Amendment to code of fair competition for the tag industry as approved on October 25, 1934


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Amendment to code of fair competition for the tag industry as approved on October 25, 1934
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Tag industry
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Approved Code No. 249--Amendment No. 1

Registry No. 4041-1--07







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Approved Code No. 249--Amendment No. 1



As Approved on Olct~ober 25, 19315


An application having b~een d~uly mad~te pur-mait~ to ancd in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I, of thle ~Nationall Ind~-t ri-i~l
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for appr~oval of am~endmllent s
to a Code of FL7air Comipetition for the Tu'g I~ndustry!, andt dul~e nott~ice
and opportunity to be heard having been g~ivenl thlereon, a\nd thre un1-
nexed report on said ainendment-,~lt-~ cotal~;ining findings w\~ith1 respe~ert
thereto, having~ been mnade andl direc~tedi to the President::
NOW, T1HEREF`ORE, on behalf of the ]Presidlent of thle 1United.
States, the NI~ational Industrial Recovery BoardC~ pursuzant to northlor-
ity vested in it by Executive Ordlers ojf the Pre-ident, including
Execultive- Orderil N~o. ii800,~ diated Sep~ttember'i 27, 19341, and otherw7iise;
does h~erebyS incorpora:~;te?, by refIerene, said alnnrexed rep~ort and d~oesj
~find that said antendments-1I~s and thle Codle als constl~itultrc after:l be~ingl
ullnetndedt compllly in all respects with the pertinntIC p)I'ovisionls andl
will promote the policy and purposes~ of sa~id Title o~f said A4ct, and
droes hereby order that saidt amnlltmlients3 be and they are apprlov'edl,
and that the previous approval of sait C'ode? is hereby amendled to
include an approval of said Codie in its entirety, as amended, such
approval and such amendments to take effect tenl days from the da~te
hlereof, unless good cause to the contrary is shown to the ~National
Industrial Recovery Board before that time andl the Board issues a
subsequent order to that effect. Order No. 249-5 is hereby,3 resC~inded.C~
By G. A. LY Non, Admli;i,~sf"( at;Ir' O7iF1ce.
A~pprovcal r~ecolunrl~ltended:
Acting Divisionr Adm71in2istrlator.
October 33, 1934..
DOS4- 10---1244-02---34 (1)


The PI:.;IErsmer,
The WThite Homeir.;'
XSm: This is a repor,(,t on :n1InenInents~l~~ to the Codie of Fair~i Comli-
pet~ition for t~he Tag Induistry, which wFas approved byT youlr on
Febiscy~~;13 1, 1934~.
ASrticle I: The delfinitionl of "C mI~llembe is enlarg~ed.
Alrt~icle III, Swc.lion! l 2: Proh~ibits any7 inequitable re ~tr'dictions on
membell~r':2h ip) on the part of anyJ trade~t or industrflial associaitionl which,
dircctiv or indircitly prntic~ipa:tes in the selction or nectiv-ities of the
Cod'e A~uthority and prov'~ides further Ifor a clurkI on all rules an1d
regulations of 1I1..h ~odIeCs byI the Nationalil ]Indus~ltrial r~ReCovery

Boardl the powrrcl to halt an-y action on the p~art o' the~ Code Author-
ity if such notion is dneeme to boe unfair, unljusI;t or Cconltrary' to thle
public interest-.
Arvticle III, Section 5: Provides for the mlechanlli inl Of al~esing~,
nwin1 erstl:' of thle industry for thelc sup~po~t of the flurt~'ionsll ('rr'ied
on by thle Cohe Arluthority as un!thlorized~ in th~-e Cod~e.
Artilet II, Section 8: Provides the meltchan;lli m for' coordination
o f trade pra)ctiee s between the Tag~ Indus~try and oltherl indtustries.
Art-icle II, Section De Limits the linh~ilit~y of any3 mem'bers of thea
Code~ hAuthority to his owrn w~ilfull mI~isleancellCI or nIonfeasni~ Lc.
Art'ic'le IV.? Sc;(~tionl 6j: Provides for the templlloymentc of handlti-

