Supplementary code of fair competition for the pulp and paper mill wire cloth manufacturing industry as approved on July...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the pulp and paper mill wire cloth manufacturing industry as approved on July 30, 1934
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Pulp and paper mill wire cloth manufacturing industry
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"Registry No. 1646-1-02."
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"Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 44."

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Y 7

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 44

Registry No. 1646--1-02



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Approved Code No. 84--Supplemenrt No. 44

As Approved on July 30, 1934


An applienltion having bteen duly made p'ursuant to and in full
compiliancer with the pr~ovisions o~f Title I o~f the Nat~ional Industrial
Recovery Act, ap~provedl Junle 16, 1933, and in accordance with the
provisionss ojf Section I of Article V'I of the Basic Code for the Fabri-
catbed M~etal Products Mlanufactur~ing and M~etall Finlishing and Miet~al
Coating Industry, approved Novembe~r 2, 1933, for approval of a
Sulpplemlentary Codle of F~air Comp~etition for t~he Pulp and Paper
M~ill Wire Cloth Ma~nufacturing Indlustry, and hearing having been
duly held thereon; and the annexed report on said Supplemnentary
Code, containring findlingS with respect thereto, having been made andl
directed to th~e Pretsident:
NOW, THEREFORE. oni be~half of the President of the United
States, I, Hughl S. Johnson, Admiiinistrator for Industr~ial Recovery,
pursuant to authlorityr vested in mie by Executive Orders of the Presi-
dent, including Executiv-e Ordler No. 65413-A, danted December 30,
1933, andi otherwise; do hereby incorporate by reference said annexed
report and do find that said Sup>plemlentary Code complies in all
respects wlit~h the pertinent provisions and will promote thle policy
and purposes of said Title of said Act; and do thereby order that. said
Supplementary Code of Fair Competition be andl it is hereby
Administrator forl Indu~str~ial Reccover~y.
Approval recommended :
Division Admin~zistrato~r.
July 30, 19;36.
77107 "-8 20J-16 8-34 t


The Wh'~ite House.
SmR: Thiis is a repIort on the Supplemecntar~y Code of Fair Comnpe-
tition for the Pullp and Paper M~ill W7ire! Cloth Mannufactur~ing Indus-
tra division of the F'abricated Mlet~al Products M~anufact~uring and
15eal Finishing and Metal Conting Industlry, the hearing having
been conducted thlereonl ijn Washington, D.C., Februar~y 16, 1934, in
accordance ~with the provisions of Title I of t.hle National Industrial
ReCov-ery Act.

The 1Pul and Paper Mlill Wire Cfloth Man rufac.t~uring Inldustry,
being truly reresentative of this division of the Fabricated let~al
Prodluc~ts Manufacturing anzd- Metalr Finishing and M~eta-l Coating
Industry, has elected to itself of the option of submitting a
Supplemellntar Code of Fcair Competition, as provided for in Sect~ion
1 of Article VjI of the Batsic. Code, for the Fabr~icated Met~al Prod-
uc-ts- Manufacturing and Mde~tl Finishingo and Metal Coanting Indus-
try approved by you on the second day ocf Nov-ember, 1933.

Article I states the purpose of the Supplementary Code.
Ar~1ticle II accurat~elyr defines specific terms employedl in the Supp~le-
ment&ary Code.
Article III1: This Indunstry is a division of t~he Fabricated 1Met~al
Products Mnllufactiuring and M/etal Fi'inishingo and Mletail Coating
Industry andi the laibor provisions of its Basic Code, as approved
Novermber 2, 1933, are the labor provisions of this Supplementary
Article I'V establishes a Supll~'ementary Code Authorit~y consisting
of seven (7) mnembelrls to be elected by the members of the Industry
at a meeting called by th~e Tempsorary Supplemlentary Code Com-
mit~tee, and gives the Aidminisitrator the authority to appoint one
addlritional member without vote and provides maschinery for obtalin-
ing s~tdfistics and the administration of the Supp'lementary Codle.
Article V provides for an ac~counlting systeml anld methods of cost
findiwador estimanting.
Article VI provides against selling below allowable cost as dleter-
mined by a uniform method of costing.
Article VTII provides for mepthods of setting up and revisingo price
Article VIII sets forth the unfalir trade~ practices of this Su~pple-
mentanry Code which has breen especially designed to offset unfair
competition in this division of the Industryp.

