Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

1945 ,'21'

1'w. 1r_ 1SDD& .Dy 1 y 0 ;n S-D

w1n7-. Yt T1 1YItI 1- N -~^ 3


B'; ,Dvywrl:*0-DO pI,5mm-p1t?5p tNI -IvY Dy p 180t itviyr -v5In .10
pysr x ,kIpix JyiYmiyttnK-D' 11n yIl'It ,nIjIYV 5'-it 12 Ispa'K
tin rIpi .I18t13-t .e~ym tis lymymx ysn^; ? iy~cnT I'a-
7gtvaT'3r:-$1 V T o WWI' 11 -19 $25,200 !L1 11-1 nsYT 71'1 IsDiya t2n 0YrtYiVn-0$1

-,ripa ,Iwdynayrr .n .10
yc~prenep- un~n tli r2
,i t4een ry t I'm
;I~~~ j~~g~ g~~ g~~- ~gs ~ s ss~~~ ss Twi y-~t mlyp ,TllN e 1

prwm H M, 0N I#PIN lite
I% ~Nrrwspro teSysesse ,spo
pywea IJ ms ,14pi~n Ir
.1yybrS 9000 jib

01,pu73b'VT .ITr t71

'tny .4

-jY5?r "yaw uyl, 7suoT

The United Nations Charter

President Harry S. Truman

What Peretz Means To Me-*
A Gentile
-Mary Ready Holm*
What They Said Last Month
Icor Orphans' Campaign
What Peretz Means To Me--
A Gentile
*Mary Ready Holrnts

What They Said Last Month
Icor Orphans' Campaign

7 T nrl:7 X
(11 KSW .W .

S1K8 1975Y3 lQ 213"ils fTtt

n~ 18 '219 119 1sw y

p^'1'3 .b
us1'1' rW

1945 ,p1 ta ? 11 2

ps tYm0pyn^B \yy\ ,pEDUT 11M13is iv1MI 11 ^*nm ft lp
11$u (mPyibi U)I"! -a yy impmill .I-I'llp3 901 t115 pN
Jim iycpyaiBmIK ly3V1t nri3ifi .1YwirriyuY yvonn u yll '-i
-w3J8 it tm 5n stin m Y 1K .11Y '^11XtW t\yIrt =m150
18K yiiYia n1 I1B y3 K.^s t1K T IW 11 ^Pp9 f8 D3plll
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-'P yD0it train pa *ty13tl 83K I' N'yi35yl ,na?5Q-"a0,,
,DONi YbiL'1t "li O1 Dtoo 1'-l ,I D pin mv n p' a ? owtyI3t
,bY'~t~ "lly Jim instov vrim JIK we lit D"Dn2~Pt9'~~tUL
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.tu5y1l nyvs8 -i 'IK im yatn
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'5y oqtf ,"/ pW',, iY3qtDq3' t1P -IsIIYD 1yI ,p't' .0
IVt p M. Yellin, Secretaryfai r Dy 'D t M1 iY
-it3 1 P1.79 Myrtle St., Bosp y toy1n, Mass.D 8 p y

y58 em ,ixt R .g .1 ,etieycdp "in ,, 'being unableY
Tt "? 1S'D n1inn t Ijt '11 Y1IIDitpYp9 11D 1Y't'o3

.3to attend your meeting and ad-T0 ,t'1
dress it in person. I use tbhis op-wi
'Iq' 1 opportunity to send1 t3i o members of li

-im .Boston Icor Committee and to
p participants of c aig for Jew-y t 8 p
TW 't ,Iy3 "viy t 'w"? un I ps3--wi 11D tLoY yDY)qD3'tI

TW ish Refugee Wa O a in iq1 iBiro-' 1
- 'DN -7K ls y'ly-n't 3'jv]"a yI3D3"m "T 1inn 3ty"1 Im lomv O
ytyim b Tid ,jyn37t ty? he ". artist greetings. K it
o' 1Ibyn ,atn5p3Ei i ton i(t3"r3 ym iyi ,mynIl-non5l
1i3 ,n'n1 ylYv3t S y"'n y'SB 't3 ,t31 y3:I s 13Y1Y 1q3)
t yi Dwish ,all tD-D Yhe ,success in your noble
.D5l1ii -yo'D')f15 YIi3 s 'Isn InW-nYDyiD W JYOP'0l0ltm
-r,, ,Kn"i-"l(PW1,, ,1Y975tim-/"igpW,, ,t)D'131 D"T
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D't )9By 1 P0' D IV'Tq p11 t3ii "7 P'5i D'I'l

