Dos Naje Lebn
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 Material Information
Title: Dos Naje Lebn
Alternate Title: Nowe Zycie
Physical Description: Serial
Language: Yiddish
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Lodz-Warsaw
Creation Date: 1946
Frequency: regular
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 638867678
System ID: AA00007496:00027

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1J NW'1N:1.Ha 1iga 1 JI11! 5"' 1t'T lam 01 imul-1j u,'Jn

"sT 5f a"a aiSX1Ip I l ytW11

f N_ 28 (53)
t OD 2, 16.VI.1946 ,XPTT

Iidres Redakcji i ftdministracji ,
SL6d, ul. Narutowicza 32 m. 10
TELEFONYt 144-52 i 141.06. ,sk. pocat, 97
,,Naje iebm" :oCmr oBlasro

S.9 60--aBuwin a .it 20 mi a.
.nnn 8 a-yi a 8 t ov r 11
Atn r 3 13 -'s 1 :7'r3 1,Z
Wyd. ,Dor. Naje Lebn", t6dz
P. K. OVII konto 241-



BllinpluBl na j1E minia ~
1 -31i K O"3 Ki Dl, n-Di. 1 on IM 1i3 a
'1311S 10" Ol D$PO3311'D 10 K9 3K'

'12137'k5511 ~1 "'? 313 "1 O37 'K I T
pit pfD 0 'OK itap"D33'n1K'1 19i
P13 9 1P pIW 'PK-3 pit 1-111 :lp'.13
a119e1D1 0'int'gopynpr 1n t4K n'1
.-13p13 3'JK 99P31DK i lx W eW1n 3vw
.Ily 1n l-9 Wim *'0 n 1IT
DI =3I1pn-3p13B1 B P 1131 1nTN :.137
-nit11i'B Do1'noD3'Ko 9n913 D1<3 n

-W'1KiNi 15 '.113 lyty'5K3 11n ,1 i' a
-nt nI ;U3N5n 1Ji m 0 iU ,y1

.tW5M13'1 13111 03?`1 11 .1 '1 ) K y ,
P311YN 5111- IN li 310 3132 p311 11 137 .
-pn D'1 1p 331 ;,11 "1n.1K 1on t a i
-t3B" insen D!t ,p" tyiveyr fis Ivyt

'1e. 131Nfl m p i353111 jll"1" J10 1-on
Up'OYsi~bs t? 9 o ;;y2 W D ptpiv .

yp33i7Z13w.k a m-Is 3'1B10 n31

-p'3jpn '1ia D v'nrpo5K P-IM512 '
.1t?'1 3 01s 3 1i'31Bg3 K s ,3 n lia1

B3? 13B'531 3'K .K131' 1 1 fl5D 1P? 1B

n1K p3Kw1 33'1K 1R K9 3p 951Y 1' J 1m

1311 PKDW 131?01 90K18 1K ,y351~0p010 3
1137 K zp 13Kf O \1 09011 ,wi13n313 1

1 q ;0"51Upp 310 1310'1 '1 10 ,7191)
.19mn3v 1il'unp N 1plor1 7391
^"t, M ynT D anym 9 '**I' '.flKB
Dna3mp-'Iy lityn Y PBm;N1 nylw IT y *rur

ITr'mlnt vw: ny1i toNmi opsy vv;";"N19
ly==W4 Imno)m'iEn (lit mNSW1p, 03i
-bDlrnn '1 D331K 03m 05NVT 9 n13'1
, 1 225 i o w'n -li nyl4n t nro i l
,3 f IN.. IN 1pa rill o0'1 11 31'T'5000K
ISOM0 2111 SA n5gliUm"
.in Wi ....i--- cis
p u .Iy ;NYt33i? 1 prt1101 211 1
INNO W.in vvvav-l"t ii'I Dn
7iyz5v; px nByss~aipj -in rlis iaipw'mi
IBIIIIB^ B^in 'O y'ni tnp- '

