Code of fair competition for the textile print roller engraving industry as approved on March 8, 1934


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Code of fair competition for the textile print roller engraving industry as approved on March 8, 1934
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Textile print roller engraving industry
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U.S. D~' r'OSiTORY

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For ale by the Superintndent of Documents. Washin:I-.n D.C'. - Plrce 5 conta

Approved Code No. 324

Registry No. 5041--9-01









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Approved Code No. 324



As Approved on Miarch 8, 1934


An a~pplication havl\ing~ been1 duly1J made~C pursuantllf to aznd in full
compliance w\\ithl the prov,\i.-ionsl of TPitle I of the National Inldustt~iall
Recovery Act, a~pproved'c Junle 16, 1T3,::! for- approvl)'l of a Code of
]Fair Compietitionl for the Textile! Print R-oller Ejnoravingr Industry,
and hear~ings havning ~been dully held thereoccn and the unnexedsr l recpor~t
on aidCoe, onainng iming, ith respect there~cto~, having been
made andt dlirectdc~ to thre Pres~icdent:.
NOW, THTEREFiORE, on behalf of the Pres.ident of the U~nited
States, I, Hugh-l S. Joh~nson, Administrator for Inldusctr~ia Recove~tr~y,
puronn t unhortyvested in rrne by Executiv~e Ordersl of the
P~llreident including Exccultive Ordeltr No. 6M35-Ai, tlatedl Dccclllembe
30. 1!133, and otherwise; do heclreby inlrcllorpote by referecncet said
annexdcc Itlreport and do findc that saild Code complies in all rtlspeccts
w~ithf the p~ertinenlt pr~ov-isionsr andl will promoted~ the policy aInd pur-
poses" of said Title of said Act; and do herleby order that. said Codte
of Fiair Comlpetitiio n he and is hereby, S appr~oved.
Hean(;~ S. Joussox~O,
,Idininl;~ istrar fo)r O3 Indurls-t';ria e7-ey
A~pproval Irc~onunendedc~ ~1:
D~ivi.5-ion Adm~inilr. tl~rator
MareA7~ 8, 10Ji4.


(5.37 J

T'he White HouLse.
SIR This is a report on thle Code of Fliair Comnpetition for the
Textile Print Roller Enlgra;ving Industryr of the UZnited States, as
revised after a Public Hearing conducted in Weh~lingrton on Decemb-
ber 29, 1933, in accordance with the provisions of the ~Nat~ionatl
Industrial Recovery Act.


EmployeS~!- ar'e limited to 40 hours per.' week and 8 hours per day
except that up~on specific appr'oval of the Joint Indusltr~ial Relations
Boardl, e'-;~ri.tabli.-.he under thle Code, anly empllloyeeit nIn~y be perm11i~tted
to work 48 hours p~er week in any 12 weeksl.- in any calendar year,
pr)ovidied timle and a half is pa~ild for all hours worked in exscess~ of 8
per day or 40 per weektl. Care and mlai nIt(-nalnc empl ( lollyees and s~t ck'l,
slipping, anld delivery employees are permittedi a t~oleraznce of 10)o,
pr'oviding that they do not workl in ex.l e-s~ of 44 hours1' pe~ r eek in any
6 weeks in anyg 6 month period. ]Employees engagedc in outside
services: work or emlergrency maninte-nance or (.mergent'lc.y repair work
matty be emloyed1cl for anly requiredl number of hour-l', if paidX time
and. a half for all hiour~s in exslce- of 8 per day or 40 per weekr. W7atchi-
men mlay workr 56 hours per ..\wk but only 6 a~n ys in 7 days. The
hour limitation dioes not, aIpply to persons employed in a managerL~~lial,
executive, or supervisor~y c:ap~aity whlo receive more than $35 per
week or to commnerciall travseling salesmen. Office employees mlay
war h~ 40 hours per week andi ) Ihou~rs in any "-4 hour period b~ut a
normal;~ day shall not exceed 8 hours.
Thle minimlum \\';1age pa;id a21cll employees: will be $16 per week, or
40 cents per hlour, except that wages for apprentices andi lenln ners
ma;Ly be at a lexser rate to bec d~etermlinedt by the Joint Industrial
Relat-iopis Board.

Thle minimuml ag~e of employees w-ill be lt ';16 year except- in hear~l~d-
ous occupations wThere the minjimum will be 18 years.


