Code of fair competition for the metal hat die and wood hat block industry as approved on January 23, 1934


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Code of fair competition for the metal hat die and wood hat block industry as approved on January 23, 1934
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Metal hat die and wood hat block industry
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For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, WYashington, D.C. --Price 5 cent

Registry No. 1637--14

Approved Code No. 221




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Approved Code No. 22`1

As Approved on Jan~uary 23, 1934


An application hav-ing been duly made pursuant to and in. full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for approval of a Code of
Fair Compet~ition for the M~etal Hat Die and Wood H-at Block
Industry, andc hearings having been duly held thereon and the an-
nexed report on said. Code, containing findings with respect thereto,
having been made and directed to the President:
NOWV THEREFORE, on behalf of the President of the United
States, i, Hugh S. Johnson, Administrator for Industrial Recovery,
pursuant to authority vested in me by Executive Orders of the Presi-
dent, including Executive Order ~No. 6543-~A, dated December 30,
1933, and otherwise; do hereby incorporate by reference said annexed
report and do find that said Code complies m all respects with the
pertinent provisions and will promote the policy and purposes of
said Tit~le of said ALct; and do hereby order that said Code of Fiair
Comlpet~it~ion. be! and it is hereby approved.
HuanI S. JoENwson,
Administrator for Inducstrial: Recovery.
Approval1 recommended :
RrLOM Icorn Ma
Division Admini~strator.
Ja~nuarjy 93, 19c34.

84348" 313-00---34


The W~hite Houztse.
SIR: This is a report on thle Code of Fa`,ir Compe~tition for the.
Metal Hat Die and W~ood Hat Bil;ock Industry in thec Unitedl Satets,
the hearingil b:iing conducted in Wa~shing(-ton, D.C., on Dec~emb~er 8,
11,33, inl necor~lcannee w~ith thz e p,rovislons of the lNatio~nal Indusltr~ial
Rccovery Act.
The maxrimtumz hourls provided~ by the Code for all emlployei, es ecept
travelingj7!. 1alesme, and ex~cuti\(es re~-ceiving $3'.r00 or more per w~eek
is forty (i40) hoursl~- 1 p nier Ee andc e.Ighlt (8) hours per day. No peak;
sea o~n periods and noe other texcep-tionsll thanl those~( nwnitionedcl above
were requested:PI or proidc\ed.
TIIhe minimum wav:lle rafte per hour forl other thatn olffic.- templloyees
is forty (40) recent,. while office eplol-,~ yees will not be paid less than
$14.00 to $15.00 per week! dlepend~ing ulpon p ulal,~~~tion. 1Equitable
adju~stmentsn oft weelI" ra;ltes above the mlin~illlllnon~ are proxided and will
be rep~orated to the Clode Author~ity and the Adtministrator.


Thre minimnum age prouvided~ in this Code is 16 years but in hazard-
ous occupal~tionsl this age limit is inl1cren! dI to 18 year11s.


Employmen`llrt inl this industry hnas not greac~ctly dleclined~ durling_ the
recenIt years due to the facet that .sty-les were r.hanrged~ more fre-
quently in order to stinulalte the milinery: industry to which this
industry~l3 is closely allied. Th~e shorteningr of hlours~ will adequaltelIy
reab~Sorbll the slight unemployment and the increased minimum wage
:rate- accompanied by the equitable adljus~tmelnts provided for in the
Code should fully restore the pur''has~iing powTer of the employees
of this industry which has dclcinedl more thann its production and
wh~ich. must be restor~ed to accomplish the purposes of the Act.
In arriving at the terms expremedc~l in the Code, the Inwmbers~l. i of the
industry have given every evidence otf cooperaLtion in complying with
the spirit of the Act.

