Supplementary code of fair competition for the metallic wall structure industry (a division of the fabricated metal prod...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the metallic wall structure industry (a division of the fabricated metal products manufacturing and metal finishing and metal coating industry) as approved on January 10, 1934
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Metallic wall structure industry
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"Approved Code No. 84. Supplement No. 1."

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Approved Code No. 84. Supplement No. 1

Registry No. I123--08



1~;:i ;r;...:;~


(A Division of the Fabricated Metal Products
Manufacturing and Metal Finishing
and Metal Coating Industry)


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Approved Code No. 84. Suppkment No. 1



As Approved on January 10, 19341

A Division of the Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing and Metal
Finishing and M~etal Coating Industry
An applicat~ion having been duly made pursuant t~o and in full
compliance with the prov-isions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, and in accordance with the
provisions of Section I of Article. VI of the Basic Code for the Fab-
ricated MIetal Products MIanufacturing and M~etal Finishing and
Metal Coating Indus~try, approved November 2, 1933, for approval
of a Supplementary Code of Fair Competition for the Mietallic Wall
Structure Industry; arnd hearings havingr been duly held thereon;
and the annexed report on said Supplementary Code, containing
findings with respect. t~here~to having been made and directed to the
President :
NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the President of the United
States, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Administrator for Industrial Recovery,
pursuant to authority rested in me by Executive Orders of the Presi-
dent, including Executive Order No. 6543-A, dated December 30,
1933, and otherwise; do hereby incorporate by reference said annexed
report and do find that said Code complies in all respects with the
pertinent provisions and will promote the policy and purposes of
said Title of said Act; and do hereby order that said Code of Fair
Competition be and it is hereby approved.
Administrator for IndustriaL Recovery.
Approval Recommended :
Division Administrator.
January 10, 1934.
82448 0--318--60--34 (11

Th~e Wlh~ite Ho~use.
SmR: This is a report on the Supplementary Code of Fair Compe-
tition for the M~etallic Wall Structure Industry, a division of the
Fabricated M~etal Products M~anufacturing and M~etal Finishing and.
M~et~al Coating Industry, and on the hearing conducted thlereon in
W'ashington, D.C., December 22, 19533 in accordance with the pro-
visions of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act.


The M~etallic Wanll Structure Industry, being truly representative
of this division of the Fabricated M~etal Products M~anufacturing
and M~etal Finishing and Metal Coat~ing Industry, has elected to
avail itself of the option of submitting a Siuple ntrCoeo
Fair Pr~actic~e, as provided for in Section 1 of Articlear VId of h
Basic Code, for the Fabricated Mletal Products M~anufacturing and
Metal Finishinganid M~etal Coating Industry approved by you on
the s~co~nd day~3 of Novembler 1933.

Article I states the purpose of the Supplementary Code.
Article II accurately defines specific sterns employed in the Supple-
mientary Code.
Article III: This Industry is a division of the Fabricated Metal
Products M~anufacturing and Metal Finishing and M~etal Coating
Industry and the labor provisions of its Basic Code, as approved
November 2, 1933, are the labor provisions of this Sup plemienta ry
Article IV establishes a. Supplemnentary Code: Authority consist-
ing of seven members of which five shall be elected by the members
of the Nuational Steel Partition Association or its successor, and two
shall be elected by members of the Industry who are not members
of the Association, if any, and gives the Admlinist~rator the authority
to appoint one additional member without vote and provides ma-
chinery for obtaining statistics and the administration of this Code.
Article V; sets forth the fair trade practices of this Supplementary
Code which hlas been especially designed to effect fair competition
in this division of the Industry.
Article VI contains the mandatory provisions contained in Sec-
tion 10 (b) of the Act and also provides for the submission of pro-
posed amendments to the Code.
Article V7II provides against monopolies and monopolistic prac-
Article V'III recognizes that price increases be limited to actual
additional incr~eases in the seller's costs.
Article IX states the effective date of this Supplementary Code.