The Texctile Print Roller EngraF'tving= Industry is a1 service industry
engra~vingr printing rolls andl pilat:' for the textile printings indutry.t'3
The demandnc for thle products of the IndusltryS follows the demandrlc
for textiles atnd the cha~ng~es in styles and designs.
Prior to the signing of the P'resident's Rteemplloymlent Agrteement,
the hlour~s in. the Indulstr~y averalged. 48 per week.



The aggregntFe nlumlber of empl)loyees~ in theu TIndustry in. 1990'' wa~s
30001 buit this hlad droppedl to a loss- point of appr~losinatetl y 1800
early in 1933S. Operatig unde the President's Reemplllloymelnt
Agreement~ll andII the hour an;ll d wage~t prlOVisionsl of this Codeempoy
Inlent, has b~een1 i~l~n~crl e by 200 empllloyee.-~ with anl ashllitionIal pur'-
c~hasingr power~ of tei prelvrcet..

'Ther Depulty Admlnist en;torl in his final reCport' to me1( on said Code11
h~aving foulndl as hnerein set forth and on the! basis of all the prlclced.~~
ines~ in thiis matlterl:
I findl that:
(aE) Said CodelC is well decsigrned to promote the pollic~ies- and purF-
poses of Title I of the Naltiornal Indutr~liall Rec'overy'3 Alct, including
r~emovanl of obstructions to the free flow of intierstate~ and fol~ireig
commlerce w-hich tend to dlimiinish the amountlll thereoClf und will pro'i-
v-ide for thc generl welfare by promoting the o~~rganiznltoion oft inllus-
try for the purposes of c~ooperautive notion among 1~,the trade groups, by
ulnder adecquate govclnlernment sanctions andlc supervision, by clinlilnat-
ing unfair compeltitiv p~racticecs, by pr'omotingr the fullest possible
ultilizaticln of the presentl productive ca;pacity of indusl.- tries, by a\oidl-
ing~ undue restric~tioni of prodne~l(tionl (ecep~lt as mal:y be ftempllorarily
requir~ed), by inlcreacing the consumption of indusltr~inI and agr1i-
a~nd r~eliev\ingr unem~lployrment, by imp~~c~ roing :tanclu~lars of labor, and
by otherwni se r~ehablilf i tatin indc ust ry.
(b) Said7 Industry normally employs not molrelt than 5i0,000 emn-
play~ees; andc is not clasrifiedl by me as a maajor indus~!try.'
(c) Th'le Cod~e as appr~ovedl complies in all re~pec~ts with the per-
tinenrt ~r~ov-isiocns of n;it Title of said 2c~t, includlingr without limrita-
tion Sublsec~tion (a) of Section 3, SubseJction (a) of Secctiol "7, alnd~
Sutb-ectionr (b) of Section 10 therleof; and1 thiat thre app~licanllt gr'oupl
is a~n indus~~tl~rid asccciationl truly representative of the aIforlesaidl In-
dlustry: andI~ that said as-o~ciationl imposes no inequritab~les restrictions
on admniscioin to mem.~lbesh;lip tlInrerin.
(dl) 'TheC (code is not desig~ned~ to and wuill noct perm'llit monopoll ielj- s
or monopolictic p~ractices.i
(e)1 The Codle 1.5 not desig~ned to andi will no~t einiminate or olppresi
.small enter~prissc and w-ill not operate to d~iscrimiinate, against them~l.
(f) Thtrse engagedc in other steps of thie ccnonomic process have not
been deprivedl of the r'ight to be heard prior to app~rovail of snidl Cod~e.
For these 1'nreasus, this CodeC has1 been~ alpprov\ed by me.
Re p'ct fu lly,
i ~~UanI S. JouIISse,S
AdmkllllfIstrator forl IndudrlllialT Reocery.



To effectuate the, policies of Title I of the N;atiolnal Inustri1al
Recovery Act, the follow~ing~ provisions are establi hed~c as a Codte of
Fair Competition for the TIextile Print Roller Engravingr Indlustry3
and shall be thec stanldards~ of fair competition for such('l Indusryllfl
and( shall be binding upon every member thereof.

