Supplementary code of fair competition for the booksellers trade (a division of the retail trade) as approved on April 1...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the booksellers trade (a division of the retail trade) as approved on April 13, 1934
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Approved Code No. 80-Supplement No. I

Registry No. 501--07





(A Division of the Retail Trade)




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Approved Code No. 60O-Supplemrent No. 1 Registry No. 501-07





,As Approved on April 13, 1934

Page 7 paragraph 5 line 2, the word complaint should be
"' compliancee.)
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L" manufactured."~


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Approved Code Nio. 60--Supplement No. 1.



As Approved on April 13, 1934





An1 application having been duly made: pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of th~e National Industrial
Recovery Atct, approvedc June 16i, 1933, for approval of a Schedule
'"B for thie Booksellers Trade to the Code of Fair Competition
for the R~etail T~rade, and hearings having been duly~ held thereon
and the annexedl report on said Schedule "' B ", conltaining findings
with 'esp)eCt thlereto, having been made and direccted to the President:
NOWCI, TH[EREFORE, on behalf of the President of the United
Statesi, I[, Huigh S. Johllon,, Administrator for Industrial Recovery,
p)ursuant to authority vestetd in me by Executive Orders of the
President, including Executive Order No. 6543--A1, dated December
30, 1933, and otherwise; do hereby incorporate b~ reference said
annexedl report and do find that said Schedule B complies in all
respects with the pertinent provisions and will promote the policy
and purposes of said Title of said Atct; and do hereby order that
said Schedule 1B be and it is hereby appro'edl.
Admninicrtriator for Industrial Recovery.
Approva'l reconunlended~:
Acting Diiso A4dmin;is~frrtorat
W~IsmwONo, D.C.,
Atpr~il 13, _1934.
52900*-4 82-68---- 34 111


The( ilfhite House.
Sm T~he hearings onl Schedulle "B 3" of thle Retail Code for the
Bookseller~s D~ivision of the Retail T'1rade was;~ held inl the Deparult-
mient, of Conulnec~c B~uildling=, Wa~shington. D.C., on Feb~lruaryv ;3, 1934.
Ther Schelule, which i.- attachledl, was pre~-entedl by duly quanlifiedl and
authlorized represcentatives of the~ Tradel, complyjingl with statutory
requirements, saidc to replresent 70 per cent in dotllar volumei.
Inaccorda~nce wFith the customlary pr~ocedurec evcryo~n! present
who had filled a requ~est for an appeara"'"nce wa freelyl3 hea~rd] in p~ub-
liqand all statutory and regula~tory retquir'~lement-, were comlplied
Th~e prov-iions of this Schedule hav\e been unpprovetld by th~e Clon-
sumlers ~Adviso~cry~ Board, Industrial Advisory Boardc, Labor Advrisory
Board, and the Legral Division.

Thne malin fact. br~oughrlt out at thme Pulblic Henr1ing anmd at post-
hearing conferenlces clearly indicated that t~he '' los3: limiitation pr'o-
v-ision in thme Retail Codle did not alffordi protefCCtion to indlependlent
books~eller~s from predatory price cutting pranctice~s. Members of
the Trade arer~ facing an acute situation as a result of "' loss leader "
competition encojunterec d -from certain large dlepartmnenlt stories. Prior
to the adoption of the Retail Code, a few~ titles of popular new
book. wetre p~lacel on sale occasio~nally as -- los;s aleades or bait "
by some depanrtmlent stores, b~ut the ba'se for pr1ic~e cuttliiin has spread
since the Retail Code hans been in effec~t. Ench compeI~tingr depar~t-
Inent store know~s that th~e othIer cannnot sell be~low- corst and the~ cuit
~pric~e competition is, therefore, sp1read over thle who~le~ bcook dlep>art-
ment. Competition. of this sort for thle independentl~t book~lstier lleur as
eventual ba nkrup~ltey.
It is a siginificant fact that th~e grantingr orf a cop~yright of a title
to anl author or pub~lishcr creates a legall monopolycl~ so far as thant
title is co~ncerned. The hioldler of the copyr!igh~lt hasit thle right to sell
the! product not only to t~he retailer or dlistriburtor, bult also dlirectly
to the consumer at whatever price hie chiooses. Inm vijew of this legal
right, it is to be rememrbered that the booki publisher enni .well at fixed
pi''ces dtirectly to th~e consumec r thiroughi the mlediumr of national adl-
vertising; or by the use~ of a coupon. Thel~ saile of book~ls inl this man~I-
nor is in direct compe~ttition with the retail bookseller.

