Supplementary code of fair competition for the construction news service industry as approved on December 20, 1934


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the construction news service industry as approved on December 20, 1934
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Construction news service industry
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For sale by the Superintendent orDocuments, Wash~ington, D. C. - P'rice 5 ents

Approved Code No. 244--Supplement No. 19

Registry No. 507--17








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Approved Code No. 244--Supplement No. 19



As Approved on D~ecemtber 20, 1934




Ain application having been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Aclct, approved June 16, 1933, and pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Section 5 of Article VIII of Chap-
ter I: of the Code of Fair Competition. for the~ Construction. Industry,
approved January 31, 1934, for approval of Chapter XXIII of said
Code, which Chzapter XXIII is applicable to the Construction News
Service Division of the Construction Industry, and "hearings having
been held thereon and the anlnexed report on said Code, containing
~findings with respect thereto, having been made and directed to the
NOW, TCHEREF'ORE, on behalf of the P'resident of the United
States, the National Industrial Reco~very Board, p~ulrsunt to author-
ity vested in it by Executive Orders of the President, including
Exejcutive Ordercl No. 6859, dated September 27, 1934, and otherwise,
does hereby incorporate by reference said annexed report and does
find that said Chapter complies in all respects with the pertinent
provisions and will promote the policy and purposes of said TIitle of
said Acet; and does hereby order that said Chapter XXIII be and it is
hereby app~rovedzc and that the previous approval of said Code of
Fair Comrpe~tition~ for the Constr~uction Industry is hereby modified
to include an approval of said Code in its entirety as suplplementlled
by said Chapter XXI~III[I:
PROVI[DED, HIOWTEVTER, that with reference to the W7ag~es and
General Labor prov\isio~ns of Article II of Chapter XXII[I, the ap-
provasl herein given is on condlition that the National Indusltr~ial
Recl:overy Board may~ examine~ or recons~iderit c the provisions of said
Article at any timle within a period of one hundred and eigh~ty (180)
104239"--1385-126----84 i

anvs from~ the! effective dalte of this Chapjte~r, to determine. their effect
up"'n the emloyeesl~~i and(' thec general c~ondrit ion of the Ind~ust ry.
By W. A. H.1m.vrl~~ .\s,- Adinnlira~tivct~e Offeccr.
Approval remannonded~llt II:

WE)smKGrohw D). C.,
December 20~, 19346


T~he White House.
Sm: This is a report on Chapter XX~III, the Construction Niews
Service Chapter of the Code of Fair Competition for the Cornstruc-
tion I~ndustr~y, which waI~s approved by y~ou on January 31, 1934, and
which is d~escr~ibed as Chapter I.
This Chapter is a revision after public hearings conducted in
W~ashtington onl Mayr 8, 1_934, ini accordance with the provisions of the
National Inldustr~ial Recovery Act. This Chapter amplifies Chapter I
but applies specifically to the Cons~trulction News Service Division
of the Construction Industry.

The hIours set forth in Chapter I of the Construction Code as
approved by you on January 31, 1934, are applicable to this Code.
The proposed minimuil~m wages of Chapter XXIII, although slightly
lowert1 than the wage provPisions of Chapter I, the Code of Fair Comn-
petition for the Construction Industry, will, according to the' statis-
tical analysis of the Division of Research and 1Planningr, increase the
w-eekly earnings of 105 out of 5'73 employees, or slightly over 1870 of
the total number of employees in this industry.


According to the statistical analysis of the Di~vision of Research.
and Planning, the proponents of the code estimated that there were
in 1929 tenr establishments engaged~ in this industry, with an estimatedl
capital investment of about $8il0,000l. For the year 1933 it has been
estimanted that there were eighteen firms engaged inl the industry with
a enpital investment, approximately the same as in 1929. The esti-
mlatedl business volume for this year was $2,679,000.
Although this indullstryS is smalnl it is reasnabnlle to predict that thre
establishment of uniform. rates of pay, uniform hours of work, im-
pr~o-ed~ condtitions of employment and the prohibition of unfair trade
practices will be benleficial to both the employers and employees of
the industry.

