Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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o372M 115 YIXsTPUI1S :.Lrt .H
Ambijan at Work
Jewish Readers Patronize
Moscow Lenin Library
From Our Mail Bag
Israel Greets USSR

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$3.00 : T1P1 t^)'T 432

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nin yIMne'1 ='nB ?yrlm7 n!n; D;T iJy:;%72'N Jim By-?7c'iKN $5.00 Unyr:
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& RL,

Atlanta Ambijan "Adopts" Five Orphans
On November 21st we had a very lovely
pre-Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. & Mrs.
Max Shymlock. Our hosts and the committee
consisting of Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs.
Baker, Mrs. Dulcan, Mrs. Katz & Mrs.
Merlin prepared a fine dinner. We had a
good attendance.
Alec and Gertrude Diamond sent in $10
in honor of their twin sons Beryl Isaac and
Marvin Gene birthday. With other people
contributing we had a total of $61.00-a
good start toward the "adoption" of a fifth
orphan in Birobidjan.
We are planning another get together for
December 19 and hope to complete our
quota of $500 we set for ourselves for this
Sincerely yours.
Ambijan Chapter
Atlanta, Ga.

From Seattle, Wash.
I am enclosing'a check for $100.00 as a
group or Seattle to the Jewish orphans in
Birobidjan, with our best wishes for a peace-
ful and Happy New York.
This money was raised at a meeting
which I called for Sunday evening at the
house of Mr. & Mrs. Morris Nash.
After making a few opening remarks with
reference to the urgent need for help, every-
one present responded liberally. It was also
decided that those who were not present
to be notified of the action taken at the
meeting and be asked to contribute.
The following were present and contri-
Mr. Nash, $5.00; Mr. Misky, $5.00; Mr.
Blashko, $5.00; Mr. Henchin, $5.00; Mrs.
Goldberg, $5.00 Mr. Shoiket, $10.00; Harry
Horowitz, $10.00.-$45.00.
We had $44.00 in the treasury making a
total of $89.00 so I advanced $11.00 of my
money to make an even $100.00 and hope
to collect it from the rest of the members.
The meeting closed with a very interesting
debate about The Soviet Union at a table
of very fine refreshments supplied by Mrs.
Nash which created an atmosphere of real
Kindest regards,
Seattle Ambijan
Secretary & Treasury

More Schools In Birobidjan
The schools in Birobidjan are now called
upon to care for many more children than
before. The new settlers have inspired a
school-building programme as yet unseen
in this young and vigorous country.

Mail aq

Yiddish Text Books In USSR
Moscow-A number of Yiddish text books
are to be published by the "Emes" Publish-
ing House. They include a Yiddish grammar
and reader, compiled by E. Falkovitch. A
Yiddish reader for self-study and a new ABC
by Helena Chazkels and Myer Yelin (of
A Yiddish Russian dictionary (40,000
words) is in press. It has been edited by
Doctor of Philology E. Spivak.

Jewish Plays In Azerbaidjan
Baku, U.S.S.R.-Opening its new season
in a larger and more modern hall, the Baku
Jewish Drama circle is this year planning to
present Feffer's "Lechayem" and Markish's
"Revolt in the Ghetto" as well as some of
the classics.

Yiddish Books Popular In Leningrad
Leningrad, U.S.S.R.-Jewish books are
proving most popular with the Jews of
Leningrad. Kiosks and bookshops sell
hundreds of copies of books, magazines,
pamphlets in Yiddish, and the demand is
especially great for books by Peretz, Bergel-
son, Feffer, Markish and Kvitko. Sholom
Aleichem is the most read of the folk writers.
The first volume of his collected works was
completely sold out in a few days and 500
subscriptions obtained for his collected
works. Recently a large new bookshop was
opened that has a Jewish department with
a large and varied stock.

