Ruven Gusḳin


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Ruven Gusḳin lekoved zayn 30 yoriḳer ṭeṭiḳeyṭ in der Yidisher aḳṭyorn yunyon un 60 yoriḳn geboyrnṭog
Alternate Title:
Reʼuven Gusḳin
Physical Description:
56, 129 p. : ports. ; 29 cm.
Guskin, Reuben, 1887-1951
o. fg.
Place of Publication:
Nyu Yorḳ
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Theater, Yiddish   ( lcsh )
Jewish actors   ( lcsh )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- New York -- New York


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129 pages of advertising at end.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19303081
lccn - 49012268
sobekcm - AA00007147_00001
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SESTEEM it a pleasure and a privilege to join with
the friends of Brother Reuben Guskin in paying
him a deserving tribute at a Testimonial Banquet in
his honor which will be held in the Main Ballroom
of the Hotel Commodore. This Testimonial Ban-
quet will be given in recognition of his thirty years
of devoted service to the Hebrew Actors' Union
and the entire labor movement and upon, the occa-
sion of the celebration of his 60th birthday.
Brother Guskin is most worthy and deserving of
the honor conferred upon him and of the deserving
tribute which will be paid him. He is held in high
regard and high esteem by those who know him in
our great labor movement. The outstanding service
which he has rendered in the promotion of the labor
movement among the members of the theatrical pro-
fession constitutes a challenge to our admiration.
He is a capable, energetic and tireless worker in be-
half of our great organized labor movement. I am
glad to regard him as a friend and to be his friend.
I congratulate him upon the success which he has
attained, his wonderful efforts and upon the high
honor which his friends confer upon him.

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Printed in U. S. A.

Printed and Designed by THE SHOULSON PRESS, 227 W. 17th St., Ncw York, N. Y.



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(22 13"T 119 D10)

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(47 13"T 119 qlD)


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(19 13"T 119 q!D)
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(20 13"T 119 q10)
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0------------ --

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.iJU 11'131ipTpjU iyp- 01 O-IVt

do for any fellow traveler any help we can render to those fallen by the
nor neglect it, for we shall not pass this way again."

mfr w mwyw w ~ m/// MW/ m w M M ~ w//m m w/ w / m w m w w w ww ~ ^ w





"We shall travel this road of life but once. Therefore, any good thing we can
roadside, let us do it now. Let us not delay it

L .,.,...........,.............;-^^^^^^^^^^^^

L. O- ---

lD'n-1N TTI



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uj TTJ ---- -- --- -- ---

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1NU-l2DUD z?2fU13J1 ----- ^3yp 0''1Sa

rlnl-ly 'on

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l.^ .......,............................-------z ........., ...7..........-'



HYMIE JACOBSON, Producer and Musical Director


Iumni I\Tn-a mn

1D:1'i2" WT] ,1'11T1N
7nU13jju ^wJm

O-- -- ------ --------- -------- -- ------- --- ------ ---- ---------- -- --- ------ --O

~----~------- -----~-"I






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I- -I


Gen. Mgr.

Newsweek Building, N. Y.
'52 W. 42nd St., Suito 903
Tel. LOngacre 5-9124



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,,. v -? -, .. .1.1.1 ,V. lp .!s,., ., : I l-': .. ...... 0-i-' -, I'....,, A. -- "k
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I I .., Y'. I-, .... ." ., W. -V ." P, -c
-.. ,,rjk ., -, ) 4. 1, ,: I. I 1.1- e;,.-., P.. I kr I I I -14 I I ..."', .;. -.1
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1.,'. I .. .. 0
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.AT I I % I .-M 4 .. i..' ,;q,
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Z, ..; : ,,.-. ,., ,.m A % 4- ,,, r ` I :% -o: ;..,....
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I I ., .. '.. t. -. ; 1 .lX ? i ... ,lil- ..e,., .!- I e. ..
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"W 1<1 .. -I... ,,,
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m'. r, I k .. ,'j ," .,,,%,, I L .1 .V .,-
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Greetings from

DR. & MRS.