The, following terms are ad11 hecrein wTith the maclnn~ing set forth

FCrenowc~ 1. Textile Print Roller E~llngraving Industry "' or th~e
" Industry "--the engaraingf of cop~per, steel andt bratss rollers, dies,
mnills and p~lrates used for the printing anld embossing of textile
fabrics, paper and leather1, and all related branches or sub-divisions
SECTION 2. "3rc1mber32 of the Industry ")-w''ithouilt limlitatfion any
indlividua~l, partni1hip,, associationl, corp~orat~ion or other form o
enterprise engagzedl in the? Industry, either as an employer~'~ l or on. his
or its ow~n behatlf.
SECTION 3. Empllloyee "-anyonel elrnuagd in, the InduslltryS inl any
c~apac~'ity,, receiving compn atioltin for his services, ir~respective of the
naturlle or method of payment of such compensation.
SECTION 4. "L Emplollyer "-anyone by whZ~om1 any such1 employee is
compensated or employed.
ScEnux.I~P 5. "Person "--a natural persoi(n, a partnership or a cor-
para'tion, or anly other entity.
SE~TCTION 6, Guild ")'-the M~aster Engravrers Guild, a non-profit
associattion with principal offices at 1Boundl Brook, N~ew J~~'ersey
Sunux'~c; L 7. "Pres'cidentlf ", "Altct ", and "Adlinnis ~trato "-rlcles e-
tively, the Presilenlt of the United States of Amlrerica, TIitle I o the
National Indulstr~ial Rlecovery Act, cand the Admlini~ist~trtor for Indus-
trial R~cov~eryS u erllc said Act.
Seenr-os 8. Effective late "'-the tenthl day a~fter the C'ode has
beenI approved by the Pres:~ident.t

S~Ec.noi 1. No employee, except as hereinrafter provided, shall be
permitted to wo'rkll in exceess of forty (40) hours in any one (1)
week~~1, nor in excess of eigh]t (8) hours in anly one (1~) day, nor in
eCeS'' of five (5) dlays in an~y one (1) wveek, and only between
? A.M., and 7: 30 PT.MI.; provided, however, that upon. specific~ ap-


p~rova~l of thle Joint Ilndustrial nlRelatkols Boardl, estab~lishecdi ald
funictioniiing purslnnt. to Articlec VI hclreof. cimployees'' within anry
dIefinledl area; of thle I~ndusttry ma11y be permittedl to work nUt, inl exCC~Ss
of forty-eigrht (483) or per weekcl in aIny twelve! (12) weeks in any1
cenlenanrul year; provided, further, tha~t time and a ha~lf shall1 be paid
for all hours workedc~ in cexess of eight (8) hours in any one (1)
dlay or for~ty (40) hlourls in anly one (1) week~l.
SECTION 2. 1116 lilitatilOlS a-; to hoursl of labor ~tipulla~ted in Sc-
t inn, 1 of this Article sh1all not apply to:
(a) Emplloyeecs engagedt in the care and mal~intenanlc'e of pl~llan,
malchin~ery andL produrctionl falcilities anll as stocks and shipping ekrksli
andl delivery employees, who may13 be permitted to workr not in excess
of eight Indl eig~ht-tenths (8.8) hours in anly onle (1) dlay; provided,
hiowever, thant such employlleess shall not be permitted to work in. ecsc~~
of for~ty-four (44) h~ourl" perl week for more thann six (6) wee-~ks in
anyT six (6) mnonthi periodl.
(jb) Ou~tside~ service employe\-es or employees engagedl('c inl emergen,''icy?
malintenance or emlel~clrgency repanir work in the p~lalt~ of a member
of the Indulrstr~y, or for a cu~stomler of such member in. the 11customer's
p:lanit, whlo maya bef p~eIrmitted to workL su~ch hiours as maly be requllired(`
bythe necessities of the sit uation ; provided, however, that suchl out-
sidc services, empllloyees or employees etngaged in emlt''ergecy3 main-
tenlance or emrllt en~'lcy! repa;ir' work] -1hall be paid at thle rante of timne
and one-hallf for all hours~ workedC inl ('xceC of eight (8) hlours in
any- onle (1) day or forty (40) hours in anly one (1)j week.
(c) Watr lnchmen whlo mlay ber permiiittedr to wTorkT not~ in exce-l- of
fifty-.isix (56) hours in anly onle (1) weekrl nor in texcess- of six (6) dlays
in any seven (7) dlay per~iodl.

