Dos Naje Lebn
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 Material Information
Title: Dos Naje Lebn
Alternate Title: Nowe Zycie
Physical Description: Serial
Language: Yiddish
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Lodz-Warsaw
Creation Date: 1946
Frequency: regular
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 638867678
System ID: AA00007496:00021

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"1t 5 TI"a
Mliama *

r Ns 2247)
tODZ, 5.VII.1946 VTTF9
u's3pEp13rT, N u'spETNlu1j in .DiTTe
Padres Redakcji. i P'dministracji:
L6di, ul. Narutowicza 32 m. 10
TELEFONY, 14-.52 i 141-06. sk. poczt, 47
;Najlebun" s:oti*as~PSo

.It 60- Snl'IPn 8s .1t 20 viln 8
.vlin a 8sa 138 1 01S DN f
Vl"fl 'W3Sn Blv
Bank .Spolem" konto 41
P.\K. 0. konto 241.


(Nowe Zycle)

a -, w 3 1WII

~r~sa8EKEs ~ ;iNr-I~.6~1;1iQP

Tunni 0015Win '1 1Jim

-P.. tUral ya vwintmo n \(w t-OW pN
"-* i n ,.'.B .9 Il a 1. 'ab'.oD n to 1

r'? iSn '"m n,, an .''1in ,, "t Be 1901t
. I mayis en ptlmm toU QS ^ '? In

Iny KtI p ,1 j1 31 lis a5 tmS v o't
... Di1. .i ,.D tl53- I: 3'Z10 311Q'1" 3ytS

.D .E .. 0 g E.) ,R 19yu
-k^-op54n sir pin ?|iixt .rp'mn sirs

Dy9 P,"i15 rpa i.p Isk .9Vola-n ,.allitv Y

-M lDD'n n ,;o3'59' -. ?ea l D .93 I S
y p. Eyp yi^- W "p .yia 'n ,'ta

p10 DND 3N 5 .ns$ pa. pmto
11N y'y5w-I'ri110 Vw- lb01ll IJ VtIN5
pla ,itrosl p IIO YPWTP D p tytyw
itvI1.n5 ,itn p pltI'3 pI I5
opa v agt pw-.Dy153r13n1 y n
.., '' .01un7 fl9 ,.ria

i)yg 'an '15 t~ V i a ,K1 ) 19 ."t ilD 'I

-ya Jw-1I n n P t nv n p o^ p',
-' 0" ,'15 '5 ?' K I, tsi'p *I'pK 01y^ 1,K
0e". i5" 5 KSh 51913" .11IM1y.) 0'13)07'
lyn t9i:D: ,]o"p nlN t 4 mp $ toweoy
-.1 t ymD" 1i3D lyyTIW 8wy75m 1"N 'iN
-5.vy "1m i pn" iy11 DY n' mp'iy' -'5
-a'91K ,03y5"py3 ly'0"Dpll05 ,i11" 31190
E' H :pi NTON Il ,o-Is N i" pa 1n3i 0'
n lym '5K 1 ,,!ly0n0n' y0yp31 1y)3"?
. Syiw 003153105) p "s svs 1)0D'1< il"

9'IK DIi'-il, 'iDsy " i" R1 pn
)5isyaD so K I118y3 j1sY3) PS lsnrspK'
j13Nn-a13)1y K -y3)D b1 5 5i .8' "'oo'o
.1ytt 9y" 1"It 1y.y.K. 11" .' ,
"i 'tK 11i. tn 1 i .l01 I ny's Vy))53v
*nyp5s39 Y 5 IP'fs1" 11- 03: iNs 70

*D'15>3 K Oss n'iR1" yiV' ''y X s j nk
-tojln ai n py1iD'n1 OYO'l'OpK

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Dn1i 165inAD'uI 1Iun "i TI ,Ip'iy3D'Knn

,Iy5t3t3)D Ili; It 315o mpp .3"p'n y sB'
.I'l .,'1-. 9"I llB -D~ K. 11"D TI ,19iyv iy

