Supplementary code of fair competition for the complete wire and iron fence industry (a division of the fabricated metal...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the complete wire and iron fence industry (a division of the fabricated metal products manufacturing and metal finishing and metal coating industry) as approved on July 3, 1934
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Complete wire and iron fence industry
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United States -- National Recovery Administration
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At head of title: National Recovery Administration.
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"Registry No. 1113-01."
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"Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 38."

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For mle by the Superintendent of Documenia. Waehldagton D.C. Price 5 centa

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 38

Registry No. 1113--01





(A Division of the Fabricated Mletal Products
Manufacturing and Metal Finishing
and Metal Coating Industry)


This publication is for sale by thre Superintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, W~ashington, D.C., and by district offices of the Bureau of
Foreign and Domestic Commerce.
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San Francisco, Calif.: 310 Customhouse.
Seattle, Wash.: 809 Federal Offce Building.

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 38



As Approved on July' 3, 19341




An appliention hnaving been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliane withl the provc:isions of Title I of the National In duslt i al
Rec,\cver Ac.t. applrov\ed June 16, 1033:), and in nl.cucrelancei with the
pIrovisiojns of ,Ca.-tionl 1 of Alrticle VI of thne Basic Co~de for the
Fab~rient d Metal Prollhwsl Ma;nulfalctulir r in nd Me~tal Finlishingl and
Metal Coatlingb Indusitry,, ap-proved~! Nov.~lllem 2, 19r33. for approv()\al
of a S~uppllemlentu~lry ( odei of Fiair Compeittitionl for the Compll~lete
Wire and1( Iron Flience Industry, and henr~ing having been dully held~.
thlereon~l; and the :Inn~exed report on .-aid Supplilemenlla1tu Collle, con-
~inining~ find~ings with r~esptc~t theretoc.l hav\ing bencll made~l c and directfed
to the Presidlent:
NJOW, THEREFI1;RE E. on behallf of thet Pre ident of the Un~ited
States.-, I HughI~1 S. John-n14r:rl.\r Ahinlist rator for Indtustrial R-co(vc ery,
pursun nt to au~thnrity vested in mie by Excuclt i ve Ordersl of thre Presi-
clent, includ~ing~ Erecl-tivee Ordrci N'o. C0343--A. cltedl Dcember'tr 30),
19:33, an11 otherwrnise; do he~rebyS inlcor1-or rate by! reiferetn~ce said an-
nexed r'epor't and do. findc thatl .said Supplementarf~ Iy Codelt enmllplies in
all respects with the pert intent prcviiions and will p-romo1te? the poclic:v
and pur!po"es of said Title of said Acit; and dohreb oI1(1? l~~rde thal~t saill
Su;lpplemntury~ry Co(e. of F~air Compet~c~itionl be and. it is hereb1].y up1-
p'rovedt; p~roviocle, however, that the proi c i\ocns of A1rticle VII~,
Secctionl 1 (a1) inscofar as thley' prsc~r~ib a wa;iting~ piod'"' between'l thec
filingr w\ithl the~ Sup~pllementat~ lry Cocte Aulthcr~ity- (i.e. actual re~ceip~t by!
the Sulpplementuryl Cod~re Aulthoril~ty) and11 the ('tf~tiveC clat' of rev'\iise
pr~icel lists or revisedl terms andl condiitio~ns of sale~ be andi thiey ar'e
hereby .stayecd pC"ndingL rny fulrther O~rsh-r; prov,~idedtl fur'ftther, that
thei provisiions of Article, V~III, Sc~ctionl 7, which rend1~:" "No Iinembrc~
of thle Indu-rll~lY cllH falil to regi ter with thec S~cl.1c;retar a list of
71888"-- -R0-18--3-1 (111

the nlames and addcresses of his agents, distributors and jobbers, statt-
ingr I'peifiTclly therein thle territory, if any, assigned to each."
bep and theyv aren hereby~ stayedr nperndin my furtheri'l Order, which may
be issued upon a-l'lsclualte showing by the Industry of the necessity o~f
such provisions; an~d pr~ovidred, further, that, pending mly aforesaid
further Order relative to Article VIII, Section 7, that part of
Article II, Section. 4 (a) and 4 (b), whiich reads, registered dis-
tributors, jobbers and agents,4~" he deleted and the following wPordinga
be insrliltial in lieu thereof, distributors, jobbers and agents~t; ".
Adinc,ilstrator for Indusrial;~ Recovery.
Approval recolimmndedl:

JUly 3, 1~93!,.



,Cin: Thli:, is a recpor~t o~n the Supplemelcnturly Code of Falir Comz-
petitionl forI thle Complllete W-(ire( & Iron Fncelct Industry, a division of
thec FabrIienutedl Metafl Produlcts Ma~nu f~c'turinglb andt Metal Finihineilr
andl Metal:I C'onting~ Indusl~try, a hlearingp havling bceen c~onutlctei
tlcitheron irn Wasingir~to~n, D.C., April 17, 1',134, whvlich w19as adjourned
andlr re'Cconvl\.'lten on May~ 8. 1934~. in accordalnlce withl the proc.visions of
Title I of the Nit io~nal Indu~strial Recovery A~ct.