Article IX provides against monopolies and monopolistic practices.
Article X contains the mandatory pr~ovisions contained in Section
10(b) andi also provides for the submission of proposed amendmenlts
to the Supplementary Code.
Article XiI recognizes that price increases be limited to actual
additional increases in the seller's costs.
Article XII states the effective date and duration of this Supple-
mentary Cod~e.

The Assistaznt. Deputy' Adminilstrat~or in his final report to me on
said Supplemlentary Code hav\ing~ found as herein set forth andi
on the basis of all the proc~eedings in this matter:
I find tha~t:
(a) Said Supplementar~y Codec is well desigrnedl to promote the
policies and purposes of Title I of the Natiornal Industrial Recovery
Act, incluldinge remnoval of obstructions to the free flow of interstate
and foreign commler~ce which tend to diminish the amount thereof
and will provide for tlhe general welfare by promotinrg the organniza-
tion of industry for the purposes of cooperative action among the
trade groups, by inducing anld mainitainiigr united action of labor
and mlanagemlent under adequate g~overnmenmtal sanctions and super-
vision, by eliminating unfair competitive practices, byy promoting the
fullest possible utilizat~ionl of the present productive capacity of in-
dust.ries, by avoiding undue restriction of production exceptt as may
be t~emplorar ily requ hired) by increa silgr the consumption of industrial
and agricultural pr~odu~cts through increasing purchasing power, by
reducing and relieving unemployment, by imrnjonng standards of
labor, and by otherwise rehabiitating industry.
(b) Said Industry normalnlly employs not; more than 50,000 em-
ployrees; a nd is not. classifiedl by; me as a major inrdustry.
(c) The Supp~lemlentary Code as approved complies in. all respects
with the pertinent pronisions of said Title of said Act, including
without limitation Subsectioni (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) ofE
Section 7, and Sub~sectionl (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant association is an industrial association truly representative
of the aforesaid Industr~y; and that said association imposes no in-
equlitable restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Supplem~entary Code is not designed to and will not per-
mit monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) The Supplementary Code is not designed to and will not
eliminate or opp~ress small enterprises and w1ill not operate to dis-
criminate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have nlot~
been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
Supplementary Cod~e.
For these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supplemnentary
Cod e.
Respectful ly,
JULY 30, 1934.




'To effectuate the policies of Title I[ of t.he National Indlust~rial
Recovery Act,; the 'followiing ~provisions are established as a Supple-
ne-ntaryT Code of Falir Comnpetition for the Pulp and Paper Mhill1
WC~ire Cloth M~anufacturing Industry, pur~suant to Article VI of
the Basic~ Code of Fair Compjetition for the ~Fabricated Mietal Prod-
11Cts Manufa~cturinel~ and M~etal Finishiring and Me~ctal Coating~ Indus-
tery, approvedl by t~e P'residlent, of the Unitel States on the second
day of Novemnber, 1933, and theI pr Lovisions of t~his Sul~pplementary
Code shall be tlhe standards of fair competition for such industry
and shall be bJinding ~upon every member thereof.

SEC-TION 1. Thle ~rlt erm"ulp> andl Paper Mill Wilre lhMau
facurngIndustry means the manufacture for sale of cloth orr
s~ctren ofbrass, coppIer, bronze, steel, nickel, mionel metal, alloys, or
combinations th-er~of., fos ulsef in p~ulp or paper mlills.
S~EC'TION 2. Tlhe AStEcmS 'President~g~ ", Act and "'Administra2tor "
~as used ~herein shall m~ean resp~ectivel the President of the U~nited
States, Title I iof the Natiolnal Indulsrial Recovery Act, and the
Adminilistrator, for In dust ri al `Recovery.
SECTIO~N 3. The term members of this Industry as usedl herein
includes blt, without lim'itation any individual, partnership, asso-
ciationl, c~orporation o~r other form of entcrpr'ise engaged! in this Ifn-
dustry either -as an emplo~etr or on. his -or its ownFl behalf.
SECTION 4. The term BaI~sic C'ode as us~ed herein is definedl -to
men the BL3asic Crod of Fai~r Competition for the 'Fabricated Metal
Pro~ducts Mannufacturinv and Metail F~inishinrr and Metal Conting
Industry as ap~provedc- by the Presidcnt oif the United States on the
second day' of Novemb~er, 1933.
ISECTION .3. 'Jhe terH 1 cilploree~" as use~ ~he~rein includes any an~d
a~ll persons eng~agedc inl the Industry how\ever comrpe~nsated exce~pt. a
member -of the Industr.
SEC.TIONL 6. The term "L employer as used herein includes anyone
by- whom any such empl~loyee is complensated~ or employed.
SEcCIOs 7. cThe termn '' Supplem~entary Code Aultho~ity as used
her~eiin means the agcency which is to administer this Supplemnentazry
Code as hereinafter provided.

