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Nailebn =
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 Material Information
Title: Nailebn = New life
Parallel title: New life
Added title page title: Naylebn
Physical Description: v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Creator: Icor
Publisher: Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication: New York
Frequency: monthly (irregular)
completely irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )
Additional Physical Form: Also issued online.
Language: Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities: Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
Classification: lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
System ID: AA00007530:00020

Full Text



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Our colony tarra "piotd an fio twh- Jewi t3shR31efu
pWar Orhans on August 1n938, 194, at Lake Mo an, on

-i1the groups 1inof Mrs. Be t3"We are happy Dto Dinfm y
,-'that as a reult of our eforts we realizd the sum of $450
8oWe appreate .2the performance Dgivn ,at tie affair by t
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iI'45 11D np nr1, Doll ,t3in.10y 1i,*v w tn n o 5n 'I)

'cildrn U o tihe community yand Mr J. Sam, violinist.
yWe committee cnst3 ismte ,, Mrs. R. Silvern, cair- y

man, Mrs. Statner, secretary, Mrs. Blauer, 1Mrs. Lausky,
o- i ) 1,N ,n W I Tn-8 jv M)s-lvn 0 io,1 ry 1ti si i
yant;1 13 iT or DIN \Nt) 1D'iS3 v1t isn 191"toilYD in'i 3

Our colony arranged an affair for the-Jewish Refugee
War Orphans on August 18, 1945, at Lake Mohegan, on
the grounds of Mrs. Berez. We are happy to inform you
that as a result of our efforts we realized the sum of $450.
We appreciate the performance given at the affair by the
children of the community and Mr. J. Sams, violinist.
The committee consisted of Mrs. R. Silberman, chair-
man, Mrs. Statner, secretary, Mrs. Blauer, Mrs. Lausky,
Mrs. Levine, Mrs. Jean Cohen, Mrs. Y. Cohen.
Mrs. R. Silberman, Chairman

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11K 1 plt D01pyp 01y3y.7. In1 pn by
*3m'i( Imaimty. min 124"n y5v .Ptwmps

Bronx, N. Y.

Ben's Luncheonette
Quality, Service, Cleanliness
101 University Place New York City

National Palace
Special Accommodations to
Labor Organizations
Second Ave. & Houston St. New York

Dr. B. Welth

135 New York Avenue
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dr. B. M. Becker

8617-21st Avenue

Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dr. H. A. Warwick
1034 St. Johns Place
Brooklyn, N. Y.

S. Garber's
901 Surter Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

BUckminster 4-3669

Dr. A. H. Marel
464 Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Official I.W.O. Laboratories

Flatbush Laboratories, Inc.

Basal Metabolism Diagnostic Laboratory
Pathology Clinical Laboratory Serology

Aaron Weinstein, D.D.S.
3133 Brighton 7th Street
Brighton Beach

I. Koulack, M.D.
Extends Greetings
1540 Charlotte Street Bronx, N. Y.

DA. 9-9547
I.W.O. Slayton's
Hoe Pharmacy
1760 Hoe Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

Dr. W. A. Weinreb
1193 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, N.' Y.

Rickoff's Safe Drug Store
116 Second Avenue New York City
(Corner 7th Street)


of t1e I. F. & L. W. U. of U. S. and C.
Affiliated with the C.I.O.

250 WEST 26th STREET
New York I, N. Y.


8:30 to 7:30 P.M.




255 WEST 34th STREET

Telephone: MEdallion 3-3243

Dr. B. Bloch
3957 Gouverneur Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

705 Allerton Avenue

19 z ;7 y 7 1945 ,'Iyp=t=ytC

b. 1

-- -

September, 1945 2 20


Bakery and Confectionery



and Westchester Branch

New York City

Bedding Local 140
United Furniture Workers
America, C.I.O.

80 East I 1th Street

New York City

Dr. J. Reicher
357 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.

Prescription Dept., Phone ACademy 2-0920
Phone ACademy 2-8716-9732

Superior Drug Co.
G. ZUKOF, Prescription Pharmacist

915 Columbus Ave.
(Near 105th Street)

New York

Russian Music Co., Inc.
121 Lexington Avenue New York City
Catalogue Sent on Request
The Glorious Red Army in a Series of Songs

J. W exler's Tailor Shop

657 Allerton Avenue

Bronx, N. Y.




147 WEST 43rd STREET

Dr. L. Schlosman
295' Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, N. Y;

Dr. Julius Littinsky
80 Fifth Avenue
New York City


Strand Woolens Co., Inc.

