Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

1945 ,'J1'

w s^;ws^ P^ 11N ?ys~y ysy^^


1tT31-i1'2 1rm 4i tt:t,390Tli y90 jzv

,'ru 124 19 N l 4M 101-1 Wt'it4WN' 1 p
(TpTuyn4 9lytyTW'u ,D'I1 1sD )y-1'1 y^
n7'''?"Dp'7( U'J*NW1 311 11NOUD^8)

(T'2) T',pi T"

: ,'t' ,V I

(-) f, 01'fll 1

: .11wI .3

"3 .71"7 70_ inn-tT I mp

S.11 .1 D180 $IDnWp

("U'"'' 112 DME) 71WIM Y .aI

Tatn Pt Me1pyan otMy
187A Gentile.

-ivn the yn U.STO.S.r.: is3p'y
1iTo te ei lyT TIN WorT
Ior'T Orp 1s' 1Cam paign

7v II-in g uwnw YY-T-n

uyi' yto-TIN
Dyng -IY- 2 -1'4 1 u1pi W1T
Mary Ready Holmes:
What Peretz Means to Me
-A Gentile.
F.D.R. Made It Clear.
M. L. Olken:
A Visit to Thirteen Cities.
Jewish Ant-Fascist Committee
in the U.S.S.R.:
To the Jews the World
Icor Orphans' Campaign

1945 ,W 1] 37 y ) 91 2

ojY03p15 17 11 11 ,t iy'n ^yp p'r p10 iDy9yoj3i 1 PP'S7II
WvW 8 rl-v to)'U'y p 8 1y1 t tinlo'3.i'83 8 ,p ty t3 B7
vwyn tA ntp -Yvnt3sn 1 N nv- ,Y Iv'v1=1s:2 kZ IJ"T To') CxT
B-y11 MI 0111'9I vYn113 ,D9Pp111ipYw Tps 1y 1r l't t 5p Dw11
.t1yoJyv lYv111'lpi tps U^PM
i$ tuimn a1= Jigs p3 Y1:1s yVVyIVK9 yvy5y.VVD -I ux<
-p'Y598 YPD'Yj8IB-i8i3 131-K I "5vt''BitrI8 w'1i1V m1W
-Ta 013y ot tDmtn 1y901 ,5mytw oyrsyo 8 f191y yj s
-D0KI 18 A380)y E bt Dt m 11 plJK u''13 1 .1 8 t38In w3tP
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ViIs 199 w?)n I3W iyni p-1i0 tiyni3t JIan P- ,- ? m-.Vnts
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1945 ,'V1

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1208 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.
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S-DPSeb yrt'iTN tIV Ti& Dipji'a In ,"Iyt
.1m 1iyi' oDmB t Ip.B IyrBin B N ,M '51i
,JnnK-op'eb l1el~ytonP a Itw'TK mr- pBi 142
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-D'irm' i4 pIN lyi .1y pn J TIM T 'a-1I'2
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.?- ."OIKyg ml -IV7 im IImirImYB5I 4 n
-elle .70Tr MID Irm liVIDN ill TiN 051V
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-tI min C 1Ign,1 i ee- ;;ATV MID Ynle l ng
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-nm$5 pDy n i ow) VD'1 m toulp oy
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ityaBrin yBay3 yiptIn t3 ,B'Owy at"3 1P

It ] 7 7 y -j1945 :l

June, 1945 NAILEBN

New York Organizations in the
Orphan Campaign for Biro-Bidjan
As of May, 1945,
Bukowiner Center Benevolent Society,
Bialistoker Victory Club
Bronx Community Circle
Bereziner Ladies' Auxiliary
Benderer Progressive Benev. Soc., Inc.
Brooklyn Heights Comm. to Help Settle
Orphans in Biro-Bidjan
Bronx Culture Center
Bnai Aaron Family Circle
Chevra Beth Israel Anshei Sfard
Cherkasser Ben. Ass. & Cherkasser Prog.
Ladies Aux.
Chernowitz Podolier Aid Association
Goniondzer-Trestiner-Y.F.B.A., Inc.
Camp Beacon
Ezra Orphan Ladies Society
Goldens Bridge Colony
Greenpoint Lodge 450-I.O.B.A.
Hlusker Benevolent Association
Horchiver Young Men's Ben. Assn.
Horchiver Young Ladies Auxiliary
Joint Board Fur Dressers & Dyers Union
Jewish Workers Alliance
1st Kishinever Cong. of N. Y.
Kovler Aid Society/
Progressive Kittaigoroder Pod. Ben. Assn.
Lodiziner Ladies Auxiliary
Mordecai Gerstein Family Circle
1st Mogiler Podolier Friends Assn.
Musical Rebecca Lodge
Meyer Levine Culture Club
Lavenburg Homes
Nevlen Social Circle
Queens Culture Club
Rubin Schechter General Relief
Rotmistrowker Benevolent Society
Samochwalowitzer Ladies Club
Workers Cooperative Colony,
Yarmolinitzer Ladies Club
Zurnishtcher Benevolent Association
Zerdower Branch 301, Workmen's Circle
Branch 361, Workmen's Circle
Branch 417, Workmen's Circle
Preluker Branch 467, Workmen's Circle
Krakower Branch 515, Workmen's Circle
Bobrusker Ladies Club 206, Workmen's
Lodges: 29, 34, 46, 54, 64, 127, 138, 140,
167, 184, 241, 302, 327, 400, 467
Emma Lazarus Clubs-J.P.F.O.: 167, 277,
Washington Heights, Kings Highway
Schools: 1, 5,
Shops: Carl Zuckerman's, Stylish Hat
Company, Prompt Press, Employees of
Levine & Smith Co., I. Ginsburg &
Bro., Lukbrod Hat & Cap Co.

