Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

1950 ,iayTiga-ipt p

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rvw .Mr O'I*M
Sp'TDs: i''s Ti0yi? 93990 SW1T'K 3T
p'ivt rN niwip yzoon yvrTx "r

Sr-tt^ris --- (T'a) D' wl
-tJ T'1K .-3Y' 7H s
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(44) 1- 1x D oip's 7nxp Y1n u
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-1 1$' 01m "mDi ml-n,, TTn;
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9?n M1nM (cr1?) a' TB'1

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1t1ly0 .8 yoY~G YwIT n ww7VY3Ys
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... "1 u1 'T,, "331")1

-itn 2 tW k aeitatyvs ly tY


De Velt
103 Park Ave., Room 415, New York 17, N. Y.

Annual Subscription: $2.00

Please enter my subscription for one year. Enclosed please

find $.................... for the full amount of my sub.

Name ................................................................ ..............

Address .........-.......-................-...-................. ........ .........

City................................................ Zone ........Stat ....................

7 1 7-1T IP 1 0 U 1 Y
I ZR 1vi -%-I $2 -AR S
14DiPTun-wruIpfl1pDTpD p3 B

-ta 7'.1011 .'1yi TIN "1/toyil -r. 71D 12108)nDge '"T
-'1M 1 iyl uywy1r TPraca oir Tad s 3 pa is sp
T7yxT Ri-yT o1 t 1yy ys de Jae iro, Brazil
o09 ."otyi 'Ytr E5'IO ST 71D -iw1Un1gD8 iy- I'IT is
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-yr 71D 1Bl?-'7 57STSTlyl0t S^ ITX rra1TTnyl -
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1yt ll ,ltinvt nW 1yrtnm gTS 7W t'osyTSyurnKwig TPS
5Es0 T3!?mig l nly '7 ."B9S7n *. T I. 1D lyly 8
.$2 TI
:1t 11? tU"Tlyll
Praca Tiradentes 39-10a
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

bi ,f

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: p'n .x -Yipgnryn nytyn
'05yIn n,, ly731 IB"Tis My-I lS0mmyl 111t
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.3PTDi'D T T'i D "'3f l 1N D I Y5TT Kl'K i'
.iVyt1 5yaKit I' lftwn x Inmn x nyira

.il 'p ,Dytytrvy Dty1
lyl b'a '3 PPg'yi 11' 'ryn,59BP '"5n I'K
IP'O ."tay n n., 5mnmwT Din Mns uaSyx lyrin
nMY 11D nyly"5 g 1"T i% pyrnsN, 0n M
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yr5 w'n inDyn 1"M 15yn oDy1yVw2-ov I' "'I
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g m$iMsB lymhyni Bprv nytrx ps J'M
.aw4 latS.7 Po'n

iP?5 .x

In a dozen different countries
they're talking about


The Plot Against
the People


HEWLETT JOHNSON says: "Every lover of
freedom, progress and peace is in Albert
Kahn's debt."-.
is an angry, brilliant and terrifying book .
the most Important political book of 1950."

High Treason is available at your
bookstore in a $3.00 clothbound
edition and a $1.00 paperbound
Or place your order direct by
sending your name and address,
with cash or creck, to Albert E.
Kahn, Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y.
(Clothbound copies will be autographed by
the author upon request.)

n. 1'-31 DY' -Es 1 y3 1t1M 1rNT I't
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-11 7103 "It3ybB0Dp,/1 '3I7y3 137. 1YWW I7TK im M1T 17
Jews in the United States. Edited by Morris U. Schappes. To be pub-
lished in November 1950 by The Citadel Press, New York City.
A Documentary History of the S113 DyM"l Bn Y" n11 p 5l *