c~pac'ity, w~h o receive more1' thnan thir~ty.-five (35) dollars petr weekcl,
or~l ~ommellr1cia traveclinF salesimen.
SECTION 3. NTo person empllloyedi in clerical or office work il b
perm"ittedl to w-ork in recess~ of forty (40) hocurs- in any one (1)
w\eeke or in ece s(c of' ninle (9) ha naytet-or(4 e
per'iodc. A~ normal:l dlay shall1 not exeel eighlt, (8) hours.
SEC'1ON, q. PIO 0mplo'liyer shall1 ktnowingly permit any' employee to
wo'rk'j for' any1 timre which, whelln to~talcle wtith. that already~ perlformedlc c
fo anlothlel r empo~in or cunplloyerls in thle Industry xcesc~cl the
maximumll permnitted herecin.
SCEcT-IONs 5. Alny" etllployer~l who1 (1oes flee work'] of anl employee
shall be sub~jcct to thze p~ovisiolns of this C~ode at; to hour11s of labor.

SjE:Cnol!v 1. No ('mployee.'1 shall1 b~e pa~iid less thlan at thle racte~ of
istixtee (16) dlollar1s peri wee~lk, or fortyS (40) cents per' hour~; pro-
videdr, hlow~evel, thlat th]re Jo~int Imlusl~triall Rellat ions BIoardc, establ~ishedl
andit funct'ionling~ purllsllnt to ArltiCleC VI here'of, may? hcrenfter Ileter-
mnine the mniiimum wagesc to be paidl uplpre.ntices~ andl learnriis,
sulbject to thle a pprloval o (f th Ai lhnIli nist rator.
leS riECTI ia ll~oSrON e. Tlii lls ffil. es~~inhIshes Illillll 111111111 rnOof pay,~ regard~l-
les o whthr n eplye is naltua;lly compel~n.-nltedt on a t1ime ente,
p'icce-woir~k or mother bas~is.


SEC'TION 3. IUO employee whose normal full time~ weekly hours for
thle fourr (4) week period endling June 30, 1933, are reucl~ced by
rsiteen~ andt two-thirdcs (162/3) percent or less shall have his or her
full timer weekly em ning,~r r~ed~uced.
SECTION 4. Fiemawle? employees performling~ the same work as mlale
emp~loyees' sha~ll receive thet samle rante of pay as ma~sle employees, and
w\he~re they displace metn, thley shall receive~ the same rate of eanings
as the m~en they displalce.


SECTION i. KO 1I:.!son1 underC' sixteen (16) years of agbe shall be
emlployed in thle Industry. No person under eigh-teen: (18) years
of aIge shall be emlployved ati op~rlations~ or occupa,:tio-ns which are
hazardous in naturlle or' dnlger'ous to health. Each member of the
indn-1try3 sharll sutbmit to the Code -Authority wvith2in ninety (90)
days after thle effective diate of thlis Clode a. list of such1 operations
or occupations. In any State anl em~ployer shall be dema-4l;~l to have
complied with, this p~rovrision as to age if he, shall have on file a c-erti-
ficate or perm-fite duly signed~ by the Author~ity or Agencyl~'S in sc
State emplowsered. to issue mapllo~~yment or ageI certificates or permits
showing that thle employee is of thte r'equliredi~ age.
See:.I,-ro 2. In comlplianlce withL Section "7 (a) of the ALct it is
(a). Tha\Rt, epIII1)'lloye sha1 ll hve thel right~1 to olrganize and bargu~in
collectively through re~prce-lentatives of their owmn choosing and shall
be free froml tfhe interfer~ence, restraint or coercionz of employers of
labor or their ;10ents1 in the dlesignation of such. representatives or
in self-org:ll/alizio n or in other concertedl activities f~or the purpose
of collective UnIin';ingll or other muiitual aid or prlOtctc'ionl.
(b) Th~at no emplloyee andt no one1 seekl~ing em~ploym"'ent shall be
required as a condition of employment to join any I-compllany union
or~~ torfa rmyu g y3igo sam .ao raia
tion of his own choosing.
(c) 'Th~t. emlployers shall complllly with the m~aximumr hours of
labor, mninimluml rates of pay, and other colrditionsl of employment
ap.provedl or pr~escribedl by the Pres'identl.
Sec~rroN 3. No employers'" shall reclassify employees or duties of
occupations performed, or e~lrngae in any o~ther subterfuge for the
pul~lrpowl of dlefeating the purposes or provisions of thle Act or of
thiis Code.
St~r.rnus1 4. W7Cithlin each St~ate this: Code shall note ope~~trlee the
law;; of ainy such State which impo e~t more str~ingen't requirements
as to) age of employees, wages~, hours of worki, or as to safety, health,
sanitary or genra'l'll wo~~~rkin conditions, or insura~ncet or fire pro-
tect-ion. th-an are imlposedl~ by this Code.
SECTION 5j. Every empllloyerl shall make reasnab~llc pr~ovisions for
thle safety and health of h~is employees at thle place and duclring the
hlourls of their (unp1(,loyment. Standards for safety- and health shall
be submitted by thle Code Authority to the Adlministratoror for ap-
provral withlin six (6) monLlths~ offerl the e~ffec~tivei date of this Code.
SECTION 6. Every emlployerr shall malkel paymaent of all wages due
in law~ful currency or by; negotiable ch~eck therlefor payable on dle-