Greetings from...
New York City

(For the Month of May, 1945)

Toms River Icor.... 37
Allentown Icor .... 26
East Side Branch
East Side Icor ..... 20
Samuel Binch ...... 2
Max Soifer ....... 2
Frieda Frumkiss .. 1
S. Evans .......... 21
St. Paul Icor ...... 17
Dr. B. M. Nadler... 15
San Francisco Icor. 14
Trenton Icor ...... 11
S. Manewitz ...... 10
Luba Shapiro ..... 13
Shifra Tarr ....... 2
Anna Clayman .... 2

Sarah Yellin ...... 1
Mrs. D. Mallin..... 1
M. Yellin ......... .1

Cincinnati Icor .... 9
< Broine Stern ...... 5
Minneapolis Icor ... 3
M. Nirnberg ...... 3
N. Kramer ....... 1
E. Drapkin ....... 1

Bessie A. Wallman. 1
M. Baumel .... ... 1
M. Jenkins ...... 1
Brighton-Coney Is. Icor
Philip Feider ..... 4

V. Lichter ........
Mr. Zbarsky ......
Esther Edelman ..

,Brownsville Icor
Brownsville Comm..
H. Safran ........
R. Rosensweig ....
Helen London .....

Jamaica Icor
Jennie Posner .....
Crotona Icor
Harry Wolf .......
Celia Rubin .......

Downtown Icor
J. Eidelkopf ......
Downtown Icor Com.



As of May 31, 1945..1,052

Collected by Esther Edelman
Polly Zimmering Phil Elman
Joseph Weinstein Kaminsky
Rebecca Ganloff Sam
Sid Givan Ida Cohen
Dave Esther Siegal
Rose Sherer Elizabeth
B. Hanellin D. Mangione
Berle Fracks F. Frances
Alice Morris Albert Miller
Hyman Herman Esther Edelman
Collected by J. Lilienthal
Anonymous Wm. Hyman
J. Lilienthal M. Badiny

in ps> m' -pyrpy y7!ir n-

1 1 l l n;M1t n 3

-IP'N lyI l 11 ri Din 1a'B no -: 3
n:. 51Iorn py'lN nw oBiN iy i'ntI
r~i'l TINp It '91BNi .x'n
.py ) p't yIy

BmDylTyi tn1 D3 .?v;$aa .5P
:mimmaB'p 1!p'n ry;Knpo .y' mIn

Tel. PResident 4-7161


SOffice Hours: 1-2; 6-8 P.M.

Sunday and Holidays by Appointment

1199 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.

