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(Presidium member of the Executive Committee of the Jewish Autonomous Territory)

On the 7th of May, 1934,'the Central Executive Com-
mittee of the RSFSR has proclaimed Birobidjan, hitherto
a national Region, a JEWISH AUTONOMOUS TERRI-
TORY, in the District of Khabarovsk. Two years later, in
1936, the Jewish Autonomous Territory has taken its place
in the Stalin Constitution as the equal of all the sister Repub-
lics and the other Autonomous Territories of the USSR.
Thus have the Jewish masses, who were coming from all
the corners of-the Soviet Union to settle on the shores of the
Amur, become the masters of their own life as tillers of the
soil in collective farms and as toilers of the factories in both
the State and cooperative industries.
In but eleven years, the "substation" Tikhonkaya has
grown into the industrial city-Birobidjan with a consider-
able population. In this time, the Territory has developed
,4 extensive industry with scores of factories of both All-
Union and Regional scope. It will be observed that the
railway crossing the Jewish Autonomous Territory covers
a distance of 328 kilometers from Obluchy (in the west)
to the Amtir (in the east), And all along this line you find
Jews working as engineers, stokers and station and depot
It is difficult to describe in detail the rich natural re-
sources of Birobidjan. Its gold, iron ore, coal as well as the
famous multicolored marble of Birokan. The Birobidjan
taiga is rich in. all sorts of trees. In its forests thrive the
cedar and the oak, the pine and the larch. And curiously
enough, alongside of the larch, the dweller of the frigid
North, you find also the corktree, of the sub-tropical habitat.
Moreover, the taiga abounds in fur-bearing animals as well
as in fish-harboring lakes.
Transport and communication have greatly developed and
their importance has grown particularly during the war
when the railroad was uninterruptedly carrying to the
various points the most needed freight.
As to agriculture, it has made considerable progress in
our Territory. The area under cultivation has, in the
eleven years, increased by 40 percent. Especially rapid has
been the development of collective farming. Beginning with
8 Colhoses (collective farms), the Jewish Autonomous Ter-
ritory now boasts 58 of them besides the 8 collective fishing
farms. Be it noted that the Colhoses have received in per-
petuity from the Government, 224,594 hectares of land
(more than half a million acres). Furthermore, there are in
Birobidjan 5 Sovhoses (State Farms), 8 Machine-Tractor-
Stations, all equipped with most advanced farm implements,
the basis of high agricultural technology. It will be remem-
bered that the soil of our Territory is richly productive of
wheat, oats, hemp, sunflowers, potatoes, soya beans, and all
sorts of vegetables. Moreover, the Territory has created its
own cattle raising industry. The number of daries has risen
from 18 in 1934, to 182 in 1944.
In the relatively short time of its existence, Birobidjan
has created a large number of cultural institutions. Along
the shores of the Amur and in the heart of the Taiga there
have sprung up 119 schools, among them 13 high schools,

28 libraries, 38 reading halls, 16 clubs, a pedagogical insti-
tute, a railway technicum, a medical school, a music-and-
ballet school for children, a permanent Harvester-combine
school, a Pioneers' Palace. Again, the Jewish Autonomous
Territory takes pride in its Kaganovich, Jewish State
Art Theater. This theater has a galaxy of talented di-
rectors and actors such as Khaim Helfand, Joseph Gross,
Sarah Fritzman, and many others. There are in operation
12 stationary and 24 abulatory cinema houses. Finally,
there is effectively functioning, a network of health centers
-hospitals, clinics, medical stations, kindergartens
During the war years our Territory dedicated itself to
production for the front. In this work the women replaced
the men who entered the war, and produced enough clothes
for ten divisions. However, despite the difficulties entailed
by the war Birobidjan did not interrupt its further construc-
tive activities. It began the exploitation of the graphite
deposits, increased the yield of the Sutar gold mines, and
put coal mining upon a firm basis. Moreover, during this
time it has built up and put in operation both the weavers-
combine, and the paper mill.
The great successes attained by our Territory we owe
in large measure to our own home-grown cadres: the
engineers and technicians, the agronomists and brigade-
leaders, the metal workers, tractorists, combine drivers,
cattle raisers-in a word, the specialists in the various fields
of the People's economy. Indeed, the names of our most
distinguished agro-technicians are known far beyond the
borders of our Region. Leo Feldman, the director of the
Birobidjan Machine-Tractor-Station, is famous for his ex-
cellent work. So also is the leader of the tractor brigade,
I. Rock; the tractorist, L. Zaretsky; the collective farm
woman, Shifra Katcina; the chairman of the Colhos,
Philhandler; and many others.
The Birobidjan people have contributed about 50,000,000
rubles to the fund of building up the military technique of
the Red Army, and have sent to the heroic warriors at the
front 98,000 pieces of warm clothing plus 65,000 other
gifts. Moreover, the Jewish Autonomous Territory has
collected about 3,000,000 rubles to further the building of
two homes for the orphaned children, victims of the Ger-
man invasion.
During the war, both the Sovhoses and the Colhoses
of the Territory have delivered to the State more than a
million pood of bread stuff, over 750,000 pood of potatoes,
considerable supplies of meat, milk, soya beans, vegetables,
and other farm products. Among the first to rush help to
the front were the Colhoses "Waldheim," "Red October,"
and the like. "Waldheim" has in one year delivered 42
carloads of farm produce. And not alone with labor and
money have the toilers of Birobidjan assisted the front;
many of them have enlisted in this patriotic war at its very
Our citizen Dorochenko has won the title of Hero of the
Soviet Union; war Orders and Medals adorn the breast
of the "Waldheim" tractorists Vladimir Okun, A. Riz-


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One Union Square West, New York 3. N. Y.

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2812 Bronx Park East. Bronx 67, N. Y.

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J1N ,'p3DNKt .K .010 31N .n10 In 'asln TI'

byepytt ,DWKt
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.20ip-iyolo .ppD 'pft3Tii 9y ?

$'?3 Il 8 jyrviWyl 7f1v

NAILEIN December, 1945

A. Shulman ... ..............
S. R oth ......................
Charles Ritz .... ..............
Dr. & Mrs. Ross ..........
Sonia Reisner ... .. .... ....
M r. Plotkin ...................
Mr. Miloff ...............
Ben & Dorothy Malakin .........
Sonia K aplan ............ ....
Louis & Sophie Pamesky .........
Mr. & Mrs. Hyman Silverblatt ....
Anna Berm an ..................
F. D enenberg .................
M rs. Sarah Fenster .............
M rs. Furash .............. ....
G. Feldman ..........
Louis Fox ....................
Charles Gittleman ..............
Hyman Hersheff ....... .......
M innie Friend .................
M rs. Silverman ................
D New m an ..................
M rs. Ruthline ................
M rs. Freda Edele ..............


