Code of fair competition for the stereotype dry mat industry as approved on July 27, 1934


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Code of fair competition for the stereotype dry mat industry as approved on July 27, 1934
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Par sale lay the Superintenldent of Docurments, Washington, D.C. Price 5 cents

Approved Code No. 492

Registry No. 503-01









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Approved Code No. 492



:; As Aippro~ved oni July 27, 1934


An application having been duly made pursuanlt to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title' I of the National Industrial
Rec~over ~Act, approved.June 16, 1933, for approval of a Code of
Fair Competition for the Ster~eotype Dry M/at Industry, and a hear-
ing having been duly held't~he'eon andi the annexed report on said
Codee containing findlings.with respect, thereto, having been made and
directed to the Presidenit:
NPOW, THEREFO~REZ on behalf of the Presidlent of thie United
States, I, Hugh S. Jo~hrison, Adm7linist~rator for Industrial Recovery,
pur~suant to aut-hority veste~d in me by Executive Orders of the
President, including Executive Order No. 6B53-A, dated December
30, 1933, and otherwise; dlo hereby incorporate, by reference, said
annexed report and do find that said Code complies in all respects
with thne pertinent provisions and will promote the policy and pur-
poses of said Tritle of said Aclct; and do hereby order that said Code
of Fair Competition be and it is thereby approved; PROV;TIDED
that the provisions of Article VI, Section 5, insofar ast~hey pre-
scribe. a waiting period betwcpeen the filing with the Code Aut~hority
(i.e. actual receipt by the Code Authorit~y) alnd effective date of
rev~ised~ price lists or revised terms and conditions of payment be and
they are hereby stayed pending my further order; provided further
that with respect to Article IV, Section 1, the Code A~uthority shall
makte a study to determine the adv-isability of an upward revision
of the hourly rate for female employees and shall make a report
on such. stuldy to the Administrator wvithnin 90 days after the effective
dlate of this Code.
Adiin~ist~rator for Inzdustrial7 Recovery.
Approval reco m mended~c:2
GEO. fi. 'IEiRRY,
Division Ad m~.indlsf trator.,
Jully d7, 1f934.

70-166j"- 82-69-1 C100-34



Whiite Howse.
SmR: This is a report of the hearing on th Code of Fair Competi-
tion for the Stereotype Dry 1Mat Industry, conducted in WCashingpton
on May 3, 1934, in accordance with thre provisions of Title I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act.


This Code provides a standard forty (40) hour week for factory
workers with a weekly tolerance of eight (8) hours to be paid for
as ovrertimze. T1Che usual exceptionls are made in regard to non-
productive employees and employees engaged in continuous process
Thez minimum wage rate for hourly paid employees is 40$ per
hour for males and 321,.0 for females. Office employees will receive
a minimum of $1_6.00 per week, except for 5%0 of such class of
employees who may be compensated at the minimumn return of
$14.0 per eek.OPEN PRICE PLAN

An open price plan of selling is provided and selling below cost,
except to meet competition, is prohibited.
ortran1 ProvsIsows

Provision is made for furnishing the Administrator with such
statistical data as he may require, and for the adlopt~ion of a uniform
contract form which shall be subject to the disapproval of the

The Industry employed in 1929 about 200 persons. Sales were
aE~p~proximnately $1,900,000.00. As a result of the Presidlent's Re-
Employment Agreement employment was incr~ensed approximately
20%r in November 1933, in spite of decreased mnan hour reqluiremlents
which were about 40%~ less in :1929.
As a result the total increase in salaries in the Indust~ry will be
about 25%.,

The D~eputy Administrator in his final report to me on said Code
having found as hnerein set forth, and on the basis of all the pro-
ceedings in this matter

