Supplementary code of fair competition for the hack saw blade manufacturing industry (a division of the fabricated metal...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the hack saw blade manufacturing industry (a division of the fabricated metal products manufacturing and metal finishing and metal coating industry) as approved on March 17, 1934
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Hack saw blade manufacturing industry
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"Registry No. 1114-26."
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"Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 8."

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(A Division of the Fabricated MIetal Products
1Manufacturing and Metal Finishing
and Metal Coating Industry)

For sale by the Superintendent of Documenrse Washington, D.C. I Price 5 centa

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 8

Registry No. 1114--26




This publicationu is for sale by the Suplerintendent of Documients, Government
Prilt ing Office, Wa;shine~ton, D.C., and biy dlistric~t ofjees of the B~urea u of For~eign
and D~omestic co';nuner~ce.
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Seattle, Wash.: 809 Federal Office Building.

Approved Code N~o. 84---Supplement No. 8



As Approved on Marlch 17, 1934



Aln application hraving been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance wiith th~e provi icons of TIlitle I of the National I~ndustrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 19;3:3. and in accordance with the
provisions of Section I of Article VI of the Basic Code for the
Fabrie~nted Metal Produllc~ts Mallnufaturing and M~etal? 'Finishing; and
Meta Spl Ctng nutary. approved November 2, 1933, for approval
of Supleentry odeofFair Competition for the HIack Saw
Blade Manrufacturing~ Industry; and hearing having been duly held
thereon; and the annexed report on said Supplementary Code, con-
tainingr findcings wvith respect therelto,: having been made andl directed
to the Presidenlt:
NOW, THE~EREFORE, on behalf of th~e President of t-he United
States, II, Hugh 8. Johnson, Adminlistrator~ for Indulst rial Reco~-very,
p~ulrsunnt to authority vested in me by Etxecutive Orders of the?
President! including Executiv-e Order No. 634~3-A, dated D~ecem-ber
30, 1933, and otherwise; do hereby ilc~orploratee by reference said an-
nexed report and do findc th~at said Supplementary Code complies
in all resp~cts with th~e per~tinennt provisions and wvill promote the
policy and purposes of said Title of said Act; and do hereby rr~der
that said Supplemnentary Code of FIiair Comllpetition be and it is
hereby approved; provided. however! that the provisions of Article
V, Sections 4 and 5, insofar as they prescr'ibe' a waitino- per~~iod be-
tweenl the filing with thne Codec AQuthlority and thle effective drate of
47i014 *--425i-94~--34 (1 1

revised price lists or revised te~rms an-d conditions of sale be and they
are herelby stayed pendlingr my further Ordcer either within a period
of sixty day3s from the effec-t~ive date of this Supplemnentary Code
or after the complel~~tion of a study of opecn price nI.ociat~ionsr now~ being
conducted by the Na~ztional Rec~overyS
HoonH S. JoIIS~Su.
Adm~in;,isl,ator for Im!i7(ft.ria RC.c'oL'ery.
Approval recnunellnded :
A_. R. GLANcP,
Division Administrator.
MEarch 17, 1934.


The Wfhite House.
SmR: Thnis is a report on the Supplementllary Code of Fair Com-
petition for th~e H~ack Sawm Blade Ma~nulfacturi~ng Industry, a divi-
sion of the Fabricated MletnI Products Mnun~~facturing and Metal
F~inishingr and Mertal Coating Industry, the hearing havTingr been
conducted thereon in Washing~ton, ID.C., December 20, 1933, in
accordalnce~ withk the provj\isions of Tfitle I of the National Industrial
RecoveryS Act.

T~he H~ack Saw Blade Man11u lcf Illturin Industry, being truly rep-
resenltativec of this division of the Fabricated Mletal Products M~anu-
facturinlg and Metal Finishing and M~etal Coating Industry, has
elected to avail itself of the option of submitting a Supplementary
Code of Fair Practice, as provided for in Section 1 of Article VI
of the Basic Code, for the Fabricated M~etal Products Manufacturing
and MYetal Finishing and M~etal Coating Industryr approved by you
on the secondll day of November, 1933.

