Supplementary code of fair competition for the railway appliance manufacturing industry (a division of the machinery and...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the railway appliance manufacturing industry (a division of the machinery and allied products industry) as approved on August 1, 1934
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Railway appliance manufacturing industry
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"Registry No. 1414-06."
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"Approved Code No. 347--Supplement No. 39."

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(A Division of the M~achinery and Allied Products Industry)


I _I
For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Wa;shington, D.C. Price 5 ealae

Approved Code No. 347--Supplentent No. 39

Registry No. 1414--08


This publication is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Govlernment
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Approved Code No. 1347--Supplement No. 39



As Approved onr August 1, 1934




An application having been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the Nationral Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for approval of a Supple-
mlental Code of F'air Comnpetition for the ]Railway Appliance M~Janu-
facturing Subdivision of M~achineryT and Allied Products Industry
and heatrings having been duly held thlereon and the annexed report
on said Supplemental Code, containing findings with respect thnereto,
having been made and directed to the President:
NJOWC, THEEREFORE, on behalf of the President of the U~nited
States, I, H~ugh S. Johnnson, Admninistrator for Industrial Recovery,
pursuant to authority r'eSted inl meby xct reso h
President, including ~Executive Order N~o. 6543-A, Odtedso Deceme
30, 1933, and otherwise; do hereby: incorporate by reference said
annexed report and do ~find that said Supplemental Code complies
in all respects with the pertinent provisions and will promote the
policy and purposes of said Title of said Act; a~nd do hzerebyv order
that said Supplemental Code of F~air Competition be anld it is hereby
approved subject to the following conditions:
(1) That thne provisions of ~Article VIII, Section (a) insofar as
they prescribe a waiting period between the filing with the Code
Authrit (o suh aency as may be dlesignatedl in the Supplemental
Code) and the effective date of price lists, as originally filed and,/or
revised price lists or revised terms and conditions of sale, be and
they hereby are stayed pending my further order;
(2) That t~he provisions of ~Article VIII, Section (e) be and thIey
hereby are stayed pendinwr the submission of satisfactory evidence
concerning distribution o~ the products of the Subdivision to the
Admlinistra tor ;
77618*-1044--10-34 (1

(3) "T'hat the provisions of Article IX, Section 7 be and they
hereby are stayed for a period of fifteen (15) days; within whlich
time cause may be shown, if any there be, whly the above provisions
should not become effective; a7nd
(4) That the provisions of Article IX, Sections 6 and 8 be and
they hereby are stay'ed pendlir ng m fulrther or~der.
I-uHua S. JoRNsioN,
Admi/iniltrator for Indu~str~a~l Recovery.
A~pprov~al recommendlied :
]B.\RToN W~. Manmurar,
Drivisiion Adm~ninistr'ator.
Adugust 1, 1933.


Th~be White House.
Sma: This is a report on the Supplemental Code of Fair Competif-
tion for the Railway Appliance Mlanufacturingi Subdivision of the
Machinery and A~lled Products Industry, Public H~earing having
been con ected thereon in W~ashington, D).C., D~ecember 21, 1933, in
accordance with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act.
The Railway Appliance Manufacturers Association being repre-
sentative of th mnanufacture of the products defined in Article II
of the Supplemental Code, has elected to formulate and submit a
Supplemental Code of Fair Competition as provided in Article I of
th~e Clode of Fair Competition for the Machiner~y and Allied P-rod-
ucts Industry, approved by you on the seventeenth day of M~arch,
The Railwy Appliance Manufacturing Subdivision means the
manufactu re "forsaflePB of railway hand cars, pus cars, velocipede
cars, motor cars and special appliances thereof, locomnotive water
cranes anrd parts thereof, and includes all those engaged in such
manufacture for sale.
This Subdivision has been affected by the depression and the ill
effect may be attributed to the fact that this Subdivision depends to
a large degree on the railroads as a market for its products.
Production dropped from $4,740,000 in 1929 to $1,210,000 in. 1933,
a decrease of 74.5 per cecnt.
Employment totaled 875 persons in 1929 as against 430 in 1933,
a loss of 48.5 per cent.
Total payrolls amounted to $1,361,000 in 1929 and but $350,000
in 1933, a decline of 74.2 per cent.
By June 1933, average hours per man per week for factory workr-
ers had decreased 34.4: per cent; average earnings per man per week
had decreased 50.4 per cent.
Tlhe President's Reemployment Agreement effected increases in
employment and payrolls. Substantial~ business improvement is ex-
pectedf in 1934 because of governmental loans to thne railroads for
purchase of maintenance of way equipment.