HnyI'~ild.t fNO Ied"otil fro Wage shllncc oe sinlif Ir~lay .lY (ll110,Ver Lhor
thlosei voluntarfllily llnil( by' the( wiage ('arnersl', or1 1'!1ldr1'1 -10? by State
law~s. Waves shall be pa;'id at la~n- at the( (Iwl1 of (.(I ry ll -mi-nvnthly
I'lflic d. I11 ~11 N 1I' : 1 al 81( ;G. ;L ath 1 10 ill of ('\1Y III(,ll1. SO "lliployer3(1
shall wvithhloldi wage~..

of this Coalle in conspliic-nousr plaes? flcecssible to,

lished~ to consllist of three(~ (3) represencrtaltives of emp~~~loye-es ndl thir~e
(3) repre"' sentati\~ ives of employeesc to deal w\ith~ all mal~tters'- in the Code
relating~ to la bor.Whra nriyarmetot B rdc-
not be r~eachedt. the B~oardl shall ~led~t an. imprlnctial chairmann to rel--
dler a decision.
SECTIOS 2. TI1e Cl'c'aticll ;1IlI~ flmetioniine of this Boardt. inlcludinge
thre srelectioin of representativesive of employees,'C~ 4shall1 be in w-cordallncee
w~ithl S~c~tion 7 of the Ac!t. Thle threet (3) Iclsrepresentatives of the em-
p~loyees shall be cdesIgrnatedl by t-he Fr~iendlly Society of E~nraes
andi thet three (3) represen~~t;tatives of thie emlployers shall' be, nated by the vocting~r membller~s of the Code Aulthorlity'. The dcl~cisions
of th~is Boardl shall be finial aznd b~ind~int neroes n mlye
only after approc.val by thle A.1minisiit en;tcr.
SEcTIrON 3. Shoubi (118 th iidllill;t.fator hereaftejr final. afterr such
notice aInd hlearlingL as~ he may/5 specify, thant the Fr'iedllJy Slc~ietyS of
Englrave1r~s is not truly represen;~nttatie of t~he employees or that for
any othercl reason, w~ithinl the purv\iew: of the~r A~ct, 1Ihe mlcthod,~ of sor-
lecticion of the~t empll oye'l e ,representaives shoul(~1 be (hangel,~~1 he may re-
quire an appr~opriat~c Iie m ifilatioln in the Inetionlc 1 of selrctionl Of the
emp~loyee rereen'`'"tativcs.

TPo effc~ctatet further~l the porli< it' of the Act1. a CIde~ Au~thorlit.Y iS
hereby~3 constituiite :
SECTION 1. Ocrgaizatiolf n an3d Conls~titufionl of Codet Authorlcityf:
(a) TheC Codel Authorityl~ shall cons~ist of the~ (5r) re~presenttivesl
of thc Marster E1rrlngrvers Guildl to be selectedT hr\ the B~oardt of D~irce-
tors~ of t~he Manster Engraverser Guibll. Membrls~c of the Indutr~~ly w~o
are nocn-mlemberer s of theC Guild. may, if they~ so des~ire, elet twPo (2)
memberct s of the Code A~thlor~it~y in any fair manner)CLI approved\(L~ by the
Admlin~istr~ator;; pr1ovidedt, hiow-ev~, thiat only~ those non1-mlemberCIS who
agree to pay their: reas:~onable share1' of thle expe)n~! of thre aIdmlinlist~-
tion.of the C'ode shall1 be entitled to p~articipalte in the electionl of the
represen~tativesK of thle non1-member~~ IS.ThAmiitarinisds
cretion mIay ap~poinit one (1) to thrieel (3) addlitionall memllbess with~-
out vote to r~epresentr l the Admnini.tra~to,r or uch(t1 groupsl)~ ori ilt~lersts
as he may designatte.
(b) Thc G~uild orI anyr Assnecintio~n directly ori indlirectly paortici-
pating in the activrities of the Cod~e Aulthor,~ityl ag~tre Lto (1) limplose no
inequitalble r~estrictio~ns oni miembership,, aml (2) suibmiit to the


