Forṿerṭs =


Material Information

Forṿerṭs = Jewish daily forward
Uniform Title:
Forṿerṭs (Chicago, Ill.)
Parallel title:
Jewish daily forward
Alternate Title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Forward Association
Place of Publication:
Chicago, Ill
Creation Date:
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Jewish newspapers -- United States   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Chicago (Ill.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Cook County (Ill.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Illinois -- Cook -- Chicago


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from The Center for Research Libraries.
In Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1, 1919)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased with July 4, 1951 issue.
General Note:
"Progressive Labor."

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 08807936
lccn - sn 82015424
lcc - Newspaper 7598
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Full Text

*" i tr IA 310 r 25

Forward F' forward

Saturday, July 2, 1949 1949,2 '1 W1VIn

agisp w ftis wg 20 ^D 41 O I
_ SD J I 1T i -D IC II W

rlit r .= S-Irw mirl VI.VT

1 3 p 1', T D 1" D "y yv' D ,11 1' ) iy3 Vy'1.' 1
-- 7-1-- 1-l 7 1 9 ~~t 'lV), 11 ," 1 vW .."- s "in *- I
ywwqu Inr pi tu y1 Iyl n f p *

PK D 1i1,7. TT D '"i 1 w I, 1 l iyyi T' 7T1 Lii '1 :'F ..op 13 y ;" a T' 11 11 F i.'
n Pyi ,ivs t{o I oit w 1 T Dn a I Iyo'?tpy ty in' 5 Pmj ci y D"a io,, n pq 1tyn I' yp -

t l "pt TI?'oix 017 193?;yay 1'cai' P ,tin s p jy y0 p i0y S;m^ p E 1iT o' a TPT 0 'Fx
- Vr vy; iln -I pNs lr 1y i W -1y- *-l,:1 .'N3i9- 7'l tr,, iy 'T .IV I 7, a ,oi.DtBw M'. ?%'i

I Vl'0 'W tcy T93m 'f yi;- --"j'"IF '-IN ;:" I Y'' 1- l'i n .- ",' .' I jy T3 $' 'F I y
Z.. Mg- T, ") l" 7 : 6y." D .n I -s'- y V7)" js .-I'p -.'I Is 'TIiD ?"0 ? v
4 1, 1 ,.4 lit s ,1 -.Irl -3=, m 1. 0811 Y,,-IV 1 "-S -:137t" "I jI. 11 P'. -11'-19

- -~I 1 0F~ .. F 1 _, --' 3 '. ,,'m, .;Y -p i .nI; tyT 1rx0 ir-im T.':N 1'EC 11. tIi pI ..
y-iytiis ( i91 X pIsfl1 i y'o o ;yo 'y T l9l4-1 DtI? Dsn 1 **' -"T2 J'. ** i I ? R' )VZ' ';
tF.y s3 s, S .:3?:'X < l ?' 1 p1 -.' 1j ':1 lY91I 3 11? y'N DI 1F ,-iF

"".3FY INM .1 M 19 ,31? 12. D I C~1. 0 n .V FO ID. nD'.- 'IV
.~* i .- ID 'T -V1. y32 7' u i ?FI p ,'. n3D FF 7 i'' '"1 J "
-it ?w1 Ts^"ns 'on ij i ntl .s \ *yn n00 ,.,110. .-19.PRP9 I 2.1 pu TWynt$1 V

., itVo.^ = P Dy ivi1,10403 .- -VN vo 7 5'.I t DF VII? U1 1 370 9 irx'or s -ar: T.VD K
- FI'P in j I4fl,1' FYF' "- 'F D .F i'0 i. i -Y ) -TI yl3 1IFy'- YTl

Fi 0$ 193 0 "" '3 r 19 y24 1 -p Tunq-F -' 1 43 1 37t$ (I DP 1
* ngn Ua b D-11 tD? B OL"n VUL" I1?Vp y way Q o ,T T ',, 4- 1 o,,,