The Deputy Administrator in his final report to me on said Sug-
plemental Code having found as herein set forth and on the basis
of all the proceedings in this matter:

I ~find that:
(a) Said Supplemental Code is well designed to promote the poli-
cies and purposes of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act,
including removal of obstructions to the free flow of interstate
foreign commerce which tend to diminish the amount thereof and
will provide for the general welfare by promoting the organization
of industry for the purpose of cooperative action among the trade
groups, by inducing and maintaining united action of labor and
mianagrement under adequate governmental sanctions and supervi-
sion, hby eliminating unfair competitive practices, byl promoting the
fullest possible utih~zation of the present productive capacity of in-
dustries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (except as may
be temporarily required), by increasing the consumption of indus-
trial and agriculItural products through increasing purchasing
power, by reducing and relieving unemployment, by improving
standards of labor, and by lothrwise rehabilitating inclustry.
(b) Said Subdivision normally employs not more than 50,000 em-
ployees; and is not classified by me as a major industry.
(c) The Supplemental Code as approved complies in all respects
with the pertinent provisions of said Title of said Act, including
without limnitationi Subsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of
Section 7, and Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
apphecant association is an industrial association representative of
the aforesaid Subdivcision; and that said association imposes no
inequitable restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Supplemental Code is not designed to and will not permit
monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) The Supplemental Code is not designed to and will not elimi-
nate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to discriminate
against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have not
been deprived -of th~e right to be heard prior to approval of said
Supplemenntal Code. :
Fo these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supplemental
Code; on condition that certain provisions are stayed, as stated in
the Order.
Hona S. JoHnwow,
i I Ad mi~nistrator.
Augus~t 1, 1934.


To effect~uate the policy of Title I of the NJational Industrial
Recovery Act, the following provisions are established as a Supple-
mental Code of F'air Competition for the RailwFPay Appliance Malnu-
facturing Subdivision of the Machinery and Allied Products Indus-
tr, and taken together with the Code of Fair Com~petition of
Machneryand Allied Products Industry, to which it is a Supple-
menit, shal be the standard of fair competition for this Subdivision,
and shall be binding on each. employer therein.

"Applicant means th~ -Railway Appliance Mlan~ufact~urers Asso-
ciation, a trade organization, all members of which are engaged in
the mclanufacture -for sale of thepodcsothRilyApiac
Manfacurng ubdviionof heMachinery and Allied Products
Ind ustry.
L" Industry means the MLachinery and Allied Prodlucts Industry,
as defined in its Code of Fair Competition as approved by the Presi-
dent, March 17, 1934, and as surch. definition may from time to time
be amended.
"L Subdivision "" means the Railway Appliance M~nulfacturing~ Sub3-
division of t~he Machinery and Allied Products Industry as lefined
and set fourth in ABrticle II of the Code of Fiair Competition of the
MaIchinery and Allied Products Industr~y as follows:
Railway Appliance Mlanufacturing rBub:division means the manu-
facture for sale of railway hand cars, push cars, velocipede cars,
motor cars and special appliances thereof, locomotive water cranes
and parts thereof, and includes all those engaged in such manufacture
for sale.'"
Code means the Code of F'air Competition of the Mfachin~ery
and Allied Products Industry, as approved by the President,Mrc
17, 1934, and as from time to time amentedl.
"Person means a natural person, a partnership, a corporation,
~an association, a trust, a trustee, a trustee in bankruptcy, a receiver
or other entity
"L Emnployer "''means any person engaaged in this Subdivision of the
Industry either on his own behnlf or as an employer of labor.
"L Employee means any one who is employed in the Subdivision
by any such Employer.