M. Yellin, Secretary
Boston Icor Committee
S79 Myrtle St., Boston, Mass.
P Regret exceedingly being unable
Sto attend your meeting and ad-
dress it in person. I use this op-
portunity to send to members of
Boston Icor Committee and to
Participants of campaign for Jew- -
Sish Refugee War Orphans in Biro-
bidjan my heartiest greetings. I
Swish all the success in your noble
Pavel Mikhailov,
I Acting Consul General of the
the U.S.S.R. at New York.

s -------------

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HONOR ROLL (continued)

Irving Lanfield, Boston, Mass .................
Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Shore, Brookline, Mass........
Mendel & Sarah Yellin, Boston, Mass.............
Rose Anapolsky, Sharon, M ass ..................
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Block, Dorchester, Mass.. .......
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Bornstein, Boston, Mass.....
Dr. Pauline Clark, Roxbury, Mass...............
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Carver, Newton, Mass.......
Mr. & Mrs. B. M. Groisser, Brookline, Mass .......
M. Greenspan, Beachmont, Texas ...............
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Glass, Winthrop, Mass........
Godes & Wall Families, Boston, Mass............
Fannie Gold Simon, Cambridge, Mass............
Mr. &,Mrs. Abraham Hamburg, Brookline, Mass..
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Hurwitz, Newton, Mass.......
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Hurwich, Boston, Mass.......
Ideal Provision Co., Boston Bass................
Mrs. Lea Kay, Roxbury, Mass ................
Koretzer Society, Dorchester, M ass...............
John Rimer, Salem, M ass........... ...........


Mr. & Mrs. S. Strumpfman, Lynn, Mass. .. .... ..
Dr. J. W. Shirmer, Needham, Mass..............
Mr. & Mrs. Murray Sholkin, Boston, Mass.....:..
Pultushker Society, Roxbury, Mass..............
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pierce, Peabody, Mass........
Middlesex Naval Uniform, Malden, Mass........
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Prober, Boston, Mass..........
Robert WV. Pollack, Boston, Mass.......... .
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Green, Baltimore, Md........
Dr. & Mrs. H. Chaimson, Milton, Mass..........
Swinicher Voliner Ladies Auxiliary, Baltimore, Md.
Ethel Gavent, Roxbury, Mass ..................
Educational League, Branch. 9, Workmen's Circle,
Baltim ore, M d .. .... ..................
Emma Lazarus Club, Baltimore, Md.............
Romanover Relief Society, Dorchester, Mass.......
A. Sobelman, Lewiston, Me ...................
Eastern Baking Co., Chelsea, Mass...............
Friendly Six Circle, Brookline, Mass.,............
Chas. Weiner Associates, Roxbury, Mass..........

.B n rKylit I'm
- "i~y~ ,, mar 1i' Dlyy '( n

Jim pt1IY;v Bply~ l;!"1 iy~nt $90 'T
.IKxiyBmit .wn~ B;>,PB -pn D'BS p!<;?ins

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.yT'K1 nyB3HIB nYr"T Jim nm.-in
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tK ,py is T'xN PIBI- S ny"T lin I's
yena1 "IT TuB Iypvi)" ly'ltB,, 'yi'ul
-Inninl' 1y1 ntp $50 lp'tv 1s iolBStr a! Btn
-y o T viN y3 lkvIy roI'In-K1:1 I'mN Y':axstP

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lyo pnlK It
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,'y'y y' : iyi" ,IB ^y si' ti'i
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Ile Irns: tDv-l I:~n"MI~.p It In ~\i
I lit ItVI-ft'i -I'm




JULY, 1945

otonowA doIL
For the month of June, 1945)