LODGE 192, J.P.F.O.
Miami, Florida

Greets the "Nailebn"
on the occasion of its
Tenth Anniversary




90 Second Avenue New York City

June, 1945


Jonowh Ilolt
(For the month of May, 1945)
Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the Icor Campaign to settle Jewish
refugee war orphans at the Children's Settlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Biro-Bidjan.
Emma Lazarus Division, J.P.F.O., Chicago, Ill. $1,335.00 Miretsky Family Club, Chicago, Ill.......... 100.00
M. Gottlieb, Goldens Bridge, New York...... 455.00 Joseph Yarus, Emmaus, Pa................ 100.00
J. Lilienthal, Bronx, N. Y................... 400.00 Clyde Shirt Co., Northampton, Pa........... 100.00
Crotona Icor Center, Bronx, N. Y............ 300.00 Lisle Mills, Allentown, Pa ................. 100.00
Sarah Gutnick, Bronx, N. Y................. 280.00 'Morris Kaplan, Allentown, Pa............... 100.00
Sophie Bubrick, New York City............. 273.00 Eva & Joe Meyers, Los Angeles, Calif....... 100.00
Bialistoker Victory Club, New York City (pre- Mrs. Evelyn Heller, Los Angeles, -Calif....... 100.00
viously $300) .......................... 225.00 Carl Lamel, Jr., Universal, Calif.............. 100.00
Branch No. 34, J.P.F., Bronx ............... 220.00 Babroysker Society, Los Angeles, Calif...... 100.00
Ida Ginn, Bronx, N. Y ..................... 210.00 Mrs. Annie Krupin, Los Angeles, Calif....... 100.00
Lodge 117, J.P.F.O., New Haven, Conn....... 204.00 Mrs. Max Lichter, N. Hollywood, Calif....... 100.00
Men's Auxiliary of the Friends Good Will Aid, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Greenspoon, Los Angeles,
New York City............. ... ........ 200.00 Calif. ......................... .. ..... 100.00
Anna Lifshitz, Bronx, N. Y. (previously $200) 200.00 Jewish Theatre Collective, Los Angeles, Calif. 100.00
Bronx Community Circle, Bronx, N. Y....... 200.00 Los Feliz Victory Club, Los Angeles, Calif... 100.00
Phoenix Clothes, Inc., Allentown, Pa........ 200.00 Patients City of Hope, Los Angeles, Calif.. .. 100.0
Royal Manufacturing, Allentown, Pa........ 200.00 Nathan Gelfand, Los Angeles, Calif......... 100.00
Jack Beckerman of Pa., Allentown, Pa....... 200.00 Mr. Flaz, Los Angeles, Calif................ 100.00
Rodale Mfg. Co., Emmaus, Pa.............. 200.00 M. Strauss Co., Los Angeles, Calif........... 100.00
Chmelniker Relief Society, Los Angeles, Calif. 200.00 Isidor Behrstock, Los Angeles, Calif......... 100.00
Emma Lazarus Chapter, Chicago, Ill........ 200.00 E. S. Morris, Los Angeles, Calif............. 100.00
Lakewood-Toms River Knitting Group, Lake- A. D. Taff, Los Angeles, Calif.............. 100.00
wood, N. J................................ 180.00 Jacob Seiler, Los Angeles, Calif............. 100.00
Lodge 127, J.P.F.O., Brooklyn, N. Y.......... 152.00 Sol & Sadie Shapiro, Los Angeles, Calif..... 100.00
I. Lakretz, Los Angeles, Calif............. 150.00 J. A. Meyers & Co., Los Angeles, Calif...... 100.00
Miron Dress Co., Allentown, Pa............. 150.00 Mrs. Vera Bachman, Ontario, Calif.......... 100.00
Molly Laycob, Brooklyn, N. Y............... 150.00 H. Byalis, Garvey, Calif.................... 100.00
Bessie Korn, Bronx, N. Y................... 120.00 Mry. Anna Cohn, San Francisco, Calif........ 100.00-
Rose Cooper, Goldens Bridge, N. Y.......... 113.50 Harry H. Coleman, Petaluma, Calif.......... 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. M. Block, Brooklyn, N. Y........ 110.00 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Sloan, Yonkers, N. Y....... 100.00
Oakland Jewish Women's Committee for Mr. & Mrs. Norman Topliss, Yonkers, N. Y. 100.00
R.W.R., Oakland, Cal........................ 106.00 Ida Landau, Yonkers, N. Y................ 100.00
Philip & Ida Rothstein, Brooklyn, N. Y....... 105.00 Mr. & Mrs. Max Lieberman, Lakewood, N. J. 100.00
Suvalker Verein, Chicago, Ill............... 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Israel, Lakewood, N. J..... 100.00
A. Kaplan Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill....... 100.00 Harry Schriebman, New York City.......... 100.00
Zvi Hirsh Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill........ 100.00 Zerdower Branch 301, W. C., New York City 100.00
Rubjn Brainin Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill... 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. J. Alpert, New York City....... 100.00
Unity Culture Club, Chicago, Ill........... 100.00 Morris Katz, New York City............... 100.00
Gina Medem Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill..... 100.00 Isaac Ginsberg & Bros., Inc., New York City 100.00
P. Paisner, Chicago, Ill................... 100.00 Sun-Surf'Modes, Inc., New York City....... 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. Isidor Marcus, Chicago, Ill....... 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. Josef Berger, Bronx, N. Y....... 100.00
Daver Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill........... 100.00 B. Shulman, New York City................. 100.00
Mothers' Club, Chicago, Ill ................ 100.00 Shull J.P.F.O., Bronx, N. Y................. 100.00
Mrs. Goldbaum, Chicago, Ill................. 100.00 Mary Eisenstadt, Brooklyn, N. Y........... 100.00
Esther Fine, Chicago, Ill.................... 100.00 Rose Nierman, Brooklyn, N. Y................ 100.00
Miss Landsberg, Chicago, Ill................ 100.00 Yetta Rosenbaum, Brooklyn, N. Y........... 100.00
Lagoshiner Ladies Relief Society, Chicago, Ill. 100.00 Lena Seldin, Brooklyn, N. Y................ 100.00
Red Cross Unit Emma Lazarus Chapter 220, Rock Island Chernigover Club, Rock Island, Ill. 100.00
Chicago, Ill. ............................ 100.00 Max Golofsky, Rock Island, Ill.............. 100.00
Emma Lazarus Chapter 431, Chicago, Ill..... 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. S. Roebin, Madison, Wis......... 100.00
Women's Auxiliary Fur & Leather Workers Sokolifker Society, Philadelphia, Pa......... 100.00
Union, Chicago, Ill..................... 100.00 Sol Friedman, Goldens Bridge, N. Y......... 100.00
Albany Park-Emma Lazarus Division, Chi- Jack Raphaelson, Cincinnati, Ohio.......... 100.00
cago, Ill. .............................. 100.00 Mike & Bertha Nogen, Cincinnati, Ohio...... 100.00
Moishe Katz Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill..... 100.00 Sam & Celia Kuller, Cincinnati, Ohio........ 100.00
*Mr. & Mrs. Z. Goldman, Chicago, Ill......... 100.00 Mr. & Mrs. Max Hirsh, Cincinnati, Ohio..... 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Steinberg, Cincinnati, Ohio 100.00
Sudilkov-Shepetowka Relief Society, Chicago, Rose Torn, Cincinnati, Ohio ................ 100.00
Ill. ................................... 100.00 Harry Perlman, St. Paul, Minn.............. 100.00
Olgin Reading Circle, Chicago, Ill;.......... 100.00 Harry Gold, Paterson, N. J................. 100.00
$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today to the
ICOR ASSOCIATION, One Union Square W., New York 3, N. Y.
Contributions to the campaign are income tax exempt

