Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

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t 13 173

w3rD 10 1944 ,VYPt (p$ 143

7"r ; PuttUoS p 17i'D'ylo Jim SP'IP b11D ,TnV8l00 VO3I~Xa 3Vp ,'poMIIYt t t .p5lw .' .T: : ('73'T3) 073'5 1X D n p!
.P'3 amnas7 21 :,- rpl .5 na : )3"ti13 .T31p obervE 1OSYBnB ;1'IM

1944 ,Yr-n 7_ 2 Y :1_ 2

Ytw01.'w'D 1 n 1o 'uD'DP 0y9PWs m8 c19yis P, 19zy-

"ityf1ID p ij Dli pll j1;ts p I S'm ym yrwvmy z "ps
yDin p D't'j yts?3y D'1t 7 D' t1 l m b1D'ot p nyil ,3sm-in
180 1UP'TED')3$P i"2 '1 .11'"01F0 1F0 DB 180904@
1y1 1i pJ im t3L sr 13 Yw 5 'yu'\ ll J'IN ,Iy1 V5'- 3 ,l3 "53
-llyntD yl pl i31Eiy) y;irF 3vyt O' .IFi1Z 17Yi l'1u D
I' 137 R u1 F0v5D'I 0. 'tl Wu1i nywm Tk'I vv5Nxll3C
p 115 ? Vavl 5D I'IN t 'n ti1 I'N vn w< IV. Y V'13 1' i50I

,"I1N D yv y T t D'it< i v17rD'W 1 40 -yB jy89D
' "O 'i3Ft P''B-5191j7 ;D'D n t3li' v iIni T lFl ,I3t) r s?
5I1 'tY3'I3yP- 11 Vt1:?D pa1O FjTi jy1 i nyl93Y u vo ;lIvm

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Hitler's Ten-Year War on the Jews .1943 ,p1q' 11

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'T Tyn ,;nBa -y1 Tt niy'II yy:; cy
P1S p ny'i-pl pyEs ? erh pyn cy'B y3
-IND.-i-' ~yvr1i- JZIN- P C;7 ;n
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,'P~i 311 v5v'_ z r n n j'T7 V .U

.vl 7 ?^Nu Ul 1R03 .Wi ,1'11.7 12"1



For Gentlemen
of Good Taste
ONE $267
38 Conveniently
Located Howard Stores

148-43 Hillside Avenue
Jamaica, N. Y.

Phone MElrose 5-7733-7734
3060 3rd Ave., Cor. 157th St., Bronx, N. Y.
440 East 149th Street
3300 3rd Avenue, Cor. 164th Street
2756 3rd Avenue, Cor. 146th Street
1058 Westchester Avenue

Phone ORchard 4-9538-9539
Fine Liquors and Wines
Roumanian Restaurant

We Cater to Weddings,
Parties, Banquets and Bar Mitzvahs
Our Only Store

Mr. and Mrs. M. Bogdanoff


Baldwin Road
Yorktown Heights, New York



41 East 14th Street
New York, N. Y.


ORchard 4-1620

Printers of

61 East 4th Street
New York City

Paint & Wallpaper Co.

61 Somerset Street
Plainfield, N. J.

M. Warren, Treasurer


Tin & Sheet Iron Works, Inc.

15 Meserole Avenue

Brooklyn 22, N. Y.



164-29 77th Road
Flushing, N. Y.

Tel. JAmaica 6-4840


Paint & Wallpaper Corp.

153-11 Jamaica Avenue

Jamaica, N. Y.

Tel. CAnal 6-7876
Fruits Syrups and Extracts
Concentrated Syrups-Crushed Fruits
Jams-Chemicals-Malted Milks-Maple Syrup
Represented by H. BRUCKNER, Pres.



12 West 21st Street

New York City



371 East 149th Street
Bronx, N. Y.

clo Rosedale Engineering Co.




March, 1944



TRafalgar 4-1210
Dental Surgeon
107 West 86th Street New York


8617 21st Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.
Surgeon Dentist
3163 Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.

1208 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.

300 West 49th Street New York

911 East 176th Street Bronx, N. Y.

410 Miller Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

1815 Grand Concourse Bronx, N. Y.

254 Quentin Road Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Schnipper
88-06 Parsons Blvd. Jamaica, N. Y.

116-35 Farmers Blvd. St. Albans, N. Y.