Ar1ticle VT, Section~ 5: Provides- for the pa ,tingrr of labor provnisionsll
in conspknow.l~l- p'laces acces~ible to all. employee c .
Ar~tiecl V.i~ SeCttionl 7: Prevents: alT ny membel o~f~ the indul~strv ~fromt~1
applying tle, labor pl~roisionls asi to hours andl wa;ges.- on pronjects by
completenlt go vernowntlCalq~ l authorilit icjs when such pro'ject" ar1e ca rrliedl
out undier hours~ lowcr alnl w~age ra:tes higherl thanl -those~ prov'\ideld in
the tcod e.
Article Y. rSection 0: P'1rovider for thc proh~libitionr of homllework~l
aIfter January1.3 ~ 1, 1933,, andl for the mlinlimumll wagfe ratesC to be', paidiC to
homeworkerc~~li .s u lntil thlen. Thec p'Oroision permits Csuff(ident tie to
adjust to thle compile`te Climlina~tion1 of housewri'Olk.
Article VrII, Sc~tionl 15;: Exempt,: exp~ort tradlte fr~om thle provisions
of this article.
Airtic~le VII, Sctions 1 annd 2: Authorize-- thle Code~ Au~thority to,
reque l(t statistically daRta~ and informal~tionI e- entiall for thel fulnCtionling
of the~ Code Au~thlorityV ndl7 p~rovide~ ~for a (ICheekingL of the accur~ner?
of data submnittedll, I hr a impar(?ltial agency~ if lt.,ub tantial doub1t exist'si
asi to its accu.racy. Bu1t ini no case myn\ ~lfinformationl so, exSaminedCC be
d7iscloedI-~l to compey)titor1S inl iden'ltifiabl e" fOrmll.

Article VII, Section 5: Prlovides for the submission of data to such
Federal agencies as the Natio~nal Industrial Recove~lry Board~ shall
T1Che DeputyS Administ ratorl in his final reporclt on said anslendmen~lt~i
to saidl Code having found as herein set forlthl and on thle basis: of aill
the proeedliings in this mantter:
Tihe B~oardl finds that:
(a) Th'le am~lewhen~llts to .-idl Codel~ and1( the C'ode a~s alumended are
well des~ig~nedc to promote the policies a~ndl purposesj of Title I of
the National TIndus~trial Recovery: A~ct including te rmcoval ofe
obstrulctio-ns to the free fltow of mnterstjate an fregncomec
whTichI tendr to dimninishl thze amounllit thlereocf, andl will provide for the
general we~lf:: re by promo~nting thlc o,~rganizatioo n of industry for thne
p~urpo)se of cooperative action of labor and managementlren under a2de-
quate governm~entalP~l samtioni and supervision, by elimllniina~ti unfair
compet-itive prnelctice~s-,.b promoting the fullest possible rt-ilizationr
of the pesent~ producti-ve c.plnceityS of ind~ustries, by av-oilingr lundue
rIestr~iction of production (ecpc~tl' as may be! t~empor~arilyT requirilll),
by increas~in g the rconsumllption of indu~~striai l and agricultural prod
ucts through~'~ in~reas-il ng purchasi;ngr power, by reducing and2 ret-
lieving ulcnemployment, by improv,~ing~ st-andanrds of labor, andi byT
otherwise rehablilitating indu lltry.-
(b) The Code as amendled c~ompllies in all recspects wvithl the per-
tinent prov,\i ionls of said Titlie of said Act, including without limni-
tation! sub-section (a) of Section 3, sub-section (a) of- Section 7
and sub-section (b) of Section 10 thereof.
(c) The Code empowtiers thle Clode A'uthority to, propo~se thle
amendmenten s on behalf of the I~ndustry as a whole.
(d) T'he amllendments'lfi and thle Codec as amended ar'e not (de-igned~l
to and will not permit monopolies or monolzlpolistic practicesl.
(e) The ameutndmenlt.- and the Code as amlendedt are not~ des~igned~
to and will not eliminailte or opprest~s small eniterpr,1i-c, and will not
operater to diseimcinatlle against themii.
(f) Those engaged in o~thler t(eps of thle economic processI have not
b~eenl dleprivedl of the rightl t-o be heard prior to a21pprovl\ n of ,said
For th~ese reas:~ons these amendments hat Ilve been approvl\ed..
For the National Indus~tr~ial Recovery IBoard:
G~. A. LJrx~cn,
L171 id initeneti~ve Officer.~
OCTOBER 2.5. Ir44.


l' me "I.11.(1: Inniclu:s but w-ithouit limiitation, any ind~~ividu;d, par~t-
nershp, asociaton. crporaion aothe form of enterprises~ el~ngaged
in the Iml~liustry, eitherl as an emplorer! or on1 hiis or it-; ow-n! heluilf.
Artie~t II of thc (`odeli is hereby ananded~cc :
Bly thle dc~lletion~'ifroml~ of SeCj.tion 2 andi thec -ubtitllutFion hee