Article I states the purpol'se of the Supplementary Code.
Article II accurately defines specific terms employed in the Sup-
plementary Code.
Article III establishes a Sup~plemecntalry Code Authorityr consisting
of three (3) members elc~ted3 by the members.0f the Industry a-t a
meeting called by the Supplementary Code Authoritly, and gives
the Admuinistrator the authority to appoint one to three additional
members without vote and provides machinery for obtaining sta-
tistics and the admlninistration of the Supplemnentar~y Code.
AQrticle IV. This InTdulstry is a, division of the Fabricated Metal
Products Mal[nufacturing and Jfetal Finishing and Metatl Coating
Industry and the labor provisions of its Basic Code, as approved
N~ovembrnlt 2, 1943, are the labor provisions of this Supplementary
Article V provides for the filing of price sheets with ther Supple?-
mentary Code Authority.
Article VTI sets forth the unfair trade practices of this Supple-
rnentary Code which has been especially designedl to offset unfair
competition in this divisio-n of the Inldustry.
Article VII contains the mandatory provisions contained in See-
tion 10 (b) and also pr~ovides for the submission of proposed amnend-
ments to the Supplementary Code.

Article VIII provides against monopolies and monopolistic prac-
tices, and recognizes that price increases be limited to actual addi-
tional increase in the seller's costs.
Article IX states the effective date of this Supplement~ary Code.

The Assistanrt D~eput~y Al'mlinistra;tor in his final report; to mne on
said. Supp~lementar~y Code having foulnd as herein set forth and on
the basis of all the pjrotceedingr s in this mlatter:
I find that :
(al) Said Suppelemellntar Code is well des~ignedl to promote th
policies and purposes of Title I of the National Indlustrial Recovery
dc~t. includ~ingr removal, of obstructions to the free flw of intterstate
and~ foreignl commerce, which tend to diminish the amount t.hereof
and: will provide for thre general welfare bly promnoting the organiza-
tion of industry for the purposes of cooperati-ve action amlong; the
trade grroups,~1 by inducllingr and maintainingr united action of Inbor
and mallnagemnc:1t und~er adequate governmental sanctions and super-
vision, by elimnatnRinr unfani r cmpetitrp ive rcticPs, by prmoting thre
fullest possible. utilization of the present p~roductive capacity of in-
dustries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (except- as may
be temporarily required), by increasing the consumption of indus-
trial and agricultural prodfucts through inrreasing purchasing power
by reducingr and relieving unemployment by improving standards o~
labor, and b6y otherwise rehabilitatingi indlustyS.,
(b) Said Industry normally employs nrot more than 50,000P em-
ployees; and is not classified by me as a .mejor industry.
(Yc) The Supplemnentalry Code as approved complies in all respects
w7Cith the pertinlent provisions of said Title of said Act, including
without limitation Subsection (a) of Section 3, S-ubsec~tion (a) of
Section 7, and Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant association is an mndustr~ial association trul represent~a-
tive of the. atforesaid I~ndustr; and that said association imposes no
inequritable restrictions on. admission to membership therei.
(d) The --upplementary Code is not decsigned to and will not p~er-
mit monopolies or monopolistic prnetices.
(e) The Supplemenmtary Code is not designed to and will not
eliminate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to dis-
criminate ag~rainSt them..
(f) Thnose engaged in other steps otf the econromice process h~ave
not been deprived of theg right to bez h-eard psrio to approval of' said
Supplementary C~ode.
F~or these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supplementary
A dm~inis t~a tor.
MSAnCuI 17, 1934.



A nrTcLE I- Penroses.

To effectuate thne policies of Title I of the National I[ndustrial
Recovery Act, this Supplementary Code is established as a code
of fair competition for the Hack Saw Manlu fncturling' Industry,
pursuant to Article VI of the Basic Code of Fair Competition for
thle Fabricated Mletal Products Manufacturing and Mletal F~iinishing
and Mfetal Coating Indulstry approved by the Presidenc~rt of the
United States on the 2nd day of November, 1933, andt the provisions
of this S~upplem'enta~ry Code shall be the standards of fair compe-
titionl for and shall be binding upon every member thereof.

