Code of fair competition for the steel posture chair industry as submitted on August 29, 1933


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Code of fair competition for the steel posture chair industry as submitted on August 29, 1933
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Steel posture chair industry
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REGISTRY No. 1122-11

The Code for the Steel Poeture Chair Industry
in its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received the agppoval of
the National Recovery Administration
as applying to this industry





Thlis Code is set uip for the purpose of incr~easingr employment,
establishing fair and adeqluate. wges, effecting reduction of hours,
improving staindardcs of labor, andb elimninat inga ulfair trade prac-
tices and competition, to the end of rehabilitaltingr the Steel Posture
Char Idusryand enabling it to do its part towardc establishing
that balance oflarTnut~ industries which is necessary to the restoration n
maainteenance of the highest practical degree of public welfare.
It is the declared purpose of the Steel Posture C'hair Inldustry
and adherents to this Code to bring, insofar as may be practicable,
the rates of wages paid within the Steel Posture Chlair Industry to
su~ch levels as are necessary for the creation and maintenance of
the highest practical standcar~d of living; to restore the income of
enterprises within. the indlustry to levels which will make possible
the paymlent o~f such wages and avoid the further depletion and
destruction of capital assets.

Participation in this Code, and any subsequent revision of or
addition to the Code, shall be extended to any person, partnership,
or corporation in the St~eel Posture Ch~air Industry who accepts hi~s
share of the cost and responsibility, as well as the benefit, o~f such
part~icipt~ion byT becomlinr a, member of the Steel Posture Chair
Manufacturers & Distributors Association or any affiliated orgn
ization. No initiation or entrance fee shall be charged but tghere
shall be assessments levied for expenses incurred on an equal basis
on all members of th~is association, provid3ed no less than si~xty per-
cent of the membership approve the amnoun~t of such expenses and


For the purpose of the administration of this Code, the Steel
Posture Chair Industry shall be construed, to mean the manu~fac-
turers of steel Posture chairs andl stools and sales organizations dis-
tributing steel posture chairs and stools to other persons, partner-
ships or corporations for resale.

The steel posture chair manufacturers and sales organizations
have always operated on a basis that has been considered by theml
8918--33 t 1 1

to be fair and have always mlaintainedl a hligh standard of labor and
wage conditions in the industry; therefore, they believe that mem-
bers of the Association canl carry oult the operation of this Code
within themselves in a manner that will comply strictly with the
requirements as outlined by the National Industrial Recovery Act.
The Steel Posture Chair Industry shall set up an Executive Com-
mittee consisting of three members who will serve for a period of six
months without compensa tion. At the expiration of the six-mionth
period, the Executivle Committee will, within itself, appoint three
others members of t~he Association as an Executive C~ommittee to
serve the subsequent six-month period.


The Executive Commnittee immediately upon selection shall, from
their number, designate a President, Secret~ary and Treasurer. The
duties of the Executive Committee shall be to secure strict adherence
to the conditions of the Code, to hear and adjust complaints, to con-
sider proposals for amendments thereof and exceptions thereto, and
otherwise to carry out within t~he Association the p~rovisions of the
National Industrial Recovery Act as set forth in this Code, keeping
at all times the purposes of t~he Code and the benefit. of the Steel
Posture Chair Inidustryr foremost in mind.


In the event of noncompliance with any part, or parts of this Code
by any member or members of this Association, the. following pro-
cedure will be in order:
(a) The: member having a knowledge of such noncompliance will
promptly report in writing to each officer of the Executive Commit-
tee at his regular business office, stating all known facts in thle com-
(b) The Executive Com~mittee will immediately report the com-
plaint of noncompliance t~o the member against whom the charge is
made, keeping, so fa~r as possible, the name of the complainant con-
fiden ti al.
(c) The member against whomn the complaint is made will
promptly make a detailed report and defense in writing to each
officer of the Executive Committee at. his regular business office.
(d) Upon receipt of complaint and answer, the Treasurer and
Secretary of the Executive Committee will forward their recom-
mendation in the form of a decision to the President of the Executive
Committee who will make his own decision from the facts at hand;
the majority determining whether the complaint is justified.
(e) In the event that the complaint is made by or against any
member of the Executive Committee, the decision of this member
shall not be required, but t~he remaining two members of the Exec-
ut~ive Cim~mittee will designate another member of the Association
whose decision will have the same bearing upon the matter as that
of the Executive Committee member not entitled to act in this
particular instance.

(f) In the event that, a member is found guilty of: non-comp~liance
with Section (b) of Art~icle 9 of this Code, the sum of $50.00, or,
where a sale is concerned, an amount equal to the full amount of the
mv~oice price of the merchandise sold, whiche\er is greater, shall
be p~aidl into the treasury of t~he Association.
(g) W'hen a complaint has been made by a member and found to
be unjustified .by the Executive Committee, the party making such
unjustified complaint shall immediately pay into the treasury of the
Association, thre sumn of $25.00.
(h) In the event of a second act of nonlcom~plianzce of any memer,
or in the event of failure to comply with any part of this Code, or
upon failure to pay the amount assessed within thirty days, or
uponl expiration of time given by the Board of Directors in writing,
the act of non-comnpliance will be promptly reported by the Execu-
tive Committee to the administrators of the National Inrdustrial
Recovery Akct withr a request for their action.
(i) W~hen the P7resident of the United States deems it no longer
necessary to carry on this Code, whatever mooney or momies remain
in t~he treasury of the Alssociation. shall be distributed among the
members of teAssociation in proportion to the time that they
have been members and have contributed through assessments to
thle upkeep.