Sac~Trox 8. The term Supplementary Code Committee "' as used
herein is defined to mean the committee a~uthor~ized to present thirs
Supplementary C~ode.
SECTION 9. The termn Confidential Afient as used hereina is, de-
fined to mean the impartial agency designalted by thle Supplemen-
tary Code Authority.
SaEcTroN 10. The term "'Association is defined to mleain the W~ire
Cloth Manufacturers' Assoiciat~ion or its successor.
SECTION 11. The term Fe~deration "' as used heren is defined to
mean the Fabricated Metal Products Federation or its successor.

This Industry is a division of the ~Fabric~ated M~etal Produc'ts
Manufacturing and M~etal Finishing and lMetal Coating Industry
and without, limitations the wage, hour and labor provisions in
Article III of its Basic Codet as approved by the President, Novem-
ber 2, 1933, including Section 1 of saidl ACrticle III[, by which the
provisions of sub-sections (1), (2) and (3) of Section 7, (a) of
Title I of the Act are made conditions of this Code, are specifically
incorporated ~herein and made a par hereof as the wage, hour and
labor provisions of tht~is Supplementary Code.

SECTIO~N 1. During the period not to exceed sixty (60) days fol-
lowringi the effective date, the Supplemlentar~y Code Committee of the
IndustryS shall const~itut~e a temporary Supplementary Code ~Authnor-
ity until the Supp~~lementary Code AuthorityiseeedThrshl
bt ni eSe constituted within the sixty-day period a Supplementary Code
Author~ity rincnssti;ng of seven members to be elected by the members
of the Industry, at a meeting called by the Temporary~ Suppl~emen-
.tary Code Authority, upon ten (10) days' notice sent by registered
mail to all members of the Indust~ry whose! names mayn3 be ascertained
after a diligent search, wvho mnay vote either 'in person or by proxry.
The members of tle 'Supplementary Code Authority first elected
shall serve until thre following annual meeting of the Association,
and thereafter, members of the Supplementary Code-Aut'hority shall
be elec~tedl at eachl annual meeting of the Association to serve until
th~e following annual meeting. The members of the Supplementaryi
Code .Auth~ority shall be elected in the following manner:
(a) F~ive (5) members who shall be members of the Association by
a m1ajorityv vote of the members of the Industry present in person
or by proxy, each member to have one vot~e.
( b) TwYo (2) members who are members of this ICndustry, but not
members of the Association to be selected and elected by the non-
members of the Association present in person or by proxy each
member to have one vo~te.
In case the non-members fail to elect the non-members as herein-
above provided, the Administrator shall appoinit suich non-members
from a list of four non-members to be furnished by the Confidential
A vacancyv in th~e membership of the Supplecmentary Code Author-
ity shall be filled by a, majority vote of the remaining members of

