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Mon, Jul 9, 2001 11:04 AM

From: Giovanna Nappo
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001, 9:13 AM
Subject: hotel edera

dear Professor K.L. Chung,

I partially answer to your question about the Hotel Edera:
my first question to the doorkeeper was
"do you have rooms with bath and not only shower?
(I am not sure of the english word "bath" but in italian
I asked for a "vasca da bagno")

Since the answer was NO, I did not ask any further
question.(in a sense I behaved like a computer, sorry)

But reading your fax I noticed that you would like to know the
prices also for curiosity, and I will do so tomorrow.

I am sorry that the fax was lost,
however maybe the explanation is
that the fax is for the whole department and the doorkeepers,
who are in charge of give them to us.

At the beginning of june bruno and I were thinking of you
since we had just suggested to a college of our department
to read you book "Green, Brown and Probability".

I hope to see you again in Rome, please let me know if you are planning
to come.

best wishes to you and to your wife

giovanna nappo

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hotel edera

/ _. _0g December 20, 2001
Dear Dr. Prof. Wolfgang Stummer:
Last evening my wife gave me the two pages you sent, she did not say if
,-theyY arrived at our fax machine directly or not. If I may say so, you
have not been American-efficient in this business (') of telecommunication.
From now on. BITTE SCHOEN:
(1) NO EMAIL EVER. Except possibly to my secretary with who you spoke.
(2) Send FAX to my home or if (and only if) it does not go send it to
Isolde at the Math Dept (you were here weren't you?) and ask her to
forward to me. I receive thousands of fax without trouble.
(3) Give me your HOME telephone No. That is ONLY to verify tie receipt of
fax or other mail not to talk. Monika will be kind enough to allow the
interupption and your baby won't be disturbed zu viel. I'll phonektai,
7 to 8 PM Karleruhe time, for one minute or two. By the way, if it does
not cost too muc Mawd perhaps after your boss approves our CO*SHIP, any
such telephone charge about OUR CO-BOOK can be charged to the UNIVERSITY
--- American profs (and non-tenure ass-profs, even grads) do this all
the time. Germany is not poor and must support SCIENCE and FINANZ, NO??
Now I will come down to FINANZ. If you have taught this many years and have
already 200 pages lecture notes, it should not be so time-consuming to re-
write part of it suitable for the CO-BOOK? One would think this can be done
privately (M one's OWN TIME) without "countability*? I do not believe enly
FULL profs can do it. What is extremely important for ME, as CO-author, is
that the Finanz part be vitally connected with the 326 pages already printed.
How muth, or how littlePROBABILITY WtM STOCHATICS [your department name]
is REALLY used in the la ter. part. Have you REALLY read a good portion of
the old text. There is much material there that many full profs in USA do
not and can not do. Of course WE have also to add what is missing there. NO
CONTINUOUS TIME except heuristics, and perhaps a bit more martingale (Ruth
says Wb CThat is MY CONDITION for the CO-Ship. The formality (Title) is
NO Problem. I agree. What about the deadline and contract? Can you Aego-
tiate directly with Heidelberg? I must leave all the proof-reading etc. to
you, and you must translate maybe twothree additional pages I shall write
into German. There will be also a few ERRATA to be mad 'YYOILet me see if this
time (6A*hp Ulm-) you can acknowledge this fax SOBALD before we proceed.

V Z.A. V.I-A( COn! All 1$T VISH -S *r

January 21, 2002

Department of Mathematics and Statistick
C k nd Coullege f A and Sciences
S Rochester, Michigan 48309-4485
UNIVERSITn (24a) 570-3430 Fax: (248) 370-4184

Professor K. L. Chung
Mathematics Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Dear Professor Chung:

Thank you for your latest letter via fax. I'll deal with the various items in
the order you brought them up:

