Code of fair competition for the glazed and fancy paper industry as approved on February 1, 1934


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Code of fair competition for the glazed and fancy paper industry as approved on February 1, 1934
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Glazed and fancy paper industry
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"Approved Code No. 248."

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For sale by the Sulperintenldent of Documents, Washington, D.C. - Price 5 cents

Approved Code No. 248

Registry No. 1070e


This Dublicaction is for sale by the Sup~erintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, Wanshington, D.C., and I!v district offices of the lIureau of
Foreign n nd Domestic Commerce.

Atlanta, Ga.: 504l Post Office B~uibling.~L
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N'ew Yor~lk, N.Y.: 734 C'ustrombouse.
Norfolk~, V'a.: 4106 East Plume? Street.
Philadelphia, Pa1.: 422 Commlercial Trust Building.
Pittsb~urgh. Pa.: Chambecr of Commerce Building.
Portland,. Oreg.: 215 New P~ost Ofice Building.
SSt. Louis, 11Io.: 50G Olive Street.
San Francisco, Calif.: 310 Customblouse.
Senlttle, Wansh.: 800 Feeracrl Offlice Building.

ALpproved Code No. 248



As ABppr~oved on February 1, 19341


AQn application h-aving been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with the protvisions of Title I of the Natio:nal Ind-ustr~ial
Recovery Act, apLroved June 16,~ 1933, for approval of a Code of
Fair Comlpetit~ion for the Glazed and Fanlcy Paper Industry, and
hear~ingj s having been duly held the~lcreo and the! annexed report on
saidl Code, colntainingr findings~ with r~espec~t thereto, hav-ing b~een made
and dir~ectedl to the Pr~esidlent:
NOWV, THERE"OIRE, on be~hnif1 of th~e Pre id~ent of the U1nited
States, I, H~ugh S. Johnson, Admninistrator for Industrial Recoverly,
puirsunnt to authority vested in me by Executive Oderl of the Pres-
ident,, including Ex~ec~utive~ Orrder No. G543-Ai, tiated D~ecember 30,
1933, and otherwise; do hereby inlcorplorate by r~efe~enlce said anniiexed
report and do find that said Code complies in all respects with the
pe"rtinent, provisions andt will prlomote the policy and purposes of
said Title of said. Act; and do h~er~eby order that said Code of Fiair
Competition be, and it is hereby app'ro\edl; provided, howeverl that
the provisions of Article VI, Sections 2 to 9 inclusive, insofar as
they prescribe a wTaiting period betw~een the filing with the Code
Authority (i~ce. actual receipt by thie Code Aut'hority) and the effec-
tive date of r~evisedl price lists or rev-ised terms~c and condlitionis of sale
be, andl they are hereby stayed spending my further order; provided
further, that within ninety days jI maydirect that there be a further
hearing on such of the provisions of said Code as I ~may designate,
and that any order whichn I mnay mlake after such healringr shall have
the effect of a condition on the approval of said Code.
Admlin~i~~isatcrat for Industr~;~ia Rcovery.
Approval Recommlended :
Division Adminllistratlor.
WYAsmwCONo, D.C.,
February~ 1, 1934.
37484"---313--174--34 (4@)

The White House lR.
rSm: This is a report of the hearing~ on the Code of Fanir Com~~pe-
tition for the Glnzed~ andf Funcy Paper Industry conducted in
Wa~fshingtonr on October 16, 19,33, in necordance w~ith the pr~ovisions
of Title I. of the Nlational Ind~ustrial Recovery A~ct.


Thlis Co.lle provides a stalndard~ 40-hour w~eek for fuetolry workler~s
with a weekly toleranlce of eight hours to be pniid for as overtimne.
The usua~ul exceptions ar~e made in, regard to nonprodluctive em~ploy-
ee. fic mpoees are1 limited to an averaged? of 40 hlours per week
over, anfi eight~-wee p~eiod.
The mini ulnu wag~re rate for h~ourlyS-p aid_ empllloyees i 400 per
hour for m~ales and 3311 per' hour forz females. Oftice emloye~-,tes will
receive a minimum w~nge of $16.007 per w\eek;.


A~n open' price plan of' selling is pr~ovided. andc selling helow cost,
exceplt to meect comrpetitionll is prohlib~ited.

Provision is made~ for fur~ni hiing thle Admllinfistaftor witl suIch
other stati.'tiel dtat as he may7S requir~e.