"r The Act "' means Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act.
"C The President means the President of the United States.
The. Administrator means the Admlinistrator for Industrial
Basic Code Authority means the Code Authority for the
Machinery and Allied Products Industry as constituted by the Code.
"' Code Authority means the Code Authority constituted for this
Subdivision, as provided by the Code and by this Supplemental
"L Publish ") meatns to make available to any interested party.

The following Articles of the Code, viz: Article III, WVorking
Hours "; Article IV, Wages "; and Article V, General Labor
.Provisions ", are hereby made a part of this Supplemental Code
with the same effect as if they were written into this Supplementa

The following Articles of the Code, viz: Art~icle II, "L Definitions "
and Article VI, "' Administration ", to the extent that they shall be
applicable to the administration of this Supplemental Code as such
or as it may hereafter be administered as an autonomous Code, and
Article VIII, Modifications and Termination "; are hereby made
a part of this Supplemental Code, with the same effect as if they
were written into this Supplemental Code.

(a) A Code Authority for this Subdivision is hereby constituted
to administer supervise and facilitate the enforcement of the Code
and of this g npplemental Code in the manner and to the extent
provided in the Code and in this Supplemnental Code.
(b) During a period not to exceed sixty (60) days following
the effective date and pending t~he election of the permanent Code
Authority, the executive Committee of the Applicant shall constitute
a temporary Code Authority.
(c) This Subdivision, having held an election for permanent Code
Authority under the provisions of the Code of Fair Competition
for the M\1achinery and Allied Products Industry, the Code Author-
ity so elected shall constitute t.he first permanent Code Authority
~for this Subdivision, if this method of election meets with the ap-
proval of the Administration. If this method of election does not
meet with the approval of the Administration, then the provisions
hereinbelow provided shall apply for the election of the first per-
manent Clode Authority. For elections after the first, the provisions
of this Code for election of a permanent Code Authority shall apply.
The Applicant shall, by written notice mailed to all employers
known to the Applicant, call a meeting of employers, to be held
within sixtyT (60) days after the effective date for the purpose of
electing a permanent Code Authority which shall consist of three
members, and one additional member to be elected in any fair man-

ner with the approval of the A~dmrinistrator by employers in this
Subdivision, entitled to vote thereon, as provided below, who are not
members of the Applicant, if so desired. by such non-mecmber~s. In.
voting for Code Author~ity each emnployrer shall be entitled to cast
.one vote, in person or byi duly authorized proxy. The Adminis-
trator may, in his discretionr, appoint one additional memtlber (with-
out vote and without expense to the Subd~ivision). The permnentnt
Code .Authority so elected and appointed shall supersede the temi-
porary Code Authority and membIers of which will hold office for
such periods as shall be specified in the Code Authority By-Lawops.
Any vacancy on the Code Authority due to death, resignation, or
because a m~ember thereof has ceased to be connected with this Sub-
division shall be filled at a meeting of employers called by the Code
Authority on at least ten days' notice by registered mail sent, to all
known employers in this Subdivision, and 1in a manner similar to
the manner in which the retired member wras origilnall~y elected.
(d) Any employer shall be entitledl to vote at the election of the
permanent Code Authority and at other mee-tings of employers and
share in the benefits of thle activities of Code AuthorC)~ity and may
participate in any endeavors of Codle Author~ity in the preparation
of an~y amendments or revisions of, or additions or supjplemnents to
this Supplemental Code by paying or agreemyg to pay his proper
pro-rata share of the reasonable cost of administering this Siupple-
mental Code as determlinedl byT Code Aiuthority.
(e) If formal complaint is made to Code Authority thal pro-
visions of this Supplemental Code have been violated Yby any em-
ployer, Code Authority may cause such investigation or audit, to be
made, to thne extent permitted by thre Atlct, as may be deemed
(f) The Code Authority may appoint a Trade Practice Com-
mittee which shall meet with heTrade Practice Commit~tees ap-
pointed under such othr Codes asJ may be prlaitied to th Sbdvisin h
for the purpose of formulating fairtrdprcistogvrth
relationships between production and distribution emplloyer~s under
this Suplemental Code and under such others to the extent that such
fair trad~e p ract ic~es mray be proposed to the Administrator as
amendments to this Supplemental Code and such other Codes.