I use the math department's fax. They'll pay to send or receive anything
related to my work, including letters to or from you-no problem. I'll send
you a packet of stuff related to the Erd6s Number Project web site, using the
Lathrop Drive address (you should get it by the end of the week). I think
that is near where I lived two of my years on campus-Durand House at
634 Mayfield. (It used to be a sorority house until sororities were banned
in the 1940s, then an all-female "row house", then in 1967 during a housing
shortage an all-male "row house", and now a co-ed living spot-I got a
current resident to give me a tour of it when on campus in 2000 for the
As for your coauthor list: I should not have missed Balkema and will add
him. The reason I list Hsu as Xu is that that is Mathematical Reviews'
preferred spelling; however from the list of his publications, it seems that
Hsu is a better known name, so I will change it (and put Xu in parentheses). I
will also expand Pei Hsu to "Hsu, Elton Pei" since Math Reviews shows both
names for him. What is the reference for Rong Wu? It's not in Math Reviews,
as far as I can tell. Math Reviews shows seven different people with the name
Rong Wu; which one is your coauthor (they show two named just Rong Wu,
one named Rong Bao Wu, one named Rong Sheng Wu, one named Rong
Yuang Wu, one named Rongling Wu, and one named Rongwen Wu)? Please
send citation. Math Reviews doesn't show a joint work with Theodore W.
Anderson and you except for an article on Hsu (and we only count research,

01/21/02 15:26 FAX -

Professor K. L. Chung January 21, 2002 Page 2

not articles about other mathematicians-a somewhat arbitrary rule, I admit).
Do you also have a joint research publication? Please send citation if you
do. Same remarks apply to Erich L. Lehmann.
You ask about my procedures in constructing my lists. My main source is
Mathematical Reviews. When I started this project in 1994, I1 used the paper
version. Now I use the electronic version, called MathSciNet I use the
computer to access it. Every January I ask it for all the recent publications
of each of Erdos's 507 coauthors and add the new coauthors they have to my
lists. It takes about 15 hours to do that. I also try to hunt down first names,
"leavings", etc.
On the mathematical genealogy web site, your adviser is shown as Salomon
Bochner (1947), the same as Gilbert Hunt's (1948), both from Princeton.
(I saw the movie about John Nash last weekend; he got his degree from
Princeton in 1950 under Albert Tucker. Did you know him? I didn't much
like the movie---didn't seem very realistic.) Was Erd6s at the Institute when
you were at Princeton? Probably he had already departed there.) Anyway,
the links back from Bochner are as follows: Bochner (Berlin, 1921) Erhard
Schmidt (Gbttingen, 1905) David Hilbert (K6nigsberg, 1885) Carl Linde-
mann (Erlangen, 1873) Felix Klein (Bonn, 1868) Rudolf Lipschitz (Berlin,
1853) Lejeune Dirichlet (Bonn, 1827). Dirichlet is listed as having both
Poisson and Fourier as his advisers, each of whom was Lagrange's student,
and from there the trail supposedly goes back to Euler and then Johann
Bernoulli. So you come from a noble line.
I spelled Hans Samelson's name in my letter the same way that you spelled it
and it is spelled in Mathematical Reviews, but no, I did not know him really. I
was a grad student there my last year (1969-70), obtaining a master's degree
simultaneously with my bachelor's degree (I could have gotten the BS in
three years but would then have faced the draft immediately, so I stayed a
fourth year and left with the two degrees). The department wanted me to
stay for the doctorate, but I felt that I wanted to go somewhere else for "real"
graduate work (and besides, my girl-friend, who then became my wife and
then my ex-wife, was living in Boston). I didn't really have a "favorite"
teacher, but the ones that I recall most are Harold Bacon, Harvey Friedman,
Karel deLeeuw, Ralph Phillips in math, Patrick Suppes in philosophy. The
name Karen Kafadar does not ring any bells. I'll let you know if I make it
back to campus (not likely any time soon).

01/21/02 15:27 FAX -. -.