T'he Indlustr employee d about 1,800) perso~cnh in 1990D. Thle num~-
ber employed in July 10~3 was about. 1,500) who workedi an average
of 40C.8I hours1 per wveekr. Th'le effe~t. of t.he Cod,t without increase
in volumze, wCill be to emp~loy about 125 additional per~sons. T'he total
increase in payroll1 s as a result olf the Code will be shloult 3 ':.

Thle Depu'lty Admninistrator in his finial report to me on salid Codce
having fo~und~ as hecreini set forth amrl onl tle ba7sic of all thle pr~oce~ed-
ings in thiis ma~tter;
I find that:
(a) Said C'ode is well ctesignedt to priomnote the policies andi~ pur-
poses" of T~itle I: of thle Nlatiolnl Indul~strlial Recover~y Act, includling
Iemoval of obsl~truc~tionls to the fr~ee flow of interstate andi foreign
commerce which tend to dtiminish the amloun~t thecreof and will p~ro-
videc for the~ generall welfare by pr~omonting thle organization of

industry for the purpose of cooperaiv~lt e net'ionl amngll the trade
groups, by inducingr and mauintainingj un~itedl action of Inbur~l and
Irnalagemnent under adequailte gove\rtilen~tal ailc'tionls and suprv~t\is;ion,1
by eliminating unfair competitive pr~act ices, by pr~omlotingc thle fullest
possible utilization of th~e present pr~oducitive capacity of industies~i~
byl avoidin~g umnde res~trictio n of production~ exceptt as mlay be
temporarily Irequir~ed) by increa:sing~ the cocnsumllption of indusltria~l
anid agricultulral products thrioughI increas~ingpucasn pwb
redu~cing~ and relieving unemployment, byT impovng tandrds o
labor n~d by othcrw\isc rchabili tating inl~stry3
()SiIndustryS normally emp~loys not morie than 50,000 emi-
piloyees; and~ is not classified by~ me as a major industry.
(c) The1 Cohe as approved (.compllies in ll respects wFith the per~lti-
nent Iprov'isionr s of saidt Title of saird Act, including without limlita-
tion Subsectionl (a) of Section 3, Subs~c~tion (a) of Section 7, and
Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; and that the applicant, asso-
c~intion is an indlustr~ial association truly represen-.eltati vec of the afore-
said Industr~y; andr thnat said as-oc~iationi unpos,-es no inequiitable
restrictions on admnission to membel~rshpteen
(d) Thre Code is not dfesignled to and? wtc~illnt emt ople
or mlonopolistic ~r c-t ic~es.
(e) The Codet is not designed to and will not eliminate or oppress
small enterpr~ises a7nd will not o~pelrate to ~isc'r~iminate algainst them.
(f) Thlose engaged in other steps of the ecololnomi process have not
beenl deprived of the right to be heard prior to apryIovanl of saidl
Code t.
F'or these reasons this Code has been1 approved.,
Respect fully,
Hroon- S. JoHNson,
:EB~RUAdRY 1, 1934.


To effectuante thie policies of Title I of the KNtional Inldustrial
Recovery Act, the following is hereby establishedd as a Code of Fair
Competition for the above namerd Thdulstry and shall be binding on
every miemiber thereof.

The following wordsi are usedl inl this Code w~ithi the mieaningf herein
set forth:
hidustryr."-T he manufacturer of plain and embossed glazed and
fancy paple~s, plain and emnbossed coated papers, and embossed or
print embossed uncoatedl pap~ers used pr~imar~ily for decorative p~ur-
poses (andi not primarily as a base stock for commercial printing),
printed desigll n>paper the use of wThich is dlirectly competitive with
any~ of the foregnoing,, and such spec~ial glazed, fancy, and cloth-lined
papers as are InaturnI offilintes.
"C Alember."-A natuarajl per;;on, partnerilship. corporation, associa-
tion, trust, trusltee, tr~ustee in bankr~uptcy, or1 receiv-er enngaged in
such Industry.
"Act."?---Title I of thne Nf~ational Indulstr~ial Recovery Act.
"AdLministtrat~or."?-The Admlinist ra7tor for IndlusitrIial Recovery
undrrrtr Title I in the Act.

