Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

131DU 15 1 9 4 9 'D1)
i IIHillll ii piI IIiiiiIIHiiiiIIIiliHiII iIil iilIIIIIli iIIImIIIIIiIiiI IIIIuIHi

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1O1 aiu'lrou'n 119 7 P'atni) t13 ,it VWVM

:.WTn W N

S: ,UTT .N,

Alexander Krein, Outstanding Soviet Jewish Composer
'New Jersey Poultry Farmers Present Machinery
Organizational News Items

:11?WSU W .7 .V T

t8rtt M vwiryip =k bpV wUn trar

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mfyrT'ayms t pKr nw ^yyiwrutt


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tags. asp" pw, 94w .rttP y. ', :P

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:: .: i: :,; .;': i' : : i :: ::i ,-:iUi: ,:://:
;,' ::;:':" .. ". .'" .' ." : .. : ., .: :: : i .: ., .:" ,' ..... '..: ..s : .- .:.. ,:. : ': .
.4 I .. ... .... ..' ii i.. ..l.o; y.. .
:' ,.: ,. : '..^:l` r', ." .' ', ,, '. : .. '.". .' : .. ,o" .' ,' : : '.. '. .- ,. .
-~~-:: .. -f : .,.. .;: .:., : ; .. ,, .:. .. ..r ., .,.,..,,: ..: .. :,-. -i .%;:.: ,: .'.:,.:. :T.:..


- -.- I

:9YBEDIN|F LOCAL 140d U d Shoe Workers

Local 65

80 East IIth Street

New York City

United Furniture
Workers of America


Diamond Workers
Protective Union
of America
SA. F. of L
New York Division

130 WEST 45th STREET
NEW YORK 19, N. Y.

Upholstery Workers'


101 WEST 28th STREET



LOCAL 35, I.L.G.W.U.



Local 1

S. GENTILI, Secretary-Treasurer

218 WEST 40th STREET


Fur & Leather Workers

of America



Fur Dressers & Dyers
LOCALS 61, 64, 80, 85, 88

SAM BURT, Manager
LEON STRAUS, Executive Sec'y


LOCAL 54, C.I.O.



Local 2


pte-juxyw aa -1rb
l3r-pm wtrW ye vrm

"I~DusTu9'UU lu 'TN
83 1-D131 ,10'31'

United Optical Workers

Local 208, CIO

112 EAST 19th STREET

Dr. Samuel J. Liftman

Locals 89, 144, A. F. of L.
Physicians Local 302, A. F. of L

250 WEST 59th STREET

"" -'~;.ic. :

8;116~-~;..;: ; .:; .. I

12 ,BmtB1B7ia "nispn, -1I TJnIB PpPq1 > ,71 -1t
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S2onoL doloL
For the Month of February, 1949

Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the campaign to help settle Jewish re-
fugee war orphans in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Birobidjan and orphans at The Children's Settlement
at "Silver Ponds," Stalingrad.

United Russian Committee, Cleveland, 0......... 225
Ellenville UJA, Ellenville, N. Y. ............... 200
Carpatho-Russian American Congress, Yonkers, N.Y. 139.19
Boris Pressman. Family Circle, New York, N. Y..... 100

Isaac Aronoff, New York City .................. 100
Savannah UJA, Savannah, Ga. ................. 100
Ambijan Mothers Club, Atlanta, Ga. ............. 100
Discussion Group, Philadelphia, Pa. ............. 100

$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt.

23 I a7 V; ; 1949 rylt

Tucson Aids Birobi
.Enclosed please find check in
of $50.00. This is a contribute
Tucson, Arizona Reading Circl
the upbuilding of Birobidjan as
settlement of Jewish refugee o
N. Berli

Atlanta Continues the Go

Herewith we are mailing you
$100.00. With this amount we
sible the "adoption" of the fifth
little over a year. On Feb. 7tl
have a Bingo Party and hope
to continue the good work.