MIci;-:ma 2. Each.1 tl~rae or indurstrlial ::c.-w:.intionr d~irectlyr or in-
cdi rectly par!'t iCdil"ta in;~ 1 thie se~lecrtion tr activitils of .thec Code~
Au!thoriiai! ;thall (1) impose no inequl~itabllr re.-tlic'tionlS on member~CI-
clhip'. nut () Ibsu~it, to the? Naii onai~l;l Inutf ltr~idl Reenver-lycl~ Bhoalrd tru~e
1Cop~ieT of itS artitcleCs of ;I--relation,: bylwreuain n n
umeln~nlthnnt s wvhelln made thereto, I~~tllethe wit~ SUCh other inform-llj

Indulrstr~ial Recovelry Boa:l~lrd ay dleem nccss~lar to effectuate ths
purprloses of! ther Acti.
Byv the tleletionl therefrom() 11 of Sctionjtl 4 andf thle subl-tititiionl thlere
for o.f a new SectQion,. 41 ..4 follows:
.Meir~-rs 4. Th~e C~ode Aluthor,!itJ is chargedL!~l Ilenerd'l;lly w17ithb lthe dutly
of ;Il1m~iisteriniig thli-, Code. If the Nat~ional Jlldustr'ial Rc~overy
Board sharll:1 aIt anyr fltt imedter ineilj that any~ :wlticln of a Coder Au-
tholcrity or any adneyl~ thereo-f? may beN unlfair or unljUst or (Cont~LRary
to thle public in~teretst'. the Natlionlal Indulstrial Recover~cly Boarld may
requclire~ thatt suchl actionl be~ suspendetl d to affordc anl clppor~~iltuni fm-l
in\e-ti gationi of thre mer~iit- of -Iib ;1t'ionr and-~ further consjiderantio n
byv such. C'odett Authlor~ity~ or agn~cyz pendring~ finaIl netionl whlichl shal
notC he( effectiv-e u.nless the Natlionall Indust'-'' ria eoey oe
proves'' or unless it sallrl fail to dli-:lpprove aIfte~r thirty (30) days7'~
unIfy~r to it: of, intentil-nl to proil~fcee w\ithl suchr noltionl in it-s ol~~rigina
ol tr modifi(l
By thle cdela~ticln thel~refroml of Sectiol 5 an1d thei" subt)itutionl ther~e-
for o~f at newr Se)Ction1 :r atS follo~s:

Mnl~rini.-tlat1ioni of thiis C~ode and to maintain thle stanlllldard of fair
coptrllct it io n etllIi-bl;ile hllereunderl and to fcltuc~ate the policy of thle
~ct~, therr lCodelr -\uthorl'itY is au~thor~izedl:
1. To\ incurll SuIChl reai~sonabll e obligaction al~ts are n(c.'.-ssar'Y andC~ proper)C1
for thle foregcoing ~.I'' purpose. and to mecet -luchl obligaltions oult. of funds:
wihichl may bre ranisedl asr hereinu~fter pmIdh\;edl and which shllR he(
hleldl in tm.<( for thle purposes`'' of thle C'odc.
2. To snhmit to thle Natflionall Intdust~rial Recovery~1\ Boardc for its~
aproval"T:', subject to suchl notice and opp~ort~unit to be hearld as.i it
mlayT~ deemn nicessey;~'3 (a) an" itemize~d hwigort of its est ima~tted expenlses;