251 WEST 39th STREET

Waterproof Garment
Workers Union
LOCAL 20, I.L.G.W.U.
1181 Broadway
New York City

Dr. S. Feit, Dentist
1425 Townsend Avenue
Bronx, New York


Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Saltzman

Kavkaz Restaurant
317 East 14th Street New York

Greetings from

Weiner's Barber Shop
717'Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.

Smul & Sons
China and Restaurant Supplies
317 Bowery New York City

Analytical Laboratory
230 East 12th Street New York
Tel. ALgonquin 4-2558

Tel. GRamercy 5-7370-7371
Fred Spitz, Inc.
Baskets of Fresh Fruits, Nuts and Candies
For All Occasions
74 Second Avenue New York City

Dickens 2-1273, 1274, 1275

Night Phones:
Dickens, 2-1273, 1274, 1275

I. J. MORRIS, Inc.


296 Sutter

Phone, GR. 7-7553

Union Square
Eyes Examined
Official I. W.
100 per cent
147 Fourth Avenue

N. Y.

Optical Co.
by Physicians
0. Optician
Union Shop
New York City


September, 1945

JowoA. RolL
(For the month of August, 1945)
Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the Icor Campaign to settle Jewish
refugee war orphans at the Children's Settlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan.

Friendly Club of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif.
Bay Cities Icor, Los Angeles, Calif. ............
Maud's Summer-Ray, North Branch, N. Y......
Bobroysker Society, Los Angeles, Calif. (previ-
ously $100) .............................
Chicago Friendship Club, Los Angeles, Calif.....
Women's Aid to Russia, Long Beach, Calif......
Santa Monica Sewing Group R. W. R., Santa
Monica, Calif. ......... ........... ....
Ladies Educational Club of City Terrace, Los
Angeles, Calif. ..........................
Camp Chi-Wan-Da, Ulster Park, N. Y..........
Workmen's Circle, Branch 983, Los Angeles, Calif.
Mr. & Mrs. L. Myer & Son, Los Angeles, Calif.
Hotel Allaben, Loch Sheldrake, N. Y..........
Camp Croton Community, Peekskill, N. Y.......
Sewing Club R.W.R. United Order of True Sisters,
Los Angeles, Calif. .......................
Sholem Aleichem Group Linas Azedek Victory Club,
Los Angeles, Calif. ................... ....
Harry & Minnie Goldstein, Ocean Park, Calif.
Society of Mutual Benefit, Washington, D.C.. ..
Skliar's Inn, M onticello, N. Y.................
Women's Club, Branch 141, I.W.O., Hollywpod,
C a lif . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Los Angeles Sisterhood, Los Angeles, Calif......
L. A. United Sisters Willing Helpers Society, Los
Angeles, Calif. ..........................
Forman, Inc., Washington, D.C ...............
State Furniture Co., Omaha, Neb............ ..
Sunset-Echo League of Mt. Sinai Hospital, Los
Angeles, Calif. ......... ..................
Mr. Goncherof, Los Angeles, Calif............
Lerner's Lodge, Sea Gate, N. Y................
Theatre Collective, Los Angeles, Calif..........
Little Hungary Mansion, Monticello, N. Y.......
N. Kessler, Los Angeles, Calif....... ...........
Morris Levin, Los Angeles, Calif..............
Ben Solnit, Los Angeles, Calif..................
Harvey Machine Co., Los Angeles, Calif........
J. Drutz, Los Angeles, Calif..................
Mr. & Mrs. S. Binch, Los Angeles, Calif.........
Mr. & Mrs. M. Kaplan, Los Angeles, Calif......
Adolph & Pauline Miller, Los Angeles, Calif.....
Mr. & Mrs. B. Minkoff, Los Angeles, Calif......
Ida Rubin, Los Angeles, Calif.................
Mary Ostroff, Los Angeles, Calif..............
Max Goodman, Los Angeles, Calif.............
Ben Gelfand, Los Angeles, Calif...............
City Terrace Discussion Club, Los Angeles, Calif.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Ostrow, West Los Angeles,
C alif . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Mr. Orlefsky, Los Angeles, Calif............. .
Mr. & Mrs. H. Pine, Los Angeles, Calif.........
Victory Social Club, Los Angeles, Calif.........