I find that:
(a) Said Code is well designed to p~romo-te the policies and pur-
poses of Title I of the National Indulstrial RecoveryS Act, including
removal of obstructions to the free flow of interstate and folcreign
commerce which tend to diminish the amount, thereof and will pruo-
videp for the~p gePne~ral we~lfre~ by pnlromo~ting the organization of in-
dustryr for the purpose of cooperative action amnong thne trade
groups, by inducing and maintaining united' action of labor and
mlanagremlent under adequate governmental sanction and supervision,
by elimlinating unfair competitive prac~tices, by: promoting the full-
est possible utilization of thle present productive capacity of indus-
tries, byg avoiding undue re~strictions of production (exceplt as may
be temporarily required), by increas~ing the consumption of indus-
trial and agricultural products through increasing purchasingr power,
by reducing and relieving unemployment, by imnpro-ving standards
oflabor, and by otherwise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Said Industry normally employs not more than 50,000 emp-
ployeess and is not classified by me as a major industry.
(c) The Code as approved complies in all respects with the per-
tinent provisions of said Tit~le, of said Alct, including without limita-
tion Subsection (a) of Section 3, Su~bsection (a) of Sect ion 7, and
Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; and that the applicant Asso-
ciation is an industrial Association truly representative of the afore-
said Industry; and that said Association imposes no inequitable
restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Code is not designed to and will not permit monopolies
or monopolistic practices.
(e) The Code is not designed to and will not eliminate or op-
press small enterprises and will not operate to daiscriminate- against
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
Fior these reasons this Code has been approved.
A dm inistrator.
Jun 27, 1934.


To effectuxate the policies of Tlitle I of the National Industrial Re-
covery Act, the folowing is hereby established as a Code of Fair
Competition for the above named ICndustry and shall be binding on
every member thereof.

The following words are used in this Code with the meaning
herein set forth:
'"Industry "--The manufacture for sale of stereotype dry mats.
Member "--A natural person, partnership, corporation, asso-
ciation, trust, trustee, trustee in bankruptcy, receiver, or other form
of enterprise engagpedl in such industry.
Employee "---Any and all persons engaged in the industry how-
ever compensated, except a' member of thne Industry.
Employer "---Anyone by whom such employee is compensated or
President ", "Act ", and "Administrator "--Respectively the
President of the United States, Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, and the Administrator for Industrial Recovery.

SEcTION 1. There is hereby established a Code Authority of four
members, one representative from each unit, the method of election
of whom ~shall approved by the Administrator. The term of
office of each. member shall be for one year and ulnt~il the election of
his successor. If in thze event new units shall be added to the Indus-
try, a new plan of procedure for the election of such members shall
be submitted to and approved by the Administrator.
SIECTION 2. ]In addition to membership as above provided, there
m~ay be one member, without vote, to be known as Administration
members, to be appointed by the Administrator to serve for such
terms as he mayS specify.
SECTION 3. Each trade or industrial association directly or in-
directly participating in the selection or activities of the Code~ Au-
thority shall (1) impose no inequoitable restrictions on mlembership,
and (2) submit to the Administ.rator true copies of its articles of
association, by-laws, regulationsl, anld any amendments whlen made
thereto, together with such other information as to membership, or-
ganization, and activities as thne Adlministratoir mlay deem necessary
to effectuate the purposes of thle Act.

SECTION 4. III order that the Code Authorityg shall at all times be
truly representative of the ICndurst~ry and in other respects comply
with the provisions of thfe Act, the Administtcr tr may prescribe
such hearings as he may deem, proper; and th~erea after if he shall findl
that the Codle Authority is not truly representative or does not in
other Irespect~s comply wilth the p~rov-isions of the Act, may require an
appr'opriate modification of thne Code Authority.
SECTION 5. Noth-ing contained in this Code shall constitute the
members of the Code Au~thority partners for any purpose. Nor shall
any mlember of the C~ode Authorit~y be liable in any mannerC-I to any-
one for any act of any, ot herlan member, officer, aent or eployee o
the Code Authrfor~ity. NoshlanmebroteCoeA hriy
exercising reasonable diligence in the conduct~ of his duties here-
under,, be liable to anyone for any action or omission" to act under
this Code, exceept for h~is own wilful malfeasance or non-feasance.
SECTION 5. If the Administrator shall at any time dletermiine that
any net~ionl of a Code Auth~ority or any agency thereof mnay be unfair
or unjust. or contrary~ to the publllic, interest, thne A~dministrator may
require thaut such action be: uspended~r~ to affrdr anl opportunity for
investigation of thle merits of suchl action and further considera~tio n
by such CIode AQuthority or agency pending final action which shall
not be effrc~tiv-e unless t~he Admrinistrator approves or unless he shall
fail to disapprov-e after thirty (30) days' notice to him of intentions
to proceed: with such. action in its original or modified form.