Friends and Organizations who "contributed $100.00 'or more toward the Icor Campaign to settle Jewish
refugee war orphans at the Children's Settlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Biro-Bidjan.
Workers of Fern & Gross Cloak Shop, Los Angeles, Washington Heights Emma Lazarus Chapter,
Calif. ........... : .......... ...... ..... $581.00 J.P.F.O., New York City .................... 100.00
Checkets & Gerber, Baltimore, Md............... 500.00 Family Ring Society, Inc., New York, N. Y....... 100.00
Winograder Emergency Relief Society, Bronx, N, Y. 400.00 Max Sanderowitz, Allentown, Pa................ 100.00
Lodge 26, J.P.F.O., Hartford, Conn............. 400.00 Moses E. Schloss, Baltimore, Md................ 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. Lew Kowitch, Los Angeles, Calif...... 400.00 Morris Scherlis, Baltimore, Md................. 100.00
Meepos Machine Shop, Los Angeles, Calif........ 400.00 Maryland Baking Company, Baltimore, Md....... 100.00
Los Feliz Sewing Group, Los Angeles, Calif...... 400.00 Brith Achim Beneficial Ass'n, Philadelphia, Pa.... 100.00
Jewish Committee of San Francisco, San Francisco, Emma Lazarus Club of New Haven, New Haven, I
Calif ............................... / ..... 400.00 Conn ............... ...... ............. 100.00
Ar. Winarick, Inc., New York City........... 300.00 Lucky 13 Club, Los Angeles, Calif.............. 100.00
Talner Aid, Brooklyn, N. Y. (pledge $1,000) ..... 400.00 H. Wall, Long Beach, Calif.... ................ .100.00
Ontario-Pomona United Jewish Appeal, Ontario, Gary Moose, Long Beach, Calif ................. 100.00
Calif .................................... 270.00 Irving Halpern, Long Beach, Calif.............. 100.00
Lodge 64, J.P.F.O., Brooklyn, N. Y.............. 266.00 Isaac Oransky, Long Beach, Calif .............. 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. F. Goldman, Waukeegan, Ill........ 250.00 Irving Schneider, Long Beach, Calif............. 100.00
Women Aid to Russia, Long Beach, Calif.. : ...... 250.00 Joe Gruber, Long Beach, Calif ................ 100.00
Eva Hoffman, Aubardale, Mass............ .... 225.00 Minnie Kram, Long Beach, Calif.' ............. 100.00
Emna Lazarus Division 277, J.P.F.O., Bronx, N. Y. 217.00 Gustow Gilbert, Los Angeles, Calif............ .100.00
San Pedro Jewish Sisterhood, San Pedro, Calif.. 200.00 Pasha Maurice, Los Angeles, Calif.............. 100.00
B'nai Brith Auxiliary of San Pedro, San Pedro, Mr. & Mrs.'J. Alkon, Los Angeles, Calif.... ..... 100.00
Calif. ............................. ... 200.00 Mrs. Ben Silver, Los Angeles, Calif............. 100.00
Los Angeles Cloak Joint Board,'Los Angeles, Calif. 200.00 Mr. Ben Silver, Los Angeles, Calif.............. 100.00
Rose Brothers, Los Angeles, Calif ............... 200.00 Mr. & Mrs. H. Goldrath, Los Angeles, Calif.. .. 100.00
David Weiz, Los Angeles, Calif ............... 200.00 Reuben & Yetta Venger, Los Angeles, Calif....... 100.00
Lodge 204, J.P.F.O., Los Angeles, Calif.......... 200.00 Sophie Saltman, Los Angeles, Calif.............. 100.00
Harry A. Brown, Minneapolis, Minn.... ...... 200.00 Crown Upholstering Co., Los Angeles, Calif....... 100.00
Dr. J. W. Barenberg, Baltimore, Md. (previously Harry E. Weiss, Los Angeles, Calif............. 100.00
$300) ................................... 200.00 Julius Gindelman, Los Angeles, Calif............ 100.00
Lodge 215, J.P.F.O., Baltimore, Md............. 200.00 Belle Brown, Los Angeles, Calif................ 100.00
Mothers Club, Dallas, Texas. ................. '200.00 Theodore Franklin, Los Angeles, Calif.. ......... 100.00