Mr. & Mrs. J. Goldberg, Los Angeles, Calif.....
Sidney & Mary Holtman, Los Angeles, Calif.....
Edward Wiltzer, Los Angeles, Calif............
Solomon & Pauline Swartz, Los Angeles, Calif... .
Louis Hoffman, Los Angeles, Calif.............
Alex & Eva Weis, Los Angeles, Calif...........
Isadore Saul, Los Angeles, Calif...............
Julius & Anna Zimberoff, Los Angeles, Calif......
Mrs. Lizzie Miller, Long Beach, Calif..........
David & Sonia Rosen, Hayward, Calif..........
Mr. & Mrs. R. Harding, Los Angeles, Calif......
Mr. & Mrs. B. Seidman, Los Angeles, Calif......
Mr. & Mrs. Bilovsky, Los Angeles, Calif........
Jewish Women's. Committee for R.W.R. of Oak-
land, Oakland, Calif. (previously $106) ......
Louis Zelman, Oakland, Calif.................
Raphael Schneider, Oakland, Calif.............
Sam A. Meyers, Oakland, Calif.............. .
M. A. & Ethel Bunow, Oakland, Calif..........
Brooklyn Heights Committee to Help Settle Jewish
War Orphans in Birobidjan, Brookyln, N. Y.
(previously $700) ... : ...................
Louis Carl, Brooklyn, N. Y ..................
Israel Davis, Brooklyn, N. Y................ .
Ezra Orphans Ladies Society, New York City ....
Mary Pikes, New York City. ...................
Lodge 45, Jewish Peoples, Fraternal Order, New
York City .............................
Solomon Burlhis, Bronx, N. Y... .........
Max Grant, Washington, D.C............ : ....
Mr. Mirman, Washington, D.C................
Hyman W ein, Chicago, Ill....................
Mrs. R. Meltz, Chicago, Ill.......... .......
Mrs. L. Olchoff, Chicago, Ill................
M iriam Haymen, Chicago, Ill.................
Krisky Family Club, Chicago, Ill.............
South Side Emma Lazarus Club, Chicago, Ill.. . .
Emma Lazarus Club No. 220, Chicago, Ill.......
Morris Zalutsky, Chicago, Ill.. ...............
Well Made Novelty Co., Chicago, Ill...........
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Cohen, Chicago, Ill.........
Young Women's Mutual & Charity Society, Balti-
more, Md ...............................
Mr. & Mrs. M. Levin, Denver, Colo...........
Jack Lifshitz, Philadelphia, Pa................
S. Litt, Philadelphia, Pa................ ....
Sam & Pearl Lipshuti, Philadelphia, Pa. (previ-
ously $ 100) ........................ ...
Swienciany Society, Mattapan, Mass............
H. A. Wolf Co., Inc., Omaha, Neb.............
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Fox, Omaha, Neb.............
Daniel H. Higier, Johnstown, N. Y............
Mr. & Mrs. P. Margulis, Burlington, Vt........
Milton & Bessie Mansfield, West New York, N. J.







$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today to the
ICOR ASSOCIATION, One Union Square W., New York 3, N. Y.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt

September1 1945 NAILEBN

They Said Last Month
President Truman, speaking from the
White House portico on August 14, the
day Japan surrendered:
"This is a great day. This is the day
we have all been looking for since De-
cember 7, 1941. This is the day when
fascism and police government ceases
in the world. This is the day for the
democracies. This is the day when we
can start on our real task of implementa-
tion of free government in the world
where we are faced with the greatest
task we have ever been faced with. This
emergency is as great as it was on
December 7, 1941. It is going to take
the help of all of us to do it. I know
we are going to do it."
John W. Snyder, Reconversion Di-
rector, in a statement to the President:
"The job ahead is one of redirecting
from war to peace the four main re-
sources from which the wealth of our
economy springs: our manpower, our
raw materials, our plant and equipment,
and our managerial know how. The
goal of our economy now that peace
has come is in a sense the same as it
was in war: production. Only a peace-
time production vastly expanded over
anything this or any other nation has
ever seen, will make possible the attain-
ment of the four major economic ob-
jectives which face us in the months
ahead. These objectives I conceive to be:
(1) Jobs for all those willing and able
to work. (2) A steadily rising standard

of living. (3) Stabilization of our econ-
omy to avoid disastrous inflation or de-
flation. (4) Increased opportunities for
farmers and business men.
Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
speaking on the radio:
"One thing we must all remember
is that this discovery (the atomic bomb)
was made by the pooling of many minds
belonging to different races and differ-
ent religions, that the way the work was
done sets the 'pattern for the way in
which in the future we may be able to
work out our difficulties-not by setting
up superior races, but by learning to
cooperate and using the best that each
one has to contribute to solve the prob-
lems of this new age."