SECTION 7. Subject to~ such rules and reguln t ions as may be issued
by the Administrator, the Code Authority shall have the following:
powers and duties, in addition to those author~ized by other provi-
sions of this Code.
(a) To` insure the execution of the provisions of this Code and
to provide for the compliance of the Indlustry with the provisions of
the Act.
(b) To adoptf by-law-s and rulels and regulations for its procedure.
() To obtain from memibers of the Induistry such informantion
reports as are required for the admriniistrantion of the Code. In
addition to information required to be submitted to thle Code Au-
thority, members of the Indust~ry subject to this Code shall furnish
such' statistical information as the Administrator may deem neces-
sary for the purposes recited in Sectionl 3 (a) of the AQct to such
Federal and State agencies as he may designate; provided that nothz-
ing in this Code shall relieve any member of the' Indust~ry of any
existing obligations to furnishl reports to any Goc-vernmlentt agency.
No jinividual report shall be disclosed to any other member of the
Industry or any other party except to such other Golvernmental
agencies as miay be directed by the Admlinistraltor.
(d) To use such trade associations and other agencies as it
deemsl pronper for the carry~ingr out of any of its activities provided
for hlerein, prov~idel thant nothing herein shall relieve the Code
Authority of its duties or respon~sib~ilities und-er this Cod~e and that
such trade associations and agencies shall at all times be subject to
and comply with the provisions hereof.

(e) To make recommendations to the Administrator for the co-
ordinlat~ion of the administration of this Code with such other codes,
if ainy, as may be related to or affect members of the Industry.~
(f) It beino- found necessary in order to support the adrminstra-
tion of this Ctide and to maintain the standards of fair competition
estab~lishrd hereunder and to effectuate the policy of the Act, the
Code Ai5u-thority is authorized:
1. To incur such reasonable obligationls as are necessary and proper
for the foregomng purposes, and to mneet such obligations out of
funds which may be raisedl as hereinlafter provided and which shall
be held in trust for the purposes of the Code;
2. To submit to thle Administrator for his approval, subject to
such notice and opportunityT to be heard as he may deem necessary
(1) an itemized ~budget of its estimated expenses for the foregoing
purposes, and (2) an equitable barSis upon wirhich the funds necessary
to support suc budget shall be contributed by members of the
industry ;
3. After such budget and basis of contribution have. been approved
by th~e Ad~ministrator, to determine and obtain equitable contribu-
tion as above set forth by all members of the Industry, and to that
end, if necessary, to instituted legal proceedccc~~ingss therefore in its own
4. Each member of the Industry shall pay hris or its con-
tribution to the expenses of the azmaitnne of thle Code Authority,
determined as hereinabove provided, andl subject. t.o rules and regu-
lations pertaining thereto issued by the Administrator. Only mem-
bers of the Inrdustryr complying with the Code a.nd contribut~iner to
the exipenlse of its administration as hereinabove provided, shall be
entitled to participate in the selection of members of the Code Au-
thlority or to rceive the benefits of ~an of its voluntary activities
or to make use of any emnblemn or inrsigma of the Nat~ional Recovery
Admi nistrationi.
5. The Code Auxthority shall neither incur nor pay any obligation
in excess of the amount thereof as estimated in its approved budget,
except upon approval of the Administrator; and no subsequent
budget shall contain any deficiency item for expenditures in excess
~of' prior budget estimates exgcep~t those which t~he Administrator
shall have so approved.
(g) To recommend to thme Administrator any action or measures
deemed advisable, including further fair trade practice provisions
to govern members of the Industry in their relations with each other
or with other industries; measures for industrial planning, and
stabilization of emnploymet; anmd including modifications of this
Code which shall become effective as part hereof upon approval by
thre Administr~ator after such notice and hearing as he may specify.
(h) To appoint a Trade Practice Comitttee which shall meet
wit~h the T'rade Practice Commtte appointed under such other
codes as may be related to the Indust~ry for the purpose of formnu-
latinga fa~ir trade practices to govern the relationships between em-
p~loyers undert this Code and under such other codes to the end that
such fair trade practices may be proposed to the Administrat~or as
amendments to this Code andl such other codes.