AnnanCLr II-OnaXI.x xxzImax .\So AomwIs-rI8n.
1. The members of the Exzecuti~ve CIommittee of the Grlazed anld
Fancy Paper Manu~facturers' Assoian~tio~n togrether with such other
per~soni or persons as thec Admninistratorl may desi grnate are hierey
constituited the Code Authlority of the Industry. The members o
the Code A~uthor~ity designated~ by the Admiinistrator shall act, in on
adv-isorya capa~city, shall have no vote, and shall serve witlou~t coml-
pensation from th~e `Ind7usitry.
2. T'he said As~sociation sha~ll imipose no inequitable restrictions on
mnembler~ship and shall file w~ith thie A~dministrator certifiedl copies of
any amiendmients of its Byglaws relatingr to eligibility or admission
to melmbership in such Association, or r~elating to the method of
selection of the members ofl suc~h Execu~tive Comnmittee whlich suchl
Association may thereafter adr~opt.
3. T'he Admmillstrator may at anyi time prescribe a dlifferent
mIeth~od- for selecting the Industry memc~bers of the Code Authority,
a~nd thlereafter, suchl mlemnbes shall be chosen inl t.he mannner so

4. The Code Aulthlority is charg~edl generally with the duty of adl-
mninistering this C~de. YIf the Adlllnuntlistrt ) shaL1(tl'l detrmin tha~t
any action of thle Code Au~thorityS or any agency3 thlereof may~3 be un-
fair or urnjust or conltrnr~y to the public interest. the Administrator
mayz r~equire thzat such. action be suspendled to afford( an opportunity
for investigation of th~e mlerits of such nortionl anld furtherCL conslidersil
tion by the Code Aurthor~ity or ag~ency pending~ final action which shall
not. be effective unless the Adi~~~lnistrator ap~provecs or unless he ,shalll
fail to disa~pprovee after thirty, dayls' no~tice to himn of inltentio-n to
p'roeedl with sucl action in itls original or modified form.
5. Thle exp~ensesc of nJm~in isteringn~r this Cod~e shall be b~orne pro
ratfl in acrcordannce with a formula, to be adopted by t~he Code Au-
thlority, by all members of such Indlusitry who accept the benefit of
thle services of. the Code Aulthocrity or o~therw~ise assent to this Code.
6. Thle Code Authority shall have power to inverstigrate alleged
violations of this Code anrd acts or courses of co.ndurc-t by any mnem-
b~er which are or appear' to be c~ontranry to the policy of the Aclt or
wh~lichl tend or may tend to r~ender inleffe~ctive this Code an1d to report
the same with r~ecomm~ne ndattions to the Admlinisfl;ltrato.
7. The Code Authority3 is he~lreby c~onst~itu~ted the agency to en-
d~eavor to efec~t, by a~rbitrnll I prceedlng~s or otherwise, adljustmentst of
contreetsf entel~re into by mlemnbers of the Industry wher~e the costs
of execurtilgr sch'! c~ontruefs' are incr1eased- through~] the application of
thle prov"\isions of thet Act or of this Code.
AwrICLE II--Ic)Hos or lan~onr

1. Emlployees in the Industry shall not be r~equriredc or permitted
to wcork h~oursl in exce~ss of the limits. prsc~~ribedl in the! following
sch~edules :
Schediule! of Work;ing 1Hois.--(a) W~atchmen: Fifty-r-ix (56) hours
in any one wneek~, but not more than six (6) days in any seven (7)
dany period; or fifty-six (56) hours~ in anly one week but not more ~th2an
eight (8) h~our~s in any onle da~y.
S(b) C'hauffeurs,, truck dr~ivers~, and their helpers~: One hundred
eigh ty (180) hours in any period of four (4) consecutive weeks, pro-
vided, h~owever, that time worked in excess of nine (9) hours in any
one day or forty~-five (45) hours in any one week shall be paid for
at not less than time and one third.
(c) Engineers, firemlenl, electr~icians, filter plant employees, electronic~
and hydroelectric operators: One hundred sixty-eight -(168) hours
in any period of four (4) consecutive wTeeks, providedl, however, that
time worked in excess of nine (9) hours in any one day or forty-five
(45j) hours in any: one w~eeki shiall be paid for at not less tha~n time
and one thiird.
(d) All other laborers, mnechanical w~ork~ers or art-isans employed
in any plant, mnill, or factory, or on w~ork~ connected w~ith the
operantionl of such plant, mlill, or factory: Eight (8) hours in any
one day and forty ~(40) hours in any one week, provided, hlow~ever,
that these maximum limits may be exceeded for any reason at any
time provided thlat all time worked in excess of the max~imumsl pre-

