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Randi, James, 1993-2000
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December ?5, 1993
Dear Mr. Randi:
It took me some time to recall why I asked for your address, and
I was unablQ to relocate the NOVA program I saw in the Nov. and Dec.
rocus of our local KVED, but I know what I wanted to tell you.
ltsearci Inst vt Lo b.i1}?)
That cheat G... in Stanford (Linear Accelator some years ago (Is
he still there?) had been thoroughly exposed by my ex-colleague (and
near-student) *Diaconis who is a good magician as well as statistician.
You have probably seen his article published in Science or Am.Sci*tist.
That .ind of card-guessing cheats went back centuries but one of the
later cop, st Rhine of Duke University apparently threatened ',illiam
Feller (know him by name or book?) to have him deported for the same
probabilistic analysis of his TSP data, ... low on your program I saw
similar things by the Russians. most people are so ignorant of the
crudest notions of chance (Permat-Pascal-Laplace) tnat any little cheat
can become a big deal. It is alarming. At the time of the exposure of
Gerber [I forgot his name] there were a number of boxes around where I
live (and ,ived) for ESP communications! Now I know there are basically
two kinds:
(l' Fortune-tellers beginning with Delphi and even earlier oracles
who simply learned and then followed a set of rules (with per-
sonal ribel-i-ento of course) in making toeir predictions. Such
a medium might really not know what (s)he was talk bout ---
not unlike some of our :hitehouse spokespersons.
(2) Those who knew they were lying and cheated "trash for cash"
[>'illary Rodham C.] It is this category w.ich should really be
tar?-eted./ In the first category there had been a few "names"
such as I think Conan Doyle and Upton Sinclair --- there are
still societies for such research --- one can never prove the
non-existence of something which does not exist.
low 1 will come to my point. A few uays ago before I saw (and tho-
rcughly enjoyed your program --- how about sending me a to(pe if you can
) offer me a ,-cod discount?, or even a script) I saw on our Channel 26 a
show by a Chinese "preceptor"' CHiI (see below), from the Insitute of Human
scmc researches at Dalian Universit'y, .anchuria (where I had lectured twice*
the second time only two years ago but unfortunately (fortunately for CHI)
nobody told :;e about him a- that time), in which among othertthings, he
caused apiece of crumpled paper to burn after staring and glaring at it
it seems an infinitely long time. All\this and more was on TV and was re-
reated. I wrote a poem on its which you should ask an older Chinese friend
to transcribe (I will try if you can't find any)

Several of my Chinese friends including two academic statisti ians (who
LZ/J had been to U.S.) are such profound believers in this CHIIKNG at long
distance. ne told me that his great teacher hit him regularly at a cer-
f fain hour from Chen~u to Beijing (lock at a mapT-. Then I said that if so
the '.inese cold claim a new law of celetial mechanics.9 iis reply was
that I had been brainwashed by western science. These people also often
confuse (a) "holistic" cure of certain ty es of illness [I had two remark-
able cures bg acupuncture at twRejty bucks --think of this for our health
plans] (bW absolutely phony "magic" like the long-distace effects, of
) which Houdini would not piss a phuel .V You should extend your work by
expjoging this CHI-KO G. I can put you in touch with one of the true



believers (m be two) who are in Beijing. Indeed he defied me to eye-witness
it' lease do it as soon as possible. In the meantime since you said you
had Chinese friends get them to fill you in on those CHI-KOlG arts. There
are many many institutes which publish many books and journals on it.
You must have heard about it yourself before you made your program. So
why did you not include China in it?
'lease respond quickly this time if you wish to take me up on this.
You may phone me at h6me (415)857-91;74 MORKINGS ONLY (PIacific time).
By the way let me tell you in all these years of NOVA programs yours was
the second which aroused me to write a letters the first being that of
Feynman's (my former colleague), deceased.
Happy lew 'ear.

-rof. of ivih. Emer.

I am glad to have spoken with you. We lost 4.2 months but it is not
too late for SCIENCE. Please FAX me at the Department of Mathematics
of Stanford University: (415)725-4066. By the way if you have any re-
prints of any articles on your research, please send. Forget about
the cassette: I dan order it myself.

6(/, or
Kcm 4

August 3. 1996
Hi Randil >/
I turned on the TV at random and here was your sweet old face again.
For a sec I thought that must be a new show and maybe you had followed my
suggestion to add on your research on QI-KONG? Remember my phone call
and letter? In case you forgot: go to Dalian (China) and check in with
the Director of the Qi-kong Institute there, a Mr. Ji who performed on
TV in my bay area. He burned a piece of paper a couple of feet away just
by his Qi (breath): did you not view it? Did you research that? A pal
of mine, professor of statistics at the Academy pf Sciences in Beijing,
took lessons from such a master at 8*000 li distance* every night at a
fixed hours when the Qi traveled all way from Szechuan to push him about
and move objects. Long distance action just like Gravitation. Have you
checked him out? You told me you had been to China and knew all about
Qi-kong. So* what about it? Russia is finitoo China is very profitable*
My wife who saw your show this time commented: why did that guy torture
these two nice old ladies[with your Bundy trick[? WhV not take on a real
pro like that director Ji? If you need a MacCarthy grant let me know and
I'll see what I (and Persi Diaconis) can do for you? How about it?
The favour of a reply is requested by your old fan,

P. S. e mail: chungPmath.stanford.edu

Geoffrey Dean
Technical Writer
Perth, Australia
gdean@sagc.wt com.au

Prof. Sang Joon Kimn
Planetary Astronomy
Kyunghee University
Seoul, South Korea

Jack Horkhcimner
Miami Planetarium
Miami, Florida, USA


Javier Armentier
Planetarium ofPamplona
Pamplona, Spain

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver
Electronics Engineer
.Ghent, Be gium
Prof. RolfManne
University ofBergen
Bergen, Norway

Alexander Jason
Private Investigator
Pinole, California, USA

Dr. Luigi Garlaschelli
University of Padua
Padua, Italy

Prof. Robert L. Park
University of Maryland
Maryland, USA

Dr. Claude Benski
Inslrute of Applied Mathematics
Grenoble, France
Chip Denman
University of Maryland
Maryland, USA

Dear Dr. Chung:

In looking over my file on qi-gong, I came upon your letter of August 3,

1996, in which you challenged me to confront a "Mr. Ji", director of a Qi Gong

Institute in Dalian, China. Since that time, I've been back to China twice, I have

tested several of these persons, and all have failed. Next Tuesday I take off for

another visit at the invitation of the Chinese government, and I would like to have

the opportunity of confronting Mr. Ji for the prize offered by this Foundation.

Since I was last in touch, I've also tested others who claimed the "knock

down" and burning newspaper powers, in other countries. The first claim is easily

shown to be fraudulent, and the second is a trick well-known even in medieval

times. If Mr. Ji wishes to try for the enhanced prize now one million dollars -

I am willing to test him. He has not responded to previous offers made by Sima

Nan or myself.

Please consult our web page (www.randi.org) for details of the prize

challenge. I enclose a copy of our newsletter, SWIFT, dealing with my colleague

Sima Nan's efforts in China, which you may find of interest.

If you have any contact information about Mr. Ji or about any other qi-

gong performer in China, I would like to have it. I can be reached on e-mail at

randi@randi.org, by fax at (954) 467 1660, and by voice phone at (954) 467


Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Robert Sheaffer
Author, Investigator
San Jose, CA, USA

Massimo Polidoro
PO. Box 60
Voghera 27058, Italy

Prof James Alcock
York University
Toronto, Canada

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James Randi



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October 17, 2000

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