The Assistant D~eputy Aldministra~tor in hnis final report to me on
said Code having found as herecin set forth and on the basis of all
the p~rocevelingsJ in this mantte::
I find thlat--
(a) Sa~id Code is well des~igrned to promo~l~te the policies and pur-
pows' of Title I of the National Industrial Recoverya Act, includcing
removal of clb-t mot rionsl to the: free flow of inltelrstate and foreign


conulner~ce whichl tend to dliminish the amount th~er~eof and will pro-
vide for the! general welfare by promolting the organization of indus-
try for the purpose of cooperative: action among t~he trade groups, by
inducing and mnaintainling united actionl of lab~or and management
under adequate gove~rnmenltal sanctions andc supervision, by eliminat-
ing unfairi competitive practices, by promoting the fullest possible
utilization of the present productive capacity of industries, by avoid-
ing undue restriction of production (except as may be temlpor~arily
requiredd, by :increasing the consumption of industrial and agricul-
tural products thr~lough incr~easing purchasing; po-er, by reducing and
relieving unemployment,, by impr~lovmlgr standarnlds of labor, and by
other wise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Said industry normally employs not more than 50,000 em-
ployees and is not classified b~y me as a major industry.
(c) T~he Code as approved complies in all respects with the perti-
nent provisions of said TPitle of said A~ct, including without limita-
tion Subsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of Section 7, and
Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; and- that the applicant asso-
ciations are industrial associations truly repr~esentative of the afore-
said industry; and that said associations impose no inequitable re-
str~ictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Code is not designed to and w~ill not permit monopolies or
monopolistic practices.
(e) The Code is not designed to and will not eliminate or oppress
small enterprises and will not operate to discriminate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
Fior these reasons, therefore, this Code has been. approved.
A d'ministrattor.
JaNUaRY 23, 1934.



To effect the p~olicies of Title I of ther Nationall Intustr~ial Re-
covery Act this Codte is e--t Illished as a CodeP of Fa:ir' Compel~ctition
for the Mctall Hlat D~ie and( Wood H-at B-1lack Indus~l~tr? a!ndl hall be
the standard of fair coml~pe~ttition for such.I indualll\.ry ndl shall be
bind;ing upon1 every.! member thereo-~f.
?r;i' cI1,. II-D-1EFIN 1i.!luS.

SECTION 1. .lletal Har~rt Die crnd1 W~ood Hotl lI~iode Imindr.:lv.
The term bunlu try as r:, I herein nlc!udI Ill the mnu featuring
of wood,~t andil p~la-ter bbu~i.:ii and metal Ilic f(,r the ha9t. enp, anld
ladies', niile ', and children's headwrcarl irndu ltry\ andl -1uch related
bi'lranll~chs orsubdiVision-, as may from timer to timle he in~-ludedcr under
the provli\sions~ of: thlis Code by the P!Isiden-lt o~f thel Initedt States,
aftl..l 1o h n otie andir hearing as he may1 p-l:(-l.-rib.*.
SEC. ~2. j/,i,,infif Olf $tr1e lI,,t; ~frH.
TPhe t;crml (" A~lrlllher of the Indulstry ") ins-Inds.~l T buJt w\ithlOu limlita-
tion, any individualll partn-ohipl, associaitingi.~ Ii-neparato a' or other
perso enadin te industry Iwitherl a no1 cremp~!loyer ori on hiis or
its ovn. behalf.
F!r,. 3. Employee.

cngage~d in thle industry, howiever compensated.~l '''':eplt ;' members of
the indusltry~'.
SEC. -1. Act anzd i.l dinin str'tr.rt'
The terms "Aict and "Admitniisi-t rator a.; used~ wherein mnean,
respectively, Title I of the Naltilonal Indus-tr~ial RPcove\1ry A\c, and
the Adm7llinlcistator for I~ndustr~zial Recovery\.
S~c. 5. .2~*1ssocii ons.
The term? "Assneo~'~iintrion shall mean thle IInt, Block; anld Die
Makers~.' Association. Inc., and the Wiood Hant ~lnck~ Mnnu~factur~ers '


SIne-Trms 1., J;a/ri7nuin HI~ourS.
No eml~ployee~~ ilhll be pam~llitted to w~orkr in excess of forty (40O)
hours in any one weekcT or clight (8) hours in anyl twenlty-fEour (24)
hocur period Ileginmrngr at midnight eccpt. as pirovidedt in SHction 9