The destructivee practice of price cuitting~ now prevalent in this
Trade b~y various la rge firms dealing in other merchandise than books
has dlefinitely op~pressed small indlependient. hckse~llers depending

solely upon thie sale, of books for existence. The sale of books is as
dependent upon a limited, time factor as is the sale of newspapers
and magazines about which no one would qeto h aea h
price fixed by tepbihrndbotw icho onle would expect
comptiton y te retail distribu~tor in the form of price cutig
This Schiedule to the Retail Code. contains in Section 3 (a) and()
price provisions wherein the publisher's published price on. any trade
bjook- or text book is to be maintained by the retail bookseller for the
first 6 months after publication or if published before July 1st of any
year until after the first of the followingr year. After the said 6
months period or after thie first of the year following publication, as
provided, prices for the sale of books are restricted by Section 1 of
Article VIII of the Code of Fiair Competition for the Retail Trade.
This pr~ovision is designed to afford relief to thne booksellers from
predatory price cutting by members of the Trade interested pri-
ma~rilyr inJ the sale of other merchandise, with books as a possible
bait or lure. Nothing short of publishers price protection as stated
above can save the independent small bookseller from. a destructive
competitive battle in which he is h~andicappedl at the start by not
having other merchandise to which he can allocate his losses. After
making a careful study of the problems confrontilgr t~his Trade, the
Consumers Advisory Board of the National Reco ve ry A lmi n ist ra tion
has approved the price provisions of this Schedule.

At th~e request, of the Trade there is created under this Schedule
an Administrator's Price Control Committee~ for the purpose of main-
taining a constant check on prices in the bookrsell~ing Trade to pre-
vent ab-uses of' the Price Manint~enance Provision. either by book; putb-
lishers or by. booksellers. This Committee shall consist of the Con-
sumers Ad~cvlsory Board representative on the Code Aut~hority, one
representative of the Niational 1Booksllers Code Authority, one
representative from the T[rade B~ook Publishers Code Authority, and
one representative of the AQuthors Guild of the Authors Leagaue of

The Bookselling Trade is designated a D~ivision of the Retail
Trade and shall be represented as such and as her~einafter specified
in the National Retail Code Authorityr and in all its Local Rietail
Code Authorities. The administration of thie provisions in this
Schedule shall be byT the National Boo0kellers Code Authority which
shall consist of not more than 9 memlber~s, 4 of whoril shall be
appointed by the Board of D~irectors of the American Booksellers
Associat ion; 1, to be appointed by the Board of Directors of the
National Associntion of College Book Stores; and 2 members to be
designated or selected by bookrselle~rs wrho are nrot membllers of either
of these associations in accordance with a plan to be approved by
the Administ~rator. InJ addition, it is provided thast there shall be
12 administration members to be appointed by the Admninistrator, one
of whom shall be appointed upon the nomination of the Consumlers
Advisory Board.

Thle D~eputy Administrator in his final report to me on said Shchd-
ule C" B of the Retall Code for the B3ookselcllers Divisjion orf thle
Retalil Traide having found as h~erein set forth, and on the basis of
all the pr1oceedings in this matter;