The Assistant Deputy Adminnstrator in his final report to mue on
said Code having found as herein set forth and on the basis of all
the proceedings in this matter;
I find that,-
(a) Said Supplemientary Code is well designed to promote the
policies and purposes of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery
Act, including removal of obstructions to thte free flow of interstate
and foreign commerce which tend to diminish the amount thereof
and will' provide for the general welfare by promoting the organ-
ization of industry for the purpose of cooperative action among the
tr~ade groups, by inducing and maintaining united action of labor
and management under adequate governmentally sanctions and super-
vision, by eliminating unfair competitive practices, by promoting
the fullest possible utilization of the present productive capacity
of indunt~ries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (except
as may be temporarily required) by increasing: the consumption
of idusria an agrculura prdcucts th rough increasing purchas-
ing power, by reducing and rleiguepomnb mrvn
standards of labor, andt by otherwise rehabilitating industry.
(b)Sai Idusrynormally employs not mlor~e than 50,000 em-
plees Sand inds nt lsified by me as a major industry.
(c) The Supplementary Code as approved complies in all respects
with t~he pertinentprovisions of said Title of said Act, including
without lunitation ubsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of
Section 7, a~nd Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant association is an industrial association truly representative
of the aforesaid Industry; and that said association imaposes no
inequitable restriction on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Supplementary Code is not designed to and will. not
permit monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) The Supplementary Code is not designed to and will not elimi-
nate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to discriminate
against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of
said Code.
For these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supplementary
A4dn, minitr~atolr.
Jamua~ry 10, 1934.

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A Division of the Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing and Metal
Finishing and Metal Coating Industry


To effectuate the policies of Title I of the National Indlustrial
Recovery Act the followinga provisions are submitted as a Supple-
mlentary Code of Fair Competition for the Metallic Wall Structure
Indstypursuant to Article VI of the 1Basic Code of Fiiair Compe-
tition fusor the Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing and Metal
Finishing and Mletal Coating Industry, approved by thec Presidenit
of the United States on the second day of November 1933, and upon1
approval by the President shall be the standard of fair competition
for t~his Induslt~ry ln a lnd shaU beinding upon every member thereof.


SECTION 1. The term "~ Metallic W~all Structure Indlustry as used
herein includes the manufacture and; or sale of installations of M~e-
tallic W7all Structures as defined hereinafter and/or t~he manufacturer
and/or sale by manufacturers of parts for use in such installations.
SEC. 2. The term "' M~eta~llic W~all Structure as used herein means
any structure such as is commonly employed to subdivide the inte-
riors of buildings, such as partitions, railings, etc., which are made
up of separately erect~able units and include steel panels and/or sup-
porting or framling members of the type known. as pressed or form
rolled or tubular or hollow metal, extending either vertically or hori-
zontally, and panel fillers or stretchers of steel, glass, wallboard, wire
mesh, etc., supported thereby as well as fittings, stampings, doors,
transoms, sush, and accessories for use in connection therewith.
SEc. 3. The term M~ember of the IndustryT includes, but without
imitation, any individual, partnership, assoelation, corporation, or
other form of enterprise engaged in the industry, either as an em-
ployer or on his or its own behalf.
SEc. 4. The terms President ", "Act and "LAdministrator as
used herein mean, respectively, the President of the United St~ates,
Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act, and the Adminis-
t~rator for Industrial Recovery.
SEC. 5. The term "' Basic Code as used herein is defined to mean
the basic code of fair competition for the Fabricated Mietal Products

Manufacturing and Mietal Finishing and M~etal Coating Industry as
a~pproved by thje Presidient on the second dayr of November 1933.
S~c.6. he erm" SpplmenaryCode Authority as used herein
is defined to mean thle agency establihdt diitrti upe
mentary Codle.
SEc. 7i. The term "As~sociation as used lierein is defined to mean
the N\atioinal Steel Par~tition Association.
SEC. 8. The termn "A~gent "t as used her~ein is defined to mean a
sales agent who represents a member of the industry as an employee
in the placement of contracts and/or contacts the public on behalf
of a mlember of the Industry.


SECTION 1. This Industry is a, division of the Fabricated Mfetal
Producits MaInulfacturingll and Metal Fiinishingr and M~etal Coating
Indlustry anid thle labor provisions of its Basic Code as approved by
the President are the labor provisions of this Supplementary Code.