The term "' Industr '" as used hlerein--means the manufacturers~ and
the sale by the manufacturers thereof of hack saw blades.
Thle term H-ack Saw Blade' "-means all sawis which are more,
than six inches in leng~th suitable for the cutting of metal of a
type generally known anld recognized in. the trade as banck saw
Thle termn M~ember~l of the Industry "--inc~luides but without
limitation, anly individual, partnership. assc~intio~n, corporation, or
other formn of enlterpr1ise enlgagedl in the indrusitry either~l as an am-
playe~r or onl his or its owcn behalf.
T'he ter~m B~s~ic Code "-mea~ns the Basic Codle of Fair Compei-
tition1 for the Fabrienite d~ Mectal Products Mafnu fac.tur Ii ng andZ Metal
Finishing and M\etal Coating Indiustry, as approved by the President
on the 2nd daL of Novembler, 1933.
The terlm Distributor ~"-means1I1 a purcha'11ser who, in regular
cour e~c of business, pur~chase~s products of the industry and other
prod'ucts in like field of distr~ibutio~n for resale generally to pelrrsons
other than affiliates.
The term Conlsumerl "'-means a purchla-er of the product of the
indut~str~y who is not a dlistr~ibutor.
Thle termll "A~ssueintion "I-means the H-ack Saw Mnu~lrfac-tulerer
Asso-cintion of AmericajC. Inc., Onle W7all Street~, Newv York, N.Y.
The terml1 Presidenlt ", "'Act "" and "Administrator' "means re-
spec~tively the Presiden~t of th~e United States, Title I: of the NEiational
Recovery3 Act, and the Administelntor for Indlustr~ial Recovery.


1. There shaoll be constituted a Supplemnentury Code Author~ity
consisting of three Ilmlmbers, who shall be selec~tedl within sirt~y (60)
days from the effective dat.e of this code by a majority vote of the
mlemblers of the indusrtryg present and entitledl to vote., in person or by
pr~ox, at a nell~etingt~ enL Jl~ for suchn purrpose.
Pcrnding~ the selfectioni of the Supp'lementary11 Codt Aiuthority,, the
GCode Collnuittee shall be a Temporary Supple~menltary3 Code A8uthor-
ity with all the pow,\\ers, duties and rIesponsibilitie~s her~ein gra~ntedl to
the Supplementary Code Aulthorit~y.
Each~ amber~ll~l of thle indus~ltryf whlo, by wr~itingr filled with the Sup-
plementary Code Authority, shall asse~nt to this SupplemnentaryT Code
and agree to comply writh th~e te~rms and conditions thereof, shall be
entitled to vote at all meetings for the selection of the Supple-
menlrtlr~y Colte Aulthorit~y and for the selection of subst~itute members
2. Thle term o~f office of eac~h mnember of the Supplem~entr C~ode
Aulthc-rity shall be at the will of the members of the industry!, an~d
successor or subtstitute memt~rbers of the Supplementa ry C~ode Aut~hority
shall be selected in the same m~anner~ as provided in paragraph 1 of
this Article for the election of the original mremnbers of the Supple-
mentary Code Authority.
3. In addition to membership as above provided, there mayb
appo.intedf by the Adlministrantor one to three members of the Sup
p1lemntary Code Authorityr wnithtout vote, w~ho shall be given notice
of all meetings of the Supplem3entary Code Authority.
4. The Association shall impose no inequitablle restrictions on
adlmissiitm to membership, and shall submit to the Administrator
true copies of its articles of association, by-law~ss, regaulations, an~d
.any amendmentsnt when made thereto, together with sulch information
as- to membersh--ip, organization and activities as the Administrator
may deem nleressar~y to effectulate the pur~poses of the Act.
5. In order that the Supplement~ary Code Author~ity shall be at
all times truly representative of the indulstryg, and in other r~espcts
comply writh the provisions of the Act, thle Administr~ator mlay pr~e-
scr~ibe sucrh hearings as he may deem. proper; and thilereafter, if he
shall find that the~ Sup~-plementary~1 Code Authorityt is not truly r~epM-
sentative or doces not irn other res~pects comply- with the provisions of
t.he Ac:t. may require~ an appropriate molcdification in the mtethlod of
seltection of the S~upplementary Nohi Code Author~ity.~le s81 cnttt
6. Nohingcol,~nained~c in this Sfupplemenltar od halcositt
th~e members of the Supplemaentary Codre Authlorit~y partners for
any purpose.

7. The Suppillemntaryr Code ,Auth~ority9 shall have th~e followinga
powers andc duties8, the exercise of which shall be reported to thte
A~dm in i st en tor:
(a) To in.-ure the exe~cution of the provisions of this Suipplemen-
tary Code and provided for the complliance: by the melcmber~s of the
industry writh the provisions of the Act, subject to rules and
regulaltions of the Administrator as to comlplianc~e procedlure.