M r. & M rs. S. M indlin ..........
Oscar Levine ..................
Dr. S. F. Norman ..............
M r. A Stone ..................
Dr. H. M. Horowitz ............
Theodore M ufer ....... . ....
Sam M indlin ..................
M el Shapiro ........... ....
M r. F. Grassman ... . . ...
Sol Schnieder ..................
M r. Kalmiran .................
M rs. A. Pindrus ................
Mrs. A. W. Washos ............
Jack Rosen ...... . .........
M rs. Lilian Tarler ............ .
Dr. H. L. Kaufman ............
Mrs. D. Pintorn .......
Mrs. P. Shapiro ...... .... .....
Mrs. Charles Reiss .......... .
Mrs. Kretchman .. . . ....
Oscar Segal ..: ............ ...
Mrs. I. Sterling ............ ....
M rs. L. Epstein ................


In Memoriam

The Boston Icor and Orphan Cam-

paign Committee express deep sotrow

and sympathy to Mr. Ruby Peizer on

the death >of his mother.

Dagendorf, Germany
October 2, 1945.
Please help me find my uncles and
cousins in Brooklyn, New York.
1. Abram Flatow (uncle)
Emigrated from Ryprin (Poland)
in 1929.
2. Moishe Flatow (cousin)
Emigrated from Ryprin (Poland)
in 1929.
3. Yosel Hersh Flatow (cousin)
Emigrated from Ryprin (Poland)
in 1920.
4. Itzhe Horowitz (uncle)
Emigrated from Dobzyn (Poland)
in 1935.
5. Abram Jacob Horowitz (cousin)
Emigrated from Dobzyn (Poland)
in 1925.
6. Max Karnoff (cousin)
7. Chaim Karnoff (cousin)
Their name. in Rociaz (Poland)
was Krzeczanowski.
8. Max Cohn (cousin) (Chicago)
His name in Rociaz (Poland) was
Lien Konskowolski.
My name is Yosef, the eldest son of
Chaim and Masha (from Flatow)
Konskowolski, born in Ryprin (Poland)
in 1904.
Besides above mentioned, please help
me to find my relative Dan Kleinberg
of Los Angeles, a singer by profession.
Mr. Kleinberg and his wife visited me
in 1937 in Grudzingar (Poland). His
sister Dina was my wife.

Women's Auxiliary No. 216, Bnai Brith
Aroostook, Maine
To Icor Nov. 17, 1945
We are enclosing check for $25.00
for the Russian Orphan Relief. We
hope you will see that it goes to the
proper channel.
Nov. 27, 1945
Icor Association
Please find enclosed a check in the
amount of $350.00, which is your allo-
cation from our Community Chest.
Please acknowledge receipt of this
H. SCHWARTZ, Secretary,
Colchester Jewish Com-
munity Chest.
Colchester, Conn.

14T44-lfl =pV,
lpnfe 13i .- pi
Imt'a lo uns im'Bipinpp y 'ses^sses 1
t'pD 11BwiBt D1n .n I.IK H tDyBowtZp-tIKtc
nput IIB tone wB' immiyi- Bina'Op-i IVIB yBDripy~yii?;~ny38 nt p ii~i'n ,I'I"IBD
-y-l'na nrvlytp:Vo5L -tIrH Jim ev ),Vt lit
-t.9124B ~\yanteKsy ip pt< '"((pa,, Dyi pB
.-I'm os2 lyn'D
-'T DEI taltn IDVto apiv? pa tI$b tWO
.puK-.y B BB adywm yr l leSnI STim POeN yr
IIK NMI Iy' Jim iDy-IB3' nc lifB ny-1:1P
jn~~~myr I1NIl n'yi~~i t'K Dy oHIn r'8 1IB
1rin mw n lyniprA IoR TIN lilt 'pe
l"11S '" y" "'N T1N o'Nr I1n de Tn
.PBDeitol t' pK pagln'-l pII 1yn3p
tbin ,antatB;ts tympynes B tsnni itr
.1945 ,ny0nyiini in-12
IIB 1yB tfi .K ,np'n .5 .0 ,e MnaTN' .1 ,tryB$IV-inla
.nYm lnun JiK Irm .5 ,IpDnutqwn
I py-I It .715=y

Ye pmiv-
-B( li'l t lp D'N 1 'l ?pmK ,, BiyB1O=p

-'.wil11;N5N BtjyB'0p-Bit r poy p I MllBll
-t6 tiiWI inb "ipw'n ,, Qyn is niyi$ lit

YIgS ]iSyBD 8 tygl13n thyn r'i. pa'i-ib

Tayl tIKV1V "I~pun, rIllf IV-[t "n pnyllulN
T0 113 l"tNI., '0 110Y?14 II 'l iIy 1PN
lomn^ e i nyjrms Bon B'mI notseiiB

i1-26 anI BNtOve 13ipYanpy t'n nn'i 'to
Tinx mypy1 ps1n nob inty 1 .iypnyioim
nympm^BtownB vyi ]IB Byaig It K in 1y ayQ
Irn Basryt'(ny IBa 1yp"tonBs pyssa nt
147 0trPin upi pli IlOm5PID 'n :mi"iaB
-pITy .I ,111N-Dp5-B 13p meyBNt Iyrtel
.V, jb lyinn '18 ,"In ,IN, 1yr 11ID poll
.11.l't Bmn ImK ,M3Vnnynwntrill
Ipiyn I' 't p3


December, 1945


December, 1945



October 30, 1945
1 Union Square, West
New York, N. Y.
We are pleased to enclose herewith
our check which represents the final pay-
ment of our 1945 appropriation to
your organization.
We have been very pleased to par-
ticipate in the financing 6f your pro-
gram and wish you continued success in
your efforts in behalf of our Jewish
Sincerely yours,
Executive Director.

To the Icor Association.
I am enclosing a. check of $45 from
a collection made at the Chestnut Hill
Synagogue of Columbia for the Orphan
Campaign in Birobidjan.
Yours truly,

To the Icor Association.
The Workmen's Circle, Branch 145,
of our city decided to make a contribu-
tion to help settle one Jewish refugee
war orphan in Birobidjan.
Enclosed please find a check in the
amount of $100.
Financial Secretary.