-"a o,.y) Dan DNII ,T"'1 < IM I B Tst an
i voD 0i' tt;B
-Y.1',l DIrl I5k1w91K N Ink D3t;t 1o
n139 '3 2 90lvvk '1 .B '11 IWT 0mky)1
0,ti f, 11033 t.ijnS3D153li tD'Tna Dy t31 .;0K
PK I K DYiYta'INV .D1 I 0 115 Ipi 'i
"Kp~i' a 1 D nK it.V11 Dy ') 4 P171
pa is '5 D'1so 1?"1I 'p 1 T0"1l yw'
*ytwn os? 80 *3 oan ,pltt 'y y1b
i73 UpnK5 'pi, ztsp531a. o3t)w'5in jys

.411 9 55 T iWr In e5y3 DK. plS 3
t~* ' 1 mn 1 W 3) ,t
.14%'p i 'i ,iN i1 n K 0y2 1it N my
-3nkn lit v=1471792 u0 INP Paolo

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.s *"p pfls ^ fi 7 T i?
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19'1 .sD) p-flin run1 osn iso!-"1 TN
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p w. is yt INs DI.D )15DK p1s0'S"; yp35
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* TnK p3111 '13 15p131* )531'8 D s 1031
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yyl "yll1IyD' Ki 1s 3 min'3 rw'n 07n
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0931Nit; KyK 1.3P9 1 0K100K 'll DI'D
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-n"i 1. pyp sm'Dy-ms" DS '"s iN DoKn

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n-'1 ,V .Ny s ps y W iT DY ..19YD'I

ps .,5311353 0'D Jlf ll y10S" 10
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-sND -.1l0 1iy3"t IKo 90 .om'15 N D 3.9W

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y1'5.1.3 '5, ,K D D0' 1 D ,a'5015 l
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.- ^ *____________________________________

cnsIaK p 'vmp Ba nan twsp-scin
m8 ney' >yry'r'B iposrjw .-I :1m1lw

Grauberg 23 Bould de Strasbourg,
A ulnay-sous'Bois France.
wlbmp 'Wtiyt pt nypi-1.1 Vii'tBss lit BZn
*'1ps' p'MWNTw ..1 pi si'ANs pl
.p'aanc 'My IPK Bnip1Kt BtD'nay

Panny Bielawska Maubon 17 Bd
Feliks Foure Aulnay sous Bois
-Opnthb' V151bNg msmm Ji .t|0'i,l intomp BDIn
4819) -ljpouw'yl Ji BilB

Gtika J. 22 rue Piccardi Paris 3.
5Pz)' y19 lSs 11i spr ikn tB1it
4820) .ywtpln its 5MI.1 ji

Qlbifiski .M-ou George 55 rue Didot
Paris 140.

4821) .128 Kpo
Lr. S. Brodaty rue de Ma:te 48
Paris .11.
'rm-aitwIL11 Jim yrim ypvtlp. lit BM2it
4822) .5 Np .1yn

"my syy- typ-a.. y. l jb n-rmw' "ps -''D

' .. -_ 5 ... ...oi ..a_-.

1 I48N2w 11 'TI p2 'VaS$ I7 t'u

489"2) .2 *trt*7 'lyIp n- ,ps i tny

I'm tpo' 'p t btp .po1i) M.1 K : > 1flv .nrpI
"!1. i34894 .11 'l1i l p8 ja pan'a
BT 8 KP81 }wUK 'WKti :12 .yi5nB.s 3n

r.4896 .t:p'w j.ma n p (iy.) 'y
-I 4898)tf 1 WanKS "ap, '18 m1ixs

4 -- 4 '
*y 15K p 1K 5s 71~~111W BpK yPn7' >&m5s ,ol
tssi p\yi y l DiyBS m 5 *1942 myo lipwn
WnM5 f t *tMo-yIV lit Inn ta'yi BIyi
.4852 .23.'11 17 gwlssty2s

4892) .2 smlKmB'Bf H211315 PD475w

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5pwap? .-I :Jia'w -=1a1n0 Ilm wanp Bomn