(b) TIo adopt byT-laws anad rules and regulations for its procedure
and for the admini tratti on of this Supplementary Code.
(c) T~o obtain from mremubers of the industry thro~ugh an impartial
agency suchT info~rmation and r~eportls as ar1e required for the adminris-
trtion of this Sulpplemrcnta ry Codelt. No inli vidual r'epor~ts shall be
dlisc~losedr to a!ny other mremlber of the indlustrly or to any other pe~trson
exCep~t as herein provided but shanll be madle available to the A~~hn~in-
istratorcll. Nothing herein conltainedt shall1 preclude full dlisclosuare
to all members of theC Supplementary Code Anlthc~r~itiy as may be
necessary' for the e iamIIi na t ion of comlpl a1in1t s and secur ~i ng comlll iancie
wcrith the provcli ions of this Sulpplementry Clode.
(d) To us~e the Amovr.iation and. such othler trade associations and
other1 agSerc~ie as it deems p~roper for the carrying out of any of its
activities provided for herein, provided that nothing here'tin shatll
relieve the Supp~lemnentary Code Authlority of its duties or responsi-
bilities under this Supplementary Code, and such tradelt associations
and agencies so used shall at all time~ts be subject to and c.ompllly with
~the provisionsll thleretof.
(e) To make r~c~ommei ndal ut ions to the AdmlIi nIi-tstrator for the coordi-
nat ionl of the admni n ist~rationl of this Supplemnentatry Code wit~h such
other~l codes, if any, as may be related to the industry.
(f) Subjc~t to review by the Adminnistraat or to dleterImine the ex-
penses of the administration of this Supp~lemnentar~y Code and to
secure p~aymlent by the members~ of the industry of such expenses
apportioned between them on the basis of volume osf sales in dollars,
or on such other basis as shall be equitable.
(g) To r~ec~ommndln to th~e Adnulnistrator ~further maruIke~ting and
fair trade practice pr~ovisions to govern members of the industry in
their relations wi~th each o-ther or withl other trades or industries, and
to rec~olnunend to the Administrator mea~sur~es for industrinI planning,
includ~ingr stabilization of emp~loyment.n
(h) The Sfupplemnlt'tary' Code~ A~uthority, subject to the aprproval
of the Admllinist r~t~or, shall cause to be formulated anl aic'c'unting~
system and method of cost finding and/or estimating capable of use
byJ all members of the industry. After such system and method
have been formul~llatel, fCu ll details con~er~ningr them shall be madce
available to all members. Thereaufter all memberl.,rs shall determine
and/or i.-thoullte cost in arccordancec~ with the principles of suc~h

(i) To co-opjerate withb and assist thle Basic Code Aulthlority in
admiinister~ing the Basic Code andi in objtaining from members subject
to this SupplemenII-I It;ury Code suchI reports, staltis~tics and other dt
as the Basic Cod A ut~hor~ity mayr prIoperly reqcuir~e.
8. If the A~dmini~~lstlrato shall dctermine that any action of a code
authority or any'1t ii\ age cy thereof ma19 y be unfair or unjust or contra
to the publTic: inltereCst, the Administrator may Irequ~ire thait sue
nectionr be suspended to afford an oppor,1tunity o netgto
the merits of suc~h action and rfurthe~r c~onsi derai\etion b suc cod
authority or a~gency3 spending fm~al action wFThich shall not be effective
unless the -A~dministrator alpprojves or unless he shall fail to dis-
approve after thiirty (30) days notice to him of intentions to p~roceed
wit such action in its or~iginal or mlodtifed form.


This industry is a division of the ]Fabricatedl Metal Products M~an-
alfacturing andl Metal Finishinga and M~etal Coating Industry and
w-ith~out limnitation7 the wage, hour and labor provisions in Article
~III of its basic code as alpprovedl by the President. No-emnber 2, 19333,
inl-lucldi ng _Sectionl 1, of said Article III by which the provisions of
sub-sectionls (1)., (2), and (3) of Sect ion 7 (a) of Tit le I of the Act
are made conditions of this Supplemlentar odae pcfial
incorporated herein and made a part hereofY asd the wge, hour and
labor provisions of this Supplementary Code.