SEC. 2. Exe2'cuti'e, Supervl'izs,;orU,/ or Administratirer Eploye70lres.
Thle provisions of Section 1 of thiis Article ihallT not apply to
travelinga salesmen, or to persons employed inz a mnage~lrialn or execu-
tive capacity wvho earn not less than thirty-five (! per week.
No member of the Inldustr shall knowingly perm'l~it, anyr emuploee
to work; for any time which, whern totalled~ with tthat already per-
formecd wnith another iemployer'' or employers in this indu~str~y, excteeds
the maxsim~um permlitted herein.
SCECTION i K,1. Afinin/1, l778-ge.
No emp~loytee shall be paid at less than thelt rate of foty!J (40) !enlts
p~er hour except that:
(a') Accountling,, clerical, o~ffic~e employees, and errand bove sh1all
not be paid less than the rate of $15.00 per weeilr in any city of
5003,000 population or over, or in the ilnun~eiatec trade area of such
city, andl not less than $14.5i0 per week in. any city b~etw7een 100,000
anld 1'00,000 pplatl~lilion: or in the iinunediat -trade area of suchl city,
andl not less thanll $14.00 per weekr in any~ city of less thazn 100,000
popla~ltion or in the inunedliat~le trade area of such city. Thet cenrsus
figures for the latest FedrnI~~a c:nsuslt shall be the to :li: for this

S~ce. 2. Friemiale Emiplo/ees-.
Femlale emnployees performing; substantially the samle workr as malle
employeelS'; shall receive the same rate of pay as male employeSc.
SfEC'. 3. ?48080071ori;~ d .~ininmuzW a .
This Article establishes- a mlininannlli rate of pay which shall apply
ir~respecctivec of wrheth~er an employee is actually compensall;tedt on
a time-rate, p'iell\-workI or other basis.
ICEC. 4. Eq~uita~ble Adjustm~ent of Wacg/:.
No employee whose norma17ll full time weekly hours for thne four
weeksl\ ending June 16i, 1933, are red~uedl shall hae hisi full timel
we~ekly wag~es r~edu~cetd below thle amount re~ceived by such enp~loy~ee
pr~ior to June 16, 1933, notwithstanding the reduction in hours of the
normal1; 1 w-ceek. WagesC~ of flthoe r~ecerivingl more than the miilnmum
shl~nl be e~qu~itab:ly adjus~tedl so as to p'reserve diff~lerentials existing on
June 1_6, 10,33. Thet adjustments, since that date sh~all be reported to
th~e ('ode Authocrity andl the Admninistra~tor within thirty days of the
effective date of this Code.
SECTDONr 1. Child Labori Pro~ibited.~
No person und~er sixteen (16) years of age shall be employetd in.
the indus-try. No person under eight~eenl (18) years of age, shall be
empllloyed at operatfions or occupa,,tionr s which are hazardou,~ s in nature
or dangerous to hea~lth. The Code A-uthority shall su~bmit to the
Admlinistrator before February 1, 1934, a list of slc~h op~eratio~ns or
orccupations. 3In any State an emploelr hall be d-eemned to have com~-
plied with this prov-ision as to age if he shall have on file a certifi-
cate or permit duly signedl by the Aulthority in such State empowecred
to issue employment, or atge certifie~ntes or piermnits showing thrat the
empDloyee is of the required age.


Szc. 2. Enelployces' Right to O1~rgnize.
In compliance with Sectfion 7 (a) of the Aict, it is provided:
(a) That emp~loyees shall havet the right to organize and bargain
collectively through retpr~esentative s of thleir own choosing, and shall
be free from th~e inlterference, restraint, or c~oer~cion of emplloyers of
labor, or thleir agents, in the designation of such~ representatives or in
self-organizationi or inr other concerted activities for the purpose of
collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.
(b) That, no emplioyee atndl no one seektingr employmllent shall be
required as a condtitio~n of emlploymenmt to join any company union or
to refr~aini fromn jommig, organizing, or 1SjSfistig a labor organiza-
tion~ of his n-own choosing. and
(c) That emnploylers shall comply with thle mnaximlum hours of
labor, mninim-umn rates of pay, and( other conditions of employment,
approved or pretscribe~d by th~e President of the United States.
SEC. 3. Rec 888ifying Em pl)oy(Ees.
NGo member of the indtustr~y shall rec~lassify employees or duties of
occ-upationsi per~forml~ed, or enlgage~ in any other subterfuge for the
purpose of defeating the purposes or provisions of thle Act. or of
this Code.
SEC. 4. Xaftfly Intl ZRealikh
EveryS mem!lber of th~e industry shall make r~easonable provisions
for the safety and hlealth~ of his employees at th~e place and during
the hours of their emlolll-yment.
SEc. 5. State Lawus Precalcrl Whe~cre More St~~ringenlt T'han, Codei.
No pr~ovisionl in this Code shall supersede anyj State or Federal
Lawt which imlposes on employers mlore stringent r~equiremelnts as to
age of empllloyees, wages, hlourls of work, or as to safety~, hlealth~,
sanitar~y, or general worklingS conditions, or inlsurance, or fire pro-
tection than a-re imnposedl by this Code.
S;c. 6. Po?ting~ Co1de.
All members of the industry shall post compllet-e copies of this
Code in conspicuous places neccessible to emlploy~ees.