June, 1945


On April 28 I set out to carry out
my assignment as planned by the Na-
tional Executive of the Icor Association.
On May 18 I was back in the National
Office in New York. I was to visit
some 15 cities, ranging from St. Louis,
Mo., and Minneapolis, Minn., down to
upstate New York towns like Rochester
and Albany. Two cities, somehow fell
out, so the actual number of cities visited
amounted to thirteen.
In six of these cities-Chicago, St.
Paul, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Cincin-
nati and Rochester-people had been in-
vited to come to public halls and partici-
pate in the celebration of the eleventh
anniversary of Birobidjan Jewish
Autonomous Region in U.S.S.R. The
attendance was good; at Minneapolis
over 300 people jammed the Dyckman
Banquet Hall. At Rock Island, Ill.,
Milwaukee, Wis., Madison, 'Wis.,
Cleveland, O., Youngstown, 0., and
Albany, N. Y., we had lectures, the
predominant topic being the significance
of Biro-Bidjan. A number of organiza-
tional conferences with our local Icor
committees as well as people interested
in the work and campaigns of the Icor
were held.
An interesting and important affair
took place at Indianapolis on May 10th
at Kirshbaum Center. The undertaking
held under the auspices of the Indian-
apolis Hebrew Women's Aid Society
(Bikur Khelem), attracted a large audi-
ende. Part of the proceeds will go to
help settle Jewish orphans in Biro-
In four places (Chicago, Minneapolis,
St. Louis and Indianapolis) the artistic
performances rendered by Maxim Bro-
dyn and Zelda Zlatin brought enjoy-
ment to the gatherings.
In all cities, regardless of the na-
ture of the affair arranged, considerable
sums of money had been collected for
the Icor's campaign to help the or-
phans. It would be safe to state that no
campaign in the history of the Icor had
received as wide a response as the pres-
ent one-the orphans campaign. Peo-
ple of all strata, if only approached,
take a deep interest in this cause and
donate generously. Witness the grow-

ing Honor Roll in the issues of the
Nailebn. The campaign, undoubtedly,
has just begun.
One easily observes a growing ten-
dency among the Jewish people in the
various localities to learn more concern-
ing the life of their brothers and sisters
in the USSR; particularly is the interest
great regarding Biro-Bidjan.
This reporter has never experienced
such an eagerness on the part of the
people (the Rabbi and the groceryman,
lawyer and tailor, doctor and worker,
etc.) to get all the available facts about
the new Jewish homeland-Biro-Bidjan.
One readily notices -something else:
there is less antagonism now between
the adherents of Palestine and the
friends of Biro-Bidjan. Since both Jew-
ish settlements are of great historic ben-
efit to the future of the Jewish people as
a whole, and are destined to play a
great role in the postwar rehabilitation
of the Jews in Europe-all that is neces-
sary is the proper explanation. The
"contradiction" then disappears. It is,
indeed, no accident that so many Zion-
ists actively participate in the Icor cam-
paigns to help the Jews in Biro-Bidjanr
and great numbers of non-Zionists are
whole-heartedly engaged in campaigns
to assist the Jewish people in Palestine.
Take a look at a typical Icor concert,
celebration, lecture, etc., in a "provin-
cial" -city. You will recognize Jewish
people of various walks of life. They
come because they want unity and un-
derstanding. This phenomenon is evi-
dent everywhere. The job of the Icorists
is to help widen and deepen this whole-
some and desirable development.
In all the thirteen cities I visited, our
committees are not only active in the
Icor campaigns. Our members are liter-
ally everywhere. Some of them are rec-
ognized leaders in selling war bonds
(Sonia Fratkin, Cincinnati, O.; Sam
Lefcowitz in St. Paul, Minn.). All of
them were busy in collecting, assorting,
sewing and packing clothing for the
United Nations drive. In Rock Island,
I noticed, in a building formerly occu-
pied by a bank, half of our membership,
a prominent local minister and other
Gentiles, working like beavers over

stacks of clothing to be shipped to our
Allies. Where does our young, energetic
trade unionist, M. D. Bell, secretary of
the Chicago Icor, find the time for his
many activities? Or our good Dr. B. N.
Nadler of Chicago-how does he keep
his patients away-who is so active on
-behalf of the orphans campaign? And
Milwaukee's Icor chairman, A. Gold-
wasser, N. Garfield-leaders in their
communities, respected by all; Cincin-
nati's Mrs. Novikoff, in charge of mak-
ing clothes for children-orphans in So-
viet Union, Mollie Tenenholtz (who
doesn't know Mollie?). And in Minne-
apolis-the prominent civic leaders, M.
Lockertz and H. Supack, active on be-
half of everything that's good for the
However, there exists an imperative
need for more people to be drawn into
our activities. The present campaign re-
quires a far greater number of active
participants than seem to be available
right now.
With the exception of a few cities
above mentioned, the absence of younger
people at our gatherings is rather evi-
dent. It is our task to overcome this
serious shortcoming.
With the war in Europe won, let's
concentrate all our energies to help
smash treacherous Japan. The specific
'job of the Icor-bring truth concerning
the Soviet Union, understanding and
unity among the Jewish people-must
now be extended.
Let's make the Icor orphans cam-
paign the success it deserves to be.