siribedl shall bc paiid for as not less than1 time and one third, and
providled, further.1' tha;t nor emllployee shalll be required or permlitted
to~ worklt il exce~ss of teln (10.) hlours in any one day or forty-eight
(48) h~ours~ in anyl onle w\eek;.
(e3) Emllployees. r'egularly. enga~ge d in a mlanagerial or executive
c~ap"c'ity', andc therir personal secrectaries, foremen, and supervisors,
r'eC~eiving thir~tyT-fi ($35~.00) do(llnrs or mlore per week,! and outside
saleiimen : No limitation.
(f) All other emnployees-: For1ty-e~ight (483) hlourls inl any onle week
but no~t to ~exceed three hund~~red twenty (320:) hours in any period of
e~ig~t (8) c~onsecutiver weeks.
2. No limiitationi continued in said schledule shall apply' to emi-
pluoyee of anyi) class w~hen engaged in emeirgency repairs o emerge~ncy
mlamntenance w\ork oeensionledl by breakr-downs or involvingi protection
of life or pr~ope~ty-, providedi, ho~ever, that all timne worked in excess
of the limiltations~ pr~escribed 'in said schedule shall be paid for as not
less; th~n timue and one? thirdc.
3. No employer shall knlowingly permit. any employee to w~ork for
aIny time whlich, w\hen totalledl with that already perflorme d wit.h an-
other emplloyeri or emplloer~s in! th~is Indusltry, exceeds the mlaxim umll
1permittedl herecin.

1. The mlinlinsumll rate of wanger of anyr Inborer,! mechanical worker,
or artisan employed in any pjlant, mill, or factory\ o oni wrork con-
ner~cted with the operation of any such plant, mill. or factory shill
bet nai follows :
M~ale~ Inbor, 40( cents per~ hour..
FemleH1 Zlabor, 85 cents per h1ourl.
2. The mlinlimumlll rateC of wage,~ for' a11 ll ther employees(C'~ shall be as
follows~: (a) $16.00 per week~l.
(b) Part-timre emplloy~ees cov\ered byr the pr~ovisiio ns of this section
shanll be panid at the rante of not, less than 40eL perl hou~r.
3. This; article establishles a minimir umi rante of pay3 wh'licht shall
apply~ irr1esplectiv e of wThethler an empl-loyece is netually comnpensated
on, timec-rate, p~iecew~o~rk, or other basis.
4I. Fema~le emlployeecs perfo~rmning siubstanrtially the samne work- as
male emplllolee.-, shalll receive the sameI ratle of pay as Iinale employees.
Ther Clode Authlority shanll wiith~in 90 day~s after the effective dlate of
this C'ode file w~ith the Admiiinistr~atori a dscr~iptio n of all occupations
in thec TIndusrtry in w\hich~ both mnii and wsomnel n re emplloyed.
5. "Thelc w~nge rates of all employees receiving m~ore than the m~ini-
mum111 I'ates hereinl Ipre~scribed shlall b~e reviewed and such adjustments,
if any1, made therein as are equlitab~le in the light. of all tihe circum-
stalnces~ andl within sixty (60) dayls after t~he effective date hereof,
the Codec Aulthority shall report to the Administrator the action
ta~ken1 by~ all mnemnb rs of thie Industry under this section.
6. Ottice boys and~ gir~ls under 18 years of age, to thle extent of no
mlore thann 5'k of thle total number of employees described in Section
B her~eof, may? h~e emiployed at a wange of not. less than 80%~ of the
mlinimumlll pr~eucribe dl by said Section, provided that at least one suich
olffie boy~ or girl 11uny! be emplloyed by each member.

7I. A person whose ea1rningi capacity is limiitedl hera~use of age or
physical or mental harutlieup, may be emplloyedt on ligLht. work at a
wauge -of no~t less th~anl 800~I of thle minimumnln pre ~cr~~ibed by this Code,
prIovidedl thle State Aulthor~ity or agency de-ignaited~ by' the
U~..itedl States Deparlltmentl of Labor shall havre jc .ned a certificate
authiorizing~ his emlployment~lt onl such Lasis. Eachi~l mnember shlall file
w~::h thle Cod~ce Authorit ty a list o~f all such 1Per.+1n.- emlllloyel by hliml.
Thie proision of this Section requc~ir~ing at cer~tificate of authority
shall niot become~ effective until ~isty r(00) Jay.;; aftr th~eef'ec~tive
date of thlIs Codet.