79 Louisa Street Brooklyn, N. Y.


230-01 Linden Blvd. St. Albans, N. Y.

90-10 149th Street Jamaica, N. Y.

739 Arnow Avenue Bronx, N. Y.
Compliments of
Eastern Parkway Committee

116-28 198th Street St. Albans, N. Y.

135-11 234th Street Laurelton, N. Y.

3 5 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

178 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.

140B Kosciusko Street Brooklyn, N. Y.


Member of Branch 121, IWO

71 East 170th Street Bronx, N. Y.

105 West 40th Street New York City

2940 Brighton 3rd Street Brooklyn,

N. Y.

716 East 181st Street Bronx, N. Y.

6302 Booth Street Rego Park, N. Y.

6302 Booth Street Rego Park, N. Y.

152 Amboy Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

204 Bay 29th Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

Darby Cleaners
3085 Brighton 5th Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

91 Canal Street New York City

166 Fifth Avenue New York City

1865 Bryant Avenue Bronx, N. Y.
1816 Avenue J Brooklyn, N. Y.

1480 86th Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

8415 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.

147-38 Jamaica Avenue Jamaica, N. Y.

5025 18th Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.
Tel. WI. 8-8529

Harmony Col. Plainfield, N. J.

Harmony Colony Plainfield, N. J.

4520 40th Street Long Island City, N. Y.

76 Bowery New York City
Best Wishes-20th Anniversary ICOR
Best Wishes to the ICOR

625 Caton Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

802 E. 180th Street Bronx, N. Y.

8773 20th Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

2627 Somerset Drive Los Angeles 16, Cal.




EVergreen 9-6679
848 Manhattan Avenue
At Noble Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

115-16 Farmers Blvd. Jamaica, N. Y.

111-13 Farmers Blvd. St. Albans, N. Y.

115-21 114th Place Ozone Park, L. I.

Jersey City New Jersey

168-04 Hillside Avenue Jamaica, N. Y.

91-14 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica, N. Y.

7916 Roosevelt Avenue Jackson Heights

2159 Bath Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

March, 1944



March, 1944


Compliments of
3105 Surf Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

3820 3rd Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

911 Jennings Street Bronx, N. Y.

1540 Charlotte Street Bronx, N. Y.

315 W. 76th St. New York City

3418 Jerome Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

1189 Madison Avenue New York City

3452 Jerome Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

M. MINTZ, Prop.
71 Clymer Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

705 Allerton Avenue Bronx, N. Y.
KI. 6-9785
3899 Sedgwick Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

Men's: Florsheim; Women's: Red Cross
Child's: Kalisthenics
Phone: OL. 5-9516 3412 Jerome Ave.
RE. 9-2369
172-16 Jamaica Avenue Jamaica, N. Y.

439 Stone Ave., near Sutter Brooklyn, N. Y.
8 Doors from Corner Tel. Dickens 2-7546

2710 Barker Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

676 Allerton Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

750 Burke Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

742 Allerton Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

645 Allerton Avenue Bronx, N. Y.


718 Burke Avenue

Bronx, N. Y.

742 Lydig Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

8665 21st Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

418 Bryant Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

1170 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.

1907 Prospect Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

155 Delancey Street New York

GRamercy 7-8094 Established 1908
Fine Furs-Furs Repaired
and Remodeled into the Latest Styles
16 Clinton Street New York
Phone DAyton 9-8650
A. F. of M. Local 802
Music Furnished for All Occasions

Baby Carriages, Cribs, Velocipedes
Youth Beds, Toys, etc.
260 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.

I. PINCHUK, Pharmacist, Prop.
1500 Boston Road, at Wilkins Avenue
Prescription Dept., Phone KIlpatrick 5-7032

717 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

1638 Pitkin Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.

Amalgamated Shoe Maker
3990 Saxon Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

2058 Union Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

114 West 61st Street New York
148 Montague Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

90 Second Avenue New York City

Compliments of a Good Friend


809 East 151st Street

GRamercy 7-8247

New York

Est. 1917

545 East 5th Street New York, N. Y.
(near Avenue B)


Phone OIinville 5-0330
Manufacturers of
Mattresses, Quilts and Pillows
Renovating and Remodeling Our Specialty
Agency for:
Simmons-Englander Stears & Foster Prod.
3470 Jerome Avenue Bronx, N. Y.
(Bet. 208th'and Gun Hill Road)


1743 West Farms Road

Bronx, N. Y.

DAyton 9-8955-8956

SEdgwick 3-7415-6



2640 Jerome Avenue

Bronx, N. Y.