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inspiration of God Almighty, noticed a whole nation of slaves,
and rin away, not to Canada, but to old Canaan, I suppose
that Pharaoh and all the chivalry of old Egypt denounced
him as a most furious Abolitionist... there were not wanting
those who loved Egypt better than they loved liberty; .
They were not exactly northern men with southern principles;
but they were Israelites with Egyptian principles." Congres-
sional Globe, 35 Cong., I Sess. P. 1115.)
Ip 1 aD'S_ I"p lyfipYMA PT (1812-1860) IYDRmlyIn pn~I .8
I8 IBPD57IRW 'IP 3ar7syT lanly MIX I'Ir 1Ul "y .1834 PfI 71'?5mn
1y .imo-I-IyulR5s K I'In zp1IeN un y 1n1 ,Pip1I' W PS' 8 nyl
Vnywo8 7 t 1 p 'x p iR "n2-a"2,3 I1, l'J1i1 n 31 JD 1yl"R 3lyn71 TI'
.-Ity"o$o way5piysyl *na'n,
New York Tribune, March 20, 1858, "Judah Benjamin.")
TP ,"u'$'Im'tnR. Iyp8kzP 5 ,(1809-1891) 115an1 5',MM1rin .9
-2ayo pnw .5ys 7SUpil 11' 'IN oyr'lTy'IB-D"Ti DoH 7C"ny1 my"Tip
I1V 1p 1$9B PT112 ,1860 .l2nY11l 721 ] DS1 2 pInWYl Trs ilyDN

'3y78y 1'R BDcl1p K y yI PR' (1823-1878) '110 o'oIys W''11n .10
.1868 1 M -fl I JI' P 1yi flr' T BUp? P1N 1859 -1$' JIR 1$1
104 1yl I B1-M MD88 1 DI '1tp'1 "Xl T 2'1131 1ny1 81 '15 .11
.1864 ,1P1
0nin2O 518sP IR T1't rss5ex 3o1NI.1 'I 1ln'112"12 YbOY S 3 n' .12
Abraham Lincoln, The War Years, New York, 1939, II,
360-364. Thirty Negroes were killed, 400 other persons
killed or wounded, and about $5,000,000 worth of property
destroyed. The Colored Orphan Asylum that was burned
down was at Lexington Avenue and 43rd Street. "So difinite
were the slogans and purposes of some of the mobs that they
would be more correctly termed crowds, or units of mass
action, operating on instruction." It was not until August
19th that the draft was able to proceed peacefully.
-3y8W tP3K ,lVIyyytl 3-1 0 Ut1 Y 8 in.l5'y 1'yvR aX"1V .13
i a ms '1 r5 u iy aN3mp lynll TeN o e5'1p .oin .'rnly ylr31R lysni
Tm 't .(1889-1863) nryaS Ol1e D'in "Man fSD 31Yt inY 'T (1820-1892
-1r pp lyI.pyi 1t 90 pp. 1-PS o i, 25R is ip8nyi Iyainm y teia
-3p m1Kt7 11 p t' $1n 1ryB VK .U"Vim3a11p K 2'511 1861 121' JIM piy,
1y .wit p' 1 y2 8OSU P1 K iRh' y prN J yI u ny'I p15Y1Is
115 P',15 TlNl a1nyPsyty yI .tyKl u Y ya"iSp I'm 05yom7ysl lyny rN
.zowKa 11 myralsi' n ly1np1 Pr ys .u n .iiS5'?i i uati 5
James Petigru Carson, Life, Letters and Speeches of
James Petigru, The Union Man of South Corolina, Wash-
ington, D. C., 1920, pp. 381-82, 425, 429, 488. (I am indebted
to A. S. Salley, State Historian of South Corolina, for
identifying Mrs. Carson for me.)
-g1nyrH P'I tIysopy Is (1820-1839) 7n1Wy'532 5y918yo .14
1876 V1V 110 lyv lyfSIylyT3y M Iynyx PTN 98yly Won7a JIN fis15RI
PIR "1t'l'p f'1l0 D31 1D y"l3 '. 2 mT1S pRiyi- 'p nDY N J
.1882 '1'
AJY, 5665,p p. 82,ain y yMdam, op. ciY., n Y137-YDn3 .15
(AJYB, 5665, p. 82, McAdam, op. cit., II 137-38). .1885 Up

,mBovt YTYw 8 po aD r T t13n T'R ,rta P 'lpyT. U2n iT n
1T -,* T' r .p-41,P1t Ir T-' n ITip tftr fl D 'I '1l
2VT N 1'ta 20 K T'Z W JI rrVs5 nynn wn 7T O1fyl
Sly on''1y % K Tm 7 .wi T"Y?'T upSti_
192b =71112 Markens, AJHI'Y P, XVII, 1909, pp. 109-166.
Who's Who in America, I, 1899-S1900, p. 192; obituary,
TheD yNew Yo y Times, FbruarTy y 21,19y19, p 113, c. 2
TVY? .7?DIMP .0-0 7TyT. I i'3 Vna I'l tV TI' .i-D40-I
T* 17214I .-l tnt 8P2'-ynt '31 01'V nl 1itf 1-4' t
1D u'lyl1 upt"u 377 Tzf 1m1Vy S1 -ln)LAD Jy'tyD pSlyX
-yl ^napyir n p a JiYal ..u:2$ B-tWgrouninyr yrftVP uiKo
TPhilip Foner, Busine1s11D r np3p ,' 11I p -i'T fl l r Pt IsY
.Tin an pylXlsyvi 1 yalimixyYl