:(i) 1To provide appropriate facilities for arbitration, and sub.-
ject to the approval of the AIdministrator, to prescribe rules of proce-
dure and rules to effc compliance; withl awartils and de~terminations
AnTrazz III--Houn;S o LABOR

SECTION 1. Employees in the Industry shall not be requlired to
workr or per~mitted to work hours in excess of the limits prescribed in
the following schedule:
(a) Watechmen: Fifty-six (56) hours in. anyv one week.
()Chauflfeurs, truck drivers, and their helpers: Not to exc~eedl
ten (10) hours in any one day or forty-five! (45) hours in any one
week; provided, however, that time may be worked in excess of these
limitationrs if such overtime is paid for at not less than time anrd
one-th ird.
(c) Engineers and electricians: Not to exceed nine (9) hours in:
any one day or forty-five (45) hours in any one week; provided
however, that time may be worked in excess of these limitations ii
such time is paid for as not less than time and one-third.
(~d) Tour workers in continuous process operations: Eight (8)"
ours in any one day and forty (40) hours in any one week; pro-
vided, however, that additional hours up to a, total of forty-eight
(48! hours per week may be worked at basic hourly rate (1) to
avoid shutdowns due to temporary absence of a relief worker; (2)
in c~hanginga wires and machine clothing; (3) in elean-ups, wash-ups,
and adjustments in cases where such work cannot be done while the
machines are in operation; provided further, that with the excep-
tions herein allowed all other employment for such tour workers in
excess of eight (8) hours in any one day and forty (40) hours in
anly onle week shall be paid for at not less than time and one-third.
(e) All other laborers, mechanical workers, or artisans employed
in any plant, mill, or factory or on work connected with the opera-
tion of such plant, mill or factory: 1Eight (8) hours in anly one day
and forty (40) hours in any one wveekr, provided, however, that these
mlaximrum limits may be exceeded in cases of seasonal demand or
peak loads where restrictions of hours would -unavoidablyp reduce
production, provided, that all time worked in excess of eight (8)
hi.ours per day and forty (40) hours per week shall be paid for as
not less than time and one-third, and provided, further, thatt no
employees shall be required or permitted to work in excess of forty-
eight (48) hours in any one week.
(f) Employees regulanrly: engaged in a managerial, supervisory,
research or executive capacity, receiving thirty-~five ($35.00) dollars
or more per week, and outside sale~smen: No limitation.
(g) Office employees: One hundred sixty- (1i60) hours in any
period of four (4) consecutive weeks, but not to exceed forty-eight
(48) hours in any one weekl.
SECTION 2. NO emlployee of the classes included under Section 1
(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (g) of this-Article shall be required or
p~ermnitted to work more than sixr (6) days in any period of seven
(7) cons~ecutive days.
SECTION 3. No limitation contained in said schedule shall apply
to employees of any class when engaged inr emergency repairs or

'emergency -maintenance work occasioned by breakdowns or involv-
ing protection of life or property; provided, however, that time
worked in excess of the limitations specified in said schedule shall be
paid for as not less than time annd one-third.
SECTION~ 4. No employer shall permiit any employees to work for any
time which, when totalled with t~hat. lready performed with another
employer or emnployerrs, exceeds th~e maximlum permitted h~erein.
SECTIOiN 5. N~ro femln~e emiploy'ee shall be required or permitted t~o
wyork between the hours of 10 P.1\l., and 'i A.1\I.