As we enter the inner ring of
the Japanese defenses more and
more exertions and sacrifices will
be demanded of all Americans.
Our boys are doing the fighting
for us. Let us supply them the
things they need in order to bring
the Japanese enemy of human
freedom to his knees as soon as-
possible. BUY WAR BONDS!
Office of War Information

June, 1945 |

(A word on a recent trip)


NAILEBN June, 1945


u-f cOba W9flaaq

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the U.S.S.R.
heartily congratulates you on the victorious completion of
the great liberation war against Hitlerite Germany, which
has been utterly routed by the valiant Red Army and the
Allied Armies.
We are happy that the multi-national Soviet people led
by Marshal Stalin has played a decisive role in this greatest
battle in the history for freedom and happiness of mankind.
We are happy that the sons and daughters of our Jewish
people have contributed their share to this grand victory.
With reverence do we remember on this historic day of
victory the heroic fighters of all peoples who shed their
blood defending the honor and freedom of mankind against
fascist vandalism and cannibalism. We bow our heads be-
fore the countless graves of the innocent victims with which
fascism has covered the earth of much suffering Europe.
Never will mankind forget the fascist infamies of Majdanek,
Tremblinka, Oswiecim, Buchenwald, "Dachau, Babi Yar,'
Ponnari and dozens of other Fascist death camps.
In the course of its age-old history the suffering Jewish
people have never experienced such gory nightmares as in
the period of the misrule of Hitlerite obscurantists.
Notwithstanding the enormous sacrifices and losses our
people, too, is emerging from this death battle with the brown
hangman, hardened in fighting spirit-even though reduced
in number-and full of hope and confidence that a new
bright era is beginning for all nations of the world.
The Fascist military hordes have been ground to dust
on all battlefields. But every freedom-loving man, irre-
spective of nationality, must remember that not until Fas-
cism has been routed morally and politically, can we have
ass rance that this long-awaited and dearly paid for peace
will be a lasting one.
For the sake of happiness and freedom of the future
generations it is the duty of every one of us to help to the
utmost in the uprooting of Fascism in all its manifestations,
no matter where they may be found and what disguise it
may take on.
In the post-war world such manifestations of Fascism as
racial hatred and anti-Semitism must be outlawed and sub-
jected to the severest punishment.
The Jewish people have their own accounts to settle with
Hitlerite Germany. No time should be lost in placing be-
fore the court of the United Nations our indictment of war
incendiaries and the exterminators of peoples. In the trying
years of war militant friendship of our countries have been
consolidated. Mutual understanding of Jews in all coun-
tries has grown and a basis has been created for close unity
in struggle for life, for prosperity and for the culture of our
This grand victory obligates us to consolidate still more
our friendship, to intensify the struggle against all manifes-