Thle Comlel~lte! Wrire&c Irocn Fencel~t Ind~utly t ~ry~ing truly representafll-
ti\e of thlis dliv-ision of the Fnbr>~ica;ted' Metatl Products Aauatr
ingr and~ Mctal F Iinisil 1Ng anti Alin Conair tin Ind~ustry, has elected
to avail itself of thie option. of snhmllitting~L a Suppl~llementuryi1' Codel of
Fair Colmpedtition, as provclided for in Secrtio~n 1 of Article VI of
the Bas~ic Codle, for thne Fabr~ica~tel Jfetl P1 Eroducts Ia~lanufl(f u li lrtri
and Mertal Finishing;u and Metal Conting~r IldustryS approv~ed by you
on the sccolnd day of Novemb~er', 193:3.3

nEisor &I OF THElr COD]E

Ar~tic~le I states the purpose'~f of the Supplementury'3 Codel~.
Ar1ti~cl II: accurately de~fines specific terms empllloyed in the Sup-
plementaryy Code.
Ar~tile III. This Indusltry3 is a divisional of thec Fabr,1ienltted Metal
Pr'oduc(.tS Manullflf cturing andl Metail Finishiiing anri Metal Conatingl
Indusltry\ anld the labor p~ovisions of its B~asic Cod,ir as aIpprloved~
N'ovemberlt~ 2, 1933, are the Ilbor provis~lionils of this Sup~lplemelcntur Iy
Article IV' establiShesc a Suplplemcntary Codle AuthorC~Iitycnit
ingr of ninle (9) membersr~ to be eilectedl by the memberlt~l S of th nd
3tr at ai mnteeting called~ by thle Tempnlor~ary Supplltlllementary Code n Au-
thlority, and~ givers thet .Admlinistrator powerl to app~oin't one add~itionall
membert~ without~ vcot~e, and provides mach~'~inerly forl obta inIIin tatfi-t ic
allul the~ arlminictrantion of thei Suppllemncrta lry Codle.
Artilcle: V provides for alln counting ESysitem aind mecth~ods of costa
finldinv anrd/or estiml~tin(g arni the cletermlaicnato of a lowest 1';.~reao-
able cost inl the eve.nt of a desttructive price enltting
Article V'I prov-ides against selling belowr allowanble c~ost as etecr-
miinedl by a ulnforml mlethlodl of costing.
Article V~II provides for mcthiods of setting up andl revising price

~Article VIII sets forthl the unfair trade practices of this Suppe
mentary Code which has been especially designed to offset unfi
competition in this division of the Industry.
Article IX p~rovrides against monopolies and monopolistic prac-
Article X: contains the mlandatoryg provisions colntained~l in Section
10 (b) of th-e Act and also pr~ovid~es for the submi. 4sion of proposed
amnendownltlt s to the Suppkinentarlf 1y (Code.
Article XII recognizes that price increases be limited to actual
adcl~itional~l increases in the seller's costs.
Article XIUII states the effective date and duration. of the Supple-
mentary Co-de.

TPhe Deputy 'Admrinistrator in his final report to me on said Sup-
p'lemnentalry Code having found as herreinl set forth and on thle bas~is
of all the proceedings in this matter:
I find that:
(a) Said Supp>lem~entarly Code is well des.igned~ to promote the
poli-cies and pull'~rp-es of 'ITitle I of the National Industrial Recovery
Act, including r~emloval of obstructions to, the free flow of inlterta';:te
and foreign commerce which tendi to diminish the amount thereof
and wvill provide for the general welfare by promoting the olgrganizal-
tion of industry for the purposes of ctooper~ative action amrong the
trade groups, by induing atnd mnaintaimlng united action of labor
awlrl management~ll!.It under adjeqjuate governmental sanctions and super-
vision, by eliminating un lfa ir' omet ll~iti ve practices, by promoting
the fullest possible ultiljizaion of the present productive capacity of
industries, by avo~iding undue restriction of p~roductionl (ex~icep~t as
maIy be temnporarily r~equiredl), by .incr'las'3ing the consumption of
industrial and agr1icultural products through increasing purchasing
powJer, by recducing and relieving unemployment, b~y imnpro~ving
standards of labor, alnd by otherw~i;se 1rehailitating industry.
(b) Said indus~try3 normally employs not more than 5i0,000 em-
ployees; and is nlot declassified by me as a major indus~try~.
(c) The Supplemen~tary Code as approved omliesllc in all re-
spects wcithl the plertineint provisions of said Title of said Act, includ-
ing without limitation Subsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection- (a) of
Section 7, and Subsection (b) of Sectioon 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant acssc~iatfionl is an assnc~iatio n truly repl~~resetative of the
aforesaid indluitry3; and that said association imnposes no inequ~itab2le
rIestr~ition s on admission to owibershl:~l~lip therein.
(d) The Supplemlentary Codelt is not desiigned7 to and will not
permit monopolies or mnonop~olistic practices.
(e) The Supllple mentaryr Code is not designelld to and will not elimi-
inatee or oppress small enlte~rprlises and will not operate to dicrilim~-
inate a ga1i nst them.
(f) T~hose engaged in other steps of! the economic p~rocecss have'
not been deprived of thne right to be heard prior to approval of said~
Supple~metal try3 Code.
Fior these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supp~cllemetntry
Code; provided, however, that the provisions of Article VII, Sec-

tion 1. (a) inso~far ais they~ pres'cribeJ) a waiting~ perlidc beitwenc'i fthe'
fiin wthth Sppemntry Cook Authorlc ity (i.e. alctua;l r~cceip~t by
the Suplementurtnt~ Iy Cc del Authrclity) and the (allle(t ive~ (late of rev\ised~
prlice lists or' reisedlc tel~rms andl cocndlitionsl of saele be( andI. they~~ are
hereby stayed~t pendingri Iny furtheri Order; lroidedi~cll further, that
theP pr~ovisioln of A\rtic~le ~IIII, Sectionr 7, whwh11'1 real11: 't o InCllembe
of the Indlustryg s1hal fail tol reister ws~ith the Scre''ctary' S a list of ther