New Jewish Books Published
Moscow, U.S.S.R.-The Emes Publishing
House announces the publication of the
third volume of Sholom Aleichem's collected
works. It contains the novels "Stempeniu"
and "Yosele Solovay" and others. Also just
published is B. Miller's "Birobidjan," a story
of the Jewish Autonomous Region.
Recently published by Der Emes in Mos-
cow are the following books: A. Kushnirov,
a collection of poems entitled "Father Com-
mander" of 124 pages, 3000 copies I.
Dobrrushin, "Drama of the Classical Lite-
rature" a book of literary criticism of the
dramatic writings of Goldfadden, Mendele
Moicher Sforem, Sholom Alechem, I. L.
Peretz. This book has 192 pages and is not
only for theatrical personnel but it is written
for a wider audience. Also a reprint
of Sholom Alechem's "The New Kasrilevke"
richly illustrated, 80 pages.

What's New in Birobidjan?

23 1 _t 37 341 1949 ,'1l1 :''

The American Birobidjan Committee pub-
lished and received a large quantity of lit-
erature dealing with the history, progress
and prospective of the Jewish Autonomous
Region, Jews in the U.S.S.R., tasks and cam-
paigns of the American Birobidjan Commit-
tee. Some of the literature is for free dis-
tribution; some is for sale at the price indi-
cated below. Organizations will get a re-
duction of 30% or 40% of the original price.
The following pamphlets and folders are
for free distribution:
(1) "The Jewish Autonomous Region-
Questions and Answers" (English).
(2) "The Jewish Autonomous Region-
Questions and Answers" (Yiddish)
(3) "The Jews in the Soviet Union and
Birobidjan," by Henry Frankel.
A reprint from the American Jewish
Yearbook of 1947, published by the
American Jewish Committee and
Jewish Publication Society of Amer-
(4) Ambijan Campaign Folder-8 pages

The following items are for sale:
(5) "Jews in the Soviet Union" by Paul
Novick and "A Jewish State Rises in
Birobidjan" by J. M. Budish (1 pam-
phlet) (English) 15c-40% reduc-
tion, from 25 copies up-9c per copy.

(6) "Jewish Culture Flourishes in Biro-
bidjan" by J. M. Budish (Yiddish)
-10c per copy-40% reduction, from
25 copies up-6c per copy.
(7) "Birobidjaner Toishvim" (Yiddish)
(Birobidjan Pioneers) by S. Gordon,
Moscow-book-160 pages-50c per
copy-30% reduction, from 10 copies
up-35c per copy.
(8) "Children of Stalingrad" by E. Pol-
lack-book-(Russian), 25c per copy
10 copies up 40% up.
(9) "Birobidjan Pictorial Album"-Series
I-lOc per copy-30% reduction from
10 copies up-7c per copy.
(10) "Birobidjan Pictorial Album"-Series
II-10c per copy-30% reduction
from 10 copies up-7c per copy.
(11)"Birobidjan Almanac" No. 4 (Yiddish)
Published in the Jewish Autonomous
Region. Articles, Essays and Poems by
Chaim Maltinsky, Chaim Melamud,
Itzik Feffer, Israel Emiot, Hershel Poli-
anker, Hershl Kamenetzky, Itzik Bronf-
man, Julia Schestakova, Isaac Platner,
Luba Wasserman, Motl Riant, I. Do-
brushin, B. Miller, B. Slutzky, G. Boyder.
Music by Rabunsky to a poem by Bronf-
man-50c per copy.
Order from: Ambijan, 103 Park Ave.,
New York 17, N. Y.

The National Office of the Americ
mittee signed contracts with an outsti
rus, Ohio, for the necessary machine
.Iidj.ii a modern brickmaking plant
,2 million bricks per annum. The
0 0 *

an Birobidjan Com-
anding firm in Bucy-
ry to equip in Biro-
with a capacity of
cost f.o.b. Ohio is

In accordance with the decision of the National Com-
mittee, contracts were signed with one firm in Denver,
Colorado and two firms in New York City for the neces-
sary incubators, brooders, electric power generator and
auxiliary equipment for the establishment of a modern
poultry farm and hatchery in Birobidjan. The cost is

Including the cost of transportation and of some ad-
ditional minor items, the total cost of these two projects
will come to $100,000.00.