-T F'F 191 TI?. 1 92 3 tyn 1 9 2 ^ 'Fa it Iit ?a V1 1 1' i 1 pyw I 'I ? -I ?D '' 1 -3 1 I? -' ^ FFI
i mpsyw lns t r T ^D B(i ? y N .l y itty -y 0ta; n. ;i r s ,

E B'F psW 0I? Z 0y tn KF 1i?3Q 1'F F 0" 0 F 3 nyi. TIV 1:41 ),Y0?D
,liDl V '1 -F 1 lT V13,L8K1 Vu 0'137
--is yoe-y n 0y'0n: n 1y? .1ty1'rIn 1 IsFi'e:4p -"7 1s0 19I ?0"7 FYF oTiv F 0D -
-tn TO p11 s00p ini PV i 3 "= 3ID Pi F9i iT- -i?' P ;j F I?3 p'p ;nIts i' 'F ? 10 t iifi1r' 3mT s
Toyp FI? 10y yay i19o 7 i0y t eqn oooyp i 1 i? pI 7'tZpZn 1 ivn n tnF' 0
: -i x -i i *r l .: 1 9 2 4 i o t oio 1 2 i ? n 3 i n w r 1:,_ I-,i I

_____ 1TW 9t7P Opp '0 0I?1V 1370 I ?ThD, T'0 'I 11N L)I
(y m FI y n ,i ?sni) 1 5iy)- p n, I:? DD 1 'p IV "ni '1 9 Dpj i I
ZOip n 17-1 tynvinVA pQ5s IV: T i if tn w i i tinyo i^ Di'y tiiy'

1923 .x p N l 4 lsn Ut;to 1,N P: MD Vgt.*IhO pW IV 9 o
(Unn a 1o'i I IV oD p q5vN -Nn tlK f 11 YD,, IV- 1 WIy 'Y "y u vn v

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FYp10 K FpsI'n'0 'F n in's I ?iv' 03j '10'0o3 s 'F 1 ip,3
ot- ,t> p I' 3ps FYO"OK"3is ps :;'F Fyt37" Fis lDT$11 yii?"005s
.0F"103"s 't 0"2:F Fy"s 'F 7s ,iy0"11 'D .sP3N'10' 's t)>
p'? F8 0'Z 010 0' FY"K 's 7 101P DINp 1.03N7 IlK 37 y nyi
,Fy3y0$uF32 K 0"3is 120 Ir, 10 s 03 iy V33 FY" iyls ps 1373.sa3YFF
T'S T-'S :,L on', Fy"S ?7 $1 .03 ,i3.S1-) iD nF'0 S I T1'
"10 01$ iiF n' ,;FO iL"3sC TDF .nF'00 p'I l"OiF )K ps
-"s -p'i i.z C" ', t y3yp F370 iyFy7 D 0i- FyF'p t ,ty0"n
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1:1 Co y"s 7', 00'F3'ia 0"I 370 ili I4'>3 1F i iF un"7 ps
370Otpp 37ipR37 37ZK'A .37'hpsK1
3'F FYO":FK 0'F1K 'F 1371737 7' 00$"' 0')
!!"Tui5F ,pI "' .' pi0 FyT1Vp'D ps Fy70 ,T"S iKO
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.FY''3'0 lK Y10371)n'LK 37'K
D'n inW F'o 'i 1yDk 0 TO
in' 25 337ns3 a p3 w1F
-ID it Niy 110 '100'1K 3yF iKN
Fy"W ,y'8L'Katn 1y707t Fyj"L"
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is0'3 7'K DOYF 1F37"N is ,lYDi
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July 2, 1949

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1949,2 '$ityi,MtV

FORWARD -2- tt IVI'1In8$0

.00 XDK5 .0 130

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(1"'73 -- -py n xyJ ,% D'^')

Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD 3.- tt l11 1

1949,2 \lity ,nat

lit. N-P/ I(SitM It
115 D Ty? P 10501 TO')D 203 D81

lit MINmIW 90S325 tM: ; W

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Saturday, July 2, 1949 FORWARD-4-mlml'~~ 1949,2 ~1t~1