3036 West 2nd Street

Brooklyn, N. Y.







129 Hudson Avenue Haverstraw, N. Y.


One Madison Avenue New York City

Greetings from


1812 East 4th Street

Brooklyn, N. Y.


3421 Jerome Avenue Bronx, N. Y.

Wedding, Portrait and Commercial
1064 E. Tremont Avenue DAyton 3-9595
2391 Grand Concourse FOrdham 4-7799

Tyson Avenue
Floral Park, L. I.

105-11 Tuckerton Street
Jamaica, N. Y.

S. Nirenblatt, Ph.G. L. Steinberg, Ph.G.

3386 Jerome Ave., cor. E. Mosholu Parkway
(at 207th St., Bronx) OLinville 2-1828

Quality Chinese Food
197 Second Avenue, bet. 12 and 13th Sts.
GRamercy 7-9444

GRamercy 5-4034


Manufacturers of

50 East llth Street

New York City


242 South 1st Street

Brooklyn, N. Y.


610 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.

Patronize Our Florist GR. 5-7370-7371
74 Second Avenue
Cor. 4th Street New York City

Sam Singer and Sam Levy, Props.

335 Sutter Avenue

Brooklyn, N. Y.

Phone CAnal 6-5510-11
326 Canal Street New York

PRes. 3-5250 Estimates Cheerfully Given
Painters' Supplies-Painting Contractor
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Enamels
and Flats
1046 Rutland Road Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bet. 95th and 96th Sts.

Phone CAnal 6-0131-
Jobbers in
Watch Materials and Jewelers' Supplies
'Nu Vigor' Main Springs; 'uc' Unbreakables
American and Swiss Watches
Watch Repairing for the Trade
165 Canal Street New York

CH. 2-9368 Orders Promptly Delivered
All Brands of Domestic and Imported Beers
363 West 23rd Street
Bet. 8th and 9th Aves. New York, N. Y.

Phone ENdicott 2-7794
Gentlemen's Clothing
and Haberdashery
2033 Broadway, at 70th St. New York City

N. J.


270 West 39th Street

New York



721 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y.

MElrose 5-0984
For every kind of insurance
391 East 149th Street New York City


328 East 14th Street

New York, N. Y.

Tel. MElrose 5-3500-1
Full Line of
3101 Third Avenue Bronx, N. Y.
at 158th Street

GRamercy 7-9338 ORchard 4-9632
Largest Dairy Restaurant
Over 500 Seating Capacity
Catering for All Occasions
Visit Our New Dining Room
91-93 Second Avenue New York City

March, 1944


March, 1944


CAnal 6-5871 and 2067
Binders of
Publications Pamphlets Catalogues
and Edition Work
161 Grand Street New York City

REpublic 9-8892
Photography in All Its Branches
Weddings and Groups Our Specialty
106-47 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica, N. Y.

GRamercy 7-7262

104 Third Avenue

New York City

Corner 13th Street

Greetings from .
431 Fifth Avenue
New York, N. Y.

Compliments and
Best Wishes


GRamercy 5-8871
Typewriter & Adding Machine Co.
All Makes of Typewriters, Mimeographs &
Adding Machines Rented, Sold & Repaired
92 Second Avenue, New York City

ESplanade 2-4630
Lamps Shades Fireplaces
Pictures and Mirrors Novelty Furniture
2075 86th Street Brooklyn, N. Y.


Greeting to the

Tel. PResident 4-7161

1199 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y.
Office Hours: 1-2; 6-8 P.M.
Sunday and Holidays by Appointment


170 Second Avenue

New York City

EVergreen 8-5654
Office Hours: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.
Sunday Until 1 P.M.
165 Tompkins Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y.
Near Hart Street

SHeepshead 3-6849
3171 Coney Island Avenue
at Brighton Beach Ave.
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Phone DIckens 2-1096 N. SUSSMAN
1596 Pitkin Avenue
Near Amboy Street Brooklyn, N. Y.

JAmaica 6-5380

By Appointment

Manson Building
Jamaica Avenue Jamaica, N. Y.
Cor. 168th Street

Phone GLenmore 2-8141

Zuckerman and London


405 Howard Avenue

Brooklyn, N. Y.