Dr. Simon Weissberg
118 Arlington Street
West Haven 6, Conn.
.1945 ,It-8 iy=ayvn

.VM 73'8M13t s}pi 1 pytay'I^n lyats

,pUaDitn Dop35-y ) pae .5 .' fiB tapycbBen p
Ili 1y7t' 6 'I ,((l%-7r5 Ito? y l 'N Iuin~y

yTba.o n ,T ,3 a pl l11'yayn ''lQl
-_1,, ayr 1Il -l.yVy1 ,"IYP1 I 11' ) n0 2no im
,9i1 -1y"M s'lls r'ia( 119.3 'it 19rin ,"lay'I
I'm mil"Z1p


The Gloversville, N. Y. Icor Cor
to Help Settle Jewish Refugee War 0O
in Birobidjan acknowledges with gr
the receipt of the following sums fro
following friends:

Vecera & Sweet Glove Co. ...... .
Azak M atalka .................
Louis Rubin ...................
Boyce Lazarus Co. .............
D. S. Van Santen ...............
Central Fur Dressing Co. /.......
Dr. Kurt Kaiser ...............
Mrs. Bertha Finkle ...... . ..
Henry Popper .................
Abe Koren .. ... I . .....
Simon Lieberman ..............
Joseph Kletcher ................
Philip Landy .......... .......
Thomas Shpritzer ..............
Dr. Hans Pollak ....... .......
Abe Bachner ..................
Abraham Fink ...............
Burt Kennedy .................
Ernest R. Stern ...............
Dr. Samuel L. Russell ...........
Dr. Paul Loewenstein ...........
Dr. Samuel Shoenberg ......... .
M ax Rubin ......... ........
F. W. Lebenheim ...............
Louis Lazar ...................
Harry Neivert .................
Joseph H Seld .................
,Plymouth Glove Co. ............
Winig Glove Company .........
Bell Glove Company ............
Popper Brothers ...............
Sally W alder ..................
Nina Fay Foundations, Inc. .....
M rs. Helen Lewis .............
M ax Tuchin ..................
Samuel M adora ...............
M iss Sylvia Gerson .............
W olf Broudo ..................
Louis T unkel .................
Albert Feldman ...............
M rs. Isador Lewis .............
Charles Finkle .................
Jacob Bernstein ................
Eugene. Engle .................
Sam Rockford .......... . .
A A lpert ....................
M ax Goldin . . . . ....
J. Berkow itz ..................
M ax Alderman ................
Isador Lakind .................
L L evin .....................
J. Rockowitz ....... .. ...
Weiner's Radio Shop ...........
B. W einer ....................
A M enko .....................
Fred H eiger ..................
Edmund J. Levine .............

J. Y. SENDS IN $652.00 MORE

mittee Valentine Glockner ........ .... 5.00
rphans Mrs. E. R. Klopot .............. 5.00
latitude Edward Landy ................ 5.00
m the Harry Rubin ... ......... ..... 5.00
Jacob Schulman ................ 5.00
5 Bob L. Ekstein ................ 5.00
50.00 Howard M. Antevil ............. 5.00
25.00 Charles Finkle ................ 5.00
25.00 Acme Embossing Co .......... 5.00
25.00 Harold H. Garonzik ............ 5.00
20.00 B. L. Garonzik ................ 5.00
20.00 Ivor M M ills ................ 5.00
15.00 Mrs. Mary Gorfinkle ........... 5.00
15.00 Herman J. Koenig ............. 5.00
10.00 Albee Company .............. .. 5.00
10.00 Schwed Glove Co.............. 5.00
10.00 Irving W elger ................ 4.00
10.00 J. Nelkin .................... 3.00


Previously ................ $500.00

T otal ............ . ...... $1,152.00
WOLF BROUDO, Secretary,
Icor Committee, Gloversville, N. Y.


M orris Kaufman ...............
M r. & M rs. Streif ..............
M rs. Frances Packer ............
Fannie Rosenkrantz .............
Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Goldin. ..
Mr. & Mrs. L. Touby ..........
Nat &. Sylvia, Shandloff .........
M rs. Ray Baker ................
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Yanowitz .. ..
Kate W ienberg ................
Motel & Leah Benemovsky .......
A Friend ....... .............
Morris & Dora Rohinsky .........
M orris Dansky ............ ....
Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order,
Lodge 192 ..................
M orris Gisnet .. . .... ......
M rs. Lillian Silver .............
Mr. & Mrs. Rosenthal ..........
M rs. B. Aronoff ....'............
M rs. Remeny ..................
Mr. & Mrs. Pomerantz ..........
Anna Polack ..................
Mr. Grassman ... . ......
Isidor Jacobson ................
M r. B. Jacobson ...............
Pauline Eiges ..................
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Birnbaum .......
Joseph & Molly Solomon ........
Morris & Ruth Hallman .........
Nathan & Sonia Siegel ..........
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Orashnick ......
Mr. Torgow ....... ...........

5.00Lena Schwartz .................






NAILEBN December, 1945

hansky, H. Bogaraz, I. Rimsky, and many others. For his
heroic exploits in the battles of Bielgrad, Khaim Zveni-
grodsky has received direct recognition from the High
Command. The brothers Zalliner and others have dis-
tinguished themselves at the fronts. The active builders of
our Territory, the twice-decorated E. Villensky, B. Shepe-

tovsky, Berenson, and the teacher Rose Deicher, have each
died the death of a hero on the firing lines.
Today, when the patriotic war against fascist Germany
has been gloriously won, when the Japanese militarists have
been forced to capitulate, Birobidjan is afforded new mag-
nificent opportunities for its further development.


Every Soviet citizen who,has reached
the legal minimum age for marriage is
completely free both to marry and to
choose his own spouse. Soviet law does
not recognize dependence on the con-
sent of parents-they cannot apply pres-
sure by threatening to deprive children
who marry in defiance of their wishes,
of the' right of inheritance.
The use of force, threats, deceit or
other forms of coercion to compel any-
one to enter into marriage is severely
punishable under Soviet law. In remote
regions of the USSR the survival of
tribal customs still gives rise to instances
of women being forced to marry, or to
continue marital relations against their
wish. Such compulsion is regarded'as a
serious crime and the person guilty of
applying it is liable to imprisonment.
In some Eastern regions old custom
used to demand that a widow should
marry a relative of her dead husband.
It was old custom, too, that sanctioned
the abduction of women and forcing
them into marriage against their will.
All such actions, encroaching on the
rights of women and degrading them,
are dealt rigorously under Soviet law.
The abduction of women is punish-
able by a long term of imprisonment,

and the abducted woman must be re-
turned at once to the home of her
parents or relatives. Local authorities
are expected strenuously to combat these
retrograde old customs; officials who
fail to discharge their duties in this re-
spect are themselves liable to prosecu-
The October Revolution freed the
people of the USSR from the multitude
of caste, national, religious and other
limitations which impeded marriage in
the old days. For example, in tsarist
times marriages between persons of the
Greek Orthodox, Catholic and other
Christian faiths, on the one hand, and
non-Christians on the other, were for-
bidden. Soviet law knows no religious,
racial or national limitations in the
sphere of marriage, or in any other
sphere. Both parties must, however,
be of age.
In most of the Union Republics the
minimum age for both men and women
is the age at which a person becomes
entitled to all the rights of a citizen-
eighteen. In exceptional cases the local
Soviets of Working People's Deputies
have the right, on special application, to
lower the minimum age for women but
by no more than one year.