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6-8011 "?aoy


4649 W. Harrison Street
Tel. MAnsfield 6-8011
Chicago, Ill.

vyl nnyp TD RupyT 7oin
wuwngif ""T lyu')i51x
1900 ~ ~ 18 1yt $1

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W rkmn'sCirn TcileColony

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,tars Datia Twai't 12 ,mw yp^inyssy ]y'pyn Dyys
Si K'rt l 5 ,cwyD01 l j 2 1 ?'T

Workmen's Circle Colony

Telephone 830

South Haven, Mich.


1:171 VIM' s 25 0

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ki I===

Saturday, July 2, 1949


FORWARD 4 t3 1 I I i

1949,2 \'1711,nt

.p .s DM- ,1'1P bil

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: DM n

Saturday, July 2, 1949


1949,2 iW n z t-i '

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J e .

Saturday. July 2. 1949

FORWARD --6-D t3V1k1'7i S

r~ ~

,7 ON 25
g ^ pi r.

i. "

S4722 N. -Kedzie Ave. INdependence 3-2020

*n pK "T37,\y7'\p,, sypp .1 ..4 cI' 97 7t 1. 7 })Tis T-O
-"paypya 1yn i7 typ7 t w 7T' D, p 7ii7 is ayopiypn-y
- ya.1ingi-25 DisB op 1. ti 0m7 DD> -1i3'K ti -1
.) 300'p .*"i^ pW iDoyp DyT 11s Gi~y'; -'

Willhtt Motor Coach Co.
0 7010 South Desplainep Street
.0ivyw liK Bwnt"X -i 1-B3B"Pipopy 711K
Int t SlP InW WBp t) y 1I1 xW B^1?Bn
myal)"5YA lx')31 yjyTiix .vn.T rn xtnyl tlpKa i1?
m9T 1ynxnyill Tx3 3D2 iy 10 7a ymlp ?Bwl(yw
.5oimp 'B'nyO mx Ila T Is

Willett Motor Coach Co.

700 South Desplaines Street


l t11 m 015w)
(tT10 B 43PTW1193IN PB C lu)5
1yD4 u i"'p 8y-m;iyc o

1y?8t~yX il E W~t" -??1K VyZ 1121Y
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xyiopm~ry -IK Dn t3IVDl roI
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^''^ 6,000 -1.e3'it 3
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1949,2 8W12, nt' -


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Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD 7 D 6" "I.I $

n-ors :rl 1?rrx J;;

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"Mi,'4 4 7I Ip;V_ 10 0101 M Vi
"fD;' 1 'p TW Tz 1;3py 2 1o" :$ 'sa 11

CARL'S Restaurant & Delicatessen
3211 W. Roosevelt Road Tel. CRawford 7-3674

.v3)W1l'vDY1 'T 193n"1nD I
-L5 TWW 9 053 011 I
.J oipoy n m lyl ns
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1949,2 WsWty,n.t.

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Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD 8-- to r117-

cir0 inp 25 '1D pa '1I'a pK
1pru WV:T jV-l'vL-,'Tpv jyn'

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ti5_Br" ,Tim 'Wip 4? y 'Oi- '1s n y"
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4-M IYPI '11n _13;:4n .13-Iv~ -yj.

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.nY )' u3ln 1 3 1'111 T'1n DI

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1949,2 W t7,1nt

Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD -.9- V to ll "$

1949,2 \s t,

D -yI j)/y ll'n i7s 1-11-' y ?I '1

D:D TD13MDYn DWI5 iI$T -11 :1
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Saturday, July 2, 1949 FORWARD -iO-~wy~

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Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of the
Best wishes to the officers, members and complete staff. May those
be blessed that built this great colony. May their, noble work con-
tinue to prosper, with years of success in the future for this great

Mrs. Jacob Cohen
And -

Pauline Cohen


426 Phoenix St.

South Haven, Mich.

