Jean-Claude Zambrini, 1996-1997


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Jean-Claude Zambrini, 1996-1997
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Zambrini, Jean-Claude
Chung, Kai Lai
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Mathematics -- History -- 20th century

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Dear Prof. Zambrini,
Thank you for your card of July 17. I assume that you have received my
letter of July 5, sent simultaneously with an e-mail to which you quickly
replied. If you use the e-code on this mail it should work. Thnk you
for your invitation. I should be glad to give some lectures to your Grupo
particularly to young mathematical physicists who really want to learn
serious probability (not just the Aumbest steady state or the fraudulent
chaos!) but I am hesitant to make a commitment because I abhor that long
long flight under any circumstances. Please tell me first how many hours
do you expect? The material and level will be as in my Green books but
of course I do not follow my own script [nor would you, I am certain; only
stupidoes like Nelson, Nagasawa and ... do this.J Besides the beginning
of November which is not adaptable to other tourism [most of Europe will
be cold and wet by then)v please mention other possibilities. Will the
spring of 1997 do for you and your students? Please e back, thanks.

^w^ ^d

October 2, 1996
Dear Prof. Zambrini:
Your letter of 9/23 (thanks for the pretty card) surprised me
because it showed that you never got my e-mail of 7f, supposedly
sent thru.
Anyway it is now too late to plan a trip in November. In my e-
mail I asked an imftant question, which please answer:
(1) How many hours of lecturing do you expect me to deliver?
They will be based on my Greent Brown* ... book, with of course varia-
tions (like Brahms' on Hayden)t
If you want me to come next year, the probability is good: either
May-June or September-October (the latter seems unsuitable for your
classes, and I do want math-physicists to hear my probability). How
logg I oTr stay will depend on the answer to (1) above. I can talk
about.M5 minutes each time but only once a days at most. I want also
time off to see other parts of Portugal like Coimbra if not Oporto.
If you can tell me, in the SIMPLEST MATHEMATICAL TERMS* No Hamil-
tionian nor oscillator [who in probability CARES?] what your announce
/ result is, I 'd like to know. Make it as simple as possible: don't
begin with an equation with many horrid terms (delete some). Analy-
sis is OK but try to tell me your probability inspiration.
Since my last e-mail was apparently lost --- I'm not sure as -
you ravel" 04pFe4" ) I expect a very quick answer to this if i,
wish to plan something in Portugal in 1997. Till then. best wishes

PS. Weren't some of those blokes: Nagasawas Aebis Follmer at the
congress? hat Ai they sa? Don't be too stre. Ten years ago.
saw-a paper p y Folemer on at paper by Scbr. and wanted to read
the latter together wiTh Max Schiffer who said he had been a student
of Schr. in Vienna. We failed to do it but I learned enough to see

that Schr. had two eigenvalues multiplied together ohe with t going
to the right the other to the left. What this meant for quantum the-
ory I did not understand. This *ind of retreing from constant times
(I did the general reversing with random beginning) was then taken up
by Bernsttin. Jamison made it rigorous in his paper which I edited.
IWo I still do not know what Schr. really wanted to do that you now said
soIoj you succeeded in carrying out. Can you state one clearcut MATH Th.
( without proof] AND ALSO one clearcut PHYS. LAW which flowed from the
math.? Most physicists are incapable of doing this simple thing, ow-
ingto tom little PatiUlgpith 0^pfb19 t8f 61 .BITnneaes-
sany complication USE 0

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>>Dear Prof. Zambrini:

>>Thanks for the ms and card. I didn't know the physics but enjoy your
>>remarks about probability in physics. Feynman was so ignorant that he did

(7; i'
.**" / .s *
./ -/ /' !

) ,/
;,.. .

*) (^r

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>not know his path integral is nothing but Daniel Bernoulli's expectation.
>>Yet all the physicists used that stupid term, see my Green, p. 65. With
>>that kind of cocky ignorance how could they possibly get to the conditional
>>expectation as you commented. As far as I know that stupid Nelson never
>>understood a random time either.

>>I am still having difficulty fixing my trip, but will email you as soon as
>it is. Can you have a good physicist student tape (or take notes of) my
>>actual talks and make them available in Portuguese? Though I cannot read it
>>myself it would be fun. I am sending my mail an Errata of my Green book.