speCIfku~lly\ therein thle ter~ritory,l' if ainyle n-igned to each. 1 be and
they alre herebyl,\ stayedt peningir~r my ute rewihmyb
iaslued upo~n adequat~le .-hmv~i ing by the! Inut ryll~-~ of thle nece s~ity' of
such'1 p'roisiions~: :llt and proidedtl flthrth, thant. I~'liending my aIforesa.cid
furtherl Ordler. reintive to ArIticler VIII, Sec~tionl I, thant part of Airti-
le~t II, Scctionl 4 (a) aralc 4 (b), which readsl, "' regis~teredt dlistr~ibutor~s,
obbLerls andl agent8." be deleted~ and the following= word~ting he ins~er~ted
mn lieu thlereof.' distributors, jobbers and algents ".
Respect fully,
HeanI S. JonuseS(.
.1duI, ;l;jln sraor.
;JULY 3, 19341.




T'o effc~tuatel the policies of Tritle I of the National Industrial
Recovery A~ct, the following provisions are established as a Supple-
mentary Code of Fair Competition for the Complete Wire and Iron
Fence Industry, pursuant to Airticle VI of thne Basic Code of Fair
Competition for the Fabrie~ntedl Mectall Products Manufacturing and
Metal Finishing and Metal Coating Industry, approved by the Pres-
ident on the 2nd day of Novemlber, 1933, and the provisions of this
Supplemlentary Code shall be the standards of Fair Competition. of
such Industry and shall be binding uLpon every member thereof.


SECTION 1. The term Complete W~ire and Iron Fence Industry "
hereinafter referred to as the Industry is defined to mean and
include the mzanufacturingr and/or assembling for the purpose of
selling and/or fur~nishiing; for installing or in pin,lr, any one or an~y
combination of the following:
(a) Complete wire fences of such types and design-s as may be
catalogiured by one or more members of the Industry as complete
chain linkz and/or wire fences, and which generally consist of wove\tn
wire fence fabric, metal posts and other metal parts or fittings.
(b) Complete iron fences of such types and detsignls as may be
catalogued by one or more memberslt''i of the IndustryT as complete iron.
fences, made of steel, wrought iron, or other metals, andc which gen-
erally consist of rails, pickets, posts and other parts.
(c) Such wire and iron gates, panels, fan extensions, and other
items or fittings which a~re cataloguedl by one or more members of
the Industry as for use wvith complete wvire or iron fences.
(d) Such woven wire fabrics as are not now or hereai~fterl included
under any other code and which are used in connection with tdhe com-
plete wire fences which are en~talolgued by one or more memberscl of
the Industry.
Seelrmsl~ 2. The term "' manufacturing as used in Section 1 hereof
is defined to mean and include any applicable process beyond the
finishing mill shape or foundry operation.
Srevcion 3. The term assembling as used in Section 1_ hereof is
detfined~~ to mean and include any method or .stage of assembly of a
complete wire or iron fence.

SECTION 4. Th1e terml "( fr the pulrposc~ oif se~llinC mnil /or fuirnishlin g

mer~e sale of thc pncllrdc~t. f the, Tlustrytr or nI .sle? of the pfcllrdc~ts
of thet TIndus~try\ andlc fth inlstllatfionl the('lr'cf. ;1I n'l proided'c fur~ther':
(a) that1 inl ther in ~tanice of .sale inl whichl the unembel~lrs of the In-

OF' 18 Wli'lle l~I~l~leller.s(1 of te flatiustry'3 furInilh flen~ce to, (tler'l' Wlh 10 87
riot lIlelI~l'ier Of theC r11slll(fl'\ Ior rey,w/c~ris d dil tin~i~thurs, jobbers, or
agenclt.; but w;ho inl turn1'. ('ontra ctc' to d o the i nstall in fo~, Pr the urlt1imallfte
user1~, thc inlstallfinF Of the products olf the Indusltr~y alt site~ shall be
regardedt~t as be~ing~ w\ithlin theLf provl\i ionls of thle Code~1 of Fiair Compelti-
tionl forl the C'ons~trucc- t ionl Industry; and fulrther~l
(b) that in thec ins~tan~lces of sale in wYhiC1 lch naembers Of the Indusll-

conlit~ionl of f-ale. with, the ultima~te user to, furn'lish fenlce compiljletef
in pkeec~, suchl sales and furrnishing~ in place .hall be writhlin the~ lev'\i-
sionls of this Section. and of thlis Suppjl~~ll~lementSry Coarle; and(. furtherL
(c) that the biddtingc forl the furn~iishing of 'the p,1rodulcts of th~is
I'ndusitry to members of the~ Con~istructionr TImlin try\, or th~e IubeanII-
trac~tingl of ccons-truction work. in conner~fctinn w\ithl the furn'lishingtr
complete in pinee~ of thle prodnel~lt. of this Imil1n-try, shall1 be in con-
forman~rcet w\ith thle Codelt of Ftiair Compe'ttition for the Ctonstlruc~tionr

