brighton 7th St., Brooklyin ;,
Tel. SHeepshead 3-1130 By appoint

Dr. J. Reicher

357 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NI

*.. 4';'i- '
"13n K 7%ln w-ru 5 735 7 1i

S. Garber's

Reliable Pharmacy.:'
901 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn, N. 4 .

Dr. I. Stamler
2808 Bronx Park East Bronx, N.'Y

Dr. S. Schumacher ;

f133 Grant Avenue New York C

Dr. R. Helpgod :

2300 Grand Concourse Bronx, N.-.

Typewriters Mimeographs '"
Adding Mahbines
Rented, Sold and Repaired 'i
.. '.*.

29 z _17 7 -1 1 3 1949 IS

Greetings to the old and new pioneers on the occasion of the
15th Anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region-Birobidjan
B. ROLLER, Chairman J. RAICHICK, Secretary

Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order, Miami, Fla.
Heartiest greetings to the people in Birobidjan upon the
15th Anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region.
M. BENEMOVSKY, Secretary


sends heartiest and best wishes to the people in Birobidjan upon the historic
occasion of the 15th Anniversary as a Jewish Autonomous Region, for
further progress and success!


Collected by
B. Roller
Jacob Raichick
Bernard & Lily Roller
Mrs. A. Fox
Mrs. R. Weiner
Mrs. Zena Surdutoff
Jenny Weiner
L. Bran
Lena Beggesh
Mr. & Mrs. Malikoff
Mr. & Mrs. Shopnick

Collected by
Philip & Ida Rothstein
Vera Yampolsky
Sophie Sheinman
A. Bergman
Fannie Rice
Tessie Sherman
Sarah Levine
Lena Wolinsky
Samuel Kaufman
Philip Zuckerman
M. Gross
Dina Goodmaster
Philip & Ida Rothstein
Ab. & Bronyan Merson

Collected by
R. Metling
Gutty Zegerman
R. Metling

Collected by
Sonia Shankman
Mrs. Gertrude Bakst
Mrs. D. Weinstein
Esther Rosenthal
*Clara Blum
Sadie Hendel
Mrs. B. Peltzman
I. M. Grossman
Sonia Shankman
A Friend

Collected by
Rebecca Touby
F. Rosenkrantz
Eva Raby
P. Eiger
Malka Reich
M. & M. Lenchus
Rebecca Touby

Collected by
A. Rosenthal
Naomi & Al. Rosenthal
L. & M. Benemovsky
Charlotte Gladstone
Irene Keller
Collected by
* S. Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. R. Aronoff
Jack Reid
Zitta Shullman
Isidore Weisman
Rose Shenkman
Hyman Hershoff
Mr. & Mrs. Dantzig
Mr. & Mrs. M. Gopman
M. Fridberg
Mr. & Mrs. S. Solomon
Martha Zall
Collected by
Lea Adler
Sonia Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. I. Sadkin
Mrs. B. Aronoff
Mrs. Sonia Siegel
Dan & Lena Surdin
Fannie Hichtman

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NAILEBN, 103 Park Ave., New York City
$2.50 T 1i

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-luDSnNg 11$YNty .1-

3 ry?







Emma Lazarus
Washington District of Columbia


Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order

The Lillian Wald Club



c/d Taube




Ambijan Chapter


Ben Small Chapter


Shifra Shenkman, Chairman'
Mollie Grossman, Organizer
Ella Winig, Treasurer
Sonia Verbit, Secretary

Ephraim Soshen

Ambijan Chapter

J. Tebet, Secretary

Jack Birnbaum

c/o S & J Kings Dress
323 West 38th St. New York, N. Y.

Feller's Fur Shop
Furs Repaired and Remodeled
into the Latest Styles
Established 1906
Phone: GRamercy 7-8094
20 Clinton St. New York City

Mr. and Mrs. Sacknoff



Monticello Ladies Club

Monticello, N. Y.


May they attain their goal of a
Jewish Soviet Socialist Republic
in the shortest possible time.

San Francisco Pioneer
Branch of the Ambijan


LODGE 34, J.P.F.O.
Meets 1st and 3rd Friday

Marmoresh Baltic
Lodge 37, J.P.F.O.