Eminent Violinist
International Comedienne
Actor and Playwright


Sat., Sept. 22, 8:00 p.m.

Town Hall, 123 W. 43d St.
Tickets: $2.00, $1.50, $1.00 (tax incl.)
On sale at "lcor" office: Room 405,
One Union Square W., New York City.

In Honor of Their Grandson
In order to raise funds for the orphans
of Birobidjan, two of our members, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Barton gave a garden
party on Sunday, July 29, 1945, at
their home, 1837 No. Kingsley Drive,
in honor of their grandson's birthday,
2-year-old Lena Ellen Tiefer.
A dinner was served to all the guests
and the food was donated by Mr. and
Mrs. Barton, and in addition, $55 was
donated by Mr. and Mrs. Barton and
their immediate family.
A donation of $210 was made by
their close friends, Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Myer & Son.
Mrs. Geller and her mother, Mrs.
Jaffee, donated $50.
A $25 donation was made by their
nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
All additional donations were from
their relatives and friends and members
of the Chicago Friendship Club.
The total amount of $583.57 was
raised at this party, and a pledge for an
additional $50, to be paid in installments
was made by Mr. and Mrs. Isadore
Tiefer, their daughter's in-laws.
We therefore take great pleasure in
presenting this check for $583.57 to
the Icor, for the maintenance of the
orphans of Birobidjan.
Sincerely yours,
Chicago Friendship Club
PAUL, STEIN, President
Los Angeles, Cal.

(Continued from last month)
TIMBER AND HUNTING: The hilly parts of the
region, which are not suitable for agriculture, are covered
with dense forests. Here one finds oak, poplar, Manchurian
ash, linden, birch, cedar and white birch, redwood, maple,
etc., etc., yielding valuable varieties of timber. The woods
are rich in fur-bearing animals, such as sable, Manchukuo
bear, raccoon, fox, squirrel, deer, etc.
FISHERIES: Swift rivers and brooks, teeming with fish,
flow through the land. The total length of the large and
small rivers of the Jewish Autonomous Region is over
2,200 miles. A large hatchery is maintained by the Region
on the Biro near the city of Birobidjan. The abundance of
fish insures a source of food for the people of the Region
as well as giving a product for export.
In the east and west the Region is crossed by the Trans-

(Facts and Figures)
Compiled by M. L. 0.
Siberian railroad for over 200 miles. From north to south
the River Biro provides steamship navigation. Since 1935
road building has made considerable progress. The city of
Birobidjan is connected by telephone, telegraph and radio
with every settlement in the Region as well as with the
principal centers in the Far East and with Moscow.
INDUSTRY: In 1928 Birobidjan had no industries. At
present it has such enterprises as metal working, timber hew-
ing, factories for putting out building materials, shoe factory,
leather factory, knitted goods and clothing factory, woolen
mills, large regional lime works, saw mill, different types of
road building, machine and tractor stations. Birobidjan has
also developed such industries as coal mining. The Region
has just completed and put into operation large paper mill
at a cost of 15 million rubles. The Skutari gold mines in
Birobidjan take third place in the gold mining industry in
the U.S.S.R.
(To be continued next month)

September, 1945


NAILEBN September, 1945

Oa.L uiktoAn CD

August 14, 1945.
President Harry S. Truman
White House
Washington, D.C.
National Executive Committee Icor
Association sends heartiest greetings to
you upon the great victory over our
enemy in the far east.
We greet you for your splendid lead-
ership and contribution at the Potsdam
conference to end the war and to secure
an enduring peace.
We support your policy for a speedy
reconversion program for cooperation
and friendship with our allies which will
help to create better understanding
among the peoples of the world and
will bring security and prosperity to all
National Executive Committee,
Icor Association, Inc.