S~ECTIO) N 5. Th~e termli ( "comlplete"" when andl~ n-,i u 1~c in this Sulp-
plemientary Cod~ce in conncctio~n w\ithi the termis LL wire fence ") and, o~r
"L iron1 fenee )" is dlefinled to meanr and inc~rlude anly ;Isernhly, 1 ofT fence~
parts regard~le ss of parts whlichI mlay be! (,mitttal.
SEcrrow~ 6. Thie term "Csellinr :" as usedc' in S~c~t ionr 1 h~ereolf is de-
finedl to mean,?I an!d include mcrchalniing~.i~ or marke'ltfingr of sch~l Ccoml-
plete fenlces either for illstlla~tionl or~ tol be intllellld in. pine~.
SECjTION 1. Tile tenn" rm Pil~lVOP RS Use 110001 Il~cIlillhc~leslt 01~1? ;In(
all pcrsonsr l engagedc in thle Inwhslt r~y, however\c l compe~I~lln tedl except a,
memlb~r of the? Indu~stlry.
SECT~ION, 8. Tl10 fer11 L n emploYPCe RS Uss) I 110felt''~ll InirlldPR RD?clle
by whIomn aniy such empilloyee is compensated~ac~c or enpll oyed.C!
SCEC~TIO- N 9. "1~11 tefrlll mlnlld30l f th r1 lltll."-ifV' Rs tlche8 10ein

ciation. corporatinc~r o~r othrtci form of enterlo-~iwl engagedll~ in thle I1-
dusitry. e~ither as anc: 1 employerP or on his or its own.l beha~lf.
S~E<'rms~ 10. Thell termsl;' I- President.~ ", "'Act ") and1( ("Athninibftratocr "1,
as usedt her~ein sha~ll mean~l~ r~espectciv ely the Prlesidentr l of the Unitedc
States~. Title I of the Natfionall Inusria~bf'~ l RC''(\Covery Act, aind the
Admii strator for Indusltr~ial Rccrvery.
S1crr s 11. Thle term Un in;sc Cod~e "" as used here~cin. is def~ined~
to meanl the Bnasic Codl e of Fair Complletitio n for the Fab-ricntedl
Jitetal PJ~lrdc~ts Mannufactullnr in and MIetal ]Finishling( andl Metat~l
CConting~ Indullst'Y, as$ approved\c~c by th4e ProI~csident~ on thle 2ndc llay of
November, 1933.
RE(Irrro 12). The~i terml "L Slltpplementaryl- Codle Aulthorlity "" as used
hereinl. mcans. thc agerncyv wh-ichl is to administerfCL thi~s S~upp~l~llemntary
Code, as hcre~ina~fterl plrov-ided.
1 Italic~izced wCiord IllI-tl*.. Ms-r paurarnpl l 2 of order ap~proving: thiS Co~dr.
71588'-- 6' U-1 3 -

SECTION 13. The terml '"Association is defined to mean the WFCire
and Iron. Fence Atssociation, or its suICcessor().
SCEC.TIOIN 14. The fterml ScreI(';Ptar as used herein means the
cSecretary of the Supplemeltnta~y Code Authority. Hle shall not, be
a m~ember~l of the Industryr, nor coclnn~ecte with a mlll\embe of the
Industry, and shall be the Confidential and disinterested Agent of
the Supp~clnementary~ Code Authnority.
,SECTION 15. The termn Suppll mentar'lt~ 1y Code Committee as used
her~einl is defin-ed to mean the (conunllitteef authorized to present this
Supp~lemlentaryS Code.

This Industry is a. division. of the Fabricated Metal Products
Mamrtfacturing and Mea~~l Finishing and Mctnl Coatingr Indtustry
and without limitation the wage, hour and labor provisions in
Article II[I of its Bazsic Code as approved byr thle President, Novem-
ber 2, 1933, inlc~luding~ Section01 I of said Article III, by which. the
provisions of sub-sections (1), (2) andl (3) of Sec-tion 7 (a) of
Title I of the Act are made conditions of this Code, are specifiedlly
incorporated herein and made a part hereof as the wage, hour
and labor provisions of this Sjupplemellntar y Code.

SECTION 1. During the period not to exceed sixty (630) day~s follow-
ing the effective date, the Supplementary Code Conulnittee of the In-I
dus~try~ shall constitute a Temporary Supplementary Code Authorit~y
until the Supp~lemuentary Code Authorityr is elc~itedl. There shall be
constituted wvith~in the sixty-day (60) period a Suppllemncltaryy Codle
~Authlority consisting of nine (9) members, to be elected by th~e memz-
bers of the Industry, at a mee~tingb called by the Temporary Supple-
muentary Code ~Authnority, upon fifteen (15) days' notice sent by
I'~reistered mail to all members of the Ind~ustry whose names may be
.ascertalined~ by diligent search, who may vote eithler in person or by
proxy. The members of the Supplementary Code Authority first
elected shall serve until the following annual m~eetingf of the Asso-
c~iatiron in Octobe,l~ 1934, and! therea;fter1 members of the Supp~lemen-
tary Code Authority shall be elected by the members of the Industry
at a. mreeting of the members of thle Industry to be held at the time
and place of each annual meeting of the AssociaLtion to serve until
thne followning annual meeccting.,
The me-m~ber~s of the Supplemellntary Code Authorit~y shall be
e~lei~ctd as follows:
(a) Two (2) mnemblers who shall be mlembllers~ of the Industry to
be elected by a majority vote of all known members of the Industry,
present in person or by proxys3, each, member to have onel vo~te.
(b) One (1) member of the I~ndustry wFho is not a member of the
Assuerintio~n to be elec~ted-l by a majority v-ote of all known non-
members of the Association, pret.-enlt in p~ersocn or by proxy,' each
member to have one, vote.
(c) Six: (6) members by a fifty-one p~ercenrt (51%~) vote of mem-
bers of the Association, present in p-ers~on or by prxc~y we~ighted on

the basis of one vote for enC1h memnberi and as manyI1 addliitinal votefs
as skilll equl teqointotie b iiig the age
gate amount inr dolrla~rs o~f the invo'ric'tld valuI' e o.,ll~rf i \anp l'tu w 1ire a
completed ir~on fence bus~iness~ ctne hv suc mather1 w\ithin theC