t~he funds nercessary to sulppor~t such budglbet shall1 be rconltributed byr
mlembe~cr~ s of thle Indurstryr.
3. After such budget and basis of contribution have been applrovedi
bly the N~ationnI Industrfliall Recover~y Board1~, to determine and obtainr
equitablel co.ntr~ibutio n as above set forth by all memblllers of the
Industry, andl to that end, if necessary, to instlitute legal proceedi-
ingfs thetretfor in its own. namel.
(b) Eachl mzember of the Industry shall pany hlis or its equjitabllel
contribution to the exspcnses of the Ilnurr~intenane of the Cod'e Au-
tho~it~y, de-te~rmninedl as hereinabove provided, and subject to rules
andll reguIlatiion~ perta~:ining(, therct, i-sued~; by thle N2\ationaul Indlustrial
Recvey oad.Only mnembters of the Indlustry comlplyinmg w2ith
the Codelt and- ,unltrib~utin g to the expesesl' of its ;rluliin~l:tistlrat a~s
hlereinlabove provided, unrless~ duly cexempiltedl fromi makll~inP suIch conf-
tributions, shall be entitled to pa-rtil.ipaltel in thle selection of memlr-
bers~ of the Code Aurthor~ity' or to receive the Ibenecfit-; of anyr~ of its
voluntary activities or to mnholc- use of anyr embhlem or ins~igni; of
the Naltionir? Recovery\~ij Administration.
(c) Thec Code Ahuthority shall neither incur nocr pay any~ obliga:~-
t~ion .subs,~ tantiaTlly inl excess of the amlount thereof as estimlated in!
its approved budget!, and shalll in no event exeedt thre total amount~
cocntainedr in the approved. budget, enc:ep~t. upon appIroval of the~
National Industrial Rrecovery Board11, and no -!,enhw lequen b~udge~t shalll.
contain any defilciency~ item for ex~pend~iturllls in excess of prior
budget estim~ate. except those wihthe Nationall Industrid:
Recover~y Board shall have so approvedt.
B1y thre addition of nlew Sections 8 and 9 as follows~:
SE7CTIOIN 8. The Code A4uthority maIIy appoint a Trad-e P'rac~ticler
Conunittee which shall meet with the Trade Practice? Corlnllitt!.c-
under :suchl o~thler Codes asl~ may be3 Irelatedt to this Indullstry3 for thel(
purpose of formulatingp Fair Tradle Practices to govern" the Irelation-
ships~ between prodnelct iollnand distribution employers under thle Code
and under such others to the endl that sulchl Fiair Tr~ade Prnelctices~ movi~
be proposed""' to iithe National Indlustrial Retcoveryl3 ]Board as amecnrd-
ments to this Code and such other C'odes.
SCECTIO> N 9. NOthing econtainedt in this Codie shall constitute the@ of th~e Code Authior~ity partners for any purpose; nor shall
any memllber of the Code Authority be liable in any mnannler to anyone
for anyT act of any other member, officer, agenlt., or emprlloyeeo of the
Code AuthorlityT; nor shall any II~inembe of the? Code ~Authority, exer-
cising reasonable diligence in thle conduct of his du~ties herucl~ nderl
be liable to anyoner for any lc~tiojn or Omlissionl to act undcer this Codie.
except for his own wilful maflfeasance. or nonfeasance.
Article IV of the Code is hereby amnendredl:
By" the deletion therefrom of Section 6 and the substitution there-
for of a new Section 6 as follows:
SECTION 6j. A person whose earning e~npneity is ]lmitedc becan ar of
geor physdical or mIental hanidienpy or other infirmity may be em-
poed on light wcork at a wage below th~e minimum establish~ed by
this Code if the emlployerl obta~insi fro~m the~ StasteP unt~horityv dsig~-
nated by the Unlited States Departmzent of Labor a cer~tificante auth~or-
izing his employment at such wanges and for such. h~oues as shall be
stated in the cerltifien~te. Such authority sharll be guiddc~ by the in-