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-laH T p.DU'w *. :.,I *'xiy Jin p N
-yis. yerspio'im n ."I oCv p o ye"* r'ty

i-J im ot .t.hln?- i' p a t T iny T9tr-i9

htBnB yll=U >J3b $-Ivs :Di I ps ,1y'p
IItI'ymptow :p121w ty' la-115 yn J win
.4894 811 ' 8 (!ypDlSal

toyn 8 mps'Any'im5 tvvim$ p in ny17 li
.yMse ws lit ps by tonynw 1 1n a1-mira
-ytin 35 '11 20 snuia 'tyn :121"
.4896 *min ptoia

.140 -1 38 NpO3tln

VVINI rBytDv'ap 'IYV"7" :1p"- -iv *M'np UZIT
4898) .)pvs'mlB 44 ynliKtB

.B'ii(<3^3t< lya'p yp11 tonit II DV'T10
.4 3 1 '3 1 $ y p mO B s i t p t % YT -1 0 : mi3 lly

y "t p m tn yiymn ps p;t'tN V52"Btow
.TIKN pi 'rtooleDylv 11" 2py -IVy2 '5mi'
rimip 38 pwy i pD3v *1 2' i :1=015W

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.6 wla;D*1yyT '"iKe, *PO.m -I :;itni

uIIN111.'a C pI P U w111,'ll ri
-Wn1Y3 Is .D) ) Dy na o Jim 1,
j'ilt'131) 5 1 i 1t 1 lki ,(p3nl

,:1 150300 ,( nirm pa il tt-wwip
nBe in N. W(11. 6 Chavit tr. 6.
min 'p3MD 9 '7 1 Tinx 11. pt pv -Jyp

-3 Yit 1p ..0 18 .iy ,ppni 1 y;' ,13 p,1

,'iT7n p?11=ir11 IK Ni,15 1 pnil mn Ia
D28 K 1pD19 lp l :1 ID'TIn X .y1 0y2
'3-0 .i2pmy5n *ke ,tn0 r$ "1=5 y*

V95la3 710 5111 pyl 0 0o"1 -In
B59 igU 71T $1 1 tU I
:pira l onan1 70 3 wina

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p 'K

,9 u' 7u1? o ,5 'm. 1 71 ,PayK
vSBam iW a' o I p vzvl -coTiV
-mpetim 1IB 9yw-.wn 1iw 9J 'ar'i .1-
tsa >itn"T liav MrV'1 .PDToiyl
.'T 5000 a33138tz 'a 168 pyl Ira

Schobert (fur Michaii)
Bedlin N. W. 6 ChavAte str. 6.

.15 .1 18 uponitey' 'n
*TPm iy'I Inaya Bt iM popeb pwrisy 'to yn

4888) .5 .-11 >4 mm,5r 2ys trrn05

Wy 01m:yi, pi IN*'p mto Npmn 3ninp- p

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'4840) .25 -n

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:In1'nV *IMn5 KjI ) 1 K 515 M nlr. I Mn yi'v
Kina .44 4Y11. entlityp aawu1 wyn'wl y
4834) .p'-yfrn

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-jiyisB' n'in' psM (1-.'IaY PM yW1" s)
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4836) .pn't'yin oKS 44 yUwa croniUn Yp

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Ks pna ps1y p 'in7 m a5iny1l Iyn 1y1?anyD
'Iwn11 :12i11 t .* ly 1 ni ysn tE I s
.p'iT'tB "IND '44 ynI to 'taytWM p I lyUP T '

M1T (sy 11w K) wl5 ps pis' priv ttinYMa
.1"K lJK ilm PISn pI imaI11Is -,K n11iip

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Jinb yV1win 1s11 p5niBnn ps73l a ro`N
,(pla): yii7B rlr Il.i-,< JimynaNT p5a yan3noia

,e 'a15 :P"W *-pt7D'K. p1K sn B
4839) .23 *13 43 'pinsiiD
IP-MV 18s 1"n5ll B in7 (oIys ,s 3 :.IK .I

l.l TiffWs; ,.1 .116 MWMMN11
V'1 :111M .o30 1ip snV t pIT

oy'19 ina 39'it pwo'v'nsw'