(a) Saidl Schedule "L B "' is well des~igned to p~romolcte the pol icies
a<1purposec's of T~itle I of the Nlatiolnal Ind~ustrial Recocvery
A ct., indnr~emoval of obtst ruL i ons to th~e free flow of
inter.-state an3 foreign commerIce. C whlichI tend to diminish thle
amount thereof and will pr~ovide for the general w\elfar~e by p~ro-
mioting~ the organization of industry for thle pm-plose of coop~er-
ative~ nectioni among thle trade group.;, by inducingi andt maintaining
uniitedl action of laibor andc maniagemntl muler~l adlequate gover-cl
miental sanlctionls and sup~erv\ision,, by elulninatmgf unfair competitive
pranc:tice, by promoting the fullest possible utilization of the present
poduIi.cltion capa city of Industries, by avoiding undcuee restriction
ofpoucin(xcept as mary be temnpo~a ril~y rqciu iredtl) by increasing
the conisumnption of industrial aInd agr~icultural pr1odlucts through
iincreasing~ purchasing power, b~y reducing and relieving unemploy-
menit, by imnproving standards of labor, andi by otherwise rehabllil-
itating Indust ry.
(b) Said Tra~de normally employs not mrore thaon 30,000 employees;
andr is not classified by me as a mlajor industry.
(c) Said Schedule "L B as approv~edt, complies inl all respects with
the pertinent; provisions of said Tit~le of saidl Act including without
limitation Sub-section (a) of ~Section 3, Sub-section (a) of Section 7,
andi Sub-section (b) of Sec-tion 10 thereof, and that the applicant
associations are! trade, asocialtions truly representative of the afore-
said Trade; and that the said associations impose no inequitable re-
restrictions on admission to mnember~ship therein.
(d) Said ~Schedule L"B is not designed to and will not permit
monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) Said Schedule '"B "" is not diesigrnedl to and will not eliminate
or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to discriminate
against them.
(f) Thzose engaged in oehther steps of the ec~lonomic process hlave
not been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
Schedule "L B "" of the Retail Code.
]For these reasons, therefore, I have approved said Schedule '' BI "
of the Retail Code ~for the Booksellers D~ivision of the Retail Tr~ade.
Ar laz, 18 984


In addition to the provisions of thie Retail Code, thle following
supplemental prov,\isions shall apply to the Bookrselling ]Establish-
ments and to all Bookseller~s engaged in thne Book1selling Trade.
1. Bookseallingr TradeTc.-The terms Bookselling, Trade and
" Tr~ade as ulsedl herein mnean and include all selling to the con-
sumr anld not for the purposes of resale, and/or renting to the con-
sumner, for a consideration? of trade books and~/o~r texrt books as de-
finedl herein.
2. ~Bookeceller.--The term Bo~okseller as ulsedl herecin means and
includes, but without limitation, any individual, patr~tnership, asso-
ciation, corporation, club, or public body, or any other form of en-
terprise no~w or hereafter engaged wholly or partially, either as an
employer or in his or its own behanlf, in the bookisellingr trade.
3. Book~selin~ ~Estaoblishnownt. Thne term Bookselling Estab-
lisHment as used herein means and inlcludets any store or depart-
ment or section of a store usedl for or e~ngaged mn the bookselling
trade and any establishment, offce, or place of business enlgared
in the retail distribution of books including retail distribution de-
partmlents of publishing companies, whe~ther~ pulblishing books, mag-
azmnes, periodicals, or other articles sold jointly wsithn books.
4. Baooks.-T'he term Books as usfied herein means trade book-s
and/or text books.
5. Trade~ Bookis. -The term Tr'Iade Book as used her'ein means
and includes an edition of any book mnunrfalctured or p~ublishedl for
sale by bookstores. It does not include, however, editions of trade
books mannufacturedl for sale as the r~egullar monthly selection of a
Book Club, or editions manufactured and published exclusively
for distribution by mail order and/or sulbscriptionn booklsellers~.
6. Test Booksp.-The term. Text Books "" as used herein means
and includes an edition of anly bookr manufactured and published
prim~arilyr for class use in eduentional institutions.
7. Book: (7ubs.-Thle term Book Club as usedl here~in mneans
and includes an individual or organization engagedl in the sale,
through mail or through outside salesmnen, of books to bonal fide sub-
scribers wrho havec boundl themlselvecs in writing to pulrchase a series
of monthly selections, and~ for whom any boo~kseller may act as
agent in the sale of such subtsc~riptions, on the samle commission
rate as paid t~o any other agent ofr said Bookr Club, or on a rea-
sonable percentage basis.

8. Act tndn Ad~min~istratnr. The term Act andi Administra-
tor as used herein sharlf l mann respectively thle N"ational Indu~strial
Recovery Alct andr the Admiiinistrator for Ind~ustrial Recoverly.
This schledule shall b~ecomne effective on its aplprovasl by the
Admlinist ra tor.