LODGE 54, J.P.F.O.

Greetings from
LODGE 134, J.P.F.O.

LODGE 139, J.P.F.O.


LODGE 281, J.P.F.O.


LODGE 600, J.P.F.O.

1949 ,16

~srmns4I TI

C. Consplinfaets of

:Dr. Samuel Block
2010 Strauss Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dr'W. A. Weinreb




DAyton 9-8955 8956

Russian Music Co., Inc.
121 Lexington Ave. New York City
Catalogue Sent on Request
Hear the
Glorious Soviet Army in a Series of Songs

Messinger's Cafeteria


Greetings from

SWeiner's Barber Shop
"717 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

SBoston Road Pharmacy
I. PINCHOUK, Pharmacist, Prop.
:TPrescription Dept. KIlpatrick 5-7032

Tel. GRamercy 5-7370 7371

Fred Spitz, Inc.

Baskets of Fresh Fruits, Nuts and Candies
For All Occasions


Dr. I. Koulack


Neptune Raincoat Co.
16 East Broadway New York City

ORchard 4-9536-9539 Our Only Store
Fine Liquors and Wines
Strictly Kosher
We Cater to Weddings, Parties,
Banquets and Bar Mitzvahs
135 Delancey Street New York City

National Delicatessen

90 Second Avenue New York City

Dickens 2-1273 1274 1275
Night Phone:
Dickens 2-2726

I. J. MORRIS, Inc.

Funeral Director









New York's

Labor Bank


to all parts

of the world

Complete Banking




Member of Federal Deposit Insurance




1949 ,'D



International Fur & Leather Workers Union of the United States & Canada, CIO
BEN GOLD, President PIETRO LUCCHI, Secretary-Treasurer


United Shoe Workers

of America, CIO



Ralph Lerner, M. D.



Dr. Samuel Feit
Surgeon Dentist

Dr. D. Chaikin
505 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.



Bedding, Curtain

& Drapery Workers


Local 140, UFWA


DAyton 9-9547

I.W.O. Slayton's
Hoe Pharmacy
1760 Hoe Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

PV1t 193 'T 1 p1Sk pIn3W17p

X71l11U'W U .' .T r

N. Y. 971 Southern Boulevard Bronx, N. Y.

Rickoff's Safe Drug Store
116 Second Avenue New York City
(Corner 7th Street)


Joint Board

Fur Dressers & Dyers

Unions, CIO


SAM BURT, Manager
LEON STRAUS, Exec. Sec'y


8:30 to 7:30 p.m.




Official Opticians to the W. 0.

255 WEST 34th STREET

Telephone: MEdallion 3-3243

I i

27 3y 1949 "'M

h. TI


Home of Unusual Films

Now Playing



Congratulations and Best Wishes


East Bay Branch Berkeley, California

Wa&khinbton W6dqId

fCha/dQA, amflL6an
New York City,

Eda Taube

Sylvia Alexander

.Chene Goodman

Lily Ziterman

Rose London

Anna Burnstein

Lily Burstyn

Greetings on the Occasion of the
15tb Anniversary of the Jewish
Autonomous Region-Birobidjan

Madison Ambijan
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Lieberman, Secretary


Willimantic, Conn.


C. Zenchoff, Secretary


Dallas, Texas


Lillian Rudnitzky, Secretary

Kansas City, Mo.
Contributions for the Ambijan Rehabil-
itation Fund, amounting to $42.00 was
donated by the following people:
Mrs. M. Azarsky (in memory of late
husband Morris); Mrs. Chas. Schere (in
honor of daughter's marriage); Mrs. I.
Shifman (in honor of new granddaugh-
ter); Mrs. Gus Eaglestein (in honor of
new grandson); Mrs. Minnie Cotton (in
honor of daughter's recovery); Mrs. Sara
Krantz (in honor of son's return from
service); Mrs. N. Rovensky (for the
orphans); Mrs. Frank Gordon (on her
return to Kansas City).




American Birobidjan




Milwaukee Chapter


Milwaukee, Wis.

(at 38th Street)

Denver Ambijan
Ph. Perlmutter. O. Payne, Secretary