SECTION 1. Code Authorit'jy.
TIhere shl~l forthw-ith be constituted a Code Authority consisting
of four (4) persons to be selected in the following mlanner:
(a) One memberl~C1 from the Hat-Blockr & Die Malker~s' Associat~ion,
TInc., to be appointed by the Board of Dir~ectors.
(d) One Ilenember from the Wood Hat Block Mainu~fneturers' Asso-
ciation,i to be appoinitedl by the Board of Directors.
(c) The Executive Chanilllrma of thne Alssociations, who represents
both the Hat Block & Die Makeitrs' Association. Inc., and t~he WTood
H-Tat Blockl ~Manufac~tur~ers' Association.
(d) One ml~lembr to be chiosen by and froml the nonmiembers of
the Associatio~ns. W~ithnin ten days after the effective date of this
Code thoe Executive Chailrmnn of the Associations shall notify such
nonmiemb)ers of a timne within twenty (20) days thereafter, and place
for choosing their representative on the Code Authorityv.
(e) One to three mlemblers, without vote, to be appointed by the
Ad min ist ra~tor. If more than one such member is appointed the


terms shall be for froim six moc.nths~ to one yetar and so arranged that
they do not expire at the same time.
SIEC. 2. Trande Aerociaction Regulations..
Each industr~ial a1ssociat~ion directly or indirecrtly p~artic:pnipati in
the selection or actiViities of the Code Aulthoit~'fy shall (1) inimpose~ no
inequitable restrictions on mem~libvlrship, andc (2) submit to the Adl-
mauistr~ator tl~ru copies of its articles otf asso;i~atio-n, byinw~s, Ireguln,-
tions, andi anly amendments when made therlcto, togiethler w~ithl such
other informaftion asu to memllbe~tir, hp o~r~ganizatio n, andnc activities as
the Adlministe~ntor may <10s~ m! necre-a;r y to r:effect th~e l~llpm-poses of the

SEC. 3. C'Ocl:th Ari'fllO ; 3/#.f Be Re pir.--s,;rf/licec.
In border that the Cocde Au~thority shall at all times be truly repre-
senltative of the inllustry3 a~nd in other'l respec~t'ls complllly wit~h th~e pro-
visions of thle Act;, the Adiminist~r atoro maly prescribe such herc~lingsr as
hie may! deemr proper, and th~erenfter. if he shall find that thle Ciode
Authority is not truly representative orI does not in other respects
complly with th4e pr1ov~isin s of thie ActLt m~ay require an approprii,1into~
mnodiicflicatin in the method of selection of the Code Au~thority.