"I'lal pa pam n l
1 m1 lit tn!) liB min 1s1 =n 11 D 3
*Mls pt ta Mt'sp n awase .2pa 'T BI
-vw-i1LiIIB Ji m y -.Vnv Jim n'' xmiBI'

Zylbersziein 11813-d Richard Lenoir
Paris 11.

aw5 Ji wtt -iyiIn vp1p T miOn sayn -ysis
:1,1 1nim 1iyn m'nonnmoi Wolf Piper, (eneve 33 rue Micneli
du Crest,

Ilt tywvk ps on 1 -y1!) M ak'a1o-Y
pi' JS i m pln 1 Ji1 mt -PDI D
18 MieBIppI1t* D vtyv :123W Bl3 *1nen
4808) .y 26n .1

11inip Bmn 47 rn vywigi1 i po yan 1jt'vyB'n
.ByBlBZp iw'1n 'S'oIs :pvw .?ens" ilK

pyly Y"i VI" 'yM top 11-at"in pyIN'1
y1KaI i5'ptn? \ m' im t oyn 115- 1A
*pyw'u 'ys'9y'l17'ipB :12nwiy. uppitaiB pa

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Wtn' ivxwIn 27 .1 166 ti ntzt wilit5 :j12niw

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27 .11 66 !t 8ntz irwj, ; :12wi *Q np
4812) Bt8a

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.po7 pi'ityia B li. *ya niy ^yJ^tB
t :y : "' D~l3Tlp inS 1-1S Ilt BM11
4813) .-wmtnBnsn 27 .1 66 yv-tc

S1t'rlyyt pJ .m-M n w an I I y3 a V

:13ii a 'oym? -oPNWn pn *pyn
'7111 lilt nZI 115mr JIMl mw1 10 11?stys
.8" DpoJ im n1 uiiyJ3 '.pB:)m tym4 2

.a 8 'ytyiB pois .i
Kft~~~~ ~~ .Uth..'k^- -^-^. --- ..

s4 ONUN41 W6pUsg4 I..

Munchen, Neu-Freiman-Sigdlung
Leopoldstrasse, Standenrauch 7.

16 .11 1728 RMawtnRl n :Wl ,*5-t' .*,:onp

4814) "*pljy' "l

ps upsa nw anmat VnB ps >ps)a *B
:1Iw .n< M. Meliz 11 r. Geoffray 1. Augerin
Paris 4 e.

lynina P' T ?n riwni1 ps Wbr pistni
PI i7mKi- 71- 1 r amp Jim pI I n pnn-7I ittIts
94 .n 15 ypbtp "m-s itwn<5 :a"w *ipk-iP i

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4830) .147 ,tvty

ct y111a Yyf 5yw MN *11'4y T tiomBv'
s,wrk? :pw .tamns pn .'3np o ) yn fwl,
4ES:2) **ia iD ps Byta'B

*.13n1 s V *i8 N3 l D Mn '22 t5rty.B

.5' I'm Y3'p Sn'K D 1' s

`1 3 ,S ,0IV -) 7x.'3?'Tin
,"lay' "3 38r, I'3 1T n

.Mieczyslaw KOHN z Warszl wy,
przebywajicy w 1940 r w Wilnie,
po pow, ocie z Rosji prosi krew-
nych i przyjaciol zagranicq o wia-
dornoi: Centr. Kom. Zyd. W-wa,
Szeroka 5. Gina Kon.

Paul Olberg care 3a a Rozenfeld
Luxgatan 13 Stockholm

1i 7p. Vr2 (tVVll "a) *ps!ioV) r5
:o)YDI ^* s Jp- I3'mB T 1t
1. M. Wa shavsky, Ramath gan, TeI-
Pfwiw. Rech. Herzl-Bejth ,Hapeles"
Pa estine.

:paV12t),19o 1 12<15aI
Waibrzych, tdama-Pluga 11
fibram Hopengarten

nmI IN s 5k p T i .n 8yn .1 ponai: t1w-w
-upp-}y h-. oray yiymp puT pui -t J.M
min ni)' 5p 'np PJim a"n pp-si' pK.'>
',yU5 :123w .ypp'-yoN pI D IorlsBy"
.17 .11 30 > '-a y ,yto-11
lh tfll~imM MB~iia -^aaBll;~ ^B; IT.