SEC"TION 1. The. Ilinimlllu rate Of Wage Of any employee, other than
office or clerical employees, emnployedl in any plant, miill or factory
or on work connectedl with the operation of any such plant., mill or
factory shall be as follows:
M~ale-40i cents per hour.
Femal~le--399; cents per hour.'
SECTION 2. The miinimnum rate Of W~age fOr Rny 0000c Or clerical
emnployeesi shl~l be sixteen ($1G.00) dollars per week;, provided2 how-
ever, that office boys or girls and messenigers, constituting not more
tha~n fivec per cenlt of such class of employees, or at least one in
number, may be compensated at the minimum rate of fourteen
($14.00) per week. Part-time emnployees covered by the provisions
of this Section shall be paid at the rat e of not less than for'ty (400)
per hour.
SECTION 3. This Article e~stablishes a minimum rate of ps.y which
shall apply irrespective of whether an employee is actually compIen-
satedl on time r~ate, piecewor~k, or other basis.
SECTION 4. The wag~e rates of all1 employees shall be reviewed and
adjulstments mande thereini, if equitable, but in no case shall they be
de~creasedl. Within sixty (60O) days after the eff'ective date her~eof,
thezt Codce Authority shall report t.o the Aldmlinistrator the action
taken by all mlembers s of the Indlusrtry under this Section.
SCECTIO N 5. Female employees performiing substantially the same
workr as male employees shall receive thle same rate of pay as mlale
SECTION 6j. A person whose earning capacity is limited because
of age or physical or mental handicap may be employed~ on light
work at a wage below the miinimum established by this Code if the
emlployer obtains from the Si~tate authority~ designated by the United-
States Department of Labor a certificate authorizing his employment
at sulch w-agesi and for such hours as shall be stated in t~he certificate.
1Each employer shall file monthly w~ith t~he Code Authority a list of
all such persons employedl by him, showing the wrages paid to, and
the maximumn hours of w-orkl for such emplloyees.
SECTION 1. No person uniler sixteen (10) veers of nee shall be
emiploy-ed in the Indusitry. No person under' eighteen (18) years
of age shall be employed at operations or occuipations wluich are
hazardous in nature or dlangerrous to health. The Code Aut~hority
a See paralgrapjh 2 of order approv'ing this Code.

shall submit to the Administrator within sixty (60) days after the
e~ffective date of this Code a list of such operations and occupations.
In any State anl employer shall be deemed to have comlpliedl wCith
this provision as to age if he shall have on file a certificate or permit
duly signed by the authority in such State empowemrerd to issue em-
ployment or age certificates or permits, showing that th~e employee
Is of the required age.
SEctroN 2. Employees shall have the right to organize and bar-
gain collectively through reprlesentatives of their ow~n. choosing, and
shall be free fromn the inlterferenc~e, restraint or coercion of employers
of' labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representatives
or in self-organization or in other concerted activities for the purpose
of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection. No em-
ployee and no one seeking employment shall be required as a condi-
tion of employment to jomn anly company umion or to refra-in from
jommig, organizing or assisting a labor orgamlzat~ion of his own
choosing. Employers shall comply with the maximum hours of
labor, minimum rates of pay and other conditions of employment
atpproved or prescribed by the President.
SECTION 3. No provision in this Code shall supersede any State
or F~Eederal law which imposes on employers more stringent require-
menits as, to age of employees, wages, hours of work, or as to sa fet~y,
health, sanitary or general working conditions, or insurance of fire
protection, than are ~imposed by this Code.
SECTION 4. MO employer shall reclassify emploesrduiso
occupations perfo rm ed or engage in any other sbefg o h
purpose of defeating the purposes or provisions of the Act or of this
SECTION 5. All employers shall post copies of Article III, IVT, and
VC of this Code in conspicuous places necessible to employees and
comply with, all other posting rules and regulations iss~uedl by the
SECTION 6. Every employer shall make reasonable provisions for
the safety and health of his employees at the place and during the
hours of their employment. Standards for safety anld health shall
be submitted by the Code Authority to the Administrator within
three (3) months after the effeective date! of this Code.
SECTION 7. The manufacture or partial manufacture of any prod-
act of the Industry in homes shall be prohibited, except in accordance
with the provisions of the Executive Order of the President, dated
Ma~ 15, 1934.
SECTION 8. The Code Aut~hority shall make a study of conditions
in the Industry to determine the feasibility of th~e adoption of a
shorter working week~ and shall, within three (3) months after the
effective date olf this Code, make a report of its findings to the Ad-
ministrator. The Code Authority shall also submit to the Adminis-
trator within six (6) months after the effective date of this Code a
plan fpr the stabilization and regrularization of employment.
ARnorE 'VI---AccoU NTINa--SELuxoNC
SEC~JTION 1. The Code Authority shall, as soon as practicable cause
to be formulated an accounting system and methods of costfndn
and/or estimating capable of use by all members of the Industry.