The D3epnlty Acdministrator in his final report to the Naltio-nal
Industrial Recov-ery Board on said Supplementary Code for the
Construction News Service Division of the Constr~uctioin Industry,
having found as herein set, forth and on the basis of all the pro-
ce~edings in, this matter;

Thle National TIndustrial Recovery) Boarll findls tha~t:
(a) Subil Cons.trulctio~n Newrs Service Chaplterr andI said Code of
Fair Compe~ct it ion for the Construct ion Ind ut ry', as supplemented by
said Constru~ction News Service Chap-ter, are well designed to pro-
mlote the policies and purposesj of Title I of the Namtional Industrial
Recovecry Act, including removal of obstructions to the free flow of
inlterstat9 andi for~eign commrerce whIic~h tetnd to diminish the amount
thereof and will provided, for the general welfare by promoting the
organizationn of industry for the purposes of cooperative action amlong
the trade groups, by indu~cing and ma~inta.ining united action of labor
and management under adequate governmental sanctions and super-
vision, by elimiinating unfair competitive practices, by promoting the
fulllest possible utilization of the present productive capacity of in-
dustries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (except as may
be temporarily required), by increasing the~ consumption of Industrial
and agriulturall Prod~ucts through increasing purchasing po~werb
reducing and rehierin g unemp1 loyment, byT Improving stand ards o
labor, and by otherwise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Said Industry normally emplos not more than 50,000 em-
ployees; anld is not classified by the ational~ Iustrial Riecovery
Board~ as a major industry.
(c) Said Construction News Service Chapter an thie Code of Fair
Competition for the Construction Industry, as supplemented by said
Construction Newos Service Chapter, as approved com~ply in al re-
spects with the pertinent provisions of said Title of said Act, includ-
ing without linutation Subsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a)
of Section 7, and Subsection. (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant association is an industrial association truly representative
of thie aforesaid I~ndustry; and that said ~Associationl unposes no
inequitable restrictions on admission to membership theremn.
(d) Said Construction News Service Chapte~r and the Code of Fair
Competition for the Construction Industry, as supplemented by said
Construction News Service Chapter are not designed to and wpill
not permit monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) Said Construction News Service Chapter and the Code of Fair
Competition for thie Construction Indusry as supplemented by the
said Construction News Service Chapter, are not designed to and
will not eliminate or oppress small enterprises an will not operate
to discrimiate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of th~e right to be heard prior to appolofsi
Construction News Service Chapter and ofsaid Code, a supple- si
mented by this Construction News Service Chapter thereof.
For these reasons, therefore, the Nationatl Industrial Recovery
Board hals approved said Construction News Service Chcapter of th
Code of F~air Competition of th~e Construction Industry.
]For the National Industrial R~ecovery Board:
WQ. iA. HannRma~,
Administrative O~f)E~cerT.
DECEMBERa 20, 1934.


SECTION 1. The terrn Construction Newlps Service Division. of the
Construction Industry or this Division ", as used herein, means
the rendering of const~ructionn project news service in individual slip
or bulletin form at re~gular~ intervals not less frequently than once a
week and thte selling of such newPs service, only under contract provid-
in~g for exclusive use in the interests of each individual subscriber,
and such related bra~nchles or subdlivisions as mnay from~ time to time
be included under the provisions of this Code.
SECTION 2. Th~e term. "C Member of this Division shzall be defined
to mean without limitation any individual, partnership, association
or corporation or other form of enterprise which actually renders
construction project news in individual slip or bulletin form at
regular intervals not less frequently than once a weekz an~d sells
such news service only, under contract restricting the! use. of all new~s
included in such service to thle, exc~lusive interests of each individual
SEc. 3. The terin Association as used hlerein is dlefined to mean
"Cthe Construction News Service Asso~cciation."