The Sup~plem'entaryv Cloe Authority is hereby constituted to co-
operate with th~e Admninistratorr in the administration of this Supple-
menta ry Code.
SECTION 1. The Suipplementary Code Authority shall consist of
seven (7) memnbers, thre (5) of whom shall be elected by the. memn-
bers of the Association on or before the effective date of thlis Supple-
menitary Clode andl two (2) of whom shall be elected by members of
the Industryv who are not members of the Association,, if any. In
t~he ev-ent the nonmemnbers fail to elect either of the latter two within
a reasonable time such vacancy shall be filled by the balance of the
Supplementar~y Codte Authority. In addition thereto there may be
one (1) member appo-inted by the Administrator who shall be with-
out vote, and may attend all meetings and shall be given reasonable
notice t~hereof.
SEc. 2. Ea~ch trade or industrial association, directly or indirectly
participating in the activities of the Supplementary Code Authority,
(a) Impose no ineqluitable restriction on membership.
(b) Submit to t~he Administrator true copies of its Art~icles of
Association, By-Laws, Regrulations, and any Amendments when made
thereto, together with such other information as to membership,
organization, and activities as the Administrator may deem necessary
to etfect the purposes of the Act.
S~Ec. 3. In order that the Supple~mentary Code Authority shall
at all times be truly representative of the Indlustry and in other
respects comply with the provisions of the Act, the Administrator
mnay prescribe such hearings as he may deem proper; and thereafter
if he shall find that thle Supplementary Code Aut~hority is not truly
rep~resentative or does not in other respects comply ihtepo
visions of the Act, m~ay require an appropriate modilaini h
method of selection of the Sjupplementary Code Authority.

SEC. 4. Nothing contained in this Supplementary Code shall con-
stitute the members of the Supplement~ary Code Authorit; partners
for any purpose.

SEO. 5. The Supplemen'"tary Code Authority shall have the follow-
myg duties andl pow~ers:
(a) T~o elect officers and to assign to them such duties as it maly
consider adv\isable. and to provide rules for its; procedlure and its
continuance as the administrative agency of this Supplemnentar~y
Code, in necordance with, the terms of the Act and the principles
herein set forth.
(b) To delegate~ to such trade aIssoc~iations and other agenciesi as
it deemls pr~opetr the carrying out of any of its activities p~rovided
for herein, and to pay such agencies t~he cost thereof, prov\ided thrat
such agencies shall at all times be subject to nlid comply with the
provisions of this Sup~plement~ary Code, and provided further that
nothing contained herein shall relieve the ~Supplementazry Code
Authority of its responsibilit ies under this Su~pplemlentu ry Code.
(c) To coordinate the administration of this Supplemuentary Codel
with such other Codes, if any, as mnay be related to this Indlstr~y,
or any subdlivision thereof, with a view to prormotin~g joint and2
harmonious action upon matters of common interest.
(d) To delegate an impartial agency to make surveys, to comp~ile
reports, to collect statistics and trade information, to investigate
unfair trade practices, to mak~e recommendations for fair trade
practices, and otherwmise assist the Administrator in effercting the
purposes of this Supplemecntary Code and the Act.
(e) To cooperate wit~h the Administrator in regulating the uzse
of the N.R.A. insignia solely by those employers who have assented
to this Supp~lemenltary Code and have paid their proportionate share
of the cost of adlministering this Sup~plementary Code.
(f) No member of the Industry shall be entitled to participate
in or share the benefits of thie netivities of the Supplementary Coide
Authority or participate in the selection of the members thereof
unless he assents to and complies with the requirements of this Sup-
plementary Code and sustainls his reasonable share of the expense
of its administration.
The reasonable share of the expense of administration shall be
determined by the Supplementary Code Aiuthority, on the basis of
volume of business and/or such other equitable factors as the Sup-
plementary Code. Authority may determllne, subject to the approval
of the Admninistrator.
(g) To report., as t~he Basic Codle, Article IV, Section 1_, may re-
quire, to the Fabricated MIetal Products Federation or its successor
(h) To set up creclit bureaus and subdivisions for the collection of
bad accounts.
(i) To hlave such other powers andl duties consistent with the Act
as may be necessary for the complete administration of this Supple-
mentary Code.
Swc. 0>. If thle Administrator shall determine that anyJ action of a
Supplementary Code Authority or any agency thereof is unfair or

unjust. or contrary to the public interest, the Administrator may
require that such action be suspended for a period of not to exceed
thirty days to afford an opportunity for investigation of the merits
of such action and further consideration by such Supplementary
Code authority or agency pending final action, which shall be taken
only upon approval by the Administrator.