In some Republics, such as Azerbai-
jan, Georgia and the Ukraine, the
minimum age has been set at sixteen
years, because of climatic'and other spe-
cial conditions.
To marry a person younger than the
legal minimum age is a crime punish-
able by imprisonment for a period up to
two years. Marrying a person who has
not reached puberty, or compelling a
person who has not reached puberty to
marry, carries a penalty of eight years'
Under tsarism, very early marriages
were permitted in certain cases-for the
peoples of Transcaucasia, at the age of
15 for the man and 13 for the girl; for
the nomad peoples of East Siberia, at 16
for the man and 14 for the girl.
The Soviet State at once set its face
against such practices. In lands where
early marriages were the custom, stren-
uous efforts were made to inculcate a
more enlightened attitude, both by edu-
cating the people, and by prosecuting
those who violated the new laws.
The observance of monogamy is one
of the inviolable demands of Soviet law.
This is explicitly stated in the edict of
July 8, 1944, of the Presidium of the
Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

BIROBD IDJAN (Recent Facts and Figures)
I IDI al I "Compiled by M. L. O.
BERRIES AND NUTS-A fruitful year in berries and
Manchurian nuts occurred this year in the Taiga, around-
the Biro settlement. The local honey factory picked 4 tons
of berries. The consumers cooperative, 3 tons.
tive farms of the Birobidjan Region having completed their
plan of grain delivery to the State, are now continuing to
supply the State with crops above the original quota. The
collective farms "Kultur un Arbeit," "Roiter Mizrach" and
"Waldheim" had especially excelled themselves in this
respect. They have delivered 50 tons above their quota.
collective farm Waldheim had shipped 170 tons of various
vegetables including 100 tons of potatoes. The collective
had likewise fulfilled all its obligations in regard to delivery
of milk products and meat. At present "Waldheim" is
completing the gathering of the potato crop and making

the necessary preparations for the upkeep of the cattle in
winter time.

"Race hatred and religious prejudice are one of the
greatest threats to democracy and we must. conquer
these evils before there can be lasting peace. Democ-
racy must continue to work, or we shall face the same
dangerous reaction that threatened the foundation of
our republic at the end of World War I. Intolerance
-directed largely at the Negro, the Catholic, and the
Jew-reared its ugly head but we quickly saw this
evil and rallied against it. I am not an alarmist, but it
is my duty to call your attention to these danger
signals now. We must frankly face them-fight them
openly and overcome them."
Tom C. Clark, Attorney General of the
United States, speaking in New York.


December, 1945

-lti mi~
.. ....i..
.- .... -
i~o- 1




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.,. i "'! ' -T j , - '. I I "i , I .. .- , .. , , I .. . ,_
-, i !. .., .! .1 ,,,, ,,1 ; 1;, - T .. I !,:, I .1 1,
l /i I.'.'.!!,t_-A (1-I! 711l'- i I ,, ,: 1.
... /' .f tn) 1. I I ] I : ; : : 1 ,
;., I . ,s . , : i I I
1, .., !1 :, e , 11. i 1, R I :fia ; 11w .1!
. : . :. . : : .- :7, .- .. .. I I : ; I
: . .% % . .. .. . .. . .. . e. . . I I
. .. .. .. .. . : ., , ;
.;..... .... _ _w,.,-. __ .:.:e.
,. I ;1, ,, 1Q.,!,- t. -
!. ., , .,l t i g _, , .;-i-,qj . o ,,,',f)- z .11" :4 , "! J-
-, !L. .!Jtlilij)) -ct'.G.@!-"i.p 'b'J-q ,,! )4,
I.. ... .1.,. .. L, ., i ;, .,. ,, .. %' (.,! , ". 1,11.- j I
. 'i I L', , :!. ',iTt._'-'',;,,
.7. 7. - ". ". .. .. . . .. .. ..." -, ........... j-',; ',,'., : ?.1
.. .., ,! i Jai ;'. _. I I... ,,. ....-_.," ;,-,..'-%,,p,.- ,i.', -1,4.i ;i i.%_l`,z-!
.. . .1 . . .. .1. '.. .. .. '. .. .. . .- . .. ... .- .: .. . f .. ..., ;- :. -.;",. .: .. $' .. . . .- .. .-, . .L
!,; -..!,, ; -j "- , .." .i.,, [.i ; G , .." ,-7,,ti tl, .i; t ; x - .;. , . j;b) ., .. . L. ... .. .. ,
g'-,ILj 6 .... .. O -. ,.A '. -- I '. .,
-z,6 )y ., 'ILinm-;i! 1:il_ . .A. .1, .. L .... . ... ..
>.,.' .. ". ; .. --. i Nj b' I 1; ,,,,, ; i = 1, . ., .. ., ... . .- ,j ;.Jf,;J_;,)X,, .. . ) O U, Ik,;,q, . w ". ,- -:, , I".'.1,7:l; -YN I F4-'-' 1 .., y! p-, A., .... ". . :.. .." : .7. ;J.. 'D . .. ". .. "_t ,c ; 0 . . I , i' -i -
.. . .. .... .. ..... -I.. . . I .- -1 .., I I .. I - -. j, . t.. .. 1 . . ,..-. :: ...
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,% ., I '. .'`?, , ., ,.40 d :, W)a , i. -, 11_..11, ', i4i .Jjt)[7 A i, ,, ., -ii - I '%' 1'al. J I M -iii, I] q ), 2 ,., ..t, i 1; m ;,- ,:i ... ... .. v. -,. I
;,, ,:,,,''. -. .-: ,._....1. ,-.. 1, .. - ... 1; p a ,q . WR I'? _P ";?.ji7l -, .-. -,', - ...-. .
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.W. I ... ... ... .. ._1. -., c I 1 -9 _g .
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Nailebn =
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 Material Information
Title: Nailebn = New life
Parallel title: New life
Added title page title: Naylebn
Physical Description: v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Creator: Icor
Publisher: Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication: New York
Frequency: monthly (irregular)
completely irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )
Additional Physical Form: Also issued online.
Language: Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities: Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
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lccn - 50017200
Classification: lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
System ID: AA00007530:00022

Full Text

iiiJ 15ii

llIllll llllllll ll lllll l l l l

I, I
i *.' ,"
*c. ::.j'.il

1; -:::.


^ ".,
F^/**LS ":*',

: '. . I.- l i'. .'.,
t- bM':M .7 lvll-'-i *.

..m :12., .-: .. -r tic .-

*. :ih --.. ... 4 USB---.o-
-q .fe-" r. he War ha. D' "i rD i Sc h tzo
S -. iv ^ r .-. ./ .. .." DysfWs .iKy?' '-, ,,'b S/a 'n

-. *-- ' ^ ,- ,' *. '. i- *. .' B 'l .;_ -. .".,,^':. .;* .

in i ,li1 ii11111111111111 11111111 i111111 ThIill mliiiifii I ii 11ii Irii iiih .Ann;vei i "ofdi ihe .,U.S. .R ,-- Prof-
. . After. the WVar-What?--Dr. 'i .-.Schahtov.
Si 1 J .: .Birobidian--Facts and Figur' e-compiled by
. L. O .: .
lllllllllllllll lllll lllllllllllllllll Iilll llllllll lillllllllllllllllll lllll IlllllllllI Icor.:IO rphO ns. C ae m pain. .