ON" iplysyIoNY1 N D PIM 12N ,D10 lit;w
.,ny 2,33 1 wuri .o QIni 'm-p 'nri<3 nvin

ovilOUND 1T 014-1 ?-4'Q 013vyD,)W"T
.EDPS 13{< 110 plK~plT 1 D .p001 1
(TRu pay int us jpW UH2 Y W

.7;011N lt ONDJffl B1":T
i?'51 D PBm"In IV[p if y12V ,V 34nst
5.4- 3yn p1-m l" 0^ sip' Im
*yanst^n- *Pn in ass ynw pas l,,n
"-renpy n tys P uypan mayBDyn. anaisp
PK. yP3S:1 "IPSK 1N l'.P'{y- y3' 97'WD 178

liM'nsa on31 1'it TSn ?'M "monrD,

mo~i Iy<'*l3iia imtn 190 Ona m

!1 'a ,, 'luH01, w1" ,1 11u

-3n3B -p1tia p1 p 1yjy1 11 11 31 n 19j31M
'T1a3 n1n 3 tI01t D.' 31n 3n' 01pyp ,Jyj
.in121mvj5,11 D411 fT b !!I D T}1Vl
Y I n1 PuK1l' 1I n K311K D1 I '0"1
*3TP k T1^ 'I0T1in ;Np ;31K KN13 y3ii13
* .3

.11131013"D1319Z'1 313'1'13 '1 31lYI93313k
tD or 3 o y35yn .31' 31KlK'3 nv K '
,;y~o- ,owl3"my3't yprwi n 'y'jjj
Dnsil ,tnD Pv'xya= N imt PmK 1I iv in333113"KN .11" 1 5iByn 1y3
,3y3 'tKw0 s 13" IV5,3?n 13 1 'N i p 'qa
3'mll i3 1 iK 1 K0i 35l 9353'' ,pi n s" I s
133' 1V 3T'5K91 '1319 D 1 35311 d1t0 ft
3y~~at~y~yt y~siy3'nl.n s o
.?5K IKO 31Ky 9fK P19 01 331313I 111 31
,P5 t 1p1D 1 t33. 1p3. 1 ipy3. 1IV mm3K
i i$11K DIBb-1pDA im ,iwmlnm is ui 'TD3

-N3 m1 13131rmv-1 w, DiK n'1 pIDNP
.inals pIN vml y Stp myu p i

"W -tj3,OS.Ml. !'"?^-',^ 1" y> PB,
'"* n '!*19^^< 'y:y6iB5yw'i pIt' ly

iiN>s'oI 0"< 0s on" yswa n win TOn
-K3 DW11 .i91w1"tn yp 9'tRT 'T 1iw p os
-San8 lyia is en vr~iop54B 1ytth 13?ij

ai" um a T

3=21,01 Malt 112D191 l!Y
yi31v.'1t1i33 3 ,'K lt3' 1S01tOK "I P1IBP1S

I'm o p wiuN io imo ^j 3 ina
'11 't I31rim' 1 1V 11 *33 I 1K .M5"i
,,=25 IpN n=,wB yp'"Iy'n =313 11W In
.1133 p1B310K 0 3"" '1 n 1'13 '1 K IV
-31map 50ot0 i3t 1 s w5u1no1w3 w ny n
'13it1BD'tpy nSK 1 INK i3m>p y3?oyi?
-3101s 3313"? la1130"5 o 3'sK1'3 3p
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nl$ I) AN x11 *9 1 1,,1IM 'l .I 91
j'K 3133311 "7'm'1KD 1P n31 3'sps
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,an 1n o5 D n jsn P1i I'tD ,sIm 3in 31

-130' 5K91o31 1311 31K 3311.13119 '1Dg
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31p 50 iv Pf1 l311m IV1"1K ni31 ,srs'
-s a 1 11P? 3? 1 it m3.Dt 15 3W5 1
Jim *-o; -I.iSnj iB t -}3nh y Mn P"I yn .