1. By means of price sheets each member of the industry, within
ten (10) days after this Supplemlentary Co~de shall be appr~oved by
the President, shall publish individual prices, terms and conditions
of sale of all products of the industry offered for sale, which prices,
terms and conditions shall be effective forthwith. Each member of
the I~ndustry shall express his prices in the form of discount from
list. At~ll discounts shall be deemed to refer to standard lists on file
with the A-ssocintion and the trade wFhen ap~proved by thre Adminis-
trator, and need not be repeated and set forthn at length in pulblishedl
price sheets provided an~y member may adopt and publish his own
list to which his discounts shall apply. Such price sheets shall sepa-
rately state (a) NJet prices or discounts and teirms to distributors;
(b) Net prices or discounts and terms to consumers.
In case a member of the industry shall desire to give different
minimum prices to different sub-divisions of a. defined class, then
the price sheets shall clearly ecietesbiiinwti h
clas inende tobe cverd hereby, and shall clearly st fotth
conditions, if any, under which a statedl price or terms will be givl\en.
2. No mmlberl of the industry shall sell to any purchaser by any
means whatsoever any~ product of the industry at a price lower
or at a discount greater or on more favorable terms than set forthl
in published price sheets of such memnber at the time outstanding
and in force under the conditions applicable to such sale therein
set forth.
3. NIo member of th~e industry shall publish a price or terms or
continue in effect a price or terms which will result in a purchaser
payTing for the goods received less than the cost thereof to the meml-
ber of the industry publishing such. price sheet.
Nothingr in this panrarrlaph shall preclude any member of the
industry from publishing pries below cost in order to mleet existing
competition on products of equivalent size, character, quality or
specifications as such competition is shnownr by price sheets of other
members of the industry at the time outstanding and in effect.
Whenever a member of the indlustry) under the provisions of this
paragraph. shall publish a price below- cost, he shall simulltaneously
file with the Supplementary Code AuthorityT a statement. in writing
of the items on his own price sheet which are bjelow cost, and ident.ify
the price sheets alnd items thereon of anly other member or members
of the: industry which shall be canimedl to form the justification.

4. ublenton f rice sheets shall be in the! manner following:
~Eacth member of teidsr hl
(a} File a copy of his price sheet with the Supplemlentary Code
Author~ity, which price sheet shall be openly to inspcctiojn by any
interested person;
(b) Mailz on the samle dlay copy thereof to all known members
of the industryy;
(c) Mail on the same-c alnyr copy thereof to all jobbing and whro~e-
sale customers of such member.
5. Anzy member of the indulstryT mtay change prri~es, terms~ and/or
cond-itions~ of sale, but. no chlang~e shall b-e~nmade or become effective
until after publication of a r~evised price sh~eet in. the ma~nner pro-
vided- in pnMamtrarp 4 of this Article.
A~ change contained~i in the p~ublished~c price sheet of~ any member
of th~e indlustry, which shall reduce a price of such membejcr which
has been in effkc~t for five (5) days, shall be effective five (5) days
after thle publication of the revised price sheet and not prior thereto.
The forego~ing five (5) day limitationl shall not apply tot price
rednetions by asny other mermbers of the inldustry to th~e extent
necessary for corresponding teffctive date to all members.*
6. No sizes shall be shiown on published price sheets extce~pt sizes
contained in t~he simplified pract~eice or standard schedules of sizes
as the same now are or hereafter may be mlodifieda by atction~ of th~e,
members of thee industry subject t-o diisapproval by either the Sup-
plfementaryg Code Authority or the Administrator. Nothinga in this
paragraph contained shall precludle the sale of a, size~ not included in
published price: sheets, but in case of the sale thereof the same shall
noat be solid upon more favorable terms or Lt a discount fr~om stand-
ard list greater than the discount. shown on price sheets for the size
near~est to then non-staiindad size so sold.