CHelsea 2-2373

603 Sixth Avenue
New York, N. Y.


16 East Broadway
New York City

Office: VIrginia 9-9618
Time Payments Trades Accepted
Written Guarantee

Dealers in Better Grade Used Cars
Jacob Steinberg and David Katz, Props.
Jamaica Avenue, Cor. 131st Street
Richmond Hill, N. Y.

ltpb tn 1U'13N9 U"n D'Tl8 T
ynaiDB-n3^ lie'li-65 P>T Ir
.I s'' Y:7 3 nlN t= 111 JiN

Iya onti a 11 A

Midnight Performance on Saturday
The only theatre in Neyw York to show
i fil f la a i

MON. TUES. WED. March 13 14. 15

Alfred Hitchcock's
1r3'1UD3'7N 9 '1 u3

Artkino's Thilling Russian Film!

T with Beniamin o Gglo o

and Puccini's "MADAME BUTTERFLY"

with Maria Cebatari

New Soviet War Pictures Every Week!
with Beniumino Gigli
and Puccini's "MADAME BUTTERFLY"
with Maria Cebatari
New Soviet War Pictures Every Week!

March, 1944 NAILEBN








Karavan Trading Corp.

263 Fifth Avenue New York

DIckens 2-1273, 1274, 1275
Night Phones: DIckens 2-1273,1274,1275



Funeral Directors


Brooklyn, N. Y.




40-17 22nd Street

Long Island City, N. Y.

Tel. ST. 9-0580


Banquets Receptions Weddings
Meeting Rooms

Cor. 15th Street
New York City

March, 1944


Is your boy out

in the land that

IS he slogging along some muddy
road ... or huddled beneath a
leaky tent? Do you see him now,
thirsty beneath a broiling sun?
Or is your boy fighting a wintry blast
in the land where winter never ends?
. Yes, millions of people worry
tonight for the men in the lands that
God forgot.
But if your heart is sick with longing
for some special boy remember
this and find comfort... wherever he
may be, in the frozen wastes of Iceland
or the jungles of New Guinea ... you
can reach out and give your boy some
little comforts that speak of home.
He will get coffee, doughnuts and
other American comforts when the
long march is over ... thanks to you.

there ...
heart through the Red Cross.
God forgot? Because the Red Cross is ;ou-the
Greatest Mother in the World, because
it represents all the mothers of Amer-
ica. The Red Cross is sour blood and
S your bandages, the sweaters you knit
and the gifts you pack.
He will sleep between sheets when he
gets his furlough, in a town ten thou- And the Red Cross is your money too!
sand miles from home ... thanks to This year when your Red Cross has a
you. Even should he be a prisoner of bigger job than ever before to do ...
war, he won't be condemned to live on this year when your Red Cross is serv-
alien bread. For every week the Red ing your own sons in every corner of
Cross will carry to him a carton of the globe this year you will want
food. Yes, eleven full pounds of real to give more, more of your time, more
American food, thekindyou of your work, the blood
used to give him at your own GIVE TO THE from your heart...and more
table. And real American of your money to help the
cigarettes and tobacco! work go on.
He will get all this and RED CROSS So dig deep and be glad.
more... straight from your For wherever he is

The RED CROSS is at his side

an'd Ae Red Crossis YOU!

Space donated by the Icor Association

March, 1944 NAILEBN

Three men are the only survivors of
the Nazi mass murders in the Babi Yar
ravine near Kiev, where between 60,000
and 100,000 civilians and 25,000 war
prisoners were slaughtered.
When the Red Army approached
Kiev last summer the Germans tried
to erase the traces of their crimes. A
group of prisoners, among whom were
Vilkis, Ostrovsky and Davidov, were
taken to Babi Yar, given spades and
ordered to dig up the bodies. This
method proved too slow, and excavators
were brought up for the work. The
bodies removed from the ravine were
cremated in huge incinerators which
burned from August 19 to September
28. Prisoners who were forced to at-
tend these incinerators and who fainted
at the task were shot on the spot.
Knowing they would be shot as soon
as they finished the work, the prisoners