the Supplementary Clode Authority ;:provided, however, that the
member of the Supplementary ;Code Authiority who is chosen to fill
suchl vacancy shall be selected from the class of~ membership in which
the vacancyI has occurred.
SIn addition thereto the Admninistrator maty appoint a member of
the Supplementary Code AuthorityT who shall be without. vote and
shall serve without expense to the Ind~ustry, unless the Supplementsiry
Code Authlority agrees to pay such exrpense. The representative who
may be appointred by the Adlministtrato shall be given reasonable
notice o~f~ all mneetings and may sit at all meetings of the Supple-
mentar~y Code Aluthority.
STEeIno (2. EaCh1 trade or industrial association directly or indli-
rectly participating in thle selections or activities of the Suptlelmentary
C7ode Autholrity shall (1) im-~pose no inequitable restrictions oin mem-
ber~ship, andl (2) ehall sub~mit to the Adi~c~nistrator true copies of its
Articles of Assorciation, By-Law,R-~ Regulations and an~y amecndmlents
wh~en made thler~eto, together wrcith such other information as to mem-
berlsh~ip, org~anizationI and activities as mnay be reasonably necessary
to effectunto the lairposes of the A~ct.
SECTION 3. In order that the Supplemecntalry Code Authority
shall, at all times, be truly r~epresenta~t~ive of the Indus~rtry and in
other respects comply with th~e provisions of the Act, the Adminis-
trantor may prescribe such~ Hear1ings as he mlay reasonably dleem
prper; and, thereafter, if he shall find that the Supplementary Code
Authority is not truly representative or does not in other respects
comply within the pro~visionls of the Act, maty require the removal
of any or all of the memubers thereof and may mlake appropriate
modfication or modificat~ions of the Supplemlentarry Code Authorityg.
SECTION 4. All mlemb1ers of the, Industry are subject to the jurisdie-
tion of this SutpplementaryT Code; shall be entitled to participate
in and share the benefits of the SupplemIentaryy Code; shall be en-
t~itled to vote in the selection. of mlemlbers of the Supplemlentar~y
Code Authority as provided in. Section 1 of this Article.
SECnowN 5. It being found necessar~ly in order to support t-he ad-
miinistrationi of this Sup-plementary Code and to maiintain tihe stand-
ardls of fair competition established hler~eunlde and7 to effectulate the
policy of the ~Act, the Supplementary Code Authority is auth~orized:
(a) To inurl such ren~sonazble obligations as are necessary and
pr~oper for the foregoi~ng purposes and to meet such obligations out
of funds which m;lay be~; raised as hereinafter provided and which
shall be held in thrust, for the purposes of the Sup~plementaryr Code:
(b) To submit to the Admimrstrate'r for his approval, subject to
suhnotice and opportunity to be heard;; as he may deemn necessary
(1_) an itemlizedl budget of its estimated expenses for the foregoing
purposes, and (2) an equitable basis upon w~chichl the funds nleces-
sary to support such~ budget shall be contributed by members of the
(c) Xfter such budget and basis of contribution have been1 ap-
provedt by the APdmzimstr~tor, to determine anld obtainl equitable
contribution as above set forth by all members of the Industrly, andr
to that end, if necessary, to institute legal proceedings ther~efor in
its own name.

Each member of t~he Industry shall pay his or its equitable con-
tribuition to the. expenses of the m-aintenan~ce of, the Supplemnentary
Code Authority, determined as hereinabove provided, and subject
to rules and regulations pertaining ther~eto issued by the Adlminis-
trator. Only members of the Ind-ustry comlplyingr with the Suppile-
mentarly Code and contributing to the expenses of its administration
as heremnabove provided, shall be entitled to parlticipate in the selec-
tion of members of the Supplementary Code Authority or to receive
the benefits of any of its voluntary activities or t~o make, use of any
emblesh or insignia of the National Recovery Administration.
The Supplementary) Code ~Aut~hority7 shall neither incur nor pay
any obligations in excess of the amount thereof as estimated in its
approved budget, except upon approval of the Administrator; and
no subsequent budget shall contain any deficiency iteml for expendi-
ture~sin excess of prior budget estimates except th]cose wPhich the
Administrator shall have so approved.
S~ECTION 6. Nothing containled in this Supplemnentaryr Code shall
constitute the memnbers of the Suipplemnentar~y Code Auithority part-
ner~s for an' pur~pose. Nor shall any mnember of thne Supplementary
Code Au~thorityp be liable in any manner to anyone for any act o~f
any othelr member, officer, agent or employee of the; Supplemlent~ary
Code Authority, nor shall any membentr of the SulpplementaryJ Code
Authority, exer~cismg reasonable diligence in the conduct of his
duties hereund~er, be liable to anyone for any action or omission
to act under this Supplemnentary CGode, except for his own willful:
malfeasance or non-feasance.
SECTION 7. Tfhe Sup~plementary Code Authority sh~gn:~~Sn'~fall also from
time to time furnisrh to the Basic Code APuthority dsgae nsi
Basic Ctode, such information as may be required- to be furnished
under termls of said 1Basic. Code.
SECTION 8. T'he Sulpplemnentary Code Author~it~y shall have all the
powers and duties which shall be niecessary and proper to enable it
to fully administer this Supplementary Code and to effectuate its
WIit~hout limitation to the for~egoing or any other powers or duties
provided for in this Supplementary DCode, the Supplemuentary Gode
Authority shall have the followin futher prowerios and duties:Pl
(n) To insulre the execution ofterosono hiSule
mental ry Code and to secure compliance of the Industry with the
provisions of ther Act.
(b) To adopt by-laws and rules and regu~lations for, and keep
records of its procedure and the administration of this. Supplemlen-
tary Codle.
(C) To obtain fl~rom mnembers of the Industryr such :information
and r~epor~ts as are required for the administration of the Supple-
mentary Code. InI addition to information required to be submitt-
tedd to the Supplement~ary Code Authority, mlember~s of the Industry
subject to this Supplementalry Code shall furnish such statistical
information as the Administrator may deem necessary for the pr
poses recited in Section 3 (a) of the Act to such Fiederal and State
agencies as he may designate; provided- that nothing in t~his~ Supple-
mlentar~y Code she.11 relieve any member of the Industry of any exrist-
ing obligations to furlnishl rEports to any Groverllnment nagency., Nio