In place and in substitution of the fair trade prcti'ces set forth in
Article VT of the BEasi~c Code, th~e following acts as d~escribedr shall
constitute unfair mIe~thod~Cs of compe~tition; and, no member of thie~
industry shall do any act or thing in this article d-escrib~ed as an
unfair mthod, of competitionn:
1., The furnishings of special mea~suremecnts, the render~ingr of any
ser-vice, or the doing of any act or thling noict included~c in publlished
pr'ices and terms and condlitions which. will make thie blade dieliv-
ered different from or of a vaslue greater than the standard article
offered under pubished prices and$ sterns andn delivered in regular
course thereun~ider or which will hav~e th effect of increasing the cost
of the goods sold or to be sold, without charge to cov-er the in-
creasedl cost, or ~the grantin~g to the purcha~ser of any other generalI
or specific benefit not gr wanted to all plrc~hasers aznd included in
published prce sheets.
2., Pulblishing orr grntingr mraturr~ityrj and discount terms more flav-
olszrable thann the following: 303 tlays net, 29- for cash~-10th proximno.

* Se paragrph 2 ofi ordered approin= this eCode.

3. Entering into any contract, accepting any order or renderingo
any invoice which includes products other than products of t.he mn-
dustry, unless the price c~harged or to be charged for the product of
the indlustr~y included therein is separlatelyr stated and set forth,
provided nothing hlerein co~ntainedl shall require the above price
separation on sales of hack sawc machines or banck saw fr~ames with
Irespect to a single blade per malch~ine or per frame when the mnachline
and blade or the frame and blade are sold- as one unit.
4. Enteringr into a contrne~t or accepitingr any order which does not
permit shipmnent within a period of not more than thirty (30) days
from the date of execution! of the contract or acceptance of th~e order,
unless such contract is in writing.
5. Enltering into or necep~tingp contracts, orders or commitments
to sell without corresponding commitment on the part of the pur-
chaser to buy a specified quantity at a fixed price.
6. Payin or a~llowTingi any commission or benefit to a distributor
in connection with a sale to any other purchaser if the amount
thereof, when. deducted from the sale price, shall make the net to
the member~PI of thep industryr makingr the sale less than the price per-
mitted to be granted such~ distributor.
7. Mt'aking any payment or allowing any credit or benefit to a
distributor or to any purchaser or pr~ospec~tive purchaser not con-
nected with a sale.
8. Giving notice to any purchaser or prospective pulrchaser or to
anly other member of the industry of intention to change prices,
terms and/or conditions of sale.
9. Making any adjustments, allowances, credits or refunds upon
change in published prices, sterns and/or condlitioins to any pur-
chaser for deliveries already mnade.
10. Promising or allowing protection to a purchaser or prospec-
tive purchaser against changes in prices, terms and/or conditions.
11. Taking in exchange the product of ~k any otaher embe of h
industry from, a purchaser thereof, andmkigayp mnto
granting any credit to such, purchasers in, connection thetre~with.
12. Making delivery of any product of the industry on memoran-
dumn or consignment, except under circumnstances to be defined by the
Supplemnentary Code APuthority and ap~pr~ovied byT the Admninistrator
where peculiar circumstances of th~e industry require th2e practice.
13. Including in or omitting from an~y invoice any stattemelt so
that the invoice shall not be a true statement of the tranlsaetion
between the member of thle industry and the purchaser.
14. Pre-dating or post-dating of any invoice or contrnet of sale.
15. Selling or delivering under standard designation a hack sawv
blade manufactured after the effective date of this Supp~lementary
Code longer, wider or thicker than the standard for the size acc~ord-
ing to standard specifications adopted by th~e .Association and
approved by th-e Administrator.
16. Selling or delivering a hack saw blade m~anufactu~red after the
effective date of this Supplementabry Code for which effective stand-
ard specifications shall nlot be in force, longer, rider, or thicker than
the standard length, width and thickness customarily furnished in
regular course of business, without additional charge suffcient to
cover added cost.