stations of reaction in the Jewish midst and fight against all
overt and covert advocates of Fascism.
Forward to the bright future of mankind!
Forward to new life built on principles of freedom, equal-
ity, brotherhood and friendships of peoples!
Professor Solomon Mikhoels, Peoples Artist U.S.S.R.
Shakhno Epstein, 'Editor-in-Chief of Einikait, Executive
David Bergelson; Major L. Blachman, Commander Par-
tisan Detachment; W. Brikker, Chairman, Central Commit-
tee, Trade Union of Film and Photo Workers of USSR;
A. Bachmutzsky, Secretary, Regional Committee, Communist
Party of Biro-Bidjan; S. Bregman, Assistant Peoples Com-
missar of State Control of USSR; Guards Major L. Luber,
Hero of Soviet Union; Elias Wattenberg, Journalist, Former
Secretary, American society, "Icor." Major General Medi-
cal Services, M. Vovsi, Chief Physician of the Red Army;
Major V. Vilensky, Hero of the Soviet Union; Samuel Halkin,
poet-playwright; Emile Gilels, pianist; Captain G. Goldberg
Commander, Submarine Division of Baltic Fleet; Lev Honor,
Hero Socialist Labour, Director Ammunition Plant; David
Hoffstein, Poet; Goldmaher, Deputy Supreme Soviet USSR
from Jewish Autonomous Region, Biro-Bidjan; Chaim Grade,
Poet; Z. Greenberg, Historian; I. Gross, actor, Jewish Theatre
in Biro-Bidjan; V. Grossman, writer; M. Gubelman, Chair-
man, Central Committee of Shop Assistants of the Trade
Union in USSR; M. Dvorkin, Chairman Collective Farm,
Moscow Region; I. Dobrushin, critic and playwright; David
Zaslavsky, journalist; M. Zilberstein, Chairman, Executive
Committee of the Soviet Jewish Autonomous Region, Biro-
Bidjan; Benjamin Zuskin, actor, Peoples Artist RSS'R; Boris
Iofan, architect, Stalin Prize Winner; F. Kaganovsky,
writer; Leib Kvitko, poet; Rachel Korn, poet; Lieutenant
General Jacob Kreiser, Hero, Soviet Union; Alexander Krein,
composer, Merited Art Worker; Guards Captain Aron Kush-
nirov, poet and "playwright; Khana Levin, poet; Perets
Markish, poet and playwright; Samuel Marshak, poet, Stalin
Prize Winner; Guards Lieutenant, Colonel R. Milner, Hero
of the Soviet Union; Der Nister, writer; Oistrakh, violinist;
L. Pulver, composer, Peoples Artist RSSR; I. Rabinowitz,
painter; G. Riklin, journalist; P. Sabsai, sculptor, Stalin Prize
Winner; Dr. Eli Spivak, Corresponding Member Ukrainian
Academy of Sciences, Director of the Department of Jewish
Culture at Academy; I. Strongin, Manager, Emes Publishing
House; Abraham Sustkever, poet, Partisan; Guards Captain
P Turian, Hero of the Soviet Union; Alexander Tairov,
Peoples Artist USSR; Leon Talmy, journalist; A. Tyshler,
painter; Itsik Feffer, poet; Senior Lieutenant Eli Falkovitz,
Philologist; Jacob Flier, pianist;, A. Frumkin, Member of
Academy of sciences USSR, Stalin Prize Winner; A. Khaza-
nov, Partisan; Joseph Chaikov, sculptor; Doctor Shatz Annin;
Doctor B. Shimeliovich, Head Doctor Boykin Hospital in
Moscow; S. Shiliffer, Chief Rabbi Jewish Community in
Moscow; Lena Stern, member Academy of Sciences,'USSR,
Stalin Prize Winner; L. Sheinin, Director Engineering School
of Peoples Commissariat Railways; Ilya Ehrenburg, writer,
Stalin Prize Winner; F. Ermler, cinema producer, Stalin Prize
Winner; J. Yusefovich, journalist, Trade Union Leader; Klara
Young, actress.

June, 1945



Icor Association May 4, 1945.
1 Union Square
New York, N. Y.
The Emma-~azarus Division of the Jewish Peo-
ples Fraternal Order in Chicago undertook a project
of raising $1500 for the campaign for the adoption of
children in Biro-Bidjan. Inspired by this example,
many other organizations are carrying this campaign
at the present in Chicago.
It is with great pride that we are enclosing herewith
a check in the amount of $1,335, a down payment
from the Chicago Emma Lazarus Division. They
wil send in the money completing their project in a
short time. Also enclosed is a list of the contributors.
The organizations and individuals listed should receive
official receipts and official certificates as soon as pos-
Wishing you a very successful campaign, we remain,
Fraternally yours,
Albert E. Kahn, President
Rubin Saltzman, General Secretary.

the window and there appears an unkempt head with two
gleaming eyes. '
'Won't you enter me in your book?' asks the head softly.
"Alarmed and still more astonished I keep my eyes on
'Your name?'
'When I was a little boy they called me Jonah Zieg,
but since the misfortune happened to me, Mad Jonah.'
'What was your misfortune?'
'The Roifeh says a. stone fell into my head and the
soul into my belly. I don't remember the stone but I am
mad, that is certain.'
'What is your eccentricity?'
'Two or three times a day I have my soul in my belly;
and then I speak out of my belly and crow like a cock.'
'What do-you live on?'
"'On trouble. The boys throw stones at me. At one
time people were sorry for me and gave me things. Now
times are bad-I have to go begging.' "
Even here in this simple tale before we have yet examined
his more symbolic themes, we glimpse the profundity of
the Jewish unconscious. In what other race do we find such
utter oppression mixed with hope and despair. In no other
literature do I find such fathoms of human emotion. It
leaves me sombre and thoughtful.
I wonder how fully I understand the depth of the Jewish
Soul? I dare attempt an analysis:
To me the eccentricity of the "Mad Jonah" represents
the everlasting soul-consciousness of the Jew bound up with
the merciless hunger and oppression. When his mind be-
came deranged, the .distinction between the spiritual and

We made it clear again at Yalta .. just what un-
conditional surrender does mean to Germany. It
means the-end of Nazism and of the Nazi party-and
all of its barbaric laws and institutions. It means the
termination of all militaristic influence in public, pri-
vate and cultural life of Germany. It means for the
Nazi war criminals a punishment that is speedy and
just-and severe. It means the complete disarmament
of Germany, the destruction of its militarism, of its
military equipment; the end of its production of
armament; the dispersal of all armed forces; the per-
manent dismemberment of the German General Staff,
which has so often shattered the peace of the world.
It means that Germany will have to make repara-
tions-reparations in kind for the damage which has
been done to the innocent victims of its aggression.
By compelling reparations in kind-in plants, in ma-
chinery, in rolling stock and raw materials-we shall
avoid the mistake that we and other people made
after the last war, the demanding of reparations in the
form of money, which Germany never could pay. We
do not want the German people to starve or to be-
come a burden on the rest of the world. Our objec-
tive in handling Germany is simple-it is to secure
the peace of the rest of the world, now and in the
From President Roosevelt's address, March I, 1945