-I, "k;:n ^ - ^^ ^^ -

-*.,' '" N ?i 194, ... ._ ,".-27 h.-- ,8 ..,. 3 ,1'' p ,., ,.. .< .'
-p -'.1 ,- ,'

".$,'n r.. '.. .4i t . . .i i .. W p bA' i:
I'm -- .2ill jv$5

', . :, .': ,* 1; ^ '

." ..lp U j t .."i ,"1T f TM 1
",p, : b. .- DI M,

.i i.:'-..']" : ".: ",.;. ..' 2 "'L.. ,? -.< .,, ,: ..O .:. i "-.?...; ...,. -' .% ;.. .. : .: '. ':-:- : ., .,::.". -... < -''', ..'...

Illllu ll llllla llull lllllI Illlllllll I lll ll ullll lll llllll ull llll

1 945 ,1UI 2l'
I. -
lll l ll l llllllllll l ll i

::.. ..
C ,,: h... .1.5
&i~r..&..rs........... -- 4l"Aa1 ~ J *. ....', -M
" .." ,' . -~ -" 3' " . " " . ''
".;. ,; o. ".;:" L ..' .."= ..., .: ":, .. ,;. ... :. .?::.,4: -.,;,/ .' .o<-: : .' . . ...<:- i"- ,',:., ?:. .:.,; ..e
:*;; ,'. .. /,-? ",:.? . : L, .,'" V ,:".;,.-r :.. "' .- : ',: :. -n-.'215, n .:..*.'.s:' @ ;: -o ,": i -

- ,.

(For the month of October, .1945)'

Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the Icor Campaign to settle
refugee- war orphans at the Children's Settlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan.

Emma Lazarus Division Br. 251, JPFO, Los Angeles, Harry & Rose Marcus, Los Angeles, Calif .
Calif .'. .. 1,370.00 Max & Minnie Paller, Los Angeles, Calif.
Children's Welfare League of Los Angeles, Los I. Friedmaii, Los Angeles, Calif.. . .
Angele, Calif .. 500.00 Mrs. Bazow & Mrs. R. Alpinor, Los Angeles, Calif
Mit. Pleasafit Victory Club, Cleveland, Ohio (pre- Bella Fisch, Los Angeles, Calif ..... . .. .. .
iously $100) .... :.. . 300.00 H. Henkin, San Francisco, Calif. .
Clifford Oders, Los Angeles, Calif ... 250.00 Sarah Henkin, San Francisco, Calif...........
Aetna Construction Co., Los Angeles, Calif. 200.00 H. Abramson, San Francisco, Calif. .......
SHamburger Home, Los Angeles, Calif. 200.00 Workmen's Circle Br. 145, Willimantic, Conn..
Jewish Committee of San Francisco, San- Francisco, Milton Kronheim, Washington, D.C. .........
Calif. (previously s400) ... .... 200.00 Mr.'& Mrs. MI. Pollin, Washington, D.C .....
Rebecca Bayer, Bronx, N. Y. (previously $200) 200.00 Helen D. Firor, Washington, D.C. .......
Chicago. Ethical Reading Circle, Chicago, 111. .. 200.00 Mr. & Mlrs. Elias Gelman, Washington, D.C......
Mother's Club, Dallas, Tex. (previously $200) 150.00 Workers of H. & C. Dress Shop, New York City.
.Pereyadlover Progressive Benevolent Ass'n, -Phila- Mr. & Mlrs. Morris Galler, Chicago, 1ll. (previously
delphia, Pa. (previously $100) .. .. 150.00 i100) .. .. ....
Gussie. Tenenbaum, Brooklyn, rJ. ..- 130.00 Anna & Morris Prusow, Chicago, Ill. .. ....
Abraham Rosenberg,. Nevw York City .12 1.08 J. Hertzberg, Philadelphia, Pa. .. ....
A. Gorodetsky, Philadelphia, Pa. 119.00 Dr. B. Cooper, Philadelphia, Pa..... . ..
Lodge- IS, JPFO, Philadelphia, Pa. . 1.00 Mr. Belsh, Philadelphia, Pa.. .. ..
Sarah Krntz, Kansas City, Mo 107.0 Mr. & Mrs. Alex Burchuk, Philadelphia, Pa.....
S, 0 Baltimore Tuberculosis Aid Society, Baltimore, Md.
SSamuel Hoffensiein, West Los Angeles,..Calif. .. 100.00 Mr. & Ms. N. Eisenberg, Union, N. J. ....... ..
SJohn Sanford-& Mlrargarette Roberts, Encino, Calif. 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. David Fern, Millburn, N. J..
Ben & Annie Kaufman, Los Angeles, Calif. 100 00 Bereziner Ladies Auxiliary, Bronx, N. Y.....

$100 will help maintain afnorphan for one year. Send your contribution today to the
ICOR ASSOCIATION, One Union Square West, New York 3, N. Y.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt

East Side Branch
Friday Frimkiss .. ... .. 3
D. Rabinowitz ... ...... 2
Celia.Binch .. ...... . 2
Nlax-'Soif'ei .. .. :..: . I-
SJ Solnit .. .. ... ....... I
Hollywood Branch
B. Fisch. ........ ... ... 3
Hollywood Icor Branch .... 6

AM. Yellin ....... . ...... 10.
S. Amper ... . . .. 8
Dr. B. MI. Nadler . . ... . 5
P Novikoff .... ....... ... 2
Cincinnati Icor ........ .......... 2

.L ;Zelm an ..... . ... ... . :. .. .. 3.
M- M Dubow .. -

I' =. ;-',T '' -' "" "' :


Philadelphia Icor
I. Roitblatt
M. Landesberg
.B. Bierstein
J. Raichick .
Mrs. F. J. Robinson ..
Bella Klein

.2 A.. Levenson
S 2 V. Lichter . .
S 2 H. Aronoff .
... 2 B. Woods
...... 1 Sb. Levine
. . 1 Country
N. Y. City .

E. Edelman . 2
A. Safran . 2
Brownsville Icor ..... ... I
E. Levitan . ............ .... I

.. .. . 3

3 5

. . . .- .. . 6
.. '.: 11

TrnT T

.t ,..# z J.1 . . . . . I
PREVIOUSLY. .. .....1,54+

AS OF OCT. 20, 1945 .. 1,661


Emma Chupak .. .. .. 2
H. Wolf ...Buy Victory Bonds
C .- R ubin ... . .... ......... ...