.-true~lians of the Un!itedt Siltats Depar;ltment of T~Labo in issuinlg cer-
tificates to such necrsons. Each emlplore lr shll file mlont~hly withl
the C'odeu Au~lthor~it a list, of all such persons(,II empIZO'lod by htiml Shfowi-
01 ile Wages~ pal~n to,. mid thel nl:1inxinium Ilours of woc~~rk for such
Article Vli of thle Codel~ is hereby1J unsended:~c7
ByS thle deletion therefroml of Beetion 5 a nd1 the obst it ut ion therel~-
for of a new Secitionl 5 as follows:
SI-:maxrt l 5. All emplloye c hll~ po1:1 3st and kepcl po .,tced Coplliesl of thle
labor p~rov~isions of thli; C~ode in conspic enocus places lc~cesibll e to all
em i E\-.. \ Ev ry emb~r of the1 Indlustlry shll complly with all
rules~~ adrltion rlativ~e to thte p~osting of prov'isions ofI Cod~es
of Fiair Competlc~ltiuio -whichr may7 fromt timel to timile bse prescr-1ibet d byr
thle? Nationn~l ]Indu ~ltrial R~coveryl~ Bone~d.
By-F the (.elettionl therel-frloml of tBeetionl 7t and1 the subst~itut~iion there.-
for o;f ar.l~ newSc~t inn '7 as follows:
Seenoxrc l 7. No prois-~iion of this Code~r shall supersedjc~ie pr1ovisio~ns
as to hfourls, wag~les, and condlt~itions~ of emlploymnent wh-lichl are estnb~-
lished~r for speciiio p~rojeclt by- com~petenl~cct. gvenmenta~l authlority act-
jIngL inl neeordan'(~lICe with Inw,\. or to termsll~ of emloym>~le nt. whIich are
cistnhlli-hed by Ilabor :Igreementst~ now in force, as' to wag-~es whelrec
wcages arec h~i.her: ; .- to- hours where1l hour<-1 of labor1 .are shocrlter* as
to wagec,c' and~ hours of ;labr.l where ages~c are hrigher and~7 houlr~s of
laim ar~e sh3orter than71 those( set. forthz in this Codle.
B3y the delct ion,1 there'fromll of S~ection I) andl the ubstLit ut ion there-
f-or of~ a new\; Section '3 us follows~i:
SE;GcIrms I. The( manulllfalc ture or prilmnftu of any
prodnell(t of thet IndunStryv in hom-es is prohnlibitedl after Januaryl'~ 1,
18.Pr'ior to Ja~lllnuary 1, 1i93. fThe followingo pr~lov-isions shanll

(u) W'1ithin five (5) dayrjs after t-he teffec~tive daft!e ofl this amendlr'-
Inen~lt. the~ Code1 AuLthlority shalIl prscrib~e a .ichedlecllr of lrates to be
pa~i1 for a1 clll( he Te orkf operlations1 and t7submlit the samell to the Na-
tiona~;l Indu trflin1l Re'(O\Cover BoaRd'. In1 no1 evenlt shaEll such schedule
prewr-''ibe rates which will yield a hlomle wor~ker~ for an hourr's workf
lesis than eilfhty (80) per cenft of thle, mlinlima~ll rante~ of wagesrC p~re-
scribedl in Alrticle IV~f of -this Codel. Afte thie afolremcti nation five
I1a1! per~iodl usul pirt oebr1 94 ohm okrsalb
pa:id at ra;te.-, less than tfl~hPs Contaf~ined~ in such schedle~~. 'The Codes
Aulthor~ity hrall fu~rnish every~ homen workrcl emlployedi in thle Induls-
try w\ithl a copy~~ of such schedule mull a c~opy of this amndmeclu nt.
(b) Within ten (10) alnys after the effec~tivec day' of this nmencld-
I1nen~t the~ Codec Aulthorityg shall prscrib~il e a second' sichedlccl e of rates
to b~e pa8id for all homle work1 operations~ andlt subit,; t-he samec to the
National Industrflin1 ReC(Overy' Bfoard. TIn no evecnt shall1 .such~ sChed~-
ah.~ pres"cribe rates whlich w~ill yieldl a, homle workrcl forsl an honur's
work ~le I-<~ ther the mlinimumf rates of wvnges presecribedt in Article IV
of thiis Codell~ tr ombr1 94nhmeorr hlb pd
at entesc lesr; than;t th~ofi conlltainedt in such scheduled. T~he C'ode
Authoriiity shall furnish1 evry~! homeR wc~'lrker empl~Oyed inl thep IndustryP
wit acp f ruch'1 schedulell.

-ity w\jlithi fiveC (5) (1ay., aIfterth eflllCtr'iv( dateC of th~i3 amnlldmelt.

and on the first dlayS of eachrl month therleafter, the follow\\ing~ reports:
11. Thle names~! and~ addresses of ev.ery homle workert~~l empllloyed byT
such member, tolgetherl with evidence that he has~ compliedl w~ith all
rSt-ste, numilpall,1 and. o~lther lawPS, inlCllluing thle wT~age provisions of
this 1Code, per'taining to homerll work.
2. A progresf~s r'epor't on the installation orf unwh~']inery'3 in :n-cordance~lc-
with the plan1 submitttedl by such~ nientho1r anid applrove\~Cd by thle Codte
Thle Codee Aurthor(ity~ shall so~lonit suchl r'epor~t.i byT mnemberls to thle
National IndusItr'iall Recov~ery Board prior to thle fifth day of ea;ch