equitable manthlemaotical process aplpliedi to ainy othe~rl furcter as c'xperi'-
OTcIllllr 0181160 IBRY~ Ill0 r f 110@( 11 tille!tv-thre~e and1I oneM-thir~d prclc~nt
(331/30/0) "" of the. toltl number,~I of voe'ri net'l~.
A vacancy ini thc mem~ber hiip of thec Supll anentary~~t ~ l CodeI~ Au-
thlorityv shiall be filledl by a majnor~ity" vctel of the realn member1~1 11'1k''S
of thie Suplement i cltarly C~olle Authrc nit y; prov'\'i'ed, hwe ver\-I, thlat the
vancancy to, be filledl shall be sulbject to Ithe win.llm.iticntionlS of mnenn-
ber~ship hlereinab~ovc mentlioned.l
In addlition thererto the Admllinistratonr maiy appo~cint a niembe1~1r rof
the Sulpplemelntury Ciode Aulthority who1( witholcut vo~te 1hll serve
without expenses tol the Industf'~ ry unlet`-" the Supp11ll 'lentar!y Code~
Authlorityr agrees. to, pay~ su'Ch expense. The representallt: t iv who '~(
mays~ be app'i ntel b~y ther Adm IIIinIIist raito hal 1~ beC give reasnabl
notice of and a it a! C:t all of thel SuI1~pplenient urIy CodeI1
SECT~IlS 2. Each trade~1 assoclintionn dir~ctly or ind~irecctly par11tic~i-
panting inl ther selection or nativities of theP SuplementaryfIL' Cod)ie
Authority shall: (1) impose)h no mequllitab1~ C~le restricton oIn admllis-
sion to melmbershipp aInd (2) rlubmlit to the Admilnistratorl true
copies of its Articles~ of Assorciatio~n, B~y-Law~s, nReglatio~ns, an1 anly
amnendmentss whlen madre there~tN. togertherl with such other inlforniln-

trator mayl~ deeml unnecessary to. rff'cctulate the: purp'loses of the Act.
SECTION 3. 11n OrderI that the Supple~mentary Codt'e A\uthnrity shllnl
at. all times her trulyr r~cpresesntatives of the Inlduitr~y Indl in other
repet comply w\ith~ thc p~rovisionsu of ther Act, the Adm~inis;l:tcrat
many prescr~ibe su~iIch heaings as he~ may deecin l'l''perl; andi theren;ftter
if hle shall fin~ that thec Supp~~l llemntar Iy Code1~ Authority is noct truly
represc~ntaiver or1 Joes~ not in. o~ther~ respctscc complllly\ with th~e po
sions of thie Act,, mayI~ requlir'e anI approprlliate mnodifientio, n il thle
method of tselectioni of thec Supl'nientury Code Athoiy.
SECTION 4. Nort ling~ Ccllf:Irlle i n thl s u I~plelllellit ry Ctodie Himu1
constitute ther me ubel;rC; of ther Supplemelntar' y Codel~ Author~lity part-
nersi for anyv pulr'oe o hl n ebro h upeetr
C'ode Au~thor~ityb liablle in any mainner to anyonell for~l anyl n actf
any other member, a~llieaeto mlyeo h upeet
C~ode Auith~ority. Nrsalaymme fteSplmnayC
Au~oriy, xeetwng asoabe dlignceinthe condu~rc~t of his
dusties hlere~unde~r be liablel to, anyoner for any acrtionr or omissiiion to act
urnder thi u peenuy oe exccl t for hiis onwillfurl
malfeasance or nocn-feasalnce.
SiE{TION 5. Thel~ Supp~~l'll'lemenary Code~l Authority shjall also f~rom

Basic C.ode, sulCh inlformatlliolln. l~as ma e reqI'((11'~red to b furnlished
underr the termls of~cnc sa fid aic Codec.
SECTION G. Ttle $11pplllet'rflTnbr (ode1 illfllorifty 5lull flRV0 81 (11 0i
plow'ers and1~fj' dut 1ies' which 1 shall be necesL13 ary 1I and I1)L prope to enable it

to fully administer this Supplementary Code and to effectuate it~s
WVithiout limitation to the foregoing or any other powers or duties
pr~ov'idedl for in this Supp'lemnc'tury~ Code, the Supplemenltary Code
Authority shall have the following specific duties:
(at) To adopt By-Lawvs and Rules and Regula~tions for, and kreep
recor~ds of its pr(cedureI1' and t~he adm~~inist rationl of this Supplemen-
tary Cod~e.
(b) TIo obtain from mlemnbers of the Industry such information.
an~d reports as are r~equired for the! administration of this Supple-
mrentar~y Code. In addition to information required to be submitted
to thle Suppleme~nturt: y Code Auzthority, members of thle Industryr sub-
ject to this Suplplemnentary Code shall furnish such statistical in-
folrmation as the Adiministrator may deem nlec~essary for the purposes
recited in Section 3 (az) of the Act to such Fed rd3 and State agen-
cies as he muay designlate; provided that nothing in this Supplemen-
taryS Code shanll relieve any metmber of th~e Industry of any exsistingr
obligations to furnish reports to any Governmental a~gency. No
individual report shall be disclosed to any other member of the
Indlustry or anly other party except to such other Governmental
Ag: Il:e as may be directed by thle Administrator.
(c) To uxse such t~radle associations and other agrencies as it deems
proper for thle carrying out of anly of its activities provided for
hlerein, provided that nothing herein shall relieve the Supp~tlementaryl
Code Authority of its duties or responsibilities under this Sup-
plclnentury1L' Code and that such trade associations and agencies shall
at all times- be subject to and comply with the provisions hereof.
(d) To make recommendations to the Admr~inist ratorl for the co-
ordination of the administration of this Supplementaryr Code with
such other c~ewr, if any.: as mayr be related to t~he Industry.
(e) It be~ingr found neee a r~y in order to support the administra-
tion of this Supplementary Code and to maintain the standards of
fair competition establishedt hereunder and to effectuate the policy
of the Act, the Supplementary Code Authority is aut~hor~izedi:
(1) To incur such reasonable obligationsl as are necessary and
proper for the foregoing pmposeslc~ and to meet such obligations out
of funds which may be ralisedr as hereinafter -pro-videdt and which
shall be held in trust for the purpose of this Supplementary Co-de;
(2) To submrit~ to the Administrator for his approval, subject to
such notice and opportunity to be heardl as he may deem necessary:
(1) an itemized budget of its estimlatedrl expenses for th~e foregoing
l"pu''rposes~, and (2) an equitable basis upon which. the funds necessary
to support such budget shall be contributed by membel~trs of the