individual report sall be disclosed to any other mem-ber of the In-
dustry9 or any,, others party except. to such other Grovernmental
agencies as mayl be directed by the Administrator.
(d) To use suchI trade as~sociaitions and other agencies as it deemns
proper~! for the car~rying out of any of its activities provided for
herein, provided that nothing her~einn shall r~elieve the Supplementaryv
Code Authority of its duties or responsibilities under this Supple-
mentary7 Code and that such trade assocint~ions and agencies shall at
all timles be subject to and comlply with the provisions hereof.
(e) To~( make relonunent~dationj to the Admninistrator for the co-
ordination of the admllinistra~tion of this Supplemnentary Ciode with
suchn other codes, i~f any, as may! be related to th~e Industry.
(f ) To recommend to the Administrator further f air trade practice
provisions to gov-erni members of the Industry in their relations with
each other or with other industries anld to recommends to the Aidmin-
istrator measures for industrial planlning, including stabilization of
(g) To set up defin~itions: for the various classes of customers
within ~this Industr~y after submissjionl to and withl the approval of
the Administ-rator afterl nutrice and hear~ing, and when so approved
by the Adm~inistr~ator, qulotationls, prices, dliscounts, credit terms,
allowances or other co~nditiorns of sale, sh~all b~e made on the basis of
such definitions and decvia~tionis thecrefr~om shall constitute unfair
mneflthod of competition and a violation of this Supplementary Code.
SECTION~ 9. Thle SupplermentaryI Codeu Authlority shall havre the
power~' under such rules and r~egiulationls as the Aldministrator may
prescribee to investigated~ all comnplaints tiled by one mnembier of the
Industry against another mlemberr of the Industryr.
SECTION 1_0. If thke Adm~inistratoo r shall determine that any action
of a Supplementray Code ~AuthorityY or any agency thereof may be
unfair or unjust or cenlturyr to the public interest, the Admrinistr~ator
may require that such action be susp~endedl to afford an opportunity
for invecstigatiosn of thc merits of such action and further consider~a-
tion by such Supplementary Code Author~ity or agency pending final
action which shasll not be effective unless the Admninistrator atpprovedi
or unless he shall fail to disalpprovee after thir~ty~ days' notice to himt
of intention to proceed with such action in its original or modified
SECTION 11. Each member of the Industryr subject to the jurisdlic-
tion of this Sup~plementary Code shall comply withl all requirements
of the SuppltementaryJ Code Au~thor~ity mnade or taken pursulant t'o
the provisions of this Supplemlentalry Code. and the failure of any
member of the Industr~y, within a reasonable t.imle so to do, shall
constitute a violation of this Supplem'entary Codle.
SECTrION 12. Every employer shall provide for the safety and
health of employees during th~e hours and at the places of their em-
ploymlent. Standards for safe~ty\ and~ health shall be submitted by
the Supplementary Code Autho'rity to the Administrat~or withinl six
months after the effective date of the Supplementa~ry Code.
SECTION 18Z. To appoint a Trade Practice Clommitteie which shall
meet with the trade pr~actice committees appointed under such other
codes as may be related to the Industry3 for the purpose of formnu-