Ellenville United Jewish
American Birobidjan Committei
From our 1948 U.J.A. appeal
tion committee has voted you
$200.00 and we enclose herewi
for that amount.
L. N. Zip1

To Dallas, Texas
We acknowledge with thank
of $11.94 from Mrs. Pasha Rav
las, Texas. Thank you Mrs. Ray
parcel of clothing you are mail
separate cover.
National office
American Birobidjan

Esther Levitt Club in I
Los An
The Esther Levitt Women's
bijan in Los Angeles had their
couple of weeks ago. I had the
be elected financial secretary
I pledge to do my best for the s
Our program for the year
1) Enlarge our membership, 2
ate with the work and all the
of the City Committee Ambij;
and 8) Increase our cultural ac
Kindly accept our heartiest
happy and successful New Yea
from me and Aaron.

New Jersey Ambiji
The New Jersey Division of
was busily engaged in sever
preceding the Fifth Annual
January 9th, Mrs. Emma Fi:
mother, Mrs. A. Pearlman were
of a well attended breakfast a
of Mrs. Fish. Dr. Samuel Goodi
Mr. M. L. Olken spoke on Bir


an On January 23rd, Mr. & Mrs. Meyer David Fri
Miller were the hosts to a fine brunch which
the amount took place at their home.
n from the Dr. Goodman and Mr. Olken addressed
to help in the guests and stressed the importance of
1 aid in the the New Jersey Annual Dinner at which
hans there. the guest speak will be Henry A. Wallace.
*0 4

y yours,
ner, Sec. Mr. M. L. Olken gave a lecture on Biro-
bidjan illustrated with movie slides, on
od Work Saturday, January 29th before a large and
enthusiastic audience at the Jewish Progres-
Atlanta, Ga. sive Center, Paterson, N. J.
SMr. Morris Savage, Vice President of the
a M. 0. for N. Division, Ambijan, presided and also
make it pos- made a warm appeal to aid in the upbuild-
orphan in a ing of Birobidjan.
i, we are to
to be able Ambijan Reception to General
Assembly Delegates
Merlin, Sec. Mr. Nathan Frankel, Mr. M. L. Olken
and Mrs. Fan Bakst represented the Ameri-
Appeal can Birobidjan Committee at the 17th An-
e, N. Y. nual Assembly of the Council of Jewish
S1, 1949. Federations and Welfare Funds held at the
e: Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, on
January 14-17.
1, our alloca- At the reception tendered by the Chair-
the sum of man of the Ambijan Administrative Com-
th our check mittee, Mr. Frankel, to the delegates of the
General Assembly on January 15th, at the
yours, Junior Ballroom of the Bellevue Stratford,
?erman, Sec. over 75 delegates, representing a score of
Jewish communities, participated.
Mr. Frankel in a brief and concise talk
s the receipt acquainted the guests with the latest devel-
kind of Dal- opments in Birobidjan and our aid to Israel.
vkind-for the Mr. Olken and Mr. Bakst answered many
ling under a questions. Each guest was presented with
an assortment of Ambijan literature.
It was felt by all that this gathering
n Committee contributed to understanding and friend-
L. A. Wynfield Group Luncheon
geles, Calif. The Wynfield Group, Philadelphia held
10, 1949. their luncheon on Wednesday, February
2nd at the Russian Inn.
Club of Am- Mrs. Sophie Brenner chaired and Mrs.
r elections a Sonia Trachtenberg presented the tokens of
privilege to appreciation to Mrs. Ethel Brenner and Mrs.
of the club. Sylvia Sandier for their outstanding service
success of the to the Group. Mrs. Fan Bakst spoke on the
significance of Birobidjan. The gathering
of 1949 is: decided to include in the project of their
) To cooper- work the "adoption" of Jewish orphans in
undertakings Birobidjan.
an in L. A. Successful Lecture at Bronx Branch
wishes for a Miss Jes'sica Smith, editor of "Soviet
r. That goes Russia Today" gave a very instructive lec-
r. That goes ture on "Peace and the World Today" be-