The following pr~visio~ns supersede the pr~ovisions of Article VIII
of thte Rectail C'ode, except as hereinafter specified, as to thle sale of
(a) Excep~t a~s here~innfter specified, no bookseller shanll sell or otfer
for sale any~ copy or edition of any book during th~e first sixr (6)
months after the putblie~ntion date thereof, or if pub~lishecd before July
1st in any, year, until January 1st of the follow-ing~ year, at a price
lowerr thai the publisher's published price thereof.
(ib) At any other time after publication date th~an thle time speci-
fldabove. no b~ook~seller shall sell or offer for sale any copy or any
edlition of an~y book at a lower price than providedd in the p~reamble
and p~ar~araaphl number '"1"of Se~ction 1 of Article VIII of the
Retail Code and any amendments thereto.

(1) Sales of books as bona fide clearance, or of bona fide discon-
tinued books, if advertised, marked and sold as such; provided, how-
ever, that suchz books as are governed by Section 3 (a) shall first be
offered by the booklseller for return to his source of supply at not more
than the bookseller's invoice cost; and, damaged "second-hand ", or
shelf-w~orn books, if advertised, marked and sold as such; books sold
on complete final liquidation of any business; provided that no book
shall be sold pursuant to the above exce tions contrary to any reg-
ulations of the National. Bookseller's Code Authiority which ar~e
alpproved by the Admiinistrator.
(2) Sales of books to public libraries, schools andl school libraries,
colleges and college libraries, church libraries, c~haritalble orgramzal-
tions, State reading circles and other public agencies for Institu-
tion alnd/or institutional library purposes only, provided that if
the Bookseller's Code Aut~hority shall at any time, with the ap~prov-al
of the Administrator, fix discounts for such sales, discounts inl excess
thereof shall not be allowed. Any such discount. shall not be
increased beyondl that amount by special consideration.
(3) Sales g~overned by~ State lawms and 'or contracts with a State
or any political subdivision thereof, making it mandatory that the
prices to the State or subldivision thereof by the bookseller shall not
bemore than the low~est. price at which thle bookiseller currently
makes any other sale.
(4) Sales of books to a bookseller's employees for the employee's
personal use only
(5) The sale of pu~blishe~tr~ s' remainders of books; the B~ooksellers'
Codle Author~ity shanll issuei such rules and regulations necessary to
define "L publiSher's Iremaindlers "' and to regulate sales of such pub-

lisher's remninders. In the event of an allegedI violation of this'
povisio~n. it shall bet prima fuele evidelnc~e of complaint, if the book-
selcler has onl file anld subm~iits an affidavit firomn his source of supl
that the books in question are, in fact, publlishers' remllinders o
books-, and~ n~t. malnufacttures secCiallyS for rema~ninder sale.
(6i) Sales~, of books by a~ Jlegally appointedl referee or receiverr in
bankrupl~tey' for thie purpose0~F of liquidating thre assets of a bookseller
for the ben~lefits of his c~red~itors, but only for thie purpose, of
(c) No b~ook;ereller shall give or offer to giv-e any trade book and/or
text b~ookl as aIn inducem~ent for the purchase of any other book, not
includedi in the de~finition above, or other mlerchandis~e, nor shall any
book-s~elle give or offer to give any other such book or other mner~chan-
dise as an indulrcemeltnt for the pur~ch~ase of a trade book and/or text
bookc, except that. this provision shall not apply to qualified memlbers
of the Subs~cription and Mail Ord-er Book Industry, as defined in the
Code for that I~ndustry, if such books offered or given by said memb-
berss are special edlition~s reandil~y distinguishable in format from t~he
regular trade ed~itio~n or if they are trade editions originally pub-
lished in thie United States not less than two years before such o~ffer.
The Bookselling Trade is hereby designated a. Division of the
Retail Tr~ade and shall be represented as such and as hereinafter
specified in the National Retail Code Authority and in all its Local
Retail Code At5uthnorities. Except as hereinafter expresksly provided,
the administration of thiis Code and of this schedule, as _applyingo
to the Bookselling Trade, shall be as provided in Article X of the
Retail Code:
There is created herein a Nlaationral Booksellers' Code Authority, as
F'our (4I) mem~lbers shall be appointed by the Board of D~irectors
of the Amler~ican Booksellers Association; one (1) member shall be
appointed by the Board Directors of the National Association of
'oll~ege ookt Stores; two (2) members shall be designated or
selected by booksellers who are nrot members of either of these Asso-
ciations in accordance w~ith a plan to be approved by the Adminis-
trator; two (2) Ai-dministration members shanll be appointed by the
Admlinistrtorl one of whomn shall be appointed upon the nomina-
tion of the Consumners' Advisory Board, but neither of whom shall
have a vote and both of w~homl shall serve without expense to the
National Booksellers Code Alu~thority; and such other additional
members as th~e Alministrator may deem necessary to trul~y repre-
sent the mlemnbers of this trade.
1. National Borokedlere Code! Authority Commtittees.--The Code
Authority shall, as soon as practical after the effective date of this
Code, appoint from among its members or from. representative me-
ber of t~he trade the ~following conulnittees:i
a) Committee on Pr~emiiumns
b) Committee on Rental Libraries
Sc) Comitfee on Public L~ibratries
d) Committee onl B3ookseller Jo~-.~~bbers `Relations