~tatng fair trade practices to govern the relationships between em-
plyjlers under ~this code and under sulch other codes to the end that
suc fair trade practices may be proposed t~o the Admninistrator a~s
am~iendments to this code and such other codes.


SECTION 1. The Supplelmentar~y Code Author~ityS shall cnase, to be
formulated an ac~countingi system and methods of cost finding and,/or
estimating capable of use by all members of the Industry. After
such system and methods have been formullatedl and ahpproved byJ the
Administrator, full details conerninlg theml shalll be made available
to all members of the Industry. Therea after, all members of the
Industry shall determine and, or estimate costs in accordance with
the principles of such methods.
SECTION 2. WVheni the Suppl lementary Code Authorit~y dletermines
that an emnergency exists in this Industry and that, the en use th~ereof
is destructive price-cu~tt~ing such as to render inecffecti~ve or seriously
endanger thle maintenance of the provisions of this Supplemlentary
Code, t~he Sup~plemnlltary? Code Authlorit y may cause to b~e decter-
mined the lowest r~easonable. east of the p~rreluc~ts of this Industry,
sush determination to be subject to such notice and hear~ing as the
Administrator mnay required., The Ad~cministral~to1r may app~th ptt~rove, dlis-
approve, or mlodify the det~erminat~ion. Thereafterl, drn h e
riod of the emergency, it shall bue an ulnfair trade practice .for an
member of the Inldustry to sell or offer to sell an~y prrodulcts of the
Industry for which the lowest reasonable cost has been dettermnined
at such pirices or uplon such terms or conditions of sale ithlat 'the
buyer will pay less therefor than the lowest~ reasonable co~st of such
When it appears thant conditions have changed:, the: Supp~~llement aryp
Code Authority, upon its own initiat~ive or upon the request of
any -inter~est.ed~ party, sharll cause the determination to be renle~ed~.

No member of this Indlustry shall sell or exchange any of the
products of this Tlldulstry, at a price, or upon terms and conditions,
wvhich w~ill result in the purchaser paying for the goods received,
less than the allowable cost thereof to the seller, determined in
accordance w~ithl a ulniform method of costhsl above described in
Article V; provided, however, tha dropped lines, or seconds, or
invntories which must be 7onlverte~ 'into cash to meet emergency
needs ma-y be dlisposed of by any memer of this Industry, at any
price and on an~ry sterns and condlitionls, but only if such member
of this I~ndustry, not less than two weeks before such dlisposal, h~as
filed with the Supplementury Code Auth~ority or its Confidential
AgeVIVI~-V LL~rp~~nt a statmen t in w-ritingr setting forth the falct of, andl reasons
for, such proposed disposal, and provided further, that any meml-
ber of this Indlustry may sell belowF his costs in order to meet com-
petitive prices which do not violate this Supplementary Code, and
which are filed in secorrdance with thle provilslons of Article VII ofe

this Supplemnentary Code, or to meet competition from products
of equivalent design, character, quality, or specifications manufac-
tured outside. the United StaRtes, provided that he has first so re-
ported to the Supplem~entar y~ Code Authority and in such report has
cited the competition which ca.ulsed~ h~im to take such action.
AnaILou VII--Pm~e LIs'rs