Los Angeles, Calif.
East Side Branch ................ 13
D. Rabinowitz ................... 12
Hollywood Branch
N. Krupin ....................... 4
E. M eyers ...................... 2
Boston, Mass.
S. W einstein ........................ 13
M Savin ........................ 10
Hilda Fox .................. ........ 1
Mrs. Sherin .................. .. 1
Philadelphia, Pa.
Ida Schore .......................... 7
B. Stern ........................ 7
Sarah Markinson ................ 4
B. Yanofsky .................... 2
R. Brownstein .................... 1
H. Rabinowitz ................... 1
Washington, D. C.
Minnie Weinstein ............... 8
Bessie Schkolnick .................. 5
Sarah Shapiro .................. 2
Rose Drill ...................... 1
Mrs. Andrussia ..................... 1
Newark, N. J.
M. Kramer..................... 1
I. Quperman .................... 1

made an attempt to escape. A lock-
smith among them made a key to their
chains and unlocked them; the prison-
ers succeeded in overpowering their
guards and fleeing to the fields and ra-
vines. The Nazis pursued them, and all
except Vilkis, Ostrovsky and Davidov
were killed by machine-gun fire. The
three survivors hid in the cellar of a ce-
ment factory until the arrival of the Red
When interviewed by correspondents,
the men-all members of the Jewish
race which Hitler has so nearly suc-
ceeded in wiping-out not only in Kiev
but in all occupied Europe-spoke with
tears streaming down their faces. For
all they know, their own wives and chil-
dren were in Babi Yar ravine. They
bared their bodies to show the many
deep scars of wounds inflicted by the
Nazi sadists, and the festering sores on
their legs and arms left by the chains.

Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. M. Dubow ............... ... 8
Baltimore Icor Comm............ 5
H. M Tilles ..................... 4
Rock Island, Illinois
Dr. H. J. Friedman ............... 11
Cincinnati, Ohio
M. Tennenholtz ................. 5
H. Novikoff ..................... 4
Gloversville, N. Y.
W olf Broudo .................... 9
Trenton, N. J.
M ax Sidel .................... .... 7
San Francisco, Calif.
Mrs. L. Koblick ................. 4
Jacob Olken ......................... 1
Rose Gevirtz .................... 1
West New York, N. J.
H. Gewirtz .................. 2
Madison, Wis.
Sol. Lieberman ......... ..... 1
Hartford, Conn.
Morris Savitt ................... 1
Chicago, Ill.
Max Trossman .................. 1
Toms River, N. J.
M Zeitz ........................ 1
Sioux City, Iowa
B. Saltzman .............. ..... 1


Letters From Readers
Mrs .Froomkes, January 19, 1944
San Francisco, Cal.
Dear Mrs. Froomkes:
I read about your good work selling
"New Life." It gives me great pleasure
to know that I have a companion who is
so sincere in our organization "The Icor."
This noble deed brings us together from
near and from far, and we feel how
necessary it is to do this work. I hope
in due time we shall have Freedom and
Victory for much beterment all over the
Please accept my hearty greetings.
Ida Brisk
40 Gaston Street
Roxbury, Mass.

Sholom Levine ................. 12
Mrs. Bellinson ................. 8
Ida Ginn ........................ 6
Mrs. Blacker ... .......... ... ... 1
Ida Grossman .................. 8
H London .............. ........... 4
A. Safran ...................... 3
J. Olshansky .................... 3
Pearl Burnbloom ................. 1
A. Jenofsky .................... 1
I. Mandelbaum ................. 1
Crotona Culture Center
Crotona Culture Center........... 18
H W olf ........................ 2
William Cohen ................. 1
Eastern Parkway
H. Arnoff ............ .......... 8
Brighton-Coney Island
Ph. Feider ........................ 4
J. W einstein .................... 1
Natalie Rubin ................... 1
Dr. N. Rosensweig .................. 3
A. Levinson ..................... 2
J. A dler ......................... 1
M Kantor ...................... 1
Emma Chupack ................. 1
M. Malamed ....................... 1
I. Erlich .......................... 2
Total for the Month ..............257
Previously .......................... 982