A. SECTION 1.. /,lltimlnz i EOz78.--No employee shall be permitted
to w~ork in excess of eight (8) hours in any day or forty (40) hours
in ainyJ weekr, within this Divisionl with the follow~ing exemplltions:
(at) Executives and sulpervisors earnmy~ regularly thirty-five
($:35.00() dollar11s per weekr or more. Sulpervilsors shall bethose in a
supervisor c~apneityr, performing no malnrual wrk~l.
(b) Outsid~e sales;men and outside reporters.
(c) Ther~e shall be no limitation of hours per day for employees
enigaged in the production, comlmer~cia duplication andl ma~iling~ of
news reports to sub~scribers, providing how-e-er, they shall not be
permitted to workl more than forty (40)) hours in any week.
B. SIECTION 1. #1:17072 'TFrqC8.-Rr the purposes of this see-
tion the personnel of this division shall be divided into groups as
follo-s :
G;ROUP A. ACcoulnting, and general office employees;
Grnour B. Outrsidle travelling reporters a~nd outside salesm~en; anrd
GROU~P C. Emnployees engaged in the~ prodluct~ion, commllercial d~upli-
cation and mailing of news r~epor~ts to subscribers.
r ee, paragraph 8 of order approving this Code.

Groupie Ci e
Cftie less

A and B~.._.~.................................................. $15. 00 $14. 00
C~................................~......~................... 13. 00 13.00

SECTION 3. WageS t0 all employees for part time shall be computed
and paid at pro~portional rates for the time actually employed.
C. Generalii. SEC.TION i. NO employee now emp~loyedl at a wage rate
in excess of the minimum shall be discharged, and reemiployed at a
lower wage rate, for the purpose of evFading the provisions of this
SECTION 2. T1he m~inium rates of pay applicable to employees
wCithinthis Division shall be maintained regardless of whether t~he
employee is compensated on the basis of a time rate, piecework or
other basis.
SECTION 3. Each member of this Division shall provide for the
safety and health of emnploy~ees at the place and during the hours of
their employment. Standards for safety anld health shall be sub.
mitted by the Divisional Code Authority to the Nlational Industrial
Recovery Board within six (6) months after the effective date of
this Chapter. After approval, such standards shall become the mini-
mum standards of safety- anld health for all members of this Division.
SECTION 4. All employers shall post and keep posted, copies of
Chapter I: and this Chiapter of this Code in conspicuous places ac-
cessi~ble to all emloyees. Every member of the industry shall com-
ply with all rules and regulations relative to the posting of provi-
stons of Codes of Fiair Competition which may from time to time
be prescribed by the Nliational Industrial Riecovery Board.
SnOrrIoN 5. AlIl members of this Division shall make payment of
all wages duer in lawful currency of the United States or by nego-
tiable check therefore, payable on demand at par. If: wages are paid
by check, the employer shall provide reasonably accessible facilities
for cashmng such checks at face value without expense to the em-
ployee. Employrers shall also provide such identification as is nee-
essary to utilize such facilities.
WCages shall be paid at least semi-m~onthly. Wages shall be ex-
empt fTrom any payment or deduction for pensions, insurance or sick
benefits except such as are voluntarily paid, required by ~law, or
authorized to be deducted by employees. Employers or their agents
shall not accept, directly or indirectly, rebates on such wages or
givFe anything of value naor extend an~y favors to any person for the
purpose of influencing rates of wages or working conditions of their
SjECTION 6. Employers shall not reduce thre rates of wages for em-
ployees whose rates are nowc in excess of the minimum rate herein
provided (notwithstanding that the number of hours worked in
such employment may hereby be decreased) and where in any case
an employer has not mereased the rates of wages of such employees
prior to the effective datei of this Code by an equitable readjustment
of all wage rates, such employer shall readjust all such wage rates.