August 18, 1945.
My dear Mr. Jenofsky:
The President asks me to express his
thanks to you and your associates for
your generous message. Your thought
of him is especially pleasing at this time.
Very sincerely yours,
Secretary to the President.
August 15, 1945.
Professor Solomon Mikhoels, Chairnan
Jewish Anti-fascist Committee
Kropotkina 10 Moscow, USSR.
National Executive Committee Icor

Association sends heartiest greetings to
the Jews and to all the peoples of the
USSR upon the victory over our com-
mon enemy in the far east. We hope
that the friendship between our two
great countries created in war will still
more be strengthened in peace to work
for freedom and security.
Please transmit our greetings and
best wishes to Birobidjan.
National Executive Committee,
Icor Association

August 15, 1945.
M. Silberstein, Chairman
Jewish Autonomous Region
Birobidjan, USSR.
National Executive Committee Icor
Association sends heartiest greetings upon
the victory over out common enemy in
the far east..,
With the elimination of the Japanese
military aggressors the situation in the
far east becomes very favorable and will
create the possibilities for the expansion of
closer relations between our two great
countries and your region.
National Executive Committee Icor

IIIIIIIIIIIlllllGlo v ersvillll1111111111111111IIIII lle, N Y ler iiCoIII ii l I l ili l [m mi tteeIielII illllllllll
Gloversville, N. Y, Icor Committee

The Glovesmville, N. Y. Icor Committee" to
Help Jewish Refugee War Orphans in Biro-
bidgan acknowledges with gratitude the re--
ceipt of the following sums from the .follow-
ing friends:
Daniel H. Higier .............. $100.00
Ladies Hebrew Aid Association ...... 25.00
Samuel Starr .................... 25.00
Louis W Schine ................. 25.00
Clair Glove Co. ................. 25.00
Barney Galinsky and Sons ......... 25.00
Samuel Shapiro ................. 25.00
Morris Fe dman ................. 20.00
George J. Dorfman .............. 15.00
Metropolitan Glove Co ........... 15.00
Dr. Emanuel Eckstein ............ 10.00
Albert Aaron ................... 10.00
H. Andrew Schlusberg ........... 10.00
Rose G. M ilstein ................ 10.00
Samuel Solomon ................ 10.00
Goodheim Glove Co. ............. 10.00
Cohen's Department Store .......... 10.00

M orris Budoff ................. 10.00
C. J. Bachner Co. ............... 10.00
M orris Edelstein ................ 10.00
Ernest Prager .................. 10.00
Jesse A Cash ................... 10.00
Harry Indgin .............. . 10.00
R. Antevil and Co. ............... 10.00
W illiam Adelman ............... 10.00
Florence E. M oses ............... 5.00
Emilie Abels .... ...... .......... 5.00
M orris A. Berger ............... 5.00
Leon Siegel .............. ... . 5.00
Isadoie W illner ................. 5.00
M ax Kaplan .............. ..... 5.00
Theo. Blumenberg .............. 5.00
Paul Sobol ............ ........ . 5.00
Fred Tatar ................... . 5.00
David R. Levine ................ 5.00

TOTAL .................. $500.00
WOLF. BROUDO, Secretary
Icor Committee Gloversville, N. Y.

learn that Birobidjan was right on the border of the Soviet
Union and Japan when the war broke out.
The Medical College in Birobidjan has prepared several
hundred assistant surgeons, nurses and medical workers. All
this personnel immediately joined the armed forces against
Japan. Artists of the famous Birobidjan Jewish Theater
gave concerts and plays for the Red Army at the front.
Besides mobilizing everything in their power to help win
the war against Japan, the Jews of Birobidjan have created
a fund of 5 million rubles to take care of the children whose
fathers were at the front. Children's homes have been estab-
lished. Children's camps have been maintained by the Ad-
ministration of the Jewish Autonomous Region.
From the document submitted in the latter part of 1944
by the people of Birobidjan to their fellow "Birobidjanzes"

at the front, we learn the following:
The Region has collected 24 million rubles for the De-
fense Fund, bought 25 million rubles' worth of war bonds,
2,300,000 rubles were collected to help build homes for the
war orphans. 2,000 collective and 60,000 individual pres-
ents were sent to the soldiers at the front, 98,000 warm
garments had been shipped to the armed forces at the various
Not all facts concerning the activities of the Jews in
Birobidjan are at present available. However, data appear-
ing in the public press and partly reproduced here, indicate the
healthy growth of Birobidjan-Jewish Autonomous Region
in the USSR, its role and invaluable contribution in the
struggle to cleanse the world of fascism and help inaugurate
an era of peace and amity among nations.