Administrators true copies of its articles of association, by-laws,
regulations, and any amnendmnents -when mal~de thereto, tog~ethner with
such other information as to membership, organizations and activi-
ties as the Admininistrator lay dieem necessary to effectuate the pur"-
poses of the Act.
(c) Iln order that, the Co(de Authoority shall at all timesc be truly
r~llepresentat~ives of the non-mnembers. The Admninistrator in his dis-
the provisions of the Act, the Administrator mlay provide such hecir-
ings as he macy dleem~ proper; and thereafter if he shall find that the
Code Authority is not truly representative or does not in other
respect''' comnply with thle provisions of the ~Act, may require an
appropriate modification in the method of selection. of the Code
(d) Members of the. Industry shall be entitled to pa~t ic~ipa:te in
and share the benefits of the activities of the Code Aiuthority and to
participate in t~he selection of the mz~embers thereof by assenting to
and complying with the requri rementsl~ o~f this Code and sustaining
their reasnab~le~l, share of the epnseslc~~ of its administration. Such.
reansonalell~ share of the expeses"ilI of its administration shall be deterl-
mined by th~e Code Authority, subject to review by th~e Adminis-
trator, on the basis of volume of business and/or such other factors
as mnay be dleemed equitable.
SECTION 2. Thle Code Authority shall hatve th~e following duties
and powers to the extent permlitttedl b;Y the Act:
(a) To adopt by-lawis andi rules and regulations for its prc~edu~re?
and for the adml iIillni t aion of this Code, except such matters as come~lr
within the jurisdiction of the Joirnt I[ndustrial Reintions B, oard,
established and functioning pur~lunnt, to Article V/I hereof.
(b) To require from memllbers of the Industry such reports as are
neceis-nacy to effectuate the purposes of thne Act, make investigotic lni
upon its own initiative or upon c~ompl~laint; of any member of ~the
Industry as to the functioningr a~nd observance of any provision of
the Codle; hea~r all mlatters developing froml such investigationls to
determine the same; and fromt time to time prese-t:nt to the Admninis-
trator recommendations bas1ed7 on conditions in the Industry which
will tend to etfecituate the operation of the provisions of the Act.
(c) To hear all matters pertaining to the provjisions of the Code
which mnay be submlittedl to it by a~ny member of the Indlustr~y; report
such m~attersc to the Admninistrator; and exwer~i., anly other genrllci
and lawful powersl which mlay be necessary to facilitate the adminis-
t~raltion of this Code.
(d) T'o study the effect of th~e provisions of this Code on th~e
Industry andc (.cns~iderl proposals for modifications and amendments
thereto and ma~lke re~c l~ rcntlnndtionsl from time to time to the Ad-
miistlncrar which modifications and amlll~llendmnt shall become eflFec-
tive as a parllt of this Code upon approval by the Administrator -after
such notice and hearing as he mlay spel'cify'.
(e) To cause to be formulated an nerc-ountingg system and methods
of cost finding and/or ('Ctimat~ling capable of use by all members of
the Indus~try.' After such sys~temi and methods have been formulated,
full details concerning then shall~ be madelc avanilable to all members.
Thereac~fterl all mtemnbers shall determine and/or estimate costs in ac-
cor'danlce with the principles of;IC1 such ethods.