1. No p'ers"on un~der1 -ixteen (16) y'ears of nge shall be emuployed
in the Indtustry.' No person" under ihtee~n (18~) yernes of agel shall
b3e empllloyecd at opera~tions or oc~cupations~ which ar~e hazar1dous in
untulre or dangerous to h~ealth. Thne Code Auth~ority shall submit
to, the ALdmninistrato r withiin sixty (60)) dayTs after th~e e~ffective d~ate
of this Code a. list of such~ op-erations or occupations. InJ a ny State
an emplloyer .sha~ll be d-eem~ed~ to have comp~liced~ with this pr~ovision
as to age if he shall h~ave on1 file a cer~tificalte or permit dtuly siigned
by the nuthor~ity in such~ Stalte emlpo~er~ed to icsue e~mploymentn or
age .certificates or permits, shlowing that the employJee is of the
requ~i red age.
2. Employees~~ shall h~ave the ~ighlt to or'ganize andl~ barga~in~ col-
lectively through r~ep~resentative.;sof their own choosing, and s1hall be
free fromt the interferlence, restraint. or coercion of employers of
labor, or their agents, in the de~signation of such representatives or
in self-o~ganizalt onl or in others c~onlcertedl nativities forl the pq~luros
of ColleCtiv\e bargin~iiing or other muitual aid or pTotectionl. No emL~-
p'loyee andt no on~e seeking~ emplloymenc~t shall be required as~ a cocndi-
tion of emnplo!ln e nt to join~ any comipanyS umon or to refraijn from
joining, org~9amzingr or assistingr ar labor olrgnization of his own
choosing. Emp~loyers shall complly with the Ilnn imlumn hours of
Inbor, mlinimumn rates of pay, andl other comicitionsi of employment,
a~lpprovetd or p~recr~'ibed~I by. the Preslident.
3. No provision inl this Codle shall 5uper ede a. ny Staite or Feder~lal
law which1 imposesC~ on employers~c morel s~tringetnt. r~llliequire ntsj as to
age ofE employsees, wages, hlours o-f w~ork, or as~ to safety, h~enlth. san-
itary?, or general wor~lkilg condition~ or insurancet or fire protc~ition,
than are impo~sedl by this Code.
4. No lll~'emp loyr lhll rccla~wifyv emIployeest or d~uties of ocup.l.ultions
per'formen~ d or e-lrngag in anyl? other' subtl~erf~uge for the purploi e of de-
feat~ing thle pur~poses or provl\isions of the Act or of this (lcde.
5. All emlployersI shall post. icoplies of At~rticles III, IV, and~ V of
Ihis Clode in conspien~ous p~laces acccessible to emrployees.
G. Every emplloyerl shall make reasonarble. provisionns folr thle safety
and heltnl h of hiis emiployees at thle place andr duiringl theo hours of
their employment. tnda~rds~ for sa~fet n hat salbesb
mnittedl by thle C~ode Au t~hority to the Adulli Ij~ I;trator w\i thlin six (6)
mlonlths aft~r thle effective~ date o-f this Code.
7. No provision in this Code shiall supersede provisions as to ho-urs,
w-ages, andi conlditionsi of employment whichl are established forr spe-

eific projects by competent governmental authority acting in ac-
cordlance with Inw, or to terms of employment which are established
by labor agreemecnts now in force, where either the wages are higher
or thle hours o~f Ilabor are shlorter, or bothi, than are those set forth in
this C'ode.
8. The Code Authiority shall make a study of conditions in the
Indcustryr to de~termni e the feasibility of the adoption of a shorter
working w~eek andc shall, within three (3) months after thie effective
date of this Code. makle a report of its findings to the Administrator.
The Codle Authilority shall also submiit to the Administrator ~it~hin
six (tj) mnoniths after the effective elate of thiis Code, a plan for the
stabilization andl regularization of employment.
i). Th~e ma~nufalcture or partial manufacture of any picroduct of the
Indusitr~y inl homiies shall b~e pr1ohibitedl.