li31 p,1
"usa'o0- Ni79 6 4n'1 D *11'r1 I"T
myn P-intyowinS ina"uns vwp" I 3winp
-sVP5'a Yo ta n iln p ,a t Vi ima 1>1

.;-'5mIVI "iylyp IV itz"poyrwir YS''om
.pyn'1 uswiip1 11'3 yii. T ly13ront n
to T p 't Z i'y i 3 t I t
-R,:D IV PP O N rp II
.r pa

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'11i 11n .15'-i 0 3pK n3'2 f'1K1 '1n y1 1is

113131 .331 V1 13111 TWK 031 311 ,35'0313
3 11 ON a1 PK yi3n3 p D $TDO RiI" '1 131
3l1i$ 3i- In- ly ?Iy p o1 IN 5,z.I
.'saw1 8 PW iw ,Eyi" pW iy3''i iy o'
iuns^pl^3nis<-^i'^o ly'" Ip'
otrl llrl -IMN, lin. ) W n 1o
D'1 ,3'Ki 913n3 113 1311 313133315 7, 1 '1
-5p11 ,1 31131N t N1 nnni IM p'11" n 1I
.Aiy8? PIB' PS in>is n t ,Diine-oDmia
on'IN IN-I UYno untpi \}yW? y,A DID

0311 ii 1 3nn.r1'1 15T I.Vxr l1'.K .m31

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,'pO1-11-'p1Y1I2 .3 .1 .p 110 13;)Np1$-11
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'$~~~ ~~~~ 11 liDvN 9a39@19

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,m3'K 01131" VT-,'' 1 3 10 3'3 pO }D' p

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,I s 1 a -I v I I N 1"I JM 31 1-tv ltas t
top "TOy pyn De1,, 1 p'aE;'p By 'x
.)s^y on"^ -impn 1 ^2 ^^~a ct:^m

n1 2 !Ispe 0 .4 '12nN PyD:
*9 T, wa pr Bc *i K^ a 2 s.
Imimps c'"i 11E i;,"s-y 1 r is Bs -ii
.0 "i-B 8 2 p *v, *a "iy;; ];s0 "b
ppy TQ1 19*;n piyen iacBtyK c^ pat
. 1i;n ta'a lyagy' ;8"n'T'a-; y~'y1 ep n a& et 8
1 a 1 p *i N i n '1 fiB uiphnia(<3
-1 'I 'I ; p n rDs In naon 1 1 a n P
:ppm cysi SB.s p up a e no ab sy
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g. ,,".! iS -;t45

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1 (53) 21 .Dil

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3Kp 13)33 K 1 0 T (I>1R PY0 "1 YK 11K 'I7D 7"

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131- 1 0i3i) K 'y' 13 V I 'K I, ,, =' I I
"iK 'Y ,1p3y i'iK31 "$'iS "1 1200'0 ^) .1 r'K1 ,P i 1.
-DI n ly p 1 i' IT~Pll 'I nl ion .0 TIN

m1 115 n'13%DJJiD'1i13 ioPR M
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131 1 1233)l'13y)0 p 1 1$ 1 3
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K13'12o K y 15'. 110 pa '233 101'i U "D3' 19y 1 K 12301
11=25 pwyls on ly D1 pl lin3 N I' m K1x K 'I 11i lKt
DD 'K3 1<33 513)' 0 1I 331__ '' 1 ;V1 'lyl. "IW -31 'vi
j5i y y D o.wl ai2 o 01ti11 ;,"Dot' 1,, I110 -y03p 13I1 li1
"I2 )5 13)' 11 i t "1 '"i1 ,, 'p 15y)11.. 1nK0oD
n1 IlyIInyK1 IV ,'1l- T-I 0i 11 3)21K 'n,, .51i 7--1K '235
-"5 01113 2tip. n1 1in05. W :) 35p'513 1n'21N 1 1
a. a.. a o a" n ,;aTo k JiMn nyon -- m 1 n Zsa
l 1 ''l 1l 13'i 1NT ,'"13y111 5K 3Yy )3KM p 13y1 I
.' ig I'-'5' 03)1 110, 16" 13- 'n ..1113 11.' ? I 10010 03I
rim) vys19W"K 3 i )N.33)y0'23)32 25K0 .'1
*p ,fit'na .193) (13?on"Dynt1 D
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,' i l, p P) 1 30 10 K D 28 I v5K 24 .5 K i 1 1I
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"* r1 . 13 3 1 0P) 1 3 i I2"I V3o"' '
"** .. '2 13y3"t DT11 ,y 1 y 25 IIB', 110 I. ,1B2'S .ll
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D'Wli 6,n il' l '1 n "1'$'I-1,,110 p "'l p .0 1 4 p I V"'1,
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I3'D1 1 r Kll. 2 n 12 yin
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|W-IK TI t91nf1y. .P" 00"
utji^^yo\o'" .PD*~ D I