vka Kertman fore the Bronx Branch, Ambijan, on Feb-
ruary 2nd, at the Concourse Hotel, Bronx,
N. Y.
a Mr. M. L. Olken spoke briefly on Birobi-
the Ambijan djan and the work of the Ambijan Commit-
al activities tee. A number of people joined our organ-
Dinner. On ization. Mrs. Charlotte Rosewald was an
sh and her excellent chairman. The Branch is actively
the hostesses engaged in various functions to complete"
at the home their pledge of $6,000.00.
an presided. Pamphlets and folders for free distribu-
obidjan. tion:

iedman Memorial Meeting

These are excerpts from the speech made
by Natalie Rubin at the David Friedman
Memorial Meeting on December 20th, 1948,
arranged by the Brighton Beach Committee
for American-Soviet Friendship.
Our David was a kind, conscientious, fine,
intelligent man. He was a very capable man
and had great talent and ability.
Our dear friends and co-workers, Fannie
and the late David Friedman, contributed
a great deal of their time, energy and money
during the war in the Brighton Committee
for Russian War Relief and now in the great
struggle for peace. In war time, when there
was a demand for knitted sweaters, David
learned quickly how to knit sweaters and
made dozens of sweaters for the heroic
fighters on the battlefields. He also learned
how to make signs and posters and made
them for Russian War Relief until 1945 and
since then he supplied with signs and posters,
the Brighton Committee for American-Soviet
Friendship on various occasions, which can
be valued in hundreds of dollars.
David was also very handy with fixing
radios, clocks and other things. He was an
artist in woodcarving and he always used his
abilities to help others.
David was a very sick man for years, yet
he kept busy and did very good work until
his last day. He was 63 years young. He was
always full of life, good spirit and humor.
He loved life, people and children. He was
very much interested and contributed to-
ward the Ambijan Rehabilitation Fund to
help in the settlement and maintenance of
Jewish war orphans in Birobidjan. David's
death is a great loss to his family whom he
loved and was very devoted to. His death
is a great loss to us, his friends and co-
workers to whom he was very near and dear.
He gave the best that was in him all his
life to fight for peace. Let us continue David's
work to win a lasting peace and security for
the peoples and nations throughout the
Mrs. Fannie Friedman contributed $100
in memory of her beloved husband, for the
Ambijan Rehabilitation Fund, to help in the
maintenance of a war orphan in Birobidjan.

in memory of

Contributes $100 to help settle a Jewish
Refugee Orphan in Birobidjan during

Alexander Krein, Outstanding Soviet Jewish Composer

Alexander Krein is widely-known as a Soviet composer
and as a colorful Jewish figure. He has just celebrated his
65th birthday.
Born in the city now known as Gorki, he was musically
influenced by his father who was a violinist and poet.
His father taught him how to play the violin, the local
teacher instructed him in piano, and he taught himself
how to play the cello, an instrument which he parti-
cularly liked.
The 1905 revolution made a strong impression on
young Alexander. Being a conservatory student in Mos-
cow then, he read all he could find about the political
situation. It was a time of black reaction. During this
period he began to compose music on Jewish themes.
He wrote the "Jewish Exercises" for a string quartet ac-
companied by clarinet. This piece expressed the pain
and suffering of the Jewish people, and displayed a fierce
hatred for those who wished to forget reality by resorting
to frivolities.
Krein discovered in the world of the Jewish folk song
an untapped source of simple, emotional sentiments,
of primitive and complex melodies, novel rhythms,
harmonies and timbers of voice. It was then that he first
displayed the "Jewish" element of his musical genius.
However, he did not limit himself merely to Jewish
folk music. He studied the ancient musical patterns of
the Jew as well as of the other Middle East nations,
trying to penetrate the secret world of legendary and
emotion of centuries long gone by. He revealed the
romanticism of the ancient Orient and it national tales
in his symphony Solomaya (1913).
He greeted the 1917 revolution with enthusiasm. Fol-
lowing the establishment of the USSR his creative pro-
gress became more pronounced.
His first works subsequently still showed some of the

unrest and uncertainty of the pre-revolutionary period.
In both the symphonic cantata Kaddish (1924) and in
his Sonata for Piano (1922) these characteristics re-'
mained dominant.