Total as of Feb. 25, 1944........1,239


January 25 to February 25, 1944

March, 1944


NAILEBN March, 1944

territory. Only the Jews, the quondam ghetto dwellers,
formed an exception. So, prima facie, Birobidjan was des-
tined to remove this exception and thus make national equal-
ity complete also territorially. However, careful observa-
tion shows that the significance of Birobidjan goes deeper
than that.
To use a simile. Even as the individuality of an individual
is molded by his life work, so also the nationality of a nation
is shaped and made to grow by its collective endeavors. In-
deed what we call culture, namely: science, art, customs,
inter-human relations-it all stems from the creative labor
of, and reacts back upon the nation. Thus Birobidjan as
a common habitat rich in natural resources enables the
Jews to live, work and create human values as one Soviet-
Jewish nation. And mark ye well, it is in this sense that the
culture of every Soviet nation is, in Stalin's apt definition,
socialist in content and national in form. That is, Soviet
nations differ among themselves only formally.
To pioneer, to open up new frontiers has forever been
Man's great creative adventure, but an adventure beset with
tremendous hardships. And you will recall that in 1928 the
first Five-Year Plan was only in the blue-print stage. A
tractor, a truck, etc., were little known in the Soviet Union.
The production of even elementary farm machinery was still
in its nascent state. In view of this fact, the machines sent
by the Icor to the Birobidjan pioneers were calculated to
facilitate their pioneering work by modernizing it. The Icor
American tractors, stump-pullers, road graders and such-
like machines made the conquest of the wilderness easier
and the adventure more attractive. Moreover, these ma-
chines were accompanied by competent mechanics who
wisely enough established short term courses teaching the
settlers how to use these "American wonders."
In the meantime, the industrialization of the Soviet
Union and with it the collectivization of agriculture pro-
ceeded at so fast a rate that toward the middle of the sec-
ond Five-Year Plan the USSR occupied first place in. the
world in the manufacture of the most advanced agricultural
implements, and second place in the production of tractors.
Parallel with this technological progress, the Soviet citi-
zen including the Jew, became so mechanically minded
and technically trained as to amaze the foreign visitor. And
the happy result was that the urgency for technical aid by
the Icor had passed. However its association with Biro-
bidjan has never ceased and to all appearances is now to be-
come closer than ever.
Finally, to complete the picture it should be noted that
the activities of the Icor, both past and present, have been
moving along a two-way street. While aiding in the con-
structive work of the Soviet Jews the Icor has carried on
instructive work among the American Jews. By its periodi-
cal publications, through its many public meetings, lec-
tures and the like, the Icor has interpreted to American
Jewry, in its true light, the finality with which the Soviets
have eradicated anti-Semitism. Thus has the work of the
Icor made it clear to the Jewish masses that in defending the
Soviet Union they at once defend and foster all that is pro-
gressive in our own democracy.
And so friends, here we are; together with anxious, hope-
ful humanity we stand now at the threshold of the golden

gate opening into a happier future. The apocalyptic sign
on this gate reads: The Moscow Conference, Teheran! The
gate is still closed but a curiosity peep through its key-hole
affords an inkling as regards the work of our organization
in the days to come.
It is clear that the coalition, for Europe, of the three Big
Powers so resolutely leading the United Nations to victory,
is such as to make the war really a People's War. Again,
their post-war coalition conceived in mutual trust and
friendship in Moscow-Teheran promises the struggling, suf-
fering masses of mankind to usher in a People's Peace,
a peace that will put an end also to the appalling martyrdom
suffered by the Jews throughout the ages. Clearly, with the
establishment of peace a most compelling period of recon-
struction will ensue calling upon the Icor once more to put
its sturdy shoulders to the wheel. And there is all reason
to believe that Birobidjan will form the center of gravity
as far as the reconstruction of the uprooted Jewish life is
concerned. Herein it would appear lies the key to the tasks
the Icor has to set itself for its work in the days to come.
Such in bare outline has been the twenty-year life work
of the Icor motivated by the human Ideal of Equality-
and this work viewed in historic perspective foreshadows
its fruitful continuance in a happier future.

Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee of
the USSR Greets Icor Plenum
1 Union Sq., New York, N. Y., U.S.A.
Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee of the USSR
greets your conference and wishes you success in
your fine work. Your conference, meeting at time
when the heroic Red Army liberates more and
more Soviet regions from the yoke of German
invaders. Greater concentration of all anti-fascist
forces is necessary to assure the day of victory and
to release suffering peoples, amongst them the
Jewish people, from cruelty, atrocities of fascist
bandits. We are convinced Icor, which has been
such a sincere friend of our country during its
twenty years of existence, will continue to do their
duty to our people in this serious but glorious
Prof. Solomon Michoels, Chairman
Shachno Epstein, Secretary
Lt. Col. Itzik Feffer,
Member Exec. Comm.
Moscow, USSR
January 30, 1944.