17. For the purpose of influencing a sale, makigR anyT adju~stments,
allowances, credlits or refunds arising out of b~reac~h of express guasr-
antees or rep~resentaltions, except breach of express guarantees gaiins~t
defects in workmains~hip> and material.
18. Selling~ for the account and benefit of a constunier thro~ughl the
me-diumn of at dc~isf'lltribto pursuant to prior arra~ngemecnt or under-
standingr with the conrsumer~ forl the purpose of evadling the p~rovi-
sio~ns of this Supph-muentary Cod~e.
10. Contribtutingr to or paying any partt of the expense for custo-
mcirs' catalogues, printing and furnishing special liter~aturle for e~nta-
logrues, or otherwise to distribulto~rs, adver1tising in. hlouse o~1lllrga
aldverti-ing~r inl local pa;per~s at the request of customers; but nothiing
in the fole~regoing shold~~l~ be coc~nstlruled as any limitation on general
literalturle prepared for, and madtce available to, cus1tomersr c g~rernelly,
whet-her or not the santol~ be inl form sus;cep~itible of insertion by a dis-
tribultor in caHtarlogue or other b~ookl assembly, it b~eingS understood~ that
the practices hereby prohibited is the making up or fulrnishing of
special litera~turec or printted' matter for a particular customer so that
thne same would be dlifferent from that generlnl~y furni-hedc-.
90. Maklling refulnr.<, ad~justments or allowances to a purch-aser
except as- nlecessa cyy in good~- faith.
21. Sellirw hackl saw blades kn~own. in the trade as se~iconds.
r2. nlanuisctu~ringa hack saw blades from defective. oftf gauge or
rejeltec! steel .sheets or sheets knowncn in the trade as Eecondlis.
23. Making any allowTcan ce or deduction from p-rice for sales in
builk or other thlan accord-ingv to stanrndrd panking.
24. Sha~rpeninga userd hack sa w blades with or w~ithoulrt charge
thetr~efor, or paying any other perso~cn for so doing.
25. Giving free samples or making delivery of any product of
the industry except upon a sale thereof. Nothing herein contained
shall p~reeindellcl the giving of samples necessary for test pu~rposes to
thle Unitedl States G~oviernment or a bureau, boardl or department~
thereof, or noct more than two Standcard Tung~sten hack saw
as samle.,'lr for tes~t purposes to any other pecr~son: prov~iddc~ the same
per-"n shall not be given morel't than two sample blades in a period
of six (6) monthl~s.
26. Pa~ying or grivingL prizes or blen~fitS to ilsallsmen or dlistribu.tcors,
prvc\.idedl I~that a onven-t~ icl or printed matter h-av~ing~ the manufacturer's
namne or brand permanently oiffixed, or a charnlctler prpel',i'y cla-s~edr
as adverti-ingr hall11 not be conlsidetr~ed a pr~1izc or benefit.
27. Gri \ine pe~)Lrmli tt i g to be gi ven1, or djilerectly( offTelring to give'. a ny -
thingc of value for th~e purpose~t of influnc~(ing~ or rewarding the
ac~tion~ of any9 em-pti-layne gen~lt or r~llepere-lt enttiv of anotherc~l in rela-
tion to the ),lline-< of th~e empbeyer!t il of wh~1 empllloyee,~ the princ~ipl- T
of such a, rnt., or thle represented par~ltyS, without thlte knowrl~l~ed of
such tSI1ployer.,' principal or party. ohnintspaarhshl
bet can rltrundr to lunr!~hibt freec and gell;neral distlribtion o-f parties
conmmonly used forl adver~tising xcliept' so far as arch~ arthllels are
actua llyue inl connelrl~lc~ial brlibery\ as herreinbecfore rle-finedr.
Bs. BlTlinc fo~r expor~lt at a prices less or on tellrms more favorabnlle
thaen se~t forth in publishedl prlilce sheets under condi'ltions thcr~ein
statdct, whel~n thze sale is to a dlietributor who, as a par~rt of his reguzllar
business~, r~ese~lls hack sawl blades in Contine~ntal U~nitedi States, uni-

less such distributor shall submlit to t~he member of the industry mak-
ing the sale the originally order fromr the purchaser located in the
foreign country for wh~omn the hack sa~w blades are ordered.
29. Selling hack saw blades hlaving special manrkingis or labels
thereton and/or on th~e packages or co~ntainecrs therefore without addit-
tionall charge to cover the addcitio~nal cost of such special mnarkings
and/or labels, except ulnder ci rcumnst aces to be def ined by thle Supple~-
mentary Code Au~thlority and app~rovedl by the Adcministrator where
p~c~uliar circumstances of the industry require thne practice without
additional charge to cover the additional cost.
30. Ma~nuf~c uetul~rinJ and slling ulnbralnded hack satw blades or backr
sa~w blades colntaining~ miar~kings thereon3 or onl the plackages or co~n-
takers~ therefore which will mslead or deceive purchaser~s as to thle
origin of manufacture.
31. Making any dlistinctionl or dliffe~renc~e in price, termls and/or
conditions of sale in of the difference in cost inlcidenlt to spe-
cial m~arkingr and/or labeling where thne product sold or offered to be
sold is the sam~e ex~cept for thze name or brandc thereo~n or on the pack-
ages and containers there~for.
32. Giving credit for return of hack saw blades of ownm manufac-
ture in excess~ of the price therefore according to price sheet in force
at the time of return, less return freight and all other expenses in-
cident to such return, including r~epac~klng and recondiitioning,a if any.
33. Doing any act or thing by r~eourlse to or through the medium
of a subsidiary or aIffilintej or exclusive dtistributor which a member
of the~ indurstry3'is prohlibite~d from himself doing under the prlovis~ions
of this Supplemrentary Code.