110 Ilow- -- 19y3 "

3)Ia' 0y1 usn D!IP

1i'T2. ,1~.'3-?rn 1y1
.'1l IN. uiwyR*D-nt< aLsn
1T' "11B aK- .n 1K "1, >

p0 p111" i3vm pIB 13y?
yy'1" '1,, :TX rpil 0213)pP

" .'"K pl"p y)I3K l)vW'
133 '1 .1 1 K a

W110 600,, P 0 il'ln
1)1 1Km N'-I 11" 5, n,
11)y1K tI 1'11 DIt) ,Tm'
S. ."-i1

Upi'!1 1!3 :lgIlkJ-i%8111 I'R D'313m'P IW'I" 1153 IJUllJIP

73 M1911 ,I?"3V1B0Kp 131 li l11n pK
S'I ND oDi l'1 i o13.I'y PN D0?I 1K ,10 1
"D01 1 1K 'I 2' y6?'" 110 1)'~1'ibK0n
ili '?, 4),51 K1i_1 3V y'p3IyGK5K- 3y) pI,
D1l1 .1|yoy'152Kb n -1-5 ,3K'K2 l "n1oy3'I

I'ow .o12y3j'1 193)p"1Z 03)1 18 I
nI )11 ,'o"pn"IW "i N m1TI nK pKn 1
'23)y 1w"to'5 I0'1 ,tn 'K 1tI&Y3
10 V351yn ,21y5 0151i513 1vnw Is p i
ni3m1 ytoplnKB o'D pi53 iyop"3 iyi ?p
"'1T oyl1 '1K 'IY)3 tp .1y)) y"23133 17 il
oyll 11"; -I"isv, yosTu"noy N viy"i"|' ylY -j

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,PALTRUSTds Tel.Aviv,38Achad
___ Haam str. Palestine
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Palestine, Holon, Khjat ihvoua 18ai
Pupko Chinka

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J. Guzik, Wasszawa, Twarda 6
p "pt pl'B3Ia-:39s, e ,p iy pn

S Urger, Wroclaw,
Poniatowskiego I m. 9.

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702 Hastiu2s str -*I-tstu-' ,
P-i sylvanie, Am-rica

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Rajzier STewek i Bursztyn Estera z
Harswry L. Zac 19644 is udover, De'
front 3 Michigantet Zydosk.
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Smr. Brodo0 iwicz.
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Rza de Miseri ordia n-9-10 andt
Dzeroitrude Rosen, 842 Schaws, oitetr.

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Rajzder Sewek i Bursztyn Estera z

Dh 6oni Komitet ZdIkwski. 1sk

mr. Brodowww.


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DzierIoniow WI.:Iayr .n maistat
Dolny $l4sk, Komitet Zydowski
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Redaguje Kolegimrn
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p i K a a :^p1 .pit:p1 s .1 p 8p *' "o*p 1 'Ps4 *2 P"9=-n V1"l 'I M 1"3 :VyP py
Wyd. C. K. Zyd6w Polskich i Zwiqzek Lit. Dzien. Zyd. Poksce
Skladato w Zakt. Wydawniotw ,JDas Naje Leba 2 .. OdbitW. dam



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