Dear Prof. Chung,
thank you very much for your reply.
I am glad that you have appreciated some of my remarks in this review of
what I call "Euclidean quan
turn mechanics".I was in front of radical physicists,during this winter
school,so I was trying to explain
the difficulties with Feynman's original formulation.And also to suggest
that one can preserve its
heuristical appeal in the well defined probabilistical" detour "inspired
by Schrodinger,so that this one
is not as exotic as it seems...
We should be able to have your lecture notes written in Portuguese.
I look forward to see you again,and to talk with you about probability
and quantum physics,especially about random times!

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Grupo de Fisica Matemitica
Universidade de Lisboa

Prof. Kailai Chung
903 Lathrop Dr.
Stanford, CA 94305-1059

Lisbun, i1' April 1997

Dear Prof. Chung,

Thank you very much for your recent letter. I understand that, in principle, you will
be here between May 27 and June 4.
I am, of course, delighted with the them: "Introduction to Random Time in
Physics", so close to my heart... Feel free to organize your schedule as you wish; we
will fix the hour taking also into consideration the teaching duties of the audience.
I enclose the official invitation, if it is not appropriated please, let me know.
Regarding your Coimbra's excursion, I'll find a way to have someone there to
show you around. During your stay, the temperatures in Lisbon should be between 15 to
300 Celsius (59-86F).
Do not hesitate to contact me in case of needs.
Looking forward to see you in Lisbon.
All the best.

Jean-Claude Zambrini

Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2 Tel. 351 1 7950790 Fax 351 1 795 4288 / 7954289 1699 Lisboa Codex Portugal

Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 10:52:43 +0200
From: Giorgio Letta (
To: shac@leland.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Re: message from Kai Lai Chung

Caro Professor Chung,
ho gia' risposto ieri (4 maggio) con un e-mail a Suo
messaggio telefonico. Per maggior sicurezza, ripeto
quello che dicevo in quell'e-mail: non abbia alcun
timore; verro' a prenderla all'aeroporto alle 20.20
del 4 Giugno e La accompagnero' al Timpano. Pensero'
io a risolvere con il Prof Da Prato tutti i problem
(di chiavi o di altro). La aspettiamo tutti con grande
gioia e impazienza. Buon viaggio. A presto
Giorgio Letta

Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 11:00:21 +0200
From: Jean Claude Zambrini (
To: "@}-'-,---" (shac@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Subject: Re: message from Kai Lai Chung

Dear Prof. Chung,
thanks for the last news!
I presume (and hope) that your arrival in Lisbon is on
May 27 and not June 4,as mentioned, otherwise it would
be a very short stay here, indeed...
Assuming that my interpretation is correct,I would ask you
a few additional details for the local organization:
What is your final decision for the number of one-hours lectures?
What is your preference for the time of the day :end of the morning
or afternoon?
On this basis, I'll try to optimize the schedule given the teaching
duties of the participants.
Independently of the translation of your lectures in Portuguese,
do you think that one could translate "Green, Brown and probability"
in Portuguese ? I know a foundation here which sponsor this kind of
things. So, modulo the question of copyrights,this could be contemplated
if you like the idea...

My private tel is 351-1-4580605 from 20.00 h. (i.e noon for you,
if I am not mistaken).
See you soon (at the airport!),
Jean Claude Zambrini

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5/7/97 11:53 AM

Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 11:22:27 +0200
From: Jean Claude Zambrini (
To: "@}-'-,----" (shac@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Subject: Re: message from Kai Lai Chung

Dear Prof. Chung,
thanks for your telephone yesterday night. My wife Anabela was alone at home. I was attending to
the talk of a physicist, recent passenger of the American spatial shuttle. In relation with the
schedule of your talks,I have discovered yesterday night that May 29 is a public holiday in Portugal.
The simplest way to compensate this is to give 3 slightly longer talks May 28,30 and June 2, each
time at the end of the afternoon. The good news is that May 29 could be devoted to sightseeing around
Lisbon. In relation with the traduction of "Green,Brown,..." in Portuguese, I am going to contact a
local editor and we shall see his reaction. Ana told me about your generous suggestion regarding a
contribution of mine on the heat equation, time dependent Schrodinger equation etc...Given your fame,
it seems to me that your original book could be easier to "sale" to the editor than an "extended" one,
but we shall see. In any case,thank you very much! The contacts for your visit to Coimbra will be taken.
So, in principle, everything is o.k. Please let me know if you agree with the schedule, and do not
hesitate to contact me in case of need.

All the best, and see you soon,

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5/9/97 11:04 AM

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