SECTION 1. If the Supplementary C'ode Aut~hority determines that
it has been the generally recognized practice in this Industry, or in
any branch or subdivision thereof, to sell certain products of this
Industry on the basis of net price lists, or price lists and discount
sheets, each member of this Industry manufacturing and selling
such products shall, within ten (10) days after notice olf such dleter-
mination, file with the Supplementary Clode Authority through its
Confidential Agent a net price list, or pr1ice list. and discount. sheet,
in such form alnd for such products as thle S.~upplemlentaryr Code
Authority mnay prescribe and the Suplem~ene tary~ Code Authlorit.y
through its Confidential Agent shall immediatelyS send copies thereof
to all kno-wn manufacturers of such products. Su~ch price lists shall
be all interested buiyer~s at the office of the Confidential
Changes in priesi and/or revised price lists and.,'or discounlt sheet.s
and/or all other conditions of sale o~f such~ product. shall be filed
from time to time thereafter with the SiupplemelntaIry Code Aulthority
through its Confidential Agent by any1\ mlemlber of this Indlustry by
fastest possible written tra1!~nism-issio to become effective immecdiately
upon actual, receipt by the Supplemenltary Code Aulth~ority~ thrloulgh
its Confidential Age5nt. Copies of changes in pr,1ices a~d~ or revised
price lists and/or discount sheets and 'or all other co~nditions of sale
shall be illnnedliately sent by t~he Supp~-leme~~ntury Code Author~it~ by
fastelt po(ssib~le wCritten transmission to all known members of this
Industry and shall be available to all inltere~sted buyers at the office of
the Confidential Agent.
SECTION~ 2. Each member of the Ind:ustryr shall furnish t~he Siup-
plemelneltry Code ALIuthorit~y for distr~ibutionl with such num~ber of
copies of his price lists and/or discount, sheets as t~he Supplementary
Ctd u~rSECTION 3. NvO me~~imember of the Industry shall sell, directly or indi-
rectly, by any means whatsoever, any product of the Industryv cov-
ered by provisions of this A~rticle V\II at a price or a.t. discounts, or
on other conditions of sale more favor~able thlan those provided in his
own current net price lists, or price lists and discount sheets.

In addition to the Unfair Trade Prac~tices covt1ered by Article V
of the BaCsic Code except Section A thlereof, and for all purposes of
this Supplementary Code the followingo descr~ibedl nets shall consti-
tute unfair practices. Any member of the Indulstry who shall di-
rectly- or indirectly through an~y officers, employie, agent or rep~resent-
ative use or employ any of such unlfalir pra'c~tices shall be guilty of
a violation of thlis Supplemnentary Codec.

RULE 1. Class~iyfatio~n.--No member of the Industry shall falsely
class; fy any product of this Industry for th purpose of securing
lower freight rates.
RULE 2. Combinaj2C~tion) Sa~les.-No memnber ofi the Industr~yshall
sell or ofl'er to sell comnmodities other than products of this Industry
at prices below the cost theriefo to the members of this Indlustry
for such product in order to influence sales.
RULE 3. Coml7,iss9ions.-NPo mem~ber of the Industr~y shall split com-
mnissions or other comnpensation :received by an empllloyee or agent
of the seller, with the buyer, forr the p~urpose or with the effect of
Hnllueneng R Salte.
RULE -l. COltTICl8.--No member of the ~Industry shall make ainy
sale or contract of sale of an product under any description which
does not fully describe such product in terms customarily usd in
the Industry.
RoUL 5. Espion~age of Compeivttito~rs.--No member of thre Industry
shall procure, otherwise than with. the consent of any Mrember of the
Industry, any information concerning the business of such. member
which is properly regardled as -a trade secrect, or confidential within
an organization.
RULE G. MGulati'Aif8.-- RO Bember of the Industry shall mnake or
issue any~ guaranties as to life or tonnage cost of wires.
RULE 'i. SdrllK'6, ER.'lfa..---NO member of the3 Indust~ry shall :rendler
to any p~urchaser of anyl product in or in connection withl the sale of
such p~rodluct any? service, unless fair compensation for such service
shall be pa~id by. suih pu~c~ha~ser.
RULE 8. Luin.p.,Sumc n Bids a~nd Contracts.--No member of the In-
dustry shall submit a bid or bids for two or more commodities, one
of whlich is Pulp anld,'or Pa~per Mill Wire Cloth, in. which the unit
price of each commolcdit~y is nlot clearly stated. Accepting orders
or contracts for sale at a lump sumn where the contract does not
specify thie exnect quantity,, quality, and unit price of the product
p~uch ased~.
RULE O). r&&/liNT/ ON) C~ONighRER/11 .--O member of the Indutry
shall ship goods oni consignment except under circumstances to be
defined by the Supplemuentary Clode ~Authority and approved by
the Admlinistrator, wher peculiar circumstances of ~the Industry
require tle practice.
nRrLE 10. Protection AIgains~t Decline or Advan~ce.--(a) No mem-
ber of the Industry? shall protect a pur'chaser against decline. in
price or protect a purcha~ser against advance.
(b) The acceptance of any order specifying shipment beyond
ninety (90O) days fromt receipt of order and /or any agrreement to hold
finished merchandise in the manufacturer's plant subject to requisi-
tio~n byr th buyers, except under extraordinary conditions beyond
the control of the buyer.
(c) CThe? revea~lingr by any member of the Industry to any pro-
spective buyer of an in~tent~ion to change his price until proposed
changes hiave become, effective.
RouE~ 11 Make an old Orders.-No member of the Industry
shall necept Make and Hold Orders "; to makshe unp and/or stock
wires for a customer with his knowFledge in the absence! of a definite
order as in Rule~ ten (10) npreceding.