(nut3) Aflter such budget and basis of contribution have been ap-
p'rovedcc by the Adm~inistraltor, to dleterm~ine and obtain equitable con-
tribution as above set forth by all membel: rls of the Industryr, and to
that end. if necessary, to institute legal proceedings therefore in its
own name.
Each member of the `Industry shall pay his or its equitable con-
tribution to thne expeseills of the mlainltenancei of this Supplem.~lentaryy
Code Authority, determined as hereinabove provided, and~ subject
to rules and regulations pertaining thereto issued by the Admninistra.-

tor. Only members o~f the Indus~ltr~y comp~lyinrr with. thc Sulp~let-

as hereinabove pr,1ovidedt. sha1lcl be entitledt to palrticip~atc e in thec .ciler~-

the benefits of anyZ orf its vo~lunitariy al-~tivitices or to ma;1('Ike us of any9
emiblem or insignra olf thc Nait ionni~ Recovery Athninirist rationr.

anly oblifiat~ion inl ex ess of the~ amUntllll thereof ars estimtedl~t~~ in its
approved~ budger~t. xcepclt ulpon approvl,ll of thet Admin~istratorl1; and(
tures~- in xcess~~~ of pr'iol t~r had t e.--t imatc~es ecept those~~ which th~e
Admin ist rator,~ shall hlave( approVed.\t~l
(f) T~o app~oint a tradle p~racti~. ce ccnunittee. wIhich .shall m~eet withn
the trade pra;c~tic~e conunlrittee.-:I, appintedf underCI su1ch other rcdes as
mayz be relatedl to thec Indul~lst'y forl th purposec~l' of fo.rmullllatinlr fair
pr;c~tices to govern thie rclatickships,~ bretwe pllroductionr and d~istri-
butio~i n eployer~s umler this Suppk~le illnentar Codle andl und~er such
othert code~s; t thle endl that such fair tl~lrad practices~ mlay be proposed',ll`
to thec Admiinisitra~tor~ as ;rmendmentslt; t-o this Supplemellcntury~ Cod~re
and~ such otherl codes.
SEC.?rm. s 7. To theC extent pe''llfrmite by the(. ~c~t andt obltjeclt, to such
ruleslrl and regulationsl as the Admllinistr~ator mayl3 p~rscrcibe, any or1 all
information fulrniished to thle Supleml~enli taryT Coile Authorityg shall
be subject, to cheek~l by! an inapar~tial agen~lt. or agency? a greed upon by
the Supplementary C'ode Authonrity and the memrlber of the Indu~stry
inquestion,. and faiingr such ag1reemlent such impartial agn(t, or
agency schall be aplpointedl by the Admrlinistrato~r, for th purr~pose of
verificationl by an examnirntion of the pertinent bvooks, accounlts and
reords of sulchl Ilemlberr of the Industry.
SET"TIN' 8. Tt10 mnlC)GESC Of thle I~ndutstr~y shall repor~lt to thre
Supplemrlentary Code Authority any complaints re arding an alle ed
infractionl of this Suppleme'llntary C~ode. TIhe Suplplementary C'ode
Aut~ho~rity schall investigated~ allegedly violations of this Supp~llemelcntarIy
Code under such rules and r~egulations as the Admllinistrator may
SEC:TION 9. If the Adml~inistr~ator believes that any nation of the
Supplemlellntry C'ode Authocrity or any agency thereof is: unfair or
unj ust. or co~nt rary to the public interest. the Alm in ist ratlor may re-
quire? that such action her sus.-pendedr to afford an op~por~tunity for jin-
vecstigationl of the mer'lits of sulch1 action. FEurther~ action by such
Sul.>plementiar-y Code~ Authfor~ity orI agecly regrdningr the maitter coml-
pla incll of may hie taken if approvedcc~ by3 the Amnsrtr u hl
not ber taken if dlisapprovedt by theAmnitnorwtintity(0
dlays of notice to himi of' intention to p~roceedl with such action!.
An~ncLE V-Ac'lcousnx~ aNo Co~lsna