SEC'TION 2. 11/Hitinr, 7Trage( Per Wel'cek --

SECTION 7. Fliemale emp~loyeecs per~form!ing subs~tantllyll the same
worllk as male employees sha:ll retce~ive the tiamel ra;te? of pay as male~
~EC.TION 8. Natu'eapped pe,,7),''rrons-A nprsonn whose p erning~r capa)-
city is limited becialme of agre or phy-sica~l or mental handilcap, or
other infirmnity mayr be empcloyed on light workl at a wagte below
the minimum es~tablishedl by this Code if the employer obtains from
the State auth~or~it~y designlatedl by the UCnited States Department of
Labor a cer~tificate authlorizing his employment at such wages and
for sulch hours as shall be stated in the certificate. Each employer
shall file monthly with the Code Authority a list of all such persons
employed by him, showing the wages paid to, and the maximum
hours of work for such employee.
SECTION 9. No employer shall dismiss or demote any employee
for making a complaint or giving evidence with respect to an
alleged violation of the provisions of this Code.
SECTION 10. MemIl~ bers of this Div~ision who personally perform
labor or are engaged in operations subject to the provisions mn para-
graph (A), Section I, of Article II of this Code~ shall not exceed,
while so working as employees, the maximum of hours prescribed
therein for employees.
SmIono ~11. In no crase shall a member of this Division avcoid or
evade the labor provisions of this Code by contracting any part
of his work: to any person or persons subject to labor provisions less
stringe~nt than those provided in this Code.
SwrlIow 1. AB Divisional Code Authority is heereby constituted to
administer this Code within this Division. The Divcisional Code
Authrity shall consist of six members, or such other number as may
fromn time1 to time be approved by~ the National Industrial Recovery
Board. F~ive of these members shall be the five D~irectors of the
Association. The other member shall be selected by the N~ational
Industrial Recovery Borard from and to represent the non-mem~bers
of the A8ss~ociation who are members of the Division. Members of
the Divisional Code Authority~ shall be elected for terms of one
ye:ar and annually thereafter and shall have one vote and shall
SEC'PON 2. Subject to such rules and regulations as may be issued
by the National Industrial Rtecovery Board, the Divisional Code Au-
thority shall have the power and duties conferred upon it by Sub-
division B of ~Article IV of Chapter I of this Code anld also shall
have th1e following powers and duties:
(a) to provide for the execution of the provisions of this Code
and provide for the compliance of the Industry with the provisions
of the Act;
(b) to cooperate with the National Industrial Recovery Board in
regulating the use of any N. R. A. insignia solely by those members
of this Division who are complying with this Code;
(c) to make recommendations to the N~ational Ilndustrial Recovery
Board for the coordination of the Adm1inistration. of this Codte with
such other codes, if any, as may be related to or affect members of
th3is Divcision;

(d) to appo'int a Tr~ndel Pralctice Comlmittee woPhich shall meet with
thle T-radle Practice Canonllifttee.i appol(inrm~Ited l'l ud r su other codes as
mayr! be reinuted to this Division f: r the purpos~ce of formullating fair
trader practices to govern thle re~lationshipsJ~, betw\een employers under
this Cnc-e ad~ unde~cr achl' other codeTls to thle end that such fair trade
pe~netirces may be p~roposed'' to thle Natfiona~l Indurstrial Recovery Board
as nmecndmnclts~ to this C~ode and such other codes;
(be) in compliance~ with thne pr~ovisions of Section 1 of Subdivision
A f article IV'C of Chap~lter I oslc ndvda rmti
Division as a miemb~er of the Co~nstruction Code Authority. Such
memlber shall be eleccted for a term of one (1) year or until his
sIcce soTr shall have been elected andi qualified. The election shall be
helll annually upon proper"' notice to every member of the Divisional
Codle Authority, and each of sulch members shall be entitled to one
vote. In or~der for any~ ~candlidate to be elected, fiv-e (5>) of the six
(6 embto~nc~ters of thle DIvi\sional Code Authoritg shall have voted for