Bialostoker Society, Dorchester, Mass............ 200.00 Sonia & Seaber Greenspoon, Los Angeles, Calif.. .. 100.00
Ladies Willing Helpers Society, Los Angeles, Calif. 150.00 Allison Kaufman Co., Los Angeles, Calif......... 100.00
Hebrew Cong. of Pomona & Ontario, Ontario, Calif. 150.00 R. Fierman, San Pedro, Calif. ....... ........ 100.00
Manuel Horowitz, Los Angeles, Calif.......... 150.00 Mrs. .Hermine S. Hillkowitz, San Diego, Calif.. 100.00
Jewish American Victory Club, Boston, Mass.: .... 150.00 Morris & Dora Poland, Tujanga,' Calif........... 100.00
Joseph Podos, Brooklyn, N. Y.. ............... 145.00 Paul E. Stein, San Francisco, Calif .............. 100.00
Lodge 196, J.P.F.O., Kansas City, Mo............ 129.00 H. Goulin, Minneapolis, Minn..... .......... 100.00
Gertrude Green, New York City (previously $50) .125.00 Independent Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn........ 100.00
Samuel J. Barsky, Philadelphia, Pa.............. 105.00 Max Livon, Minneapolis, Minn................ 100.00
Art Crayon Co., Brooklyn, N. Y................ 100.00 D. G. Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, Minn.... 100.00
Pearl Saltzman, Brooklyn, N. Y.. ..... ........ 100.00 Wm.. Rubinstein, Minneapolis, Minn ............ 100.00
Eva Weintrabb, Brooklyn, N. Y................. 100.00 Paramount Coat Co., Minneapolis, Minn.......... 100.00
Rebecca Greenfield, Brooklyn, N. Y.............. 100.00 Central Meat Market, Minneapolis, Minn........ 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. Max Rossin, Bronx, N. Y..... ....... 100.00 Baret Restaurant, Minneapolis, Minn........... 100.00
William Cohen, Lehighton, Pa.................. 100.00 Ben Giltman, Minneapolis, Minn ............... 100.00
Mrs. K. Katz, Chicago, Ill ................... 100.00 Tailors Service, Minneapolis, Minn.............. 100.00
\Reuben Brainin Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill...... 100.00 Standard Furniture Co., Moorhead, Minn........ 100.00
Paver Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill............... 100.00 'H. Chaimson, Rice Lake, Wis. (previously $100). 100.00
Chernobler Verein, Chicago, Ill.. ... ........ 100.00 Julia Fox, Omaha, Neb........................ 100.00
'Prushnitzer & Ciechanower Friendship Society, B'klyn Heights Commitee to Help Settle Jewish Ref-
Chicago, Ill ..... ......................... 100.00 ugee W ar Orphans in Birobidjan, Brooklyn,
Chicago Icor Committee in Memory of Louis Zalut-.. N. Y. (previously $600) .................... 100.00
sky, Chicago, Ill. ......................... 100.00 Br. 114, J.P.F.O. (IWO), Boston, Mass......... 100.00
Mothers Club, Chicago, Ill................... .. 100.00 Fradin Family, New York City. ................ 100.00
Dr. J. Rubin, Chicago, Ill ................... .. 100.00 Dora Weinman & Friends, Boston, Mass......... 100.00
Logan Square Victory Club, Chicago, Ill......... 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. Moses A. Weinman, Newton, Mass... 100.00
West Side Victory Club, Chicago, Ill............. 100.00 Malden Auto Top Co., Malden, Mass............ .100.00
Jewish Ladies Aid Society, Waukeegan, Ill........ 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. H. Lipshitz, Peabody, Mass......... 100.00
Friends Good Will Aid, Inc., Bronx, N. Y........ 100.00 (Continued on page 20)
$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today to the
ICOR ASSOCIATION, One Union Square W., New York 3, N. Y.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt


(For the Month of June. 1945)

Philadelphia Icor Comm......... 10
Ida Shore .................... 7
Broine Stern ......... ........ 4
S. I. Leon .................... 1

Miriam Baumel ............... 4
Miami Icor Comm. ........... 4
Gussie Lynn ............' ...... 3
E. M orris ................. .. 2
F. Rosenkrantz ........ ..... 2
J. Solomon ................... 2
J. Raichick .................. 2
Ethel Dickerman ...... ........ 1
M Kaufman ................. 1
Leah Adler .................. 1

East Side Icor Branch
S. Lazar ..................... 4
Friday Frumkiss ............... 3
Max Soifer .................. 2
D. Rabinowitz ................ 1
M. Lubartowsky .............. 1

Hollywood Icor Branch
E. Gottsdanker ................ 3
Nathan Krupin ............... 2
Eva Meyers ................... 2
I. Levitt .................... 1

Dr. B. -M Nadler ............ 8
Chicago Icor Comm. ............ 7

Baltimore Icor Comm. ....:.... 15

Milwaukee Icor Comm. ......... 12

Wilmington Icor Comm. ........ 8

Dr. H. J. Friedman ........... 5
Rock Island Icor Comm. ...... 2

R. Davidson .................. 3

Ben W iner .................. 3

J. Leibowitz .................. 2

N Yaschik ................... 1

P. M argulis .................. 1

J. Fradin .................... 8
M r. Frank ................... 2
Downtown Icor Comm. ......... 2

D. Yanishefsky ................ 4
A Levine ................... 3
Brownsville Icor Comm. ........ 3
Ida Grossman ................. 1
H Singer .................... 1

H. Aronoff .................
Eastern Parkway C6mm ........

H. W olf ...........
Crotona Icor Comm ...........
Celia Rubin .................

Brighton Icor Comm ..........
Bertha Resnick ..............
Philip Feider .................

(As of June 30, 1945)


r 'a

Additional New York Organizations
which contributed in the Orphan
Campaign for Birobidjan
Winograder Emergency Relief Society,
Friends Good Will Aid, Inc.
Kopister Beneficial Aksociation
Talner Aid
Chevra Beth Israel Anshei Sfard
Family Ring Society
The East Side Group Against Intolerance
Breslover Aid Sosiety -
Lodges of the Jewish Peoples Fraternal
8, 27, 63, 193, 272, 620
Workmen Circles
Branch 405, Workmen .Circle

"Under this document we have good reason to expect the fram-
ing of an 'international bill of rights, acceptable to all the nations in-
volved. That bill of rights will be as much a part of international life
as our own Bill of Rights is a part of our Constitution. The Charter
is dedicated to the achievement and observance of human rights and
fundamental freedoms. Unless we can obtain those objectives for all
men and women everywhere-without regard to race, language or
religion-we cannot have permanent peace and security in the world.
With this charter 'the world can begin to look forward to the time
when all worthy human beings may be permitted to live decently as
free people. The world has learned again that nations, like indi-
viduals, must know the truth if they would be free-must read and
hear the truth, learn and teach the truth."
-President Truman, speaking at the signing of
the United Nations Charter at San Francisco.

JULY, 1945




"This belief which we hold (in the immortality of the
soul), says Plutarch, "is so old that we cannot trace its
author or its origin, and it dates back to the most remote
This universal belief in man's immortality, Cardinal Gib-
bons tells us, is as deep-rooted in the human breast as the
instinctive love for truth and justice, and with this sentiment
is inborn a desire for perfect felicity. It is clear, he says, that
this desire can never be fully realized in this world, and
inasmuch as He created nothing in vain, He would have
created something to no purpose if He had given us the
thirst for perfect happiness without the means of assuaging it.
When Robert Browning was asked what proof he had
of immortality, he answered that he needed no proof, for
he felt it too deeply within him to doubt it, but added that
if he were to offer proof, he would say that as no force has
ever been known to cease, then surely the greatest force of
them all, the human mind, must continue to exist.
If I have seemed to digress, I link my thesis again with
the observation that Peretz's transcendentalism runs true to
the pattern of thought of all great minds.
Who can possibly doubt Peretz's spiritual outlook when
we consider, for example, the lofty story of "The Three
Gifts." We find the departed soul unable to gain Heaven
Until he can present three gifts of surpassing goodness. The
soul descends to earth and searches until he finds the gifts.
The first one he finds in the home of a rich Jew who watches
silently, under threat of instant death, while his house is
being robbed. But when the robbers take a small sack he
murmurs, "Not this," and is instantly stabbed. They open
the sack and it contains-a small quantity of sand from the
Holy Land to be strewn on his face at burial.
The second gift he extracted from the limbs of a dying
girl, who, about to be dragged through the streets by a wild
horse, for having dared to gaze upon the Host, carefully
pinned her skirts to her body, so great was her. chastity. It
was only a pin he took for the second gift.
The third gift was a skull-cap which had fallen from the
head of a poor Jew, who, having been forced to run the
gauntlet of two lines of swords, returned to retrieve it.
"These," said a heavenly voice, "are truly beautiful gifts
of surpassing fairness. They may be of no practical use. They
may not even serve for show-but they are exquisite."

