Dos Naje Lebn
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 Material Information
Title: Dos Naje Lebn
Alternate Title: Nowe Zycie
Physical Description: Serial
Language: Yiddish
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Lodz-Warsaw
Creation Date: 1950
Frequency: regular
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 638867678
System ID: AA00007496:00046

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- Iyetw ,7

*pewyttvt# .4

ipr yt kp3t y 'T)t- 7 TLi's 5, 1


WARSZAWA, 27. III 1950 (,"n oa2 ')) lria 27 ,paMU ,yrrM-i

Cena zt. 10 I *le

--,lXA~l LU' MUM

I-" IN 13'U3.1X_ luisi Ilsin LL'13


'E p.11 Q FTK 1p^3oy3"iK 7P'tUP218 'n Ti2-"

;a0is TW 24n -iss-in ,Ds5p-WiOy2
jwvet pJ *o tysn imo \w1y
~'7 0p'1V iio-yiaix ifi~flhi3ji'pwfl
129382 t4; 12.260 vor'385e
."1511 P Jw
-1?13 \w" 11N 111-I N i trn 0 y'*rm
-iyt. ir o?35 i'n ,ns:m a E n.
~tj3- vwpn per~masn y tim:a^nn
DID tIrstai .sc i*-1 ti *711=3 5 oy
M'DU vI P11 (0 vI.1>D n
(2 U T9'W %110)

O IDi p1 . K. iWiM 1 in pm -a "I ttgn fswi y T,, p*agDYYwMs
Ci4 lPa n1x tw1i,131' Tt' 153t o invir1 I I V31 W i,1 ti
-11s wwJY w 1w 1y41 Wj ?1 p430 y3Bt-t3;Mon 14t miB. 5
172iJ,, : ,o t *n ', Iv ,1,1 lmie 2 7, p, n s i ls s
Q3ot .tW?3' Ia ,, eQ 7WS :,''1P .t^;S
15-vll Iiyoij 110I 'y& t m on p n ma.ro triK

t5 I "a tDs ten) 1W ""a` 'nI p 3T5i nyn n U'I'Is "-l~yv "a
tWS tD.M 1130 3091l-1904j!1 ,Mt4latr 110 .3 .l tittW317 Ip rl o T.B *1ya
To 09,041a 3 TI 2 sr W -T T ISmvp 2 T r' mit' le 1 4n T4o)? '
Itt; y ntp 1qI) .J'tt TW 1 11 iT lia xy vnlp *'it ,uvity'i,8fi
, AW Ila 111W. 13 0oy-1 t WD Why }ti ."9p 1"D 12 Ynak

PIiUmJll D luj'il"N- 'lU ..'..U

t-*'; 11BfrnTE 'lp ps "o&8ty o''ii

Tip (:I'f' noa 4Tpr i. bilbi l o t
(W (T'tyi8 10 0 1Tin!.y 0191p y11
"o(0? iDlyQ 3)o 1q0 70' lip0'0ZT'
"04 -0* vP ionTIN, Da IWU ,is

p P ,-vpI Im -iyio ,5s vv tvn
;! !-.a3t)i psI1 0 ,t)1 V3)9y -
:7w'3-a i7 flDy ,y3K )iV)~2Z '13
I-I TI i' N'1 1VZ 7 Tl 1 T' 89l ?

i-' ;* to;dV -y -o^ ,11)=A5)
-17 0 1 r 192W?'' ,11t'y 50i>'S ,(3i)ph
p D iW.-7s 1u' 1' n~ ai vosn~o

D y.v ..!: tki;O 3 .105b V- I D'?3)i

.'y i f t t~r ">.siyi t o oy-:" is
p' -zaPC iM7 P'V s a 1) Osp 5Lo ls
b3.I- ;1:)b hO R3.S "DID1.,,3
\115- sa sict p1 v tr1>'
TI Iy;t 7?' y 7p7 W' ,?1IS
i^''7 ;;yki DUTW t? 1 09090 11 t 'itw -!
- ;%iS 113 T;O1 1in 9p iWw "c
,t!Ci Ni-) I .uTL .- .z r 1B -I '3
"t;(:?; (2)'5P7S 1P 0B!S3i7 W1

-.myaNn T in TmO pIY l wpnllv"vlL
,-]St5 pa ?B v- e 11 -) in
me, 01- -IV-, IN,
t3D-" D-y= I%5oyr7N", Dlvlmty-ls
(2 U"'1' tq'Ix nio)

-*^'s ? *13132.T']t llX 73)Ob prE 57 '

,j 3 11lID 3 > 1WVI Dl3 7lVi 'OS
JIB 10 ,y721 k 3)31,'0 D0$ 7
hlf T 93)t'53)b3) ,3e)0'5'
3t!y) p1 11 1 0 1jl? 'i ,&y$STatrmn
9I h E D1ichNg 1i -iut3-
r1"9t 1Y3"ry? D1y ,?5 1 .toto &mi
|-btD VI 1 5t Y0l 1 0 0' t l& -y.1 l
,@8S"3 lp07'&1i>j. P!/7'8^-iWt"D''b t
"piK u;3."t 9IwwS- 1isi 'TI^
tis 'tasy a W t3K?'7 i INi\y