1. 'Thie Code Author~ity shall, as sooni as p~racticable. formulate a
standanlnri metho of accounlting~ andi costing for the Industry and
submit thle samet to the Admninistrator.. When it shall hanve been
approv~\edl by the Admli-nistra~tor, every mnemb~er shall use an account-
ingr andc costinc system which conf'ormns to the principles of, and is
at least as dletailed and complete us, suchi standards methodl.
". Thle Ciode Aulthority maiy fro.m time to timie dcteri'niie that an
op'en pr'ice planl of s~ellingo such1 pl~roduct. or p1roducts of the Industry
as it sihall specify~ shall be puit into effe'~ct on such~ date as it. shall fix.
Notice of such dletermiination shall be anlnounced to all known miem-
bers of thle Indfustry who mnd~iiucture such products niot less than 301
days~ pr'ior to t~he dlate so ixedl.
3. At least ten days prior to suchrc date,, every suchi miemb~er shall
file w-ith the Code Aulthority a schedule of prices and terms of sale
for nil suchl products or, in the alternative, shall be dleemned to have
filed a schedlelc conforming in respect to price andt terms of sale
withl the scheduled at any timne onI file which states thle lowest price
andl the most favorable termns..
4. All sulch schledulels shall be in suich form as the Code Authority
shall prescribe and shall contain all informantioni necessary to permit
any interested person to determine the exact net price per unit after
all dliscouints or other deductions have been made, whether pertain-
ing to a single order, a commitment for future delivery, or a con-
tract. All suich original schedules shall become effective on the date
fixed by th~e Code Auithor~ity as providedl in Section 2 hereof.
5. A rev-ised schedule or scheduled, or a new schedule or schedules,
or a notice of witthdrawal of a schedule previously failed may be filed
by a m~ember with the Code Authority at any time, provided, howf-
ever, that any mnember who wvihedraws a schedule without substitut-
ing a new schedule therefore shall be deemed to have filed a schedule
conforming in respect to price and terms of sale with the schedule
at any time thereafter on file which states the lowest price and the
most favorable terms. Any schedule or notice filed hlereunder shall
become effective five days after the date of filing, provided, however,
that an increased price. may become effective at such earlier date as
the member filing the same shall fix.

6. The Clode Authority shall promlptly suplyjlS all m~embers1' of the
Industry who mlanufneture~e any' par~ticularll product wFCith Ccp~ieS of
all schledules, revised schledules, and ~notices of w-ithdrlaw all which
pertain, to such product. Immediately uplon receipt of informa~ltio n
relative to the writhdrawanl of a pr1ice for anry prlodluct, ainy mmciber
may fils notice of withdrllawal of his own1 price for thre same
prc'duct effective as of the same date as the notice of withdrawal
of such other member. Immediately oni receipt of information that
a schedule then oni file hlas been revised, or that a, new sc~hed~le hasb
been filed, any member mayv file a r~evised sclhed'ule. conformning as
to price and termsr to the schedule of such other memberr and effec-
tie~ on the samle date, or he muay nlotify the Code Authority that
h~e adoopts as his own thre schedule of such o~ther mlember. In. the
latter event, he shall be deemed to have filed a revisel sc~hedllle conl-
formino- to the r~evisedi schedule of such other member.
7. NTo such schedule of -pric~es and termlls of sale filed by any memll-
ber, or in effect at anly time, shall be such as to permit the sale. of
any product at less than the cost thereof to such member d'etermnined
in the manner provided- in Section 11 hlereof; prov~ided, however,
that any mnember may by notice to the Codte Au~thor~ity adopt as
his own a lowrer price filed by,3 another designlatte muemlberl. Such
adoption shall become au~tomnatically void upon`, the wit~hdrawall or
revision upwar~d of the price adloptell.
8. No member who shall ]have filed a price, or ndeted~,c( as hlis own
a price filedl by alnotherl mnember for any pr1odlurt of the Industry,
shall sell such product for less than such price or upon. terms or
conditions more favornfble than stated in suchl price schledurle. ~No
mlember who shall have failed to file a price for any pr1odluc~t for
wrhichl the open-price plan is inl elect shall -sell such product alt a
lowFler price or on term~ m~or~e. fav~orable thanI th~e lowest price a~nd
m~ost favorable terms statedt in any price schedule for such prlodulct
thlen on file.
9. The Codet Aulthor~ity shall furnish at c~ost to any nonlmemberl
request i n g-----` thlem copies Uof urny price schedules which ha~ve breen
filed with it. Such price schedules shall bei made availablel to nlon-
mlemblers at the same time that th-ey are sent to memb~ers.
10. No memberlt~ 1 .hall sell any pro'du~ct of the Indfush y for which
nro openl-pr1ice plan is in effect at less than the cost thereof to sulch
mnemb~~er. detelrminedt as provided in Sect~ion 1`1 her~eof, except to mleet
th~e price of a competitor whose price does not. violate sulchI Sction.
11. Cott, o r the purp~; I ose of this Article, shall be de1tel~lrmined pur-
vided in Section 1 her~eof as soon as such mlethodd is adloptedl, and
ap~pro~ved, anld thieretofor~e pursunt to th'e meth-od emloyed?ct' by suchl
member rubject to such preliminaryS rules as the Code Aulthorrit~y
shalnl from time to timle pr1escribe wilth the apprlovanl of the Adminr-
ist ra tor.
1r2. For the p~urplose of d~etermin~ing w-heth~er Sections "7 andi 10
hcreo~f havre been complied with~, every mnember shall upon0~ the re-
q '.est of thle Code Author~ity fulrnishl a desiglnated agency of the Code
Author~ity inl resrpect to closed transactions only, withl complete in-
formlationl in regardl to any quo~tation, order, conltracet, or ale of any