Any member of the Industry who shall directly or indirectly,
through any officer, employee, agent, or representative, use or employ
any of the unfair methods of competition set forth in Article V o
t~he Basic Code, or in Article V of this Supplementary Code, shall
be guilty of a violation of this Supplementary Code.
It shall be an unfair t~radie practice for any member of the-
Industry :
SECTION 1. To fail to comply with the following provisions for ac-
counting and costing with respect to that portion of his product
which is within the Industry. Every member shall use an account-
ing system for the purpose of determining allowable cost which
conforms to the principles of, and is at least as detailed and complete
as, the uniform method of accounting, and the uniform method of
costing, to be formulated by the Supplementar Cd Au~"" thority,~';t
subject to the approval of the Administrator wit aitostee
from as may be required by the individual conditions affecting any
member or group of members, and as may be approved by the Sup-
plementary Code Authority and the Administrator.
Src. 2. TIo sell or exchange any product of thle Industry at a price
or upon terms and conditions which will result in the purchaser
paymig for the goods received, less than the allowable cost thereof
to the seller, determined in accordance with a uniform method of
costing above described. Provided further, however, that a member
of th)e industry may sell below his own cost to meet the competition
of a lower cost producer of products of equivalent design, quality,
o~r specifications, provided that when a member of the industry sells,
or wishes to sell below his own cost to meet such competition, he
shall so report to the Supplementary Code Authority and shall
cite the competition which caused him to take this action.
SECr 3. TO 8,1 tO comply wit~h the following provisions for the
publication of prices:
(a) Each member of the Industry shall within five days of the
effective date of this Supplemnentary Code publish a complete price
list of the products of the Industry offered for sale by him, showing
all prices, terms and discounts, and copies of this price list and/'or
discount sheets shall be filed with the Supplementary Code Author-
ity, who shall immediately send copies, or portions thereof, to all
other members of the Industry who have, assented to and are com-
p3lying with this Supplementaryr Code and have filed price lists
cover~ing similar items. Such price lists and terms and conditions
of sale so filed with the Supplementary Code Authority shall be
open to inspection at all reasonable times by any interested party.
(b) New and/or revised price lists and/or discount sheets and/or
additions thereto may be filed at any time thereafter with the

Supplementary Code Authority by any member of the Industry to
become effective on t~he date specified therein, but such price lists
and,/or discount sheets shall be filedl with the Supplementary Code
Authority ten (10) dlays in advance of said effective date.
(c) Copies of such price lists and~/or discount sheets or portions
thereof, wit~h notice of the effective date specified therecin, shall be
immediately sent to all members of the, Induslctry who have filed
price lists on similar articles anld who are coo~perating in this Sup-
plemlentaryr Code, who thereupon may~ file revisions of their own
published price lists and/or discount. sheets, prov\idedl that their re-
vision~ is not for a lowFPer price or on morle favo~rabl~ne terms than that
set forth on the revised2 price list first, filed, and said revision shall
become effective upon the date wh~en the said revisedl price list and/or
discount sheets first tiled shall go into effect.
(d) No members of thne Industry shall sell, dil~retly or indirectly,
by'81~ anyeanls wchatsoever, any product of the Industry at a prlic~e
or at a dlisrcount or on terms of payment other than those provided
in his published price list and/or discount sheets.
(e) In any evelt. a member of the Industry must certify to the
Supp'lemnentar~y Code Authorit~y in the submission of all lists th~at
the prices therein set fourth, with any discounts ther~eon, will not clause
the salle of the product below his own allowable cost, except as here-
inbefore provided.
(f) A tabulation of all bids which on account of bid bonds or
other reasons will remain effective beyond the effelctive date of any
new or r~evised list shall be submnitted onl or before such etre~ctive
date tio an impa~rtial agency to be dlesigrnated by th~e Supplementary
Code Authorit~y.
SEC. 4. TO fa11 to ulse tsuchl standard form of price lists including
the classification andl designation of all items to appear thiereon, as
may be authorizedl by thle Supplementaryy Code Authority an~d ap-
prov-ed by the Admllinistrator, and to fail to file within ten (10) days
of such aluthor~ization his price list and discounts in the formr
SEC. 5. To sell orI otffer for sale any product of the I~ndustry not
on his p~ublished price lisct, without first repor~tinga such intended sale
to the Supplementaryg Code Author~ity, at least five (5) days in
adva nce.
SEC. 6. TO fail to file with such impartial agency as t~he Supple-
mentary Code Authority may dlesignate, reports of such transactions
as may be required, in the mlanner andl form. and at the time required.
SEC. ?. TO qulote a lump sum~ price, including any items not, in
accord with or included in his published price list. AQll quotations
shall show separate prices for thle products quoted in accord with
th~e price list separate from the products of other Industries. In no
case shall it be madle a condition of theB proposal i or sae tat ower
price will ev-entuatF! by purchasing saidrousinomnto.
SEc. 8. To permit any employee whether paid on commission or
otherwise to divide or offer to divide his commission, allowance, or
other compensation with a purchaser or prospective purchaser either
directly or indirectly, or give any commission or allowance to a
consumer or purchaser.