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.talitt3-it3 ,pint-miB-I.VyB -1VmutanH nyw
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NAI LEIN November, 1945

small measure to the strengthening of
American-Soviet friendship and to the
success of their tour. They look for-
ward with great interest to the continu-
ing good work of the Jewish Council of
Russian Relief about which they keep
fully informed.
I was indeed pleased to have had the
opportunity to tell you of our interesting
experiences while we were in the
Director of Relief Activities
American Society for
Russian Relief, Inc.

Rose Crystal
The National Executive Committee
of the Icor Association and the Amalga-
mated Icor Committee of Bronx, N. Y.,
express their deepest sorrow on the pass-
ing away of Rose Crystal. She died
October 7, 1945.
The deceased was an executive mem-
ber of the Amalgamated Icor Commit-
tee, a devoted mother, beloved by all
who knew her. Although lately in

poor health Rose Crystal actively par-
ticipated in the orphans' campaign.
To perpetuate her memory the
Amalgamated Icor established a Rose
Crystal Memorial Fund to help settle
Jewish refugee orphans in Birobidjan.
Mrs. Sara Crystal Shubert, daughter
of Rose Crystal, was the first to con-
tribute $250.
Icor Association,
Prof. Chas. Kuntz, Pres.
A. Jenofsky, Nat. Sec'y
Amalgamated Icor,
Sholom Levin

From the Bereziner Ladies Auxiliary
To the Icor:
Enclosed herewith is our check for
$100 towards the fund, which we trust
you will successfully realize to aid the
homeless orphaned Jewish children now

in Birobidjan, Russia.
Yours is a desperately noble work.
Success and happiness to all interested
and concerned, in particular to the re-
cipients. ,f
Bereziner Ladies Auxiliary

Children's Welfare League of Los
Angeles Gives $500 to Maintain
Five Orphans in Birobidjan
The Children's Welfare League was
founded 10 years ago with only 14
charter members, through the initiative
of the beloved Mrs. Millie Thorne,
the founder-President of the organiza-
tion. Now the membership is composed
of 400. The Children's Welfare League
equipped the very fine Pediatric Dept.
of the Mt. Sinai Clinic and maintains a
steady nurse and Allergy Dept.
The Children's Welfare League has
given $4,000 to Youth Aliyah, for the
Jewish Orphans in Palestine and
pledged to raise $10,000 to equip the
Surgery Dept. of the Mt. Sinai Hospital,
which is known as the Butler Tribute
Fund. They give liberally every year to
the Red Cross, Jewish Welfare Fund,
Community Chest, War Chest, U.S.O.
and numerous other worthy causes. The
Children's Welfare League is practicing.
true democracy in action. No line is
drawn for any creed or color.
The Children's Welfare League rec-
ognizes the important work for Biro-
bidjan, to help establish homes for the
Jewish war orphans. The organization
contributed $500 to maintain 5 or-
phans. This presentation is given through
the courteous recommendation of Dr.
Monte Salvin, a dear friend and mem-
ber of the Executive Board.

October 12, 1945.
I want to thank you for running a
New York National War Fund ad in
your October publication. It was very
generous of you to make the space avail-
able to us.
With many thanks for your wonder-
ful cooperation, and with kind regards,
I am,
Display & Advertising.

Mountaindale, N. Y., Active in Orphan
The Ladies Farm Auxiliary and resi-
dents of Mountaindale, N. Y., have
contributed the following amounts to
the Icor Orphan Campaign.
$10- Mr. & Mrs. Rittberg, Max Golub,
Mr. & Mrs. Goldberg.
$5-Mr. M. Korn.
$3-L. Anderman, I. Zolowitz, Mr. & Mrs.
Shurack, Don Ballen.
$2-Mr: Waxier, Mr. & Mrs. Trustman,
Mr. Freelander, Mr.' Sloane, Mrs. Lansky,
Mrs. Stien, Mrs. Kanterowich.
$1-Mr. & Mrs. Goldstein, Mrs. Gorden,
Mrs. Rashkin, Mrs. Burakov, Mr. & Mrs.
Katsman, Mr. Vanadic, Mrs. Myerson, Mr.
Kanslair, Mr. Rachit, Roseman, Mr. &.
Mrs. Schwartz, Mr. Cohn, Mr. Tennanbaia,
Mr. Gutfield, Mr. Gold, S. Weinberg, S.
Schectman, L. Goldman, Fanny Blatt,. H.
Katsik, Salber, A. Bellorein, B. Liven, Pallie
Lewis, Roslyn Roth, V. Thamel, Antoinette
Demarseco, Rose Karb, H. Kramer, Anna W.
Lasky, An Slatna, Sophie L. Johnson, Samuel
50c-Ida Cohn.
N. KRAMER, Secretary
Icor Committee
Mountaindale, N. Y.
Hamburger Home in L. A.
Adopts Two Orphans
Mr. Nathan Krupin,
Executive Secretary, ICOR Ass'n,
Los Angeles 36, Calif.
Enclosed is my personal check for
$200.00 You can readily understand
that our girls do not have a checking
account and therefore the check is writ-
ten in my name.
This money represents a donation
from residents of Hamburger Home,
1225 South Union Avenue, Los An-
geles, California-to adopt and care for
two orphans in the province of Birobid-
jan. The girls earned this money at a
Simchath Torah dance.
Very sincerely,
ROSE Moss,
Executive Director

A Word from Rabbi Genuth
Icor Ass'n,
Please find enclosed a check for
$300.00 for the Birobidjan War
Orphaned Children's Fund. This money
was raised by the Mt. Pleasant Victory
Club of Cleveland. This group is now
planning 'a banquet for the same cause.
Cleveland, Ohio

November, 1945


November, 1945 NAI LEBN

interested in the kind of a world they live in. In the pres-
ent post-war period they are primarily interested, together
with' ll progressive-minded people, to build a world based
on liberty and democracy.
As Jews they are now confronted with problems no less
formidable as those faced during the darkest hours of
World War II. The suffering and misery of our brethren
in the countries where Hitler's tentacles reached are
still rampant. The ruins and devastation brought about by
the war will for long require our utmost help and attention.
In our own beloved country we still have to overcome
formidable forces of reaction, who strive to sow dissension
among United Nations and here at home are advocating
openly anti-Semitism as a means of causing friction among
our people. It requires a united effort on our part to-be
vigilant and defeat this ugly attack on us at its first appear-
But our greatest contribution to the building of a new
world will be our own national consciousness. The feeling
that we are citizens by right and not by tolerance, that we,
too, are capable of conducting a national life. The forma-
tion, growth and development of Birobidjan as a Jewish
autonomous state, which we hope will soon be a republic,
is glowing testimony to our national prowess. All signs
point to that direction. The contribution of the Birobidjan
pioneers to the war efforts against fascism, their economic
and cultural accomplishments, and now their ability to re-
ceive tens of thousands of orphaned Jewish refugee children,
must encourage every Jew and fill his heart with joy.
Birobidjan is, therefore, a symbol of Jewish ability to
build a national home. Where Jewish, culture and creative
urge mix with Jewish national state mindedness it gives
us Jews in America one more weapon in our fight against
our enemies who spread all sorts of lies about us. It is really
our duty and it is in our own interest that we American
Jews, irrespective of political or ideological shades of opin-
ion, should unitedly assist the efforts of our brethren in
Birobidjan, especially since our work at present consists of
such a sacred and national deed as the gathering together of
Jewish orphans, victims of Hitler brutality. It gives us a