After such system and methods have been formulated and approved
by the Adm~inistrator, full details concerning them shall be made
a\vailable to all :members. Thereafter all members shall determine
aind/or estimate costs in accordanae wit~h the principles of such
S~ECTION 2. The Code Auithoritpy mary from time to time determine
that an open price plan of selling such product or products of the
Industry as it shall speccify~ sha~ll be put into effect on such date as it
shall fix. Notice of such determiinationi shall be announced to all
known members of thte Industry who manufacture such products not
less than thirty (30) dlays prior to the date so fixed.
SE~rCTION 3. At least ten (10) days prior to such date, every mem-
ber shall file w~ithi the Code Authority a schedule of prices nan terms
of sale for all such products or, in the alternative, shall be deemed
to have filed a schedule conforming in respect, to price and terms of
sale. wit~h the schedule at. any time on file which states the lowest
price and the most favorable t~erms.
SECTION 4. All schedules shall be in such forml as the Code Au-.
thority shall prescribe and shall contain all information necessary
to permit any interested person to determine the exact net price per
umit to the purchaser of any products of the Industry. All such
originally schedules shall become effective on thle date fixed by the
CodeAuthrityas provided in Section 2 hereof.
CSiSECTION 5.e Anhoi original schedule, a revised schedule or schedules,
or a new schedule or schedules, or a notice of withdrawal of a sched-
ule previously filed, may be filed by a member with the Code Au-
thiorityg at any time, providedl, however, that any member who with-
draws a schnedule wCithoult substituting a new schedule therefore shall
be deemied to have filed a schedule conforming in respect to price and
terms of sale with the schedule at any time thereafter on file which
states the lowrest price. and thle most favorable terms. Any schedule
or notice filed hereunder, shall becole. effective ten (10) day~s after
date of filing, provided, however, that an increased price may become
effective at suchl earlier date as the member filing the sa~me shall fix.'
~SECTION f>. The Code Aut~hority shall promptly supply all members
of the Industry who manufacture any particular product within copies
of all schedules, revised schedules, and notices of withdrawal, which
pertain to such product. Immediately upon receipt of information
relative to the withdraFFwal of a price for any product, any member
may file notice of withdrawal of his own price for the same product
effective as of the same date as the notice of withdrawal of such I
other member. ITmmediately on receipt of information that a sched-
ule thren. on file has been revised, or that a new schedule has been
filed, any member may file a revised schedule conforming as to price
andl terms to the scheolule of such other member and effective on the
same date, or he may notify the Code Authority that he adopts as his
own the schedule of such oiher member. In the latter event, he shall
be deemed to~ have filel a revisedl scheduled connforming to the revised
schedule of such other member.
SECTION 7. No such schedules of prices and terms of sale filed by
any member, or in effect at any: time, shall be such as to permit the
sale of any product at less than the cost thereof to such member
h8ee paragraph t2 of order approving this Code,