The Code Authority shall caue to be formulated an accounting
system and methods of cost, finding anmd/or estimanting, capable of
use by all employers of the Subdivision. After such system and
methods have been formulated, full details concerning them shall
be made available to all employers. Thereafter all employers shall
determine and/or estimate costs in accordance wit~h the principles
of such methods.


When the Code Authority determines that an emergency exists in
this Subdivision, and that the cause ~thereof is destructive price-
cutting such as to render ineffective or seriously endanger the mainte-

nance of the provisions of this Supplemental Code, the Code Au-
thority mays cause to be determined the lowest reasonable cost of the
prouct ofthis Subdivision, such determination to be subject to
such notice and hearing as thle Administrator m~ay require. The
Administrator may approve, disapprove, or modify the determina-
tion. Thereafter, during the period of emergency, it shall be an
unfair trade practice for any empyloyver of the ~Subdivision to sell or
offer to sell any products o the Subdivision for which the lowest
reasonable cost has been determined at such prices or upon such terms
or conditions of sale that the buyer will pay less therefore than the
~low~est reasonable cost of such products.
W'hen it appears thant condlit~ions have changed, the Code Au-
thority,' upon its own. initiative or upon the request of any interested
party, shall cause. the determination to be reviewed.

(a) If and w-hen the Code Authiority of this Subdivision deter-
nines that in, any branch or group of the S~ubdivision it has been
the generally recognized practice to sell a specified product on the
basis of net price lists, or price lists with discount sheets, annd terms
of sale and paymientt, each employer shanll, within ten (10) days after
notice of such determination, file with the Code Authority a net
pr'ice list, or a price list and. discount sheet, as the case may be,
individually prepared by him, showing his current prices, or prices
an~Jd discounts, and terms of sale and payment, for such specified
product, and the Code Authority shall immediately publish them
and send copies thereof to all known employers who are cooperation
in this Supplem~enltal Code as described InI Sect~ion (d) of Article V
Revised price lists anl/'or discount sheets and 'or terms of sale
and payment for such product may be filed from time to time there-
aft~er with the Code Authority by any employer but such revised
price lists and/or discount sheets and ~,or terms of sale and payment
shall be filed with the Code Authority ten (10) days in advance of
the effective date. Copies of such revised price lists and/,or discount
sheets and/or terms of sale and payment, for-such product, with
notice of tjhe effective date specified, shall be immediately published
and sent to all known employers wTho are cooperating in this Sup-
plemental Code as described in Section (d) of Article V hereof,
any of wrhom may file, if he so desires, to become effective upon the
date when the revised price list and 'or discount sheet and/or terms
of sle nd aymnt irs fied hal gointo effect, revisions of his
price~ lists andt/or discount sheets and em fsl n amn
establishing prices or prices and discounts.'
(b) If and when the Code Aiuthority shall determine that in any
branch or group of the Sulbdivision not now selling its product on
the basis of price lists, w~ith or without discount sheets, with terms
of sale and payment, the distribution or marketing conditions in
said branch or group are the same as, or similar to, the distribution
or m~arketing conditions in a branch or group of the Subdivision
where the use of price lists, with or without discount sheets, and
a See paragraph 2 (1) of order appr~oving tble Code.