September, 1945


"nRfILCB1," (new Life)
VOL. XIX, No. 9 (178) New York, N. Y., September,. 1945 .f 2o Single Copy 10 cents
NAILEBN, I Union Square, New York 3, N. Y., Telephone ALgonquin 4-2045, published monthly by the ICOR Association for information on the
economic, cultural, and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription, $1.00.
Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the Post office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business Manager--A. JENOFSKY



On Tuesday, August the 14th, President Truman in-
formed the American people that Japan-the last aggres-
sor power-has surrendered unconditionally to the United
Nations. For two days our country celebrated this long
desired announcement. The second World War is over! At
last, with the forces of evil out of the way, freedom-loving
peoples will begin to rehabilitate their countries on the basis
of peace, .prosperity and friendship amongst nations.
To the Jews of the world, the destruction of Hitlerite
Germany's partner, imperialist Japan, signifies the stoppage
of the very extermination of their people. For is not the whole
world aware of the fact that the Hitlerite cannibals have
murdered over six million Jews? Great, therefore, is the
joy of the Jewish people and indeed proud of their contribu-
tion to the triumph of the United Nations over powerful and
treacherous enemies.
Along with all liberty-loving people, Jews have actively
participated in all liberating armies of the United Nations.
In this article, we wish to relate some of the contributions
made by the Jews of Birobidjan.
The Soviet Union, which for a long time bore the brunt
of the war against the most powerful and dangerous fascist
power-Hitlerite Germany-and later in unison with the
armed forces of the United Nations, crushed the enemy,
has proven wherein ,its main strength lies. Marshal
Stalin speaking on November 6, 1944 on the eve of the
27th Anniversary of the Soviet (October) Revolution
". .. The strength of Soviet patriotism lies in the fact that
it has as its basis not racial or national prejudice, but profound
loyalty and the faith of the people in their Soviet mother-
land, the fraternal friendship of the working people of all
nations of our country.
Soviet patriotism is harmonious. It combines the national
traditions of the people and the common vital interest of all
the working people in the Soviet Union. Soviet patriotism
does not disunite, but on the contrary, consolidates all na-
tions and nationalities in our country into one single fraternal
family. In this should be seen the basis of the indestructible
and still stronger friendship of the peoples of the Soviet
Union ..
Indeed, nations and peoples freed from the corrosive
elements of the racism, national oppression, in the case of the
Jews-pogroms, anti-Semitism and discrimination, form the
"indestructible and strong peoples." The Soviet Union

proves it-Birobidjan, Jewish Autonomous Region in the
U.S.S.R. demonstrates it.
We have just witnessed the great contribution to the
defeat of Japan made by the Red Army in Manchuria. The
"readiness" of the Emperor of Japan to sign the uncon-
ditional surrender, issue the necessary orders, etc., on August
14, undoubtedly, was hastened by the victorious marches of
Marshal Vasilevsky's armies.
Birobidjan, 400 miles from Khabarovsk is situated on the
Soviet-Manchuria border. What role did the Jews of this
Jewish Autonomous Region play in this all important So-
viet military campaign against Japan? We quote the follow-
ing statement from the article by Major Erwin Lessner,
"Russia's Strategy in the Pacific"-Harper's magazine,
July 1945.
"Maintaining a first-class military establishment in this
area, independent of supplies from European Russia, would
have been impossible if it were not for the Jews in Birobi-
djan. Twenty years ago the region west of Khabarovsk
was only empty plain, with a few poor and scattered vil-
lages. "There was plenty of fertile soil, however, which
needed only pioneers to convert it into productive farms.
The Soviet government, therefore, offered the territory
around Birobidjan to the Jews as an autonomous Jewish
region. Gradually about two hundred thousand enterprising
and hardy settlers moved in. They are tall, vigorous people
with strong hands and determined expression. These Jewish
farmers have converted their part of the Amur valley, which
looks rather like the lower Hudson, into the most homelike
place in Russian Asia. Their collective farms compare favor-
ably with any American or European estate. Their equip-
ment is partly American-made, partly Russian copies of
American models; the trademark of the International
Harvester Company is familiar to every child. Although
residential quarters are grossly neglected nearly everywhere
else in Siberia, here they are clean and well built, with flower
beds, neat paths, and even an occasional bathroom with run-
ning water. The people seem to be cheerful enough,
although they keep only a small share of their harvest; the
rest of it goes to feed the Second Army."
Birobidjan is on the map (maps appearing in the "New
York Times" of August 18 and 19 have Birobidjan).
From an additional source-the J. T. A. (Jewish Tele-
graphic Agency)-dated Moscow, August 19, 1945, we

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