RULE 12. FrPP1Y,' AllOt'l(JE~Cfl.-No) member of t~he Industry shall
make any allowance for short or unsatisfactory service of pulp and
paper mill wvire cloth unless the entire wire is returned to the manu-
fact urer.
RULE li. DaugeAy ifL .fT9~'t7R.-NSo member of the Industry shall
assume responsibility for alleged damage in-transit.
RULE f4. XcCFef R~Eit/P.--RO member of the Industry for the
purpose of influencing a sale, or any other purpose shall offer or
make any secret paymncnt or aillowance of a rebate, refund, com-
miission, credit, unearned discount or excess allowfance, whether in
the form of money or otherw\iise, nor shall a member of the Industry
onffer or exte~nd to anync custocmelr any special service or priv;legae not
extended to all customers of the samre class.
RUZLE 15. Thr'CatS of Lawc Xui~s~.--No mnember of t.hle Industry shall
publish or circulate unjustified or unwar~ranted~ threats of legal pro-
ceeding~s which tend to or have the effect of hrarassinlg competitors
or intimidating their customers.
RIULE 16. I1trfreid?' CYrlifie S474.Aio/Ad?8 COlt/P&Cfs.--NO member of
the Industry shall attempt to induce the breach of a contract be-
tween a competitor and his customer or soure of supply; nor shall
ainy such member interfere with or obstruct the performance of
such contractual duties or services.
RUnLE 17. No member of the Inldustry shall sell on terms more
favorable thann thirty (30) days net.

No provision of this Supplementuryv Code shall be so ap~plied a
to permit monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to eliminate, op-
pre~ss or discrimilnate against small enterprises.

SECTION 1. This Supplem~entaryv Code and all the provisions
thereof are exrpressly made subject t~o the right of the President, in
accordance with provisions of subsection (b>) of Section 10I of the
Act, from time to time to cancel or modify any order, approval,
license, rule or regulation issued undcer said Aict.
SECTION 2. This Supplementa~ry Code, except as to provisions re-
quired by the Act, may be mod;ified or amended on the basis of
experience or changes in c ir~eu msta nces, such modifications or
amendments to be based upon application by the Supplementar~y
Code Authority or other representative grtoup wit.hin the Industry
to the Administrator and such Notice and Hearing as he shall specify
and to become effective and be a part of this Suppleme~nt~ary Code
onr approval by the Administrator.

WIhereas the policy of the Act. to increase real purchasing power
will be made more difficult of co~nsumlmation if prices of goods and
services increase as rapidly as w~agres, it is recognized that price
increases except such as may be required to meet individual costs

should be delayed and wvhen made, such increases should so ~far
as possible, be limited to actual additional increases in thie seller's

This Supplemnentary Code shall become effective at 12:01 o'clock
A.M., Eastern Standard Time, on the tenth day after it is approved
by the President and shall continue in effect until June 16, 1935,
or the earliest date prior thereto on which the President shall, by
proclamation, or the Congress shall, boy joint resolution declare that
the emergency recognized by Section 1 of Title I of the National
Industrial Recovery Act, has ended.
Approved Code No. 84---Supplement No. 414.
Registry No. 1646--1-02

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