1. When the Suppl, mentarylal Code Authority1 deter~mines that an
emergency exists in this industry and that "the cause thfer~eof is
dlestr~uctive price cutting such as to render ineffective or seriously
endannge r the maintenance of the provisions of this Supp~lemelntury
Cod-e, the Supplementary Code Authority may cause to be deter-
mined the lowes~lt reasolnable cost of the products of this industry,
such determination to be subject to such notice alnd hearing as th~e
Administrator may require. The12 Administrantor may approve, dis-
approve or modify the determination. Ther~eafter during the. period
of thne emergence y it shall be an unfair trade practice for any meml-
ber of the industry to sell or offer to sell any products of the indlust ry
for -which the lowest reasona~le cost has been determined at such
prices or upon such terms or conditions of sale thnat the buyer will pay
less thlerefor thlan the lowest rens~onable~ cost of 51uch1 products.
When it app!ears that con~rditionls have channged, th~e Suppleme~ntury
Code Authority, upon its own initiative or upon the requl~est of anyT
inlterestel party, shall cause the determlinationl to be reviewed.
2. Ntothing in. Articles V and VI of thick; Suplem~enrtary Code shall
apply to sales between mem~ibers~ of the induistry, ex-cept no sale shall
be made, by one mlem~ber of the industry to another member of
the industry belowP cost.
3. Nfothingf in Articles V and ~VI of this Supplementary Code
shall apply to export sales.

4. This Sup~plemecntary Code and all the provisions thereof are
expressly mlade subject to the right of thze Preside~nt, in. accordance
wtit the prov-isions of subsection (b) of Section 10 of the A-ct,
fr~om time to time to cancel or modify any order, approval, licelset,
rule, or r~egulatrionl issued undtcr Title I of said Act alnd specific ally,
but without limitation, to th~e Iiright of the Preisidentlt to cancel or
molif~y his app~roval of: an rion of this Supplemnentary Code
or of anyr cocndlitionl implosedl by him ulponl his appr'lova;l thereo0f.
5. Th'1is Suplemlcntaryl~u Code~t. exscet as to provisions requclired
by the Act, mlay be mod~cifiedf and/or amended~t(` on th~e basis of ex-
perienc~e or chang1es in circumstances, such mnodific~atio~ns and/or
amendments to be hn sedl upon up p~lien t lon to the ~Adcministrat~or by
the Supplementarry Codel Authority or otherl representalttive group
within the indus-tryS and~ such notic-e andl hean~ilri as the Admninistrator
shallI specify, and to become effective as part of this SuppleTmentaryy
Code on approval of the Presideint, and/or of the Administrator.
6i. In case anly p-rov~ision of th-is Suppleinenlctur Iy Code Ihall im-pose
unusual or undue~ hardship, on any member of the Industry such
provision may be suspendedt( as to such members~ 1 by the Supplementary
Code Authority w-ith thle approval of the Administr ator.

1. No provision of this Supplement~laryy Code shall be so applied
as to permit mlonopoies~ or mionopjolistic p,~r at icel, or to eliminate,
oppress, or discriinunae against small enterpri es.
2. Whereas the policy of the Act to increase real purcihasingr power
will be made morre difficult of consummaonltcl if pr1ices of good~.s and
services inc~reae as rapidly as wages, it is recognized that price
increases except as may be reqcuil~re to meet individual cost should
be delayed~, but when mande such increases should, so far as possible,
be limited to actual additional increase in the seller's costs.


1. TChis Supplementary Code shall beltcomre effective at 12: 01 A~.M.
on thte tenth (1Othn) day after approval of same by the Presidtent.
AppIrove~d Code Nco. 84. Supp~llement No. 8.
Re~gistry No. 1114--6.

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