(Facts and Figures--compiled by M. L. O.)
Second High School opened as scheduled. The number of
students had risen by 20%. Three thousand children were
enrolled in the primary classes.
Five rooms in the recently opened regional exposition in
Birobidjan display the flora and fauna of the Jewish Autono-
mous Region. Among the exhibits are fifty different min-
erals such as magnesite, graphite, dolpmite, gold, lead, etc.
In the department of Jewish culture many documents are
shown dealing with the development of the Region in its
various stages.
submitted by the Regional youth leader, Michaelev, August
12, the All Union Sport Day, it is stated that "during the
period of the great patriotic war against the German aggres-
sors, the Jewish Autonomous Region had trained 14,000
ski soldiers and 8,000 commandoes. Many of these had
distinguished themselves in the battle against the Japanese
aggressor." The School for Midwives and Nurses has again
won the Banner for excellence in sports.
SOWING PLAN SURPASSED: The collective farms
of the Region of Birobidjan have fulfilled their sowing plan
over 100%.
The workers of Birobidjan have raised over 10,000
individual gardens this year.
The plan to raise potatoes was fulfilled 101%; vegetables
105%, soya beans over 150%.
The administration of the city of Birobidjan supplied
seed free of charge to all families of the armed forces.

chance to bring tens of thousands of Jewish children to
Birobidjan to educate them and help them become useful
citizens and builders of the Jewish' Soviet Republic in

ICOR ORPHANS CAMPAIGN (A Few Letters from Our Mail Bag)

From a Six-Year Old
Dear friends of the ICOR:
I am a little girl and I'm six years
old. I want to send this dollar to the
children who haven't got any mothers
and fathers, because I want to help
them. My mother told me there are so
many orphans. I want them to buy
something like food and clothes and
I wish that everybody else would help.
Schenectady, N. Y.
Waukegan, III., Sends in $254.00
Enclosed please find seven checks in
the amount of $254.00 collected for
the War Orphan Campaign by my

good friend Z. Goldman of Waukegan,
Illinois. DR. B. NADLER,
Chicago, Ill.
Trenton, N. J., Keeps Up
We. are planning a fine affair to
celebrate the 75th birthday of our be-
loved Professor Kuntz. It will take
place in December.
Please note the following recent con-
tributors to the ICOR Orphan Fund:
Robert Rosen .........$100.00
B. Kaplan ........... 25.00
Meyer Epstein ........ 5.00
Bruno Becker ........ 5.00
Berel Resnick ........ 2.00
MAX SIDEL, Secretary

Regards from S. Michoels and I. Fefer
October 5, 1945.
Mr. Abraham Jenofsky
1 Union Square
New York, N. Y.
Dear Mr. Jenofsky:
During our recent trip to the Soviet
Union, Mr. Carter and I had the pleas-
ure of meeting with Professor Solomon
Michoels and Itzik Feffer who asked us
to convey their very kindest regards to
you and the members of your organiza-
tion whom they met. They spoke of
their visit to the United States in very
glowing terms, and felt that you and
your organization contributed in no

November, 1945


NAILEBN November, 1945

be accomplished? The answer is plain, and is given by
the freed peoples themselves, as follows: To be free from
want the peasants, the tillers of the soil, take away the land
from the feudalist landlords, and the workers, the toilers
of the industries, take over the control of the factories,
the workshops, etc. This enables them to work for a living
and thus be free from want. At the same time, remember-
ing that these owners of the land and of the industries were
participants in cartels, in monopolies, in international prof-
iteering, etc., it is again easy to see that these peasants and
workers are bringing about the two fundamental conditions
of lasting peace: they realize the fourth freedom and
eliminate the basic causes of war.
Let us now examine in this light the approach of the
Soviet Union to the task of peace. We find it to be simple,
direct and in accord with the letter bf the Charter. The
Soviet occupation forces help the peoples liberated by them
in their struggle for the fourth freedom. Moreover, they
pursue the policy of eradicating the causes of war. Thus in
peace as in war, Socialism is on the side of the common
people. That is, on the side of the overwhelming human
majority that is by its very social position against war.
Now as to the capitalist partners. Their approach to the
peace task is merely verbal. They do swear by the Charter,
but work against it. Indeed, how can they bestow upon man
the fourth freedom when all the sources of human liveli-
hood are the exclusive possession of a small minority; and
how can they avert another war when they leave alive, both
within their own countries and the countries they occupy,
cartelism, feudalism, and high.finance capitalism, which are


avowedly the basic causes of war? Clearly the capitalist
partner of the coalition has no peace at home to begin with.
Strikes, unemployment, national and racial antagonisms
within and without, ruthless colonial oppression, unremitted
rivalry for markets and nostalgic longing for the "good old
days" that had so elementally led to this most cruel of all
wars! And it is in this connection that it become' painfully
clear why the capitalist sector of the United Nations headed
by tAe Big Two, the U.S.A. and Great Britain, is talking
war right now, when all efforts of mankind are bent upon
organizing a lasting peace. It is flourishing the Atom bomb
when distraught humanity is clamoring for smiting the sword
into ploughshares and for splitting the atom in the interests
of ever-lasting peace.
Four tjmes did the people the world over celebrate the
anniversaries of the U.S.S.R. amidst the consuming flames
of the global war; with bated breath, they were following
the heroic march of the Red Armies, first in their strategic
retreat to, and then in their triumphant progress from,
Stalingrad to Berlifn. Those were most anxious war cele-
brations. The present, that is, the Twenty-eighth Anni-
versary calls for a peace celebration by all the peoples who
have fought for and in a measure have gained their freedom.
For it will be remembered that freedom and peace are
identical in the real sense that where there is no peace there
can be no freedom.
And so, long live the Soviet Union which, having come
of age, has so self-sacrificingly fought to win the war and
which is now peacefully and humanely fighting both to
win and to secure the peace of the world!



The brilliant victory of the Allied nations over the fascist
states marks the happy ending of a tragic era in the history
of the world. It was an era .of destruction and suffering
which threatened the very existence of the human race.
The evil forces who believed in their age old ideas that
"Might Is Right" set out to rule the world. Brushing
aside every vestige of humanity and civilization they crushed
one nation after another and subjected the conquered people
to their iron rule of terror and inhuman oppression;
national boundaries were obliterated and the peoples were
converted into slaves, forcibly compelled to work for their
masters, the members of the "superior race."
In their march toward world conquest, 'the Nazis
weren't very choosy. The Poles and Czechs in the East
were to them as palatable as the Danes and French in the
North or West. Neither were they hesitant to apply in-
human treatment to any of their victims. But in their
insatiable desire to torture and kill they seem to have taken
a particular delight in ruthlessly exterminating the Jews
and everything Jewish.
The Maideneks, the Treblinkas, the Oswiecim and
numerous other concentration camps and death factories
stand as everlasting ignominious monuments to the bestial
deeds of the so-called "master race."