"l, py n p ,9 p n .' .*"n l n lPre -ly w
(py s) r5b I KM. n D15 I TP'"' 11 1 'IN "
i5m'K1 T .*p66..6 l 6, ."5pD I1~ n DI 'I1P .v p
.pl, n y pis ByBt 'oup

..Il 1 9 I VPl tp1,i .8 .
sl.2 o .1 78 K5 3ri p5sn lil JT

-pon. ,?m10 7.l ,p 5 "3?1l 19 K Pli7 *
4795) .15 '5.yo apiy 119 ps \yaiw .11P
.60 Nim mLiwn-ywam

s'l lnIi! lymz i 36 ypoii yvsn on s w-in n
-ins 'Ttwra38 *11li pD3'w *I :IT 1yrz

\\a lyumpy^ 'ynsp an' s n>ia swms
:. yMlI,, l 1 y,, l 1t i l'-a )p BIm T *BP"
y" ItV 37p1 >na 11-1 1U S IT. pD .'=015W *-i

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.m p Bflu *8 *.8 48

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ipooywNi in 11T I y B-ii spooA i n yi
.10 .1 12 Ipn aIL1i tI yIn :]5Ilw PRI'

vel-quT pt pi t lil t to yB' 11S m rn bentmS
15 'y'ptvoruB '*yn(? :1nw or p Jim
4795) .15 .1

mnit 1iIOT Jim 1 71r1 ." S '3n2'-mmam mvirnm
(21 0?Dp) noe-m o i s 1 p1! 072pi7,
JI'Man p r uniip t ywn m 5r nite) Tanri
-om an m n'B imn 66 M il 'a'nmt r $ :13"w
-IN IpayV Btoyn l e -oymp'y.-s n *-."73
4800) *1p.M 7

.POays tlyBDyt I Inl? rn B3-,1y plyn a3^y*ai
p'Btimci .6 .11 14 'ty.s t tvnBT :11t ? Trii
807) < .(ptarmain

-p)11s '10 Mw2 no .i n Jii loDl lyA I11DR1,
:11M.-Bi'ns pim lin p m y B ".1 ps1 l ivpa'

.33 .1 n 47 NtmINAnlj= 'wi

.. .................. ............. ...................... ...

n'yn IT In p ,i -ly' i '-IV l"? T lynx II wng

,RMlDnb it ?fl02 ,3'O E 11< 71 4DiV l


d.g.. .. ... . .... ......... ..

~ __ --- II






. ..a- ..M.- -..-

Uit i 1 "13 ONTI

I aIlp U lUTI. 1_ IT TM

om'BID BRn tain 1n' 7-8 niyramn pjyliy.
Its nrywp rayyvn pampV Jyeo'i pli --is
I's1 p ianp I11n ManyI.1 IN YI Is;ii
*IT' yB'.' is *p *p .c.,s JIT 1n11 *.15i
.5 appmyl 'ymaMianyw

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:pimy .co'np IDn ya'it1 pae nm-i:2 aponi
ByB'a'ipp *l'sp'T' 'pjei'' >i iit?;imp apote'bit *1

B'nnyi 1989 vi y inuTbo pI BIb t *Nylun
ps INt'mB'.hiK pnp -' mni 'ywwn pI'
<25 :p12mohn 'tn :p -8 .Dy-mODU:tri
.- p T 3isya poM yvI1y y5tD I'? t.op' .28 -9

Ji I 5npyni maniytyvp p1 51n5ilyn .1ymiazo 1

4625) .Vsp1rni I' 111"m) Ml'anp pi Donlw

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F. Goldberg 20 Kebrin Chertnam
Manchester 8 England.

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'Wyd. C. K. Zyd6w. Polskich I ZwiIzek Lit. Dziean. i Artyst6w Zyd. w PoIsce
Skladano w Zakl. Wydawnectw ,,Das Naje Lebu"' 0-012063 Odbito w drukarn.

Redaguje Kolegium
i Sp61dzielni ,,Czytelni!k" NT 4, Zwirki 2