produIct of the Indu~stry, including information as to specifications,
gl,..ntities, priceconndlitions of storage, transportation or delivery,
term~ns of b~illing, cash or trade discounts allowed and other pertinent
facts relating to such qluotation, contract, or sale.
13. Nothiing hiereini continued shall be construed to prevent the dis-
position of distress mner~chandise requ~iredl to be sold to liquidate a
defunct, or insolv-ent bunin~ess or of discontinued lines, damaged goods,
or` secondS, in suchz mariner, at such price, andi such terms and edndi-
t~ions as the Code Auithor~ity anid the Adlministrator mayS approve.
14. Nothing hereinl containied shanll be construed to prevent the
fulfillment of~ a borna fidle conltract existing onl the effective date of
thle. code


1. 1Each membler shall p~repar~e and file with~ an impartial agent
designated by thie C'ode Authlority~ at suich timesr andl in such~ manner
as it miay pr~escr~ibe, suchi statistics, dlata, andi in~formation relating
to plan capacity, volumie of production, volumie of sales in units
and dollars, ordlers r~eceivedl unfilledl ordlers, stocks on hannd, inven-
tory, both rawv and finished, numbiie r of employees, w\age rates, emn-
ployee earnings, hours of work; andt mother miatters, as the Code Au-
t~hority or t~he Ad~ministrator may fr~om time to timie r~equire. Any
or all information so furnishedl by any mlemlber shall be subject to
checking for the purpose of verification byr an examination of thle
books, accounts, and records of such~ member by anyv disinter~ested
accountant or accountants or other qualifiedl per~som or persons dlesig-
nated by thle Code Authority.
2. Except as ot~herw~ise providedl in thle Act,, or inl this Code, all
statistics, d~ata, and information filed o-r reqcuiredl in accordtance with
the provisions of this Cod-e shall be conifidential and thle statistics,
dfata, and information of one mlember sh~all not be revealedl to another
member. No such daota or information shiall be published except in
combination w~ith other simiilar data and in such a mannner as to avoid
the disclosure of conftidential information. The Code~ Authority shall
arrange in suchi manner as it ma~y dletermline for the current p~ub-
lication of indcustry statistics to member's.
3. The Code Authority shall mnake such reports to the Admninistra--
tor as he miay fromt timne to time require.
4. In addition to information required to be submitted to thle Code
Authority there shall be furnished to Governiment agencies such
statistical information as th~e Admninistrator miay deemn necessary
for the purposes recited in Section 3 (a) of the Act..

1. Nio prIovi~sion of this Code shall be so applied as to permit
monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to eliminate, oppress, or
dliscrlimmate against small enterprises.
5 Bro paragraph 2 of order approving this Code.