Professor K. L. Chung January 21, 2002 Page 3

Yes, I love your idea of writing an essay (or book?) about Paul Erd6s. You
could write the material and send it to me, and I could enter it into the
computer for posting on our web site. Please do send something-an essay
on Erdos by you would be excellent for our site. (I can post pictures, too, and
return the originals to you.) If you really want to expand it into something
longer (a book, as you say) or more formal (an article in some journal), I
could help with that, too-I'd be honored to help with the editing, etc. Let
me know what you have in mind. The incidents you mention regarding Paul
I do now know much about.
I met Paul several times over the years at conferences, but he didn't really
know me very well. Once he asked me where I was from, and I said Oakland
University in Michigan; he misunderstood and answered, "Oh, I did not
know that there was an Open University in Michigan."
Hunt's fax number at Princeton is listed as 609-258-1367. He has not replied
yet. I will look at the third edition of your book the next time I go to the
library at Ann Arbor, regarding the Zeno paradox.


Jerrold W. Grossman
(248) 370-3443 (office)
(248) 375-9760 (home)
(248) 370-4184 (FAX)
grossmanfoakland. edu

01/25/02 12:14 FAX

SJanuary 25, 2002
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Oakand I College of Ats and sciences
A an IRc UNIVERSY 1 (248) 3770-3430 ax: (248) 370-4184

Professor K. L. Chung
Mathematics Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Dear Professor Chung:

Thank you for your latest letters via fax. I'll again deal with the various items more
or less in the order you brought them up:

According to the Web, there is a Professor Arthur Grossman in Stanford's biology
department. No relation. The family legend is that the name "Grossman" was
invented upon immigration of my grandfather, but the tour guide at Ellis Island
in New York claims no names were invented. Anyway, I'm related to almost no
Grossmans that I know of.

Oakland University's library has six books of yours: the probability text (first
edition only) and five other things. So I need to go to Ann Arbor to see the
latest edition. We are a state-supported regional university with about 15,000
students, almost all from the local area. We have a math faculty of about 26, all
active researchers with PhDs, about ten undergraduate majors graduating per year,
and a handful of graduate students in mathematics and statistics (our second PhD
graduates this year). I like it here-there is a nice mix of teaching, research, and

Who are your machetunim (that's the Jewish or Yiddish word for it) in Rochester,
Michigan? My father (alive and well at 87-by the way, when and where were
you born?) often reminds me of that word for the relationship between the parents
of a married couple, and the fact that there is no similar word in English.
Yes, I really don't know much about Paul, other than wbat I hear from his friends.
I have managed to find out the status of most of his older coaluthors, but the ones
that are still a mystery include Hans Fried (Mathematical Reviews shows only two
of his papers, both from around 1946, one by himself and one with Erd6s, both in
complex variables; do you have any idea who he is or where I can find out what
happened to him?), Paul Charles Rosenbloom (his last publication was in 1990-


01/25/02 12:15 FAX

Professor K. L. Chung January 25, 2002 Page 2

any knowledge of him?), and Istvan Gal (last publication in 1963-any knowledge
of him?).
I found your book in Chinese with Wu Rong listed on the Web (but it's not in
Mathematical Reviews-I guess it's too elementary). I don't know what to look for
regarding Kinsai or Qinsai. Just searching on those words doesn't turn up anything
related to mathematics that I can find. Prevost and Lhuilier wrote a memoir about
the application of the calculus of probability. Why do you ask? What is the story
about "Hans"? Yes, one can find all the papers by a given person using MathSciNet
(the Web version of Mathematical Reviews), or do any other kind of search one
wants. Wu Rong has 42 papers listed.
Of course I have combinatorial identities like Cb = _CbQ- + C~-1 in my textbook.
Did you get my package of printouts from the Web site and related material? Oh,
here is a new probability problem that I stumbled on (the answer is surprising):
Persons pl, p%, ..., p,, n > 2, have been assigned seats 91, s2, ..., an on a tour
bus. They board in numerical order. Unable to follow directions, pi chooses a
seat (uniformly) at random. Subsequent boarders take their assigned seat if it is
available, and choose a vacant seat at random if it is not. Find the probability that
p, sits in s,.
As for who put B6chner as your adviser on the mathematical genealogy site, I
assume it was Princeton-the person who compiles that site mainly writes to de-
partments and asks them. You could call Princeton and ask them. Or you could
write to Harry Coonce (who is to that project what I am to the Erd6s Number
Project) and ask to have corrected information entered. The address is: The Math-
ematics Genealogy Project; 273 Wissink Hall; Mankato, MN 56001. One of my
colleagues here at Oakland, Harvey Arnold (a statistician, who retired about ten
years ago) was a student of Tukey's (PhD in 1958). Tukey's ancestry goes back to
Solomon Lefschetz, William Story, and Carl Neumann but stops there.
I will have to read Nasar's book and find you. My wife bought it when it came out
and read most of it. She liked the movie better than I did. (She's a mathematical
editor at Mathematical Reviews, doing mainly the logic and computer science
papers, which subjects are what her PhD is in.)
We have a somewhat arbitrary definition of what we count as research collaborations
for the Erd6s Number Project. We try to draw the line at doing mathematics, not
just reporting on mathematics of others. That's why obituary or survey or popular
articles aren't counted.
Really don't think I had you for a teacher. Itook 115 andprobably 116fromAmnon
Pazy, probability from John Walsh, graduate real analysis from Ralph Phillips. 1