: YT gllyn py13 R ,'ID -6286 1-5 107 ,1916 ,IVpg$5 11X PilP-1l .1
Markens, AJHSP, XVII, 1909, pp. 109-166.
:The Ne f, 3'_9 T"l tp l'l I'P n I fi 'l", 'rK 1 1 py .2
Who's Who in America, I, 1899-1900, p. 192; obituary,
The New York Times, February 21, 1919, p. 13, col. 2,
.pgyyTro I 'JPs P ,l I mal v nnyl ,'1 fi l r 1 n3 T
3. Jewish Life, New York, October, 1948, pp. 13-16.
"- IIRI D n1b XIV, 269 b y Edward Conrad SmithN y'I .4
Philip Foner, Business and of' I I T' T o'rflly l i"n 1 py ug

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Trow's New WDIo 'IY 2 TI D'S! *W =N"yil DU,7 JI (1881-1813 1H
(1829-1915) 0D1IBys "I"tnUy JUVrT York City Directory 1856-7
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b y ou Dab. XIV, 269 by Edward Conrad Smith.yd of the wlds
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"Your allies, the doughfaces of the North, in my judg-
ment, are the most despicable of men. The modern dough-
face is.not a character peculiar to the age in which we live,
but you find traces of his at every period of the world's
history Why, sir, when old Moses, under the immediate

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771- 1O'' kI] 7'D3^ '1 rI' TIM2 n1919 Si)Y2yIY T 7t321 ns1

y"High Treason" by Albert E. Kahn. Lear Publishers, New York,
1950. 372 pages. Cloth, $3.00; Paper, $1.00.

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48.1% 650,000 - '-- 19

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D'IM I-Yn Bp'tylya Ina-}n JUDI-1polK n
: unim 11 Dy17TS
IIFT, Corrientes 3042
Buenos Aires, R. Argentina

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'1 ,1fn5 pnsl' 1 p'I1N T r I 1i 20 110 11u0
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J'K 1'I 2 E)uKLMY 31 W'K 0t)" 'pD2KVVPTK2 n1i
J 1m ,1P'1Ynp JI IS Dy=8 X IMK 11' 2 ,5'7iV
.12XI-93 J oysllp 1'S 2y as

1933, AND JULY 2, 1946 (Tite 39, United
States Code, Section 233)
OF "DE VELT" (THE WORLD), published month-
ly, except June-July, August-September, when bi-
monthly, at New York N. Y., for October-Novem-
ber. 1950.
1. The names and addresses of the publisher, edi-
tor, managing editor, and business managers are:
Publisher, "DE VELT" Association, Inc., 103 Park
Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.
Editor, None.
Managing editor, Rabbi Abraham J. Bick, 103
Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.
Business manager, Abraham Jenofsky, 103 Park
Avenue, New York 17, N. Y.
2. The owner is: (If owned by a corporation,
its name and address must be stated and also im-
mediately thereunder the names and addressse of
stockholders owning or holding 1 per cent or more
of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corpo-
ration, the names and addresses of the individual
owners must be given. If owned by a partnership or
other unincorporated firm, its name and address, as
well as that of each individual member, must be
"De Velt" Association, Inc., a non-profitable asso-
ciation-103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.;
Anne Safran, Secretary, 103 Park Ave., New York 17,
N. Y.
3. The known bondholders, mortgagees, and other
security holders owning or holding 1 percent or
more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other
securities are: (If there are none, so state.) NONE.
4. Paragraphs 2 and 3 include, in cases where
the stockholder or security holder appears upon the
books of the company as trustee or in any other
fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corpo-
ration for whom such trustee is actink; also the
statements in the two parapgraphs show the affiant's
full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances
and conditions under which stockholders and security
holders who do not appear upon the books of the
company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a
capacity other than that of a bona fide owner.
5. The average number of copies of each issue
of this publication sold or distributed, through the
mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers during the 12
months preceding the date shown above was: (This
information is required from daily weekly, semi-
weekly, and triweekly newspapers only.)
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of
September, 1950.
Notary Public of the State of New York.
No. 41-7945900, Qual. in Queens Co.,
Cert. filed with Queens County Clerk and
Register and New York County Clerk
and Register-Term expires March 30,