(f) To obtalin fromll members1C1' of the Indn-~-try3 suh inlfo~rma1tionl and1
reports as are required~ for' the adI~nitrat'nion1 of theC Codelt and~ pro-~
vide for submissionl by membel~rs~ of such`1 inl~l'l~foraion andic reprclts ats
thetr Administratolr may1\ deemi ne'i(cnlsary for the pm-poses" rec''itedl in
Sectiorln 3(a1) of the Act,'f wFhiChl inl~l'i~foraionl and1I reports ~hall bec
submnitted by members to such annllinli'tl'atfiveC und/of~r goveC'lll.rnmet,
agencies nis th Admuini.straito- rmay des~ig~nate; prov1\idedl.Il, however,
that nolthing~ in this Codet shllnl relievel any neInhllle r of the Indusltry3 of

No indiv'iduall Treports shall be di~c~los~ed to anyoneII( niot a, member olf
the CoC ~A~uthority; providedc. further,'l' that; .such1 informat~lionl and1(
reports shall at all tie be avarif;lable to the Administra~torII.
(gli) To cooperater with theP Administrator~ in 1rreglating" the8 useC o
anyi SNtional~ Ret~,cvery Adm~ini-tctIration inlsignlia soilely by those nIentI1-
bers o.f th~e Indust~ry who have n~-c-etedl to and are with
this Code.
(h) To inves~tigalte the implor~tationr of competitive artic~les into
the United~ Statte)s on such terms or uand-er ;--wh condll~itionr.i as to
rcndler incff~c~ti\e or .sei~riousl to endonneerl thec mlaintenanllce of this
Code andr~ of the Ac~t; the Code1I Anthorlity. is hereby~?3 d~esignaited~ as
thle Agencry for makringr complazint to the Pt-residlent on behalf of the
Ind~ustry,- ulnder t~hr' provi ions of the Ac~t: w\ithl reslpct flthereto.
(i) To provide forll ther complliancer of the~ Indlustry writhr the pr~o-
visions~ of thze C'ode.~ undetcr such Rules and Resulat~tionsl as mayl; be

(j) To represent(~l Ithe Indusltr~y in con!ferr~ine with the Prestidentl
or hlis agents writhl :'.-ptc't to the nainistration-':-- o-f this Code and1I
with resp~ec~t to the Ac:t and any1 1c~regultionl issued tlh1rllunder.
(k) To coord~cinatr e the admin~istrtlliin of hli~s Co.1le w~ith. Such
Codles, if any, as may be adoptdc~ byr any subdt~~ivisin of th~is Industry
or anyrela:Ited~ Industry, w\ithl a1 view~ u-to rov~idng jitadhr
Inoniours nation on all mantter-, of commr-on inlteet;l~f all with the
approval of thle Admin~ill-storatr
SECTION $. 11 ( II1110 Annistfatrl Silail deterlle 18 lYRlO
of the C'ode Autho~lrIity\ or alny agen-.! y thereo'(f may1S ble unlfair or
unjuxst or1 contarcly to the publllic. inter-~est. thle Admllinistrator~ll un~y
reCqulire thant. such naIction!- be sus~pendedlc to aff~ordl an iolppol'rtnity for
invesrtipntion o~f the mer-its of such no:tionl andl~ further considiera:tio~n
by~ suchl C'ode Aluthocrity or agency~ pecndling final nection which chllH
ntot be e~ffc~tive mlles.- the Admlini t~trator approve--~'' or unrle~ts he shall
fail to dlisapprov~, e a7fter1 thirty (SO~) dayis' no~tic~e to him of initeni-
tioni to proceed'''! with such action~ in its olriginall or m~oilifiedl former.

Theli foll~~owing pac~tic~es conistitut ;unfair meltthodM.-- of competitionin
and ar~e prohib~itedl:
SECTON 1 Srlliv Beow- ertonabl C~ost.-Hinle ll the oe
Authority- determined.<~ thal~t an emergenev~! exsizts in this Indus~ltryJ and1
that thle cause thcreo~f is clest~uc~tiv.e prIice-culttingR irchi as to renditer
ineffective or seriouslly e-nannge~r ther malilclntenane of thle prov\isins
of this Clode, thle C~oder Authocrity may1~ CaseI~ to be' determ~inedc thle
lowe'st realsonablle' (.-;t oIf thre p,.rodu~Cts of thiis TIndustry!, whI'1 cleter-