(e) Committee on Rocksellers-Mnail Order and Subscription
(nf) Committee on Boo0kseller~s--P publishers Relations
(g) Ciommittee on State and Muinicipal Contracts
ndsuch other committees as m~ay be necessary to assist the Code
Authority in its recommendations and findings to the Administrator.
The Committees above named shall, upon request of the Adniinis-
trator, or aymembter or members of the Code Authority, make such
EUT~yS stdis and :reports as the Admiinistrator may designate or
find necessary, anrd inl particular t.he Comnmit~tee on Bookseller--Pub-
lishers' Relations shiall from timec to time report to the Administrator
on the wages and hours of Inbor emnployed by the retail distributing
departments of puiblisher members of the Trade. On the basis o
such surveys and reports of the saidl committees or any of them, the
Code Authority shall if it deems necessary issue such rules and re u-
latio~ns as may be necessa ry to effectulate fa ir com~petit ive pr~acti ces b-
tween suich members of the indlustry~ and others as are included under
such surveys. Suchi rules and regulations, w-hen so issued by the Code
Authority and appr~oved by the Admllinistrator, shall be mlade effective
immnediately or at such timle as is specifiedl by t~he Admninistrator, and
when so effective, shall be made a part of this Schiedule.
2, .- Amnllistratfor%' Pr~ice Cont~rol CommlIitte.-- The Adm~inistrator
shliall immlediatelyy upon th~e effective da~te of thiis Codle appoint a com-
mlittee to be! k~nowin as th~e Admlinistrator's Price Control Comlmittee,
which shall consist of (a) the Administration representative nom-
inated byr thie Consumners' Advisory Board, (b) one (1) re fresenta-
tive of th~e National Bookisellers Codle Aut.hority, (c) one () repre-
sentative' from; the Trrade Book Publishers Codle Authority, and (d )
one (1) representative of the Auithors Guildl of the Auithors League
of America, designated by the PIeresident. of said Guild; which com-
mittee shall, upon thie demand of the Administrator alnd/~or any
member of the Commiittee, immediately investigaate andi report to
th~e National Booksellers Code Auithority andi to the Admiinistrator
an claim of unwarranted increase in publisher's list prices or de-
crease in discount from the publisher's list price to any bookseller or
any other ulnwarralnte Irinreases In cost andu/or prices caused by
increased or changing costs due to t.he N'ational Indust~rial Recovery
The Code Authlflorifty shall immediately after receipt of such in-
vest~igation andl findlings, submit a fulll report. thlereon, with recom-
mendations, to the Admiinistrator, wh]o may after a hearing on due
notice to all parties interested determiine that unwarranted increases
in the publisher's published price or decreases in the booksellers'
discount on any booki or books have been made. Upon such dleter-
minatio.n thle Administrator mlay suspend the operation of the Price
1Provisions of this Sc~hedule in connection w~ith the sale by booksell-
er~s of thie book or books in question until such time as in thle opinion
of th~e Codte Authority andi the Administrator such unwarflranted
increases' in p lihrspublished price and/or decreases in dis-
couints shalll hiave been eliminated.
3. Code C~oordinati~ng Committee.--From the Code Authority
created hlereinabove, an equal number of representatives shall be
designatedl to serve as the representatives of the Booksellers Trade
with similarly designated representatives of any and all other code