SEC. 9. TO make any sale or offer of sale of any product of the
Industry, under any description which does not fully describe such
product in terms customarily used in the Industry, as determined
by the Supplementary Code Authority.
SEC. 10. To voluntarily cancel in whole or in part, or permit the
cancellation in whole or in part, of any contract of sale of any
product unless the credit allowed for such cancellation shall permit
the portion of thl~e contract actually furnished to be priced in accord-
ance w~ithl the published price for such quantity, plus a fair consider-
ation for all work done or service performed in connection with such
SEC.. 11. TO RSSUme Or Offer tO RSSume Rny TOSpODSibility, and/or
replace any spoiled materials andc/or accept any back-charges per-
tainmgf to any phase of erection or any accessories, in connection
with a sale or offer for sale of any metallic wall structure, or part
thereof, other than installed complete, unless such responsibility is
definitely and specifically fixed by the terms of the offer for sale and
contract of sale.
SEC. 19. TO submiit any samples in excess of 25 sq. ft. in area
other than on premises regularly occupied by the member, unless
the member has received an order for such material at his regularly
established prices or received specific approval from the Supple-
mentary Code Authority.
SF.c. 13. To quote alternates as lump-sum prices where the require-
ments of a2 buyer are determined by specific plans and specifications
unless the alternates be required by the plans or specifications. Al-
ternates, other than those required by the plans and specifications,
may be quoted as additions to or deductions from a required lump-
sumn price, provided the nature of the deviations from the specifica-
tions or plans is fully and distinctly set forth.
SEc. 14i. To enter into term contracts coveringa a definite period
of time for indefinite quantities of metallic wall structures, without
prov ision for reimbursement for future increases in cost of labor,
material or overhead expenses over those current at time contract
is accepted.
SEC. 15. To accept an order or contract except in a form as dle-
tailed and complete as that prescribed by the Supplementary Code
Authority and approved by the Administrator.
SEC. 16i. TO give a guarantee against defective materials and
workmanship on materials sold, for more than one year from date
of installation.
SEC. 17T. TO attempt to induce the breach of an existing contract
between a competitor and his employee or customer or source of
supply; nor shall anyr such member interfere with or obstruct the
performances! of such conitractual duties or services.
Sec. 18. To publish or circulate unjustified or unwarranted threats
of legall proceedings which tend to or have th~e effect of harassing
competitors or intimidating their customers. Failure to prosecute
in due course shall be evidence that any such threat is unwarranted
or unjustified.
SEc. 10). To sell or offer for sale, upon the specification or request
of a purchaser, any product of the Industry which includes contours,
designs, or parts not regularly tooled and manufactured without

including the cost of all tools, equiipm~ent, engrineering services, and
experimental set ups r~equired: to properly4 initiate the manufactured
of such products.
SEC. 20. To fail to regi ter wiith the Supplementary Code Author-
ity a list of the names alllndaddresses of all agents,

SECTION 1. This Suppelementary Code and all the provisions thereof
are exprne ssly made subject to thne righlt of thne President, in accord-
anc wih te provision of subsection (b) of Section 10 of the,
National Industrial Recov~ery Arct, from time to time to exlcel or
modify any order, approval, license, rule, or regulation issued under
Title I o~f this Act and specifically, but without limitation, to the
right. of the President, to cancel or modify hlis approval of this
Supplemlentary Code or any conditions imposed by him upon his
approval thereof.
-SEC. 2. TITIS Sulpplementar-y Code, except as to provisions required
by the Act, mlay) be modified on the basis of experience or changes in
circumstances; such mlodificationl to be based uponl application tol
the Administrator and such :notice and hearings as he shall specify;
and to becom-e effective on approval by the President.

No provision of this Sulpplemnentary Code shall be interpreted in
such way\ as to permlit conduct or operations tending to promote
monopohies or to eliminate or oppress small enterprises, or to dis-
criminiate against thiem.

SECTION 1. WhTlereaS the policy of the Act to increase real purchas-
ing power wPill be made impossible of consummation if prices of goods
and services increase as rapidly as wages, it is recognized thoa~t price
increases except such as may be required to meet individual cost
should be dela~yed. But when madle such increases should, so far
as possible, be limited to actual additional increases in the seller's

This Supplementary Code shall become eflFective fEive calendar days
after its approval by the Administrator and shall contnu in effect
until June 16, 1935, or t~he earliest date prior thereto on which the
President shall, by proclamation, or the Congress shall, by Joint
Resolution, declare that the emergency recognized by Section I of
the National Industrial Recovery Act has ended.
Approved Codle No. 841. Supplement No. 1.
Registry No. 1123/'08


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