material suffering lost their identity and he does not know
which is making the greater supplication-the soul or the
body-so that the two utter their despair through the acute
medium of the stomach. The cock crowing being merely
the most dominant and uninhibited means of expressing the
inner rebellion.
Thus the unceasing misery unfolded itself before the
eyes of Peretz. Brokendown women with too many chil-
dren, trying to earn a few rubles running a stall, the man
already too broken to be of much help, and all half-starved.
And then there are others who have no choice but to
resort to thievery or, whatever unlawful methods from
which they could derive an existence.
Occasionally a leitmotif turned up to lighten the depres-
sing routine.
"'Have you a wife?'
S'What does ett mean?'
'He wants a divorce,' someone answers for him.
"'How many children?'
"He has to count on his fingers. 'By the first wife-nine:
one, two, three, hers: one, two, by the second wife.' .
He is tired of counting. 'Let us say six!'
"'Let us say is no good. I must know exactly.' Once
again he has counted on his fingers and heaven be praised,
there are three more."
But finally Peretz asks "What about statistics? Can they
answer the question, how many empty stomachs, useless
teeth, how many people whose eyes are drawn out of their
sockets as with pincers at the sight of dry bread, how many
people who have really died of hunger?"
(To be continued)

June, 1945

N A I L E B N June, 1945

although perhaps the two are synonymous, to live within'
the narrow confines of our outlook and drift complacently
along, convinced there is nothing new under the sun and
totally unaware that life holds manifold beauty and enjoy-
ment if only we know enough to get out of the haze.
But let my Jewish friends not express indignation at this
Gentile outlook. To my amazement I discovered that the
Jews themselves have hardly more than a 'nodding acquain-
tance with their own literature. This at first seemed in-
credible for so gregarious a people who have kept alive the
religious idea for over 3,000 years with such a strong bond
of union. A deeply inborn force stemming from the Talmud
binds them with an unswerving tenacity to all the tenets and
customs which maintain their unity: yet their loyalty to their
literature appears to be the weak link in an otherwise inde-
structible structure of culture.
Strangely enough, most of the Jewish people to whom I
mention the names of various Yiddish authors admit with a
shrug that they never heard of them. A few know of Sholem
Aleichem, very likely because he was a humorist-a few
others lay claim to a vague knowledge of Sholem Asch, but
"Who is Peretz?" they say, "I never heard of him." Surely
something is amiss. One cannot refrain from wondering why
it should not behoove the Jewish culturists and educators to
devote more effort to acquainting the intelligent Jewish class
with the works of their Yiddish literary lights.
However, there is one man, outstanding in his achieve-
ments, to whom the Jews owe great homage for his zealous
endeavor in promulgating the lives and writings of these
litterateurs, particularly Peretz, the .colossus of his time. I
refer to Dr. A. A. ,Roback, psychologist, and himself an
eminent writer. It was upon reading his biography of Peretz,
a volume exuding love and devotion to the spirit of the
man, and exhibiting a remarkable depth and breadth of
vision in his masterful and profound analysis of Peretz's
personality and psychological technique, that I became gen-
uinely enthusiastic about knowing Peretz better.
Isaac Leibush Peretz is hardly less than a contemporary,
for he died in Warsaw in only 1915, but he left a heritage
to which his race can identify itself with pride and his literary
contributions show every promise of going down into the files
of posterity, for now, thirty years after his death, he occupies
top rank not only among the Yiddish writers, but the modern
Jewish writers as well.
To absorb all that Peretz has written is to gaze into the
vast, deep vibrating well of his soul, even as his own pulsa-
tions reached out and fused with the pulse of his people,
receiving every sensitivity of their being into his own inner
communal, here to seep into every fibre of his intense con-
sciousness of human conflict, and breathing it forth again
through the eloquence of his pen.
Unlike Emerson, Hawthorne, Margaret Fuller, and
Thoreau who withdrew from contact with the -masses, to
set up a little colony of their own that they might, through
discussion and meditation discover life's higher values, Peretz
spent his life mingling freely in the Ghettos, his sympathies
continually exposed to the dire miseries of the Jews, yet
impotent in any material way to alleviate their plight, inas-
much as his drab position of clerk in the mortuary depart-
ment in Warsaw afforded him a very limited income, but