March, 1944


"nfl IL B nl" (new Life)
Vol. XVIII, No. 3 (160) New York, N. Y., March, 1944 g aJ Single Copy 10 cents
NAILEBN, I Union Square, New York 3, N. Y., Telephone ALgonquin 4-2045, published monthly by the ICOR Association for information on the
economic, cultural, and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription, $1.00.
Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the Post office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879.
Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY


(Address delivered at Icor Plenum, January 30, 1944)

By Professor Charles Kuntz

Friends, twenty years is a short span of time. Viewed
against the background of history it is but a twinkling of the
eye. However, the last two to three decades have been
crowded with events so momentous, so decisive that they at
once sum up the whole history of Man's civilization and sig-
nalize the approach of a new era, a happier era in the life
of mankind And it is during this eventful period that the
Icor was called into being by the very tide of the forward
moving events.
It will be observed that motivated as they are by the ur-
gency of raw life men organize themselves on a material
foundation. Such organizations as Fraternal, Trade Union,
Cooperative-they each rest upon mutual aid which is ma-
terial in character. Not so the Icor which has been reared
upon a base that is an ideal; but not the Utopian ideal of the
wishful dreamer. It is the ideal most realistically put into
practice by the many nations that inhabit the socialist one-
sixth of the globe. The name of this ideal is Equality of
Man, of all men; it is the ideal so dearly cherished and so
bravely fought for by all oppressed humanity throughout the
'To merely declare all men equal does not mean that they
are equal. The socialist revolution, the most realistic in his-
tory, was not content with mere declarations. It has created
all the conditions requisite for the full realization of the
ideal. In consequence, Czarist Russia, the "prison of na-
tions," the classic hell of pogroms, has become the land of
the free and equal nations. Thus the unconditional demo-
lition of the ghetto, the final emancipation of the Jews was
the human corollary of the general realization of the Equal-
ity ideal.
Always bear in mind that equality implies freedom and
also brotherhood, but not vice versa. People may be free
as they supposedly are in the capitalist democracies and yet
be glaringly unequal. We witness in effect, the anomaly
that these free people are only free to fight, to exploit, and
generally to antagonize one another. And one painful phase
3 of these antagonisms is, alas, anti-Semitism, anti-Negroism
and the like anti-humanism. Verily, in a family where in-
equality prevails, where some of the brothers are rich and
,,;: ome poor, there can be no brotherhood. Suffice it to re-
mind you that when the reality is such that you cannot ex-
ploit me and I cannot exploit you are we both equal and con-

sequently free and brotherly. This is why the supreme
commandment of the socialist revolution is: No exploita-
tion of man by man, or: Thou shalt not exploit! Truly
says President Roosevelt in his great message to Congress
calling for a second, i.e., an economic Bill of Rights: "ne-
cessitous men are not free men."
And so the October upheaval has paved the road to
Equality. But to make the ideal a living reality demanded
that all engage equally in productive work, work with pick
and shovel, with hammer and sickle, with brawn and brain.
For the Jews it all meant that they had to reorder their life
an the basis of productive labor, in the spirit of the socialist
commandment. Now it will be recalled that the heritage
left to the Soviet Union was very poor and, to boot, greatly
impoverished by the wars of the time. Moreover, the coun-
try was predominantly agricultural and most primitive as re-
gards the methods of work. Thus to pass to productive la-
bor meant, for the Jews, first to settle on land, to revive their
old but forgotten art of tilling the soil, and second, to do all
this the hard way, in the sweat of the brow.
It was this historic situation that, twenty years ago, has
called the Icor into being and has ever since sustained its
vitality. And the founders of our organization inspired by
the great Ideal come true while, at the same time, cognizant
of the technological poverty of the Soviet Union, most
eagerly extended a brotherly helping hand to the Soviet Jews
in their grand work of reconstruction. The first Jewish
settlements on land took place in the Ukraine and the
Crimea. The technical aid of the Icor was therefore directed
to those places. But as the movement to the land was in-
creasing the available land in the mentioned Republics was
decreasing. And so, to make a long story short, in 1928
Birobidjan was placed on the map of Jewish history.
No sooner was this crowning act of the Soviet national
policy promulgated by the Soviet Government than the Icor
re-orientated its work in that direction. Let us pause for
a moment to consider the significance of this act. Viewed
from the socialist standpoint, the maxim that all men are
equal, follows from the more comprehensive principle that
all nations are equal. Under socialism, no one nation is
hegemon over any other nation since every Soviet nation is
a classless society. Now history has found all the nations
in the Soviet Union occupying each a well circumscribed