authtor~ities created under allied Codes, insofar aIs sucrh Codes con-
tainl r~e.iprocal code coo-r~dinating prov\isionis. Such representatives
of the Boo~kstlelles Tradie. shall act, with such o~thler duly designa2tedd
repre-sentatfi ves, as thle Codt~e Coordfinating Comlmittee of the Bjooki-
seller~s Trade and A~llied- Inll u tries. Such; Code Coordcina~ting" Com-
m.litteed shall assists the AiSdministrator in the administer1ingr of thlis
and~~ o~ther allied~ codles Illrepresented thereon, on all malltters~ affecting
the welfare of the mIemberL1s of this tradle and o~ther~ alliedl indus-
tries, atnd such Code Coollrdinatiin Committee shall l study and report
on all matters brought before it.
4. Poweurs of Natr'ional Book~sellers Gode Authorl~it gf.-T'he Na-
tional 3Booksellers Code Auth~ority herein cr~eatel sh-a~ll have all
powe-rs necessary to assist the Administrantor in the a dmrli ni sterli ng
of the~ provisions of this Schnedule: and through the Local B3ookse~ller~s
Committees, or such separate L~ocal Bookisellers Code Aulth~orities as
may be a authorized, shall ha-ve thhe sole power to assist the Admninis-
trator in achninistering the price provisions of this SIlchdule.
5. In7/terpretations.--Th]e A~dmrinistrator may fromt timec to tim~e,
after consultation with the N'ational Booksellers Code Authority,
issue such Administration interpretations of the provisions -ofi this
Schedule as will be necessary to effectuate its purpose, and such in-
terpr~etat.ions shall, unless the Administrator mnay specify o~therwnise,
becom-~e immediately operative as a part of this Schedule.
6. Local Book~sellers' Commzittee. -The National Book-eller~s' Code
Authority shall, with the approval of the Administrator, supervise
the formation of a Booksellers' Commnittee in each. authorized Llocal
Retail Code Authority, which Bookseller~s' Commnittee shall have the
power and authority to administer the provisions of this Schedule;
and in can junction with each Local Retail Code A~uthority, shall ad-
minist~er th~e provisions of the Code of Fair Competition for the
Retail'Trade. Each such. Booksellers' Committee shall include in its
memznber~ship and shall designate from, among its membership the
representa!ttive or repl~resentati\c~iv of the bookse~lling tradce on the
Loedl Retail Code Authority in the respective trade ar-n~..
Provided, however, that upon application from the National Book-
sellers' Code Authorit~y advising the ~Adcministrator that separate
Local Bookrsellers' C~ode Auth-orities are necessary to secure the ef-
fective aldministrati onl of this Schedule in mretrop~lolitan areas, the
Administrator may authorize the formation of such Local Booki-
sellers' Code Authorities at any time aft:r the effective late of this
Slc~he~l hde. Suc~h sepa~lrate Local Book~sellerls' Code Aluthor~iities shall
assi. t inl the admlninistratioon of the Code of Fair' Complletition for
the Retail Trade and of this Schedule in such areas as may be placed
within their j u r isdlit lo n.
"7. Emapen-ses.-The explens~es necessary for the agencies estabjlished,
pursolnnt to Article XY of the Retail Code and pI1ursuan to this Section,
Insofar as borne by,! Bookrsellers, shall bec equitably assessed against
them in accor~dancec wFith a ~plan to be devised~l by the National jBook-
selle~rs Code Author~ity, in c~onsulltation with th~e National Retail
Code Au!thlority anric subject to the aplpr~oval of the Adm~~inistrator..
Apprllovedi Code No. ci S-upplement No. 1.
HRgistr~y No. 501-07.

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