Wherever we look in his works, his individuality is re-
flected in the magnanimity of his art, always with the purpose
of uplifting and helping others.
We find the most excellent illustrations in such narra-
tives as "He Who Gives Life" where he points out how
darkness engulfs us once we cease to have faith in the
source "which gives life," or in the story "If Not Higher"
where we find the Rebbe or "holy man" who, when he
vanished at dawn every morning and was thought by his
followers to have betaken himself to Heaven was discovered
by a skeptical Lithuanian Jew to actually have gone to the
woods incognito to chop wood f6r poor folks. "And after-

wards when people told him the Rebbe ascended to Heaven
every morning, the Litvak'no longer laughed. Under his
breath he added, "If not higher."
His easy versatility led him into practically all avenues of
expression including drama and poetry. Although he was
enthusiastic about making a success of his plays, they were
actually the least successful of his attempts, due for the most
part to the fact that he was motivated by ideas and states
of feeling rather than character and plot vehicles.
His poetry on the other hand is second in rank to no other
in Yiddish literature.
His "Sewing of the Wedding Gown," a poignant picture
of the "sweat shop" ern which flourished in his time; the
"Two Brothers," symbolizing the covetousness of man-
kind to the sacrifice of brotherly love; and "Monish," one
of the finest ballads in all literature, where we find the Faust
theme reiterated, are among the best of his poems.

Of his writings in general, "Drooping Eyes" is one of
his most beautiful transcendental gems. Here he contrasts
the inner lives of the two sisters; Malkeh, who sinned with
her soul in a pure body; Nekhameh who gave uoi her whole
body, but kept her soul pure; while for sheer exquisiteness
of thought nothing surpasses the "Incarnation of a Tune."b
In this beautiful tale Peretz imbues a tune with a soul. He
breathes life into the lifeless notes by giving it the highest
embodiment of expression and allows it its freedom in the
world. It is bandied about until it is incapable of express-
ing anything but the most sordid emotions, until finally,
little by little, it regains its original perfection, culminating
with the "pious scholar," who cannot resist its haunting
notes, and breathes into it his own spirituality.
We cannot begin to extract the essence in these brief
excerpts, therefore, I say to you-"read Peretz." I referred
earlier to the inability of the masses to always understand
him, but it must be understood that Peretz had vision far
beyond the average comprehension. He was intuitively cog-
nizant of the fact that to make his concept obvious was for
the reader to accept the surface value only, whereas with his
use of suggestion he induces the reader to ponder. Life
Cannot Be Defined. It can only be intuitively perceived
by reflection and meditation through Suggestion. One glimpse
will reveal enough to stimulate the mind to greater efforts
of understanding.
Ruskin says, "If the author is worth anything you will
not get at his meaning all at once; he cannot and will not
say all he means, but in a hidden way and in parable in order
that he may be sure you want it."

Consciously Peretz's ideology was Jew-bound but un-
consciously his 'ideas were cradled in a world view. He
wrote of no era and not of passing events-but of life it-
self. Perhaps not'a classicist, yet he goes down into the an-
nals of great men who bent their talents to bettering the lot
of their fellow-men. Out of a vast multitude of people he
looms as a single individual who has eloquently sung the
sad song of his people with his pen.