1. The C'ode Aulthority maly, fromn timne to time, present to thle Ad-
mninistrator recommendations based on conditions in the Indrustry
which will tend to effectuate. the operation of this Code and the
p'olicy of the A~ct, and in paricular along t~he following~ line~s:
(a) Fior the establishment of addcitional rules of fair-tradel c prac-
tic~e .for the Industlry and for the miodlifientionl of its tradel c-ustoml~s,
and- thie enifor~ceme nt, thIereof.
(b) F~or dealing with anyr other inequality1 th~at may arise to en-
danlger the stability of the industryy and of production and employ-
Inen t.
(c) ]For an ilc~rease or decr~ease ini the number>~ l of Indlustr~y Ineml-
bers of thze Cotle Aurthor~ity and/otr for a changr e in the merlltho of
ch1oosin~g sulch mnembers.~
2. For the purposc>e of assisting the Codelt A~uthor ities3 of thle Pap~-er
IAfanulfneturi;ng and/or ConvI\e r t i ng Indus~trisinteadent, of
all labor disputes and Ilabor comlall ints arisingr w~ithin such'1 indits-
tries, the Cod~e Aurthor;t~y~ shall, consider thle adv~isabiity of c~rea~ting~
a Joint Indusltr~ial Reinfions Board for sulch Indus~tries~ and~ chllnl
rort its recomme nd liatfi ons to the Adm IninIistrIa tor.
3.The Code Author~ity shall m1-ake a s~~tudy1 ofcndton n
Industry to determine the nceed of the e~stabihet fpant
eqiualize production with dlemand,, so that the .interests of the- In-
dustry and- thre publlic: may be pro~per~ly served, anmd clhall within six
mYon~ths after the effective dtate of this Codte mak~e a report of its
fi nd ings to the A dm~i n istra t or.
4. Rec~onu~nendaltio ns~ made purs~.uant to Sections 1, 2, and 3 herleof,
when appr~ovedt by the Admninistra~tor, shall have thie samne force
and effect as other pr1ovisions of the Code.

1. Thec following aire hereby I.ons~tiltuted TIrade Practices for th-e
Indusitr~y, and failure to comply with the. prlov.isions thereof shall be
a violation of this Code.
(a) M~emblers of the Industry shall not practice d~erceptionl in retgard
to that whlich is sold or its seing price by false or mnisleadring de-
scription, statemennt, reil1cr, or undisclosed c~onsiderantion.
(b) M~emlbers shall refrain fr~omi dumping, deferredr declivery, ex-
tension of s~tated~ credit, and secret rebates.
(c) MIIemblers shall? ~not willfully injur~e byT falsely dlefamring~ a
comlpetitor's goods,c- credit, or ability to performll his cionltrnets.
(d) Metmberls shall not wilfully induce or attemllpt. to indu~ce the
brench~ of a compelititor's contract.
(e) No member shall givec, permit~ to be given, or directly offer to
give, anything of value for the purpose"C of influelc~ing or rewarding
the action of any emnployee, agent or representative of another mn
relation to th business of the emloyerS~' of such em~ployee, the pr1inci-
pal of such agent or the r~epr~esenlted party, without the ~n~owledg~e of
such emnployetr, princ~ipl~ or party. The foreg(oingr provisions shall
not be construed to prohibit fr~ee and grrenerl d~istributin of articles

commiionly usedl for adlvertisingi except so far as such articles are
actually us~ed for commllerc~ial bribery~ as herein defined.
(f) No mlemblter of thle Ind~ustry shall ship goods on consignment
except ulndcr circum~nst ances to be dlefinedl by t~he Code Authority,
w-here p~eculiarI circumlstances of thie Indcustry require the practice.

1. If any? memllber' is also a member of another industry, the pro
visions of thiis C~ode shall apply to and affect only that part of i
business which is included in this Industry.
2. Any work or p~ro~cSS incidental to, andl enrried on by a member
at his~ plantl as a panrt of the manufacture of any product. of the In-
dustry~, shl~nl be regarded as a part of thiis Industry.
3. Suchi of the pr1ovisions of this Code as are not required to be
included thierein by thle Act, mnay, withl the approval of the Admin-
istrator be mlodifie~d andi elimninatedl as changes in circumstances or
experience may indlicate.
4. This Code and all thle provisions thereof are expressly~ made
subject. to the right of the President, in accordance within the pro-
visions of Section 10, (b) of the Act, from tjime to timie t~o cancel
or mnodify any order, approval, license, rule, or regulation, issued
under Title I of saidl Act, andt specifically but. without limiitation, to
the right of the Pr~esidlent to cancel or modifyV his approval of such
codle or~ any conditions imnposedl by himi upon his approval thereof.
5. This Code shall become effective on the second M~onday after
the date upon whlich it. shall be approved by the Presidenlt of thle
United States.
Approved Code No. 2485.
Registry No. 4107-00.

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