Chinaware, Silverware & Cooking Utensils
Supplied by

900 W. Madison Street Tel. MOnroe 6-4070
CMcago 7, III.

Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary

Complete Insurance Service


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Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD --10-- 7 1 17

Saturday, July 2, 1949

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-'^ ^iS AMiiiiig f^

2203 No. Halsted St.

DI 8-6050

'1Dtr-'K P110 D4OD 017 IYi7F313
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-K-s t'YP'Tlo Tvny7 3 72 niy
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035 9bt1 W 018 |8 920

Packed for
By Union of Icelandic Fishproducers,
Reykj.avik, Iceland




Tel. FRanklin 2-4490
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1949,2 W" 1,t


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Saturday, July 2,1 1949 FORWARD-12-~$~ 1949 ,2 ~

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Glenn, Mich. Tel. Glenn 30
i 7 "yvy:' TC inyl i n l al 1 yi r- 1 jt Ut: p:?3 \uz lt
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FORWARD 12- C 3 7 17- 3

1949,2 Wi ,..

1949 -

Saturday, July 2,

Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD- 13- 6 nII's$1

1949,2 W ,nti

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Nrer York 2. N. T.

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Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD -.14--C L. 1 1 7 AI

r I 2: o s ]rw'vm o p N h I 6py. k't 1" 19/1 0_ -,

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V ________.n_ Bure 6-67 .11_ .I D1 iI I 'iy
.'11V? 14it' *@ .B 6935 W11n .2 5206 pI NT g .1yya S -0 B ny3 m y 7t :ony P \yi y y
3-4920 130Y7oti3 1-4740 1w2ynry y. ;r --No 'I Wu wT -iy Ty .p J Mp T's. I ONM -I
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Mor r i S o roka .^' n t', !yyy y.i 7^ .11/21/
Main" Ome 7 M1OD ERNBm'?7B 1 TCHAP- E 118 1 3 Yi F .itTU3 .-,n Ti -ily-1
T?3'3yiny 1rz-19 V-1uitiw 1yi"i 7yogwo J- -163 lyia -I'M p .nn 3iyn i t n 'I .1yu E,. ,, a p i ,,y _

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U- I- L 'EtiaRi ,I mIi4 It Dp Y .IwA. E

Monuments PALMER & LAUER A in '
O4225 W. ROOSEVELT ROAD 1 1'4 t iD3i 2 D2 D .[-i 4 n
3922 W. Roosevet Road Tel. LAWNDALE 1.7100 rhe Sommerset Hotel -Irpv3 r- It on
VQ n Br" n l "6.672 D/.O-I t ISuccessor to Copeland Hotel) .t7ay;

77 9 C..Roo keve l 3"2490 I' ',- t 7729 Ilt;
7739 W. Roosevelt Road ---------t5009 Sheridan Road n1 I1 iyases li x y l^
Forest 1155 Mo9u mens oon de d y.'nt D''
rest 1 5 N5PAR K MEMORIAL F E Tel. LONGBEACH 1-0700 TtE U S3 ixt
MENNEN AR K CHAPELS. I -------- V ; "t \y^, ,1' I
%h e N io a Suet .Z 2" LN 1 9 "Y3K J '1KD D3YP"I Jim
.0 .1'r3 TIR 133ij"s 1yn1i
")9i ( pt y^ (_1_ __ _w ____n )^ 1i'yD ,9iyr1 "< ; w9', 9 y
;2 7 4e 7 12 .i m Ba pt l2yio 7 ni y ? m t tr 11p lK o010 snyK' 17Yo: To D c'mP Yl lit *jr m NI I s i is
D VBI'a .ink 30p ySy 112 int 1 1 YCt IMOBN D;42 anI or
TTR1> D~ m 911711 3600-8 VSSE^ra n*1 call 031191 111 lt llaw yly
WORKTS12 5145 Mon ument C3 o. 0,114
3-4000 'T iSYP TEVYELT 1'7286 W iviona;. 10O l 1 S t. 772 9 n W11 pt bO 'N :5yl
Ianyl I lny- 1300'04 72ae'BB ODW \y-'y n u p n 1-1 ,iy 1!? i >i 9 y
1-7677 C-IKB 0oyn-i 6V290 a W R19 .s e0 1 Rd. I t
--'any anny arso w in nir1 0q1 I 't ivzq jywy
if Wf evno amaxw .a630 lix 'm -1 IVn n tN ,,,
Etale Oer 3 r y FURNIeTURE5 CLEANERS 54 e a g
I 11111 MtTDyell 3654 2630 W. Chicago Av. km
2700 1y13 1yn .5yto BRunswich B-6060 Filar fi
authorized Rock of 1T3ylly 03V-11N5 3140%