JULY, 1945

"lf RIL B nl" (new Life)
VOL. XIX, No. 7 (176) New York, N. Y., July, 1945 .sos Single Copy 10 cents
NAILEBN, I Union Square, New York 3, N. Y., Telephone ALgonquin 4-2045, published monthly by the ICOR Association for information on the
economic, cultural, and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription, $1.00.
Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the Post office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY


(Continued from June issue)

Peretz has been taken to task by his critics for his inac-
cessibility to the masses. It is true that many of his themes
require good deal of thought to. understand his transcen-
dental meaning, and we shall speak more- of that later.
Perhaps he himself realized this, for he appears to make the
attempt to appeal to the simpler intellect in some of his prose
tales, which, if,divested of their dramatic value would stand
out as philosophical essays. In whatever vein Peretz chose
to write, his aim was to reform, expose, uplift or to hold
the mirror up to truth. He accomplishes his purpose with
such apparent ease. There is no evidence of forcing his
thought. Unlike Carlyle, who at times makes a laborious
almost forceful effort to convince, e.g. his philosophical essay
on "Work," Peretz is likened to the gardener-he surrounds
his plant with favorable conditions of light and soil and
atmosphere; then stands out of its way while it unfolds its
full fruitage.
In his tale of "Four Generations," how deftly he shows
the insidious effect of wealth not wisely used. We see the
degeneration of character as the wealth passes down the
line through four generations, until we witness the complete
moral collapse of Maurice Benditson, Jr., who commits
suicide. "I have tasted all joys," he says, "but I have never
learned how to live. My fortune has been my misfortune."
Again in "The Poor Boy," Peretz causes us to examine
our own conscience and admit to ourselves that we too,
are wont to rationalize our acts. We think little of indulging
in the purchase of a bauble, but can find many arguments
against charity to others.
Yet again we see him engaging in Socratic dialogue in his
unflagging effort to cause men to think. Both the Greek
sage and the Yiddish master employ the cross-examination
method of drawing answers from their interlocutor, only
to tear to shreds the fallaciousness of their reasoning.
Theer is a fine parallel between his "About History"
and the famous Socratic "Apology." Socrates says,
"The truth is, Meletus, you prove conclusively that you have
never thought about the truth in your life,' that you take no'
interest at all in matters about which you are prosecuting
But evidently Peretz felt that he could not adequately
express himself through these channels alone. By a certain
natural power and inspiration he was able to create his more
exquisite'works in a more symbolic and transcendental realm.
That he was not a religious man in the accepted sense

of the word I do not question. He was too individual a
thinker to accept all religious law without rebelling against
such tenets as he thought did more harm than good.
This is evidenced in his attempt to point out the evil of
reserving the Book of Knowledge for the men and entirely
excluding the women in his story of "The Repudiated
Daughter." The gay young Hannah, having deserted her
family on'the Eve of Pentecost to live a life of gayety with
their enemies returns broken and crushed to chide. She can
never again enter a Jewish home, but stands outside the
window as she says, "What did I know of your terrible
quarrel with the others? You knew of it because you went
to school. I knew nothing of your sufferings. Why did you
not tell me of that love that is nurtured with your life blood?
Again in his "Domestic Peace," while he touchingly de-
picts the noble sentiment which Hayirn the carrier bears in
his heart for his wife Hannah, we sense the irony underlying
his thought.
"No Hannah, I don't want you to be my footstool in
Paradise. 'I will stoop down to you, lift you up and place
you by my side. The Almighty will have to grant my re-
quest." Again the reformer, the teacher, he tries to point
out that inequality would not be tolerated by the Almighty.
Running like a vein throughout the structure of his work
we find him expressing his aversion to ostentatious religion
in those who perform the ritual sans the inner sincerity.
Although he may not have been religious in one sense,
to deny that he believed in a Supreme and Infinite Being
would seem like sheer nonsense. -To begin with, he could not
have written so convincingly of soul-conscious, sublime and
divine states if he were not in sympathetic accord with such
belief. I biing this point out because there seems to be a
tendency to limit his transcendentalism to mere Pantheism.
In all that he writes, one is left with the sublime feeling of
having experienced Revelation. So much of his dialogue,
so many inner states of feeling of his characters, so many
of his conclusions left hanging in that higher Sphere for one
to meditate upon, all indicate the infinite degree of spiritu-
ality to which he soared. The Talmudical law which moti-
vated all of his characters prescribes the realization of the
highest good, and such realization, according to Kant, im-
plies a higher order than that of nature. This belief in the
future state of the soul has been attested by all nations since
antiquity, from Homer,'Virgil and Ovid to such sages as
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca and Plutarch.