what he was unable to give in a monetary charity, he more
than compensated in expenditure of time, strength and
kindly helpfulness' Very much the extravert, he made friends
with all and sundry, his dominant personality, genial man-
ner, and reassuring kindliness beckoning encouragingly to
all who sought him. His home always an open house was a
beacon of ceaseless charity-charity of the heart. The cul-
tured enjoyed hours of his hospitality, but if some podr
illiterate had need to call upon him, he was shown the
greater deferencein, the presence of the more aristocratic
guests. Whether it was to aid a youth organization or to
offer constructive criticism to some young aspiring writer,
he was unstinting with his enthusiasm and time. Tongue
of the dumb; eyes of the blind; succor of the oppressed,
he challengedevery act or condition that seemed to palliate
oppression, for he anguished for the crucified underdog.
This brief presentation of Peretz's giant personality and
magnanimity of character, is a sine qua non; in other
words, to know Peretz, the man, is necessary to a fuller
understanding of his writings, for if they can be classified as
great, the man himself was even greater. Thus we proceed
to a consideration of his more significant literary creations.
Just how first hand Peretz's reproductions of Ghetto
misery are, can be realized in the stark tales of his "Travel
Pictures," which he compiled during a statistical survey of
workaday Jewish life, conducted, for the purpose of finding
out what went on in the little towns, what men were hoping
for, how they made a living, what they were about, and
what the people said.
What he gained from that depressing experience was
the basis of many of his later stories, but to these stories he
added the .element of hope and spiritual uplift. What he
actually saw was stark realism. Whatever the circumstances,
the results were always the same-poor, sickly, hopeless,
downtrodden derelicts, the pawn of a prejudiced world.
"I open a door. A room devoid of furniture-four starved-
looking children eat out of a' great earthenware dish of
sour milk.
"In one corner sits a pale woman. The tears fall from
her eyes. In the second corner 'he' lies, also on the floor,
'It is no good your questioning me, neighbor. I am
waiting for a boat ticket.'
'What obliges you to emigrate?'
'You will miss this beautiful woods around here.'
"'The wood!'-he gives.a bitter smile-'my wife went
into the woods the evening before last to gather berries and
they marched her out and treated her to the whip.'
"'There is the river. You will miss that'-I wanted
to get his mind off his sad thoughts.
"His face grew paler.
'The river? In the summer it took one of my children.'
"I hurried away from this luckless home."
Peretz goes on:
"I returned to my lodgings quite uqnerved and lay on
my hard sofa a long time without closing an eye. I had
listened to tale after tale of this sort of thing all day and
for many days.
"A noise startles me. Something is stealing into me through

June, 1945


"nIIILCBIl" (new Life)
VOL. XIX, No. 5(174) New York, N. Y., June, 1945 Of o09 Single Copy 10 cents
NAILEBN, I Union Square, New York 3, N. Y., Telephone ALgonquin 4-2045, published monthly by the ICOR Association for information on the
economic, cultural, and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription, $1.00.
Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the Post office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY



Some months ago when one of Jewry's leading exponents
of Jewish culture, mildly attempted to interest me in a course
in Yiddish literature, I confess I received the suggestion much
as one who might have been asked if he would like to learn
something of the customs of Tanganyika.
Yiddish literature! Is it fish or is it fowl? With all the
English literature still waiting to be explored, why lend my
time to something which at best I could only give Ahy polite
attention to?
Surely it must be bound and fettered with things Jewish
which by their very nature are beyond the pale of the Gentile
mind or scope; something as remote no doubt on their
segregated life and traditions, and which surely no one but
the Jews themselves would comprehend.
Now that I know Peretz the man, his works and what he
symbolizes, you may ask what all this means to me-a
Gentile. Is it possible for a Catholic, who has been reared in
the traditions of Christ, who attends the Holy Sacrifice of
the Mass, and observes the, great holy days of Christmas and
Easter, to meet on a common ground of understanding with
the religious precepts of the Jews? Surely the advent of Christ
separated the twain forever. This, possibly, is what you are
thinking. Will it surprise you when I say I have felt a spiritual
bond with Peretz from the outset?
It is the similarities and not the contrasts which tip the
scale; for the religion to which I belong does not oppose
Judaism, but aims rather for its perfection., We Catholics
trace our spiritual ancestry back through its founder, Christ,
to Abraham, the founder of Judaism, as testified in the Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass, where we refer to our Patriach,
Abraham.. Did not'Pope Pius XI say, "Spiritually, we are all
Semites. It is a violation of everything Catholic to be anti-
Semitic." Even our Ten Commandments were given by God
to Moses on Mt. Sinai, and was not our first Christian Holy
Thursday, on which the Holy Eucharist was instituted,
celebrated on the occasion of the celebration of the Jewish
Passover? At this time the promise was made by Christ to
give us food from Heaven in the form of His Body and
Blood, even as the Israelites of the Old Testament received
manna from Heaven. Also the Lord's Prayer we have in
common-a prayer compiled by Jesus from some pious
phrases already current among the Jews.
Moreover, Peretz means this to me: Only a small portion
of his Yiddish works have seen the light of English trans-
lation; more the pity, for the English speaking world is not

only missing a valuable literature, but an opportunity to
know the Jew as something other than a business shark.
"You will always find hate strongest and most violent on
the lowest levels of civilization," says Goethe. Doubtless a
refined sentiment is necessary to elevate humanity above
petty ideas of race and religion-a conviction that there is
something superior in the world to country, creed and blood,

and what better sesame is there than fine literature. To
live your own belief to the best of your ability is admirable;
to respect the other person's inner conviction is noble.
As I look back on my unenlightened attitude I cannot
help wondering why after all the idea should have seemed
so extraordinary. It was much like the distorted and fan-
tastic misconceptions a child has of the great wide world
about him, of which he has yet no knowledge. "True," I
reasoned with myself, "no truly cultured individual ignores
any phase of life if he hopes to develop a broad and balanced
evaluation of this world in which we live." Yet we are so
prone through prejudice and more often through ignorance,