(f) to provide appropriate facilities for arbitration, and subject to
the approval of the National Industrial Recovery Board, to pre-
sc~ribe rlle~s of ~procedurlle and rules to effect compliance with awards
anid determninations.
(g) to use such trade associations and other agencies as it deems
proper for the carryinga out of any of its activities provided for
herein, prov'ided that nothing heremn shall relieve the Divisional
Code! Authority~ of its duties or responsibilities under this Code and
th~at such trade assoc~iations and agencies shall at all times be subject
to and comply w~ith the provisions hereof.
SEenoxN 3. 1. It being found necessary in order to support the
administration of this code and to maintain the standards of fair
competition establis'hedl hereunder and to effectuate the policy of the
Act, the Divisional Code Authorit~y is aulthor~ized:
(a) To incur such reasonable obligations as are necessary and
propr fr th foegong prnnposs and to meet such obli nations out
of :funfrfrtefr~i~ ---r--ds which may be raised as hereinafter provided and which
shall be held in trust for the purposes of the Code;
(b) T~o submit to the National Industrial Recovery Board for its
approval, subject, to LSUCh notice and opportunity ob er si
maiy deeml necessary (1.) an itemizedbudgaet ofI its h esmatd ex-i
pensecs for the foregoing purposes, and (2) an equitable basis upon
wJhich the funds necessary to support such budgeta shall be contrib-
nted~ byQ memb'ters of this mndust~y; i
(c) After suchI buldget and basis of contribution have been ap-
pr~ovedr b the Niational Industrial R~ecovery Boa~rd, to determine and
obtain equitab~le cont ribution as above set forth by all members of
this Divlsion, and to that end, if necerssary, to innstitu~te legal pro-
ceeldingsi th~erefor in its own namne.
~2. Eachl membler of thlis D~ivision shall pay his or its equitable
contribution to t~he expenses of the maintenance of the Ciode Author-
ity, determiined as hereinabove provided, and subject to rules and
reulalltions pcrtaiining thereto issued by th~e National Induistrial Re-
covery Boc:lad. Only members of this Division compllying withl the
C'orle and c~ontriburtinga to thle expensres of its administration as he~re-
inabove providled, unless duly exempted from making such contribu-

tions, shall be entitled to parlticipaIte in the selection of Illnlembes of
the D~ivisiolnal Cod~e. Aulthority or to receive the benefits of any of its
voluntary activities or to mlakec use of any emb~llem or insigmia of the
Nat i ona~l Recov-erIy AchIn i nIi trnt i onI.
3. Tlhe Divisionlal Code Aluthority~ shall neither incur nor pay any~
obligation substantially in excess of the amo1unlt theretof as e~stilunted
in its approvedc budget, and shall in no event exsceed~ the total amcilunt
contained in the approved~c budlget, except up~on approval of the
National Inldustrial Rec~over~y Board; and no subsequent budget shall
contain any de~ficiency item for expenditures 1in exce~ss of prior budget
estimates except those which the N~ational I~ndustrial Riecovery Board
shall have so approved.
SECTION 4. Thke Adminaistration mebers, th~e Construction Code
Authority and the National Industrial Recovery Board shall be
given at least five (5) days' notice of, and may sit at, all meetings
of the Divisional Code Authority.