the National Surety J2,1 -iO"31 I't B D vPuO 1'B D
Corp. I'lyM" 1"a rB i 'v"it1
Spo-il y0n' oIN rt -1 > 5

.Itp 'y-liv "'1J n -2 '*i Wox lD oyll D yl 197l -1,1K Biyp '
"yP 'y* arwol y l 'T yV"3 091 r n Ty T Tn Vwy nnyn, yv-TS8
V3' INy W tt19 n r nclv o I i' T n nB is ?'vianu pic ?nxiowix .2n1laxnxa yzinny D-IymoS pIy y tL- so D
.231)138083 "^BIX ST l .790$ 13ln"TB SyDft3V 0l6BT'3nDoT TI'DOlpDp 7 1'01" TB ,D-I i );p""l ywE>pl'TD yK TWI
GOLDMAN% oi o an na ytii woyiri .neiymusa nBS Karmiy -KB .copn-eyve Is xvr, y
WORKS Monuments Monument Co.
2806-10 W. ROOSEVELT RD. 2416 W. Division St.
N*e1 c.aifornia Ave. 6-2290 wnsn'mR7729 W. Roosevelt Rd.
(Evads 8-219 NEvad. 8-7641 2-4509 321'7* 0o .OwyrTyi FOREST PARK. ILL TELEVISION MUSIC SHOP
Established Over 37 Years .D00"B'C00 11 y'zamgaW 7`110 Forest 511 Columbus 1-5758 340S Roosevelt Road. Chicago, Ill.
- Tel. ROckwell 2.1254

W!I' n 175'r n1
"013 9.3y5 -- r 71/7 in's r'
; S n 5Y --m u n

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.IVy U; -Iy ,y pP yp 't .7; p

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.-5 a' p'I 'm n I
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"I 7' ? -- y'-'W?

- .D'~"D? tYoln Y5- 11"IN
-5 Vi DD1XplflynD TC ,5 l ; TDI
D X ?'l3 0? Il3
ly btn TIM- i n P 1 -

Alex Zwei1, Caterers

3146 W. Roosevelt Road
SAcramento 2-9379
nyi ;y n* 7- i '- JY
8 .-'1 y 8 DyBy tW 041 .p'1
,y'n V ,;-oyrE n m1.OD -
Oy-1yl'l0ya Tt IT Ot !1 PY
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Lom lyShment t 9'nt9 p79

.,.,^ -- ------ ^--


1949,2 'R1I"Ty,M-V

i ORA ^P sw@& ka R05A PAq

Saturday, July 2, 1949

FORWARD --15--Dt t- -91$8

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t2Yi "I II lyXOW ~i oup
.IY1V1 03M1t<31 lt
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-u''y:) y; D, 1is1 ,?y K 1 y -- i, ,mnt I'K PI I K ,i"' -

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t o00 t ml$51v I"P '0

t3ypy1 -1mK t 7k 'iAt K ') ,1
-n 3y -?y iTI Pm -in 3's t Y i"' ?

ROckwell 2-5010

cs1-i-19 $'Twi "ottynTi" T n ) p|I-tK i -n P l "yn ton
TINM ". Da .Dy 12t$-" '^WtIUD P^ .a .3 2:30 ,ayuti? ]'-;
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