SECTION i. Ihe $11pplemlentary y Code Au~thority shall cause to be
formiulatedl anr accocunting .systeml arndl mthods~ of. cost. findiiii ntl a /o~r
estimanting~ capablec of use byv all m1Cllember of the Induslltry.T Afte' suICh
system and merthods havse bceen folnnnrmulte andl appriovet by\ thle
Administra tor, full dectails conrcerningi them shallI be~ mad~e avanilablle
to all memberls. Thlr~eafter, all muemblers olf the `I~ndustryr hall de~ter-

mine and/or estimate costs in aicc~co~rdanre with the principles of such
SLEenuxI., 2. When31 the Supp~lementary Code Authority determines
that an emergeI~nry exists in this Industry and that the cause thereof
is destructiv-e pricte-cunttingf such as to render ineffective or seriously
endanger the malintenancrr e of the provisions of this Supplementary
Code, the Supplementa~ry Codle Aiuthoritly may cause to be deter-
mined the lowest reasonable cost of the products of this Indu~st 9,
such determlination to be subject to such notice and hearing as the
Admllinil Ient-or mlay r~equire. The Adcministr~ator mnay alpprove, dis-
ap~prove, or modify the determination. TIhererafter, during the period
of the E nergen'c'!y, it shall be an unfair trade practice for any mlem-
ber of the Industry to sell or off~er to sell any products of the Inldustry
for which the lowest~ iricasonable cost has been determriine~d at such~l
prices or upon suc~h terms or conditions of sale that the buyer will
pay less therefore than the lowest reasonable cost of such products.
Vhen it appears that conditions hasve changed, the Supplelllnientory
Code Au~thority, upon its own. initiative or upon the request of any
interes~tedl party~, shall cause the dleterminatio-n to be reviewed.

No memrlber of this InrduLstry shall sell or exchange any of the
products of this Indu-stry, at a price, or upon terms and conditions,
which will result in the purchaser paying for the goods received less
than the allowable cost thereof to the seller, determined in accord-
ance with a uniformly metho-d of costing above described; provided,
however, that dropped lines, or seconds or inventories on hand which
musllt be converted into cash to meet emergency needs mlay be dis-
posed of by any member of thle I'ndustry, at any price and onl any
terms and conditions, but only if such member of the Industry has
filed with the Supplementary Code Authority or its Secretary, prior
to such sale or offer to se~ll: a statement in wFPriting, settings forth the
fact of, and reasons for, such proposed disposal. Anly mlember of
this In~dustry may sell below his costs in order that he may meet
competitive prices filed in accordance with the provisions of Atrticle
VII. of this Supplemlentary Code, or to meet compectitio~n from
products of equivalent design, character, quality, or speccific~ations,
manufactured outside the Uni~ited States~, provided that the competi-
tor is not violating this Supplementary Code.
SECTION 1. (a) Each member of the Industr~ye sallwthoiny ten (10)
days after notice fromr th~e Su~Lpp-lemntay od thriy il wt
the Supplementa~ry Code Authorityalsoritswchhllhw
his current list or net prices for a lls complete whirean irona fence
or parts thereof, under this S~upplementary Code, also current
charges made for installing such fences and such parts thereof, also
discounts, if any, also definite specifications and trade practices
governing the use or application of such prices, charges and/or dis-
counts and the Supplementary Code Authority shall immediately
and simultaneously send copies thereof to all known members of the

nIndustry and such price lists shall be mlade~ available to all interededll
p~arties at thc o~ffic~e of thec S~cl~tretr. Rei-dprc itsmyh
fled~ froml timer to timec theclrenfterl w\ithi the ScclretarlY, to eeron~e
effectivec te (10) tay.< after da~te of ne~'~unl r'lrc'ip~t by! theC SeC(retaryS

perliod. C'opic s of revizred lists w~ith nloticel of the1 efcl'cltivle clnto
spec'iified haill isurndciatclly and1( shoullflllt rn oly he( -c'lt ttO all knownn
memclbers of t~he Indusitry\ and shall1 be ava;ihabh.l~ at the clfil( of the
Sccrretary to all intere.--tedl parties,:~1 n rlg any mather'I Of the Industrfly

whucic 1hall bcomelc efcrctive uplon the duet~ whein the re\'vise In-~ive
li.sts first filled .shall1 g~o inlto effeet.2
(b)Prvbld urter tht uchspc'idl parts and1I in-ctnlliations.'
as can not be~ inlude~ll~ d in the aforemenitioned~l filled prlic-c' shall~ be
pric~edl when'I n1InI1 1 nr, in arc~cor niance wnithi the provisions of Articles~

dire~th\, by unv mcanls wha:t.-oeverCI, aIny products of the Industrfly
Covere I'; by provl,.icsions of thiS Ar~Iticle V~II at a prices or at dlistcount~s
or oln other c ondlitionsr of sa1~ le ifferen~.;t than those providedlt in his
ownil pris- lists, or la ice~ lists and. Ii-counit heerlts, as filled wvith the
SEC'TIONS 3. Each.J membeilltr of thle Industr~y shall endll the SeClrelltary'
twBo (2) Coplies eaceh of his prlic'e lists, dtiscounllt, schiedu~les, andl e;tal-
logs~ and1 as mnany addcit~ional copies as he mlay require for d~ittr~ibul-
tionl to otherl Ilineinher of thie Indus~tr\.
SrC.crioS 4. The nixinnoniir i ratles of dliPCounlt forl nearly payment'll and
maxinmlnl per~iodsl of free credit app'lica:ble under this Su~lpplemelntary~
Code~ shall be :
(a)i On malte~ial s only, e tenl days, 30 (1ays.- net.
(b) On in--tnlal~tio~n or other services, 2%~ ten daysF. 30 days~ net.
(c) On) contirflnc..ts or oirders for maifterials to b~e installedl, ge; ten
days, 30- days nlet.
Ai~rmc I. VIII-U.\ R.1 P:.1cTi(. Es

It n addition to t~he lUnfair Tradl~e Prnc~ticecs colver~ed~ by Arcticle Vi
of theP Bas~iC Crale (:xcep~lt Sec~tlio A\) which] are included~ herecin
as though~ repeac~ntedl amrl set fo~r~thl at length, awll forl all pu~rposes~r of
this Suppllemlenltary Codie, the following d~escr~ibedc- acts shall coni-
st~~itute~ unai pacies Ay eber' of thlis InrustrS wCho .shall
dlirectly, or illdirect~ly through any tfficeir, emplloy~ee, agn~rt or repre-
.setnative, uise or empilyc~ any of such unfair pr1actices~ shall b~e gurilty
of a violaition: of this Suplemlcncntar~y Codie.

than with the consencrt of:1! any members of thec Indu trfly, any inlfolrma--
tion aconrerning~ the buisiness of such. member whlich) is propecrly
reade yit as a trade sccrcet oir coniden~ctial wvithin its a~rranizar-
tionl, othecr thnifraio eaito a violation o~f any p~rovision
of the Ilhasie or Cnuppc rlcltmentary Codel.