Jewish Readers Patronize
Moscow. U.S.S.R.-The largest library in the U.S.S.R.
and one of the biggest in the world is the Moscow Lenin
Library. Housed in the centre of the city, it contains 11
million books, journals and newspapers in 150 different
languages and its shelves add up to over 150 miles. Each
vear the library receives no less than 300,000 new books
and periodicals and issues over 5 million books yearly
to its readers.
One of the most interesting sections of the library is
the Jewish one. It contains rare old and new books in
Jewish and Hebrew and amongst the perusers of these
books are to be found writers and scientists, from all
parts of the U.S.S.R. who come especially to do research
work at the library. However, it is interesting to note
some of the '"ordinary" readers who make use of this
-wonderful collection of Judaica.
For instance, a young man, a demobilized major, and
now an engineer in the Moscow Building Trust satisfies
his love for Jewish literature here. His name is Aaron
;Fridkin and he is especially interested in Jewish drama.
Spread before him on the table are such books on the
Yiddish Theatre by Cobrin, N. Buchwald, A. Title-
boim, etc.

Our organization endowed a bookbinding training
shop for Jewish refugee girls in the city of Haifa, and
has extended support to a Home and School for the
children of Israeli soldiers in Tel Aviv.

In agreement with Agudath Tarbuth L'Am (Union for
Peoples Culture) for the Children's Home and School
in Tel Aviv and with the Women's League for Palestine
for the bookbinding training shop in Haifa, both institu-
tions will have signs attached to them indicating that
they are supported by the American Birobidjan Commit-
tee. These signs will be a tangible token of the bonds of
solidarity uniting the Jewish people everywhere in sup-
port of both self-governing Jewish communities, Israel
and Birobidjan.

The 15th Anniversary of the establishment of the
Jewish Autonomous Region, which is due in 1949, should
be properly celebrated in every Jewish community.

the Moscow Lenin Library
Another reader, a young man with grey hair who lost
his wife and children during the German occupation of
Kislovodsk is very interested in Jewish history. He is a
doctor by profession and at his table are over 15 books
in Jewish and Hebrew concerning Jewish history.
Here is a young couple, who belong to a study circle
on Jewish literature. She is preparing a lecture on Jewish
poetry and the young man is helping her. They are both
medical students.
A Jewish mechanic, M6she Shapiro, is interested in
Jewish folklore. He is about 50 years of age and on his
table are to be found books on Jewish folklore, by such
writers as Yehude Laib Kahan. He works in a Moscow
factory but hails from Dvinsk. He is well versed in
Jewish literature especially in folklore.
And finally, here is a young Georgian Jew named
Azarov. His knowledge of old and new Jewish literature
is great. By profession an economist in engineering, he
spends all his spare time in the library. On his table are
books on the Arab-Spanish period of Jewish history by
.such writers as Yehude Halevy, Rambam (Maimonides)
and other philosophical works.

State of Israel Extends Greetings to Soviet Union on 31st Anniversary

On the occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the
Soviet Union. Premier David Ben Gurion of the
State of Israel sent the following message of greet-
ings to Joseph Stalin, Premier of the Soviet Union:
"In the name of the State of Israel and my own,
I extend to you my best wishes on the occasion of
the Anniversary of the October Revolution, which
has given national equality to the peoples of the
Soviet Union, has secured work and livelihood to
all working people, has paved the way for the social
and spiritual progress of the masses in the city and
the countryside, and has created the Red Army,

the mighty army which carried out a gigantic mis-
sion against the Nazi-Fascist danger. Our people
will never forget the help which the Soviet Union
has given to the Jewish victims of Nazism and its
loyal support of the Jewish people in their struggle
for liberty and independence in their historic
fatherland. I wish the people of your country suc-
cess in completing the construction of their econ-
omy after the war. I wish them economic and cul-
tural progress, peace and understanding with all
(Signed) David Ben Gurion