M~embersi of the ind uctry3 ~-i!hal be enltitled to participated! in, and
sharc thle bene~fits of, thie activit-ies of the Code Auth~ority and to par-
ticipat~e in the~ sel-c~tion of the th~ereof by~ assenting to and
compilyin~ with. the reqyuirclements- of this Code andt sustaining their
reasonabllllle share of th2e expow e:l-. of its n am ;1i n!ist rat ion. Such reason-
able shin re of the expenses of administration shall be determined by
thei Cod -,ie Authr t, subject, to review by the Adminlll~-istrator on the
bass f olmeofbusiness and/or uch~.! other -facto~rs as mnay be
dleemledl ciluitable. .i
SE('. 5. Jhmbelilr..' of t~he Code Au th~ority Not Partwrs!.18
No~thine- containedli in this Code shall constitute thes membel~ir of
the Codec Aulthority p~artnrsc for any3 purpose.'` Naor shall any\ mem-
ber of the C'ode Autlhority be liab~le in any- manner to anyone for any
act of anyl otherll memeilr~r, officer, agent, or employee of the Code
Autlhority.' Nor shall any~ member of the Code Aiuthorityp, exer~cising
reasonablle dliligen~ce in tl~e condu~ct, of his duties hereunler, be liable
to anl\one fo.r any action or omission to act under1 this Codel, ecs-ept
for his own wilful misfensa~ne or nonfendanlce.
SEc'. 6). Potoers andr Duties of the Code AuLthority.
The Code Authority shall hav~\e thne followings further powtlers and
duties the exercise of which1 shall be reported to thle Admiinistrator
and shall be subject to h~is right, on review, to dlicapprove anly action
takenn by the Code Authority:
(a)! To insure the executionI of the provisions of this Code and
provide for the comnplianice ~of the industry w-ith the provisions of the~
(b) To adopt by:lawcps and rules ansd regul at ions for its p procedure
and for the admimlstration and enforcement of the Code subject to
the approval of the Admninisti-ator.
(c) To obtain from members of the indus3try such inf ormation and
reports as are required for the administration of the Code and to
provided for submission by mremnbers of such information and reports
as the Administrator may deem n~ecessar~y for the purposes recited


in Section 3 (a) of the Act, which information and reports shall be
submitted~p~~ by members to such administrative and/or government
agecis a te Admiinistrator mayv designate; provided, that nothing
in this Code shall. relieve any member of the industry of existing
obligations to furnish reports to any government agency. No indi-
vidual reports shall be disclosed to any other member of the industry
or any other party~ except to such govlernmental agencies as may be
directed by the Admlinistrator.
(d) To use such trade associations and other agencies as it deems
proper for thre carrying oult of any of its activities provided for
h-erein; provided, that nothing herrein shall relieve the Code Author-
ity of its duties or :responsibilities under this Code and that such
trades associations and agencies shall at all times be subject to and
comply wlith the provisions hereof.
(e) ITo make r~ecommelnndations to t~he Administrator for the co-
ordination of the administration of this C'ode with such other Codes,
if any, as mlay be related to the industry.
(f) To coop~er~ate with the Admninistra~tor in regulat~ing the use
of anly NRA~ insignia solely by those members of the indiustry who
have assente~d to, and are complying wiit~h, this C'ode.
(g;) To recommend to thne Aldministrator further' fair trade prac-
tice provisions to govern members of the industry in their relations
wiith elch. other or with other industries, and to r~ecommnen d to the
Adminmistrator measures for industr~ial planning, including stabiliza-
tion, of employment.
RUL 1. T877/3 and DiscoutbW .
The terms of credit extended by all persons engaged in this in-
dustr~y shall be net ten days end of the mnont.h, anld paymne nt mIay be
anticipated at the date of 670 per annumn, and all shipments madce on
and after the 25th da of ang month may bear dating as of t~he 1st
of the following mon h; but s ipm~ents mande prior to the 25th of any
month shall bear thie actual date of billing.
Run 2. Returnl of Mberchandise.
The unjust return of merchandise constitutes one of t~he evils in
the industry. No mlember of the industry shall accept for credit
from. any purchaser or give credit to any purchaser for any mer-
chandise~ returned if said mnerc~hndise was purchased and shipped in
good faith in accordance with the buyer's order. If merchandise is
returned by reason of defects then no credit shall be given for such
return unless such merchandise is returned within three days from
the date of the receipt of said merchandise by the purchaser if the
member of the industry and the purchaser are in the same city or
trade area, or within five days if the purchaser is in another trade
area than that of the member of the: industry.
Rura 3. Seclling~c on
No merchandise shall be shipped on memnor~andlum loaned, or on
consignment for sale and all sales shall be final and made with the
intent that title shall pass.