The labor codetr established by the Steel Posturle Chair Induslrtr~y,
upon approval of th Executive Committee of the Steel Posture
Chair Industry, shall be! bindingf upon all members of th~e pos~tur~e
chair ~industry. The labor code shall contain the following
provisions :
(a) Emrploy~ees in the Steel Posture Chair Inrdustryr shall havec the
right to organlize and bargfain collectively through r~ep~resentat i ves
of their ownm choosing. and shall be free from the interference, re-
straint, or coercion of employers of labor, or their agents, in the!
dlesignation of such representatives or in self-orgaanizat~ionI or in
other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or
othler mutual or protection.
(b) No employee in the Steel Posture Ch~air Industry anrd no one
seekinga emnployml~ent thesrein shall be r~equir~ed, as a condition of
emnploylment, to join any company union or to refrain from joinmng
a labor organization of his own choosing.
(c) Employers of labor in the Steel 1Postur~e Chair IndustryT agree
to comply writh the maxt~rimum hours of labor, minimum rates of pay,
andl ot~h er working conditions appr~ovedl or prescribed by the
(dl) No mlember of this Organiza~tion shall employ any person
under sixteen years of agire.
(e) Due to certain specialized operations in fbrxlicating steel
postur~e chairs, members: of this Association mnay emlploy' appr~entic~es
or learners at a minimlumn age scale of 30~ per hour with: the mini-
mum woeekrly wange, explainedi under section (i) of this article 7,
applying; provided, however, that at no time mlore than onze appren-
tice is employed for eachr five skilled workmen.

(f) The members of this Association will not work any account-
ing. clerical, office, service, or sales employees (except outside sa~les-
men) for more than forty hours in any one week.
(g) The members of this Association will not employ any factory
or mechanical worker or artisan more than a maximum week of
for~ty hours and shall not employ any worker more than eight hours
in any one day.
(h) The mnaximum hours fixed in the foregoinga paragraphs (f)
and (ga) shall not apply to employees in a managerial or executive
capacityv who now receive more than $35.00 per week.
(i) Members of this Association will not pay any of the classes of
employees mentioned for either factory, mechanical, artistic, or office
work less than $14.50 per weekr.
(j) The members of this Association will not pay any factory or
mechanical worker or artisan less than 400 per hour and agree that
th~is paragrap~h establishes a guaranteed minimum rate of pay
regar~dlesss of whether the employee is compensated on a basis of a
time rate or on piece-work performance.
(k) The members of this A~ssociation will not reduce the com-
pensation for employment now in excess of the minimum wages
hereby agreed t~o, notwithstanding that the hours worked may be
hereby reduced.

Thle members of this Association will, where contracts have been
entered into prior to Junie 16th, 1933, at a. fixed price for delivery
during the termii of this Code, ma~ke an appropriate adjustment of
saidi fixed price to meet any increase in cost caused by the seller
having signed the President's Reemployme~nt Agr~eement or having
become bound by any Code of Fair Competition approved by the

The members of this Associat~ion will not use any subterfuge to
frustrate the spirit and intent of this agreement which is, among
otiger things, to raise t~o a higher level the Atmerican standard of
(a) The members of this Association will not increase the price
of any merchandise sold after the date that this Code becomes effee-
tive over the price on July 1st, 1933, by more than is made necessary
by actual increases in production, replacements, or invoice costs of
merchandise or by taxes or other costs resulting~ from action taken
pursuant to the Agricultural Adjustment Act since July 1st, 1933,
and in setting such price increases to give full weight to probable
increases in sales volume and to refrain from taking profiteering
advantage of the consuming public.
(b) The members of this association agree not to sell merchandise
to any person, partnership, or corporation below cost of production,
thereby avoiding further depletion and destruction of capital assets.
(c) In case any member or members have a. stock of merchandise
that has been obsolete for a period of at least six months, they may,
at their own option, dispose of such merchandise at a price that will

enable them to turn this merchandise into cash quickly and therebyr
increase their liquid capital assets.
(d) All communications to the administrators of the National
Industrial Recoeryv Acrt conrcerning the approval or amendment of
this Code, or any of the provisions or any matters relating thereto,
shall be through the Executive Committee of the Association.
(e) The members of this Association will support and patronize
to their fullest extent establishments which have also signed a Code
approved by the President or who have siganedl the President's Rteem~-
ployment Agreement (authorized by Section 4a, National Industrial
Recovery Act) and are listed as members of the NRAe.
(f) The members of this Association will cooperate to thle fullest
extent with the President and those appointed by himt in carrymig
to a, successful end the policies and principles as outlined by) the
National Industrial Recovery Act.
This Code, upon approval by the President of t~he United States,
shall become effective upon all members of the Steel Posture Chair
Manufacturers and Distributors Association and affiliated organiza-
tions within ten days after the approval.
All members of the Steel Posture Chair Mlanufacturers and Dis-
tributors Association hereby place their faith in the acts of the
President of the United States, and agree to cooperate, to the fullest
extent in his endeavor on a Nation-wide plan to raise wages, create
employment, thereby increasing purchasing power, restoring general
business, and through this method bring our industry onto a profit-
able basis.

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