terms of sale alnd payment, is well recognized,' and that a system
of selling on net price lists or price lists anld discount sheets writh
terms of sale and payment for such product should be put in~to
effect in such branch or group, the each employer of such br~anch
or group shall within ten (10) d~ays after notice of such deternalina-
"tion, file w~ith the Co deutbority net price lists or price lists andl
discount sheets, containing terms of sale and paymtenrti, showing his
current prices and discounts and terms orf sale and payment. and~
such price lists and/'or discount sheets and,'or terms of sale and
payment may be thereafter revised in ther manner hiereinabove pro-
vided, and su~ch methods o-f pricingrs and :revisions thereof shall be3
" published and sent as described in Article VIII (a); providerd,
however, that the Code Authlority shall mak~e n~o determination to
place any product of the! Sub~division (not nowc on a price list basis)
on a price list basis, as provided in this paragraph (b) of Ar~ticle
V7IT'I, unless the employers whbo are at thlat time enlgagedl in mlanu-
facturing such product a~nd are at thatt time coop~erating in thnis
Code, hav-e given their affirmative consent. to such dletermination..
The eligibility requirements, method, and effect of such voting shall
be t~he same as provided in Ar-ticle V.
(c) Eazch employer shall pr~epare and furnish the Code? Autthority
for distribution with such number of copies of his p~ric~e lists and/or
diascount sheets and terms of sale and payment as Codle Authnority
may prescribe.
(d) No employer shall sell directly or indirectly byT any means
whatsoeverz anly product of the Subdivi\sion coveredl by provisions
of thnis ~PArtcle VIII at a, price or at discounts, or on terms of sale
and paymnt~ different. from those provided in hris owfn current net
price lists, or price lists and discount sheets, p~rovidedl that_ nothing
in the above shall prevent an employer from adding to his- own price
and/obr price l-ist and discount. sheets by increasing his job price
to include-1 ulnuulllR sellingP enginee1ing ser~lvicing,~ finncingr, financial
rises, or other similar special charges.
S(e) No employer shall evade any provision of this Code by sell-
ing; to or through any dealer, jobber, distributor or other selling
agency which shall fail to agree to resell. in accordance with the
provisions of Articles VII, VIII and IX of this Supplemental Code.a
Each of the following acts and practices is deemed to be inimical
to the best interests of this Subdivision, and of the public, andi each
is, therefore, hereby declared to be, and to colnstitute, an unfair
method of competition and is hereby prohibited, viz:--
1. No employer shall engage in destructive price cutting.
2. No employer shall secret~ly o~fer or make any payment or allowf-
ance of a rebate, refund, commission credit, unearned discount or
excess allowance whethler in thne form of money or otherwise, nor
shall an employer secretly offer or extend to any customer any special
service or privilege not. extended to all customers of the same class,
for the purpose of influencing a sale.
3. No employer shall give, permit to be given~, or offer to gilve,
a.nyt~hing of valueC for the purpl~ose of inffluencing1 or re.wrdi~ng the
a Bee paragraph 2 (2) of order approving this Code.


action of anyT employee, agent or representative of another in rela-
tion to the business of the employer of such emloyee,-the principal
of such agent or the represented party, without the knowledge of
such employer, principal or party. This provision shall not be con-
strued to prohibit free and general distribution of articles commonly
used for advertising except so far as such articles are actually used
for commercial bribery as hereinabove defined.
4. No employer shall publish advertising whetherr printed, radio,
display, or of any other nature), which is misleading or inaccurate
in any material particular, nor shatll any employer in any way nus-
represent any goods (including but witout himitation its use, trade-
mark grde, ualtyquantity, origin, size, substance, character,
naature, 6inish, moaterlcnetoprprto)orrditrm vl
nes poicessevicsor. the nature or form of the business conducted.
5.s No employ er sheall publish. or circulate unjustified or unwar-
ranted threats of legal proceedings, which tend to, or have the effect
of harassing competitors or intimidating their customers.
6. No employer shall take in, trade or accept in trade any eod
hand or old equipment in part payment for new, provided,9 however,seod
that this provision shall not be construed to prohibit lin any way
the return within six months of the date of shipment, to the vendor
and the allowance of any fair adjustment thereon by the vendor of
any product which shall not met the purposes for which it was
sold. Any employer may, however, assist in findings a bona fide
buyer for said equipment but shall in no case take any financial
interest mn it.3
7. So long as the maker of any product of this Subdivision bear-
ing the maker's name or trademarks;, which hnas required special de-
sigming, research or development. expense (or his successor in busi-
ness) continues to make and supply such spare,! repair and replace-
ment parts therefore, supplyring repair parts for such product of
this Subdivision unless the name of the maker of such repair parts
shall be plainly marked on each pa.rt (or if this is impracticable on
the package or tag) so that the ultimate user is clearly informed
b~y such markings on parts, packages, tags and in catalogues, price
lists, quoted prices, of such parts that said parts were not made by
the original maker of the products of the employers of this Sub-