By the addlitionl of a Ilne Section 15 as follows~:
SrcnTox 15j. NTo pr'ovision o~f this Ar~lticle, rlatllfr ing to prilcs or
termslli ofC selling, shipp~ingi o-r mar1keting, shalli aplyll to exp~ort: tr1ade
or cales or shlipmen~lt- for1 exp)ort trade. Explort TradJe: hall be
as decfined~ in the Explort Trade Act adoptedl Apr~il 10, 1918S.
Article VII is: ILevehy[~ amfCICende:
By the de~letiol thlerefroml of hSection 1 atnd th~e subkstitu~ti ol -the~e-
for of a new~F Section 1 as follows:
SIEemIIS 1. EIach member shall p~zreparle and file withl an implar-
tial agient dI-ignlated byr the Code! Authority at suchl timles and in

mation. relating to plant c-.pac,7rity,' VO1lume of 1prodcIItionl, vollume of
sales in units andc doll~r~s, orders rececived, unfilledl orders, stocks~ on
h~andl, inventoryv both 1:raw and finishled, numIlber of emlployeest wnge
rate-~, emplloyee earning~rs. hours oflr wor~k and other malttt):>. us the
Code Aluthority~ or the Na-tillna~l Industrfliall R~ecove(-r Boardc many
f'roml timter to time require. Anyv or all1 information; sot furnished;
by any~ memnber .-hall1 be subject to check('Jing for thle p~urp'se of vercli-
fien~tionl by an examlination of the books, accoulnt-, and2 recordi s of
such embe by adisiterete prt acceptable, to btoth thle member
and t~he Code Authlorit~y. If these twro cannot agrtee, then thle Nal-
tional Indusltrianl Recovery Boa1rd shl~nl have thep rigOht to choose)c one.
By thle addlit~ion of a new Sect~ion 2 as follows:
SECTION 2. Ea1ch m1em1ber1 of the Indlustry shall keep1 acc~urate and
completed r~cordl~t s of such mlember's transactionols in the Indusl~try
wvhenevTer such r~ecordls mlay be~t reqjuirel lunder anyl o~f th~e p>~roisio~ns
of this Code, anrd fjshall fur~nish alccurate reportsi based'c upon)1 Such~
1erecrs concerningf any7 of such activities whlen recquiredl by thle Clode
Authority or the Nathional Industrial Recove~ry Board1. If the Codeo
Aulthlority7 or thle National T~rulustril~~ Recl\cvery Boardl shlln deter-
mine that substantial doubt exist-; as to the accurac~y of anyv such
report, so munch of thle pertinent books, recor-,~l and papers memberll~l as may b~e required for the verification of .such repor~t may
be exainedilc c by$ anl imp~lartial agency ag nredcr uponl between rthe Clode
Authority, andlr schl'l member, or, in the( benlilcec of ;I:ag~lrlclmentap-
poined y te Ntionl Idusria Recver Bord.In no0 case
shall the facts dlisclosedi by such examilnation be madl~e available in
identiliablel,~ form to anyv competito l r, whther onl the Codte Aurth~or-
ity~, or otherwise, or be givren any~ other publication, except suchl~ as
may be I~rreqired~ for thle p~rope'rl adminiit raftiorn or enforli-lcment of
the pro~visions1 of this Code.

Section 2 to be re-numberedct as ,Sec~tion 3. Sectio~n 3 to be re-nium-
b~lere as Section 4, the depletion therefromn of Sec~tion 4 and the addli-
tion of a newN Scc-tion 5 n1s follows:
SECTI( IS 5. In addition to inlfornuatinc~ l required` to be ubmitte d
to the Codle Authority, members of 11he Inc!ustry3 sub~jec't to this Cod~e.
shall furnish such .itatisticall inflormaltionr as the National Incelstr~ial
1:((overy3 Bo0ard many deem. necces~r Sary I the~ p,~ilu-poses recitedt in
Section 3 (a) of the Act to such Fiiederal. anda Statec agecisnai
mnay de-igcnate:; pro~vidfed tha~t nothinlr c~ontnined~ in this Code shlnl
relievec anly mlembler of the Industry of any esi~ting ob~ligatio~ns to
fur~nish reports to any Govrct llnment agencyn~. No imllividual report
-haill be disclosed to any other member~l of the Industry or any other
party except to suchn other Goverlnmental agnciecis as ma~y be d~irec~ted
by the N3ational Industrial Recovery Boarda.
.\ 4o~'-'rowd Code No'. 249f-Amendment N\o. 1.
Registr~y No. 404-1--07.