RULE 4. PG/tbcifie8.
No member of thle indlustry shall give, permit to be given, or
directly offer t~o give, anyth~inlgof value for the purposes! of inlfluene-
ing or rewarding the action of any employees, agent., or representatives
of another in relat~ionl to the busiiness of the employer of such
employee, the principal of .such agent or the r~eprlesentedi party, with-
out the knowledge of suchl employer, principal, or party. C'omm~er-
cial bribery provisions shall not be conistrued to prohibit fire and
general distribution of articles comnmonlyuefo advertiiwecp
so far as such articles are actually used ied for conunerial br~bery as
hiereinabove defined.
RULE 5. Ad vertisin gl.
Allowantces of dlisccunlts for. advertising or for paylenlt for space
in newspapers, ma~gazines, gu~id~e;, or directories on. behalf of anry
customer to be usedl in pi~crootingr the sale of merchandise;e to the
consumer is pr~ohibited.~
RULE G. LAS8ignmllif8.~f
No person shall. after the etffective date of this Coder, take or
r~ece~ivt, tlirectly or indlilrc~tly, from any customer either before or
after the d~elivery~ of mertlchlandise,;e an assignment of nccounts receiv-
able or se~cur~ity in any! form'I~ whatsoever for pamnt~lc~l of the purchase
price of merL1chalndis e with~olt: first notifying the Code A2uthorityv that
suchl assignment or~l ctcur~ity has been or is aIbout to be received.
RULE 7. Eliqil~ilityI for Cre'h't/i.
NTo person01 ellngage inl the industry shall extend credit to any endl~o-
mneri who shaill beo in decfault for a period of forty-five (45) days
after martur~ity on any) p~revious invo'iice sold to said customer by a
miemlber of thle indul~stry~ except in such cases as receptions may be
crranntedl~ by the Cod~e Aluthority. Each, member shall report to the
eode Authority a comiplete statement of any~ disputes onr, rasns
know-n to hliml of thie failure to pay~ on behalf ftecsoe n
such statement shanll contain a2 full and complete disclosure of any
disputes which mlay exsist between the member of the, industry and
the culstomner. The filing of false or mnislend~irgr information in this
respect shall be a violation of th~e Code.
]RULE 8. Bi~ackr List.
No memlber of the industry shall join or participate with other
members of the industry, in, any tr~ansact~ion known in a1w a
black list, including any practice or dev~ice (such as a white ls)
which accomplishes the purpose of a blackT list.
RULE 9. F.O.B. 87alpinents/fa.
All shipmoents shall be f.o.b. city of mlanufacture..
RULE 10, SCfrtatficsic and Trade Ilnfor~nurtion.
In orders to carry out the declared policy of the Act, each person
shall furnish such p~eriodic reports as m~ay be prescribed by the Code
Authority, in such formn and substance as they may direct. A wil-
fully false report to any such Code Authority shall be deemed a
violation of this Code.
RULE Ii. #0188 /INPoicing,
No sale shall be madte by any member up~on any others sterns, except
as exp~ressly set fourth in the order, contract of sale, or the invoice
pertaining to such sale.


Ill Ail llll MI MIIRill ll
356 3 1262 08855 6625
AnnouI.: VIII-MonIv,, ICanow
SEC'TION `1. IProesnideli~ 1aiy Modlrify Gode.
This Code and nil the pr~ovisionss there~of are expressly made sub-
ject to the right of the Precsident, in accordance with the provisions
of subsection (b) of bSection 10 of the Act, from time to time, to
cancel or mrodif~y any order, appr,!oval, license, rule,~ or' regulation
issued under saidl Act.
SEC. 2.; Anseractisent~~ of CodeC.
This Cod~e, except as to prov\isionsu required by the Act, may be
modified on tthe basis of experience or changes in circumstances to be
based upon applications to the Admrlinistrator, and such notice and
hearing as he ~shall s'ec~ify', and to become effective on approval of
the Adlmi nist ra tor.

N~o provisions of this Code shall be so applied as to permit
monopolies or mnonopolistic. practices, or to eliininate, oppress, or
discriminate a gain st small enterprises.
This Code ~shall b~ec~omel effective on the First. Monday after its
appr~ov"l by the Administrator.
Approved Gode No. 221.
Registryv No. 1637-14.