8. No employer shall furnish to anly purcrhaser, and,'or his agent,
directly9 or indireictly1 detailed drawilngs, of t~he products of th is
Subdivision, without, fIng a statement of such proposed transaction,
with the Code Authority which shall approve or writh thle approval
of the Administrator disapprove the transaction within ten (10)
days by written notice to the employerr"
.Noemployer shall defame a Dcptitor by falsely imputing
to him dishonorable conduct, inabilityr to perform contracts, ques-
tionble redi standing..,,, or by other false representations, or by
falsely disparaging the grade or quality of his goods.
10. No employer shall wvillfully induce or attempts to induce the
breach of existing contracts between competitors aInd their customers
by any false or deceptive means, or interfere with or obstruct the
a Bee paragraph 2 (4) of order approving this code.
Bee paragraph 2 (3) of order approving this Code.

performance of any such contractual duties or services by any such
means, with the? purpose and effect of hamperin, injurg or em-
barrassinga competitors in their business.

No provisions of this Supplemtlenrtal Code relating to prices or
terms of selling, shipping, or marketing, shall apply to any export
trade or sales or shipments for export trade. Export Trade shall
be as defined in the Elxport Trade Aect adopted April 10, 1918.

(a) As provided by Sectionl 1_0 (b) of the Act, the P2resident may
from time to time cancel or modify any order, approval, license, rule
or regulation issued xmder Title I of the Act.
(b) The provisions of this Supplemental Code, other than those
required by the Act to be included therein, may, with the approval
of the President, be from time to time amended, revised, added to
or suppleme~nted.~

Applicant imposes and shall impose no inequitable restrictions on
membership therein. The Supplemental Code presented by it is not
desiganed to promote m~onopoly, and shall riot be so construzed or
alpplied as to oppress or eliminate small enterprises or discriminate
against them anld is designed to effectuate the policy of the Act.

Upon thirty (30) days' notice to Baasic Code Authority and to the
Administrator, this Subdivision may, upon the concurring affirma-
tive vote of employers within this Subdivision entitled to east two-
thirds or more of all the votes that might be cast by all employers
within the Subdiv-ision entitled to vote thereon. withdraw from~ the
jurisdiction of Basic Code Author~ity. T'he eligibility of voters shall
be in accordance w~ith Aric'ile V, Section (d) of this Supplemental
Code and the method and effect of such voting shall be in accordance
with ALrticle! V~I, Sect~ion (d) of the Code. Thereafter this Supple-
mental Code, together with the provisions of thie Code, except suchn
portions of ~Articles I, I[I, VI, and VII as are not pertinent thereto,
as determined by the Code Authority~ and the Administrator shall
become the Code governing uhfre udvsoadisCd
Authority shall become cnd beth olmer CodeAuthorit a~nd ishalle
performs all the functions thereof with respect to such Code.

This Supplemental Code shall become effective and binding on
all employers inl this Subdivision onr the eleventh day after its
approval by the President..
Approved Code No. 347--Supplement No. 80.
Registry No. 141


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