01/25/02 12:15 FAX

Professor K. L. Chung January 25, 2002 Page 3

certainly never wrote a paper about math related to psychology that I can recall, I
can't recall anyone who fits that description. The year before me the person from
Stanford who went to MIT was Nancy Kahn (now Nancy Stanton), who has had a
successful career at Notre Dame in complex variables (her husband Chuck Stanton
was a grad student at Stanford), The year after me it was Marjorie Hahn.
George Piranian sent me some information yesterday about departed Erd6s coau-
thors, as well as a letter he had from Paul in the 1980s. It was a typical letter from
Paul, with inquiries after his friends and some conjectures. He wants to give his
collection of "Erd6siana" to someone who will catalog or publish it, but I don't
know of anyone doing that. (I don't want to.)
Yes, please do send me the memorabilia you mention, and I will post it on the Erd6s
Number Project Web site. To answer your specific questions listed as preconditions
(I feel like Dorothy bringing the broomstick to the Wizard of Oz): (1) I was not
able to find anything about Kinsai or Qinsai, but if you give me some more key
words to go with it and tell me the context, I probably can; and (2) Yes, I have
gotten some interesting e-mail from visitors to the Web site, such as Nobel laureate
Herbert Simon and journalists and researchers in large graphs who reference our
site and papers in articles that have appeared in Nature, Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences, and Science.
If I've ignored any important topics you really want to discuss further, please
mention them again.


Jerrold W. Grossman
(248) 370-3443 (office)
(248) 375-9760 (home)
(248) 370-4184 (FAX)
grossman@oakland. edu
http://www. oakland. edu/~grossman/

Jerrold Grossman:

My fax sent a short while ago was cut short.
Please send me all on the net about Prevost and Lhuilier and
their great memoir (I know its year but will desist ..). Are there
other publicationss of the one or the other or together? I'll tell yiu
my "need to know".
Please forward my regards to your father. Was he an academic ?
I visited pal's MOTHER at her home and she gave me a drick of that
famous sweet liquor (do you know the name). I have a photo of her
with two great persons (not me nor Pal) For a million dollars I'll
also have that on your net --- get some fool millionaire to donate
the fund at tremendous tax gain (cf. Cheney etc at Enron).
I was born in Shanghai but we (as Jews do too I think) do not count
our own birthplace as NATIVE site. My native site is Kinsai --- now
you know?
You failed to answer my question about the mathematicians you are in
contact with. M. Hahn was in my probability class; her hubby also
got his degree at Stanford, with Loewner I think. They are now at
U. of Utah --- please check this out for me. Also, please find OUT
if Kakutani, Dvoretsky have left? Also Yos(h)ida whis co of Kaku hence
is connected to Pal (maybe not directly). Give me the latest list of
departed Erdos-co's, indeed. My faxes to you "kept me busy" alrught.
Do you travel to Europe in the summer or at other times? I'll most
likely be in New York and Prinmeton toward the last thrid of March.
Detroit would be a stopover but it is too near N. Y. to be worth the
trouble, and I have no desire to visit my machetunim: the Chinese
term is
How many proof do you know of:
n cx+iy+n-i = cX+y+n+1
E i x y x+y+l Of course (as Pal would say
they are positive integers.
Ver recently I discovered a "gorgeous" one, possibly "new". But
it is longer than another quickie one (not well known) and harder
than a dumb one (which are fit for the dolts). Wonder if you have
this identity in your textbook and if you know the last two ways?
I am sure you do not know the first way.