/"'r^" "(for the month of December, 1948) ".-.
,Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the campaign to help settle Jewish e-
;fugee war orphans in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Birobidjan and orphans at The Children's Settlement
'"'at "Silver Ponds," Stalingrad.
,Chicago Division A.B.C., Chicago, 111. .......... $1,000 Ar. Winarick Co., New York City .............. 200
M. Miami Chapter A.B.C., Miami, Fla. .............. 1,000 Seattle Ambijan Chapter, Seattle, Wash. ........ 100
United Russian-American Committee, Chicago, Ill. 1,000 Federated Jewish Fund, Seattle, Wash. .......... 100
Central Jersey Farmers Cooperative Association, .
.Hightstown, N. J. ......................... 505 Mr. & Mrs. A. Miller, Los Angeles, Calif....... 100
:.'Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Miami Beach, Fla. 500 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Goldstein, Ocean Park, Calif..... 100
;-Meyer Levin Group, New York City ............ 204 Mrs. A. Resnick, Boston, Mass. ................ 100

$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today.
i AMERICAN BIROBIDJAN COMMITTEE 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt.

Please use this form.
103 Park Ave., Room 414
New York 17, N. Y.
Please renew my subscription to Nailebn for..............
I Yearss.
Annual subscription, $1.50-with general member-
Sship included, $2.00
N am e ................................ ...... .........-..............
. A address .............................. ............. .......
C ity ............................ ................................ ............. ........
P.O. Zone................ State.............................
I -I
m --- --- inniini -- -- -rn-rnrn---- -mm

Philadelphia, Pa., Annual Ambijan Concert, Jan. 9, 1949.
Bronx Branch of Ambijan, Card Party & Entertainment,
Jan. 12, 1949.
Bronx Branch Ambijan, Bronx, Luncheon, Jan. 26, 1949.
Monticello, N. Y., Lecture, Jan. 15, 1949.
New Haven, Conn., Lecture & Birobidjan Slides, Jan. 28,
Paterson, N. J., Lecture & Birobidjan Slides, Jan. 29, 1949.
Hartford, Conn., Lecture & Birobidjan Slides, Jan. 30, 1949.
Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn, Testimonial Party, Jan. 29, 1949
Boston, Mass., Lecture & Concert, Feb. 6, 1949.
Newark, N. J., Annual Ambijan State Dinner, February 21,
Boston, Mass., Dorchester Victory Forum Lecture, Feb. 27,
Detroit, Mich., Celebration 15th Anniversary J.A.R., Mar. 6.
New York City, Stalingrad Anniversary Dinner, Feb. 6, 1949.
Brighton Beach Chapter, Brooklyn, Testimonial Dinner,
Feb. 27, 1949.

Pleasnse e this coupon and mail to AMBIJAN, 103 Park Ave. New York 17, N. Y.
Please insert my greeting to occupy the space of ................................ page in the special 15th Anniversary
Edition, for which we agree to pay the sum of $.. .........................

,. NAME OF FIRM, ORGANIZATION OR PERSON........................................ ..................................
ADDRESS ........................ ...-.......... ... ... ........... ...........................................................................
CITY _........-.. ............... ...... _..._..__.. ZONE............. STATE...................................................
Full page $100.00 Please make checks payable to:
Half page 60.00
Q. quarter page 30.00 AMERICAN BIROBIDJAN COMMITTEE (Ambijan)
:i .E 1ghth page 1LO.00
S'ndividual greeting --- $100 and up 103 Park Ave.. New York l7I N. Y. V 4

~.. -.

' "

t,:. :,

"n1AILCB n"

(new Life)

Vol. XXII, I (114), New York, N. Y. JANUARY, 1949 "- 20z' Single Copy: 15 Cents
NAILEBN, 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Telephone MUrray Hill 3-8895, published monthly, except July-August. September-October, when
bi-monthly, by the ICOR Association for Information on the economic, cultural and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription $1.60.
Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY
* I

Recent Arrivals in Birobidjan

Among the new Jewish settlers who recently arrived
in Birobidjan is this Levin family consisting of 16 mem-
bers who came to settle permanently in Birobidjan.