D"an p iLIosp-M, v 'o m i7i07 13nv)

~-iaoy .M13i 11"'i0
-OgT 11) biP~ft'T7 I0'0 Ibifi 3)W "

-011 t- T I't tay' V3 131 ,pDW1 i
-in, a ttan'n ,1^3a "i^ IIB monna
)D4my3 lit 1 ot'7),, :0&0 11 ifIV)
- nv1 tI A 1)3 -PL a*V t.(' B p
=00SWnKi p& tBy-itSW'ti t Wf "19

1 srx *olv' bov5t 3)1'r3)1ovt
-p0 ,3)' t 7 10 :0 .V 1130 .1 1141

-Blib t n1 5, pn

HM NDHND i 1W'aU'11MOau0 Ul 'n

0.Y1 :Bn L'Sni s Dynowl y

'r- p"Pi:1 1i 5 0cy n3)24Y,
,B'o 1"iP ," ,3'3 p 13" 7 1!20 n3
112 "0i '11 ,.2 .. .T Dp 1i, 0 t<1 .

("- )) pp'>
T 'IW ITST ,0 lT"a; 7t? _T.

*:a i tw s y-s t ,ii';;:'ou sti "

*(ss) Y 1i0n:

nv tst ysYn'n w ftl yy n pn vyo
tb1)931 230 DDS 3)03 '1 13 109 1IY

lo B 1 D10 5o p'a \ lix. l io l
.-IN" -i I ;t

;:po3'Bt3''1 W2* 0~ i n@ s;3 ,.poiiw5
0Q0 'wstb9p"-Whi ,ww)TVs,,
-Q^WQs w m1sn Qvit t tps bm
1o'? n' tl!S v5do wiso pa
-s*L't nv tn Iityov' 0 1 Bo
-p-ii'nnis p to a ypiyn

p(t4n noi5'n virtyos .";583T<. yw
lt .iw' opnl 3y5pmi'int lit|
IK w1t un yVV5w' .o I -
I i*'y1: n ma to- or .o-rii In'
(n 3 nf t 7yvp iti w 12 DS 7 t3t)ovnt
."11? TyWOM 1i R'''m vnyu I,
O vt- l.lo 'i t : .I, n m nv3L A
01o n'yss TW p'-wit iit's \i' ,tyt&I
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Ifa psK is^'s i-.yys %yo, t~o.^tii
.131,i 1 tM jk tiit '90 B'i n# 10
inI'I'SIT ty's yiiia10 *wr 90

T:I N Dr V.0w3 )01 11 1--4 n',,,7 '0W 13

.1 p ^ ao y)av i' 5 '10 ,, x l W' li^
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.D* nit-y1118 i: a 1n p01 0 13)331
"-"'- 19< 1Wr Wrs t 1`1 W t 9 51 u- .i if t?.. iJ13%'i rtiiiiffal p
nr; On n ,1vn;,p, oDt 91 =>y5 573 '1 DD ; na7D0 m- t igtlr
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t3i. a3oV-not o, in"D
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-",i -ov i nin1) ytlm A ,IlD ps-iyi
8 rn Im 1P ,D iti5'n1 p lr nsiP>W
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-"181 : 0P vItv1?5$P o 5n OL '
,t5yll' ri ;a m i exI s inse-r
,wOjr np J W1 I. -13 Im- m P n 5vll
.U.1W 1iist iD s3 1 0 ," 7 3is
-mi-ivolty D1 T Iy i' m

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it'in W %w? t^'tsa pW IDED UpA

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osn~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~# I -i ^'''' TW?3 rs'iu' i's si ISf~ [ "ss
.nt 200.000 197-1vo UYI I Y 1Q ytwIVy "r
.5'1 150.000 9 n sIuns '7
.*T 100.000 y;'? aY YU'T- 'I
11J 1 '- T "p 1 P TV p D7 91 'Tr7 T w ,X t3f'%)P 7,x
,1y3n am ,'!p7 y'? P1'1 9 t P7 n '7 a p ops-
.'jpor 7 Io pnI KN .a ,ponllrx .)

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.tinns? oI'PD'

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N2 36 (460)

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1"T 1950 9 .v*isiy sp ps ii

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-vwN yosier n .iso tnitl 120

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195t0 'T jig m T evnr l Jv5w
yw'swk -yVolt'pi Dl* aIn to',
-ny& Lt.WD 100 y Ox ILsne1O ; .
m1o011 i W "ii s t fy**?E DW;l1l 1^0
-y ~tyiy'; I V ty ." 5v"^ iyn-'st v
,iMs' 17 '"iy uolm P IB p !'

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1 InsMpSa' tmil t14.'5'n 150 pyv'
.05p0 ;tywOm 112 IWmiw rN1p1ps;
"mhn-5Umo 8 D IS 0D000 DO
.1950 ,41' IDI)N veyiv:i \w ivey

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.5etm-oin L e topn sty:

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