* See ,l~auru**raph 2 of border allsloroving this Cl.,le.

SenrIoN 2. No member of th~e Industry shall willfully induce,
or attempt to indluce, a breach of exsicting~ contracts between com-
p~etitor~s and their customers, by any false or deceptive means or
interfere with or obstruct thle performan~lcle of any such contractual
dultirs or services by any suchl means, with the purpose and effect of
hamprncing, injur~ingr or embarrassing competitors in their business.
SECTION 3. NO Inember of the Industry shall aid or abet any
person1, firml~, association or corporation in any practices determlined
to be unfair trade practices mn accordance with the provisions of
this Supplemlentary Code.
Swr-cinN 4. No mlember of the Industry shall make or give to a
purchaser any gruarantyr or protection in anly formn against decline
mn pr-ices.
SECTION- ;. NO Ilemlber of thle Industry shall use or substitute any
mlater~ial or mlethod of manufacture not in accord with anly ap-
plicable lawY, rule or organization of anly governmencltal authority,
or not in accord with the specifications for ma~terials and/or ins~tal-
lation filed by himl with the Secretary.
SECTIIOK 6. No member of the Industry shall guarantee the effic~tive
use or life of a complete wire or iron fence, exl.cep-t.that he may
guarantee worknu1:Inship and materials.
SECTIO~ '7. NO mlC11embe of the Industry shall fail to reg~ister with
the Secr~etary a list of the names and addresses of his agents, dis-
tributors and jobbers, stating specifically therein the territory, if any,
assignledl to each.3
SaLow(.7I, 8. Nh;o member of the Industry shall render or deliver to
any pur1chaser not under contend~. as a jobber, dlistribu~torl o~r agent,
in, or in connection with a sale, any mal~ter'ial or services, unless fair
compensation for such shall be paid by purchaser.
SECTION 9. NO member of the Industry shall ship goods on con-
signmlent, excep~lt under circumsltanlics; to be definelld by the Supple-
mentary Code Authority and approved by the Administrator.
SECTION 10. No m1emb1~er of thle I~ndustry shall sell or deliver a
compl.lete wire or iron fence which contains in whole or in part any
finisshedl unsl~te~ia and/or fence parts which are not mnanulfalctured
within the Unitedi States unless the purchaser thereof c1hall have b~eenl
previously and definitely informed by the mlemlber that the fence, in
whole or in. par1t, Cconta~ins suchI imported material.
See-rm(.S 11. Every employer shall provide for the safety and health
of employees during th~e hours and at the places of their employ-
ment. Standards of safety and health shall be submlittedt by the
Suplemenllrltaryy Code Authnority to the Aidministrator within three
(3) months after the effective date of the Supplem~entaryr C'ode.

No provision of thlis SupplementaryT Code shall be so applied as
to permit monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to eliminate,
oppress or discriminate against small enterprises.
See paragraph 2 of order approving this Code.

Seno 1 Thi; Supp1T~lrlment urIy CoXe: andi :1l the prov'\i'ion"s
thereo~c f :Ire( ex~~r~ly' Il "'"l' Ilubj~c't to the right of thei P'reside~nt, in.

ther A<-t. fromll timel to time, connel~r o-r moify~i~ an re, prvl
8S:renw~ 2. Thia Supplementary~; (odel, except usI to prov(li-ionl, re-
qu~ired~ by thle Act, nuty be mnod(ifie on the basis of exspt I(r~ien or
cha1n ges in c~ircums Iltan es,~ r 11I such l usi ticnt ionr to be Un.-c.4(~1 upon applica-
t ioni byT the ~Su1pp'~lanenta 'ry C'ode1 Author~ity or o~ther~ I~~~r~~re~lu-c taive
F'roup1 within the Industryr to the Ashnrinri-t ra;tori and .suchl no(ti('e. and~
hear~i ng as he( shall spec~i fy'; andl to huIncl! effect~f i ve andi he a part of
this Suplementarlyllll~' Code con approl'cval by the Adml~inistrator.

Whereas~~~ the? polircy of the Alct to increase real purchas''ing powerl
will he( ma;11~le more titleic~lt of commummatio~ln;7i- if ir~ices-.- of goods"1 and~
se~rv\ice incr~case as- rap~idfly as w\ages~; it is r~elcognized~ that price in-
cretases exceptt such1 as mal&y be required to mee~tt indlividual costs
shloldl~ be delavel~c, and wvhen made, such increcaises should, so far as
possibile: be! limitedn to aduaal additional incr-eases in the se~lle'.s costs.

This Supplemerlntary~ Codce: shall become effective at 12:011 o'clock
A.Ml.. E~astern~ Standar~ld Time, on the tenth day after it is appr~'ovecd
by' thec Preside1-nt.
Allllfored Codel No. 8-1-S;u~lrllanlrnt No. 38.
Regidtry No. 111;3-1.1

.Ili1 III II III I Illillllil lill II111111
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