But in his- Symphony (1928) the new Krein found him-
self. The theme of the work is derived from Shir Hashi-
rim, (Song of Songs) with its message of sacred and all-
powerful love. This was not the first time that he had
sought his inspiration in the deep Jewish past. Some
years previously he wrote Fragments from Shir Hashirim
for vocal rendition, with piano accompaniment.
From then on the influence of the revolution and of
the achievement of freedom became more pronounced
in his compositions. On Lenin's death he wrote an Ode
to Sorrow for orchestra and soloists. He also contributed
to the theatre an opera, three ballets, and music for
dramatic presentation. His opera Tell Me (1930) was a
great success at the Bolshoi Theatre. He was equally
triumphant with his ballet Laurencia, based on the Lope
de Varga play about a peasant insurrection in Spain in
the 17th century against a feudal tyrant.
Krein was one of the first to radically change the func-
tion of music in Soviet dramatic spectacle. Previously
music was an incidental feature and illustrated only cer-
tain episodes, but Krein helped to make it one of the
organic elements in an entire series of plays for the So-
viet Jewish theatre, including Night in the Old Market-
place by Peretz Markish, Divorce by Sholom Aleichem,
and The Deaf Man by David Bergelson.
Notwithstanding his age, Krein is only now approach-
ing his creative peak as a composer. He is at present
working on two pieces: a theme for a string quartet, and
a symphony based on Maxim Gorki's poem Song of the


The project undertaken by the New Jersey Poultry
Farmers' Committee Ambijan to aid in the upbuilding of
Birobidjan has made an excellent beginning. Two incu-
bators with a capacity of over forty thousand eggs, 75
brooders, 36 feeders, 24 fountains and other hatchery
equipment has been shipped to the Jewish Autonomous
Region in USSR.
Each incubator was supplied with an extra set of
spare parts. The complete equipment of this model poul-
try farm will amount to about $15,000.
The New Jersey Poultry Farmer's Committee con-
ducted a vigorous campaign during 1947-8 and succeeded
in raising the sum of $10,000, contributed by close to 200
farmers in the communities of Toms River, Lakewood,
Farmingdale and Freehold in New Jersey.
In a letter written by the chairman of the Birobidjan
Administration to the farmer's committee, he stressed
the great need of developing the poultry industry in the
Jewish Autonomous Region, in particular, he expressed
the desire to establish poultry farms in he communities
where the new Jewish settlers are being rehabilitated. He

also expressed the gratitude of the people in Birobidjan
to the Farmers Committee for their interest and friendly
cooperation with the Jewish Autonomous Region.
The Farmer's Committee is extending its activities
throughout the country. It calls upon poultry and egg
farmers in the States of New Jersey, Connecticut, New
York, California, etc., to join in this very useful and con-
structive work to help in the completion of this farm
project and make possible the increased production of
poultry products by the date of the 15th Anniversary of
Birobidjan-May, 1949.
Contributions may be sent to the secretary of the Com-
mittee, Mr. Joseph Galstuck, Poultry Farmer's Commit-
tee, R.F.D. 2, Lakewood, New Jersey, or the National
Office of Ambijan for the Poultry Project in Birobidjan,
103 Park Ave., New York City 17.
Boris Schwartz, Chairman
Joseph Galstuck, Secretary
Hilda Mazur, Treasurer
New Jersey Poultry Farmers Committee

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