mlination to be subject to such notice and hearing as the Adminmis-
trator mnay require. The Administrator:,l may approve, disapprove,.
or modify the deter~minattion. Thereafter, during the period of the
emergency, it shall be an unfair trade pra'c~tic.e for any mlemlber of
the Indcustr~y to sell or offer to sell any products of the Industry for
which the lowest reasonable cost has been determined at such prices
or upon such terms or conditions of sale that the buyer will pay
less therefore than the lowest reasonaba~le cost of such product. When
it app)Iear~s that conditions have changed, the Code Authority, upon
its own initiative or upon the request of any interested party, shall
cause the determination to be reviewed.
SECTIONU 2. Edn~se Billin4g.--Withholding from or inserting in any
quotation or invoice any .c-tatcemenlt that makes it inaccurate in any
material particular.
B : r< now 3. Mi~sreI-presen~t tation.--Makiingr, causing, or permitting to
be mlade or published any false or misleading or materially inaccu-
r~ate statement concerning the g~rader, quality, or nature of any
process in the Industry or results obtainabllle therebt~ly.
STECTION 4. Defa)nationll.-Making or causing to be made false or
defamatory sFtaltc~rementi concerning a enniprletitor, his business, policies
or products.
SeenroN 5. Conul,,, rded? Bribery.--Giving, permitting to be given,
or dlir~ectly offering to giv'e, anything; of value for the p'urplose of
influencing or rewarding the action of anly employees, agent, or
representative of another in relation to the business of the employer
of such employee, the prinlc~ip'n of such agent or the represented
party, w-ithlout the knowledge of such employer, princ~ipal or party;
provided, however, that this shall not be construed to prohibit free
and general distribution of articles commlonly used for advertising
except so far as such articles are actually usedl for conunereinI~~i n
bribery as hereinabove defined.
SECTION G. Sub~terfugeyl Collus''Ion.--Kn1owingly violating or induc-
ingX another to violate orr usi~ngr subterfugS e to evade the! Code of Fair
Competition of this or of any other Industry, or being azn accessory
to such evasion or violation.
SECTION T. LSecr~et Reba~tes.--Secretly making or offering to mnake
payment or allowance of rebates, refunds, commissions, credits.
unearned discounts, or excess allowanlc~es, whether in the form of
mocneyT or otherwise, or secretly extending or offering t~o extend to
any customer any sppecia~l service or privilege not exrtendedl to all
customers of the samne class.
SE:CTIONr 8. Drivid!"Ul l Iornzpensartionl.--Payinlg or allowpingr to any-
one who is engaged~~ inl the processing of goods any part of the
compensation received by a mIlember of the Indul~stryS for services
within the Industry performed for a third party.,
SECTION 0). SUbCO~ntracting~ TWorkE.-Contracting with anI employee
of a member of the Industry to do work of an engraving natture
courtside. his regular hours of Each member of the
Industry shall furnish the Code Authoritly within thirty (30) days
after the effective tlate of this Code, and once every m-onth there-
after, the names of any persons to whom workr of an engravmng
nature has been given to be per~formede l off the pr~zniemise of such


memllber of Ithe Industry~c. Thell list of ine IIICs. O flh-dl chll:1 be urnil-
able~ to thec Aslnlinrist rator upon reques~ct.
.SEC'.r ax 10., E.s-Hsltlt/L-ty,.-S o matherllc of th.-' LaT111-tri shllR
tlubmli ttell to himi I for e'-t i I IIti ngl.

::SI-:cl~r io This Code andll all the provisions thlereOf are expre~--ly
In~lell subject to thle r'ight of the Pre-~identl inl acacrdalnce w~ith the
provisiolns of S~c~tionl 10 (b) of thle Aclt. fromt time to timel~, to can~ltcel
underI said Aclt.
Semaxvs 2. This Codelr. exceptlt, as to prov\'i'i I'n-, riiepar by thie Ac~t,
may be mudd,~ifi d~ on. the! basis of expcl~rienc~e or changll~e in ciren~-
Stanlces, Iuch modulfc tionl to be based~ upon applications to the
Admin~i trntorU~ andi such nofCtic and hearing as he shall specify-, and1' to
brcome~t effect iv nc apte-ova'''' l~ by the President.

SECTION f. plOfllill~il I this Code1~ shalll be! inlterlpreted~ or app~liedl
in sulch a manllner1 as to permitG or promollcte monopoit es or monopolistic
praC'tices,, pernulit or eneourage unfair compet~clitionll or to chunllnat~e.
oppress oir d.icrninunate agamnst sman1 ll enterprise..
AR.rIcan.F XI--E rreenve\. DAQTE

SCECTIONCI 1. l1111> COde shall bei~:c,mei effective on thle tenth d~ayr after
its allpproval by" the Pres~icTent.
Alpp~rovacl Code Nor 32-1.

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