'T j1i i1ny ,113iKu 95n Dyy3i}tBWiND DSyT
x211yigm IxtPra7gi 191 IB0 1910 lyi 19nt 1 '
1y3y11DDy1 i i ir ypiytyi' < ,Ts1D Tp Ji ny l
-OpD 911y09r1uy- ypK yipylK 1- x TK 1'910
13Til '7 .Oy'S1i'orK-W11o1pJ 1mK oy'si'1y$
"TI bysn ]WB1ODIIHI MyT lylmpyrig t'm

II: [y.1 15"omy ?s1pyl I'm D1Iy 'Iyo'11 M

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lyN '19ys 11tlyny pyPs i3yrt 0T113 QT "I3
.60 2)1 D0/ 11 1910 0lI ,1f1,y 1

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-1-a nyrms r'T JIM i n3w30 ir pay-n pro
,I5 0''D ,ThU5 5'TW "' ;I2K5 1T 1321 13K5'
11yho317' yi 5 p"i It TWI "o T1N py5 I lOn

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,51Ki2 1y" 31 : 1ynyI Ir' 191y93n1 I ,1I2sx v
7I'yitB K 'y '1yoB 5yy 0i37 n1y$5Iyoo'Kf3n
60 Dy-312 nYT/ 11 U3yTiTYD ,5yI10 bsi
-pIyD o 110'0 Dy'l l111 ,pn21yD .' ; .8 .3 .x
-y.Irs-yn n9ipypyp ,vWnll .' ; 1W02yI '1yn
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,l'pY .S .h I1nymm T DDr ny-Kol ,wrio s nin
,002w9 ,]i'5ylT "D'X iug~ps'

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JID Y1r^5>Bn 'I 11D lypYl Dyl TW BOXTyn11
11D 12RDK-rlul ulim 9 IJDMO IS P73y-3 myl
.5mP, IW' lK T lyii'p9 'T IND If'tl 01T Bi

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.x l IT 'Ix 1N1
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nyll' ,Ip"Yg1975 i gipWx Dy 111D l 51n .1 11im
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-.55 '5 11B OKOP5Y' .By3'1 p 1S'UK's11 ay'
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jy7 nnsta ly s i'm Ty xys 2yrl 0 1s i 'n7

.1imrPmn I'K ,1950 ,nynuop Jul DYI #140


(The World)

Vol. XXIII, No. 7 (130), New York, N. Y. OCTOBER-NOVEMBER, 1950 Single Copy: 25 Cents
DE VELT, 103 Park Avenue. New York 17. N. Y. Telphone MUrray HIll 38895. published monthly, except June-July. August-Septfmb*r, October-Novembr,
when bi-monthly, by De Ve( Association, nc. Yerly Subscription: $2.00. Re-entered as second-class matter June 5, 1950. at the Post Offic at New
York. N. Y., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Abraham Jenofsky. Manager. 209

T1 1S D1i 3 3 10 D'1 3 8 3 pbtt 5 1 '11'13-13 -0'18

1383'188-100n^O aP 118 1r8B0D I$'

-D'n 1 2ty W113 pYn D I497 mypK sYPBD YL Y'T'm 1Ix
"-? a$TD 11 ?Ip T II ull'T -1 T"upyiyl -TzI"w vnu y
PT xt n11 DIW, 7' )Y t nna 7IK xTiJtngn-myUS
.9817 to BS -D T 710 131 'B n agvy -1y 1is xntyo"
-T-SLAtC"-'itgsIo 1St 1rD nyplys -r 1s 7pilp Tva
lix 71 Yw21$py Dyt VD 7o rNml) SX'yrun-'i yns1nw
".]T'Q lyra2"K 71H irla rT'7I-1ln t7nBu1512

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71y! pyT' ,r I1 tiy ,7i'sxyl lyxiuPP '170loa1
Yuoya '-T ,-yv$? mylyl"N' t7"a 7'x 1 1H 'TV lna 71D
JIN 12981taynt g 15t 13y ,Iyxjlyny9yo 1" is 71331ll1

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'vil Dnr t ?i5D tit 5i' .1a ;UlD13?r .: lIP
-iyi n -IY lyt 1D ln lyK& 7Vn A tIs yuc '19D .nIY"YD

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