SECTION 1. 186 fO110w7Ping provisions are adopted as rules of fair
trade practice for members of this Division, and any violation of
these rules shall constitute an unfair method of competition. and a
violation of this Code as it applies to this Division.
RmaL 1. NI~o member of this Division shall intentionally mislead
or deceive customers with respect to the service to be rendered or
with respect to the news gathering facilities of the member of this
Division rendering the service nor shall any member of this Divi-
axon profess or claima to be in any manner an organ or agency of any
Code Authority unless expires authorized to do so.
Runrr 2. No member of this division shall use another member's
service to obtain information in connection with the preparation
and furnishing by the said first mecmber of its service to its suxb-
scribers, unless an interchange of news is mutually agreed upon and
consented to by- the members participating therein.
RLEoL 3. No member of this Division shall defame competitors by
falsely imputing; to them dishonorable conduct, inability to perform
contracts, questionable credit standing, or by other false statements
or representations, or by false~ disparagemaent of the grade or quality
of their product with the purpose of misleading or deceiving pur-
chasers or of injuriously affecting the business of such competitors.
RunLE 4. No member of this D~ivision shall publish or circulate
unjustified or unwarranted threats of legal proceedings which tend
to or hJa~ve the effect of harrassing comettors or intimidating their
Ruzz 5. No member of this Division shall give, permit to be given,
or offer to give, anythng of value for the purpose of in~fluencing or
rewarding the action of any employee, agent, or representative of
another in relation to the business of the employer of such employee,
the principal of such, agent or the represented party, without the
knowledge of such employer, principal or party. This provision shall
not be construed to prohbhit free and general distribution of articles
commonly used for advertising except so far as such articles are
actually used for commercial bribery as hereinabove defined.


The provisions of Section 7 (a) andl 10 (b) of the Act, which are
set forth in Sections 1 andt 6 resipectivelyv of Article VIII of Chapter
I of this Code are specifically incorporated herein by reference with
th samea force and effect. as if set forth herein in full; all other
provisions of Chapter I of this Code, including any amendments
Lthereto, except as herein provided, apply within this Division with
the same: force and effect as if set forthl herein in full.

AnnOCLE VI-RVIw or .ACnoN or CODE AersonrITE8
If the National Industrial RIecovery Board shall determine that
any action of the Divisional Code Authority or any agency thereof
mlay be unfair or unjust or contrary to the public interest, the Na-
tiolnal Industrial Recovery Board mnay require that such action be
suspended to afford an opportunity for investigation of the merits
of such action and further consideration by the Divisional Code
Authority or agency pending final action which shall not be effective
unless the NP3ational Industral Recovery Board approves or unless it
shall fail to disapprove after thirty day~s' notice to it of intention to
proceed wsitha such action in its origmanl or modified form.

Subject to thie provisions of Section 2, (c) of Article IV B, of
Chapter I of this Code, thne p'2rovisions of this Chapter except as
to prov-isions required by the At may be amended on the basis of
experience or channges inr circumstances, such amendments to be based
upyon application to the National Ind~ustrial Recovrery Bo3ard and
such notice and hearing as it shall speccify, and to become effective
on its, approval.

In add(-ition to information requiired to be submitted to thle Code
Aulthority, all or any' of the persons subject to this Code shall fur-
nish such statistical information as the N\ational Industrial Recovery
Board may dleem necessary for the pur-poses recited in Section 3
(a) of t~he Act to sulch Federal andl State Agencies as the National
Industrial Recoery Bo'arl miay designate; andl nothing in this
Code shall relieve any person ofV any existing obligation to furnish
reports to government agencies.
Arnlcer l IX-E;I'Retr.anowN or ,3EMBER:IS OF THIE DIv'Istow

Ea Ich membr of this Division withinl thirty (30) dlays after the
effective date of this Chapter, shalnl register with thle divisional
Code Authority. Therecafter all who become members of this Divi-
sion shall likewilse register with the D~ivisional C~ode Aut~hority.
Reirsitrantion of a mecmber of this Divisionl shall include the full
namie and mailing address of the member. An application may
be mande by the Divisional Codec Authority to the Nuationatl Indus-
tr~ial Recoveryr Board for an extension of the time limit for the reg-


istration by any rnemlber of this D~ivrision! if it appears th~at the timne
limit as providedc heremn mnigrht cause injus~ti(ce or undiue hard~ship, to
any memberc~i of this D~ivi inni.
Annese.LI X-Even-`I:(. nve\I DATE

This Code (Chlapter I and this Chaplterl) shall become effective
within this ]Division on the tenth (10th) day afterl the applrloval of
thris Chn pterl byr thle. National I~ndustrial Recovery Board.
Approved Code No. 24 S-upplemnent No. 19.
Registry No. 507-17.

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