determined in the. manner provided in Section ~11 hereof, provided,
however, that anyT member mtay by notice to the Code Authority,
adopt as his own a lower price fldby another designated member.
SuchI adoption. shall become. aurtomatically void upon the withdrawal
or revision upward of the price adopted.
.SECTON 8. No membnler, wcho shall have filed a price or adopted as
his own a price filed by another membller for anyr product of the In-
dustry shall sell such product for less than such price or upon terms
or conditions more favorable than. stated in such price schedlrlles.
No member, who shall have failed to file a price for any product for
which the openr price plan is in effect, shall sell such product at a
lower price or on terms more favorable than. the lowest price and
most' favora:ble terms stalted in any price schedule for such product
then on file.
SECTION 9. The Code Author~ity shall furrlish at cost to any person
conc~erned-, wPhether member or non-member requesting them, copies
of any price schnedules which have been ~filed w~ith it. Such price
schedules shall be made available to non-members at the same time
that they are sent to m-rembersi.
SEcTION 10. No member shall sell any product of the Industry
for which no open price plan is in effect at less than the cost thereof
to such member, determined as provided in Section ~11 hereof, except
to meett the price of a competitor whose price: does not violate such:
SECTION 11. COSt, fOr the purposes of this Article, shall be deter-
mined pursuant to the method of accounting and costing prescribed
as provided in Section 1. hereof as soon as such method is adopted
and approved, and theretofore pursuant to the method employed
by such member subject to such preliminary rules as the Code Au-
thority shall from time to time prescribe with the approval of the
SECTION 12. Every member shall upon the request of the Cod-e
Authority furnish a designated agenYh"c of lthCoe Authormaity inz
respect to closed transactions only, wt opeeifraini
regard to any quotation, order, contract, or sale of any- product of
the Industry, including information as to specifications, quantities,
price, conditions of storage, transportation or delivTery, terms of
billing, cash or trade discounts allowed and other pertilenlt facts
relating to such quotation, contract or sale.
SECTION 13. Every member filing a schedule or notice hereunder
shall deliver to the Code Authority without expense such number
of copies thereof as shall be necessary to enable the Code Authority
to supply one copy thereof to each member of the Industry and
no such schedule or notice shall be deemed to have been filed until
such number of copies shall have been received by the Code
SEcTION 14. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to pre-
vent th~e distribution of distress merchandise required to be sold to
liquidate a defunct or insolvent business or of discontinued lines,
damaged goods or seconds, in such manner, at such price, and on
such ~terms and conditions as the Code Authioritly may a approve.
SECTION 15. Nothinrr herein containled shall be! construed to pre-
vent the fulfillment ofP a bona fide contract existing on the effective
date! of this Code.

STEcTIOr 16., Nothing herein contained shall be construed to permit
discrimination between like purchasers-for like quantities.
SECTION 17. Thne Code Aut~hority may, at any time, suspend-t~he
open price plan of selling either in its entirety or insofar as it
applies to any specified product or products of t~he Industry.
SECTION 18. No pro.viSion of thlis C'ode relating to prices or terms
of selling, shipping or mark~etjng, shall apply to sales or shipments
for expor~t. "Ex~port"l shall m~ean trade between the United States
or any po~ssesions thereof (except. the Philippine Islands, the Vir-
grin Islands, Amilerican Samoa, and the Island of Guam) and any
foreign country.

SLECTION 1. No provisipn of thiis Code shall be so applied as to
petrm~it monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to eliminate, oppress
or discriminate against small enterprises.

SECTION 1. The Code Authority may from time t~o time present
to the Adm i nist rator recomm nendations based on conditions in the
Industry w7Fhich will tend to effectuate thle operation of this Code
and the policies of the Act. S-uch recommendations when approved
by the Administrator, after suchl notice and hearing as hie shall pre-
scribe, shlall have thie same force and effect as ot~lher provisions of
this Code.

SECTION 1. NO member of t~he Industry shall practice deception or
discrimination in regard to that which is sold or its selling price by
false or misleading description, statement, record, or undisclosed
"SECTIrON 2 NO Inember of the Industry shall willfully defame a
competitor byT words or acts which call into question his business
integrrity, his ability to perform his contracts, his credit standing, or
the grade, quality or reliabilityr of his product.
SECTION 3. No member of the Industry shall willfully indfuce or
attempt to induce the breach of a competitor's contract.
SECTION 4. No member of the Indlustry for the deliberate purpose
of injuring a competitor in business shall entice away any employee
of such comnpetitor, provided, hiowever, that nothing contained herein
shall prevent an emp~loyee of one mrem~ber from offering his services
to a competitor, nor prevent any member from employing the em-
ployee of another member.
SECTION 5. No mlemb~er of the Industry shall sell stereotype dry
mats in quantity amounts at discount on terms different fr~om those
specified mn the uniform sales contract formn to be prescribed by the
Code Authority and adopted by tlhe indlividlual members of the Inidus-
try; which uniform conltr~nt. forlm shall be effective thirty (30) days
after the eiffective date of this Code, unlless disapproved by the
SECTION 6. Until the Codle Authority and the members have acted
under Section 5 of this Article, quotations and sales of any product
of t~he Industryr shall be subjc~t. to the following rules:

(a)- Terms of sale shall be, thirty (30) days net.
(b) All quotations shall be made on an F'.O.B. mill basis.
SECTION '7. O Inember of the Industry shall make or offer or
allow to be made or offered any rebate, refund or other concession of
discriminatory nature, specifically including unearned discounts or
SECTION 8. No member of the Industry shall dump or sell at a
reduced price any surplus product of thne I~ndustrly for the purpose of
injuring a competitor.
SECTION 9. NO mrem~ber of the I~ndustry shall sell syndicate mats
and/or news~paper mats at a discount ini an, amount less than 20,000
andt 100,000 respectively, and then only if (a) the products so sold
are to be delivered within twelve (12) months from the date of
contract; (b) such contracts are to be made only wit individual
newspIapers, syndicates or commercial shops and/or chains of such,
wvho have central purchasing offices and/or agents, which central
puchasing offce and/or agents assume full financial responsibility
for purchases; (c) no member of the Industr~y shall knowingly sell
syndicate mats to a newspaper for use ini the direct production of
such newrsplaper.
SECTION 10. Immediately after this Code shall have become effec-
t~ive each member of the Industry shall file with the Code Authority
a list of all bona; fide contracts and/or so called indeterminate con-
tracts then existing between such member and his customers. Copies
of all such contracts entered into after the effective date of this C~ode
shall immediatelyr upon their signing be filed by each member wCith
thie Code Authority.
SECTION 11. No member of the Industry shall guarantee to under-
sell a competitor.
SECTION 12. N~o member of the Industry shall give, permt to be
given, or directly offer to give anything of value for the purpose of
In~fluencing or rewardilgr the action of any employee, agent, or rep-
resentativet of another in relation to the business of the employer
of such employee the principal of such agent, or the represented
party, without theB knowledge of such employer, principal or party.
TIhe foregoing provisions shall not be construed to~prohibit free and
general distribution of articles commonly used for advertising except
so far as such articles are` actually used~ for commercial bribery as
herein defined.
SECTroN 1. If anyT member is also a member of another Industry,
the provisions of this Code shall apply to and affect only that part
of his bus~iness which is included in this Inrdustry.
SECTION 2. Any work or process incidental to and carried on bty aInT~o~slnct~fc~~o~
member at his plant a ato h auatr faypouto
the Industry, shall be regarded as a part of this Industry.
SECTION 3. The Code Authority may secure current information
regarding thie competition. in, domestic markets of imported dry
mats, and if it shall find that such dry mats arec being imported into
the U~nited St~ates in substantial quantities or in increasing ratio to
domestic proluct~ions, and on. suzch terms or under such. conditions as
to render ineffectivPe or seriously endanger the maintenance of this


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Code, it may complain t~o the President pursuant to the provisions
of Section 3 (e) of the Act and petition for suitable restrictions on
the importation of such dry mats.
SECTION 4. Such of the provisions of this Code as are not required
to be included therein by the Act, may, with the approval of the
President, be modified or eliminated as changes in circumirstanes or
experience m~ay indicate.
SECTION 5. I'jhis Code and all the provisions thereof are expressly
made subject to the right of the President, in accordance with the
provisions of Section 10 (b) of the Act, from time to time to cancel
or modify any order, approval, license, rule or regulation issued
under Title I of saidl Act, and specifically, but without limitation, to
the right of the Pr~esiden't to cancel or modify his approval thereof.
SECTION 6. This Code shall become effective on the second Monday
after the date upon which it shall be approved by the President.
Approved Code No. 4192.
Regristry No. 503-01.