SWASHINGTON, D.C. 20540-4000

202-707-5333 (VOICE)
202-707-6269 (FAX) (EMAIL)

Dear Dr. Chung:

It is my pleasure to reply to your letter of December 12, 2002, in which you point out an
error in the way your name was recorded in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. First, I apologize for
the long delay in responding to you. The Library embargoed United States Postal Service mail deliveries
for several months in 2001 and 2002 as a necessary step in improving security on Capitol Hill; unfortunately
we continue to experience delays in receiving mail, and your letter only came to my attention this summer.

I have checked the LC Online Catalog and it appears that your name is now correctly
entered on all records for your publications. I should note that the LC Online Catalog includes records that
are incomplete or are supplied by book vendors. These "in-process records" are displayed in the Online
Catalog as a means of letting users know that the Library has or expects to obtain the books represented by
the records. The in-process records do not necessarily include complete or correct forms of entry for
authors' names, because the records have not yet been completed by a professional cataloger. The Library's
name authority file records your name in the correct way, as "Chung, Kai Lai, 1917-," and this is the form
used in all completed catalog records for your publications.

Thank you for your interest in the Library of Congress and its cataloging procedures.


Susan R. Morris
Assistant to the Director for Cataloging
Library of Congress

Dr. Kai Lai Chung
903 Lathrop PL
Stanford CA 94305-1059

Telephone: (609) 734-8000 FAX: (609) 924-8399


15 September 2003

Mr. Kai Lai Chung
903 Lathrop Place
Stanford CA 94305-1059

Dear Kai Lai,
Thankyou for another letter and for the book. I have been reading and enjoying the
book. It was a splendid idea to find the connection between Green and Brown. I had
never thought of that.
Concerning the last paragraph of your preface, I remember Dorothy Cannell vividly.
She was eighty years old at the time of the Green celebration in Nottingham in 1993,
but she was active in organizing the meeting and taking care of the Green descendants
who were there. She had done the research to locate all the descendants of George
Green and invite them to Nottingham. Many of them did not know that they had a
famous ancestor until Dorothy Cannell contacted them. It came as a sad surprise to
me when I heard from Lawrie Challis that Dorothy had died.

702 H Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001
Tel: 202-462-1177 Fax: 202-462-4507

12 March 2004

Kai Lai Chung
903 Lathrop P1.
Stanford, CA 94305-1059

Dear Kai Lai Chung,

In regard to your letter we are very sorry for the misspelling of your name. We can
assure you that it was not an intentional attempt to Anglicize your name, but more than
likely a data-entry mistake. Please understand that we do not attempt to intentionally
offend the people whose support we appreciate so much.

Thank you for contacting us to correct this. From the date of this letter onward we will
be sure that all correspondence, excepting that correspondence already in the mail, carries
the correct name.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and for your support of our

For a Green and Peaceful Planet,

Supporter Services
Your reply here-Tinclosed is OK. Just got a second mail
from your un-informed staff still calling me by WRONG-WRONG name. If
this sea TORTOISES could tell yous they would not like to be called, as
most ignorant Ame/icans do, "turtles". Until YOU learn to spell MY name
correctly, not a penny --- my dollars being diverted to Nature Conser-
vancy. World Wildl/lifes Es Save the Redwoods, etc. etc. even The Humain
Society and PFeta (though T wonder). CIAOT

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