The natural law of self-preservation caused all freedom-
loving people to unite and fight back against this monstrous
plague that threatened to engulf the whole world.
Long standing differences between various nations were
put aside in face of the common enemy and, united in spirit
and in deed, the Allied nations have turned the tables on
the aggressors. The war is over, but the ravages of war
with their accompanying sufferings and misery are still here.
The devastated lands need to be rebuilt, the wounded, the
sick, the maimed and crippled must be recuperated, and
the world must be made a safe place to live in. The struggle
against the common enemy brought various nations and
peoples together, made them understand each other better
than before, and realize that cooperation means recognition
of each and everyone's right. It means the recognition that
each nation, or each people has a right to its own national
life (and especially) in view of the fact that the Nazis denied
that right to everyone but themselves, the United Nations
in defeating the Na-is must also uproot the very founda-
tion of Nazism which preached and practiced the theory
of inequality among nations.
The Jews of the world are not a nation in the" sense
that they have a state of their own, which could participate
in world affairs as political states do, but they are vitally

November, 1945


The 28th Anniversary of the U.S.S.R.


Twenty-eight years is, historically viewed, but a twin-
kling of the eye. Yet in this short span of time, the U.S.S.R.,,
this offspring of the October Revolution of 1917, has;
grown to be most powerful, both physically and morally..
It has, moreover, grown to be regarded as the harbinger-
of mankind rejuvenated. Verily, its character has been most
cruelly tested both in war and peace and has been found!
genuinely humanist. Thus to celebrate- the 28th Birthday
of the U.S.S.R. is to celebrate the march of history toward!
a better world, a world of Peace and Good-will.
Lest we forget. In the year 1917, the Soviet'state forma--
tion was born in the throes of World War I. It had entered,
this valley of tears with the pleading cry, "Give us Liberty,,
Bread and Peace." But alas, it was a cry in the wilderness..
Surrounded by a hostile imperialist world the Soviet Union,.
still in its tender infancy, was attacked not only from within
by the sinister counter-revolutionary forces; all the major
powers of the capitalist world wantonly invaded it, intent
upon nipping the newly born in the bud. But it was a
"lusty baby" and precociously virile enough to liquidate the
counter-revolution and to chase the invaders out of its
As to the capitalist world, it resorted, for the time being,
to other means, than war whereby to thwart the growth
of this socialist "enfant terrible" and then to starve it into
submission. One such means was the notorious cordon
sanitaire calculated to isolate the Soviet Union. Another
no less notorious means was the nurturing of Fascism as a
"bulwark against Bolshevism."
Despite these flank attacks from the outside, the Soviet
people with their bare hands and amidst utter ruins caused
by the war as well as by the foreign intervention succeeded,
economically, to industrialize their one-sixth of the globe
and, culturally, not only to obliterate illiteracy, but to cover
the territory with a net of schools, universities and other
cultural institutions of exceeding value. So much sd, that in
this short period the Soviet Union has in its forward march,
overtaken, and in many respects outstripped its west-
European neighbors.
This rapid progressive growth of the U.S.S.R. forced a
change of attitude in the imperialist world toward the land
of Socialism; but it was not a change of heart. It was a
change of strategy. Briefly, we see the capitalist powers-
that-be take recourse to the Munich diplomacy: democratic,
capitalism is colluding with fascist capitalism; it grooms and
subsidizes Nazi imperialism and directs it Eastward. Without
dwelling any longer on this all too well known chapter of
history suffice it to call to memory that the result of this
collusion was the explosion of the global war.
Once again Socialism, now adolescent, was subjected to
the severest ordeal human society has ever experienced.
It is, however, noteworthy that this time the interplay of
historic forces compelled "democratic" capitalism to enter a
coalition with Socialism against the common enemy, Fascism.
Curiously enough, the capitalist democracies got frightened
at their own deed of having unleashed their own Franken-
stein that threatened to subjugate the whole world. How-

,ever, be that as it may, the course of the war has shown
that Socialism which is the only type of human society
incompatible with Fascism, is at the same time the only
force ready to destroy this enemy of humanity, root and
The war is over. The contribution by Socialism toward
winning the war is admittedly colossal. Today, the victorious
United Nations are confronted by the task of winning the
peace. And a most serious task it is; for it must bring about
a lasting peace, a peace hitherto unknown in history. The
same two partners of the war coalition, namely, Socialism
:and Capitalism, are engaged now in what may be called
the battle for the peace. Indeed, we witness two different ap-
proaches to the task under consideration by the two respec-
tive partners. We are on this occasion interested mainly in
the socialist approach.
It will be observed that we take as our touchstone in
this case, the well known Atlantic ,Charter, which puts for-
ward the fundamental conditions conducive to peace. It
would, of course, take us too far afied if we were to consider
the Charter in its entirety. For our purpose it will suffice
;to examine the point in the Charter which calls for bestow-
ing upon all men the world over the Fourth Freedom, viz,
the Freedom from Want. This freedom is regarded as a
basic condition of peace. Furthermore, along with this point
of the Charter we will use as another practical touchstone
the following fact. It is universally agreed that cartels,
monopolies, profiteering by high finance capital are each
and all causes of war. Accordingly, the Big Three have at
their conferences dedicated themselves to the proposition
that the uprooting of these causes of war is an absolute pre-
requisite for a lasting peace. So ,we have these two touch-
stones to go by.
We now start with the following self-evident rule, to
wit: Peace begins at home, that is to say, a country that
enjoys internal peace is by this very fact a contributor to
the general peace among men. With this in mind it is easy
to see the' role of the U.S.S.R. We are reminded that the
U.S.S.R. is a Federation or Union of many different na-
tions, that each one of these nations being as it is a classless
society, enjoys peace within its borders and dwells in peace
with its socialist neighbors. Indeed, as is well known, the
Soviet Union is free from exploitation of man by man,
from the contrast o.f rich and poor, educated and uneducated.
Thus peace obtains both within every Soviet nation and
among all the Soviet nations. All this is tantamount to saying
that under Socialism there exist no causes for war or, more
generally, -for antagonism between man and man-no anti-
Semitism, no Jim-Crowism, no discrimination whatsoever.
Finally, Socialism means that under it the people enjoy the
freedom from want, the basic condition for world peace.
Now with the war over, all liberated countries are strug-
gling for this great blessing-freedom from want, and ac-
cording to the Charter it is the duty of the liberators to help
these countries in the interest of lasting peace to attain this
"magic" fourth freedom. The question arises: How can this






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